Wait why do we hate her again?

Wait why do we hate her again?

not flat enough

I dont hate

We do?

she gives terrible head

She fucked worst boy

I actually think she'd give great head.

more like best boi

The show was boring as fuck.

So what happened to Celty in the end, did she regain her head back? Now's the time to spoil me
Like you always did LNfags.

watch the last episode.

Why would you hate best girl?

Not the same guy but Is the LN different from the anime?

Celty's a slut and too impure for Shinra, the purest boy alive or dead.

They skipped some things but it ended pretty much the same way.

>Not the same guy but Is the LN different from the anime?

Season 1 covers volume 1-3 basically the intro of the series. It's really slow paced and has some filler to fit 3 volumes in 24 episodes

x2!! covers vol 4-13.
Ketsu:The rest

They get the point across but it's still rushed and some things never made it to the anime. You need to watch the OVAs too since they put some of the cut things in there.

She gives absolutely amazing neck though.

what does it feel like to fuck the void

But i dont

He was best boy until the last episode. Then he hit a whole new tier of best boy-dom that is yet to be classified.


But we don't

>Hating on Shinra
He's too good for this gay board.

>Last OVA has Izaya talking about Tsukumoya the entire time
>Tsukumoya was completely cut from all seasons of the anime without being given not even a mention
Why would they do this?

We do?
She's best girl.

I heard she NTRd Shinra in SH.

Nah, she was just helping another kid newcomer to Ikebukuro like she did with Anri and Mikado and Shinra started joking about that and throwing a fit.

Did SH confirm that Izaya was paralyzed or just going to be in a wheelchair for a little while?

Does this eventually get good? I got bored after a couple of episodes. Should I try the LN instead?

Izaya isn't in SH at all, he fucked off of Ikebukuro for good and the new mastermind is now Shijima. Yes, that Shijima.
He got his own spin-off series where keeps being a smug cunt in other cities in his wheelchair, but that's not translated at all, so I don't know much about it.

I really wish Celty had kept her head. It would have been interesting to see her adapt to daily life and be ridiculously cute with Shinra make her all flustered.