320 is out on Sense:

Best boy Ja'far tries to bring Sinbad to his senses but Sinbad is just adamant on being a faggot.







Mom and Dad are about to have an argument.




why is magi first in Korean and then translated into english?

isn't this a japanese manga?


Thanks user. Gonna read it now.

Loli Arba is cute


Sure thing, user.

>sinbad blown the fuck out
>k, I get it bro
> im doing it anyway lmao
Hopefully no UNDERSTANDING end with this faggot or the UNDERSTANDING moment will be good enough.


Koreans post their scanlations but they don't share their raws. There are probably LQ jap raws around, but sense waits until they can get some decent ones to do their scanlations.



And that's a wrap. Sinbad is a shitty friend and Ja'far deserves better.

Jafar will finish what he trying to do decades ago.

Sin always gets verbally BTFO. He's shit at arguing.

Destiny is a helluva drug. If I'd seen a destiny of thousands of years of peace, I wouldn't settle for maintaining peace in just my lifetime either.

If relying on others to not shit things up was enough, then Sinbad wouldn't have needed to do all this work to begin with. Add the vision of future destiny and I can see how Jafar's talk about leaving things to future people would be pretty hollow.

It's pretty weird to argue for powerlessness and doing nothing. It's almost like the opposite of shounen manga. Risk death if it's for nearby decades. But if it's a hundred years or farther away then you should accept your powerlessness, not risk death, and rely on someone else "probably" dealing with it. Okay.

He could always be an immortal that appears whenever the future people under the rule he doesnt like, then disappears again without fucking up whatever humanity supposed to strife for. But then it gonna open to people criticizing him doing some half-assed "saving".

Time for his singularity to be deus ex machina'd gone and he returns without it.

Sinbad is experiencing what's called messianic delusion. Bringing eternal peace to the world sounds nice and dandy, but that is simply an impossible endeavour. It can't be done, unless you somehow erase all humans' ability to use their cognitive functions, so that they are no longer capable of the critical thinking skills that allow them to hold their own opinions and values while disagreeing with someone else's. Sinbad is in for a rude awakening when he finds out just how insurmountable his objective is.

What's more, his method of maintaining his vision of peace is if he becomes the arbiter for everything; meaning that everyone on the planet will have no choice but to live by his standards and his alone. He essentially wants a world where nobody gets to have a say aside from himself, which is tantamount to dictatorship.

I've asked myself whether Sinbad truly wants ubiquitous peace and prosperity, or ubiquitous control. He probably wants both, but when push comes to shove, I think he'll prioritise the latter over the former.

It's only delusion in a non-magical world. When you literally have destiny birds flying around and guys creating an entirely new world, it's a lot less bullshit.

But it's still delusion. As long as people have the ability to think for themselves, there will always be conflict. Sinbad can't change that.

If permanent peace was impossible--even with magic around--then temporary peace would be impossible too.

>Bottom right panel
So she's using him right?
She knew he couldn't hear David and probably even knows where he is.
In the spoilers from the new chapter, it looks like he'll fight Ugo, and it would make sense for David to swoop in after the fight and rewrite destiny for himself. Sinbad going to be BTFO.

That depends on the scale of peace you're talking about. If you mean worldwide and universal peace, then yes, whether it's permanent or temporary doesn't matter. That's simply not possible. At any given time, there is always a conflict occuring somewhere in the world and it can be for any number of reasons.

But temporary peace on a smaller scale, let's say national or regional, is possible. Unfortunately, Sinbad wants the worldwide variety, so it's a pipe dream.

Sinbad's plan gets ruined by someone else so Aladdin and co can remain relatively blameless? Sounds about right. Resolving ideological conflicts between "good guys" can always be tricky without making one position seem fake or shallowly wrong.

Sinbad has already achieved worldwide peace between nations. Unless I'm remembering wrong. The only things we've seen that broke the peace are crime (bandits) and Arba.

No, there are still cracks that prevent it from being real world peace. Rebellions and terrorist acts are being incited in some regions by Nerva and his followers.

Sinbad went and ignored Jafar's advice.
Holy shit

Are they going to divorce?

A true crack in the system can be fixed with more systems. Then the cracks in one system just leads to another system in the net. Like rebels with legit complaints. Magical destiny control would just lead to people going to the right system.

But criminals who wouldn't make a proper system? There's no problem magically fixing them. It's not really worse than any other way of dealing with them.

