Did they ever explain why Elf girl said her name was Satella in loop 1?

Did they ever explain why Elf girl said her name was Satella in loop 1?

Probably because she was trying to push him away as she thought he was getting close to her with ulterior motives.

But saying her name is Satella is basically admitting to being the witch, any normal person in that world would have strangled her to death right there and then. She had no idea that Subaru had no idea who Satella was. Pretty fucking risky move just to bat some harmless kid away.

>strangled her to death right there and then

I think they would run in terror

Stop thinking logically

>Why at no point did he question why the witch was working against her own agenda by continually sending him back in time to defeat her followers?
>Why didn't green hair girl detect he was lieing when he said his phone could "detect" the whale?
>Why did the whale attack him in the first place?
>How did he charge his phone?
>Why did he agree to give his phone to that guy in exchange for his help, knowing full well it would soon run out of power and become a lemon? Guy's going to be pissed when he realizes he's been fucked over
>How did the book come back to him like a boomerang after he threw it at sloth guy?

There are so many plot holes in this show, it's turn your brain off entertainment

But the witch isn't working against her own agenda. Do people not even pay attention when they watch this show?

He's correct though

Maybe to test if he was witch cultist?

They would run like the thieves in the alley, she knew Subaru was more pathetic than they were.

>Why didn't green hair girl detect he was lieing when he said his phone could "detect" the whale?
He wasn't lying. The phone is how he can detect the whale, though only with an indirect method involving Subaru already knowing the time of the whale's appearance.

And if he was, then what?

It's disgusting that people constantly need to invent shit to fill plot holes.

They just wanted her to be edgy for a moment to shock the audience or whatever. It didn't fit her character at all saying something like that.

This is how terrible the writing is in this shit show.

You bastards.

Because she is and figured telling a nobody autist like Subaru wouldn't change a thing.

Get away from him? Emilia can take on Betelgeuse, what chance does a random witch cult spy have against her?

The bigger question is how nobody lynched Subaru for happily calling out Satella's name like a witch cultist

>let's see if I can trust this guy that's wearing a tracksuit
good thing there was no language barrier. at least he had to learn how to read and write to pretend the world has some depth.

Did they ever explain how he won the Rock Paper Scissors game?

Yes they did, right after he "beat" her. Ironically it's one of the few wins that actually make sense and isn't just the usual asspull, and the one people were the most confused about.

The asspulls were the best thing about the series.

A guy who looks vaguely like Hitler comes up to you and says "Hi I'm Hitler"
Would you kill him?

If you read the source you will understand this and a thousand more shit that were not included in the adaptation.

fall in love with him, obviously.


Except hitler here, destroyed half the entire fucking world, and is basically the strongest person in existence with dark magic.

I would if I was an illiterate pleb in medieval times and Hitler was known to have magical powers

Why don't you explain it instead

>any normal person in that world would have strangled her to death right there and then
>Implying anyone would want to touch the person who literally absorbed half the freaking world and needed 3 major power houses to seal her away, and is not even dead

Are you mentally challenged?

Does it ever get explained how or why Subaru got teleported into the world? Is it in LN?

Stop this meme, they included it in the anime, the LN gave the same explanation, Subaru thinks it was to stop him from getting involved in her problems, so he wouldn't waste his time with her.

Hitler is dead, Satella is not.
Emilia looks like Satella, the bloke does not look like Hitler.

Flawed logic.

>Why at no point did he question why the witch was working against her own agenda by continually sending him back in time to defeat her followers?
Why would he question it? It makes no difference. Even if he doesn't understand why Satella is getting him to kill her followers, it's not like he can do shit about it.
>Why didn't green hair girl detect he was lieing when he said his phone could "detect" the whale?
That was a half-Truth, not a full-blown lie. The phone does tell him when the Whale will show up.
>Why did the whale attack him in the first place?
Why would this be considered a plot hole? Just happened to be right place right time.
>How did he charge his phone?
It's conceivable that he could have turned his phone off to conserve power, but I guess this could be considered a plot hole, albiet a minor one
>Why did he agree to give his phone to that guy in exchange for his help, knowing full well it would soon run out of power and become a lemon? Guy's going to be pissed when he realizes he's been fucked over
And how exactly would he go about finding Subaru after getting scammed? Subaru could just skip town.
>How did the book come back to him like a boomerang after he threw it at sloth guy?
I don't know. I'd have to rewatch the last episode to see if there's a reason because I didn't notice that the first time.

