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>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by Hope's Peak
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the Future Foundation
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally

>file name


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking re
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, both physically and literally

PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
What, my friend?

Any streaming links yet?

I swear to god this meme radio show is the worst thing to ever happen to actual discussion

>This VA said this
>No they said that

Kirigiri is still alive, i feel it in my heart, i have hope.

If it's so easy to make people kill themselves why don't the despairs just broadcast suicide footage across the world? It's even powerful enough to make the Ultimate Hope try to suicide


Give me all the Frodos you witnessed in this show

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

basically kohacka used ultimate animator skills to make us believe all the shit he's trying to sell.
-tengan might be alive?
-juzo could've severed his hand before the 4th time limit so kirigiri might be alive?

just fuck him

This is pretty good question, actually.

Kill yourselves already. This pasta has been cancerous since day one.

>making a new thread immediately after the old one reached 500 posts and was still on page 1
Sorry OP, but we aren't on /vg/.

Post Hopeman with a gun.

Kill urself my man

Kodaka admits that DR3 was a mistake and he apologizes for wanting to make a stupid anime.


>mastermind was never in the building.
welp. So it's gonna be the 13th branch head then. But who?
And no, it's not a certain pincushion as much as her fans would like to hope.

Naegi, my manko is extra tight from rigor mortis.

Never forget that smile, from zero to hero.

>ng code: staying alive for too long

She is alive just to let you know.....well alive in a different sense.

Juzo summed up exactly how I felt about this plot point.


fuck off

I wish i was part of juzoboys from the start.

It is precisely a certain pincushion

If DR3 were a game that very likely would have been the end of the final PTA

>You wil never hear anything about Juzo or Juzoboys ever again in a week

Why do you think everything is so fucked up and most of the world's population is dead aside from some safe areas?

Really I'm surprised there were people who even managed to keep it as together as the FF did.

glad she stays dead desu


>the monitors are making people kill themselves
>the game is over if nobody dies while asleep
>should we all just fall asleep far away from the monitors?
>nah let's tie naegi up and put him right in front of one

How many episodes are left for both arcs?

This is what im fucking saying, they lied about both juzo and asahina, they arent going to reveal anything on the show and will always stick to what the show wants you to believe at that moment.

That said everything is pretty conclusive now so theres no point in quoting them anymore kirigiri was the one thing left in the air but shes confirmed dead now,.

Ban all Juzobois

who here /tearyeyedandsniffy/

has anybody uploaded the episode anywhere?

One for Despair and one for Future.

Juzogays pls
your faggot is a shitty scum who caused the world to get ruined just because he was a closet fag.


So was anything in this episode not widely predicted by Cred Forums?


How can Kodaka's self-insert redeem himself?

>It's juzo's fault for the killing games having happened
>it's juzo's fault that it ended

>The clues have been staring us in the face all along
>Gamer girl is Izuru 2.0

Wouldn't blame him if he killed himself for this

Actually, if you're closest to a monitor you're woken up anyway, I seriously doubt you would end up seeing a monitor while wandering around and wondering what the fuck is happening.

Today's Danganradio. Chisa's VA as guest. (Damn, youtube deletes the recordings incredibly fast.)
Aftertalk (They talk about Sakakura being "heroine", it's kinda hilarious.)

That's not true, friend. We will always remember his noble sacrifice.

One for future.
Technically two for despair, but the last one is some sort of VA thing but is still apparently a part of the story so the jury's out on that one for now.

I think they did, they even mention how people in other countries still watch snuff films for entertainment.

So I think we can all agree Juzoboys and Munakata ended up being the best characters in DR3, right?

what did the phone said?


it was ogata who said this, don't trust her bullshit. but now Kiri own VA confirmed she is dead so fucking accept it


>Best death in DR3
user, are you crying for based Juzo?

Did anyone else want to kill themselves after seeing Monokuma theater in reverse? Or was it just me?

For fun and despair.

Suicide wasn't that widely predicted, every time is was brought up people said the same ''u rly think seiko threw herself into the wall??????'' arguement

mah god

They were the only good characters. Everyone else was forgettable.


> broadcast suicide footage
Just close your eyes. Wow! So hard to avoid.

>tfw all 4 naegbowl contestants are dead due to him being a toxic unlucky manlet

I'm so glad Naegi and Munakata became allies in the end, after all two hopes this strong can overcome anything.

>Even while running to save his bro P4 didn't drop his fucking katana
What was his fucking problem?

>You received a message from Kazuo Tengan

How does it feel, knowing that your beloved Nanami was tainted by me?

>it's juzo's fault that it ended
lol no, the braclets came off cause everyone wake up and nobody died

>Aftertalk (They talk about Sakakura being "heroine", it's kinda hilarious.)
not really suprised. japanfans saying that too


it was great, thinking back at it gets the eyes all tingly

good job ignoring everything both those anons just said.

>started the anime
>hated him as fuck
>anime almost ended
>my favourite character from both animes, and one of my favourite ones from Danganronpa in general
That was unexpected and incredibly good.

He can't. Mitarai will never take responsibility for the despair anime, like Kodaka won't take responsibility for DR terrible story and plot.

Where are you guys getting this?

Did... they make that after today's episode or did someone already make that for the hell of it because either way I'm impressed.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.


Goddamn Juzo went like a champ. He really was best boy from start to end.


>that pic
now THAT'S despair

Fucking why, Kodaka?

Reminder that Tengan didn't lie to Munakata when he said he wasn't a Remnant of Despair. He's the true Ultimate Despair.

how long does it take for that tumblr person to summarize what they said.

>implying based Tengan is the actual mastermind
>falling for an obvious red herring

What the fucking fuck


>tfw saw that pasta countless times
>tfw haven't read past the first line

>Lied and betrayed Munakata
>A literal fag
>Caused to world to go shit
>Caused Izuru to happen
He is shit

Why has literally nobody mentioned this? Are you all retards?

