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Also shame on you touchme-sama, for brining shame to insectoid kind. Good thing best is a spider right?

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I don't know what you're talking about, Touch Me is great.

Serious question; why do humiefags exist? Why are they so delusional?

Touch Me is a nice guy. Finally a non bait OP, do you honestly don't know why it gets deleted?

Is this yaoi?

Humiefags think Overlord is a shounen. Ignore them and their cancer. They obviously speed read the LN.

>t. butthurt nazarick fag

>t. inferior humiefag

Man are you retarded. Doesn't surprise me, that you're encouraging these threads.

Humiefags think:

>Fluder is lvl 70
>CD is lvl 90+
>Every BS member is fully equipped with Divine tier equipment
>PDL is lvl 120
>muh 30 lvl 100 golems
>Martial arts can counter Ygg magic/skills
>non-human races are all lvl 70+
>Anyone can kill Demi and Aura because reasons
>Renner is a god-level omniscient intellect that far surpasses Demi and Albedo and can see through Ainz's act in 2 seconds
>Think every other country in the world is 5000x stronger than the Kingdom, Empire, and Theocracy
>humans can easily tank 8th tier spells
>levels don't mean anything

Humiefags are cancer.

>Anime manga
Oh just fuck off.

Is humie from /tg/? Would explain some of this powerleveling shit.

Go ahead. Ive seen atleast ~5 threads killed past week by generalFags. Atleast I put something there.

Im just waiting to see if this
>2. LNs are allowed on Cred Forums. Gookshit isn't.

gets passed or not.

>Renner is a god-level omniscient intellect that far surpasses Demi and Albedo and can see through Ainz's act in 2 seconds
She probably could, considering the only reason NPCs can't is because they were all conditioned to think "sasuga Ainz-sama" and Ainz rolling natural 20's all around.

Just, Ainzach and all haven't, though they are not on Renners level.

I doubt she'll have much interaction with Ainz. probably just a initial meeting then handed off to Albedo or Demi for handling.

>says the nazarick fag


Demiurge takes the place of shalltear and encounters the BS

>demiurge sizes them up and realizes they are trouble
>KC judges faster sine he's a warrior and instantly orders for the dress wci
>kaire charges up
>demiurge is too late he needs to kill them fast, he casts his controls skills and spells but to no avail the BS is prepared for those
>he casts his hellfire spells but KC blocks it and the others sacrifice themselves to protect Kaire
>he gets desperate, transforms and flies into the sky to run away while summoning his demons but it's too late
>demiurge is mind controlled
>sasuga KC-sama

That loser Renner is going to see through Ainz's Nat20 act? Demi saw through her act in 2 seconds, that incompetent bitch who couldn't even take over the Kingdom on her own is going to see through the keikaku master? No.

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>KC judges faster since he's a warrior

No. Time stop.

>he casts his hellfire spells but KC blocks it

No. 10th tier AOE Hellfire one-shots BS.

>flies into the sky to run away

Ever heard of teleportation, humiefag?


You forgot about time stop, teleportation, and 10th tier magic, humiefag. Demi one-shots BS with ease.

Demi rapes KC and the BS. They worship him as their new god.

So this is what humiefags finger themselves to. It's more pathetic than I thought.

What happened to the SPLAT lambs?

Are they now idling in Nazerick or did they expire?

Gone after a few days, it was stated in volume 10.


What gets me is that SPLAT was considered a weak super tier spell. Fallen down seems to be a localised nuke, Ainz summoned those angels.

I can't wait to see some of his more powerful Super tier spells.

You forgot:
>PDL's armor is stronger than unarmed Shalltear head cannon

>Fallen down/God Fall
>Iä Shub-Niggurath
>Wish Upon A Star
Are these the only ones we've seen?

Yes, I forgot that there are retards that actually think this. Humiefags will say:

>BS > Pleiades because muh equipment
>PDL > Shalltear. muh equipment doesn't matter in this case because reasons

Humiefags should be purged.

Ulbert shit in prologue?

Was that super tier?

It probably was, he's a short-burst DPM type.
No reason for him not to use 10th tier in a boss fight.

Yeah, thats what I mean, 10th tier or 9th Super tier has long cast times, and Ulbert avoided using cash items for the most part, so In a boss fight it makes more sense to be using 10th or 9th.

Then again: he had rare magic artillery DPM class.
Maybe his supertier cast time was reduced or something.
Maybe his regular 10th was as powerful as supertier.
There was also some headcanon about "Pseudo 12th tier" Ulbert spell probably capable of breaking continents.

Can Ainz charge used up wands or the number of Resurrection wands at his disposal are limited?

I think Ulbert was able to come close to World item power with a combo of Super tier and a shit ton of buffs and equipment.

But I think (think, not sure) Ainz specifically says that Super tier cast time cannot be shortened other than with cash items.

I want Entoma onee-chan to bite off my penis!

Don't feed shit to animals.

Limited but he has a stupid amount of them.

Items like that are the sort of shit you stockpile like crazy. Its part of a players bread and butter equipment.

Is Pestonya, Lupu or someone else in Nazarick capable of resurrection spells?

>No. Time stop.

No. Martial Arts and counter measures.

>No. 10th tier AOE Hellfire one-shots BS.

No. demiurge isn't shalltear so it isn't as powerful, KC easily counters it with his equipment and skills.

>Ever heard of teleportation, humiefag?

Ever heard of teleport countermeasures nazarick fag?


>what happened in the novel is headacanon

Would make sense for both or either really.

Low tier res is tier 5. I can't believe that the SB didn't min max at least one character to either rez or churn out rez scolls, with higher tier stuff too.

Low tier rez saps a lot of xp/life force. Higher tier costs less.

Ainz probably has at least a few thousand of them though, possibly hundreds of thousands. When I've played a game with rez scrolls/items, my guild and team, even just me, always found that people horde the shit out of them. End up with them just building up.

It's amazing, the delusions humiefags have come up with are so ridiculous it makes me wonder if they're even reading the same LN.

This thread is stale, but not this tale user.
At least try to be creative about your bait.

Damn, humiefag still wants more attention. You need to work on your bait. People are only biting because they're bored, you aren't actually fooling anyone, humie.

This bait is too obvious, humie. At least tone down on the head cannon.

You're trying too hard, humiefag.

Imagine Herohero and BukuBuku merging into one entity


>Unsinkable Equipment Buster Healer Monk
>Sasuga Yggdrasil developers

Hey user, this humiefag actually thinks PDL's armor > unarmed Shalltear. Humiefags are drowning in their own shitty head cannons.

Don't you think even idle-state Shalltear would judge it inefficient to break her nails against a high end walking armor?
And I assume PDL didn't use some scrub-level gear.
You won't even be bathed in blood and gore or hear screams of agony if you do it, what's the pleasure?
Correct way would gear up and deal with it ASAP.

Bukubuku is fucking adorable and I want her to come back and marry Ainz

did anyone ever confirm if this pic was supposed to be her irl?

BukuBuku x Ainz is best ship

Is this So-bin's?
If not - probably not her.

See in this situation I'd feel bad for Albedo.

I kinda do already tbqh, she's in love with someone who can't respond to her, physically or mentally.

I'm well aware this is bait, but I'll say this for the record: Shalltear putting her gear on does not mean she would have lost to PDL's armor without it. That is your head cannon. If I use scissors to cut open a package, does that mean it's absolutely impossible for me to open it with my bare hands? No, it's a matter of convenience. Similarly, it's easier for Shalltear to rek PDL with gear, that doesn't mean it was absolutely necessary for her to use her gear.

Not to worry, she'll fuck up big time at the end of Overlord.
Probably causing "Downfall of the Kingdom" author told us about.

>tfw now fapping to thoughts of a skelly and jelly

>Probably causing "Downfall of the Kingdom" author told us about.


Complimentary picrelated

I just heard it on Cred Forums.
It must be true.

It isn't, I went and searchead So-Bin's twitter and pixiv and I couldn't find this pic or any other where he stated that it was irl Bukubuku. Also the whole rumor of that being Bukubuku came from some random tumblr account so I wouldn't trust it.


I like it

Author said Albedo was going to bring down the kingdom.

Some people think he means the SKAOG, despite the fact that he said that while in the process of writing Vol 10, where Albedo goes to the Re-Estize kingdom with the express purpose of bringing down said kingdom.

i.e. a load of shit. She's not, or if she is, that won't be for a long time and hasn't been hinted yet.

Logic doesn't work on humiefags, they're too retarded.

>Shalltear easily destroys PDL's armor
>Humie: Well, I guess this means PDL > Shalltear

>Giving a fuck about her lesser form

She's a ugly ooze that turns pink when blushingand thats whats so good about her.

>~250 y\o Vampire
>5th tier confirmed
>About ~60lvl
What about werewolves user?
It seems that living for a long time is a requirement for NWer to grow considerably strong, above mid tier Yggdrasil entities (EE, Rigrit, Fluder, Dragon Lords).
We've yet to see exceptional 50+lvl warriors that are not God Kin.
My bet that NW vampire or werewolf might learn some powerful MA over the centuries and close on PDL in powerlevel.

This is not Buku, just a random girl so-bin drawed. You can find this pic in his site and there isn't anything saying she is Buku.


it's a shame Ainz doesn't know [Sword of Damocles] sounds like a cool spell

Well he has that orb.

>Ainz finally decides to do sex-ed with the twins.
>Decides to do one at a time, starting with Mare.
>Mare immediately goes for the practical
>Ainz runs away screaming like a girl, delegates job to Demi instead.

