Why? The only true salvation is either total freedom, or global extinction.

Save them? You think you have saved them? You would be wrong. Their paths are set. Giving them what they have not earned is like pouring sand into their hands. Perhaps, by offering aid, all you have helped them become is a target. What if allowing them to live another day works a greater darkness upon another?

Become a magical girl

Live in the attic, it solves every problem.

Imprison them in your shed.



Talk no jutsu

become meguca

Some people just weren't meant to be saved, maybe just try murdering them outright instead, I dunno

>tfw madara was right
>tfw newfags will defend tobiramas horrible life choices
>tfw the good guys in naruto were actually the bad guys

Recreate the universe.
Except not even that really worked.

I mean, in stories, don't actually murder anyone outright over fictional characters pls, pls no rope day, etc etc

Just start over from scratch and make a new human race, but make sure to remove just the parts of our minds that make us turn on each other. Remove those kinds of emotions and flawed ways of thinking while encouraging individualism, freedom, but also empathy.

Also make them stronger, smarter, and longer living.

Humanity as it is has 99% people who can't be saved, because the person to save them from is themselves. Only a few people who understand the worthlessness of materialism and the importance of freedom can ever benefit from being saved.

>values individualism, freedom, and empathy
>being a slave to your own impulses is good because I use the word empathy instead of things like materialism

Life is painful. To stop people from feeling pain, they have to die. It's okay, death is a natural thing and nothing to be scared of. Keeping them alive would also just mean an endless cycle of pain and suffering and need for saving. Death is final, so it effectively eliminates the possibility for any of that. If they are good people, they will enjoy a good afterlife. Consequently, the best way to save everyone is to kill them all. If you think or act in opposition to this, you are an enemy of justice, goodness and the human race.

Of course, not all people are good. Some people are evil. But even evil people must be saved. So while it is fine to murder all the good people, evil people should be left alive so they can reform before death. Killing all the good people first and leaving only the evil people alive is optimal for achieving the end goal of saving everyone.

You may all say that this is immoral or unethical, but I say I am both right and correct. And even if I cannot achieve this utopia, the struggle is still worth something in itself. My dream is not wrong.

>implying thoughts aren't impulses
>implying being a slave to ideas is superior to being a slave to desires
find your inner autism and you'll know it to be true


UBW Shirou and was the most interesting for me.

HF was great overall, but Shirou's single-mindedness and absolute devotion to Sakura from the start made him less interesting. His internal conflicts were more easily resolved because he tossed away his ideals. If you wanted something like that but better, look at Miyu's Shirou from Prillya.

Save as much as possible, kill only if there's necessary.

Only magical girls have the power to save everyone.
Not being a little girl means that you automatically failed.

>Kill everyone, damn the consequences.
Fixed. This is how you save people. Your way of doing things would only have saved people as a fluke.

Simple, you make a harem.

don’t mind discussing hypotheticals, you know?
After all, reality is so strict it leaves no room for fun and it’s hard to find anything to excite your heart.
Being stuck in a solidified hierarchy of power and unable to move from the peak is difficult in its own way.
Now, now. It’s time to have some fun with wordplay.
Let’s say you had the world’s worst method in your hand.
What if there was someone before you who can only be saved by using that method?
If you just want to do what’s right, you would surely choose to let them die.
If you just want to save anyone who is suffering, you would surely take on the burden of that worst sin.
How valuable are the rules made by man?
Each of those rules was built up and civilized to hide the truth behind misunderstandings and differences in interpretation, and as a result, they grow further and further from the essence of why they are necessary. For one thing, the very idea that staying true to justice will make people happy has never been proven or assured by anyone, right?

buzz off kreia, best gray coming through

You don't. You just try to save everyone that you can, and try to put a structure in place that will keep saving people after you're gone.

A picture of Touma with "Fuck it, let's fight a god" should be added under shinji.

This should have been the cover.

NT10 was a mistake.

The god thing worked better as it's own story rather than added to an existing one.