Why didn't anybody just cut their bracelet hands off before?
If Kyoko knew about the monitors, why didn't she tell everyone to just destroy them?
If the game was truly automated, how the fuck are the NG codes broken?
Why didn't Monokuma just display the suicide video on the monitor when they were all inside the fake conference room?
How did Naegi escape his ropes if Munakata securely tied him up?
Why weren't his legs also tied?
If the mindhack video was so strong about controlling your body against your will, how come it didn't just make you stop breathing?
How come Monaka wasn't affected by the mindhack video?

Will she have a bored face?

That is wrong though, the life-form you are showing is very prone to... death.
Now this Donut-based lifeform is truly immortal.
She is not only extremely athletic, but also extrmely fertile and somehow immune to death and the aesthetic effects of having 3 children, making her the pinnacle of what nature has to offer in regards to survival and procreation.
The price to be paid is that she ended up becoming stupid, but HOPEfully she picks a mate wisely and the next generation of tanned √úbermensch is more adequate in that regard

They can't

i don't get it

What the fuck was his problem?

and who saved manlet from killing himself?

What are the odds we'll get a downladable foundation mode so we can FTE all these new characters? It obviously wouldn't be a full game but I'd gladly pay 15-20$ for something like that.

It has been mentioned. Juzofaggots are just drowning out any discussion of anything

What a shitty list.

He isn't Jesus

>giving kodaka more of your time and money

cry harder

Man, are you still upset after getting to shit on him for a week straight?
Seems like you got BTFO pretty bad because he's the hero everyone needed, but not the one they deserved.

Finally, someone understands! Isn't it just amazing what Hope can do?

Mind Hack being Monocuma Theater

she looks like she's about to suck the D. Also exploitable

This. All of sudden everyone forgot that he was the one who triggered all this shit.


I still get teary eyed every time I see those screenshots




Just another meme with no basis.
Fortunately, it will finally die along with the hopes of the Chiakifriends on Thursday just as this episode killed the hopes of the Kyokofriends.

>You will never rebuild humanity by procreating with Asahina
why live, user?

I fuckin love this show

I had a nice discussion with an user in an older thread about how goddamn retarded this specific fetish and poster are. Stop making the posts longer and more detailed. They just make me angrier.

It seriously touched me.
Best scene in DR3 probably.


How the fuck did humanity in DR manage to struggle along for so long if brainwashing people was this easy?

I hate that he acquiesced to Junko's demand for secrecy, but he did redeem himself now.

You know I was pretty unhappy with how shitty DR3 has been but the last episode pushed me over the edge. Now I want it to be as shitty as possible and I hope the chiakizuru shit ends up being real.

This is really reminding me of watching Valvrave

Don't lie to me....

Mentioned what exactly? That she pulled all those candies out of her ass?


>Juzo and Kirigiri actually dead

Please Cred Forums give me all possible theories that would make both Juzo and Kirigiri turn out alive next Monday...

>take a look, you silly pawn



But I would gladly become a stepping stone!

>Aftertalk (They talk about Sakakura being "heroine", it's kinda hilarious.)

Juzo now confirmed best girl in DGRP history


Izuru 2.0 was foreshadowed all the way back in SDR2, what with Hajime merely being Izuru 1.0.

There's also Tengan's line in episode 5.

Explain the point of Hajizuru coming there when it's over then?


Praise fluff hope!


Someone's upset Kyoko isn't coming back.

needs a lot more work

Sayaka and Kyoko deaths increased his hope
Mukuro and Junko died so hope can exist

Can we discuss DR theather version?

I want to get Seiko and Juzo's underwear goddamnit. Also I'm not really hating this as much as some of you clearly are, V3 will be out in the next year or so and we can all go back to the Danganronpa we love.

> Mukuro
> Ibuki
Literally who, the characters.

>they actually killed off Kirigiri while Asahina and Weedman are alive

The 'it's an anime' theory is true and the whole FF is watching the anime in the cinema.

But he didn't fall, he only got brainwashed into committing suicide, and based Juzo was there to stop him.

Dangan boys have always been the best girls user.

It was all a computer simulation.

This episode just took all of Naegi's development from last episode and threw it into the trash just to prove a point. Literally the only thing the anime had done right besides Juzo.

What is the point of this anime to be honest? Making everyone butthurt? Trying to milk a few more shekels off the franchise before V3? How is this the ultimate fan-service material for the fans? Was this a story that needed to be told?

How would Hopeman feel about somebody literally throwing away their talent?

hope will save the day

She went to bed and said she'll do it tomorrow

Hope Akbar!

Enough with your own lies, heathen

Wait what, why is she being shown watching the monitor shit?
She was never the attacker so what gives?

Izuru comes in and sacrifices himself for everybody to be alive, because he's the ultimate Jesus

>Tries to save his shitty husbando
>Does one raletively good thing (Munakata is shit and doesn't deserved getting saved) and almost everything else that he did is bad
>He is a hero
Should I kek at this?

I love how Asahina gets so many screenshots from the show. Even in an episode where she does nothing and acting cutesy would be really outta place, she still gets some due to her Assahina
Truly she has been doing good by spreading HOPE wherever she goes.

>KiriJunko and ChiakIzuru both turn about to be true
Kodaka is a mega hack if this happens

juzo theres no way around it, he dead.

kirigiri, theres still cure W as unlikely as it is to be brought up now, but we never did see her body after they all left the room so she might of done this to throw off the mastermind and hunt him down.

that said both are dead as shit

Thanks for believing in Hope until the very end, Naegi-kun...upupupu.

You fucking what?

