Why does Cred Forums worship old hags?

Why does Cred Forums worship old hags?

Damn, I came.

Cred Forums

I know you didn't mean to, but be sure not to sexualize the Non Nons in the future

But Renge is my waifu. I am allowed to sexualize my waifu.

I love ironic pedophilia

What did you expect from Cred Forums?





Fuck off you aux jack-less faggot.



Can I fap to her?

You have my permission

Drug or rape?

Stop talking about drugging and/or raping my daughterwife.

Whatever suits your tastes my friend

because they have life experience, they know what's best for us

>sexualize waifu

I masturbate to children. Deal with it.



AH! Neko-panchi!?

What the hell was in that bucket? Is that shit?

Something that looks like shit should not be inside a building.

Disclaimer: No real children were harmed in the raping of this prepubescent.

lol pussy, that's not me

i love to mastubate to children

She's too old

>Virgin Islands

This thread is a sin.

And nothing of value was lost.

>tumblr gif
Awful, just awful


It's curry

>tumblr gif

That gif was made and edited by another user. I was the one who requested it.

It was saved from tumblr, this obvious by the satuaration

Don't sexualize Renge-chon
She'll fuck you up m80


who are you calling dirty dan?

I was on the beach for 5 days, is this the new forced meme of the month?

Cred Forums has always been a hotbed of Alphabet Soup activity.

>this will never be your life

you are a living sin

This lazy caption bothered me so much I edited the subtitles in the HS release of that episode to do this.

I have way too much time.

>this is what pedophiles fap to

No wonder nobody likes you.

Thanks user, my msPaint-fu is lacking.

I think old ladies like this one are cute and you can't stop me!



you have to go back taconigger

loli haet lolicon


Normalfags love old hags because they're too afraid to go outside their little box. Goddamn lobotomized cowards that think themselves lions.

>worshiping shitty brats



Did she single-handedly carry the Non Non Biyori franchise?

because Renge is the worst biyori

Yes and she also single handedly carries my cock with her womb.


pretty much. She's really the only reason anyone cares about the damn show.


B-But what about Komari?

Renchon has the puffiest vulva.

No one cares about her.



Renge is way too lewd for a 7 year old.

You're not allowed to sexualize one of my daughterus

I will and I will call you oto-san


if I win 50 million in lottery I'll turn myself into a little girl and move to the countryside in japan

You know for 50 million you could just buy yourself a real japanese little girl

why would I buy a little girl?


Don't sexualize Renge


Why is Cred Forums so much more fappable today?

Call me a normie but I don't really like girls younger than 5

please leave


"Welcome to my rice field"

have fun user


"How fucked up are you sensei?"

You Sir are a normie. Now get off my board





Slather the hot curry on baby Renge and slowly lick it off her body. Comfort her when she cries about her burn scars after she grows up.