Why does japan put bread on the grill again? Is this only in anime, cause anime girls cant get cancer?

Why does japan put bread on the grill again? Is this only in anime, cause anime girls cant get cancer?

Thehy should just stick to their raw fish and rice

In all honesty
>not grilling your buns and buttering them

Japans weird dude

I had all these guys trying to by crystal meth from me because im vietnamese

>pic unrelated
Right? I don't see anything resembling bread in OP.

That's a mushroom you stupid fucks.

he is talking about the stuff in the right corner you dunce.

You mean those ONIONS?

There is no bread in that picture.

Right is onions.

Left is a shitake mushroom.

you sure?

is it Onion Bread? It looks like just regular white bread.

Pretty sure.

What dough has concentric circles?

Not the user you are responding too, but I am sure the ones in the image were mushrooms. It's normal for japanese and korean bbqs to use those mushrooms and they look exactly like that. Now fuck off.


the Laugenbrötchen is truely the most important ingredience in every japanese dish

No, you faggot, that's not breat. It's clearly an onion. See all those rings? (i.e., layers in an onion)

Yes, it's obviously a mushroom.

>drawing so shit it causes food identification rage

no its onions just cut into slices fucking white people man

Haven't you heard of grilled cheese?

I mean dough might not have it, but once the dough is baked it could have circles like that.

More like OP is a fucking retard

>grilling bread can give you cancer

Well damn

>anime girls can't get cancer

>he doesn't like toasty buns.

>not realizing that the possible source of carcinogens when grilling food is nitrates exposed to high temperatures
>implying bread has nitrates

Holy shit all this fucking newfags falling for the same thread over and over and over again

You've never turned on the stove in your life, haven't you, you underage faggot? I'm not even talking about actual baking, that's what is for.

The only kind of bread that could have "circles" are pastries rolled, folded and laminated with butter, like a croissant. And that is most definitely not that kind of bread. IT'S A THICK ONION SLICE.

Their meat looks like trash too.
What kind of cut it's that supposed to be?

It's almost as if they're toasting their bread isn't it OP?

>not getting the joke

What a fucking newfag

Someone has never been to the South.
We butter and grill our bread like our burgers.
Pro tip: For every 2 pounds of meat add 1/4 lb of butter.
Also make sure it's a lean meat.

Sorry, I missed the last 3 years of Cred Forums.

Anyways, what exactly do you think would happen to this shitty obscure 'meme' thread if newfags weren't tripped though? Thread would die. You wouldn't feel revalidated as an oldfag, etc. It's the circle of life and I really hope you got here before 2007, user.

That's a mushroom you faggot

ive only heard of smoked cheese~