It's time

It's time.

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For what?

Bro stuff, obviously.

Oh alright

>another season of SnS ending
>still no lewd Aldinis

but I have 1(one) lewd aldini pic

Will we ever get a nice version of that picture? It's so fucking pixelated, god dammit.

Post more lickable tummies.

Any good homo in recent videogames lately?

He better be in either one of the anime.

How is that Cred Forums-related again?

It isn't, but it's better than going to Cred Forums for it

>Tell me, Orga, who should I do next?

This definitely happened in my head. Mika is both too comfortable making intimate contact with upper-class women and too uninterested in carnal relations, gigolo work is the only explanation.

If you haven't played Abaddon already, go do that assuming you know moon

>still no Battery subs

I don't, fuck my ass.

Any idea why no subs?

Amazon forgot to upload the subs and HD video.

>manhwa and other gookshit comics are now allowed on Cred Forums
What does Cred Forums think of Welcome to Room 305?

Stop pretnding the meta-thread isn't just shitposting general with the OP spouting whatever he wants.


He was too good for this world. Definitely too good for Munakata. Best boy of the season imo.

>He was too good for this world

Fight me bitch boy.

He was a pitiable person, but also not a good person either.

Juzo did nothing wrong.

Except enabling a mass murder...

Subaru is smiling again. Now I can die happily.
Best boy of the last 2 seasons.

Yeah, let's just ignore the fact that there's no way he could have known how bad things were gonna get because of Junko and that even if he had refused her terms it's unlikely that it would have changed anything at that point. After this ep it's obvious he hated himself for it anyway, so it's not like he's a totally uncaring asshole who's okay with what his choice resulted in.

It was selfish and not really the right thing to do, but what happened is not Juzo's fault.

Junko already killed a lot of people and started a kill game, not to mention she clearly planned to do more.

It was bad, very bad thing. He was a pitiable human being who redeemed himself in the end, but also kinda of an asshole who had all the intention to kill Naego and co.

For the past couple of hours I've been feeling like I'm having a stroke.

Meanwhile in Atlus Japan...

It was a human thing. It came from a place of vulnerability, not maliciousness. Should he have done it? Probably not. Am I gonna judge him for being human and having weaknesses? No. I think Juzo is a flawed person, but that's not the same as being a bad person.

You're not really incorrect about any of this though, so I guess I can't tell you your opinion is wrong or anything. Plus having a big discussion about it isn't really appropriate for this thread anyway.

He's supposed to be back in February, we'll get to watch him cry and break again



Bring back Satomi Tadashi.


And then what?

Nero a shit. A shit.

Actual soon.

>'won't lose to bishoujo anime'
>'barely passed the censorship law'
>'is this really okay to air on Fuji TV?'
How un-classy is this going to get?


Lad, I mean, look at them
Would you let these creatures to come out from some random place and flirt with you? Shit's disgusting and I'm a huge fag

Are you aware that these people don't exist and they wrote it that way.

They're supposed to act like real people (they don't but you get my point)
Even in P4 the hags who weren't unattractive at all were off putting as fuck with their constant craving of highschooler dick

Funny way to spell best.

Never ever. Persona is all about shitty waifubait and muh evil adults cliches now.

He is not even best in his own show.
I hope we will get those delicious suffering dj from Harada. I want to see him torn apart by white whale's dick.

user please. Don't compare anything to Reinhardt.
He got the blessing of the world to always win Best boy contest, that's why he isn't allowed to participate.

I'm still eternally mad knowing that I will never jam it inside of Daisuke

The entire first half of his s-link was a fucking tease

I want to protect this smile

>dat cure shota scene in the latest episode

It's a shitty, ugly joke.

P2 NPC growing a dick using the rumors was funny, this one is just sad.


Apparently there is some fujo baits with Yuki and especially Yusuke, but it goes nowhere as usual.

Tatsuya and Jun were too good for this world, 3 was the last good Persona.
Enjoy the copypasta waifus.
At least we can dig the gameplay.



I'm hurting about it. Our boy Juzo deserves the world.

>manly Shuuzo
Now I've seen everything.

I thought it was obvious by now that his fabulous persona is fake.

I know, but even during his edgy days he still looked pretty faggy, just in a different way.

>two cute shota scenes in the latest episode
BONES has saved anime

Will this ever get translated?

My sides were obliterated.

What's funny is that Goro got Jun's outfit but now that we know he's a madmanit means nothing either way.

Yandere is rarely good anyways.

Is that Potter-kun as Raidou?

He's not really a yandere, though they will make him into one in doujins I'm sure. I'm not sure what his relationship with MC is like yet, but he's still a traitorous slut.

And yeah that's him.

I was wondering about what happened to those two niggas in Shadow Hearts

>They're supposed to act like real people (they don't)
If you ever work in retail or browse a craigslist for an area near a casino you would know that they very well do exist

>Goro ended up being a good boy
What a wild ride that was F

Does anyone still care enough about Utapri to watch season 4?

I do.

More HEAVENS means more dragons, so yes.

If BEST BOY wins Nanamibowl i will keep watching it.

I'm interested in the HEAVENS and STARISH duet songs.

I wonder how they're gonna translate this one.

The senpais are the reason I still care about this franchise but they were ruined in anime's S3. I hope HEAVENS have better luck than them.

The two niggas in SH were actually funny, tho'.

>They'll never dress up in suits again

Why live?

10/10 smile, would protect.


> They burried Gora with the hatchet

>I want X to do X to me

I immediately thought of you guys.



I'm literally falling apart. Juzo was so good for this world.

A cousin of mine works at Studio Comet and said the VEPPer will kill someone in the Student Council.