>girly skelly shrieks

Was Smaragdina gay for Ainz?
And jealous of his friendship with Peroronchino?
Is that why Chair and Albedo are such a cockrivals?
Seriously though:
>Ulbert brocrush
>Bukubukuchagama crush
>Smaragdina gaycrush
That squirrel got a lot going for him, all wasted.

bukubu-san really knew how to torment momonga-san eh?

everyone was gay for momonga

I wish the LN I'm reading through right now had some kind of supplement manga so I could talk about it freely without mods instantly deleting it.

I'm jealous.

>my own fucking creator is here, and never picks me up

Hey, at least he's recognized as a son.
Man, that was a cute scene.

Has any other content like cd dramas, 4 koma manga chapters and the like been released since volume 10 is out?

Is Pandora's Actor strong compared to Shalltear, Humie, or Demiurge?

Shalltear cast a resurrection effect on herself to avoid Ainz's AOE insta-death spell in their fight. Maybe she can rez other people.

With proper gear for each of his forms he could probably be at the top with Chair and Mare. If he has only one equipment set he's probably medium tier.

She didn't cast it, she had a item on her.

Is that so? I thought she cast a spell, because Ainz was monologuing about the only way to avoid death was to cast a resurrection spell before 12 seconds was up.

and that's what you get for not reading the novels

having a normal mana pool probably gimps pandora's actor a bit. he can cast something like 80% grand catastrophe, but he'd have to spend the rest of the fight as 80% touch me or warrior takemikezuchi.

it seems like he'd be most useful in a big party to fill in weaknesses or strengthen advantages.

God, Anime only guys were really short strawed in that fight weren't they.
The Goal of all Life is Death would practically make no sense.

I read the LN twice and I still don't know how it works

TGOALIS is an instant kill spell that kills a target regardless of resistances or undead status after 12 seconds, basically making it the perfect insta-kill. The only way to 'survive' it is to cast a Resurrection spell or item to bring you back after you die (like shalltear).

In the fight with Shalltear, Ainz makes the spell an AoE attack using Wail of the Banshee, which increases the AoE of spells. Meaning everyting in the area, including grass, the earth, even the air died and turned to sand.

That's not quite correct. TGOALID only removes a target's insta death resistances. It is not an instadeath spell by itself, which is why it is combo-ed with Cry of the Banshee, which is an actual instadeath spell. TGOALID is essentially a debuff skill.

It removes death resistance for EVERYTHING. No exceptions.

But it takes 12 seconds to be in effect and the giant ticking clock just screams "attack me" so it wasn't of much use in the game.

The banshee cry was what killed everything, TGOALID just made it possible.

>TGOALID only removes instadeath resistances
>Cry of Banshee is the actual instadeath spell

Fair enough, my mistake, thanks for clearing it up.

>inb4 humiefags claim humans can tank TGOALID + Cry of Banshee combo with muh martial arts and muh high lvl equipment


This is obviously bait but it TGOALID even "kills" rocks and air so there won't be anything left.

BS has access to similar level items as Shalltear (passed down from 6 Gods), they can tank it with res items.

Too much bait. Calm down, user. You need to take a class in subtlety.



>yfw the 6 Great Gods were just lvl 60 scrubs
>yfw all their items are low level Ygg trash
>yfw BS can't tank 6th tier spells
>yfw Anyone in Nazarick can solo the BS

Mare has some weird stat distribution for a spellcaster.

lol no. Nabe one-shots the BS.

Mare has an all around build like Shalltear.

>this is what humiefags actually believe

Nice headconnon but what makes you think that Demi would
1. Run out in the open like that
2. Be unable to react as fast as some human even with his vastly superior intellect and level
3. Not be able to control them

>b-but muh kc blocked shalltear hand swipe

Blocking a handswipe is not even close to being able to block a mental attack plus Shalltear wasn't even fully equipped

Here's your (you)

Don't get baited, user. You know he's a troll.

I want to restore my Shalltear folder, anyone have some Chair pics?

nice Mare can solo BS in melee then

I will bite this low level bait. Nabe one-shots the BS. The End. No more faggotry, humie.

No, the author said overlord will end with "a downfall of a kingdom" and that this is the prologue of sorts..
Since ainz has all the known kingdom's so he will mess up somehow, maybe he'll make the Sorcerer Empire instead.

Nabe gets Downfalled. GG Nazarick

you need a brain to get mindcontrolled

So who is the end boss in Overlord?

Albedo? PDL? BS? Another player?

Currently it's just Ainz's wild ride with no ending in sight


>Nabe gets Downfalled

Humie, she already one-shotted them. How are they going to mind control her when they're dead?

What did Nishiki put in her flavor text to make her act like she does?

Pestonya S Wanko


All humans are insects.

Not a damn thing, the fucker was too busy min maxing her to realize she needed flavor text.

Why are you so obsessed with Ainz getting into a relationship when he clearly hasn't got a dick and every potential suitor around him is too insane to be enjoyed just for the company.

Who is you?

Ainz x Buku is the only correct otp anyways

No. Ulbert x Touch Me is the only correct OTP.

What about Ken x Take?

Just finished vol 9 and holy shit what a finale. Gazef might actually have been able to kill Ainz (or reveal a huge weakness) if Ainz didn't have time-stop magic. Razor Edge must have some insane stats, possibly even a WCI.

It's the same thing in every fucking MMORPG, user.

>pic related and this will never happen
It's hard to keep living knowing this will never happen and Ainz is stuck with shit like Gorilla and Lamprey. Boing boing Aura is the only hope left.

>6 Great Gods were just lvl 60 scrubs
With a WCI?
They'd've been ganked left and right all day long until they dropped it.

10 days

>Gazef might actually have been able to kill Ainz

No. Don't misunderstand. Ainz only stated the sword would be able to harm him (get passed his high tier physical nullification) and could potentially kill him, assuming Gazef was able to land 5,000,000 hits on Ainz while Ainz did nothing. Ainz never stated the sword could one-shot him.

It's a just a shitty rune.
Just shows how weak the kingdom and humans are, if a rune that dwarf's sell is their treasure.

>Teapot was a caster right?
>She was a crafter


BUkubuku was a tank and a pvper. Go read the novels.

I know she was a tank, thats why im so pissed off at that screencap.

If one of AOG crafting members came back would they be able to craft things they couldnt in Yggdrasil?

Guys wait. I cannot find where it says that Narberal is supposed to be a klutz. I simply cannot locate the reason why she is so simple minded.

Where is this specified?

It's going to be interesting to see if Nazarick equipment can get runes imbued. If yes then does Ainz just go with the shitty runes, or take his time to level up a Master Runesmith to 100 for those top-tier runes?

user, please consider that the kingdom is the starting zone of the new world. There are lvl 80 monsters roaming around the place, remember?


>when Demi punches Albedo and mentions her hard abs
this is my fetish

>There are lvl 80 monsters roaming around the place

One lvl 80 monster does not mean there are lvl 80s all over the place. Also, lvl 80 is just garbage tier for Nazarick.

It took all the guardians at once to fight that thing, if PDL ends of being a raidboss at level 80 he will be a big problem even for Rubedo.

>It took all the guardians at once to fight that thing
no, Ainz wanted them to fight it together. Any one of them could have beaten it.

He's bating you, user.

>a raidboss at level 80 he will be a big problem even for Rubedo

No one can be this retarded.

ahh yes the "Nazarick was holding back" argument.

>S-Shalltear wasn't using her full strength when she one-shot Shieldbro
>CD can never be as strong as my power fantasy team even though one of the characters literally said she is similar in strength

>Aura says she can defeat it on her own
>Cocytus says any guardian can defeat it on their own
>Ainz says the entire thing is just a team training exercise
>Cocytus was about to one-shot it
>Demiurge calls it a small fry
>Guardians hold back the entire time
>Ainz one-shots it

Humiefag, you need better quality bait.

Imagine petting Lupus.

Ah, the humiefag is still using shitty bait.

>Shalltear wasn't using her full strength when she one-shot Shieldbro

She used one skill.

>one of the characters literally said she is similar in strength

He said CD was weaker than Shalltear. Shalltear >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CD

Give me more bait humie, I'm hungry.

>that crazy look in her eyes

heavy petting?

Imagine skinning Lupus and making her into a floor rug


Why is Demiurge such a cutie?

Imagine giving Lupusregina responsibility


I can't read chinese.

>Overlord is a shounen
Oh wow! How retarded a person has to be to come to this conclusion even after reading past vol 2, 5, 7 and 9?

imagine going down on lupu then sneezing in her fur because you're allergic to dogs


I can though, and I translated that one already. I'll do it again just for you.
Lastborn >> If it were Lupus going with Momo - His Majesty Gown*, wouldn't it be better? (this way, my Narberal won't be taken away from me...)
Lastborn >> Although...the ears...
Narberal >> Why don't we just say they're a magic item?

*She calls him 'Your Excellency' but it's like a modern version of Your Imperial Majesty

Hamsuke is another creature that suddenly came to the NW.
If smarts ones came over they will be trouble since they are no longer bound by game play.

>Hamsuke is another creature that suddenly came to the NW.
He's been around for a hundred years or more.

what do you call someone from Nazarick?

>Hamsuke is another creature that suddenly came to the NW

citation needed

Also, Hamsuke is weak as shit.

user, as long as Ainz has his constant poker-face no one can see through his bullshit. We can because we're shown his monologues. Renner has to be an OP mind reader who's skill can bypass even a lvl 100 Overlord's passive nullification to be able to catch him because whatever he does turns out to be something unbelievably awesome and far fetched.


Hamsuke is like Gazef tier which is pretty fucking godly for a fucking hamster but is hamster tier for Nazarick.

