Has Cred Forums forgotten about her?

Has Cred Forums forgotten about her?

I wish I had some sanae reaction imagesto post, Ika love isn't dead though.

This girl is more fapable than the other girl.
Of course I remember.

Sanae best girl

Rewatching it currently.

Post yfw season 3 never


It's been a while but i'll never forget Ika-chan.

First season was great and the whole "squid puns" debate was fun in hindsight.

I'll never forget my waifu!

Reminder that her seiyuu is a total bitch.


I wanna make her spray me with ink while I make her smell like squid

I'm sure someone else can go way into further detail but tl;dr ver.

Pranked some upcoming kid on national television, to the point of tears by tasing and berating him and telling him the role he got wasn't even real. Which sadly wasn't since it was all just a big gag and he was the butt of it.

she tased him?.

Holy fuck, that's pretty awful.
That being said, her role as Ika was fucking great IMO.
I assume he meant "teased". This is Japan, not America.

Tased as in with a taser.

How is this not a crime?

W-Why? Is there a video?

Not her English one though, and personally I ink she did an inkredible job.

Probably because he consented for the sake of the interview that wasn't actually happening or something like that, I only read a little bit about it a while back when people were first discussing the incident.
Funny to think how that guy's torment and anguish is something I know some of her fans would beat a homeless man half to death to experience. I mean, being degraded and mocked by your favorite seiyuu and getting to hear her most candid sadist voice in person while she does so, maybe possibly a chance of being stepped on, not that I'm into all that but I can see why some people would be.

I will never forget Ika.
Such a chill and funny show.

Came in here to post this.

I'd never forget my waifu.

>It's just a prank bro
>See, the cameras right there

the English VA is amazing in every role she does. She did Minori in Toradora