>Spend dozens and dozens of chapters telling the audience that you need Aladdin and SW to get to the Sacred Palace
>"hey guess what we can actually go there whenever the fuck we want all of a sudden but there's only a 1% chance of surviving so it isn't an asspull even though the author clearly won't give a fuck about the other 99% anyway lmao!"


They were probably only able to do it because David is somehow helping.

Arba not telling Sinbad everything is no surprise. She's being doing her own thing forever. Wouldn't expect her to say "Hey, we don't really need Aladdin. If I use my thousand years of magoi we have a 25% chance of getting in and not dying."

Sinbad a CUTE!

Seriously though, why does this guy gotta do all this shit? Why can't all the current magi's find a proper solution? Because boy this is getting so out of hand lately.

Yeah this is why i hate shounen for things like this
>hey there's a 10% chance it will work !

Trying to add pointless consequences when we all know they'll succeed regardless, guess magi ain't that much different.

It's not that simple. Rebels, and especially terrorists, exist in order to directly influence a system or a political landscape through intimidation and violence. They can't just be dealt with at the flick of a switch. Overhauling one system into another won't prevent rebels from perpetrating their attacks unless the new system completely and utterly accommodates them on their demands. Barring that, the only way to stop those kinds of people is to kill them.

Everyone is busy reaping the rewards of his hard work.

Find a solution to what? The human condition? There isn't one.

Maybe, but it still feels like a massive copout. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Ohtaka just doesn't want Aladdin to look bad in comparison to any character in the slightest, so she's concocted this brand new method of getting to the Sacred Palace in order to avoid putting Aladdin in some kind of damsel-in-distress situation.

He was already captured and released. The thing is that Sinbad tried to talk him into cooperation and he refused, the other alternative was to kill him but Sinbad doesn't kill people.

I'm afraid it's inevitable.

Remind me why there's even a cap on conquering dungeons?

Also are they banned in the current verse or is it only in Sinbads territory?

Maybe Ohtaka will surprise us. Maybe Sinbad will die and only Arba will survive. Sinbad deserves it to be honest.
I'd feel cheated because I would never see the much hyped final fight against him though.

Did he have to kill him as the alternative? I seem to remember him being pretty handily incapacitated by Arba and even if he could still fight back against Sinbad, Arba was still right next to him. So, I ask, why didn't Sinbad coerce Aladdin into helping him when he had a golden chance to do so?

Finding Aladdin was a major plot point in this current arc, and the reason it was so important was because Sinbad wanted to use him to complete his objective. We all assumed Aladdin was hiding away from Sinbad so that he couldn't achieve his goal. But nope, Aladdin literally saunters into Sinbad's office, says hi and fucks off with Alibaba again, and Sinbad did absolutely nothing.

This new manner of accessing the Palace isn't satisfying at all to me. It's like Ohtaka essentially spent months building up one aspect of the story and decided to throw it all out the window at the last minute.

>take all the djin equips hostage
>be the strongest human in the verse
>threaten any nation if they pull some shady shit or cause wars he'll blow the entire nation to smithereens
>world is ruled by fear

Jheeeze that's so hard

>why didn't Sinbad coerce Aladdin into helping him when he had a golden chance to do so?
He already tried to explain to him his reasons and Aladdin rejected every one of them.
>Did he have to kill him as the alternative?
Arba said that she only needed his soul.

Aladdin was hiding from Arba because he thought that she was manipulating Sinbad.

Ja'far's only gotten cuter with age. If Sinbad throws that kind of friendship away for the sake of greed, then he deserves to be alone.

Yeah he could have just kidnapped morg and then pressure aladdin in to doing what he wants. We all know Sinbad does sneaky shit like this to get what he wants.

>He already tried to explain to him his reasons and Aladdin rejected every one of them.
But if Sinbad's objective is so important and imperative to him, then nothing Aladdin says should matter at all to him. He should be prioritising his aim that he's worked to the bone for years to achieve above what Aladdin thinks. So, it still doesn't make sense that he never coerced Aladdin when he easily could have at the time.

>Arba said that she only needed his soul.
Can you tell me the chapter in which she says that? I must have missed that statement.

>Aladdin was hiding from Arba because he thought that she was manipulating Sinbad.
I know, but that was only revealed once the story went back to Aladdin after the Babanomics arc, so, it was a good few months. And that's my big problem, once Arba was taken out of the picture by Aladdin, Sinbad was ultimately minuscule; turned out he wasn't any threat to Aladdin at all, and he meekly conceded defeat. He's been looking more and more pathetic as the chapters go by. I still can't help but feel a lot of potential was wasted.