> Newest Conan chapter
> Akai spends half the chapter exposing his armpits


>> Newest Conan chapter
Christ, I really will die in Conan's lifetime.

When will I ever see teen Shinichi's armpits?

Image dump somewhere else.

Is this okay?

Would you an amputee or cripple?

Anyone else looking forward to this?

Katawa Shonen when?

Nigga you know I would.

>those yaoi hands

It's like you don't even know our roots

Conan will be longer than Kochikame in the end

Yaoi hands are pretty ideal for anyone wanting to become a pro basketball player.

Hopefully never, KS generates endless cancer on /vg/

They're not laughably yaoi-hand tier

I wonder how much yaoi they had to appear in to achieve those hands

>going to /vg/ in the first place
You asked for that cancer.

I only used to go for /gsg/ before shitposters ruined it.

How does this make you feel?

You're thinking of Cred Forums. /vg/ is where you go for video games.

Yeah no one cares you fucking crossboarder.

Can you Cred Forumsshits please leave?

>(269d ago)
Volume releases are so torturous.

At least it's actually being scanned, some other stuff I wanna read has been dead for approaching 3 years now.


>Massive Goods announced on Monday that Pantheon Books (Maus, Persepolis) will publish Gengoroh Tagame's My Brother’s Husband (Otōto no Otto) manga in English. The first two-in-one omnibus volume is slated for June 2017.

Neat! Is this series good? I like the premise.

Find out for yourself; pretty sure translations are up to date.

>bara faggot propaganda by Tagame
It's trash.

Killua is cute!

What if the next time we see him, Togashi aged him up to 18?

Can we talk about 19 days?

>implying Lover Boy was anything less than exquisite



>no homo scenes
>gay propaganda
It's shit senpai.

Not Cred Forums so no.

Why do artists ship this? That chink's had like one line. Kurapika's too good for him

This is manhua retard

There's both anime coming, I had some free time and only so I did this. Most charts posted on Cred Forums are old as fuck.

Someday I'll actually make a better one, and probably only half of these characters will show up in the animated shows anyway.

Unfortunately, by next time we see Killua, the underage in this thread will likely be 18.

I wish Togashi would hurry.

Same shit, not manga so fuck off.

Do you like it when your husbando's voice cracks and he whimpers pathetically in pain?

Thanks for doing this user!

That doujin of Kira being molested was good. Wish there was more of that artist.

Why are there so many shotas? Gross.

Should i play DMMD re:connect?

It's not cheating on my husbando if I listen to other roles his VA did and pretend it's him talking, right? It's not his fault he only got animated for one episode.

I don't know, but for someone who played this game for too long I'm tired of shotas getting all the events and updates. Some of them are really cute though, wouldn't bully.

Of sorts. I wouldn't wish that on my husbando, he's far too important/pure and for whatever reason doesn't activate my Do-S side but if it was anybody else like my 2nd place boy, then of course.

I think I like it a little too much.

Shota is the cutest

Maybe it's popular with older women? My mom plays this and says she likes collecting all the Tantous because she wants to protect them from the war and spoil them.

Unabashedly wants that Kitsune for his dick though.

Based Mother. You should treasure her.

>wouldn't bully.
I don't understand, that's the whole point of cute shotas.

They're manly shotas with manly voices.

Most of them anyway.

Hell no. There's a sexy ninja in Fire Emblem that puts on a deep intimidating voice, but all his BL catalogue has him letting out girly moans as he's fucked senseless by older men.
It just enhances my enjoyment of ninja husbando even more.

I hate that it takes so long to fucking update but each time there's a new one my heart feels fulfilled.

wish the mangaka would stop getting off track with the other two guys, even though they're growing on me.

Fuck off with the chink shit.

Former navy that became a weeb due to trips to Japan and an affinity for giant robots. Sadly/Luckily corrupted all her children with Chinese cartoon lust as well.
Of course I do, she's great. Still bullies me about my first husbando being Kuwabara though.

You already blogged once, shut up.

Glad your mom approves of your homosexuality.


Don't tempt me like this, I already listened to the SEXual Philia CDs today (they were just okay). I assume you're talking about Shingaki?

pull your tampon out of your vagina, femanon.

>14 days left

Go be off topic elsewhere.

i gotta admit i like the side pairing more than the main one. who is this she li guy?

Are people actually excited for Hanamaru? I looks pretty low budget. Even the opening song is unremarkable. I'd wait for ufotable's edgyshit.

Quit thinking off topic shit can get a pass if you shout "y-you're a grill" often enough, newfag.

Chinkshit is not Cred Forums. Fuck off with your off topic shit.

I like SoL and honestly, Dogakobo shows are usually good looking even if they don't have the highest budgets.

It has Kashuu and Ishikirimaru already so I'm pretty excited.

Yup, I forgot the name of the CD which had him banged in his boss's office but damn what a ride.
>voicing Nathaniel Hawthorne in S2 of Bungou
Oh jesus
>HP Lovecraft is in S2
This fucking show.


fuck off nipsfag

except I can automatically tell you're both femanons, quite pretending like anything you say actually matters or is going to make a difference, just like in real life nobody cares

when does he show up? for some reason I don't remember seeing him

I don't think excited even begins to describe how hype I am. I read all the staff interviews, listened to all the radio shows, looked for every single piece of information I could find. So far it sounds great.

I love Tourabu man, I would be excited no matter what.

>finally Kurapika and Leorio both onscreen for an arc
>separate parts of the boat
>not even in communication
I don't know why I allow myself to ever hope for anything at all.

>not even sleeping in the same room
Why even bother?

