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You dont need it.
Buy plastic crack instead

$150 on Barnes and Nobles RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT

But man, it's so shiny and nice looking.
It's only going to get more expensive from now on.
Holo a cute.

If you're going to buy it now get it from canadian amazon. It's way cheaper there.

>Spice and Wolf
Truth. If you live in the first world, it comes out to $90 incl. shipping.

The bad part is it probably isn't a numbered edition, even though it says so, because it went up so late.

What is it?

Holo's Quran.

lurk for 4 years before posting

If you already have all the books you dont need it.

The true Bible.

Can't wait to scalp the copies I have pre-ordered

You're the kind of person I really hope gets aids.

I have all the books, and I ordered it.

Shoot me now.

>its a fucking bible
Please tell me the illustrations and the cover are glorious

Cover is shit. Illustrations are the same.

Just ordered it, hopefully it shows up in time to get it signed at New York Comic Con

I hope I'm able to snag a copy. Don't even care if I get a numbered one. I just want all the books on my shelf and this would look the best.

Not sure how I feel about it being literally a textbook.

I thought the pages would feel nicer, well anyways this must mean high quality illustrations?

>Just started new job
>don't get first paycheck until friday

Is there any hope I'll still be able to preorder a copy by friday?

tfw i just got into spice and wolf and i'm strongly considering dropping the money for this.

If you plan on having physical copies, it would be foolish not to. MSRP for each of the 17 volumes is $13 bringing it to $221 for bog-standard paperback books while this little guy has all the content in a better quality book, for $150 MSRP.

Physical copies of books are a must have. I hate digital shit you don't really own. Thanks for the advice though never considered it would save me money.

This is also why Yen Press shies away from omnibus books. They probably only did this one because they figured they squeezed most of the potential earnings out of the volume publication already. Also, because Spice and Wolf is easily one of the best and most popular series of it's era so there's a huge demand for something like this versus a less popular show.

Already ordered
Day 1. Hopefully i got in early enough for first print.

You can only get it signed if it's one of the 100 copied purchased AT NYCC. You won't be able to get it signed

Pre-orders close the 22nd

>paying for dead trees
>shit will just sit on your shelf
>even if you do feel like a re-read you'll just use pdfs or epubs on your phone

consumerism, even once

Literally The Holo Bible



I bought this. I was in the process of buying the books but it's cheaper to get this tome.

Honestly, I think the frequency dialogs makes it look like trash in textbook format though.

Too late for a numbered copy anyways.
Good thing I ordered first day.

>13$ per book

RIght stuf sells for $10 a pop without membership and they ship for free.

And of course with the big book coming out there will probably be a spike in people offloading their collection of individual books so expect ebay/craigslist to have a bunch.


Can't wait to see which number I got.

Still not sure if I actually got in on the numbered edition or not. The Amazon listing seemed to stay active for a long time.

Just go check your pre-order and it'll say "numbered edition" or not

>even if you do feel like a re-read you'll just use pdfs or epubs on your phone
Why would anyone choose to do thus when they have a book RIGHT THERE?

Since Amazon charges when it ships, I told mysrlf I could jyst cancel the order if I decide against it.
I am not sorry.

>even if you do feel like a re-read you'll just use pdfs or epubs on your phone
Nah, I prefer to read physical copies.

The canadian one says (numbered edition) and it's still open, so I don't know what to think.

Why is amazon canada saying it can't ship to my address? I live in the USA.

Also, what is the probability of it going back in stock on rightstuf?

please hlpe me

>Spend $220 on 17 volume LN series
>Decide to spend $100 more on hard cover compilation edition of exact same series you've already read

Why are buy-fags so retarded?
Also who decided on two column layout? Talk about lazy, zero effort cash grabs...

No, it will be. Amazon is one of YP's preferred partners so will be getting first dibs on all stock they print.

because I'd rather lay in bed and lift up my 100g phone rather than a fucking 2kg brick. at least if my phone fell on my face it wouldn't kill me

Amazon has never taken money for preorders until they ship user. What rock are you living under?

I think it's a negligible problem, but I understand your laziness.

It's not a question money. There's no reservation or holding of stock actually occurring. Amazon will just get the stock. Period. They won't be denied it. They are that important to YP. Also you're an idiot if you think "Numbered Series" means anything. YP can print a million if they wanted. It means shit.

Hey, there was a time people only used blunt rocks as tools. People will get over it in time, don't worry. Eventually everyone forgets that a piece of technology was ever new or controversial in the first place. Someday people will be swapping out body parts and absorbing the suns energy directly through photosynthesis just as casually as we drink coffee in the morning. The world is a huge, slow process of progress that cannot be stopped without destroying it.

