Mob Psycho 100

Mob's despair edition

Are you existed for the finale?

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>are you existed
We need more Pillar Men in this Anime

3rd for boobie-chan



I want to raise a child with Reigen.

>the finale is going to be Reigen's roasting session
I'm not going to be able to wait this much, my dick is going to explode


>finale ends with shou talking to his father
>people still deny there wont be a season 2

>Shou doesn't call pops
>Everyone suffers

this wwas suposed to be a comedy ...


A good episode (8/10) of an average series (6,5/10)

There needs to be a Dimple edit of this gif.


That is your opinion and I choose to disagree with it

Super existed for the finale, yep


Actually that part made me imagine is voice like one of the venture brothers

Have we gone too far?

A good post (8/10) for a shit taste (2/10)


I haven't seen it and can't for almost another fucking hour, did the episode end with region standing up?!?! Is gratitude confirmed for the next ep?


Is it me or does Shou look pretty good with his dad's brows?


It ended with Reigen dying in the setup for an anime-original ending..

How does one even manage to mispell it this hard.

this is bullshit i typed region what the heck


>that "It's okay to run away"
>that flashback
>that cliffhanger
>that everything
What did we do to deserve such greatness?

>anime original ending

sounds like fucking bullshit what the hell

god dammit ONE stop fucking with your own work

first the OPM manga change and now this horseshit

You can turn it off, dingdong. You can also add words to the autocorrects dictionary.

Just. Watch the episode, man.


Now, now. calm down. nothing has been confirmed, and there are hints of a second cour.

Did we really go from sexy Reigen posting to meme Reigen posting?

Why not both.

So after this comes OPMS2?

Because I really want second ???% animated.

HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS FEELING. It's not pedophilia you degenerates.

Different studios, maybe it will come after Boku no Pico Academia s2.

Both are fine by me, tbqh.

I need to protect this smile.

Its the fact that he has more hair to go with the eyebrows

> "It's okay to run away"
> it's okay to watch anime

And people say ONE is a courageous, industry challenging author that doesn't pander to otaku

Cutest character of the year.

I found it funny how Teru calls Ritsu "brother-kun". I guess it's cause he already calls Mob "Kageyama", but calling him by his first name would be too friendly

Are you complaining?

But he's a boy

Please tell me Reigen didn't die for real.

I'm beyond fucking mad if he's dead.



>You will never protect this smile

Sorry user. ;_;

Not really.

Can they fit Emi into the last episode?

What's the difference?

Who knows? If they go for original ending, he's pretty much dead. And it's Bones, there is always a bit of original content in their anime.

Wait a minute.

How the fuck come no one reposted this?

Do you really want to be spoiled?
Do you really really want to be spoiled?


They can't, they won't and they shouldn't.

They'd have to fit gratitude and the student council election in as well. Considering how there's also going to be an omake animated after gratitude, I wouldn't get my hopes up

Read the manga

>killing the main character halfway into the manga

>they went the whole nine yards with a flashback and mob narrating the preview

Mob Psycho One-hundred

One Punch Man



What does it mean?


I don't remember reading this in the manga

100/10 worst show I've ever watched.


It is, it's still a comedy, even the darkest arc that's not even in this season still has comedy.

Meme reigen is best reigen.

>those shoulder blades
>that waist
>those hips
>that ass
>those legs
Goddamnit Bones, stop playing with my dick like this. Please don't actually stop.

ONE's next manga is MOP

You know what the opposite of a mob is?
One man

He's too good for this planet.

You haven't watched enough anime if you think hes dead.

When did one draw this?

Is Reigen the best character or is Reigen the best character ever?


So what chapter does the latest episode start with since i've been an anime only fag

ONE self inserts into all these niggas so they all have to have a "One" in their names
Is it pronounced one hundred tho (The manga's name, not the actual number)? I always just said "Mob Psycho Hundred"

Man Over Powered?

POM or OMP are posibilities too.

None. Reigen is the best character

One Manga Panel

One of my friends started reading it after he couldn't handle the Boss cliffhanger
I think he said it was chapter 42 or 43

The author calls himself ONE
Mob was animated by Studio BONEs

>Mob Psycho One-hundred

It's pronounced Mob Psycho Hyaku


had a hard life

>One Million Powers
With ONE's apparent obsession with making OP characters you just know this is actually happening eventually


He's alive in my heart, user.

desire to protect that smile

This would be fun. I'm really looking forward to his next work.

I will myself to exist, because I think, therefore I am.

At least, that's what I think.

He's still alive in my vagina

That entire segment had me in stitches.