This is Cred Forums not /chink/ so fuck off with that garbage.

Nobody cares about blogshit either. Fuck off already.

>I'd wait for ufotable's edgyshit.
Shut up, it looks fucking amazing.

I know that feel. I actually wish I wasn't this excited for anything Touken Ranbu but I've been "playing" this game for more than a year, bought a bunch of merchandise/anthologies and saved tons of fanart. It's a path of no return.

Chapter 117. He wears the same bracelet as back then.

I'm going back to 1999, where I was happier and Kurapika was gayer.

You all know sword threads will attract the worst types of cancer right? Like Mob levels of tumblr cancer.

It's probably that same retard that posted the gookshit game the last time.

Swords are more on topic than that Chinkshit some are forcing here.

Yes, yes because we always have the highest quality posters.

I'm talking about threads you faggot not that gook cancer.

Do you hate her?

I know but I don't care, if it gets unbearable I'll just jump ship and keep enjoying my swords on my own.
Or maybe /sword/ will come back and we could go there.

The trailer had literally 30 seconds, and only half of it had some animation. It already looks better than Hanamaru but Hanamaru itself doesn't look that bad in my opinion.

That particular strain of cancer seems attracted to trendier stuff with a particular look, like Osomatsu and MP. I have a feeling the swordfuckers wont be the same crowd.

Of course.

I didn't even think people were still reading Ten Count.

Eh Hanamaru is just a cheap cash in, so I don't mind. At least we ARE getting a higher quality adaptation.

>Like Mob levels of tumblr cancer.

Mob threads are really awful. Luckily there's only 1 episode left and those shitters will fuck off.

Sweet summer child.

just went back and reread it, I bet it's his brother who's involved with the gang that tried to kidnap Jian Yi to get him back home.
then again who the hell knows
protective older brother chapters when?

What do you hate about ten count user?

Yeah and they'll move on to the next popular thing.


I miss kurapika's tsundere antics with leorio

>Hanamaru is just a cheap cash in
But it isn't. It might not have the production levels of Fate/zeyo but they are working hard on this too. Douga Kobo's animation isn't bad either.

There's already a bunch of threads popping up and they're mostly
>"Which one is the cute girl/where's the female character?"
>"So many cute girls"
>Trap and shota poster
>"I wish KanColle had this treatment"
>"Fujos ruining the industry"
>Fatefags because Ufotable
And sometimes there's people who actually play it.

I doubt it'll get bad as Free or Osomatsu threads.

there's another season to look forward to, it'll be great

The show will be great but Mob threads will be as shit as ever.

I hope they take swords so yaoi on ice can be peaceful with Cred Forumsbros.

All those retards do is dump shitty tumblr art. Can't they fuck off to /cm/ for that?

Whose brother are you talking about? Jian Yi or He tian? I thought the one who attempted to kidnap jian yi was he tian's older brother.

Fuck off already.

You first.


Dude it's just one shitposter talking to herself.

they do, but they also come here because people like you make a big deal out of it. half of them at this point are just posting to make you mad, it'll die down soon

they're usually nothing but circlejerks of recycled content but yeah I'm hopeful the show will be worth the pain

Considering how much actual yaoi bait already seems to have, Yaoi on Ice is not that safe either.

It actually feels like Yuri could be one of the things they'll jump into if it ends up having as much fanservice as they said it would.
I hope not, though. Seeing Cred Forums in the threads is so enjoyable.

>Dude it's just one shitposter talking to herself.


Homoprince is back and the manga has become even more shittier.

He Tian's brother attempted to kidnap him on Jian Yi's father's orders, so I"m guessing he sent Jian Yi's brother (the guy with the bracelet) to keep an eye on him.


is it even worth getting back into tokyo ghoul?

i quit a long time ago but people keep saying it's worth it for the suffering

>jian yi's brother
>the guy with bracelet
>he wants to rescue Guanshan
That doesn't make sense.

No. The plot is one big mess at this moment. If you had read re you should stop at rose arc.

Ignore meta, acquire feet.

Did this update?

Nah, the best meat is on the thighs.

I think I'm getting their names confused, I don't know who's who anymore

>that godawful leveling
I'm sorry you have to read this.

I'm not sure what would be an update for you. They scanlate new chapters pretty regularly now.

Jian Yi - the pale blonde
He tian - Black hair , brother is a gangster and the one who bullies redhead
Guanshan - Redhead

also apparently there was just an update, looks like it's red head's time to shine

No, but keep talking about it. Everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.

When will you stop talking about off topic shit to yourself?

>new chapters pretty regularly
Are we talking about the same series?

Oh. I guess I only noticed the past 2 chapters' release dates. I just marathoned and caught up a week ago.

It's better than blurry filters. That shit peeves me off.

when he/she stop replying to me.

It didn't have to be like this. I'm literally all up for crazy madmans with daddy issues but I can't get over that he's dead.
At least I got delicious Hoshi screaming.

You should have not replied to off topic shit at all.

Stop encouraging cancer.

You have no right to tell me what to do. Go suck a dick if you don't like it.

>can't type properly
But he is the cancer.

You're shitting up the thread with off topic garbage.

Yeah keep wasting replies and we'll be at bump limit in no time.

We used to have a janitor watching threads like a hawk. I wonder if we can summon them back by posting some nipples and bulges.

>that ShuZo
ok what did I miss

Everyone just report the retard for forcing off topic shit here.

Is cosplay Cred Forums related? Asking for a friend.



>is 3DPD Cred Forums related
Lurk more.

Thanks user.
If you have some free time and want to make another image, could you do one with their names?