>yeah i wont do it!
>fuck it, im going anyway

Would you kill yourself along with loli Arba if she asked you?

1 Percent chances of turning into a god
1 Percent chances of meeting David and getting fucked

>and he meekly conceded defeat
That was a lie, just like he lied to Ja'far and Alibaba.

what was the name of the god in alma toran? dont you guys think he is the final boss?

SinbadxJafar fags getting BTFO.

i think he was just saying
"You are right, im just a man...

By trying to stop him, Jafar ended up making him convinced.

Ill Illah was just a mindless blob, unless Arba is right which would be really creepy. Final boss will be David who is now possessing him.

>tfw I'm liking this development

Sinbad's thing has always been about thinking he's special and the destined one so him denying that is a nice step.

Next chapter gets even better. He admits he's the same as everyone else, a simple greedy human like Alibaba and the others. Which is exactly why he'll push through with his own desires just like everyone else. And let what happens, happens.

Based Sin, fuck you Aladdin.

>those loli Arba eyes
Stop. I shouldn't be this attracted to a crazy loli.

I really hope she ends up with Hakuryuu in one way or another. Judal is a fuck and i dont want to see Arba lonely and miserable by the end of the series.

What? Do you seriously want Hakuryuu/Arba?

Technically, Sinbad does agree with Aladdin. Sinbad no longer thinks he's the destined ruler, he now accepts he's just following his own selfish dream. Which is exactly what Aladdin wanted. Humans pursuing their own dreams. It's not a pretty process since one dream may trample on another person's dream but hey, that's humanity right?

>That was a lie
Not really. He never gave up on what he wanted to do but he did give up on perusing Aladdin. He outright admitted Aladdin was too strong for him.

The last thing humanity needs is a fuccboi to guide where it's supposed to go. Fuck Sinbad.

Shaman king ending confirmed

Yeah, the fun part is that Aladdin said all of that to stop Sin from acting like this. But the same arguments he gave can be used to make Sin do whatever he feels like.

Hakuryuu isn't trying to rule the world

Sinbad thought about his dad because his dad died to ensure that Sinbad and Ezra had a future. Which is why I guess he changed his mind about the suicide mission.

Sinbad's like a very doting parent who wants to ensure that his "children" (the people of the future) live in the best condition possible. The counterargument presented by Jafar is, children have to grow up eventually and live their own lives. They'll solve their own problems. A balance between the two is obviously the solution. A parent has to take care of his children while also allowing them to grow and become independent.

>He never gave up on what he wanted to
Then he really didn't gave up.

How could i not?
I mean i dont want them kissing passionately or anything -it wouldnt fit- but something like Hakuryuu lending a hand to Arba and trying to forgive her at the end when she is defeated would be enough for me.

Solomon already did it with his butt-buddy Ugo.

Sinbad will end like Simon from Gurren Lagann, won't he? he'll succeed into making inside the palace, but will fail to change destiny and get time displaced hundreds of years into the future, where no one has the slightest idea of who he was and he'll be alone, forever, no friendly faces to cheer him up, he'll just wander around like a hobo telling stories of the past about a greedy man who had everything but threw it away for a foolish dream.

Why should Hakuryuu forgive this crazy witch that destroyed his life? Arba needs to die for good, no need for her to keep breathing as even if Hakuryuu ever forgives her, she won't change and become a good person.

He's just one simple human pursuing his dream. What's wrong with that? Aladdin agreed, don't bother him about it.

.50₪ have been deposited to your account.

Sinbad shills sure are going strong today.

>guy insulting sinbad
>call him a sinbad shill
If you don't know the meaning of a word don't use it.

what if ill illah also had a god?

He probably shouldnt, but he is a good guy now. As for Arba, i dont know, that one face she made when confusing Aladdin with Solomon was weird.

Im not saying its gonna happen at all, but id love it. Thats all. No other reasons.

Sinbad has such a dumb motivation. It might be stupider than even Madara's. I've made fun of Alibaba for being an idealist but Sinbad has taken it to retarded levels. It's like he's a spoilt 16-year-old girl in a man's body.

It is implied this is the case, but thats far beyond from what the story will cover.

>It might be stupider than even Madara's

>everyone gets to live in their perfect world dreams

Sign me the fuck up

Being a good guy doesn't equal forgiving the person who literally destroyed your life in so many ways and on top of that is your mother.