Now you people can shut up about Chiaki, it's all the anime fault.

Kill yourself so you can be with your beloved faggot. Thats one less shitposter.

That bitch can stay dead. Best girl dies in the first game.



>How is this the ultimate fan-service material for the fans?
Because it's despair.

>Juzo gets to be a big fucking hero and stop the entire killing game while tanking blood loss like a champ
>Kirigiri dies because of "NG code: kill this guy or u die :)" and only serves as a glorified exposition dump
What was the point? What was the fucking point?

Are subs out?

>Asahina the true mastermind all along

I want to become a stepping stone for Hope!

>received a message from Tengan
>"The game should be over, as my Master predicted. She should be there in moments. Please enjoy your merciless deaths, Hope faggots."
>Crash from the ceiling
>"Tsumaranai (v2)..."
>Instantly tries to kill Asahina
>Mitarai save her and sacrifices himself, exploding in ten thousand pieces
>Chiaki: "I wont fail now."
>Attacks again Asahina

>How is this the ultimate fan-service material for the fans? Because it is the GT of Danganronpa

What did the message they sent to Mitarai said? Spanish subs didn't translate that(once again, fuck them)


When the fuck did she kill herself? Did they just SKIP past a fucking sleep time after bacon hands bit the dust?

>That was a good mindhacc. Can't beat the mindhacc manlet. Nope.
Honestly Naegi showed that he can act like a real man when he needs to, real human being.


Not only could you not spell it properly but saving everyone left alive isn't a "Relatively" good thing you fucking moron.
The rest of your list isn't even negatives, it's you being a bigger fag than Juzo.

The anime is just a tool, the question is... who and why? Not so many people know about the brainwashing anime...

>This episode just took all of Naegi's development from last episode and threw it into the trash just to prove a point. Literally the only thing the anime had done right besides Juzo.
What does he mean by this?

I wonder if Kodaka even remembers he wrote that for UDG.


For a good portion of the show I hated Juzo. I always resented him for pushing Hinata into becoming Izuru and I celebrated when Junko wrecked him.

But after this episode I can safely say I'm a Juzoboy. Best DR3. I've never seen a character redeem themselves so hard.



>fixed moejunko brings so much despair to the thead

One reason why she could do it

Man, these last few episodes were great for Juzo.

>Let Junko destroy the world because he didn't want his crush to know he liked him
>Cut off his hand for literally no reason
>Died like a bitch instead of just telling people to turn off the power

> Loves a person for years, going through hell seeing his beloved one love his friend (look at his faces in flashbacks) and understanding that his feelings will never be mutual
> Accepts it as is and investing himself fully in supporting said person
> Never lets a thing slip, keeps all of his feeling inside
> Obviously still loves him, harbouring fear of being found out and rejected/abandoned, insecurity grows
> Got beat up by ultimate analyst who sees all of his weak spots, threatened
> All mass of insecurity, childish fear kicks in
> Accepts Junko's terms, hating himself and feeling uneasy
> Killing game starts
> Worst fear came true, abandoned by Munakata
> Steps on himself, develops, literally throws his talent away (boxing with one hand?), despite everything wants his love to survive and does everything for it still thinking that he has been left alone
> Munakata will never know that Juzo loved him
It's so sad considering his emotional strain even before the series started

>tengan texts ryouta
>"if ur reading this text, reply with 'EVERYONE LOVES DESPAIR' or you will die during the next sleep time"

Izumeme didn't even done this much and any other retard would sign up for project anyway.

where are the fucking subs


This is fanservice, everyone wanted to see despair Naegi

Naegi is strong but he is hurt, that pain was still there and it's why the brainwash could affect him

The Juzocave will feel empty, because everything from Juzo will be moved into our hearts!

Now edit so that he's only got one hand, is in a rainbow speedo and is dead

So now that it's past 2 episodes without any hints suggesting survival at all since the death, can we finally accept the fact Kirigiri is dead as fuck?

Nothing more than i hate naegifags, they think this guy would be immune to brainwashing because of hope memes.

So, who's ready for Rebuild of Danganronpa: You Can (Not) Hope?

They showed it right before baconhands died bruh.

That's what they did. This is an enormous, incredibly terrible cop-out for how the DR2 cast got Despaired, but really makes sense of how the entire world fell into despair.

>tfw I won't be able to talk shit about Juzo now


that would be Junko. unless Tengan stole her title

I am always on side of Hope!

Honestly, I understand the fetish of 'curing' Junko, but the only way she can be 'cured' is through mindbreak-tier raping.

>Implying Kirigiri didn't die like a champ

Her information is what saved them in the first place, retard


>Nagito posters talking shit about a gay cuck.
Oh the ironings.

So what was Mitarai's NG code?

I mean, it just went to show that Naegi is still human. He has insecurities just like everyone else, and if those insecurities are pushed to a certain limit, even the so-called Ultimate Hope can feel Despair. Naegi isn't immune to Despair and that's what is shown here. This is part of the character development that you say was "thrown into the trash", it's expanding on what causes Naegi Despair.

And once again, Naegi's life is saved thanks to Ultimate Luck, his real talent.

I'm not sure how I feel about Ultimate Hope succumbing to the despair brainwashing. On the one hand, it's good that Naegi doesn't have mary sue powers, but on the other hand he's a fucking idiot.

There's nothing to discuss. We already know it's a godsend.

Then who was phone

>implying it wasn't kiri who send the message from Tengan's phone

Did he cut his hand to punch the culprit with the other one or what?

She'd rather be kissed by despair

>that junko slut seems to be suspicious about some incidents
>send your bestest friends forever to investigate
>trust them with your life
>they say "lol junko is ok", even when all the evidence points at her
>belive them since they are your BFFs
>find out later that your BFFs lied to you just to protect a slut that literally destroyed the world
>have to be forced to live with these remnants of despair all day

and people said that munakata went full edgy
he had it rough, no wonder why he has trust issues


i think most of us said if she wasnt revealed alive this episode we'd accept that shes dead.

alot of us gave up after last night when her VA confirmed it anyway.