>YFW Bones original ending where Reigen actually dies and Mob goes ???%

was reigen getting slashed not in the manga?


I love what they did with Sakurai in the anime. He's still a massive manchild, but he's kind of cool as well.

I'd be salty as fuck.

Same staff though

is that salt purified?

It was, I have no idea why people are implying it wasn't

it was

why is no one talking about Reigen smoking?
was that not hot as fuck??

It's because he stopped when Mob started working with him

He shouldn't be smoking around Mobu.

Somebody please post a webm of Reigen's dropkick, shit was hilarious
Also Yamcha edit when?

Smoking is disgusting. It doesn't bother me but it's not something I'd call "hot"

Such a good role model.

It was.

cuz the more he smokes the shorter his life becomes.

>can no longer control myself and read the manga
>mfw gratitude
>mfw bravery
Holy shit these were some good chapters

I loathe smoking but it visually looks attractive, and I hate myself for thinking that despite that sentiment being very common.

That's when you realize the 100% could also be positive emotions and not just negative ones

I agree; it ruins your lungs, nails, teeth, and you smell like shit, but thankfully Reigen is 2D so I can imagine that none of that applies to him

The fact that he stops smoking when Mob enters the room makes him even hotter


Mogami's arc deserves to be animated so it can rip hearts out, it's so fucking brutal by the end not even including the last %.

But MP100 is an anime/manga where all the characters act realistically(and those that act like anime characters are just chuuni). Reigen could have lung cancer and that will be how he dies

On a purely visual, superficial level there is something somehow "sexy" about smoking. I can't quite put my finger on why--maybe the flow of the smoke, the hiss of breath when exhaling, the hand gestures involved--but there is an attractive element there.

It's only when you get into the real world ramifications that it stops being sexy, but generally in forms of media all we ever see is that surface layer, rather than ever having to see the characters deal with the impacts to their health.

Then the guy saying that got cut down. ONE is still par for course.

reigan was wrong
its always correct to murder people when faced with confrontation

>Season 2 is going to not only have the Mogami Arc, but the Reigen Arc has been set up to be even more poignant by showing the moment Reigen and Mob first met from Mob's point of view first in Season 1.

I don't think my heart is going to be ready for this.

Imagine if they used 1-2 episodes to adapt 6 months of illusions and bullying

Have I been bamboozled I thought Reigen was the fucking boss.

>post yfw season 2 never ever

why does this odd and rough chara-design attract so much fujoshits and faggots?

He's basically Mob's Kamina.


Exactly, that's how I got a well paying job and admiration from many people :^)

he may not have been the boss previously, but he became it

>putting kamina on the same level as reigen

For me, it's the focus on the lips and fingers that makes it hot. The faint smell of smoke on a person's clothes can be sexy too. Of course everything else that goes with it makes smoking not attractive at all irl, but I like it in fiction.

>reigen dies
Fuck no.

Don't forget him, Cred Forums

I just find it sexy when people put things in their mouths.

Boys can be cute too user.

This Episode fucked my Shit up man. Like damn, they took everything from the manga and cranked it up to 11. Fucking Amazing. On par with all the other top tier episodes and those last 5 min were just crazy, so much good shit during the Terier vs Sakurai fight.

>Reigen develops emphysema and dies confirmed


It's cute.

Reigen arc is great too.

I hope next episode has a scene of Meme Boi calling his Daddy.

Reigen literally scared the budget out of those extras.

>They spend an entire 26 episode season to depict 6 months of bully and milk in real time

Cutest sadboy in the world. Good taste user.

Reminder that he raped Ritsu.

I'm relieved Shou looked much better this episode, even if we didn't see him much.

>Putting Reigen and Kamina in the same sentence
user pls

>that little nod
I want to protect him.

That would honestly drag on for too long and it'll get really boring after about 3 episodes.

>My boy Alexander popping up in my Mob Psycho thread
My nigga-tachi

Is there going to be a 2nd season unlike One Punch Man? Please say yes.

Just saw the episode
Best boy will be ok r-right?



He's dead Jim
Kakyoin dies

Will mob be by his deathbed in the end?


Mobu is gonna be ok, yes

I'm so fucking sorry. His death leads to some really good stuff though.

> best boy
Are you a girl ?

I wonder if he stopped calling Reigen"Onii-san" the next day

The way they portrayed just how desperate Teru and Ritsu were for Mob's help was perfect. It felt so frantic.

He is the most powerful esper in existence and yet I have this need to protect him.

are you a new?