Well, you just want Arba to be happy from what I get. I just don't see why she should be forgiven, especially from Hakuryuu.

>Wanting to be stuck in a cocoon forever
Nah thanks.

It's only dumb in the real world. In Magi where magic and shit is possible it's actually dumb that people like Aladdin and Yunan live sitting with a finger inside their ass.

You won't even know once you're in so who gives a fuck

>everyone dreams their own perfect world

>the rules of reality are changed so that everyone can live a happy life

>let people pursue their own dreams and deal with their own shit even though that's what caused the whole mess in the first place

You know what? They should let people choose. Like they should pass out a form and have people check which world they want to live in. Those that want to live in Sinbad's world can live there. Those that want Aladdin's world can live there. Boom. Problem solved.

Until I die of starvation and thirst.

I love how the author puts an effort in always showing that Arba has hard nipples while fighting.

I'm reading Magi and I just got to the pages that announce the Sinbad spin off

Is there any reason to start the spinoff now or should I keep going forward with Magi?

I read sinbad spin off but then kinda dropped off after they get to the half naked country or was it after sinbad mindbroken arc. Its a nice background series on sinbad.

The Zetsu on you cover this problem if i recall

Because there is not enough crazy incestuous witches around.

It gives some insight on sinbad and its overall sort of fun once it gets going. If you prefer adventure and economy instead of politics and fate talk, try it.

Best time to read it would be before the big timeskip

I want to do unholy things to this woman.

She was so happy back then

Go back to Judar,Hakuryu.

The main series has a fair bit of economy.

>implying judar wants him back
He's gonna get really disappointed when he sees how dull Hakuryuu has become.

I hope so.

I mean, I would do unholy things to Judar too.

These threads really do die without shipping, don't they?

Yep. AliMor killed Magi on Cred Forums.

So Sinbad's sleeping on the couch from now on, I guess. He lied to his wife

There's still edgeshipping. And Sinbad.

I'm bored of Sinbad, to be honest, so I'll take edgeshipping any day.

I just want to see post-timeskip Judar. He only ever wore that one outfit I want to see him in something else as long as he still has his stomach exposed and I want to see his stupid cute face.

Help me anons she is so perfect.

What if he's covered from head to toe, user? What then?

First of all Arba is/was his mom.
2nd his fav sister after mom got BTFO.
3rd, just a little girl because she failed to take the Haku from the Ryu.

Arba technically took everything from Haku's life already, why is there a NEED for Arba X Haku?

What if he is now buff like Koumei went from lanky to buff? What if he does actually have abs? What if he no longer as a long braid? What if he is wearing earrings? I need to know what he looks like now Ohtaka pls.



Fuck off uncultured swine. Try to open books once in a while.

Because momcest hatefuck is great.
Because i see no chances of other girl appearing for Haku.
Because i dont like Judar.
Because i like Arba and Haku a lot.

Also, is just my ship taste. Nothing too important.

The system Sinbad created didn't create true peace though? As long as countries like Reim chose to remain independent there is always the possibility of conflict which is why Jafar is so desperate to keep Kou in the alliance right now. Sinbad's system doesn't really allow for someone to not be in the alliance and it's rules are designed to bully those who aren't through increased taxes and basically shunning them. This wouldn't be a problem for smaller countries who couldn't really offer any valuable goods or services to counteract this, but any sufficiently advanced country could just leave and be fine if they have the right market.

Now Sinbad could actually fix all this by listening to Jafar and either trying to negotiate for Kou's continued membership in the alliance. But I doubt that will work because for as much as the fish says she forgave him, she's not willing to live under Sinbad anymore. And with three world super powers entering into a seperate alliance, it's only a matter of time before other countries start looking for a more favorable banner to live under.

Sinbad is doing what he is doing right now because he doesn't really want people to have freedom of choice, just his choice.

>buff Judar

I shouldn't be having strange feelings but I am.


Not long now until we see Ja'far have a complete mental breakdown.

I want to abuse Ja'far in ever way possible. Mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually.

I feel the same but I feel bad about it. He doesn't deserve to be abused.

That's what makes it so appealing.

>the only reason Ja far is alive and not a poor unemployed assasin fag is because of you
>he tries to shit talk the very thing you have sought to achieve forever

Should have beat his ass and make him understand the master servant relationship

Context on my pic or on what im saying?

Context on the pic. Baba either came too fast and can't get it up or mating with a lion is not what I thought it meant.

The artist shipped Kogyoku and Baba a lot so he/she did a lot of pics of them both having trouble with their cannon ships and bonding about it or something.