>Gazef might've actually been able to kill Ainz
Ainz said 'harm me'. It can harm him the same way punching the Alps harms it. Yeah if I kept at it for thousands of years it'd make a dent of some sort, sure.

i wonder how strong hamsuke and the lizards are now, after learning martial arts and grinding with that xp boosting equipment

A shit.

I imagine Hamsuke gained what amounts to five levels in warrior at least, since before he basically just used his tail and if you blocked that charged you and used his tail again if you could break his hide. He really didn't have any concept of strategy beyond shit that basic (although I guess charm species counts) and didn't have any skills that would suit a warrior or something
Also he now has experience, remember him fighting the guy buried in elven traditions, Hamsuke fought intelligently against him.

It isn't actually weak. Its just that its requirement are kinda hard to fulfill. Notice that he had to sacrifice 70,000 souls to summon five lvl 90 monsters. In game it hardly ever crossed 1 count. So, in a pvp or even pve its not as effective.

A denizen of Nazarick? A Nazarite?


SPLAT is basically good for wiping out adds and gives you a massive fucking meatshield in exchange. It's not trash it just has a specialized usage.

Clem got Nazarekt. Keep crying, humiefag.

Clementine didn't even fight that intelligently to be honest, she was good once she was in a fight but I really don't know why the hell she decided to use that bikini armor.

Did Ainz farm the Lambs after they killed the Kingdoms troops or was the exp lost?

Don't think it was ever mentioned. And he wouldn't get Xp from his own summons. Mare definitely got xp for his WCI though.

>he wouldn't get Xp from his own summons
I'm pretty sure he does actually, see Shalltear shitting on her own household summons for HP

That's not the same thing

It implies that your own summons are considered entirely separate entities for purposes of abilities and that can easily extend into experience as 'souls'. It's not certain but neither is the idea that you don't get XP from killing your own fuckers

Imagine Lupu squirming uncomfortably as you apply flea medication to the back of her neck

I'm fairly certain Ainz, being an excellent summoner, would have noticed if he got XP from killing his own summons.

Besides, he wouldn't get any amount worth the effort.

I wasn't the original guy, I'm just saying that he probably would
Also I don't remember him ever killing his own summons, all he's done is dismiss them which isn't the same thing.

I think that's more like wishful thinking from people who wish the series had more tension

Am I the only one who misheard the ED as "Don't you gimme your love infection"?

Speed and maneuverability. Her trump card was to stab her opponents skull right in the eyes. She made the stupid mistake of coming across Ainz' pet party and murdering them horribly.

But that is what you get for ganking low level players.

This reminds me, Tabula knows how every SBs girly shriek sounds like from the time when they first visited Nigeredo. I want to hear it ;_;


>Renner is a god-level omniscient intellect that far surpasses Demi and Albedo and can see through Ainz's act in 2 seconds
She's managed to affect the Empire's policies and knows everything about every corner of both governments despite not having access to any reports
She's like a walking Laplace Demon as far as we can tell.

>Ainz runs away screaming like a girl, delegates job to Demi instead.
Cocytus makes a joke about Demiurge being a homosexual.


>saw through her act
For all we know she could've been the one signalling subtly after she heard there was a disastrously powerful magic caster that saved Gazef's ass.

>who couldn't take over the Kingdom
She doesn't want to, it's literally not on her agenda. That's like saying 'Stalin who couldn't even take a shit on India's shitting streets'.

When Ainz out keikakus Renner im literally going to cum I think, my number one joy in Overlord is when he accidentally a genius

>For all we know

For all we know, Ainz is actually a real keikaku master and he's been fooling everyone reading the LN the whole time.

Ainz doesn't have to do a thing for master plans to come into action

That's possible.
I don't think Renner is going to see through Ainz, although the possibility gets higher if she only meets him after volume 15 (basically it'd indicate that she's probably involved in volumes 16-18, the final arc, and would be the final antagonist), I'm just saying she actually probably is incredibly bullshit intelligent
Ainz rolls nat 20s when it matters and autopasses deception and bluff checks so he's never going to fail.

Do we actually know what the Throne of Kings does?
I have a theory that its power is responsible for the slow transformation of Ainz into the supreme ruler that everyone thinks he is.
Even if was only for fluff in Yggdrasil, in NW where things are more realistic, it could actually be turning him into a king.

I thought the Throne of Kings was what gave their dungeon extra levels

Climb the humei hero and his trusted strategist Philip-sama

You know what else was able to harm Ainz? Dominion authority's Astral smite. Maybe DA was a WCI as well, right?

I believe they paid for some of those extra floors. It makes sense to also sell upgrades for guild bases. Yggdrasil devs loved microtransactions after all

Or, or DA was higher than level 60.

Not the floors, in the prologue they note that they had a bunch of extra levels, ostensibly for clearing it the first time through, but it might be that the Throne of Kings spawns for the first party that clears certain very-high-level dungeons on the first try.

More importantly if it was a WCI then Ainz would've realized and fucking confiscated it and nuked everyone around for miles casualties and plans be damned, WCI are absolutely disgustingly dangerous respect for gazef won't be enough to save him.

That's his point.

>That's his point.
I'm tired. I'll just stop.

It was a boosted Holy Smite.

Okay, in case anyone is a retard; Holy Smite hurt Ainz because it was 7th tier magic, not because Dominion was lvl 60+ or anything like that. Ainz has immunity to lower tier spells, but 7th tier can damage him, albeit by a minuscule amount.

user, I was being sarcastic about DA being a WCI because thought that Razor Edge could be a WCI for being able to harm Ainz.

Will Mare cuck Climb?

Is Pestonya a homunculi or a dog beastwoman? what if she meets headhunter rabbit?

We don't know Dominion Authority isn't level 60+ and in this case it actually makes loads of sense. Dominions are second sphere angels and the highest within that sphere, they're the 4th rank out of 9. Cherubim Gatekeepers are level 80 and those are the 2nd rank out of nine right below Seraphim. If we assume that angels go
Angels - 10
Archangels - 20
Principalities - 30
Powers - 40
Virtues - 50
Dominions - 60
Thrones - 70
Cherubim - 80
Seraphim - 90
Serahpim Empyrean - 100

This also shows why Archangels could fuck up Gazef's elite squadron and why Gazef could kill quite a few of them but had a limit, because while they're weaker they're not complete garbage compared to him.

Would Seraphim Aesphere be 100+?

>Climb is destined to defeat Ainz

Might be or maybe it just has special abilities or classes that normal people can't get.

Depends, the dress sounds like low-end WCI when considering game mechanics that it allows the user to enslave one target and puppet them, presumably one at a time and/or with time limit.

Making use of something like that in-game sounds like major pita unless you're into 6 vs

Nothing happens. Rabbitman will sense Pestonya is not someone to fuck around. And Pestonya will still be acting prim and proper.

Well you might be able to snipe raid bosses with that thing, the only thing that'd be immune might be World Enemies. If you sniped that Jupiter Tempest motherfucker and drove him around...

It would be something similar to Gargantua or Rubedo...maybe...? A world boss of some sort...?

Wait a minute, at first we have Climbfags, then we have Moralfags.

Nowadays both have disappeared and now we have Humiefags.

Is there a chance the Climbfags and Moralfags have somewhat combined like Hydrogen + Chloride to form Humefags?

Yeah, if the NW were a game, you'd just see some 1 pt damage icons popping up. Like 5 or 6 of them around Ainz. Ainz probably has like 20K hit points with Magic Resistance of 95.

I was hoping for an intermission where ST spies in E-Rantel give information that Ainz can casually summon 4 Cherubs to be his body guards when one of their treasures is only a Dominion.

MAre is a druid, druids in D&D are typically gigantic spellcasting beasts, like Hank McCoy + Gandalf.

Would ST even identify the Cherubs though? The highest level angel they had was Dominion. Do they even know that Cherubs, Seraphs and even Thrones exist?

I'm not sure they even know higher tiers of angel exist.

No, he's CoDzilla, like Shalltear.
I think it's basically an in-joke from Maruyama at how stupidly fucking overpowered Clerics and Druids were in DnD.

Druidzilla. Slap a bunch of buffs on yourself, shapeshift into something scary and melee it up better than dedicated melee classes.

Bonus points if Aura's buffs also affect beast-mode Mare too.

45 levels just in spell casting, and 55 in assorted? Bukubukuchagama must have wanted him to have a wide assortment of skills?

They're probably other druid type classes like Bear Lord, Polar Druid, Arctic Avenger, etc.

Probably not or records of such entities were lost with times since they call their Dominions the "highest".

Well that could also be smalltimer-complex and be a statement from "anything higher can be only done by our Gods!".

Would be pretty great shock when their spies from E-Rantel deliver the report that Ainz can summon higher-tier angels that respect him as summoner even when he is undead.

But I'd rather take a meeting with E-Rantel's heads of churches in the face of that fact, between themselves or with Ainz as intermission. Would make for an interesting discussion about gods and one way to show us the results of Ainz's experiments with manipulating Roberdyck (dead or not).

The idea of the churches banding together to declare a jihad on Ainz is amusing, but it'll become a nightmare when Ainz decides to eliminate the problem by exterminating all religions whose gods don't show up to defend them.

>Ainz can summon higher-tier angels that respect him as summoner even when he is undead
This is what I'm looking forward to as well long with other things. ST thinks that angels are holy beings and undead/demons etc are evil beings. What their reaction would be when they see that an undead is controlling their holy deities like its nothing...?

Or Aniz uses the very angels they revere to destroy them.

Imagine if Rubedo is some sort of Angel.

That would be fucking hilarious, destroying the four gods with elemental angels and having a swarm of avenging angels rek the ST.