It's one of the main mysteries of the story, most assume Satella pulled him, but there's more people from earth in that world, some are even implied to have founded some of the countries, or at least influenced then a lot.

Hamburger shop, Kararagi has Japanese style clothing, Anastasia's country has Kansai dialect, and so on. It has been happening way before Subaru got brought in.

You seem to think Satella is the one pulling strings in the witch cult, when it was never stated. There's a reason why she rejected Betelgeuse, who was probably the most devout follower of Satella.

>plot holes
>spoon feed me like a literal faggot user

Don't forget that they have machines with shoots freakinf lazers beams. If that makes sense.

Didn't Al once say to Subaru that he was just like him, implying he was teleported there too?

Bystander effect causes most people to not help out a stranger that's getting straight up assaulted. Decidedly Inserting yourself in to an even less offensive scenario like one stranger saying something nasty about another stranger would be even less likely to happen.

What the fuck ever happened to Felt?

How is the phone having infinite battery life not a plothole

Nothing. She's just not relevant to what Subaru is doing right now.

Forgotten plotline just like 90% of the shit that happened in this series


Back to youtube with you.

Did they ever explain why a Japanese neet was given the ability to return from death and sent to another world?

Terrible analogy.

Lets say your girlfriend just got raped and a guy who looks like the rapist tells you he did it, do you punch him?

>Did they ever explain
Of course they didn't.


I thought it was because she was noticing how much he wasn't "from around there," and she was testing how much. The witch is kinda feared across the world, but here's this dude in clothes she's never seen, with soft hands and muscles you don't get from combat or hard labor, who can speak well but can't read and pronounces some words funny, and who seems oblivious to so many things that are obvious to even children in their world. She's never been received well by anyone because of her appearance, but here's this ignorant dude who treats her like anyone else.

So in that one timeline, with those particular observations, she introduces herself as Satella as a kind of a final test. She also probably didn't want to divulge her real name to this weird stranger in that timeline either, for whatever reason. I don't think it's explicitly explained in the anime, but there's plenty implied.

There, enjoy your spoon feeding.

I'm at ep 7. I don't think I can watch this through with an MC idiotic as this.

Literally retards who don't read source material.

This is like watching people bitch at a movie for not understanding it because it's the sequel to another movie.

I would swear allegiance to the fuhrer. What kind of pleb do you take me for? I'm 100% pureblood blonde haired blue eyed masterrace.

Her name was Satella. She changed her name.

OK wiki reader

why does a Japanese neet have the ability to return from death and is summoned to another world?

A guy who looks vaguely like Accelerator comes up to you and says webm related


ITT: weeb tittybabies with no capacity for insight or patience and who want to be spoon fed all of their plot points to be touched with instantaneous gratification at no effort or perseverance

>wikifag who looked up moonrune LN spoilers accusing anyone else of being a secondary

What? Watching a sequel before the first movie isn't the same at all as what's happening here. If you watch a sequel to a movie without watching the original movie, there are gaps that can be explained within the existing canon. The Re:zero anime has no such luxury. It is not a sequel to anything. There are gaps that will never be explained, and there will never be a second season.

What a terrible analogy.

Not him, and I haven't read any of the WN, LN, or wiki, but I can infer it's clearly all part of Satella's plan, and it's a fate Subaru has chosen to meet head on, if he's thought about it at all yet. Betelguese says the "ordeal" is just a test to see if Emelia is a worthy host for Satella's spirit, so you can clearly tell that all of these pawns are being thrown at her as part of that continuing test. Subaru clearly fills an equal but opposite role, having been given the most powerful ability of all the Sin Archbishops: return by death.

How is any of this difficult to come up with? Why do you need all of the mysteries of a show answered in the first season? Why did your mom's doctor fail your abortion and plague us with you?

pfft who cares how he got here maaaan

He purposefully fills the role of anti-hero who is unlikable, but a far more realistic an MC. He does get better, though, even after getting worse for a while. I'd stay off Cred Forums threads at least until you're done with the anime tho (and that might not be enough), everyone is spoiling everything right now (even from the WN and LN, not just the anime).

In that scene he is anything but realistic.