Baba first cant get it up and then he gets his dick crushed.

He also did good Alibaba X Mor fanart so is not entirely a sore loser.

That's what the magic destiny stuff is for. If you're going to kill them anyway for taking the wrong path, just stuff them on the non-crazy murder path first.

>for taking the wrong path
Who decides what's the wrong path anyway? Terrorists have shitty methods, but most of the time they're goals aren't necessarily bad. If you can control destiny, make it so that every person will find happiness in their lives first. That alone should take care of 99% of would-be terrorists.

Only thing that can be done for sinbad dream/future is for everyone get their own world and write it themselves to be whatever like the isekai harem shit gary stus series.

so no ending at all?

Is Trump a Meme Vessel and Jeb a Low Energy Vessel?

>Baba first cant get it up and then he gets his dick crushed.
Even in fanart Baba suffers.

what's the romance game in this manga like?

pretty much pic related, but with suffering for everyone

There is a shit love triangle between Alibaba/Morgiana/Hakuryuu. Of course Hakuryuu loses and Alibaba/Morgiana becomes canon.
Other than this there are some canon side pairings around and author hinting to possible future ones but time will tell.

But Judar doesn't like Kougyoku like that as far as know and Alibaba/Kougyoku was never a thing in the manga, unlike with the fandom.

Alibaba likes Morgiana
Morgiana likes Alibaba
Hakuryuu likes Morgiana
Judal likes Hakuryuu (maybe)
Aladdin likes Kougyoku (maybe)
Kogyoku liked Sinbad but not anymore
Sinbad likes peace and being the chosen one
Arba likes incest and fucking
Sharkan likes Yamuraiha
Yamuraiha likes everyone but Sharkan because she is desperate

Kouha and Pisti are sluts
Hinahoho and Drakkon are loyal husbands/widowers
Muu probably faps to Titus all the time.

I think that covers most of it.

Then have someone publicly kill the tyrant as a symbolic figure.

>Arba likes incest and fucking

>judar follows every advise sinbad gives him
>they barely interact
What's the fucking point?

Nothing really? Judar wanted attention from Sinbad because he regards him as a strong person but that's it. He stopped giving a fuck about him since the Magnostadt arc when Hakuryuu finally accepted his help.

Except that he talks about him a lot in the omakes and they barely interact in the main story.

You could say the same with Kougyoku. He has a lot moments with her in the omakes and anything side stuff related, but in canon they barely interact.

Judar hasn't talk about Sinbad in the omakes for a while now, if I remember correct. Last time was when they commented on the djinn equip and Judar said that he doesn't like/finds lame two of his.

I don't know if you ship them or not, but they have stopped interacting for years. Not sure what you are wishing for but don't expect much.

Man Magi really has gone too shit.

>Is too stupid to use the proper word "to" in a sentence
Your opinion is invalid.

Good sir,


Sinbad is such an insecure faggot.

Sinbad is best boy
Ja'far is a cool guy, but he is absolutely in the wrong here

Madara pls

Interest in this series has died down overall on here. But that's not a bad thing since the shipping shit was pure cancer.

No it didn't, Morgiana and Alibaba getting together finally drove off the Fishbaba and Hakumor tumblr users from here. They were the ones who kept these threads alive with their arguing and posting shitty fanart. And anytime you would post Morgiana, they would immediately attack you. Thank God they are gone now.

They were insufferable, you couldn't even mention Morgiana here without some faggot going "who??? you mean Hakuryuu's cumdumpster?". Now they're gone, good riddance.

Is it me, or is this a deconstruction of a Shounen Jump hero? The messiah that looks beyond saving the people in his lifetime to saving the universe. The one who had mastered both dark and light powers. Creates an organization that abolishes fighting, Still going for it despite only 1% of success. And none of this is presented as a good thing.

Ja'far is in the right. Sinbad is being a delusional moron.

Sinbad is a shonen hero who lived too long.

I want to kiss Alibaba!

>Muu probably faps to Titus all the time
You're not lying

But Sindbad is right.

Makes sense.

Pretty much. When you think about it, the very concept of superheroes and many shonen MCs convey a rather totalitaristic view of the world. They always have the moral high ground, anyone going against or simply not sharing their ideology is an enemy, they'r the object of a cult of personality, they have a monopoly on legitimate violence whatever it is they do, etc.

He's not.


I can't wait for Sinbad to get blown the fuck out for all eternity.
The moment he realizes that he has become the true villain will be phenomenal.