I am not reading those spoiler tags, even though I've already been slightly spoiled anyway but
>hoshi screaming

I never really signed off but sign me up dude

No need to pretend my amigo, cosplay makes you a freak but we're all freaks here

To answer your question, sort of, but you'd be better off in /cgl/.

>rowdy boys' battle show
Is that what they're calling it these days

My friend said thanks.

>To answer your question, sort of,
People posting vidya in Cred Forums don't get to tell others what's on-topic or not. If you faggots are going to keep talking about P5 you need to go work out something with /vg/ at least. Homothreads are not the place for something with no adaptation.

>bought a bunch of merchandise/anthologies
Did you read the anthologies? Which one do you think is best?
II'm thinking of buying one or two, but there are so many that I can't choose.

P5 has anime special newfag.

Post cute homo kissu

Day Breakers

And it's very likely going to get a full adaption soon like 3 & 4 did

>something with no adaptation
Not even. If you're not going to discuss the anime and instead talk about the game it should still go to Cred Forums. Not anime discussion, not Cred Forums.


wtf is this thread for?

Lurk more

>6 years
Where the hell is the time going? Why hasn't that third season shown up yet?

Two of the anthologies have raws so you could try those. It's the very first one and the one that had D-hagi illustrate the cover.
I read the highchool one when it was up for free but it wasn't very good. I liked the 4koma anthology a lot more.

What's he doing here?

They have to strip naked every time they wanna transform.

Cute, I forget about that.

It's been like 2 years since I last read a chapter.

Scheduled orgies.

>Having attachment for a chara you barely know

You'll find someone to masturbate in a month or so, no worries.

>Barely know
But I have the game, and I've been waiting for years so this won't be temporary.

I still can't believe that they laugh at gay people and use them as a joke.

Even worse, none of the outfits MC wears can be used in dungeons, and everything is DLC.

Will look for them, thanks.
Are there any translations?

>I still can't believe that they laugh at gay people and use them as a joke.
Have you just not looked at anything Japan has produced in the last few decades or something?

Would you tell him to take his underwear off, too?

When? You mean like in that screenshot above?

Based Miyamura.

>I still can't believe that they laugh at gay people and use them as a joke.

Meh, I expected Atlus to do better considering Yousuke was supposed to be a gay option and all that stuff with Kanji.

Which screenshot.

>I still can't believe that they laugh at gay people and use them as a joke.

How new?

Those nipples like they belong in a hentai, so out of place considering most characters don't have it.

This body is ugly as fuck.

Highshcool one has some at snail pace, 4koma too but the translations were terrible last time I checked.
The other two also have some and one of them is completed I think.
Overall I'd recommend you read them raw if you can.

>none of the outfits MC wears can be used in dungeons
Except you can, I have the LE DLC.
And why are you so mad at a simple gays are icky joke? Grow thicker skin.

Read why I said that idiots.

>Those nipples like they belong in a hentai, so out of place considering most characters don't have it.
They match the art just fine. Rather than regulating the nipples to hentai, all shirtless guys should have them nipples.

>I still can't believe that they laugh at gay people and use them as a joke.
Go cry about it on tumblr then.

Doesn't make you any less retarded.

Sasuga Cred Forumsirgins I guess.

I think half of them are already translated on The one I liked the most was Touken Danshi Makuai Geki and the 4-komas.
A new one was released this month, will try to get that soon as possible.

Is it just me or Cred Forums isn't working properly? took me forever to post this reply.

What, you're saying that you can use gym, public bath, beachwear and side job outfits?

And where the hell am I so mad? You guys are over exaggerating, I made a statement, I don't care either way since most of the guys are shit.

She's a retarded tumblrfag.

Still retarded and new.

But draw them properly.


MC has no shirtless outfits in dungeons, that alone makes you a liar.

Ah you meant for free, then not. Except the beach outfit, but it's DLC. Thought you meant that outfits overall can't be used at all in dungeons and didn't consider absolutely every outfit in the game to be used.

What's wrong with the nipple, they look small and well shaped

Cred Forumsshits, bloggers and chinkfags in one thread!

I'm not following what you're trying to say here.

So all those outfits aren't available outside of their side games right?

For what?

Ehh, no one else has them.

That said, I do like that they actually bothered to draw the nipple and not just the areola.

I'd be the girl in the first few panels, then Miyamura after that.

Outfits like winter, summer, uniform, P3/P4 uniforms are possible to use but they're only DLC which I agree that's shit but stuff like velvet room prison, towel, tracksuit and sidejobs things aren't possible which is probably what you meant.
I'll stop since I'm going too offtopic here.

There is no character in anime that is as dreamy as kaworu nagisa

There's a tumblr based translation, they're doing the Highschool and 4koma (but I think they were dead for a year and are still pretty dead).
And there's a translation by anons (back from the /sword/ threads). They've finished two anthologies and are still translating one chapter a week.
No idea about the translation quality though, I can't read moon.

Yeah that's what I was asking, it sucks as hell and I guess Atlus is saving them for another FES/Golden version.

Fair enough

post imgur?

"I can't find anywhere else good to talk about not-Cred Forums things" is not a good reason to use a homothread.

>Ehh, no one else has them.
That's why I said to give everyone nipples. They're not bad looking, so the answer is to have more, not less.

No it isn't. Go to Cred Forums.

I dunno, still better than post posting that goes on here lately, but that's beside the point.

You're not making any sense Cred Forums-chan.

>all that stuff with Kanji
So laughing at his not-gayness? This is nothing new for Atlus and only delusional fujos thought they'd ever consider a homo route when they can simply pander and gather the same audience anyway.