B-but I want to become a stepping stone for everyone's hope!


Get wrecked Mukurofags

nice find

>Future #7 was really the last of Monaca

Please watch the episode




>Munakata will never know that Juzo loved him
I think this ultimate sacriface was enough to get the point across. What did you expect? A lovely dovely love confesion at the edge of death?


The only way to Juzo to be alive is that none of what happened was real.

For Kirigiri, you still have that bottle.


Can someone just fucking upload the video to some streaming site jesus fuck I'm mad

Monday will decide whether this was pointless autism or the ultimate gloating kek.

Why is Nagito so cute?

Why is he so perfect?

Calling Hinata "Izuru 1.0" implies that there are more versions of Izuru out there.
Oh, but she was probably just fucking around there as there's no way Kohacka had DR3 planned out as it would eventually become by that point. If he did, there's no doubt that Junko would have brought up the original Chiaki and how she "died" in the last trial.

How can you say you truly love hope if you have never tried to draw hopeman?

Full of the semen known as hope.

This is the single best thing to come out of Danganronpa.

We didn't even get a living Miaya to get back to..

Somebody call 911 cause i was ROBbed!


I became a juzoboy since the day I made the spanish version of the pasta because nosubs.

It's sad that this is the end of the hero of "[Hope] Spic Academy".

I'm pretty retarded, and I forgot who tried faking Asahina's death. Was it Monaka?

I liked the scarf

>You've received a message from Tengan!

I need more reaction images out of it

user its already confirmed shes dead, just post it in response to delusional kirigirifages stll going off about cure W despite it likley now being nothing more than one of the thermostats they ate dinner on

it's just translation you idiots

S O O Npls Kodaka

No matter the result Hope will win and it's all I ask for

Is this a brainwashing picture?

It's being done explicity to:
>Suckle some more money out of the original DR1 and 2 fans
>Don't have to make an atrocious DR2 anime and get away with a sequel (that wound up being more DR3 shit than DR2 oops)
>Can wrap up 1 & 2 so 3 can have a villain that isn't Junko or tied to her, hopefully
At the very least it's fun to watch. Doubt it will sell well unless the fans are that crazy overseas. The west doesn't give a shit anymore.

Please, never forget the good times we had here. Remember the OC, remember the Cure W, and stay hyped for V3. Not trying to be autistic.

I wouldn't say he saved it, but him saving Naegi was great.

> Was it Monaka?


Believe with all your heart. She will appear before this is all over.

I would lose my fucking mind.

But shouldn't the real Izuru be "Izuru 1.0"?
Fucking Junko.

No Cure W shoops for Juzo yet?


But user, we all know Monaca will be the mastermind in V3, which happens on the moon

I feel hacked

Fuck, i hate the idea of Ruruka getting ressurected, but i will gladly accept "it was virtual reality" scenario if that mean that Chisa, Juzo, Seiko, Gozu, Fedorman and Kyoko are alive.

it's a pity that you can't enjoy anything
but hey, at least you can fit in! here in Cred Forums we hate everything! xD >:3

>Gekkobot-Monaca did not fall asleep due to being a robot
>She saw the entirety of Gozu's suicide
>Didn't care enough to actually tell anyone before becoming a space NEET

Is the Hopeman or Suicide NAegi?


Guys guys I just hooked onto the thread, whens the episode being released for niggers sake?

>even when all the evidence points at her

You dumb fuck he sent them specifically to gain proper evidence and confirm whether she is guilty and they never brought back any and said she was clear.

These threads are legit the best times I've had on Cred Forums in ages. Haven't had this much fun since Geass Sundays.

So this is the real Ultimate Despair

>No 16 hours-kun

Junko was a Tengan pawn all along.


It hurts

Aw fuck. That's sad.

What if he really saves everyone from Izuru 2.0? I might orgasm



the fact that she suffers so much just makes me like her more

it still hurts

>Mitarai's NG code was looking at his phone
>He constantly felt it vibrate as it received messages
>Now he can finally check
>Hundreds upon hundreds of texts from Tengan just full-blown shitposting at him

Why does Cred Forums hate her again?
She literally did nothing wrong.

so are we still hoping kirigiri resurrects as junko and chiaki becomes izuru 2.0?

>Trusting NISA translations
Ah but you bastards will believe it anyway

What was his aim? How complex were his motives?

>implying Nagito would lift a finger against HOPE

>implying you wouldn't kill yourself if Kirigiri asked you to

In my life I always think, what would Nagito do?

Someone help me out here please

It's not even the fact that he gave up (although that's still pretty bad since the whole point was that Naegi never gave up). It's the fact that Naegi gave up so easily. Gozu, Seiko and even fucking Ruruka put up more of a fight than the so called Ultimate Hope. Naegi was here only to de-edge Munakata and for Kodaka to have an excuse to off Kirigiri for cheap drama and that was it.

And more ridiculous still, even if you were to complain that Naegi resisting would be plot armor, guess what, he still got saved by plot armor anyway due to pic related!

I refuse to accept shes dead till that fucking bottle gets explained

>We were never shown Mitarai's bracelet
>This episode pretty much confirms his involvement in the plot though he insists it wasn't him
>The entire time he was terrified of showing his bracelet even when other people were doing so

What the fuck did it say that would be so dangerous or damning?
The only thing I can think of is "Can't tell the truth".

Honestly I will miss these threads, these fine memes, and how much I laughed.

What did Ruruka see after being mindhacked that made her want to brutalize herself that much?