First of all he is trying to "save" two psychotic monster who clearly are insane. But they're cute so it's ok.
And hasn't it crossed his mind that he could be actually dying everytime. And the new "him" would be just a copy. That's just stupid

>I don't think I can watch this through with an MC idiotic as this.
Stop while you can and save yourself the torture. This anime will be forgotten in at most 2 weeks anyway.

>spending time with people, sharing jokes and tasks with them, doesn't make you like them any more
>it's impossible to understand someone's intentions and motivations if they mean you harm for any reason, and to want to help them even through their pain and yours
>using the one power you have to help people isn't logical
>not contemplating your existence philosophically at every possible moment is "stupid"
>living in the moment, the thing literally everyone tells you to do to obtain happiness, is "stupid"
>contemplating the nature of your return by death ability clearly connected to the most powerful magic user to ever exist in a world full of magic is more important than questioning how you got there in the first place

holy fuck you're retarded. maybe this show is a little too smart for you and you really should quit watching.

Let me kill myself so a copy of me can maybe have a girlfriend.

It's never even implied that COULD be what's happening. That's literally just your tangent of a thought.

But even if that's what's happening, it has no bearing on anything whatsoever. Not only could he not figure that out, as there would be no way of proving or disproving it, but it would be unnoticeable. Even if it's a copy of him, it has all his memories and experiences, so he wouldn't be able to tell.

I think, therefore I am is the only truth. To look into existence any more than that is a waste of time. You either live in the here and now and do your best to have a life worth living, or you don't.

the how else to get a gf?

try not being an idiot, or going for a female idiot your caliber

You obviously weren't paying attention if you don't know why the whale attacked him.

quite literally the worst analogy of all time.

I'd ask him if he took a video of it so we can watch it together later.

Yeah, that analogy was worse than Hitler.

I love how people say read the source material but all the EOP are doing is reading a fucking pastebin someone made

Fucking hell did you even watch the show? He was slowing her down and she was trying to politely make him fuck off.

Why did you think she made it to the loot house HOURS faster than when he was with her?

How does she fight Beetlejuice head on but gets her ass handed to her by the bowel slut


she haiai

Gee, I don't know what I would do

Cultist attacked her at night when Puck was asleep.

Same way the cultists killed her.

>the cultists killed her.
What tells you it was the cultist and not betelgeuse?

>My issue with re: zero is it's lack of focus onto any particular theme, plot point, or character development that holds up in a meaningful way throughout the series. There are no motifs, or any sign that what i see will be relevant onto the story later without having to slog through meaningless bullshit. Anything i get seems to be thrown away for no good reason later on.

>For example.

>We have 3 episodes that gives us a tight, focused story on subaru meeting a couple of characters over returning an item. In this time we get some good characterization from felt(poor ambitious child), some characterization from the old man(lazily old dude that cares for felt like a grandchild but with rough exterior), some characterization for emelia(nice girl* it's not a particularly strong character statement), and some characterization from subaru(a neet that tries to find a stereotypical role to fill in an "anime" world).

>At this point, i like it. It's a good hook into the series with a solid cast and premise. Bonus points becuase it seems to come off as self-aware through subaru and pokes fun at cliches.

>I'll start and point out the questionable decision in pacing to throw two of these characters to the backburner and have a complete shift to slice of life murder mystery mansion setting(i'm not even including the assasin and knight). This went from an adventure chase that took place across different areas of a city to a static mansion. I don't care if the previous characters come back 10 episodes later. It's jarring and breaks flow to introduce a whole house of a new cast.

>We get to the mansion and have to be reintroduced to new characters. This is an inherent "retcon" of a cast foundation. 4 episodes into your anime. It isn't just adding characters. It's a re-learning of who we're suppose to care about. Emelia certainly isn't strong enough of a character to afford to be absent. I'd even say it's detrimental that she occasionaly shows up just to interact with subaru and enforce him.

>At this point you guys are probably saying something along the lines of "she isn't suppose to be the center of attention, she has her own life away from subaru. She's independent". I disagree. That pretty much solidifies that the anime is only about subaru and his unbearable character "development", which i don't think is good enough to hold the anime by itself . What am i getting out of subaru selfishly crying for 16 episodes exactly?