He may be the most powerful esper in existence but he's still vulnerable emotionally. Protect his emotions and guide him on the right path. Oh wait you're not Reigen, nevermind

If he had actually died how do you think the story would have moved forward?

I'd like to hear the story of how he started calling him Master, actually.

I wasn't talking about Mob but Goddamn Shotamob was cute as fuck

There's something hilarious about seeing Reigen drawn over a bunch of random google search images

that's his true power

Or I am?

Reminder that Reigen is a good person

he dies so that Mob can live

Is this thing a boy or a girl? I'm hoping it's a loli but a shota is fine too.


Didn't you hear her voice?

It's literally a baby. Age is probably 1 year old.

Finally watched the episode.

BONES made the whole thing 100x times better, and I'm speaking as someone who adored that part of the manga.

Next week is gonna be glorious.

It's Reigens long lost sibling.

loli trap

It's genderfluid

I want Mob to call Reigen dad by mistake.

daddy is fine too

But I thought Touichirou was his long lost sibling?

Are we going to talk about 2nd best boy's new haircut?
Because its cute.

Touichirou is Reigen's big brother, Ishiguro is Reigen's trap little brother

it's cute but he looks like fucking naruto


Considering he wanted to get him something for father's day in that one anthology comic, it's probably happened at some point.

We'll see more next week. Holy shit his fight with Sakurai was mind-blowingly good, however short it was.

Mob Psycho 100




One Punch Man

What does it mean?

Naruto is in da house someone photoshop the whiskers and the headband

Teru a cute!

He's a qt

who could've voiced Reigen if it wasn't Sakurai?

also, seiyuu event when?

How can papa Kageyama even compare?

>implying that's a problem

Is he able to talk without cocking his hips?

I miss the wig. It grew on me.

>autism: the post

why was he so pudgy and fat in the first fight?


There has been a lot of iconic and memorable character deaths in anime. But nothing grabbed me as hard as this one. ONE is a great writer. Bones is doing an amazing adaptation.;_;

Reigen arc when

Were you from previous thread?

...You got sauce for them pics?

Reigen is best dad, confirmed

He went from a turbo cunt to bro tier, I wouldn't mind almost getting murdered by someone if that person ended up becoming a top tier lad like Teru, glad they finally fixed his hair


>ended the episode on 100%
>not 1000%

missed opportunity desu

I'm really surprised by the SFX. They are really good, and the music too is really good.

8 hours ago.

I'm glad they put the flashback this ep, it'd be the perfect callback in the Reigen arc if we get s2

If you are the one who did this, you might have autism.

Reigen's pov of the flashback is gonna be fucking heartbreaking, isn't it?

Its hilarious because it's not that much of a stretch to picture him actually doing many of these things

Some are pretty unfunny and lolrandum though

#redrawreigen is not shouing signs of stopping and I cannot stop laughing


I honestly can't think of anyone who would be a better choice. I wasn't too sold on him when the main cast was revealed, but now it's hard to think of Reigen without Sakurai as his voice.

>tfw artist uploads a higher quality version of twitter images you already typeset

Did he do a million crunches between episode 5 and his reappearance? He went from a slightly pudgy waist to a model figure.



I guess thats why they will put in the omake, if it really didnt get axed. It makes really a lot of sense, just so we can see Mob exorcise something again and flex his powersa bit, also functions as a nice call back to ep 1 and to wrap this cour up nicely.

He started working out all the time, where's that one page where he's got a fuckton of abs compared to Hoshino.

here's some more green headband

>Mob will never call you dad
Why live?

My pulse can't be this fatal.

Every seiyuu in this show is really great.

I believe that this scene is anime only, I can't remember this on the manga, but then again, I'm retarded.

>thinking you could ever replace reigen


The hashtag is out of fucking control, man

So Mob will lend Reigen his powers next ep and he will fight right?

If I marry Reigen, will Mob call me his mom?

Yo thanks for being really vague with that description and adding spoiler filter

As a disgusting secondary I'm going to take this as a sign and fuck off until the episode is available on nyaa

Holy fucking shit, this is the best anime in the past decade.

Reigen is best MAN

*Reigen will lend Mob his powers

Look at the filename. I saved it from last thread.

Knowing him, he probably did.

I'ts Some old guy

You're blind. It happened in the manga.

Cute! New best girl.

Wasn't it cut by Ishiguro instead of Sakurai?

This is good, thanks user!

Ritsu, you're too young to drink!

Dude, how do you not remember that? This is literally the moment that gave us Best hair Teru


>TFW no troubled kid with huge potential to guide to a great future

>lying to the secondaries
Really, now? I thought we were better than that.

