ITT we post our waifu and say something nice about other peoples waifu...

ITT we post our waifu and say something nice about other peoples waifu, and deduce one thing good about someone based on their waifu.

All of you're waifus are cute, and you all must have some kind of love in your hearts if you can feel affection for another person.

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She has a colour scheme going.


Forgot image . Fml

You posted MY waifu OP. She's mine, I saw her first.

her fiery temper is alluring

She has a pretty cool power.

Me and my waifu

Isn't there some rule about claiming and repeating digits 3 times?

She has a cute face. You must be a very strong worker and are good at protecting your waifu with your large muscle mass.

>t. Alberto Barbossa

Rei very cute, I like her hair.

BRS should be considered cheating, she's way too cool.


My waifu.

You'll be faithful

Second best Eva girl. One of the show's most complete and subtle character arcs. Character design feels wonderfully out of place within the context of the show, giving her that intended allure and mystery. She's tightropes being relatable/human while still remaining mysterious; we can never fully understand how she thinks and feels.
Her V line scar is sexy
Where'd you find that picture of Mugi

Chiaki is the cutest and best shigofumi.



Absolute cutie pie.

Do daughterus count?

They're both very cute, and I love their fashion sense!

You hit the fuckin jackpot

i like your waifu's hair. I also liked her when I was younger and having trouble emoting. are you shy, user?

top tier shows, quiet and cute

Not unless yer fuckin

she has an awesome attitude and never holds back against anything

I'm a little possessive.

Cute forehead.

you have a fun waifu compared to the walls of paint that others have

Wonderful choice


Satsuki's resolve and confidence are admireable. Also she does have wonderful long, dark hair

I would date her

Love that green eyes

she's second best girl

Hate to break it to you user, but she's Araragi's

And a Crab who left Araragi to be with me isn't the Crab I fell in love with

The sleeve moe is real

Same tbqh

>tfw you will never ever be Arararagi

Your waifu is so beautiful!

This is my waifu

>are you shy, user?
No, I only stutter occasionally when I go to the local CVS to buy Arizona tea.

Truthfully though, I'm either totally silent or in full sperg out autist mode. Never something in bewteen.

Your waifu is the cutest when flustered

This is my waifu, people often tell me that I can't have a man as a waifu, and that it is called Husbando, but I don't care, you can't deny him the title of best girl, I love him very much

you are a thief
honestly one of the most charming and beautiful beings ever conceived. good for you dude

You're waifu is a miracle of the universe.
You must be a gentleman and a scholar.

Majestic waifu for people with great taste in sublime feels and eyes for melancholic/bittersweet aesthetics. She has absolutely beautiful theme song.

She was my previous waifu before I met my current one.

Relatable waifu is relatable

Would enjoy being trash with her

What a pleasant thread this is.

i like her design and doujins

Great hair
Strong will, I'd follow her to hell and back. Satsuki as a leader but Saber as a warrior.
Her lack of self awareness is quite comedic. Otherwise a life like that is too dark.
Kurisu is reliable, a beautiful trait. I still remember one of my favorite scenes reading S;G, was when Okabe finally confided in her and she took the burden of his entrapment in time. Don't let go of a girl like that. You can bear your burden together with her.


I love girls with short blue hair, so we have something in common.

Thanks, you too. She's literally bioengineered to be perfect.

Odd but good niche taste. Pretty eyes.

She's cute and loves to have fun, but is also mature and clever. She makes for a good drinking partner too.

Best girl

Got some nice legs

Her tits are God-tier.

user is a man of refined taste.

I think she deserves more respect and friends. She is easily one of the most misunderstood characters in anime and I honestly had a hard time watching the anime because of it.

She is strong and beautiful!

Her topless scenes in the manga helped me through puberty


She's the perfect balance between spunky and cute, and a great well-written heroine in my opinion. Excellent taste user.

Her design a perfect mix of cute, and cool as fuck. And she pulls off the "silent badass" character wondefully.

Cutie with wonderful hair and adorable eyebags.

Her nude scene in that one episode is still fappable to this day.

Beautiful design and faithful to her love. Very nice waifu material -- in fact, she was one of my first as a kid.

Her story was one of the few in anime that left me with the confidence that she can actually carry on a healthy relationship with someone.

You clearly have a generous heart capable of love if someone with her powerful personality is your waifu.

rei was there for tokyo3 when no one else was

B-but that's my waifu

Thank you for the kind words user. I had actually been feeling pretty shitty the past couple of days after rewatching the series knowing that I won't come close to experiencing the relationship that Taiga and Ryuuji had.

Also you have a fine waifu yourself. Remain happy and strong.

Chin up, user. She's rooting for you, and wouldn't want you to stay down on yourself for too long.

Best hair in her show and great body.

she looks good in a gym uniform

Has the coolest Eva design and some of the best fights in her series. Deserves to be loved after the shitty childhood she went through, there's nothing worse than your mom only seeing the "doll" of you and never seeing you as your own real person.

N-nice ribbons


Why is your waifu eating my waifu?