Yeah and that is still $170 versus the Canadian preorder of $90. I kept it to msrp for simplicity but i think even at market prices its still a pretty fair deal.

I really want to know when they're gonna charge me for this preorder so I know if I'm good to buy groceries or not.

if you're that hard up for money, you're better off not wasting your money on this friend

>not even in Japanese

EOPs are so silly.


>implying this isn't more important than food

You need to fix your priorities.

Are they gonna include the Americanized covers too? KEK



Fuck off paid YP shill

>by IN-sue-na Hah-SAY-kyura

*cringing intensifies*


If I was a paid shill I wouldn't need to worry about this and food.


I goods is also required.

What kind of autistic faggot doesn't read real books?

Not actually a bad value. Since I've always wanted to BUY the light novels, but never got around to it.

What kind of autistic faggot buys a book he's already bought and read?

Fuck, why is it glossy?

I ordered first day but RightStuf had it for cheaper than Amazon so I switched and canceled my amazon order. Might have fucked up (could have just bought both and resold one).

It's actually the best value compared to buying all 17 volumes. Comes to about $6/vol. incl. shipping.

not only that the print is so small you'd have to hold the book up close to your face to read it. if you compare it to the LN right next to it, it's the exact same size page per page. except they crammed 4 of the original pages on one of the CE pages (8 for two page span). shit does not make for comfy reading

I thought that pouch was Holo's panties for a few seconds.

It's in color, for some reason. It'll hold together better, but I don't like it, either.
Those are not the same size.

go back and look at how much space the paragraphs take on each page of the LN. they're the same. there's less white space on the CE

How long do I have to buy this?

I'm broke as fuck right now and probably won't have the expendable income to get it for a few weeks. Am I fucked?

Yes, and you can clearly see in the picture that the CE is significantly larger than the original.

You won't get charged until it ships so just do it

did you even read the post you originally replied to? i said that each CE page has FOUR of the original pages. so NO SHIT is it bigger.

Dicks, looks like it comes out in 2 weeks. I don't think I'll have the money by then.


How the fuck did I completely miss this.

Will these be available for only a limited time, or that's just for some numbered copy bullshit?

there's two printings. the one coming out early october is numbered and print run limited to 2000. 2nd printing is coming out early november. no numbering. but that will be the final printing.

Only the numbered copies were limited.
You can still pre order the second printing now.

Hmm, I see. Still, it's expensive, hard to read, and I don't like the glossy look. A more "old-like", normal finish to the pages would have been better.

Argh but still. God fuck.

just download the fucking pdfs. it's a $100 novelty that will sit on your book shelf until you run out of space and then toss it out

It is a $100 novelty that will sit on my book shelf and collect dust, yes. I wouldn't toss it out though.

And I'm on book 5, slowly getting them.

i've been a buyfag longer than you've likely been alive. i've tossed out more volumes of manga than most posters here have even read. you will toss it out sooner or later. unless you're a hoarder with mental issues.

I don't buy a lot of books, so I doubt it. But maybe you're right.

Still, this is a novelty that's too expensive and its only worth is that is limited. If I'm really such a fan after I finish the series and want it so bad, I'll just let some guy rip me off and pay like 500 dollars through ebay.

Why, for letting other people read LNs for free?

good luck on your "investment". they're not gonna be worth shit. dead trees isn't in step with the times. and anime "collector items" is a fucking oxymoron since most anime fans are dirt poor. not to mention, anyone who would have wanted this in the first place likely already pre-ordered.

My instinct is to hoard books into a personal library on display like trophies, but the sensible thing is to keep digital copies on a nook/kindle device.

what's that one light novel that had a bunch of spooky looking drawing but replaced with moe anime girls when localized to japan?

he said scalp (as in re-sell on ebay at marked up price), not scan

Well I just got the last copy off amazon.co.uk for the limited run ones.

I love being an autist.

How are you people so dedicated to the series? I finished the anime a few months ago and it was the first time i felt attraction towards a cartoon character as strong i did. It just died after a few months desu.

Im kind of over it. Kind of. Do you people still feel the same as you did when you first watched the series?

>it just died after a few months

That's where you fucked up. Honestly I read the LN's every year and by the time I'm done with those it's about that time the first frost hit and the chill is starting to set in. Then I get to go maximum comfy mode and watch the anime all over again. I've always got the same feeling of joy, comfort, nostalgia, and other shit I can't exactly explain when I'm watching it.

I'm genuinely in love with this wolf.