>caring about the teenager drinking instead of the statuatory rape taking place in the background
Now we've finally reached true degeneracy.


Bones is turning me into a hebephile.

It's actually an esper animal. Like a fury shit.

Reigen better kick everyones asses with brute force and not with Talk No Jutsu

>Ritsu didn't say "It's not fair to someone like me..... someone like me"

Can't rape the willing.

They did it better in the Anime for once

I can't wait.

That's literally what he says in japanese. Don't be a dummy.

It's get a clue

Isn't the age of consent in Japan 13? Kissing Mob is perfectly legal.

It's not like the anime industry hasn't done similar things before

That's the minimum any individual district can make it, but they all make it like 18

The Japanese Penal Code sets a minimal age of consent of 13. However, the Children Welfare Act chapter 34 forbids any act of "fornication" (淫行) with children (here defined as anyone under 18 years of age).


That's only the national law. It's 17+ in every prefecture law.

Although technically it's legal to "kiss" underage people anywhere depending on whether it's a dirty kiss. Technically.

Children should not be this ripped.

>However, the Children Welfare Act chapter 34 forbids any act of "fornication"
That's fine. I'm 100% sure no one would want to fornicate with 13/14-year-old boys.

The BI club are also children and look at them.

I want to FUCK Teru!

Ahhh, I see you know your pedo well.


>Episode 12
>Mob and Reigen

Huh, what was that about the search for the Tsuchinoko?

In any case, I like it better this way, sicne they're gonna fit all of super Reigen on the next episode and they still have to use the remaining time for the president apologizing, Mob collapsing, Ritsu fixing the spoon and Reigen working with Dimple plus the ominous scene with bully-chan chained to her bed

try looking how many straight shota doujinshis there are

No, it's just Cred Forums keeps asking this question

I wonder if they scrapped the Tsuchinoko part. The script also said "Mob and Reigen".


>I'm 100% sure no one would want to fornicate with 13/14-year-old boys.

Why does Mob get to be surrounded by buff underage boys? It's not fair.

Don't be lewd user!

I just noticed you can hear the sound effect of Reigen striking his lighter in the ED.

Anime OST fucking when???

If i remember right it turned out she was a huge whore and the kid wasn't even his.

This hashtag is out of control

How could anyone resist those hips?

Can you really?

師匠 for the thread.


Itou and Irino's signatures are as cute as they are.

Did Reigen just compare psychic powers to body odor?

Cute, thanks user.

Is this good?



That's brilliant, user. Thank you.

that's amazing

I don't think ONE even made him crook his hips in the manga one single time, just the pigeon stance when he fights. So it was BONES who added it.

And they know what they are doing.

Oh don't worry user I know my shota pretty well


You are very incorrect. I want to fornicate with all of the Fuccboi Four, Ritsu especially.



It's great.

Holy shit

I knew Shou was secretly a girl.

Here's a slightly cleaned up version.
Are there any other edits that anyone wants?
I'll take requests.

>Teru as Naruto
>Ritsu as Sasuke

Fuck. I shouldn't be laughing so much.

TeruRitsu confirmed?

I honestly wish Shou becomes a villain during the broccoli arc. There's no way someone who just casually burns down someone's house is such a goody goody. Sure noone got hurt and the house got repaired later, but he still burned down an entire fucking house without giving it a second thought. "oh I just have to burn down his house and traumatize him, that's all"

These covers are so cute, I'm excited to see which other characters will shou up on them.

and shigeo as itachi
everyone has to have an super strong nii-san

Shou is Gaara with the creepy eyes. Mob is obviously Rock Lee with the bowlcut.

Teru sure is flexible.

>ywn rest your head on teru's butt

I want to commit a crime.

He's had lots of practice from years of pleasing old men for money.

Shou is problematic. Chaotic good, but good. And it's no wonder with the childhood he's had. He's already faced his father, so I'm pretty sure his endgame is becoming friends with Ritsu and the rest and trying to have a normal life.

Absolutely perfect
I was always bothered by this haircut for this very reason


Ritsu doesn't even appreciate it, the ungrateful little turd.

Thanks for typesetting it, user.

>this fucking hashtag

He only has eyes for someone else.


Do none of them realize that a pair of 13-year-old boys can't get married?

I can't beliiiieve it.

I need more art of Shou getting beaten up. It's so rare.

SHOUld be the reverse desu

Why does Teru look so lewd here?

They're ESPers, they can make anything happen. And technically Spice City isn't Japan.

I guess this kinda counts?

