Anime fans are hopeless romantics and see sex and romance everywhere without realizing that there are different kind of...

Anime fans are hopeless romantics and see sex and romance everywhere without realizing that there are different kind of relationships. Probably doesn't help that the story is written by an adult woman who has completely different point of views on this kind of thing. Japanese people have "skinship" culture it might feel weird for someone who's not used to it. Reminds me when I heard that Ookiku Furikabutte is "really gay" and then I watched it and it was all about baseball theories but not gayness.

>He doesn't knows that two girls or two boys looking at each other mean that they are in love
Do you even shipping?

....No, Kumiko and Reina are gay for each other.

I can't tell if you are in the yuri camp or the shoe camp.

They're gay man. Just get over it.

Kumiko is straight.

However, Reina might be somewhat bisexual; she has a crush on sensei, but also possibly on Kumiko.

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>Anime fans are hopless

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Shinka is straight

>Anime fans

For someone who's arguing based on Japanese culture, you don't seem to understand the things actually being referenced by the books and show. There's a genre of story about girls having a kind of brief, sometimes doomed romance, before they 'get over it', and go on to live typical lives. In these kinds of stories, if you don't 'get over it', and try to reject social norms, the characters always die or get punished somehow. The entire premise of the story is rejecting and reversing that idea. The characters start out with 'normal' relationships lined up, but they reject those in favor of each other, and throw aside social norms, and the story won't punish them for it, because it's not 1950.

This, two girls confessing their love to each other and then kissing is not seen as gay in Japan. Expand your cultural mindset, ignorants

Every anime girl is gay until proven otherwise.

>Kumiko is straight
Are you blind user? Kumiko is quite clearly wavy.

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I don't think its so much that they don't punish them anymore as its they just gave it to what the viewers wanted. If you compare the novel with the show, the novel has no sexual undertones while the show clearly does.
The question is that people actually think that that makes it a 'yuri' show, when actual yuri shows are pretty obvious about it.

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