>let's make an already broken character even more broken and clearly the strongest guy in the whole verse
>realise you fucked up since no one can oppose him

Fuck no I don't want him to realize he was the true villain. I want him to scream and lash out at everyone, including his allies, as he dies, believing he was right to do what he did to the very end. Much like Aizen when Urahara and Ichigo wrecked his shit and sealed him.

I want him to be driven insane by the realization and double down on his beliefs.

If sinbad was a shounen hero he would be like aladdin and just believe in fags that people will just not fight again.

The fact that he realises the only way to make permanent peace is to basically take everyone's free will and brainwash them to his ideal shows he ain't no regular shounen hero

Don't forget the whole "muh panels" shit. That was the point where you knew they were being delusional.

> Fishfags
> FishBabafags = HakuMorfags
Cancer and tumblr fags.

It's their own fault they got assblasted like this.

Morgiana hopping on Cuckryuu's dick after all that would have been ridiculous.

It shows that he's a bat-shit insane tyrant at heart.

The edgy faggot already got BTFO by based Baba. Can't wait for the Sincucks' tears when he inevitably defeats their delusional boy toy as well.

Alibaba is best boy and a massive qt.

When are we getting back to the main trio? I want to see more of best boy Baba and more of Morgiana's delicious legs. I wonder if they will have their wedding before shit hits the fan with Sinbad.


For some reason, I want loli-Arba to hook up with Aladdin. It would make this the greatest ironic pairing. Aladdin wants big breasts, he gets a flat-chested loli. Arba wants a godlike entity that rules over all, she gets someone who's sole purpose is to help someone else become king. It's pottery.

This. I really hope they can get married without interruptions.

Meh I'm just waiting for Hakuryuu and Judar to come back.

If Sinbad gets even more broken and idiotic, oh well, he's gonna get rekt by Alibaba anyway. Just gimme a bit more [reformed edgebros] before the magi ride ends.
A lil HakuryuuxArba is also fine.

Sinbad no bouken OST when?

Was it good?

>he's gonna get rekt by Alibaba anyway

kek normal sinbad with his equips would destroy him, the only fucking over sinbad is himself or David

Except Sinbad himself claimed how he won't stand a chance against Aladdin and when I say Alibaba, I'm obviously counting Aladdin with him. That's how a king-magi duo works after all.

I really doubt Aladdin's getting Arba.

I'd pay to see Sinbad pound Alibaba


Keep talking. It'll only make the moment funnier.

>when I say Alibaba, I'm obviously counting Aladdin with him.

That's kinda making him sound pathetic, yeah they are a duo but that's only cool when they fight another 2 team king and mage fight like the edge bro's.

I'n just saying baba himself won't be able to beat him.

Anyways still don't know how Aladdin would even counter sinbads ability of making an opponent feel like time stopped.

>Sinbad is literally going to become a god of the verse

>this will now make djin equips redundant

>we'll never see the other ones that haven't been shown yet in the main series

Urgh wish his manga would pick up the pace already

shits gonna hit the fan at the wedding altar and you know it

He won't, but it doesn't make it extremely funny and ironic as hell if he does.

Stop crushing my dreams, user.

>That's kinda making him sound pathetic, yeah they are a duo but that's only cool when they fight another 2 team king and mage fight like the edge bro's.
Except the edgebros already fought Arba by herself, and they still had help form 2 extra Generals. Does that make Hakuryuu pathetic?

>hating on the man who's the only reason why baba can have a wedding in a world without war

You forgot all that tension between Kouen and Hakuei. And i sort of remember Koumei liking Hakuei too.

>Implying Sinbad won't be the one to ruin their wedding

>Except the edgebros already fought Arba by herself, and they still had help form 2 extra Generals. Does that make Hakuryuu pathetic?

Didn't he only have Judar make sure that arba couldn't use magic and then have Hakuryuu 1v1 melee her while he chills cheering on hakuryuu? If that ain't the case then yeah it kinda is since he had to involve other people in his own revenge against a sole women he can't defeat alone.

I wan Mor and Baba to have a recording of this sounding during their wedding just to fuck with Hakuryuu.

I want them to record their moans during their first night and then for them to force him to listen to it for an entire week.

Hakuryuu didn't involve Judar. It was more the opposite or we could say they were both waiting for the opportunity to appear and do something against her, so Judar proposed alliance to Hakuryuu by helping him with a new djinn and become the emperor. Hakuryuu used Judar's magi powers and gather strength in order to fight Arba. The only involvement in their fight against her were these two old general but they got BTFO soon though.