Also, they played what we thought was Shou's theme during a Reigen scene in episode 11. I guess it's not Shou's theme after all, or maybe they fucked up.

that was a great gag

Ritsu can't be the bitch all the time.

What are the other pairings gonna be? There's the still the rest of the telepathy club, BIC, StuCo, Claw.

Is the MP100 opening the best one this season?


I feel like I'm forgetting something really obvious but what's with the water glass with Reigen in the background from the OP?

Missed opportunity for selling BDs right there

Spice City is said to be in Japan though, no?

But it's fictional, so boys can get married if they want to right?

Have hope user, there are still a few volumes to go.

Gotta tell you, I was rock solid when Reigen was cut down. They psyched me out with the explosion. I wasn't expecting a face slap. Luckily this means like a good portion of the final will be Mob mopping up the scraps.

Why did his nose dissapear?

Maybe Ritsu will be back if Shou gets to appear on one of the covers.

It was invisible coloured

Well you see user, he's an esper

Ritsu can just pretend to be a girl and problem solved.

Maybe they'll just pair up the main characters repeatedly
Mob and Reigen
Teru and Ritsu
Mob and Teru
Ritsu and Shou
Mob and Tome
Reigen and Dimple

I hope so. A Mob and Teru cover would be nice too.

>that Tome out of nowhere
I hope your dreams come true, user. I sincerely do.

What you just said is "there won't be a 2nd season, and people still deny it"

that's already been done in another manga with even more powers than that though.

What is that, a soap bubble?

>Acts like he reads the manga
>Does not even know what happened in the manga

>really love the show
>come to these threads after it airs
>read half a thread
>remember why I don't come here
These threads are up there for worst on Cred Forums. You can't even talk about a new episode after airing. It's just got to be 'I want to fug Reigen' all the fucking time. Go back to your containment thread. This is literally worse than OSOMATSU which actively fag baited. What is wrong with you all?

I want to fug Teru

this episode made me feel so much
in order
>mob is a good boy
>reigen is a mother fucker
>reigen is a good boy
>reigen is a best boy
>mob is a good boy because reigen is a best boy
>plastic sword san is a mother fucker
>reigen is fine though
10/10 episode


I want to fug Reigen!

> be a closet homo
> keeps complaining and says he won't come back to Mob threads again
> still comes back to secretly masturbate to gay pics


>Reigen will never swoop down and dropkick shitposters like you

Would you give Reigen all your money, Cred Forums?

If you wanted more gay you just had to ask, no need to be tsundere.

That's not gay, just Reigen keeping Mob warm during the winter. He needs to be safe and healthy.

True, Reigen is such a thoughtful master.

>kidnap Mob
>pay Reigen off to turn a blind eye
that's what I'd do.

>hur hur you must be gay
I could tolerate Oso, it was a comedy so discussion couldn't be that intense anyway. These threads are basically no discussion, even when the anime is heating up. The faggotry here is also akin to Oso at its worst. How to you MANAGE to maintain that. Why do you manage to maintain that?
The episode has just aired. Surely you'd rather talk about the show for a moment rather than reposting the same shit you've done ALL WEEK prior.

I can't believe I nearly skipped this show.

I'm disappointed in this anime overall. Cred Forums told me it was going to be "so much more" than OPM, but it has turned out to basically be the same sort of story except with psychic powers instead of punching. Not that I'm complaining about the action scenes, but I thought there would be more.

This episode has just aired, and we already did have 3 threads discussing the show. Sorry you were late to all of them.

it's an OPM clone by the same author. What did you expect?

>implying Reigen would allow that
He bought Mob a phone and paid nearly 9000 yen to look for him. Reigen a best.

I dropped it after Mob Vs Teru but came back. Glad i did cause this is easily the best show this season

user, this is the third thread today. We discussed the episode in the previous two.

Well, that's exactly what I expected, but you guys got my hopes up that it would go beyond the monster-a-week sort of set up of OPM and every other similar sort of anime.

I want to fug Ritsu!

Shitposter-kun don't you have an "It's average" thread to make?

>Mob Vs Teru
Really? That episode was what made me go from enjoying it to loving it.

Get in line.

What's included in a deluxe hug?

How are they so similar, exactly?

>someone wasn't impressed with my favorite anime and someone replied to him

>drawing Ritsu in a maid outfit
What did ONE mean by this?

>indifferent, over-powered MC can kill any bad guy with ease
>bad guys and monsters attack him about once a week

They're almost the same story.