I barely had to wait a minute.

Well then you're welcome to fuck off forever then? That might actually improve thread quality.

There's nothing "better" about taking over multiple threads with discussion that belongs on another board.

I'll try to improve it on PS and add all names.


You won't believe me, but I've never been to that hellhole and never will be. I'm here for cute homos, not shitposting.

The irony of this post is baffling. As expected of a delusional fujoshit from Cred Forums.

Pure vidya discussion is Cred Forums is shitposting, you dumbass. At least fuck off to /pg/ or /smtg/.

Glad to see I've missed nothing of value. Bitchiest generals on the entire board.

Rather surprised that this chapter finally got translated and released. It has a really nice couple, but too many lewd scenes.


Take it to

>remove everyone until there is nobody left
Nice strategy

I'm always surprised whenever I remember Aki's not short, Ueda's just really damn tall.

If they're not Cred Forums they should leave anyway.

But you're still here.

>remove Cred Forums crossboarders
Literally nothing of value was lost. Leave already.

Thanks guys.

This scene was pretty great, since I think the original manga had neither the exposed belly nor the drool.

Based mod

Does anyone else have a shrine dedicated to their favourite pairings?

Heh all the Cred Forumsshitter's posts got deleted. Based

Don't you ever get tired of reposting your shit? Go away Harrison.

Not even the smuggest in her own show.

I wish my favorite pairing had merch made of them.....

I Just got the BLAME! master edition, are there cute boys in it?

>Only three volumes

That's all that's been released in english

You call this a shrine?

How much money have you spent on these stuffs?


It's a work in progress; I have more doujins on the way, An Oikawa Banpresto figure and I'll be pre-ordering the Nendoroid Iwaizumi.

I'm sure when season 3 begins to air that there will be a whole load more of merch

If it isn't hosted in Angelfire then it ain't a shrine

Stop posting your shit here just because you can't post it in the buyfag thread without getting ridiculed.

Liked & Subscribed!


I can see 5 fetishes in this pic alone.

Bicycles, crows, gakuran, delinquents and bosozoku?

>Book with old style binding.
Oh wow. Just what era is that supposed to be?

There are, like Dhomochevsky, but if you're only going by Vertical's volumes, you won't see him for months.
If you like forming couples, you're limited. Nihei only does men/women pairs. Even the AI partners found throughout his series are gendered. I can only think of one pair of bros (Kasuga and Hazama from Sidonia), and they're barely characters.


Tiny cock?



I didn't notice that.


No bully, he needs those to see.

Fine, more for me.

>whole load more of merch
Yeah, of Shiratorizawa. Oikawa died his 3rd year death and no longer relevant.


Does anyone know other authors who write stupidly adorable cute love shit with similar soft art style other than Muno, Kii Kanna, and Okuyama Puku?

Also, thanks for the user who recommended Puku's works. Senobi no Housoku is pure olev.

Subaru is so great. Hope he at least gets a mindbroken doujin.

Everything is going to be fine. Juzo merely fainted from the blood loss and next episode will open with Munakata princess carrying him to safety. Then they will talk about everything that needs talking about, clearing up all the misunderstandings, and finally Juzo will confess properly. Munakata will accept by way of taking Juzo's face in his hands ever so gently and giving him his faasuto kissu.

Everything is going to be completely okay. Just you wait.

Human swords in a modern day setting where one is an office lady(male) and the other is a catboy. Kind of an odd premise but it works. Despite being drawn more shota-like, Mery's Hori is pretty assertive in a cock-hungry slut sort of way. Can't blame him considering he's pretty much living the dream. (There's three other doujins on the way because I'm an impatient retard.)

This is my favorite meme.

Not really. I'm not a kashuufag or into Sol shit so I don't care about hanamaru. Will try 3 episodes or so though.

Looking forward to the high budget ufotable version more.

Much like I'm excited for any sort of tourabu content. I'm looking forward to both.

If only the character design wasn't so atrocious.


I don't know how panda keeps coming up with this stuff but I'm not complaining.

It's probably modern, Yaiba is just a massive fedora tipper for samurai n shit.

I've been wondering this for a while, but which boy has the nicest feet, anons?

I'm glad it ended.
Way to turn a fun idea into shit.

You mean turn it into more fun. That final episode was unreal.

It's porn mostly so if you want more Aoba's sweet moans, go for it. It also kind of ruins Noiz by turning him from masochist into sadistic bully during sex and made Mink bearable and even good in his good end.

Sword feets are cute feets.

This handsome fellow was the only good thing to come from the worst anime of the year so far.

Do you have any domestic stuff coming? Hori is a good house waifu so that setting is also great.

Finale episode was good, yes.
Kaho finally bitching on everyone felt satisfying.
I meant it was boring love drama before.

I don't think anyone can look handsome with those CG faces.

Why does this hurt so much?

>everyone and their mom played this

>not posting the hung shota sword's perfect feet

Hotarumaru? His sprites don't even show his feet. Unless you're talking about fanart, which is a realm where anyone can have nice feet.

Not too sure about the contents but Shinomiya Shino has the softest art ever.

I like the low-key anthropomorphism Furidate inserts into his charatcer designs. Not everyone needs like look like some flawless bishie, especially in a sports anime.

I would accept with open arms any doujin that stays true to the anime art with.
But well all know that he will be girly as fuck in the doujins, if he gets any.

It has nothing to do with being ikemen or not, the pointy chins and uncanny face proportions make it looks like a QUALITY design. It may work in the manga but it looks awful in the anime.