Don't forget Arba forced Judar into depravity early on, killed his parents and never allowed him freedom. Judar has every right to want to kill her too.

Arba is too OP, i dont blame Haku. His plan was good enough, he just didnt count on Arba being fit as fuck.

It was great how Morgiana accepted Alibaba's proposal without giving a single fuck towards Hakuryuu. The BTFO'd the anons who were saying that they become a thing during the timeskip.

I wonder where they all went after that massive assblasting.

They stuck around for a few weeks to complain about it being rushed and then how dumb and random FishAladdin was. Then they fucked off forever.

>implying Sinbad won't come in with his gifts and then give him some pointers on what to do with morg on the night of his wedding

>sindbad becomes a god
>the only way to get rid of him is by getting rid of all rukh
>series ends with now magic-less humans populating Earth
seriously hope it won't move in this direction

I mean i'm happy they both ganged up on her and all since the bitch deserved it but still, 1v1 fights will always be more respectable than someone winning because of a 2v1.

I hope it does.

Won't this affect magi's?

They probably wouldn't be able to reincarnate anymore.

If Sinbad succeeds in its intent he could remove the Wisdom of Solomon to Aladdin?

tumblr, where else

Good. I hope they don't come back.

All I know is that Magi will end with Sinbad dead, Hakuryuu alone and Alibaba being the first democratically elected President of the World.

As it should.

>killing off any significant character
>especially the authors husbando

Quads confirm. Best boy Baba wins the Worldbowl.

Nobody loves Alibaba more than I do!

It probably will though.

>not wanting to kill your husbando with your own hands
What are you, gay? Ohtaka will do it. She can't pussy out on this one.

Ja'far will die right by his side. They'll go down to hell together while holding hands.

I think it's a bit like Magnostadt vs Reim vs Kou where none of the sides really looked so great and each had their own reasons. So yeah, it's like taking an SJ hero and not having everyone go along with the crazy 1% chance of everything going perfect.

Reminds me of that Neverland manga running now, where the MC's all "let's save everyone even if it makes us all more likely to die!" And everyone just goes with it.

>They'll go down to hell together

he's already abandoned the useless fuck

Ja'far was the only thing reigning Sinbad in and keeping him from being an idiot.

How poetic.

Quads don't lie.

Can't wait to be able to cast my vote for President Alibaba!

I hope Sinbad gets a decent ending, despite his shortcomings. He dedicated so much for the world that it would be unfair otherwise.

>Ja'far was the only thing reigning Sinbad in and keeping him from achieving his dream


>I'm a complete retard

What do you guys think the last chapter will be like?

>sinbad loses
>20 years later a huge war breaks down
>all the family of aladdin and alibaba dies in it
>earth becomes alma torran 2.0
>migrate like parasites to another world

This got dark really quick.

Don't worry, as long as people have dreams its gonna be okay.

>Anyone being able to kill the closest thing to Solomon

I said his family not him, moron.

Having to watch his kids and wife die is too cruel, user.

Same still applies, retard. How will his family conceivably be hurt when he's protecting them?

How does that works, you fucking idiot? Is he gonna watch them 24/7? Are you telling me that Aladdin is now omnipresent?

>If Sinbad succeeds in its intent he could remove the Wisdom of Solomon to Aladdin?
I'd love to see that. Aladdin's too broken with that bullshit. Besides I'd like to see how he cops without his dad's help.

By not being a dumbass. You don't have to be omnipresent to look out for your family. Unless you're an incompetent retard, which Aladdin isn't. It's not that hard to grasp.

Gotta tell that to Solomon and his dead wife. And lets not forget that time Alibaba "died".

>Gotta tell that to Solomon and his dead wife.
Read: "By not being a dumbass". Solomon was one.
>And lets not forget that time Alibaba "died".
1. He was occupied by Judar. Who's gonna do that job now if all his enemies are long gone?
2. He's a fuckton stronger now than he was then.

Being strong only guarantees your safety, don't be an idiot. There is only so much you can do to protect a person.

You seem to be forgetting that Aladdin is stupidly broken and OP to the point that he defeated Arba with ease. "Strong" doesn't begin to describe him. If Sinbad and Al Thamen were all dead, then there is absolutely nothing that could touch anything that Aladdin protects.

>there is absolutely nothing that could touch anything that Aladdin protects.
Bullshit. You just have to distract him. Setup a situation somewhere to keep him busy for a while.