>Juzo didn't achieve his first goal of punching everyone and living after saving the show from Edgesona
>Instead he achieved the harder objective of saving the show form mindhacc anime
Truly best boy

give me the original text


Monaca is truly best girl

No, it was there in Japanese. There was also Tengan's conversation with Munakata in episode 5.

If Chiaki became Chiakizuru she'd have luck too.

Jesus, Ogata normal voice sounds exactly like Naegi's. I figured she would be more Shinji.

>those Hopefilled smiles
>Taeko trying to be comfortable in her own skin
screw Junko

It's been a blast

>No, it was there in Japanese
You're gonna need proof to back that up pal

At least her dumping DR3 altogether probably makes her the smartest character in the anime

>he doesn't do sprite poses in normal conversations
It's a really good way to express yourself more

Kars....Is that you?!

She was an abusive friend...

Naegi's difference is that no matter how broken he is, he keeps plowing foward and believing in the best. That's why he is the ultimate hope

the brainwash went directly to his weakness, which broke him

But even so I don't think those guys put up a fight. they were all trying to kill themselves, I mean just look at Ruruka

>mfw they roll out a dead kirigiri and naegi has a memorial for her

>Juzo redeemed himself so hard that he is getting good art drawn about him
Didn't expect something so great would happen
Bless hope

I dont want to delete this picture, ill hold out delusional hope till the very last episode damn it, that bottle had to of meant fucking something and the fact that it didnt mean a cure to the sleeping period gives me some hope.

>lol dont look at ur phone fag
>im alive btw
>haha ur so shit naegi is way cooler
>u dont even have tits what are you good for

This whole thread is like a huge, despair-inducing, class trial, it can't be helped

>implying i don't hajimeme when i'm feeling happy

Who made the suicide anime?

just like peoplel tried to fuck junko's corpse

original japanese text or fuck off

If only I can extend my nose

So were Togami and Weedman mentioned at all or are they still MIA from the building caving in on them?

I don't want these threads to end.
All the memes and fun we had will just disappear.
I'll never forget these threads, but I don't want them to end
We'll have to go to /drg/ to keep talking about DR

Guys... I'm actually starting to worry about Kirigiri.

If they've already basically solved all of the mysteries and completed the killing game, then what would be the point of Kirigiri faking her own death and operating outside of the game? She's not just going to show up at the end and go, "Oh, I guess I wasn't needed after all."




...Shit I want Tengan to be the mastermind now.

>implying ur hope
>anime is 4 fags
>ayy this is ur fault
>despair 4ever

But wait, Tengan cannot be a remnant of despair, he answered it so in one of Munakata's questions.

So what is his endgame? Who is the real culprit?

>Only 2 people can set up equipment
Aren't they in a completely different place? Why the fuck would that matter?

These treads are the best things to come out of DR3

So, what has DR3 actually done plotwise for the Danganronpa universe besides being a 24 episode excuse to kill off Kirigiri?

why are homo posters by far the worst? they don't even want to talk about the episodes, they just spam the same boring as fuck meme shit thread after thread.

these threads are dogshit.

Naegi always lives through Ultimate Luck, so complaining about that is moot at this point.

As for giving up easily, what did you expect? Naegi is a walking ball of pent-up Despair. He's been put through so much shit, it's a miracle he hasn't cracked before. The only reason he could possibly crack would be because of the subliminal message anime that he saw. He Despairs just like everyone else and this episode shows it very nicely.

I actually hope this gets explained somehow - such as the video only recently getting perfected. It doesn't make any sense for there to be a DR1 killing game when Junko could have just made them watch the suicide video.


He's Komaeda if he had more power and kept his hope boner hidden from anyone who thinks he might be crazy. HE DID IT FOR HOPE

This is a great post.

>he doesn't hajimeme internally

>We'll have to go to /drg/ to keep talking about DR
I wonder. Do KanColle threads on Cred Forums get closed?

I using this from time to time.

The conclusion of the HPA series

They still are in the underwater parts of the tower

HS has let me down. Where the fucking subs at?

only hope we have left is that she was waiting till the monitors go off so she could go after tengan cause she was always suspecting him.

that said, just accept shes actually dead. It'll make the punch of her being kill next week less painful and in the unlikely event that shes alive you can just be infused with double hope

>they don't do the hajime hair guitar pose when greeting someone

It's more despair inducing to wipe people memories and make them kill their friends

>Junko can set up a huge, complex maze of mechanical traps underneath the school in a day, without anyone noticing.
>But only two people on earth could possible set up a bunch of TVs.

>What did Ruruka see after being mindhacked that made her want to brutalize herself that much?

she saw a life where she wasn't a bitch.
With izayoi loving her for herself instead of the candy
With her best friend Seiko. As two girls who would do anything to help and make each other happy.

She realized she deserved to suffer for destroying any chance of that


He asked a question himself for him to answer to dance around his NG code.

>Is that a question? Then I must answer.


Your hope is lacking.

Maybe she wasn't trying to fake her death, she just used that "antidote" with the hope that she can survive.

Or maybe she's the one sending the message to fool Mitarai.

Or maybe she's just dead.

just use nyaa you fucking autist the subs have been out for 2 hours

Girls are taller than Naegi.

where are the subs
gibe subs plos

It looks more like HPA set up that death maze, it was all the same tunnel system where Izuru was being kept. Chiaki's torture dungeon seemed to be an older forgotten section of them.

I assume that pic is from the actual episode because i haven't watched it yet.
Weren't her eyes closed when she died and why are they open there.

Again,haven't watched the episode,and im probably gonna end up looking like a retard

It seems like with every episode that passes Miaya's fanbase increases.

How does she do it?

Wouldn't be surprised if Mitarai made it on orders from Tengan

You need [Hope] in your lives.