Complaints about the art aside most of them are at least cute. However the character designs and personalities are getting lazier. Literally every new character is like the rejected version of previous characters. Except for maybe Sakusa, but he's pretty much a Levi knockoff.

This manga has too many samefaces, even among BL authors.

Did anyone inform Amazon of Battery subs?

Yamamoto Kotetsuko can only draw 4 characters then she recycles them in every single manga.

I don't think it looks awful. Actually, I have no idea why people bitch about HQ's art so much.

That manga with the brothers is hilarious, there are like 7 blonde dudes and they all look the same

It has got lazier recently.

The manga art was at it's ugliest during the Shiratorizawa match, but I think it's looking a lot better in the current arc.

The image you posted is actually a huge improvement from this hideous cover.

There were several complaints but Amazon doesn't give a fuck.

I can't tell for sure since my nip is extremely limited, but one of them seems to be a modern day setting in a store of some kind that may be cute:
Since I'm new to buying doujins I kept the scope pretty limited at first, to two artists, but I'll definitely try to branch out more in the future since I enjoy this pair.

I'm still fearing mangaka will make him reverse trap

>new chapter never ever

>tfw unironically think Killua is best character
stop making me feel bad about it Cred Forums

He is cute and has actual character development unlike the rest of the HxH cast.
Best character indeed.

Kurapika looked so much fucking better ree

I got my jpn-depot ready and will buy some stuff as well.
Other artists I personally enjoy are

There's just so much to pick from, and with Hanamaru/Ufo coming I'll probably keep it limited too.

Is this everlasting anime worth watching just for this twink? If not then I'm just gonna look for doujins.

He really isn't in it at all after the Yorknew Arc. So just watch it up until then

This week's episode hurt a little.

This seems weird, amazon consumer service is god iter.

>a little
If only.

Angelo was too good for that boring guy anyway.

Avilio will become an hero by the last episode, and they'll be reunited in hell.

Undeniably, he has the softest and sweetest feet of all of them. The fanart only expresses this universal truth.

I like that you knew who I was talking about

I would miss this show


Will we have the saniwa appear? It's odd that s/he hasn't been shown so far

Of course not.

My niggas.


I like cute boys with plush butts

There are tons of reasons, and they've all been listed before.
And there are almost no positive points about having one. What would the anime gain from it? Would fans be happy?
Not really, or only a small part. It's hard to get a new character in a franchise with lots of fans right.

>Mononokean and Servamp ended today

Good riddance

Hanamaru has no mention, Hasebe will probably be the dog and pass the orders around for the saniwa. The trailer already has that.

Why do you hate fun?

Both Hasebe and Kashuu are going to be helping the Saniwa, but Hasebe should be doing more from what I read.

They have nipples. That's a rare sight.

It's a shame that the animation quality was terrible, and that the gags felt downplayed.

I chuckled when he indirect kissed Corteo this week.

Care to share a glass of Orga's tears with me user?

The only reason (some) people say they don't like him here is because he's genuinely a great, well-written character, and Cred Forums loves to be contrarian, especially when there are people who obsess over certain characters.

What makes this different than any other harem? I didn't pick it up cause I figured it would be the same as any other ln adaption.

It's not a harem, only waifubait. And it has some delicious guys with great cast.
The story is not bad either. Only the MC is a bit retarded.

For starters, the biggest difference between Re:Zero and every other harem is that Re:Zero isn't a harem because literally only one girl is actually interested in him, and only after 20 episodes. And he turns her down because he loves the main girl.

Second difference would be that there are a lot of male character and Subaru shows more character development with them than any girl except Rem.

Why are you posting this, did it get an update?
Fuck, I'm gonna go check, I hope I don't get disappointed.

I stopped reading Ten Count.

Watching the paralympics reminded me that it existed


It's shitty in terms of storytelling and pacing (characters of the first arc are not relevant in the second arc where you are supposed to care about new cast, the dynamic city background got changed with stagnant mansion and etc.) and characters are pretty generic.
The only thing that is special about it is that it's isekai with time reverses and suffering (suffering that is pointless considering he'll be back at save point anyway).
It's not harem. The main focus is on MC and all the characters around him are just tools to aid him or to be "damsels in distress" MC would try to save or would suffer for. Even though the show is shitty, the ride is wild so try it out.
You might have fun.

Not really, HQ will be airing as well.

People still care about HQ?

This shot still continues?
I stopped reading this after the first arc.

Was Shirotani always this beta?
It's kind of pisses me off.
He could just say that they are in a hurry so they'll meet some other day so she'll fuck off.

HQ threads were even worse than Mob or Osomatsu threads if you are talking about landwhales shitposting.

>This shot
It's not shot. Now it's yamada and 23 witches

>HQ threads were even worse than Mob or Osomatsu threads if you are talking about landwhales shitposting.

1 thread per week, fuck off hater.

Holy fuck, I don't know if it's only this panel, but the art got a lot better, almost makes me want to read this again.

What's wrong with the MP threads? I never entered them, I just browse pixiv for art.

>pre rules discussion: Korean and Chinese webcomics get their own threads on Cred Forums occasionally with little fuss
>post rules discussion: REEEEE THAT'S NOT SUPERIOR NIPPON

I'm pretty sure that user meant shit.

wow, I have not seen that in a while

>Canis Major
This reminds me, is Canis over with?
Is the shower scene all we get?
Any news?

>Was Shirotani always this beta?
Yes, TC would end on the first chapter if he weren't this much of a beta and just told Kurose to fuck off with his shit.

>they are turning the good boy you liked into the worst boy
Damn, we are at Akito/Agito from Air Gear once again.

So what? Having the decency to not turn your thread into a general don't really excuse it from the avatarfagging, rp and tumblr images/links.

