What do you think Emilia's fetish is?

What do you think Emilia's fetish is?

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Well we know what Subaru's is.


Emilia would probably find any sort of sexual act other than missionary with the lights off too lewd.

Hugging Puck extra hard while watching her favorite animes.

Missionary while hands holding and leg locking.

If she feels really kinky she will even leave the lights on.

hand holding

Forced impregnation.

There's an omake chapter where she overhears Rem and Ram making a joke about fingering. She doesn't understand exactly what they mean and there are funny conversations where she asks everyone in the manor in different sly ways, with lots of misunderstandings. Eventually, she decides to try for herself, but, putting together all the misunderstandings, she ends up fingering her urethra instead. And she just determinedly keeps at it with no clear result but cute frustration. The end.


Furry. There's a reason Puck is her "daddy".


This is easy. /ss/

I bet Emilia is into deep kissing.

You lie.

In the web novel, Emilia doesn't even know what sex is and thinks children come from kissing. Her fetish is probably something even tamer than hand holding.

And some anons unironically kept posting she would make a great leader.

So easy, she gets off at rem gettin cucked


Is this real?


season two when??? i wanna see betelgeuse cuck subaru

She's a retarded purityfag.

She's probably got a closet Orc on Elf Rape Forced Impregnation fetish though.

>implying Emilia has the sexual knowledge required to cuck someone
Even if she did, she would have no interest in bullying Rem, and Subaru wouldn't be into it at all.

Big black men

you wish, she is not a degenerate leftist fucker.

Kissing is literally the apex of lewd fetishes for her.

I like how, despite this misunderstanding, she still willingly kisses Subaru later on.


What would sex with Emilia be like?

Inexperienced, clumsy fun where you get to be her first for everything, then leave her for objectively better Rem.

What would sex with Rem be like?

the same but she works much harder to please you


If Ram disappeared, did the fetish disappear too?

Orgasm Denial, Chasity, and Pegging

Lap pillows?

Sex with Rem would feel heavenly. She would absolutely be be inexperienced, so teaching her how to do everything would be amazing. Teaching her everything that makes a woman feel good, from soft nibbles on her cute ears, to slowly rubbing her lower areas would make an excellent bonding experience. Everything would be new to her, so taking time and exploring her body would be a must. After working her up to it, she would be aroused enough to want it inside of her. After a while of slowly rocking back and forth, she would innocently leglock you and ask you to put it in deeper. She would want to kiss you and feel your back as you pound into her, and see your face when you cum inside her. She would look adorably up at you, and confess her love all over again, ready to do it all again.
ywn have sex with Rem
why even live


Being degraded
Hardcore 24 hour submission
Orgasm Denial

Anal, like every other 2D girl


BDSM bordering on gore, some as stellas

Scientist have said kissing allows human males to infect a female with their DNA for life even without sex occurring.

And I am not kidding. This shit is real.

Somehow the male or lover's saliva which contains their DNA becomes integrated with the person they are kissing.

In fact, a sexually active woman will contain a LOT of different people's DNA even if no procreational sex occurs and even if procreational sex occurs, more and more different DNA gets integrated into the woman.

For example, the more babies a woman pops out, the more different DNA from her own babies gets integrated into her own baby.

There are claims that the more babies a woman has, the more slower her aging.

So yeah, Emilia may be wrong about kissing making automatic babies but on the molecular level, kissing introduces new molecules to the partner you are kissing.

Please give me a source for this.

I got a little excited because I thought you were talking about best girl

Being humiliated.

If you're making out with your identical twin who has a deep cut in their mouth, maybe there's some very marginal chance of transferring a short lived cell or two.

Random person's epithelial cells with different MHC markers sure as fuck aren't going to dedifferentiate into stem cells, get distributed in your body, and start cranking out random cell lines though.





Also, an ethics panel would cockblock any funding from seriously finding out if a woman's previous partners has any effect on her DNA or her own child but having multiple babies does affect a woman's DNA.

And you never questioned yourself why this wouldn't work in both directions? "Boohoo girls who have sex are bad but guys don't get magical chimera DNA because it doesn't fit my narrative"

The first link says that saliva is exchanged during kissing. It has nothing to do with what you said. The second link is about acquisition of male DNA by a woman while bearing a male fetus. It has nothing to do with what you said. The thing link is about fly reproduction and literally state that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that it happens in other species, including humans. Go back to Cred Forums. You're not mature enough to post even in an anime thread.

Getting her elf ears bitten TENDERLY

>Up to 30 minutes

Previous claim: >In fact, a sexually active woman will contain a LOT of different people's DNA

Congrats, you can Google things without reading or understanding them.

Forced mating press ntr, sometimes reverse ntr.

>everything that makes a woman feel good
>biting her ear

Is this nigger serious?

Emilia's fetish is degradation. She wants to be called a disgusting half-elf. She gets off to being likened to Satella. In the first episode Emilia noticed that Subaru was a foreigner and she took advantage of the situation to make him call her Satella. Subaru didn't realize it was an insult and she loved it. Puck later said that it was bad tastes, obviously it's a fetish thing.

kissing and thinking she is pregnant

satella instead love having her ears licked by her husbando

user... Are you a virgin?

Grad student in Stem Cell Biology here.
You are so fucking wrong I don't know where to even start.

boys that are to die for


If the answer to that question wasn't yes he wouldn't be here.


What the fuck am I reading. user what the fuck.

By that logic you had DNA sex with everyone who came in close contact with you.


not this again

Temperature play and bestiality

Being whipped in public while her haters are watching.

being cucked?
I wrote that as a joke, but immediately realized it's plausibility. With all that "everyone fucking hates me, I'm worthless garbage" shit she has going I could totally see it.

I was actually implying that you were the virgin.
Girls don't actually enjoy having their fucking ears nibbled, that's romance novel / anime level bs

It might work for her and Rem, together cucking each other.


being called a cute.

also exhibitionism

Something dumb and shallow like dirty talk.

Dirty talk isn't dumb and shallow?

you literally get to spell out your fantasies to your partner even if you're not doing them. It's a completely mental form of pleasure. how the fuck is that shallow?

A play is actually that one thing which makes sex always interesting, even with just the same partner.

Corruption and possession. The witch has been grooming her for years, and the idea of all the villagers seeing her turn into the thing of their nightmares excites her.

I can only feel rage

Armpit sex
mind break

> scientists said

Aaaand dropped


Getting her face smashed in by Rem.


There was once a woman who had her husband fuck her peehole for 30+ years until her doctor found out and explained what was going on.

Getting cucked.

I'm not saying you're lying, because I found the weirdest stretching porn involving a lady that wanted her urethra fucked with a timelapse of about a month of stretching preparations before the deed.

It's not my thing in the least, I watched it more out of morbid curiosity, but now I wish I saved the link.

Ignorance isn't something to b proud of user. just because your favorite taiwanese puppet slideshow discussion board encourages the mockery of knowledge doesn't mean their shallow insults have any credibility. One who mocks the pursuit of knowledge, even if the pursuer of knowledge himself is stupid, is by far the most idiotic person on the planet or in the universe at that moment in time.

>Ignorance isn't something to b proud of user
I really wish I had hit that 'e' key a little harder.


Most of the times when someone uses "scientists said" in a sentence, it is complete bullshit and should not be taken seriously unless they provide a link to the article. Even then, unless it's from a reputable source, you should take it with a grain of salt. As demonstrated by the other replies, what OP said is, unsurprisingly, bullshit.
Don't blindly believe everything that you read, user. That is ignorance.