She's a golem too, thus she is a mechanical angel of destruction and rebirth.

We don't know she's a golem.

This would be Demiurge tier plan to show the common rabble of Theocracy the error of their human supremacy ideology but I doubt the Cardinals would fall for it.

The shear horror on their faces and their reactions would be just as amusing as Nimble's and Empire Knights'. It would be vol 9 all over again.

Should I pick up right where the anime ended or read from the start for details/story lines not in the anime?

Golem or not she has been "activated" so it implies she has been paired with some sort of construct or sealing.

Either way it would be interesting for Ainz to finally venture into 8th Floor solo and give us a tour with tea picnic at the shrine of Lastborn about the floor.

Unless of course author plans to withhold that information into the end of times when it's warranted that some hapless shitters or humies/dragon lords are corralled into the grinder of 8th Floor just for amusement of Nazarick citizen watching the procession from Throne Room.

Read LN from the start. Anime leave out a lot of info.

Start from the beginning, anime handled 1st and 2nd volume pretty well and made a butchering of 3rd but you still lose extremely valuable character building and tidbit details of NW/Yggdrasil by skipping the early volumes.

Angels in Christian theology literally don't have free will so there's that. Lucifer is the special case.
Angels are only 'good' because they work for God, who is good literally by definition.

We aren't ever going to get specifics on the 8th floor for the same reason there will never be specifics on the Lady of Pain
If you stat it, you can kill it

You can kill Rubedo though, she's not literally invincible.
>if you stat it you can kill it
What if something has 100% resistance to everything and nullfies all bypass abilities
What if something is a meta-being

I want Rubedo to be a ragna mail so I can ride inside of her.

True, same with the mystery of Ainz being transferred to New World. Leaving it as a mystery and never going back to real world or addressing it is a better solution and the mystery itself is like fine wine.

Trying to explain the mystery away or make the New World completely moot with some stupid "And then he woke up..." resolution would just result in bad hangover. A mystery is more enticing than casual reality.

What if Ainz finds a bug he can exploit

there's no one to patch it

In Islam though, Lucifer/Satan/Shaitan/Iblesse isn't an angel. He's a djinn. Lord of all djinns and had even higher rank than Jibrael/Gabreal who is lord of all angels. Other things are just the same the he lost the status because of prejudice etc etc.
I know that Christianity is the main influence most of the time. I just wanted to leave it here.

Couldnt Ainz have used those 70000 souls to Wish for something that could make Nazarick stop worrying about he leaving them instead of showing how big his dick was to the surrounding nations?

Of course you can kill Rubedo. We'll just never be given information on the 8th floor as a whole, or exactly what wiped the raid, etc. because if that information were given, readers would be able to come up with countermeasures which would undermine the entire idea that the 8th floor is an impenetrable wall of bullshit.

Whole NW is to be sacrificed to give Ainz a functioning dick. 70k pathetic souls are not enough.

One of my old amusement what-if plays in the old threads was that Ainz always thinks of the npcs as his friends or his own children is that what if Ainz decided to try creating a new npc as the guildmaster.

And test the rules at the same time but in so manages to activate the safety AI of Ariadne and binds "her" to be the npc.

So now he has an entity worth being feared of but he has no idea what rules bind it in the New World or how she ties into the functions of Nazarick and/if she can be manipulated.

Congratulations, now he'd have a real petulant child to look after and all the npcs, Demiurge included, would be creaming all over the place over how Ainz can bend the universe around with his hands.

Well and that would also fix the problem of successor and if he asked input from Albedo/the rest it would be their creation too in a way. Merry family of demons and fiends, much to the dismay of New World.

>We'll just never be given information on the 8th floor as a whole

>yfw Volume 11 has details about the 8th floor, Rubedo's stats, and Lastborn.

>TFW the BS fall into a trap and are transported to the Eight Floor

Not him but I doubt authohr would give out all of that information before it was relevant to the theme of the current 3vol arc in progress.

But sure, I'd love to see another outmaneuvered as fuck imbeciles getting caught up by 8th Floor in Operation Gehenna Mk.2.

Well what if the reason that Thousand-miles Astrologer locked herself into her room and has little contact outside is that she was already ensnared or enslaved by Nigredo when she was let to intentionally spy on the war between Empire/Ainz vs Kingdom?

Would make for an interesting foothold in ST territory and Nigredo can just try the water temperature so to speak while keeping the Astrologer enslaved as a mole, just to get reliable information for Ainz's future forks of the masterplan.

Massive what-if but still, author might surprise us down the road with making seemingly wanton tidbit of information play out a bigger role in the arcs after Kingdom annexation.

How would Hat-chan be "enslaved" by Nigredo?

>no sex slave arche

What a disappointment, the editor needs to fired for allowing this.


Actually, angels do have free will. 1/3 of them reveled, if you go by christian dogma.

You're blaming the wrong people. Its the nips that voted it.

Doesn't Nigredo have a bunch of intel based skills? Surely there has to be something like Lesser Mind Control. If not, maybe Nigredo just spammed a shit ton of spying spells of all flavors so the Astrologer can't even schlick without Nigredo getting top tier info and analysis on what she's doing, who she's doing it to, the average time it takes per orgasm, etc in Yggdrasil's built-in spreadsheet application. Fuck, Nigredo probably spends most of her time analyzing data and spewing out graphs and slideshows on how to use her tendency to anally masturbate to solidify Ainz's hold on the metalworking industry.

NW has magic and magical creatures. It has angels and demons as well. I know that players were the ones who taught humans magic but it is still a fact that unlike real world, magic exists in NW and that is why they are able to use it.
What are the chances that there is also hell and heaven? What are the chances that there are beings who rule over these two planes? And what are the chances that there is a being similar to marvel's TOAA who rules over NW's universe?

Fluder already mentioned close to nobody bothers with anti-divination measures so I doubt she would be an exception enough to be able to withstand a counter-attack by the Nazarick's defensive layer that even Ainz didn't want to mess with in 3rd volume.

Just swap the damaging spells into high-tier divination counters or charms and mask them so that she would doubt even her own shadow or slip actual shadow demons to torment her.

Yeah improbable as fuck and even the original idea is over the top silly but alas I was enticed by the seemingly "random" tidbit given by the Cardinals that she refuses to meet people and has locked herself into her room.

It might be absolutely nothing but alas it's still curious tidbit to share now, seemingly off-hand.

To see what will come out of her actions in the future arcs and if she will be a central figure to getting Theocracy involved with Momon/Ainz.

If so then she is going to be what Fluder was to Empire, a co-ordinator for a casus belli. Willingly stringed along or forced to bow in. If there's even a hint of her making a stage or having "eating problems" it would be a tell-tale signal she has been broken.

The Cardinals still don't know what killed the other diviner that was supposed to be safeguarding Nigun so from that you could gather they have no real grasp of what passed as pvp in divination/countering in Yggdrasil when the poor girl was killed by mere low-tier attack spell by Ainz.


She probably just failed her SAN check

Holly...! So this is how dark young actually look like? I want to see vol9 animated now ;_;

Explain. What?

Nigredo should still be under house arrest during volume 9 though. Unless Nazarick still allows people work under that condition I kinda doubt Nigredo did anything.

No, that's just propaganda of the Empire, Dark young ones are cute CUTE

According to what I've learned, Maruyama had a poll to decide Arche's fate. Nips voted for her to die so Maruyama killed her.

This guy has it wrong. The nips voted for Arche's fate in the WN. They wanted Arche to live, and so in the WN she becomes an anal slave to Shalltear. She ultimately ends up happily living in a cottage with her sisters on the 5th floor. Maruyama thought it was more fitting in the series for her to die. So he killed her off in the LN.

Volume 10: Both Nigredo and Pestonya are released from confinement and are later put in charge of managing a new war orphanage in E-Rantel in order to help with integrating future generations to stay loyal to Nazarick.

Lurk more, newfag.

That's in vol10. During vol 9 events they were under house arrest so Nigeredo mind controlling astrologer doesn't really align with the timeline.

I never said they were not cute. You can be cute and intimidating at the same time. Just look at mare.

>anal slave
How disgusted would Peroronchino be with Shalltears actions if he came back?


Possible but we don't know what the house arrest entails, I doubt Nigredo would be relieved of her duties and task and it's not like she can't work her magic or do her duties under house arrest.

House arrest was merely used to appease Albedo that they needed some sort of punishment and Ainz let them off lightly.

Just the house arrest alone is silly, Nigredo never visited Ainz in the Throne Room so locking her to the room she usually is more or less of no concern.

And the defensive system of Nazarick is automated so Nigredo wouldn't be needed either way to spring the traps after it has been configured.

Granted this would just mean Astrologer walked on the mine without anyone being there reaping the benefits.

In the end it's just wild speculation, all that is 100% sure is that Astrologer isn't her usual self during the events of 10th volume and her antics were triggered by what she witnessed in the late-winter war. Rest is up to raving lunacy like mine, or steered debating.

Literally who?
Oh, I get the rough idea.
>Martial arts can counter Ygg magic/skills
Probably yes. If powerlevel close enough, of course.
>Renner is a god-level omniscient intellect that far surpasses Demi and Albedo and can see through Ainz's act in 2 seconds
Even if she will, she won't say anything. Albedo and Demiurge will immediately kill her after first hint of disrespect.

He at least had some limits, Shalltear doesnt(?).

Why are you lot still biting?

Who told you that Peroronchino had limits? He was the one who made Shalltear. And he also gave her a whole grimoire of fetishes. Shalltear only reflects her creator.