>one autistic shitposter has been in every MP100 thread replying to himself and making the same general non-points for weeks
>when called out, he makes the exact same arguments every time about how the person calling him out is totally wrong
>somehow he still thinks people believe him

Fuck, they truly aren't able to get ONE's story the right way.

Or maybe everybody else just realizes how retarded it is to accuse all your critics of being the same person.

>>>remember why I don't come here
But you come here everyday to complain user. At that point you might as well call yourself a part of the problem (if problem there is).

It means he has good taste.

Took the shitposters long enough to come out this week.


Sure is easy to reduce entire stories to their base premise. Do you have anything else?


Oh yeah i loved the episode too but next episode was going to be a Ritsu one and i didn't liked him plus i started to become picky with the Anime i was watching so i dropped it.

>all critics make the exact same arguments and non-points
>all critics clearly bait responses with the same outright wrong points
>all critics act like a hivemind of shitposters for weeks

I want to be fucked by all the boys.

Two or three threads is all you can muster? It's quite telling. Worse I am asleep during them. Luckily the anime is done and I can just read the manga at my own pace.
Hope you all enjoy your month of shambled shit posting before fading out.

But with the free one you get this cutie

>his little nods
What the fuck, he is too precious.

>that cliffhanger

I have never gone from mild dislike/ disgust to absolutely adoring a character and now I have to wait a week to see if he was killed off.

I'm reading the manga after season 1 finishes airing

I'm sorry user, but I'm ready to jump the line if it's for this bad boy.

>disliking Reigen
Literally how

>ut you come here everyday to complain user
Except this is the second time I have visited. Perhaps a lot of people are disgusted at the current state of affairs. That doesn't mean all those people are me.

>you'll never be used by every MP boy at the same time
time to off myself I guess

Stop please, you're just making yourself look even more stupid than you already are.

He was scamming an innocent cute boy.

A lot of people disliked him at the start because it looked like he was just using Mob and didn't actually care about him, but it seems everyone loves him now, as it should be.

How could you already dislike Ritsu before episode 6?

>You're a spirit type Sensei
I don't remember Mob saying this in the anime.
Are they hinting that Reigen is a genuine empath?

You can have Dimple-Ritsu, I call dibs on Maid-Ritsu.

You can literally pick up reading the manga for a single chapter to see if he lives.
He lives. He has all of Mob's Psychic Energy due to Mob being at 100% G R A T I T U D E- the sword cut tickles him, basically.

This lasted for about 2 episodes before he won me over. Regardless of all the good Reigen has done, he did exploit Mob for financial gain and underpays him. The first episode focused on this pretty heavily and only after Mob wrecked Dimple could you see that Reigen does console Mob and care for his well-being.

>it's all a conspiracy
Yeah for sure man. Tell Misaki I said hi.

He means that since (he thinks that) Reigen is a psychic (i.e. his "powers" would only allow him to defeat ghosts), he should stand back since this is a fight against espers.

Is Mob Psycho 100 released monthly ?

ma man! 65/10 thank u 4 da supports XD !!! !

So I haven't watched the series at all. How good is it compared to the manga?

weekly updates

I can dips on naked Ritsu.

That person is clearly waiting because they're enjoying the adaptation. They didn't ask for an explanation so there's no point to adding that spoilered text. Why did you post this?

Weekly, though it has breaks every now and then.

Speaking of, is Divine Tree gonna be the last arc? Also Reigen's not actually hypnotised, is he? He can't be. He wouldn't let us down would he??

It's already been stated that he knows he isn't 'psychic' but has spiritual powers. Do you cunts even watch the show? Mob believes Reigen has an equivalent but distinct power set from him, thus why he cannot sense psychic energies from him.

I want to fug Reigen and Teru.


>spiritual powers
That's just what Crunchyroll calls psychics. There's a difference between psychics (like Mogami or, supposedly, Reigen) and espers (Mob, Ritsu, Teru, Shou, etc.).

>>Are you existed

The Body Improvement Club would love Rock Lee and see him as a role model.

Yeah, that was really unecessary.

should i watch this reddit garbage

So do I, but not by Reigen. Reigen must remain pure.

>psychics (like Mogami or, supposedly, Reigen) and espers (Mob, Ritsu, Teru, Shou, etc.).
And those are somehow distinct from telepaths as well.

Why are nips so pedantic about their superpowers?

>he's a secondary that didn't read the manga beforehand to participate in the discussions

A large portion of the fandom is retarded. I'm not him, but i got spoiled multiple time just by skimming through your threads. Sometimes even by just scrolling the catalog.

>not wanting to defile Reigen yourself

What's your point?