What conclusion? So far, the only difference between the end of DR2 and this is that there's more dead people.

>that said, just accept shes actually dead.
Never! As long as we keep Hope in our hearts, the main heroine will survive!

I'm not autistic.

Shitposter despair-Tengan is my favorite thing.

It's a dream sequence

Tengan is Izuru 2.0

Despair LSD nightmare.

If everyone's dead the story concludes right?

>Making that much of a fool of yourself.
Though I admit, I've hajimemed internally a couple of times. Probably going to start doing that more.



has a delayed effect
What happened to Strawberryman

If Juzoboys can believe in their boi through thick and thin then Kirigiribois can as well

Fuck nevermind then.

Juzo's dead, fuck off

How would you react if someone greeted you with that pose?

And everyone told me cutting off part of your arm to get rid of the NG Band was stupid. Fuck you guys, eat shit.

Move aside

I can finally celebrate the death of this fucker. He couldnt handle being called a fag so he caused everything. Jesus christ you dont rven know how glad i am he died and with him your stupid shitty shitposting. Who else celebrating?

The delusion is real

Juzoboys earned my respect after this episode.

Fuck off ESL trash.

Would you be mad or impressed if Kodaka killed off the rest of the cast to make V3 a fresh reboot?

This, I was so sick of the main argument about Juzo being dead was "OGATA SAID THIS SO IT'S TRUE. MAI WAIFU IS ALIVE"

You said the same thing 2 weeks ago.
So far you're 0 for 1.

>Can we finally accept the fact Kirigiri is dead as fuck?
Dangan Ronpa is bullshit until the very end.

That being said, it isn't the end yet user.

If she lives, then after all this, may they live a happy hopeful life together. Occasionally hanging out with the crew and maybe getting high as fuck with Weedman at every bbq.

Should she die, hopefully Naegi dies too. Then he can be with Sayaka AND Kirigiri.

Mahiru's are the most subtle

>people still think Kirigiri, Chiaki, and Chisa are dead
You're falling for Kodaka's trap

Impressed, but there is no way to do that.

I wasn't here for the ep, who is this "ESL" guy?

Nah juzoboys still had the survivor count to hold onto, kirigiri fags were holding onto that same hope, it had to be either or and juzoboys won this one


When you have absolutely no screentime, people are free to make up whatever they feel like about you.

Not if Munakata took that Cure W that was rolling on the floor.

>It's an "anime stuffed with so many red herrings and false leads that the real story ends up being blander than any of the other possibilities" series
How dull.

>not knowing what ESL means
Come on now.

>mastermind detonates a nuke and takes out all the main characters
>society rebuilds itself without hope or despair leading to V3


They were spellbound by the videos in Despair, they were probably spellbound by these recordings, as well.

>tfw fucking farmer wakes up with half poisoned body and starts punching everyone
>"It has no effect on me"

>people in here that haven't hajimemed at least once

try to have a little fun in your life, please.

I would love to do junko's in conversations

> He really slipped out of the ropes

>the counter is out-of-universe and could never, ever be used to misdirect people
love this meme

But I did. Multiple times
>tfw folder full of Hajimemes

But imitating a video game character is the coolest thing you can do


If would reply to them with that pose

If Hopeman shows up in the final Mirai and his gun works this time, it'd be the icing on the cake.

nigga kirigiri is dead fucking accept it already

>Hurr it's obviously a fake exit let's not bother

She a qt, too good too pure
>He hasn't done all the sprites in front of a mirror



SDHS Luck is actually SDHS Plot Armor

at this point, Chisa looks like just another pawn in the board

He cut them on the rebar that was sticking out of the rubble.

Honestly, the fact that they thought a man whose arms were tied up couldn't possibly find a way to kill himself might be the dumbest thing to happen in Danganronpa so far. And this is a series that had a high school girl take over the world because she's "super analytical".

>Tengan was the reason Naegi wven got into HPA
>Junko had signs of being brainwashed herself
>yfw it turns out the Tengan that died was just an old ass clone
>the real Ultimate Despair Tengan is his younger version, while he was in his prime, somehow
>explains who the mistery partcipant was

people feel pity for her. A cute girl never getting any screentime.
We had hope she would appear in despair... but now...

Juzoboys don't fall into despair missing our boy, don't forget he will have a scene in this week's Zetsubou.
The scene Munakata recalls for Chisa is from earlier in this episode, but the Juzo caps are from something we haven't yet seen. It will probably be sad knowing what happens, but at least we'll see him alive one more time. I'm taking it pretty hard.

A logical conclusion isn't a preconception negroid, she knew they were UNDA DA SEA.


I'm short on Hajimemes .
Please show me your best Hajimeme.

I'm sorry for ever hating you Juzo

Never mentioned and now irrelevant because the bracelets are off.

Why don't they just break the glass and swim to the surface?

It's better the way it is, less cliched, showing more sad parts and thus more impactful.
However from the point of emathy in must hurt.

>Hopeman and Hajizuru show up in the last Future

How hype would you be?

Go back to the NWP Kamukura

>anime has confirmed the "juzo is gay" theory and the "no one can control juzo" theory

It's like they did it on purpose to fuel Cred Forums shitposting

is this a hajimeme you own, sir?

That's probably him delivering the false report.


Y-yes sir!




Juzo was/is a fantastic character, easily one of the best if not the best in the entire Danganronpa franchise.
His arc was enjoyable and it had payoff. Perfect character arc and development.

I don't feel like they have time to do anything interesting with Hopeman.

>faggot gets stabbed
>all the glitter leaks out

Hey faggot
You have great tastes

>Got super excited seeing the boats head towards Hajime
>Literally never mentioned again for like 7 episodes
>I actually forgot all about it


No fuck it, I don't give a damn about some shitty oldman.

how about this one?