>Ainz reflecting PA
Ainz outgrew that (for the most part), maybe Peroronchino stered his life away from those endeavors, maybe turned christian/buddhist or something.

the older peroroncino got, the younger he wished he made shalltear

That's a big "maybe" user. Besides, growing out of chunni phase isn't the same as growing out of your fetishes. Can you leave your fetishes behind and change yourself?

I think if he made her younger, he wouldnt be able to dress her on most of her outfits.

Is there a height chart of Nazarick, are those two really around the same height, it looks like they could kiss each other without any problems.

Both are 1.87m

I know right, all those incest superstitions in our society.
They should be able to kiss each other without any problems and fuck too.
user Ainz is 5'11" manlet and you're telling me Aura and Chair are higher?

Demi will probably immediately teleport to Nazarik after confirming WCI.
End of story.

Nah, he'll spam summons from out of their range until WCI user is dead then present it to his brocrush Ainz.

He can do it after getting back to safety and transmitting vital information to Nazarik habitants. He is loyal and evil, but not retarded like certain someone.
Retreat, assess the situation, then go full force.

Ainz has drilled all NPCs with what to do when faced with a force of unknown strength. I doubt the NPCs will go about disobeying those orders just to score against those who are carrying WCI.

Demiurge fully understood the reasoning behind it, hence why the information network of Nazarick has been massively expanded so as to prevent their own people from getting ganked.

What are you implying?


Daily reminder that Climb is Mithril-rank with ring and [Limit Breaker].

Shhhh, Entoma is sleeping.

Humiefags are those retards who think the people of the NW, particularly humans, can defeat Nazarick.

>Martial arts can probably counter Ygg magic/skills

No user, you don't understand. Humiefags often suggest that martial arts such as Clem's [Full Throttle] can counter time stop magic. That is idiocy.

>LN is now allowed on Cred Forums
>Requesting manga thread

>Papa Bones puts Mare and Aura on his lap

I squeeled like a little girl

Why is Demiurge so fucking based

>Mare owlbear
>Imagine trap owlbear
>Imagine it

>A pinnacle of humanity
>Offed by a single shy trap elf
>Cardinals go picrelated when they see the scene with divination

Yggdrasil is bound to have temporal race change items or transformation spells.
He can at least take responsibility and relieve Albedo stress once a day.

Yeah, probably.
Btw, I am the only one who think that Evileye's speech about losing humanity is a steaming pile of bullshit?
You need to have superhuman body to match superhumans in battle. You either angel, demon, dragon, vampire, player and so on or useless in major leagues.
It's as simple as that.

She probably has legit issues but doesn't appreciate that her power lets her ignore a lot of crap other people have to deal with.

The difference between her and Ainz is that Ainz knows how it's like on the top and the bottom.

I'd argue that they can guerilla the shit out of SKAOG but with Nigredo NSA and Black Capsule Guantanamo - they don't really stand a chance.

There is a chance that Ouroboros or Five Elements were used to infuse NW with Ygg system and allow use of items, skills and tiered magic.

Cuz he's a result of Ulbert brocrush on Momonga.

>Fluder, Rigrit
I think what is required for NWer to get past Ygg mid tier is to live fucking long, learn a fuckload of things, train etc.
Should there be a potion of immortality not infusing NWer with Ygg further - we would have 100lvl aboriginal human in half a millennia.

>Ouroboros or Five Elements were used to infuse NW with Ygg system
But what allowed these items to be used? They also need Ygg system to be in working condition to take effect.

They're WCI, they're that broken.
Some quantum-technological fuckery IDK.

The problem is that guerillas without IEDs are basically gangs of hooligans. In Gate, the Empire tried that on the JSDF with limited success and only got as far as they did because the JSDF was on patrol and was not authorized to exterminate them.

Ainz has the benefit of Nigredo's satellite imaging and Shalltear to Gate Death Knight murder squads anywhere they're needed and Chair herself can Charm anyone they capture. Each pioneer village has a Soul Eater or Death Knight manning it that can destroy an entire nation by itself. Anyone who thinks they can massacre villages like they did in v1 is going to have a very rude shock once the level 70+ minions kick down the door on their hideouts, led by charmed former allies.

>Ulbert had brocrush on Momonga.
>Touch me was probably same.
>The whole guild stayed intact mainly because of Momonga.
>Bukubuku secretly crushed on Momonga as well.
>Pero was almost the similar case.
I wonder if Suzuki was a no-life-shut-in only because he chose to be one. Maybe he himself never took any interest in anything beside Yggdrasil.

Even if its supposed to be broken, how can it work when the thing that's suppose to initiate it isn't there? Its like a spell is self activating even without a caster.

WCIs represent the power and essence of an entire world. They can probably overwrite the local laws of reality for their effects to take place.

A-are you daring to imply that Ainz-sama would ever be a switch or even a sub?! Impossible! Ainz-sama is the greatest and most powerful of the Supreme Beings!

>chose to be one
user it's usually like that in 9/10 cases.
Puny personal insecurities combined with infantile mindset is what give birth to MMO addicts.
All this can be fixed, should there be a will to do it.
Also don't blame him for making this choice:
>Dystopian future
>Ecology fucked
>Mom died making sandwich
>No father figure = no girls
>Probably had to work as soon as school ended
>Shadowrun-grade greedy corporations
>Workplace safety and ethics nonexistent
Dragging the system to NW from shutting down Yggdrasil?
Or they're like a localized package of Yggdrasil system: once you deploy it - it spreads Yggdrasil in all directions.
Might be how Five Elements worked.

>they also need.
World Class Items lore-wise are literally an entire worldplane in item form, they can probably do shit like retcon themselves into having the power to retcon themselves into having power.

It is because he is the greatest and wisest of the Supreme Beings that he can understand even the most miniscule of details which would be beneath his minions' notice. You must learn from and understand Ainz-sama's ways, even if you have difficulty grasping them.

He even said himself that he's more of an S.

Most of the new world is a steaming pile of bullshit if I'm honest

this is how their mom looks like.

That's canonically just a form she takes though, her true form will literally kill you on sight

I want to be their uncle.

>Implying we won't fap to that too

my headcanon:
the yggdrasil engine probably combined with the new world's physics/existential rules, forming a hybrid ruleset. what caused this/when it happened is the same as asking what brought the players over. they're both data from the servers, one's made tangible, the other an intangible engine.

wci can edit the engine because it's built to allow that.

>Nigredo probably spends most of her time analyzing data and spewing out graphs and slideshows on how to use her tendency to anally masturbate to solidify Ainz's hold on the metalworking industry.
So she's basically a salarywoman?

> it's usually like that in 9/10 cases
I'll have to agree with you. But be assured, I'm not blaming him for anything. It was his choice and it didn't turn out too bad in anyway for him.

This discussion is leading upto "whether this is a simulation or not" topic. If it's a simulation than moving a working system to another one makes sense. But moving a system working only in machines to a new dimension and applying it on the very fabrics of that dimension's planes is a completely different thing.
I think there's no point to dig further on this topic because it'll only raise further questions.

Ah. For me to not be able to even understand our ruler brings me such shame. Thank you for opening my eyes to even a fraction more of Ainz-sama's brilliance. Sasuga Ainz-sama! Ainz-sama banzai!

>But moving a system working only in machines to a new dimension and applying it on the very fabrics of that dimension's planes is a completely different thing.
It's really not relevant. The actual idea of magic existed beforehand while it seems levels whether or not they exist in the NW are more of an approximation of the Ygg system than actually the Ygg system.
Remember how the flavor text actually comes true for NPCs? Yeah, it probably does for items too. If an item is literally a self-contained world it can do whatever the fuck it wants because it is literally a self-contained worldsystem

>Game company was developing an even more detailed sequel to Yggdrasil
>Relied heavily on sophisticated PCG based on some cutting edge science theories
>For convincingly deep, living and breathing setting
>Left PCG and algorithms to brew on their own to create original backstory
>Implemented enough details
>So that unseen laws and quantum effects kicked in
>Creating a fucking parallel universe
>A star system with 9 celestial bodies
>Each representing Yggdrasil worlds
>Developers grew scared
>Specifically because a bridge existed and were left open between Ygg1 and Ygg2
>Found out data from Ygg1 is being transferred to Ygg2
>Fuck this
>We're closing Yggdrasil

We get the glimpse of Suzuki when he fights Shalltear.
He has almost batman level of mastery if he seriously bothers to prepare.

>The actual idea of magic existed beforehand
This was exactly my point in the original comment though. Magic was already there and Ygg items got integrated with this world's magic and resulted into a whole new system.
My exact question was, what are the chances that literal Gods and the likes do exist in the NW because magic is a legit thing here and existed way before any player's arrival.

It's also cute how he hesitates to kill Chair after going full Bruce Wayne on her.

She'll make me cum uncontrollably until I'm a shrivelled mummy.

I want to see OL Nigredo now.

At the very least they didn't care enough to stop the Human's faith from getting stolen - they might be the type who aren't faith-based and have their own legit power separate from worshiping plebs.

pretty Naiwa levels if you ask me, unless this is all a dream in which case it better end with the NPCs porting to the real world.

Maybe they're like Sitchin's "Gods":
fucked off and don't care after furthering their own agenda on this particular world lost benefits and appeal.

Actual high divine beings really shouldn't give too much of a shit about pleb worlds beyond how amusing they are to them since they exist in a higher worldplane
Our world would basically be a playthrough of Simearth or Civ 4 on spectator more or less.

It doesn't have to be a Christianity/Jewdism/Islam type of god who only cares about humans faith. Like I said it could be someone like marvel's The one above all. Made the universe, got bored and started doing something else. Kinda like said.