S1 threads were pretty good though, I'll give you that.

Is this a thread for fagshit?

It's for friendship, love and male bonding.


Thank you specifically.

>If you pet me that much, I'll shrink!

Hotarumaru is lewd as fuck.

>A new season which covers only 1 match
I don't know.

I don't remember avatarfagging and rp.

Tumblr shittiy gifs were definitely present though, but alas it happens with a lot of series.They even slip in here sometimes.


What a cuck.

I want to care since I've got good memories of it, but admittedly I'm kinda starting to lose interest lately.

Sports anime is pretty repetitive so it's bound to happen. At least with tournament types.

I love HQ and am looking forward to the new season. But I never look at the threads or participate in fandom at all so that might be why.

Same, I always figured the threads would have spoilers, which I want to avoid, but worse yet I imagined they'd' be 80% husbando fags arguing over who is best boy

>next chapter
>I lied lol
Speaking of cucks, Koimonogatari update when?

I completely forgot that manga existed. It's about time for a new chapter to be released, isnt it?

Picked it up and it was surprisingly good.
Will there be a romance?

Still waiting for a certain cartel subber to finish S2 so I can marathon it.

[Commie] Battery - 10 [B4683FD4].mkv

Translate please.

They made it before the final episode at least.

Raws where?

I guess they ended up translating it themselves.

The few times I used commie I had to update all my video settings for it to work. I'll wait for HS.

Puberty has been kind to Aoyagi.

Thanks herkz
Remaining TQ and Nasuno BDs when

The author is focusing on the backstory of the three "bad guys" of Canis, so we're definitely not going to be seeing Ryu and Satoru until she's done.
Sadly the scans seems to be at a standstill as the scanlators are having some problem finding people to help with their projects.

>Sadly the scans seems to be at a standstill as the scanlators are having some problem finding people to help with their projects.
>Manly men in a threesome

Not with that ladybulge

Better for him. Hung boys must have it difficult to ride a bycicle for hours.

Pedals are ugly.


For (You)

I like this Aoyagi better. Manga Aoyagi makes him look like a trap, but this version is still boy-ish. Second year Aoyagi still best Aoyagi, though.

Naruko is cute.

Especially considering HQ boys don't have nipples in normal BW pages nor in the anime.

Yuuri finishes dead last in his first Grand Prix finals and rumors start floating that he's going to retire. He also has no idea what he's going to do after graduating from university. Yuuri is desperate, but then something happens.

>He also has no idea what he's going to do after graduating from university.
This is getting too real here.

Also thanks user.


Fanart doesn't count.

More bullying.

I can't wait to see if not!Yuri on ice will be bad or good.
I know for sure most people will be annoying about it but I hope it's good

I want to commit sexual battery.

What do they need help with do you know?

More Shinsengumi shit.

Long-term typesetter and cleaners.

You mean annoying tumblrshits like you?

There is only one Shinsengumi in my heart and any faggot pretenders can fuck right off.

Gintama Shinsengumi is the only one that matters.

What does this cocksucker want, exactly?

?Please take care of my backpack.

W-what did he mean by this?

Might be fun, hope it's not boring.

That ride was kinda romanticu.

Did this scene actually happen?


The designs look pretty bad desu. At least I'll be able to see swords I like, unless they go full retard and only use Kiku or something.

I don't recall.

But why DO people bother with Leo/Pika, when Gon/Killua is the only pairing the author seems to be pushing (a.k.a. the only one that actually feels like it may become canon)? Is it mainly because of the '99 series? I've never really understood why there's so much fanart of them.

Whatever the author prefers doesn't have much bearing on what I like to fap to or think is cute.

You needed to watch 99's anime to understand.

You mindless retards actually believe it'll become canon? Are you fucking serious?

A homostream classic.

I know, and it shouldn't I guess, I'm just wondering why it's so popular in comparison. I don't have anything against it, it just seems odd that there's so much shipping of them, that's all.

And I'm glad MC crush actually got crushed. It's all about Kazu harem now.

>why it's so popular in comparison.
1999 was a hell of a drug.

I don't think you know Togashi. It's perfectly reasonable to think he might go there.

I hope Togashi's next manga will be about homosexual cardgames.

I want these two to have more aggressive interaction, if you catch my drill.

Togashi also stated that he liked Patalliro.

>It's perfectly reasonable to think he might go there.
He'd actually have to draw more HxH to go anywhere.

>Small angry top
I'll catch you senpai.

The only conclusion I came to is that everyone is high.

>catch your own pitch
Is this a euphemism for auto-fellatio or just masturbation in general?

Seriously, what did he mean by this?

I think he wants Takumi to fuck him.

It's a shame this show will end up nowhere, it's got a lot of great boys. The two main characters, squirrel boy, the trap, megane, the fedora manlet, etc.

Seriously, if manga user can shed some light, I'm all ears.

God damn it, you made me spat soda all over my screen. Also, the former.

He means Takumi can't fuck himself, he needs someone else to do it.

It means that a pitcher always needs a catcher. He can't be alone.

Also he can't into auto-fellatio.

>even Fukigen sold more than Battery
Are TV rating even relevant for noitaminA shows these days?

Ouch indeed. Only 8 anons watch fukigen and it's quite shit.

noitaminA is dying, hence why it's back to one show a season

As much as I'd like to see some good abuse doujins for Harada, it does seem to be a pretty shitty adaptation job. I can only hope some group might pick up the manga instead.

No it isn't. Giving either of them romantic feelings would go against the whole point of the manga. You shipping delusions are clouding your judgement.

