Did she die?

Did she die?

No, she graduated.



It's open to interpretation, but the most commonly accepted theory is that she survived.


I would imagine so

No she got mind broken.

Yup. Ovarian cancer. Very sad.


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She did what she should've done when she learned about whole Rose Bride thing instead of doing what everyone else does but also criticizing it.

Didn't she become a car or something?

I'm not going to watch this show, I didn't even understand Mawaru Penguindrum.

why do you say things when you haven't even seen the show

Only in the movie, which is a separate thing

I watched the whole show, excitedly waiting for her to turn into a car, up until the last like 5 minutes when I realized it was not going to happen.

I thought she was just a persona created by anthy for herself

because i can

No, probably gave up or decided she'd rather go somewhere else, also did Nanami eventually move to a different school like she said she would?

I like to think that Nanami spent the rest of her miserable life crying in the fetal position over old photos of her and Touga, all while being haunted by fever dreams of cows and eggs.

she like Jesus in that world

>Mikage dies in the school
>dies for real
>Ruka can't die while he's in the school
>leaves and dies for real
Like I fucking know.


No she turned into a car

>dies for real

When was this stated?