>what are the chances that literal Gods and the likes do exist
i really like that maruyama made the origin setting a science fiction world, because you can go any number of sci-fi routes to explain it (parallel universes, simulation), or just go with the default fantasy explanations (magic, gods).

whatever you like best is basically the truth, because it'll never get explained

No sure I understand, I'm just saying that if there are gods they're unlikely to be faith-based.

Wouldn't say no to Mare just taking few mercenaries as meatshields and pounding BS into meat patties with his staff while saying he's sorry but no can do.

t, Kumoko pretending to not be Kumoko
Stop shitposting
>inb4 teleports to me
please let me fug you

Ironically Christianity/Jewdaism/Islam Gods are also described by Sitchin being simply at odds with each other thus fueling the strive between their worshippers so that pelbs will mantain the size of God beef against another factions even without direct involvement from Gods themselves.

I don't know what to make of this. Don't know much about Sitchin and his work but its a fact that Christianity/Islam/Jewdism has basically same God. The God in all these religions is one same being.

Well, they are called Abrahamic religions for a reason.
In Sitchin work while Gods supposed to be united - they bickered, conspired and fought with each other for the duration of their stay on Earth.
The direct confrontations happened, but was heavily condemned by hierarchy leaders.
Thus Gods spawned numerous demi-gods as well as installed religious institutes on their beef and basically played Civilization to vent their frustration and anger on another party without actually spilling "Blue Blood".
They fucked off cuz they mined their plan of precious metals and also cuz lower rank Gods mixed blood with filthy humies and no one wanted to deal with arrogant half-breeds running around spouting about their rights of inheritance.
The Jerusalem supposed to be their Command\Flight Control center in the past.
Explains the constant conflict around it in Human History.

I would say PDL's armor > Shalltear. I doubt if she could damage a nice armor with nails, without magic/weapon.

I would say she's stupid but not stupid enough to waste effort ripping apart a high-end armor with her bare hands.
If it was the living being with blood, internal organs that would scream in agony while painting the landscape and Chair red - that would be another story.
She just judged that it's best use weapon to dispatch with armor.
It's no fun playing with it.

Not with nails, with level 100 warrior physical strength. She could crumple that like a tin can.

Ah I see! I get the gist of it now. But it sounds more like a fiction story than an origin theory though.
Can't say much about Christianity and Judism but In Islam, other two religions are actually incomplete versions of Islam. God sent around 124000 prophets from Adam to Prophet Muhammad's time but their messages were all misinterpreted in one way or the other and resulted into various forms of religions and stuff.

It's based on Sumerian\Accadian\Egyptian\Greek pantheon where Gods had same passions as men, but consequences of their actions were on another scale altogether.
It's basically "Ancient Aliens" where "Aliens" are just slightly different and much more advanced version of humans (seeded by same origin of life, but evolved earlier and in different conditions).
They created humans for slave labor originally but took a liking to them in the end, even mixed blood with them, giving rise to "Royalty" that claimed ancestorship from Gods throughout history.


Is anal mage Arche ever coming back

I was under the impression that the dress was left by the 8GK and ST got a hold of it later on.

Unfortunately no.

No? I mean, we can consult the Necrosages if you really need a definitive answer, but that is a pretty exhausting process

Where did you get that impression from? Isn't all of the 8GK's stuff being kept in one place and guarded?

All of her body parts were distributed properly among the Nazarick residents. Even resurrection is not possible anymore. So yeah, she's dead.

You just need to find part of the part and heal it.

Well it's just that, I can't imagine downfall coming from anywhere else. I doubt scrubgods would have a wci for any reason... But if what you say is true then this really opens up the possibilities because it would mean there is a very real chance of other players still hiding somewhere in NW... Players that never came out into the spotlight. Hmm

Seriously, why would anyone even care about Arche, is it for jerk off fantasy?

People care for the poor little woobie loli, she dindu nuffin, she gonna to turn her life around, etc.

Is there any art of Albedo's axe by so-bin? I always image it like pic related (forgive the shit edit)

Vol.1 says its a Bardiche.

Bardiches are close to battleaxes anyway.


And a Bardiche is basically a poleaxe with longer blade so...

No it doesn't.

I didn't disagree, I just said its a bardiche.


Blog should be fine, don't blame me for feeding FBI kun.

What's the original word used for it?

Because we're talking about japanese it's probably something like "big axe" or "pole axe".

This is the old translation. The CN rendered it as "battleaxe".

バルデイシュ. It was literally described as a bardiche, which is why I changed it around when I redid it. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but that's what it is.

user, I can't gain promotions with that link.

So basically the translation I read was the old one.

Just got myself a reason to reread the first 3 volumes.

>“My my, it seems I couldn’t hide it from you after all. You said your name was Momon sa—n.”
>yfw Demi made the mistake as Narbetard

There's this.


Nah, HCl would be acidic. Humiefags are salty as fuck.

So they're acid + alkali = water + salt? Would explain their tears and saltiness.

Thanks for clarifying. Bardiches are way cooler than battle axes.

Come to think of it,
>Moralfags are kinda acidic, always attacking Ainz's actions
>Climbfags are always slippery in explaining questions posted asking them about their point of view.

That explains everything!

She'll meet with Ainz once just to see exactly who Albedo is so infatuated with.

So-bin did a sample sketch of Alfredo in armor for the animators to reference.

I see those sketches scattered all around

Is ther a place I can find all of them?

Hard to believe it's the same person that did Climb's abomination of an armor

I actually liked Climb's armor, it's just that the person inside it is less than stellar.

The baidu people scanned the artbook here.


Too bad it looks nothing like LN armor.

>Albedo's shoes

So she has feet afterall. I thought her legs were just black needles or something.

Don't forget it was also a class boosted summon, so it had slightly higher stats than normal.

Doesn't she wear heels

The LN armor would have looked cool if they could fully reproduce it. The manga version was close but didn't even have a shield.

It could be just part of the armor.

>LN armor

Isn't it just described as a full black plate set?

Yeah but like
How do you think of them as black needles when she has dem thighs

It's described as so goddamn bulky you can't even tell the gender

>didn't even have a shield
Or a red surcoat.

It was a suit of demonic black plate with a shield, bardiche, cape and doublet.

I don't know. I'm retarded.

Well unless it has a codpiece armor is already gender neutral.

>gender neutral
Armor might be gender neutral but things like coats of plates and lamellar for example can be 'dress-like' enough for you to be able to tell how relatively wide their shoulders, waists, and hips are.

She's not spooder.

Only if you're not wearing underarmor.

C'mon this is going out of your way to show your gender through armor. It's like saying helmets look male because pic related exist.

If anything, I'd say white plate looks a kinda feminine, because of the thin waist and stuffed chest.

This is anime though, men won't be wearing tits.
Yeah but like there's still going to be a difference between a bulky dude and a 10/10 90-60-90 woman, which every anime girl is.

Sure, but for that you'd have to have a way of making a comparison.

Albedo's armor is unique to her, so even if it looks smaller on her than on a bulky dude, it was never worn by a bulky dude in a first place to have a reference for comparison.

In LN her armor was gender-neutral, without armored tits.
It was generally angled at that place, but still functional.
Making two cones for tatas is a good way to break your fucking chest with impact nor spreading evenly across the surface of your body.
This is the whole reason of full plate.

To be fair I doesn't matter that much if your armor is made of something that makes adamantium a soft metal.

I bet it still does for 100lvl blows.
She also had a kite shield.
It's a fucking disgrace for a tank not to have a shield in anime.

I know it was gender neutral though.

In which case Albedo's armor literally isn't gender-neutral, it's made for a female.

Look she blocked an ult that can kill something with 'HP off the chart' with one fucking hand

I bet it starts to matter when impact weapons are also made from the same material.

Shield kind of fell out of fashion with full plate since a guy in full plate is basically fucking invulnerable

Albedo's armor's main purpose seems to be completely nullifying attacks three times
>blocks Immovable Myou'ou's Fist with ONE HAND out of her armor
Takes what amounts to 10% damage if that

>fell out of fashion
>armor have tits
Yes, I understand that anime got to appeal to wider auditory of retards than LN did.
It still doesn't make me like this fact.

Late but

I think you might be onto something with the Throne of Kings.

It was extremely rare to clear a dungeon on the first go, normally it would take several attempts. The Throne of Kings was awarded by the devs, so clearing Nazerick in one go was clearly something that made the game devs sit up and go "huh, thats pretty good, lets give them some shit".

It's just me or Albedo's helmet is a fucking frogmouth

If Ainz is so smart why doesn't he learn NW language?

They did fall out of fashion though, that's the whole jig with zweihanders and shit

Looks like a modified great helm with room for horns to me

He may not be able to. Nothing from YGG can change its parameters, though they can use them more efficiently.

>muh 30 lvl 100 golems
Meanwhile in the deepest part of Nazarick's treasury are 37 high leveled cash shop item Avatara(Golems) with full divine gear sets each designed to defend the very gear they wear as well as all of AOG's WCIs.

You try learning a written language without any help because you can't hear when they're saying in the original language. Then imagine that literally all Eurasian languages plus those from North Africa have some sort of connection, however small, then imagine that basically all languages in a line from India / Persia to Europe have even more shit in common as does shit to the east and northeast of that line.

He probably can.
Like he can learn to decipher shit from Renner if he tries.
He can't learn to wield swords without PW though.

>muh 30 lvl 100 golems
A single name to shake the sky.

But she is a fantasy tank!
Without a shield for fucks sake!
She even had one in LN.
>muh 30 100lvl golems
Hey, hands off my headcanon.
I'm also no humiefag.

The issue with that is, the armour will break. Example:
>1st plate layer
>2nd chainmail
>3rd jacket

She probably used her hand so she don't risk damaging it.