What kind of bullet will Hajime use to wake her? LOVE?

>But imitating a video game character is the coolest thing you can do

Who wants to imitate a fat girl?

I feel smug about making this now, I'm lying i was actually really hping she'd survive, fuck i hate being right

>Those top three
Are you me? God tier taste.

>no "Izuru Kamukura, the founder of Hope's Academy never died and he's still alive, somehow"
>His objective was finding the true Hope, and tried several experiments
>he gradually increased the size of these experiments
>he brainwashed people and managed to start both World War alone, just to see "Despair in his natural state" and study it
>he achieved immortality to continue the experiments


Hopeman can't be topped

They got deflated when she became Ms Skeltal.

Who? You mean that boat mentioned for 5 seconds?

>LNextast Despair episodes will be the last time we see our boy Juzo.



not bigger than chiaki's nanas

Chisa had the cutest death



He answered the question with a question, allowing him to say afterwards.

This sure was a good thread, Hopesquad

I believe that they say in the first game they wanted them all to turn against each other and kill each other, rather than just have them all die. Junko wanted proof that despair can drown out hope. To prove it she had to do it fairly.

>Everybody talking about Kirigiri being dead
>Nobody talking about Ogata dropping some obvious foreshadowing with "As long as Naegi lives Hope will not be defeated"

So did they cut Hajime's hair before plugging him into the New World machine?

Junko was BasedTengan's pawn

Nice Hajimeme, this is my last one

>Kirigiri could've not died if she had gone into the fake exit
>dies a suspicious death that has room for doubt
These Despair-Kirigiri theories are getting to me.

>Cut off his hand for literally no reason
If he didn't cut his hand off he would have fallen asleep when the next round started, and bled out while unconscious, never able to reach the switch and save the day. He endured the pain of cutting off his hand so he could make sure Munakata would live.

When Munakata arrives dead Juzo, he says the same line Juzo said lamenting Chisa confessed first.

That mean's they'd have to cut sonia's hair too. I doubt it.It's to symbolize he isnt Izuru anymore too.

People knew he was getting a redemption from the goddamn start. A fun one, at least. Also did he cut his hand off with his homopowers ir whatever?


How is it a logical conclusion literally the only evidence she mentioned for her conclusion was Izayoi's knife disappearing. She should have waited at least a little bit to see if her conclusion was correct. Even if she was correct there might still be something useful inside that room (EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED)

Just accept Kirinigger went full retard.

Hopeman cant do shit but get boners over Naegi and Hajime's ahoges touching.

>is a dick the whole time
>junko says he's gay and Kodaka makes some dumb redemption plot where he somehow survives stabbings and cutting off his hand
>best character

After watching this series, I can honestly say I'm done with Danganronpa.
How anybody can put up with this same predictable writing over and over again is beyond me.

Wanna know what danganronpa basically amounts to? Shock factor. That's all.
They throw in some really well written characters that they know you'll like and then kill them off. Then just to spite you further, they leave the shit characters who nobody but contrarian fucktards like to survive.

How boring.

>without any hints suggesting survival at all since the death
Until we're shown literally anything new, Juzo cutting his hand off is a hint towards her survival. It means the counter, as we know it from when we last saw it in the previous episode, didn't count him, but could have counted Kirigiri.

I told you faggots from the second week that someone should cut their hand off this shit would have ended a lot sooner with only two or three casualties.

>I'm gonna bleed out!
>The only solution is to cut off my hand!
Yeah, try again. He outright says he did it so he could catch the attacker, but the rest of them had already figured out who the attacker was while he was busy mutilating himself for no reason.

>N-No Munakata, nothing is up with Enoshima.

Don't forget he has to stay alive for Komaru, can't be leaving her with only Toko. Plus they gotta find out what happened to their parents, a big bro should support his lil' sis

"Erect a bronze statue of me"
-Nagito Komaeda

Why do people think he will do a damn thing? He's in a fucking coma and all you retards trying to shoehorn him into this arc will get BTFO.


>Yfw you started hating Juzo and Munakata but now they're the only characters in DR3 that you give a fuck about, and you even cried when Juzo died.

>How boring
Izuru please go.

>That mean's they'd have to cut sonia's hair too.
Why on earth would it mean that? I was just saying they cut Izuru's hair to make him look more like Hajime so when he popped out of the machine he'd feel more like his old self.

user, they had Komaeda in the boat. They probably got stranded somewhere.

>Juzo is still alive
>Ends up running FF after the series is over

>putting Chisa on Kyouko or Chiaki's level.

>Donuts alive
>Touko alive
>fucking Weedman alive
>Soda alive
>Akane alive
For what purpose?

>Plus they gotta find out what happened to their parents
Kodaka totally forgot about that right?

>predictable writing
>How boring

Oh tell us how this boring anime will end for us, Izuru.

It is like she is a character in title that literally based on murder games or something...

>How boring
Shut up, Izuru, Your waifu is dying and all you can do is cry.

At the end of DR2, they said the chance for someone to wake up from the coma was of 1%

He has super luck, he will wake up

Don't worry. There's still hope.

Or, rather, despair, since she might be the final boss.

Rare enough for you?

That sounds very dangerous user.

B-but if Kirigiri worked out who the "killer" was already, why didn't they turn the power off before she died?

Where is Mukuro?

>Izuru still bawwing over his waifu dying

user please im having a hard enough time as is, shes dead as you can get they would of revealed her aive or provided a hint at her being alive by now. al we got is a small bottle animation that wound up being meaningless

what's her ultimate talent?

>Just accept Kirinigger went full retard.
Never! The Ultimate Detective knew exactly where they were, how they got there, who the mastermind was, and how they were making them commit suicide all within the first 5 minutes of the Final Killing Game.