>This is enforced with the opposite "overdeveloping" of rem. I say overdeveloping becuase the anime focuses so much on her just to do so little. She is given a back story, she has a dynamic arc with subaru, and she has motives(keep in mind she developed into a character that hinges on the existence of subaru). What happens? She's shafted to highlight subaru's character trait.
I.e shes torturted by cult leader just to make subaru suffer, she becomes a character who's purpose is to serve subaru, is supportive of subaru when he needs it, ect.

if you're 25 episodes into a story and an explanation for the the premise hasn't even been hinted at, then the story is poorly written.

>The main love interest is underdeveloped and the developed "love interest" is treated like a plot device.

>Look, i get it. We've had our string of gary stu's for the past couple of anime seasons. That doesn't mean that a character that comes along to be bad at everything is a good character. There's more to good character writing other than "look how cringey he is!". He's unreflective and events around him only happen to reinforce his lack of learning. It's just a small part on to the bigger shit show that is the anime.

>And that there lies on my biggest issue with the anime.

>Subaru, who is suppose to be the one carrying the anime, who demands a cast around him to be neglected in the eyes of the viewer, is too weak of a character for this show to be considered "good". There is no learning for subaru to justify so many episodes. You can't have subaru suicide to save the twins in one episode, have him be scared to die in every episode after, say that he actually didn't learn anything the whole time and expect that to be acceptable. I don't give a shit that he "derives his worth from the views around him" because everything falls apart around him for little return, if any. There's no solid theme, plot point, or characterization that stands out as exceptional.

Good argument, but egregious use of greentext.

I used greentext because those aren't my words.

I swear people like this just aggravate me, if you don't explain something so basic to understand to them they'll just drop to hard, honestly it feels like this show is intentionally weeding out the spoiled autists who can't handle things not being explained to them.

Not that guy, but can you explain to me why Subaru loves Emilia without defaulting to a "love is irrational" argument? Because in that exact same vein there is a perfectly logical love that Rem has for Subaru with concrete reasoning based on extended interaction and clear motives.

I really don't care about the waifu wars. I just want to understand this because it's apparently the pivotal plot point for this entire show that just doesn't hold up.

cute elf girl that saved him from getting beat up

You kinda have to use your brain rather than have it be spoon fed to you like the autists in this thread want to be so I'll bite. If you want my two cents it was just love at first sight kinda thing, and sure you have rem but it's more like a early bird gets the worm first kinda thing even though nobody competed for subaru.

I've always assumed that he's compelled to love her because of the witch's influence, considering the two seem to have some sort of implied association on top of looking like each other. That or love at first sight or some shit since he's a NEET who finally had a pretty girl pay ANY attention to him. There's no following logic with this shit, really.

You know, I somehow like this threads. Even though you people are just fighting, it's not shitpost. Some of you actually have points. My brain trembles.

>I've always assumed that he's compelled to love her because of the witch's influence, considering the two seem to have some sort of implied association on top of looking like each other.

That was indeed interesting.

What about Reinhardt?! That bastard saved Subaru from the thugs in early episodes and after that from the black woman with the blades and the big tits. If Subaru should fall in love with someone it should be with Reinhardt.

but they have hinted at it, several times and in several different ways. just because you're too dull to catch it with your middle school level comprehension skill doesn't mean it's not there.

there's a word for it: mystery. the idea is to slowly unfold the plot without giving away too much all at once. yet I can still predict how the entire story is going to go, barring the inner twists and turns.

keep up, user-kun.

It's not modern smart phone what eats up energy. Older phones can take longer before running out of energy, especially if not used that much.
You would know that if you were older.


Hoy can you keep a series "mysterious" if every mysterious thing introduced in the first half of the series is treated like everyday stuff and then forgotten forever.
Also in the moment you can predict stuff the mystery is gone.

That really was Satella. She fell in love with Subaru and so gave him the reset ability. Emilia was who he met each time after, she looks identical to Satella as noted

So she just randomly picked a human from other world? What about Puck?

it's treated like an everyday occurrence by Subaru because he's a NEET who watched Konosuba last season and plays way too many video games. he not only embraces it, but is even surprised when he receives no guidance or super power. this show is a deconstruction of the genre of "trapped in another world" that SAO shat all over.

not only that, but he really hasn't had a chance to even stop and breathe since everything started. he can't go two days without some catastrophe happening to him or someone around him. he doesn't have the luxury to sit around and contemplate his reason for being there when he has to focus on saving the people around him. plus he's actually is pretty consistently questioning the witch's hold on his heart, and using every bit of the fact that she's there to his advantage. he also spends a lot of time trying to figure out what the witch's cult is on about.

