Japs can't into anime about criminals. Prove me wrong

Japs can't into anime about criminals. Prove me wrong.

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I can't. Pic related was one of the greatest hypes and disappointments of my life.

>inb4 someone tries to claim Baccano! is good

That shit was so full of nothing.

I've never read it, but maybe Gangsta is good?

Baccano! is a literally almost perfect anime if they didn't cut shit from it

Cyber vandalism is serious.

Japan can't into anime about SERIOUS criminals. Lupin III was perfectly acceptable criminal anime but it was a comedy. If it's a comedy, they can make it work; anything else they chicken out or shit the bed on.

Lupin was here, but he left with the trips

That is because japan has little experience with crime as they have some of the lowest crime rates in the world

shitty america and europe on the other hand are always fill with people who want to shoot and rob


>saying this while 91 Days is airing

goddamn you people are fucking stupid sometimes. the only problem with that show was Fango

street racing is illegal

death note?

kek, good one

I agree.
>91 Days
Literally what

Space Cobra.


Nah, not serious enough

>Baccano is bad

91 days would have been AOTY if it wasn't for Rakugo

Doesn't Japan have laws against illegal activity in anime?

>golgo 13
>GTO (onizuka wasn't a career criminal but still)
>fucking Akira
come on m8

Monster was allright for a talking heads show

>golgo 13
Okay, the ovas are fine, the series are boring.
City Hunter is better.
Meh story.

Black lagoon

Golgo 13
Lupin III
Magic Kaito (this was pretty good, a shame that only like 4 anons watched it)
Cat's Eye

I'm gonna name Gungrave and Michiko to Hatchin, but both series are rather mediocre when compared to crime fiction from other media.

This either speaks of how weak anime has been this year or how shitty your taste is.

>when she finally gets to feel his soft fur for the first time

So beautiful.

>Japan's idea of a criminal is someone who puts their garbage out on the wrong night

All of them are old.

I haven't read it either, but if it's as "good" as the anime, then kek.

Magic Kaito is like 4 years old

The story itself is from the late 80s.

>Japs can't into anime about criminals. Prove me wrong.

>wan piss
>not steaming pile of shit

And? what does that have to do with what the op said? he never said anything about age.

I just noticed how weird her face is

Is OP retarded?

Psycho-pass S1 was a good police drama. Phantom of the Requiem and Darker than Black were both pretty good too. We'll never get anything like bones or law and order though. Phoenix Wright might be similar but I've never watched /played/read it.

Too young for Lupin probably.

Worlds greatest thief coming through

Yes, OP is retarded.


Never saw them as criminals. They Just hunt criminals, although faye can be considered as one.



Gungrave was great "before" it went full scifi.


Is there any anime with the spirit of Lupin III Pilot episode?

Lupin III is a Japanese created Character
Aresene Lupin is not

The character of Lupin is only half Japanese which explains why he has beautiful rounds eyes instead of chink eyes which is nice.

Overall He IS a Japanese created character with his own personality and stories thus an acceptable answer.

Lupin III Part 1
Lupin III Part 2
Lupin III Part 3
Lupin III Part 4

Dropped, no spirit of Pilot at all

Spike was a former Red Dragon soldier and hitman and partner to Vicious.

>This either speaks of how weak anime has been this year or how shitty your taste is.Anonymous

Unless that user has particularly shit taste its the first one. This year has run rampant with massive disappointments.

Real world criminals are boring and stupid. You want a realistic depiction of some SEA pirates? Here it is:

Capt. Retard and his crew of dumbshits gets drunk and high, then race out on their boat to try and rob a huge container ship. The merchant marines onboard lay down suppressive fire with several deck mounted M60s. Capt Retard and 5 of his crew mates get their brains blown out on the deck, the rest of the crew cowers in fear below deck. Then they dump the bodies and the smartest retard left becomes Captain Retard. The go to a bar and fuck some hookers while reevaluating their lives. Then the next day they go out and try it again.

Emblem Take 2 would like to have a word with you.

but both series are legitimately great.

I think the 1st half of Gungrave counts

I thought black lagoon was one of Cred Forumss favorite series

Vash is a criminal for the beginning of trigun

waste of quads

I want my anime Ryukishi

It's bad. They took a novel setting and stuck totally cookie-cutter generic anime characters into it. The only differences between 91 Days and a high school drama anime are the clothes and the murder.

The pilot still had ridiculousness, especially with the disguise

and sure, 2 has plenty of silliness but you can't throw all of it under the bus

Part 2 is just really inconsistent. You've got episodes about Lupin plotting lethal revenge against assassins or even cops, alongside even killing the president of the Not-USA for attempting to use him - right alongside episodes where Zenigata claims that Lupin never killed anyone and he'd need to put him down if he became a killer. Although, yeah, the general atmosphere is more to the light and goofy side, with Lupin in many episodes just going out of his way to help people like a random JRPG hero in sidequests.

Part 3 also suffers from that inconsistency, but I think after the first 5 or so episodes it actually settles on a more serious take on Lupin. Even when the drawing style becomes goofy it had probably one of the smoothest takes on him in episode 30.

>Real World criminals
Depends on the crime, drug traffickers and Wall Street criminals are based.