Battery selling at all is a miracle. The manga got a boost seeing how the first volume is out of stock in some stores, though.

Enlighten me on what the 'point' of the manga is then, because even if I didn't remotely ship them, I would think that Togashi has already written some pretty romantic-feely stuff in, at least when it comes to Killua.

Friendship is not romance. If you can't see that it's your own fault.

You do realize it's possible to be best friends with someone, and then develop romantic feelings for them, right? In fact, that's how most romance SHOULD be written. Far too much of it is shallow writing. The fact that Gon and Killua are such good friends is a huge reason so many people ship them. It's not an either or situation.

Yeah sure, in some shoujo romance manga where that's the whole point, not in a story where platonical friendship is actually one of its important parts.

If their friendship developed into something more romantic, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be friends. It would still be about friendship. It's not strictly about platonic friendship though, there's no rule stating that. In fact if you've seen some of Togashi's other works, and the way he talks about things/writes things/etc, it would be bizarre and totally out of character for him to have a rule stating his characters can only ever be platonic friends. Stop thinking that any kind of romance has to ruin friendship, or is separate from friendship. If that's the case in other media, it's only because it's badly written.

s1 threads were great. s2 threads got really slow. Manga threads are non-existent or dead with only OP's post. s3 covers the worst fucking arc and it's only 10 episodes. No way will it ever return to it's s1 glory. The best of HQ is far behind.

Small boys with big >swords are the best

Give me Arashi already.

Who will be his VA?

Fuck. I would do anything for a night with him.

>What does this cocksucker want, exactly?
Shugo to notice him.

Same as game apparently.

To suck cock, obviously.

Great to know.

I'm so fucking glad we're getting this semen summoner. I'm going to be even harder watching this than I was watching S1.


>catching up with Danganronpa when suddenly this scene

Why did I not watch this earlier?

There is nothing wrong with liking Killua!

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but Arashi has a lewd slit showing exposed skin on his pants.

Ninjinriot best group

Because the adaptation of the first game a pile of shit, I guess

Who's the game one? Isn't he a singer and not VA?
Naoya Hirose. He's a VA but not well known

Sadly true.

He sounds pure and wholesome.

Everyone's tied up in this SEISHUN DORAMA and he just wants to be a pitching machine.

How come there are no Birdmen doujin?

Low sales.

It doesn't get enough attention in general.

A perfect boy, several great boys and a interesting story.
Why can't Japan have good taste for once and pay for my enjoyment?

Make the boys cute girls and you might even have a chance of an adaptation.

Oh yes user, you're right.

God damn, I want to lick him like there's no tomorrow.

I thought we were in the era of fujobux.

Guys...I c-can't stop fapping to shotas. Help!

Ruin what I like in order for it to get an adaptation? Why would I ever do that?

>this artist

>Hmm? Onii-chan? What are you looking at?

Why does Killua's smile look so forced?

Because this game needs a better colorist.

Go type like a retard somewhere else.

Because Gon is light.

>boueibu ending this week
>third years have not graduated yet
Takamatsu will give us season three, r-right?

I don't know what happened to make all the cute Shou art happen, but I love every little bit of it.
Redheads are best anime boys.\

How bad are the MP100 threads? I never went into one. I expected the same shitposting as with OPM.

>you will never be a sexy naked birdman with a carefully curated bird harem

Here you go.

>Sexual Batteries

It's the Osomatsu threads all over again. Cockthirsty tumblrtards just constantly image dumping.

It's worse than I expected.
I will just enjoy the art and the show alone then.

>Cred Forums tier WEG

Shou has good taste in faggots

Oh my god I'm coming up dry on that semen archdemon.

I'm still surprised it got an S2 in the first place.
Which isn't to say I don't think it deserved it.

Why this hair design?

He looks like he played card games when he was younger.

Mangaka was retarded and his editor let him have his way.

So you can focus on that body and those mantits.

Why is he so erotic?

Yeah and who is this other guy?

Rival team obviously. Never read the manga though.

He has big breasts.

To emphasize sexual relations.

Yeah he's on the cover for the new tank.

I feel like you should add an 'excuse the tits' when posting that.

>those tits
He should be voiced by Nakai.

It just feels soulless. There's no passion, creativity, or emotion behind the production- they're making an all-boy cast with enough girls to cash in on both fujo and otome groups. It's calculated to appeal and falls flat (QUALITY doesn't help, but it's not even the worst this season). Even Fukigen was more entertaining even though the cast were walking tropes and Ashiya in particular was an insufferable idiot sometimes.

Broccoli is the worst boy. He needs to have his head shaved and responsibility beaten into him.

>It just feels soulless.
>there's no passion, creativity, or emotion behind the production-
Thanks for putting words on the reason why I dropped this on the first episode. It wasn't bad per se, but I knew by the end of the episode I wouldn't watch any more of this.

I'd a maid.

Good night, homodachi.

Hey guys what pixiv downloader extension do you use? Pixiv Kit just stopped working for me.

OAD for Baki the Grappler?

Criminally underrated show.

Good night homodachi.

>voiced by Hosoya

What do you think about man with erected nipples homo Cred Forumsnons?

>超ホモ級の希望 [I think this one's the funniest]

Kodaka tackling Japanese preconceptions is something I appreciate.

They're cute.

I save images manually.


>Chou homo kyuu no kibou



>riding a car

>not riding your own helicopter

Goodnight, homoshits.

He is truly everyone's boy.

Last post for Killua


>not even on page 10
You sure are determined to make Killua fans look bad.

what the fuck is that bulge

Does munakata deserves our boy JUZO?


No, but it's the one thing in this world that would make Juzo happy.