>While he still could not understand their letters, he had memorized a few phrases, which included the month and the year.
He's jap, he should be able to do this. I mean they're using like 3 alphabets.

I'm saying she probably doesn't even need the damn armor

Two of them are pronounced the exact same way, the third is just Chinese. It's not 'three alphabets', it's just a form of writing. I'm not joking, pick up a book in Russian or Old French and try learning with without any other help. There's a reason we still don't fucking understand what a lot of languages mean or how they're read because they didn't leave some sort of 'rosetta stone', it's almost impossible to figure out a closely related language on your own let alone a completely fucking foreign one like they'd be using in NW. Basically the only way we can try is using word frequency analysis and similar techniques.

Also the the 67 high tier golems protecting the Gates of Solomon before the throne room.

>Doesn't need armor
You're wrong.
Ainz commented on how she would be gravely weakened without her equipment during the ladies bath fight with Lucifer's lion golem.

>literally the strongest shit in the world so far as the Giant Tree
>she tanked something that would've killed it in one hit and probably overkilled it seeing how immediately Demiurge reacted saying it'd end the tree taking miniscule damage

He can learn swordplay, he just can't wield swords without the skills, or rather because as a mage he is actively stopped from wielding melee weps.

1. She was wearing armor
2. She lost her arm, that's supposed to be translated in significant % of HP lost
3. Tree HP was great, not the defense
>as a mage he is actively stopped from wielding melee weps
That's what I said.
He can't learn to override Ygg rules (probably), but he can learn skills like leadership, language, deciphering, game theory etc.

>1. She was wearing armor
I'm pretty sure she wasn't, where does it say she was?
>she lost her arm
She lost her left hand.

They all came fully equipped to that fight.
IDK, can't Crtl+F drama CD.

>but he can learn skills like leadership, language, deciphering, game theory etc.
And sword skills?

As in, he can learn how to fight as a swordsman. When he fought Clem he was just swinging wildly, but later on he's refined his technique to a fairly impressive degree. He's an actually skilled swordsman.

But he can't equip swords without PW, unless they are magical creations.

Yes, he improved them already.
It says hand, but this nip word can be easily translated like an arm hidari tega
It's not necessarily mean "palm".

Pic related belonged to a mercenary in the Carthaginian army during the Second Punic War. Don't judge a warrior by his breastplate.

Zweihanders were for breaking up formations of pikemen and such. Shields were still useful in conjunction with one-handed maces and hammers.

Two handed weapons only became a common sight with the advent of full plate armor which made shields much less necessary than before. It used to be that you'd die like a rat if you didn't carry a shield before you even reached the enemy.

>They all came fully equipped to that fight
The dryad specifically says Albedo and Demi aren't armed at all.

nervous nelly dryad was a qt. she got broken in suprisngly fast. hope the fluid druid doesnt rape her too hard.

Shit I forgot the drama CDs

I hope I didn't fuck up my timeline too much

They're supplemental so you only lost minor character fleshing.

Ok it's 100% fucked.
Well I guess I'll read everything again and then listen to the CDs while doing so in the correct order.

CD 3 is before vol 2 IIRC?

I wonder if it'll be confusing if I listen to them without the correct timelined reading.

I mean I've read the whole thing 2 times already (except Vol 4/5).

Which one is CD 3?
I think both CD 1 and 2 are between volume 3 and 5.

CD 1 is between vol 3 and 5, with a vague hint of being before vol 4.

CD 3 is the one where Ainz orders the guardians and Nazerick staff to take a few hours off each week. They get depressed during that time believing that they are failing Ainz, and worry about leaving to much burden on him and risking him departing from Nazerick.

Ends with Ainz deciding to create Momon.

>one where Ainz orders the guardians and Nazerick staff to take a few hours off each week
So it's BD2 drama.

How come Ainz has such enormous physical strenght without PW? Isn't he a mage?

>There was also some headcanon about "Pseudo 12th tier" Ulbert spell probably capable of breaking continents.
Maybe you should go read the LN and the extras.

“Roar, my secret arcana! Descend, o ultimate disaster! Flow, ye tears of despair and
regret! —「Grand Catastrophe」!”
When Ulbert Alain Odle mastered the class of World Disaster, he gained this power, which
outstripped the might of even super-tier spells. It was an ultimate move which required 60%
of his mana. The fallen leaves of the world tree had a malice of their own, and now that curse was
given a physical form."

If you know about the lore you would know a leaf = a WCI. WCI>Supertier. Grand Catastrophe>Supertier. His spell's power output is between supertier and a WCI or it is even equal to a WCI since YGG seems to have a hard-on for anything with "World" in its name. So yes, it is safe to say it is pseudo 12th tier.

Maybe, I'm not sure what titles you're using.

I have 1, 2 and 3.

1 - Giant tree, between vol 3-4
2 - Auction on sleeping with Ainz, some minor lordling falling in love with Narb, between between 4 and 5, as Sebas is out but Cocytus at one point mentions his lizards.
3 - Guardians day off - between 1 and 2

He's level 100 and a high tier undead. He's hugely powerful compared to a NW scrub, but no where even close to a level 100 melee warrior.

Any of the melee specialists would have physical stats that are much, much greater than him.

Hell, CD might be able to beat him in a pure battle of brawn (without PW), though he would rape her with magics.

I think CD 3 was included with 2nd Blueray and CD 4 with 3rd one.

CD 4 is when they lose the hamster?

not sure when that is, I'll watch through and figure it out.

Ainz's crushing loneliness

After vol 4, before vol 5. Probably after CD 2?

Yes, that's the one with female guardians getting scared of Kyouhokou.

because it's a 1-100 scale, he's at 35, and punching someone with 100 phys attack is like if your fist weighed 1000 tons

"A person clad in a suit of full-body black plate armor stood before Momonga. That suit of armor looked like a demon. It was covered in spikes and did not expose the slightest bit of flesh. Its clawed
gauntlets grasped a black kite shield in one hand and a bardiche that radiated a sickly green
glow in the other. A blood-red cape blew in the wind, while the doublet beneath was also the
carmine of fresh blood."

With a red cape and spikes and the axe with a green glow and you have LN Albedo.


Also the shield.

If that is tmhe case, if CZ is forced to fight without using her weapons.

She probably just throw trees and rocks.

>She was wearing armor

When Momon and Jaldaboath were fighting, there movements were too fast for EE to follow and they were leaving freakin' after images. Momon was in PW and Demi was using his base physical stats. What were the speed stats for Ainz and Demi again? Iirc they're not anything impressive compared to other melee based guardians.

Maybe you should stop being such an arse about every little detail.
It's in the Prologue, I read that shit like only 1 time.

>2 casters are pretending to fight
>fo NW, it's like a fight between gods of war.
The guy trying to swing Albedo will have a fun time.

>there movements
Every time.

Demi is not a caster though, he's SPECIAList.

Then even TGOALID is pseudo 12th tier, World Disaster's have Grand Catastrophe, Eclipse's have TGOALID.

Always though he was a bard? I mean he commands people with his voice? Would be fitting

TGOALID is broken as hell that's for sure and it doesn't require any mana either since its a skill. But it can be used only once in 100 hours. Is there a restriction on Grand Catastrophe?

He's apparently a tribute to Momonga, so he's basically pseudo wild card.
So far only drawback to Grand Catastrophe is that it eats 60% of mana pool of a level 100 player, that or it's possible that it deals damage in correspondence to how much mana you give/sacrifice to it.

Either way, not a warrior.

I really wish more people had seen the Demi v Momon fight, rather than just evileye.

>Lakyus, the king, Gazef et al all fighting a mid tier demon
>Getting pushed back and losing men
>Death and destruction
>Single mid tier demon tearing through mythril adventures, advancing towards the king
>No escape, ast stand
>Suddenly Momon and Jaldaboath come bursting through a wall, fighting at full pace.
>shock-waves from blows, after images, Gazef and Lakyus can barely keep up
>Momon beats Jaldaboath back, turns on mid tier demon and wrecks it in like two hits
>Jaldaboath comes back and they disappear through another wall
>increasingly distant booms
>Everyone in shock

My sincere apologies user. I noticed it but by that time it was already too late.

If vol6 ever got animated this scenario could be used to extend the fight and make it look even more awesome. It sounds epic. Now I'm wondering how a fight between Sebas and Cocytus would look like.
Again, does anyone has that chart that showed everyone's stats in numbers and colors?

Here you go

Whoops, wrong chart, my bad.

>Always though he was a bard?

It's a demonic ability. It comes from his race classes, not his job classes.

Kek! I was like "wtf" for a moment there. Thanks user.

>Whoops, wrong chart, my bad.

You interested in inter-species breeding, user?

In any case, a fight between Sebas and Cocytus is possible I suppose. If they try and do another momon, i.e. controlled opposition, then Sebas is the obvious choice.

Are you saying you're not? What are you, a normiefag?

user they're going to nuke you for that.
Spoiler this shit if nipples are seen.

haha. It was when we were discussing possible children of dragon and also when we were discussing possible forms of Akemi rape babies

>Ainz: 40
>Demi: 57
>Sebas: 89
>Aura: 84
>PA: 83(adoptable)
Now I'm sure that Sebas, Aura and PA are at least lightning timers if not close to lightspeed.

>Demi a tribute to Momonga
>Chair a counter to Momonga
>Aura a crush on Momonga
>Albedo a secretary to Momonga
>Sebas a servant to Momonga
Jesus fucking Christ, just how many hardons and splooshes were there over Momonga in AOG?
Watch out, we've got a badass here.

Ah, I wasn't thinking, thanks.

