Excellent character design

>Excellent character design
>Ruin it with balloon tits and disgusting amounts of sweat
Why is this allowed?

Because most people aren't dangerously homosexual like yourself.

>not blonde
>silver hair

Because barely-contained tits make my dick diamonds.

>liking DFC
Might as well go for real women you fucking faggot.

because it's pandering to a specific audience that enjoys and gets off to that kind of stuff, how is that not obvious by now?

Still the best girl though.

I don't know man, I like both of those things on her.

What's excellent about it otherwise?

Why she is so shit like the others girl

You mean those disgusting amounts of sweat and the vomit inducing splosh sounds were supposed to arouse me?

All girls in Prison School are shit, some just less than others.

>balloon tits
u fuckin wot m8

why can't this be hentai?

It's a parody, op

>Not posting the push-ups

>All that sweat

>being a faggot

Pheromones, bro. Pheromones.

>not liking cowtits and sweat

But angry silver haired bitches with big tits are great

Except Sophia and Anna are actually hot and not disgusting. Sophia's tits also look somewhat plausible and proportionate to her bodysize/build.

She probably wouldnt be as bad if it wasnt for those glasses and hair
Shes fucking ugly


It's the art style.
It's really grotesque and overdone. I dunno if the characters are supposed to be sexy, or if they're shitty on purpose for the sake of comedy. At least the gags were hilarious, but the art style was a huge minus

>but the art style was a huge minus
>uses a lucky star reaction image

There's nothing wrong with the artstyle though, it's pretty cool actually.

>glasses and hair
Literally the only good things about her.

Did the mangaka of PS really made this? I

>mother-son incest

anyone else think this is fucking disgusting?

Yes, and incredibly arousing.

Oh gee its almost like people use reaction images to transfer the feelings they are currently experiencing and don't necessarily like the shows pictured in said images
Are you seriously this fucking retarded fampai?

Please no

Reaction images are an admission you don't know how to enunciate your state of being in written form.

Who else gets hard for sweat? I mean if I could lick all the sweat of the VP's naked body Id be the happiest man in existence. I especially love the smell of a workout sweat.

>Not wanting to impregnate your mother

It just feels right. Whats wrong with you?

Why would I even?
This is a fucking board on Cred Forums

Better than father-daughter.

My favourite genre

>Not liking balloons


thats not hana chan


Need your ead examined, mate

She's a crazy cunt, senpai. Best girl was generic love interest-chan, and that's mostly because she's not shit.

Shes way more interesting than chiyo. Fuck she was boring.

>not liking sweaty tits
It's like you're actually gay

>talking shit on LS

ayy lmao

I feel like both of those things looked better in the manga, but that's because the manga art really had a good sense of form and weight.

This is almost too big.

They aroused other people, but no they weren't supposed to arouse homos like you

That's impossible most of the time


>Most boring girl is better than most interesting one.


Her sweat must be aphrodisiac, I want to lick her sweaty tits


She's not an abusive psychotic cunt

>not wanting to be abused
>In Femdom: The Show
I dunno what you want, user. Hana's the best of both worlds. An aggressive dom with a cute side.

Which one got pissed on again?

Remember when we all thought Prez was blonde? She got ruined the very second they decided to make her a granny.


Best girl Hana.

*Worst girl Hana.

Hana is crazy yandere. She is mc's love interest so people like her. Meiko was fun from start to end and had best chemistry with the boys.

Fuck that horse race dragged for too long, I ended up hating both Meiko for being an insufferable coward and Mari for being a fucking cunt to poor Kiyoshi who sacrified himself to that point.

i agree. second best girl is that cute internet idol, mayumi tanaka.


>Not liking women sweat

End yourself


Jesus christ are her tits literally getting bigger still?

Soon her tits will become autonomous entities and take over her body.

I like big tits myself, hers just seemed to have a weird shape, if you know what I mean.

The sweat was disgusting though, if you liked that you should kill yourself.


Had her breasts been only a bit smaller, she could've been so hot. She'd still have a shit personality but she'd be hot.

Something like this then?


Yeah, a bit like that.

Am I the only one who expected and hoped she'd fall fanny-first on that doorknob? It looked like that was what'd happen before the scene transitioned


>He doesn't know what fan service is.

That's your problem.

Was Hana supposed to be the love interest from the start or did popularity decide?


>that sound effect used any time she starts to sweat