also, I can predict stuff because I'm a super genius. meanwhile, you're over there with your finger up your nose asking soft hitting questions. predictions aren't guaranteed to be right, yet people literally spend most of their time while watching/reading a mystery crafting their predictions. succboi

No, not at random, Satella has the hots for Subaru. Don't automatically believe a spirit creature when they tell you their name is Puck

It's implied that she might have had some other reasons for picking Subaru in particular other than just love. We probably wont learn those reasons until about the time the series hits end-game, if at all.

Aside from being a 10/10 beauty, Emilia gave him purpose. You have to be a literal idiot to not get this even though the show has hammered it to you quite blatantly on several occassions.

Shut up Griffith.

It's like a black person telling a white person their name is Nigger

That's a good analogy.

That anime was pretty bad

Hasn't like a week passed in universe since we last saw her? Not too long in my opinion.

It's was satella itself , thats the way she meets Subaru.

I didn't get it until the fight when they made it obvious Subaru was doing it for himself instead of her. Author made a really great story for NEET types who often like characters that do everything for them.

pick related

Because they needed a shitty cliffhanger.
Actual reason was dumb and pointless

Speculation - EMT is aware of the outlines of the witch's plans for her, at least in very general terms. It's why she says she wants to be queen for "selfish reasons". Something there to work against the witch's plans.

This is some retarded writing right here.

>confuse Rem for Ram
>suddenly shocked and upset that the person he thought was alive and in front of him is, in fact alive

I don't understand. Was he shocked that Ram wasn't there? What the fuck how did the editor not catch not this? Is it a translation error or something?

Depends. Is he the same guy who pretty much destroyed half the civilized world and is known to be one of the most powerful and evil beings in existence?
If so, I'm getting the fuck out of dodge right after apologizing for my girlfriend's lack of immediate submission.


I don't think it was mentioned at all in the anime, he did say it directly to him in the manga though.

It's not, I think the problem might be that both of them are alive. That said Al does do some contradictory stuff like how he freaked out when he saw an illusion of Satella yet when Priscilla destroyed it he got angry.

A spook

They did establish that rule early with dogs, although the anime didn't cover that Mabeasts desire to eat mana sources and always consider things that smell like the witch as prime mana sources.

Al seems to have had a bad time. I'm thinking he hangs out with Priscilla because her life is conveniently easy.

I like how they faded to white as soon as he started talking about Rem.


>Why at no point did he question why the witch was working against her own agenda by continually sending him back in time to defeat her followers?
Probably because they were also threats to Emilia.

>Why didn't green hair girl detect he was lieing when he said his phone could "detect" the whale?
Because Subaru never claimed it was a whale detector. Specifically, he says "with this I can predict when *and* where the whale will appear." He's not lying, because without it he'd only know *where* the whale will appear. He also never claims it's a metia, only that it's been *called* a metia by other people. That's how he bypasses her lie detector.

>Why did the whale attack him in the first place?
Witch's scent.

Practical application of game theory on both sides, with the girl making the wrong move because she didn't think it through from both sides.

>>How did the book come back to him like a boomerang after he threw it at sloth guy?

Checkmate Christians.

I wouldn't even kill the real Hitler if he approached me.

Good analogy

>Hitler did nothing wrong

Apologies for posting a fucking demotivational poster, but this post reminded me of this old-ass image that i thought was funny when I was 14.

Steph is a retard.

Can somebody explain why the old sword grandpa claims to know that subaru is "someone who experienced death alot of times already"

Wasn't it "Doesn't fear death" ?

might depends on the sub, but me and that guy clearly remembers him saying experienced death. In fact i even checked twice when he said it just to make sure if it wasn't "seen death" but no, it's "experienced death".

He's the fucking sword demon
He had to kill for a living when he was young.
His wife died in the battlefield.

Just finished reading the Interlude 3/6 and holy shit Ferris is acting too passive-aggresive because of Crusch, he must be fucking wreck on the inside.

What was the song when Feris kills Subaru
and when Subaru throws the bomb in the dead whale?