Reading the manga while something is airing kills the joy of the animation. Either you've read it before and you watch or you read it afterwards. Mixing the two makes everything repetitive and bereft of excitement.

Sorry we spoiled you on Reigen being Claw's boss too early, but it's actually fake user

I don't know, until a few weeks ago people were really careful with that stuff (which surprised even me, since at the time I hadn't read the mango). But at some point, manga readers started slipping more and more and some just stopped caring altogether.

Please do not bully Bodyguard-kun.

Watch the 1st episode. If you like the animation continue. If not stop there. Don't expect much story-wise.

Exclusively to tempt him, because i'm an asshole. Why else?

>adding the shota part at the beginning
Stop, BONES, I don't want to become a pedo.

yare yare daze

Through the butthole?

Damn this Dude, are you just waiting for someone to start up shit or is it always you shitposting and samefagging? Wow, thats what i call dedication, first i didnt understand, but now at least i can applaud for your endurance, while everyone still gives a fuck about you.

How sad.

No, please stay away from us.

Oh man

Poor Ritsu.

What did he mean by this?

I would pay good money just to see how a full time shitposter like you looks like. What the hell is wrong with you? You get into every thread talk with yourself and then backpedal like a retard. This is hilarious as fuck, on a more serious note though what are you going to do when Mob finishes?

He punched Ritsu deep in the stomach, They REALLY connected.

>Teru wants Mob to worry about him too

Join us.

porn when

Its a slice of life coming of age story. Somethings end up better like the most recent episodes and some worse cause of time constraints. I would suggest to watch at least 3 episodes of the anime and then decide if you want to drop it or not. Just know that most people really got on board cause of episode 5 might want to check it out if you didnt like it.

Drink bleach hopefully, since he'll have lost all reason to live.

Whoever picked Shou everywhere has no taste

It takes a full time Cred Forums browser to recognize a full time shitposter.


please make it real

Fuck off to metacritic or MAL
4/10 you rustled me a bit

Shou is still a nice meme though, but #RedrawReigen is on higher plane of existence

Poor Shou. I finally found a reason not to find him wasted potential(memes) and now he's an outdated meme, overshadowed by Reigen, who fully deserves being this great.

>skipping the credits
You disgust me

Mob will never care about him

>Mob will never care about him
oh come on user


Thats why i would pay good money for someone to show me a legit one.

Shut up, Ritsu.

Can't wait to see that little shit gasmask loli get her shit kicked in.

Shou meme was never funny

When had mob mentioned teru when he isn't there?

Teru on the other hand keeps mentioning mob when he has the chance.

serious question, I haven't read the manga in ages

He asks Teru to help him buy clothes, there's probably other stuff but I can't remember specifically.


I don't understand why redheads have a hardening effect on my dick.

But he did so because Teru was there, teru never comes to his mind on it's own

Redraw reigen in the best thing to happen in a long time.


Ritsu pls

If we get reigen arc it'll be ten times more devastating. Fuck.

Are posters like you a legit part of mob viewership on Cred Forums, or you're negatively perceived by them as shitposters?

wip of my current drawing
is it too lewd? should I continue it?

I'm a legit part of Cred Forums.

>They cranked everything up to 11
>Episode 11

Mob Psycho is the only show this year that comes close to the greatness of Concrete Revolutio.

Requesting redraw.

None of the boys in this show are gay, so why is there so much art pairing them up?

I'd like to see that ass finished, yeah.

Please continue. It looks great so far.

Why the fuck is there so much faggot shit on these threads, no fucking wonder nobody likes them

Technically none of them have said "I'm straight" either so anyone's fair game
It's all in good fun

Twitter and Tumblr finally did something right. Even Japan is getting in on it.

Who has higher CHARISMA: Todd Howard or Reigen?

>Ritsu blushing for anyone other than his beloved Nii-san

But Teru was doing mixers with sluts and Mob is interested in a girl. I guess that doesn't actually make them straight though.

For future threads dont question why a thread has a certain amount of Fanart, that dont make sense canonically especially when it comes to Fujos. They are horny desperate faggots similar to Moefags. Only good thing is that their art is better even if its gay as fuck.

>Reigen selling Bethesda games
>Bethesda profits increased 1000%

Feel free to leave anytime.

He's merely pretending™

I don't why I laughed so hard.

And then she lost.

Ritsu's pretty gay for his bro desu

How do we cure him of his brocon so he can live as a respectable human being?

Maybe they are bi.

There's nothing gay about that, it's pure.
You're supposed to love thy brother.

>the Terier vs Sakurai fight

Mob is heterosexually pure. So is Reigen, except the pure part.