I know the equation between Sebas, Cocytus and Albedo. I was just wondering how it would look like.

Speed? Yeah be sure to remember that's only for the physical movement speed/agility, not their speed of thought like some other user previously thought, basically thinking that Aura and Sebas are super natural tier geniuses in hiding.

>Wasn't thinking
You're in the right place then.

Did you read the PrologueTo the prologue if Maruyama is series with the 18 volumes thing?
He got several messages "Guild will fall apart if you're not the guild leader" Momonga was a fucking God Emperor apparently when it came to charisma.

Ainz was a lot higher during the Demi fight due to PW, probably in the 60s at least.

But yeah, if those stats are exponential in terms of effects, then the faster warriors are going to be seriously fucking zippy.

I meant from a manipulation reasoning. Cocytus is big and scary, Sebas looks human. If you want another Momon to draw out opposition, Sebas is an obvious choice.

I reckon it must speed up their reactions a lot. I work with some people who have some serious good reactions, they can do some things faster than I can understand, but I'm a lot more cunning and intelligent than them. Which is why they're troopers and I'm an intelligence officer.

Certain storefront special of vol 11.
Not sure if it's a poster or what.

>Momonga was a fucking God Emperor apparently when it came to charisma.
Holy fuck it just hit me that it's probably not the charisma stat of his character because of which he's so fucking loved by everyone, but his own natural charisma.

Just means you got lots of points in WIS and they got lots of in INT

>Guild will fall apart if you're not the guild leader
I thought that it meant that everyone else got IRL stuff to do and Momonga being no-lifer gladly provided comfortable framework for their adventures.
Like they log in on invitation mail from him and he had already every little detail ready for their adventures and general fun.
That kind of thing.
Without someone like that - they would've gave up playing sooner.
I suspect this is also the reason Touch Me handed Guild Master position to Momonga.

If ainz has stats of generalized level 100 warrior with PW then he's at minimum 75 even in everything but MP, M.ATK and Special.

>troopers and I'm an intelligence officer

Some people even said they would go with Momonga after NOG collapsed. It wasn't because he did all the work, user.

It's the Tom Clancy user.
He does keikakus for life.
Commented few threads back how he would handle several situations in Overlord differently.

Well I guess I'm a rotten person for always suspecting ulterior motives in people.

Come on user, don't be so fast with killing my headcanon.
It's just RL version of JUST(No offense bro), thinks he could manage it better because he's got info on everything, but would actually out-keikaku himself if presented face to face with Ainz.

>Killing headcanon
See this Maybe it's as you say and everyone adored him and respected his abilities.
Meh, experience matter, Ainz would've handled things better sooner if he had lot of staff under him back in Shadowrun.

>minimum 75

Vol 3

"The current Ainz was now closing in on the
heart of his enemy. Both of their mana was at zero. In health, Shalltear held the advantage.
However, Ainz, who was now a level 100 Warrior thanks to ‘Perfect Warrior’, surpassed
Shalltear who was not of a pure warrior class. Even in equipment, Ainz held the advantage."

>surpassed Shalltear

In Perfect Warrior Ainz is literally the perfect warrior. The spell converts caster stats into warrior stats, so level 100 mage > level 100 warrior. Without PW Ainz is a level 30~ warrior with his mage stats.

Reminded me of

>rotten person
Why am I not surprised?

>probably in the 60s at least.

Rotten is Clem' moe

What would happen if Chair used "Perfect Warrior"? With her high stats i imagine it would send her to Cuck Me levels of broken.

She would have similar stats to Ainz. Both would be level 100 warriors, who can't use any warrior's skills.


Though isn't it stated somewhere that PW's stats are not perfectly Min Maxed, so it wouldn't be quite as good as a player like Touch Me.

Though I agree that its probably higher than 75/80.

Well if what says it's true, not much, since Shalltear isn't a mage, but a frontline fighter/cleris/whatthefucksheis.
So if we do basic shit conversion we just swap his Phys and Magic stats or do we just boost him to 100 in everything warrior related?
She's not a pure warrior, so technically in pure stats he's better.

A 75 in everything warrior like Touch Me with skills beats a 100 in everything warrior with no skills.

>She's not a pure warrior, so technically in pure stats he's better.
How does her not being pure warrior affects the stats of PW?

I think its probably impossible to get 100 in all warrior stats.

High 80s/low 90s more likely.

Touch me was GOAT warrior and he wasn't 100 in all stats.

Meaning that Chair doesn't have all points put into a warrior build, so she's not maxed out in that area, or "perfect" if you will, while Ainz, who's build with PW will change into a "Perfect" warrior will have stats as if he put all levels/points into that class.

Basically if Shalltear is 8/10 Warrior and 2/10 mage then Ainz with PW is 10/10 warrior.

Again what does it have to do with my post?
I was replying to the guy who asked about Chair's stats as PW.

100 in HP, Speed and Physical Attack/Def, can be done if what Momonga said about magic resistance is true and carries onto stats, if you sacrifice some stats, you can max out others, but thats just another headcanon.

He's not 10/10 though.

Its a specifically imperfect build.

You can max some but not all.

That was me who you replied to, wrong tag?
I meant that if PW switches mage stats in warrior stats, then it's safe to assume that the better the mages stats then the better will the stats be as a warrior, but it is also possible that PW gives a set amount that doesn't change according to users default stats/build.
So you could also be correct that it doesn't matter at all, but then both Chair and Ainz would be level 100 warriors without any skills or abilities, equal in everything.

If you created a NPC and gave it flavour text of being "the most genius person ever, smart and super smart with a brain that works a million times faster than anyone else" etc, would they actually be that smart?

There doesn't seem to be a intelligence stat differing idiots like Chair and Narb from genius' like Demi.

>PW swithces mage stats in warrior stats
That's wrong. PW gives you stats of a warrior of the same level. This means Ainz and Chair will get the same stat boost.
The only difference will come from their starting stats as Skellington/Vampire.

It gives the mage a imperfect warrior build with the same level of the mage.

So a level 100 mage -> imperfect level 100 warrior, less powerful than a Level 100 minmaxed warrior

while a level 75 mage -> imperfect level 75 mage, less powerful than a level 75 minmaxed warrior.

Its possible to get 100 in 2-3 three stats i think. Ainz' MP is beyond 100 and has special of 100. So...there's that as well.

>You can max some but not all.
Thats what I said, sacrifice Mana stat so it's under 10 and you can put some more points into HP, sacrifice M.Att to buff Phy.Att, ect.
Hell Ainz has over level Mana.
Wasn't the deal that it gave Ainz stats of a level 100 Warrior but with disabling both his own magic and not having any Warrior skills or abilities?

Actually are we sure about this?

Shalltear is a less potent as a mage than Ainz. Maybe her PW would be less potent as well?

>Maybe her PW would be less potent as well?
That's my issue right now, does PW scale with the caster's stats or does it give a flat amount?
Would a mage like Ainz who has +100 MP get +100 HP or would he get the same as any other level 100 mage?

Why did Shalltear bring her low level vampire brides with her on her mission in Volume 3, instead of her high level undead subordinates?

They are the prettiest and least threatening looking, also cutest etc.

For disguise.
They at least look human.
Until they start chopping limbs off people.

It converts all levels into warrior levels. In other case Ainz would still have his 35 levels in racial class.

It gives you flat amount. You're literally a guy with 100 levels in warrior. The other lvl 100 people using PW also have 100 levels in warrior.


If it gives a flat amount it would need to be a ridiculous amount of stat gain or else Ainz would not have surpassed Chair.

But Shalltear's mission wasn't to blend in and gather information like Sebas and Solution. Her job was just to hunt down strong humans wtih martial arts, right? So whether her subordinates are human looking or not is irrelevant.

But VB have tits user.
What if she goes "hungry" on the mission?


>it would need to be a ridiculous amount of stat gain
What part of getting the same stats as level 100 warriors you don't get?

>implying high level undead don't have tits

No, its specifically an imperfect build. Not a terrible build mind you, its still decent, but its not min maxed like the top tier warriors such as Warrior Takemikazuchi and Touch Me.

I don't think its a flat amount. The better the mage, the more potent the spell. Ainz's PW is probably much, much better than Chair's would be, even though they are both level 100, due to Ainz being a level 100 pure mage with boosted magic, and Chair being a mix.

I can see it working as PW takes your level as the "base" of the spell, then takes how pure you are as a mage, and any magic buffs and such and adds them as a multiplier.

I think it goes like this
>(Perfect warrior base change)(Level)(extra due to magical aptitude/buffs)= Final PW stats

So for Ainz
>(Perfect warrior base change)(100)(1.5) = PW150

>(Perfect warrior base change)(100)(1) = PW100

Random level 75 mage
>(Perfect warrior base change)(75)(1.2) = PW90


We only saw Chair playing with VB tatas.
Other tit-equipped undead was not described.

She would have really benefited from having a couple of liches/elder liches with her, for magic support.

Thats all folks!

She would have really benefited from having a few lvl 80s with her.

BS would wreck anything

She would have really benefited from not being such a twat.

Shalltear has lvl 80 Overlord subordinates.


new thread

Seriously? A level 50 would annoy KC to no end, as it would probably be the only thing beside CD to actually be a serious threat to him.

That's more of a head cannon, I suppose. The library had lvl 80 Overlords. Shalltear was mentioned once being accompanied by high level undead when she was in the throne room. There are skeletons and liches on the first floor which is Shalltear's territory. I think it's reasonable to assume she has Overlord subordinates.

Is this thread dead?

Nah, KC is at least 60lvl, his buddies all should be >=30 and there's 11 of them.
They'll be fine even against 3 50lvl minions.

May I kill this thread?