She wants to help the frozen village where she lived in the past, too bad her plans went to shit after she found out about the Serpent Of Gluttony.

the ed 2, tard

Not even strangled (I don't think anyone would even think of doing that to the Witch): they could've just called the guards and have her arrested.

Using such an alias when you're already suffering from heavy bias and discrimination is like asking to get yourself executed.

To me it sill follows many of the common LN/isekai trends

>MC adjusts to new world unreasonably quickly
>Meets a sexy girl on the day he's transported
>Side character falls in love with MC after he helps her one time
>MC has unique ability

The show is self aware about common isekai/light novel tropes but ends up doing many of them anyway.

The witch literally destroyed half the world, and needed the 3 strongest forces of her time to band together just to seal her. Everyone not names Reinhard would be scared shitless, including the guards.

Probably not, because it was boring as shit. Plenty of crappy shows have plotlines, they're just not interesting. Like Re:zero. Honestly, I didn't pay attention to some shit, which might why I dislike the show more than it deserves, but then I realise if it can't hold my interest well enough that I zone out within 20 minutes, it was probably shit to begin with.

Dumb plot point that makes no sense. There are tons of them. Like when Subaru asks Crusch to help him out with the Witch's Cult, and she asks what he can offer in return, he says nothing, she says "make Emilia drop out of the election", he says "sure, that's better than her being dead" and she says "that won't cut it because she's not gonna win anyway". Why bring it up if you're immediately going to shut down the idea? I don't comprehend.

Or you have attention deficit disorder

But Reinhardt exists, lives in Lugnica and is very much a part of the Royal Guard: plus I doubt anyone among his peers is unaware that he is te Sword Saint. Even if the dude Emilia scared off by calling herself Satella went to speak to a different guard, the task of arresting/stopping her would naturally be deferred to him.

>everyone not named Reinhard

Animeonly pleb here. Is he really that strong? Thought he was just another high tier knight.

I don't have the powerlist image saved, but yeah he's ridiculously OP.

>complaining that an anime adaptation of a series that covers what is probably the first quarter, *maybe* the first third of the series doesn't answer every single question

Are you people just going out of your way to shit on it because it's popular, or are you really this fucking stupid?

This is Cred Forums, you should be used to people shitposting on your favorite show by now

She was clearly testing Subaru to see how far he'd go for EMT and if he was actually giving things proper thought. He offered no real bargaining chips but still demanded her resources without showing her proper respect or consideration. The suggestion showed that he really wasn't thinking about offering anything back.

Supposed to 15 arcs. We only just finished arc 3 and they get longer.

You cannot kill him without special means, and then he gets to come back to life

>curse requires you to touch the person you're cursing
>Satella personally appears in loop 1 to curse Subaru with return by death
>after that she manipulates him through respawn point placement

Come to think of it, where the fuck has this asshole been this entire time while his whole domain was blown to pieces?

Jacking off to Emilia's panties desu

The time between anyone in his domain even being aware that an attack is coming and when it happens is not even 24 hours, remember. Had the letter not been blank there may have been enough time for him to be notified and get back, but even then it probably wouldn't have been enough.

The conversation was like this:

> "What's your name?"
> "Fuck you is my name."
> "Well, Fuck You, let's go on adventures together!"

>he doesn't say "mayonegg"

he turns his phone off when he's not using it

If you watch a show you dislike enough to fall asleep and then complain about made up shit because you didn't pay attention you must be retarded.

But the thing is, there isn't much reason for her to care about Subaru's poor negotiation. In fact she could've used it to her advantage. She could've gotten Subaru to do anything she wanted, from swearing vassalage to her to making Emilia drop out to giving her all the information he knows about Emilia and her household (she could even use her blessing to confirm if it's the truth or not). Plus she would've gotten a lot of good publicity for taking out a group of well known dark magic cultists, which would've increased her support.

I thought all the parallel worlds were identical apart from Subaru's actions and witch scent. Also it's likely Beatrice would've detected it when looking for curses on Subaru, or for Ferris to find it when he was healing him.

Because SHE´S SATELLA, that loop was a tutorial about his mission in this world.

Waiting to see if Subaru had avoided it.

He spend the time fucking Beatrice. Please read Arc 4 novels

His ability is basically "Fuck you, I can have any ability I want". He's the strongest character in the whole verse, barring Satella.

She´s irrelevant, in Arc 4-6 she dont exist anymore