And how would you go about doing that?

>Arba likes incest and fucking
Man this really turns me on, it just comes out of nowhere too she suddenly starts mounting and kissing her son.

It's weird, and we don't even know WHY she does it.

In fact does anyone wonder why? To piss him off? She's just horny?

>acting like like the whiny selfish cunt had a good point just because fujoshit


How was his post fujoshit at all, Sinbadfag?

She just really likes Hakuryuu. It's been hinted at multiple times now.
I garner she is completely foreign to this form of maternal feelings and all that kissing and stuff is just her acting confused while simultaneously trying to despair Hakuryuu.

>And how would you go about doing that?
I already said. Set up some situation to draw his attention. A terrorist attack or something like that. It doesn't matter what. As long as it threatens peace, it's sure to draw his attention somehow.

She's a kinky woman.

Why do you guys think rewriting the rules of the world and destiny and all that stuff somehow means wiping out free will? If you're basically becoming God and can do whatever the fuck you want, why can't you just have free will while also not having the possibility of not letting people harm each other? Why the fuck should logic have any limit on true omnipotence. If omnipotence has any actual limits, it's not really omnipotence.

Why is Sense so late? If it's raw, then the public raws for Sunday has been of decent quality for weeks now (it's not yellow with lots of bleed-through anymore.)

Because Sinbad plans to make them incapable of war, meaning every human quality that could be relate able to war will be repressed.
It's basically the cliche about how mankind should choose peace of it's own volition.
Choosing peace despite possessing the strength to dominate yada yada.

>Aladdin wants big breasts, he gets a flat-chested loli.
But going with the current pairing he still gets the flat chested Fish princess. It's the same shit and at least him ending with Fish is actually possible.

How much you want to bet that he is going not to change destiny but to end the King Vessel bullshit.

And it's even more ironic considering how exactly their first encounter went.

Based Ohtaka.

Don't most of them have real life obligations as well?

Yeah. It seems she likes ironic pairings. Which is funny because that's the reason I supported Fish and Aladdin.

Honestly, I'd rather Fish do some noble sacrifice shit than ending up with Aladdin or some random. The Aladdin pairing just seems so out of nowhere, even if there is some sort of an in-world explanation of Aladdin stayin5g in Kou for a while.

Well, you can rejoice, user, because it seems like you were onto something.

It's not out of nowhere if she develops it. There has been no development just yet, just a hint that Aladdin might like Fish.

Why would you want her to die? She doesn't deserve that.

>The only time I get something right
I am rejoicing all right.

I feel like she sort of likes him in a non romantic nor maternal way, and its also a way to fuck with him and show him how powerless he is against her.

Also Arba has had centuries of fucking so she, id say, doesnt give a shit anymore.

It's so obvious that Sinbad's plan will fail. Best boy David is probably waiting for his chance to take control of Sinbad right when he's about to change the world.

David also wanted an utopia, thought.

Through maybe his definition of utopia its different.

Will we get to see what these two make?

>dad's hair and mother's face.png

Sounds pretty cute.

No Sinbad won't change destiny, all I see him doing is killing the King Vessel system since the world no longer needs King Vessels. After Sinbad redeems himself by saying that then David comes in and tries to change Destiny.


Sinbad doesn't deserve a subordinate as hardworking and loyal as Ja'far.

What caused the shift in Sinbad's foreseen destiny? Was it the Magi's intervention?

>that one user that kept saying that their eye contact was proof that they were a couple

>What caused the shift in Sinbad's foreseen destiny? Was it the Magi's intervention?
It was just Baba. Nothing special.

That nigga owes his entire life to sinbad

But Sinbad would have been able to see Baba changing the future wouldn't he? Baba is only there because of Aladdin, so could it be that Magi's hold the power to change the world's destiny?

If so, Sinbad should prioritize the elimination of future Magis from ruining his ideal future.

Black rukh? David shenanigans?

Honestly, the whole thing with the black/white rukh, freedom, and destiny has always been sort of vague and undeveloped.

Well he thought baba was proper dead for like a few years

>But Sinbad would have been able to see Baba changing the future wouldn't he?
No, that's the point. Baba managed to do something Sinbad couldn't predict, and it has nothing to do with Aladdin. That's also the point, that normal human can change fate.

This happened because this world is built around Solomon's logic, which dictates that fate isn't rigid. People can change it. That's why David/Sinbad's foresight isn't perfect in this world. The more reason they want to change it into something they can control.