Teru is a slut who could go both ways.

Everyone else is ambiguous at best.


I'm sorry user, but I'm afraid brocon is a terminal disease.

No, they're just pretending that Reigen's dead.

Mob could use a more worried/nervous expression in the final piece

Literally Naruto.

Gay people in non-western parts of the world don't label themselves necessarily as such. They engage in homosexual acts but don't always make it known or shove it in your face with mannerism and faggotery. That's why the fujoshi subculture that came from over there is all about subtlety.

I'd say Ritsu's pretty faggy.

>They engage in homosexual acts but don't always make it known or shove it in your face with mannerism and faggotery.
Name me one country where this is true.

He may not be gay, but Ritsu is a massive faggot.

One confirmed to be a Naruto lover?

Well, he clearly likes JoJo, DB and HxH, so another WSJ title in his list of favorites wouldn't be surprising.

But that can't be healthy long-term.

>asking this question in a Mob thread

tru dat

Prove it.

He's just dramatic, not gay. Haha just kidding he's a full blown faggot


It's a loli, Reigen did say they're children in the inside.

Have you ever been outside of the safe space of your liberal neighbourhood.

Shh, don't spoil that it's a trap

Any news on season 2? Please, I need this

I think it's too late to fix him: usually that kind of stuff goes away when you enter teenagehood. I can't blame him, though: I'd definitely be a brocon if I had brother like Mob.

Next week, maybe.

Bones and Season 2s are always a coin toss on whether it's good or bad. At least they're not going AO ending though.

>Name me one country where this is true.
My country, where you will take some heavy beating if you're openly gay.
So I'm totally straight.

Yeah, I live outside of America.

The only thing they need is to keep the production team as it is.

>ywn be surrounded by a gaggle of Mobs
Why live?

Ah, forgot about the muslims.

should I read it from the beginning or from the anime ends? If so, that must be around chapter 45 or 50?

Reigen never hits a woman.

Read it from the beginning just so you can appreciate what Bones has done with this adaption while also noticing how well it actually looked and how ONE's art was steadily improving. You also missed a few scenes here and there.

Wait until the anime and then start it from the beginning. Or, if you can control yourself, read the manga from the beginning up until the last currently animated chapter (which would be 46), wait for the finale with all of us and then feel free to jump right back into the mango after the season ends.

Todd. Unlike Todd, Reigen actually satisfies most of the people that come to him, so it makes sense that he'd have consistent business and repeat customers.

Yeah, as long as the same people are working on it there's really no way they could fuck up season 2, unless a major earthquake hits the studio right in the middle of the production.

Don't jinx it

How did Reigen know where to find Mob? Did I miss something?

that's pretty legit scary

do you think there's enough room to cover chapter 50 or will they stop at chapter 49?
50 chapters makes it really neat, but i'm afraid they will not have enough time to do chapter 50 well enough.

How come an active thread like this be on page 9?


He tracked Mob's cell phone.

He was tracking a GPS signal on his phone, literally the first few seconds of the episode

How new?

>so it makes sense that he'd have consistent business and repeat customers.
Does it really work like that with an exorcism agency, though? Even if Reigen himself is more a odd-job man (and expert masseur) than an actual psychic, I'd still expect his clientele to mainly consist of one time customers: you usually don't have problems with evil spirits everyday, after all.

4 months. Answer pls.

i need more trash boy

It's past bump limit.

We've reached the bump limit for a while now, user.

He just needs to get rid of his bags.

Trash-kun a cute, even though he looks kind of like a zombie.


Thanks. Another question please : how much is this bump limit? what makes a post a bump?

I would that after desu senpai.

Bump limit varies from board to board. Cred Forums's is 500 posts, then from there it cannot be bumped any longer until it's purged.

When you lurk more and notice a pattern in every thread, retard.

You should read the FAQ.

Stop it.

Only tumblr art worth saving is #redrawreigen

If you say so.

I knew threads are archived after 500. I just didn't know it was called 'bump limit'
Nothing that specific on that there.

>I just didn't know it was called 'bump limit'
If you lurked more you'd know.

But I guess that was too hard.

but tumblr got some good art, not everyone is a dumb fuck on their


heck u

I learned to type and meme like this :
pls no bully

Word of mouth from satisfied customers would still get him more business. Reigen cured my aching shoulders, he's legit, and all that.

I don't have time to finish it right now but here's a sketch. First time drawing Shou and Teru so forgive me if they're weird looking.

Better than cactus head

It's good.

keep up the gud work, user.

also, nu thread?

Got u senpai

Excellent job user