The only reason she didn't say anything is because she didn't like the Future Foundation faggots and thought it would be funny to watch them kill each other.

Average Chiaki waifufaggot.
Can't enjoy a character unless they're a fat "le gamur gril xD"

She wasn't sure and it was just speculation. She deserved to die for being such a horrible detective and not saying something sooner.

i can be your angel or your devil


Who fucking knows. Just like everybody but Junko went full retard in order for her Despair plan to work, they had to hand Kirigiri the idiot ball so the plot could continue.

She's dead, Jim

Yeah, implying anyone would ever do that, included you, in the remote chance that it wouldn't poison you anyway or it would help against a true attacker.
Fuck off retard.

What if this was all just a therapy session for Munakata to stop being a fucking dick?

>implying Izuru would let them touch his hair.

nobody cares about mukuro

People in despair always look so horny

lol fag

It is thanks, but I'm out of fresh Hajimemes right now.
I need more.

Ultimate beater.

Because they are good characters, not meme characters that are worth less than their autistic gimmicks.


Where were you when Naegi was confirmed to have two sides?
>Nicest guy you'll ever meet

Are you sure about that? He does that with the knowledge of the attacker's identity, but he jumps straight to this line for the "Are you with the Remnants?" question.

Like most of the cast, she became SHSL Retard or else this would have ended much sooner.

Don't know if it was pointed out in a previous thread, but monokuma's video was called Gloomy Sunday which is a reference to a hungarian song that people thought was making people commit suicide



>Not gimmick characters

To prove that anyone can survive, giving the common man hope

It's even more pathetic as he was projecting onto Hajime.

I hope not, hopefully we'll get a mini-game on the search for answers on their parents status if it isn't concluded in the anime

>that pic
This world needs to be purged. Holy Emperor of Man when?

I can't actually tell if you're being sarcastic. I give you some fucking points for that my man.

>the biggest retard in the cast (who was also gay) was the only one intelligent enough to chop his arm off in order to get rid of the bracelet

The issue is the implication that Naegi is strong and that Ultimate Hope is anything more than a title.
Naegi always freaks out whenever he sees a corpse, it's not like he gets over it, hell Aoi was FAKE dead with ketchup apparently and Naegi had a heart attack. Just because you push something away for a bit doesn't mean it isn't still there and the point of that scene was showing that he isn't some sort of invincible hopegod and that if all those memories came forced back at once even he couldn't handle it.
What did you expect? Him to yell at a fucking recording of Monokuma Theater being reversed and pushed through funky filters that hope will never lose and cause the monitor to fucking explode?

still waiting on that raw text where they mention izuru 1.0

Early on before Monaca's reveal she was the most popular new girl. The reveal drove most people away, it's just that me and other Gekkoposters have been crying about her lack of screentime enough to draw some attention again.

Bonus points for the possibility of Chiakizuru being the final boss, which could mean she'll show up in Zetsubou-hen's final episode.

He didn't answer with a lie there, merely a statement, he can lie after the statement friend.

I'm really shocked that wasnt idea one.

People here actually said they'd bleed out and it'd fail. This is anime. People dont bleed out like that.

Junko got away with her secret underground lair because she had Tengan's backing

I'm surprised she was happy, considering that HPA opening meant that Junko just died

I want to fondle your gun with my tongue, Hopeman!

>No one would ever do that
>Juzu did it
>Saved the fucking day because he did it
>Would have done it from the start if Munakata told him to do it
>Could have saved the lives of almost everyone else
>Everyone else was just being a retard talking about their feeling around the monitors instead of being smart and doing something while the man who is dying is saving the day.

I don't even like Juzu, but you're a bigger homosexual than he ever was.

1. Chopping off your arm is a surefire way to bleed out
2. Nobody want to chop off their fucking arm

>Wake up
>"Oh I'm the attacker"
>Monokuma says hey watch this
>Just close my eyes

Wow, that was hard, 10/10 writing, ultimate despair haha xD

>Wanting Libra Tengan

>Gundham dies
>Peko dies
>Mahiru dies
>Ishi dies to bullshit
>Komaeda "dies"
Watch them never show Hopeman. Or that boat.

I hope Naegi dies.

People are still posting that stupid theory that doesn't make any sense (saying an off-topic fact isn't answering anything) after this episode proved 100% that Tengan wasn't lying.

Well, it was only the beginning.

Is the NWP even functional anymore? I don't know if there are any versions of it outside of Jabberwock.

She wanted a fair game to be broadcast as a final propaganda piece in favor of despair.

At least we know now that if Chiakizuru happens it wont be an asspull. Juzo surviving is the one that tops it.


Nigga the entire series is about "fuck the common man lol, we got talents, normies should just kys"

>Donuts alive
>Touko alive
Because they are the best characters

>fucking Weedman alive
>Soda alive
>Akane alive
No clue about these faggots, though.


Kirigiri was going to die for sure, so why not try?

I do. She was my favorite in DR1.

>tfw no despair Chiaki
feels bad man.

Weedman is Ultimate Plot Armor, he will never die because he's Kodaka's favorite character

>Tengan was the one who explicitly permitted her in


Anybody else sad that we may not get to see the dangan 2 gang in despair form in future? At this point we may not even get a hajime naegi moment either.

Just a prank, bro!

You can't close your eyes or look away, they went over this when Chiaki was being killed. No one was able to do anything but watch.


>that pic
holy shit


> HPA opening meant that Junko just died
That was some sweet despair.


new thred

holy shit the hype when OUR BOY appeared redeemed future arc

>hothead who's a closet fag
>interesting charcters

I don't see why not, they could easily be keeping a copy of it somewhere.

Why would she do that when she had Cure W?

Is the special episode really just a cast talk? I mean fuck if there's only 1 episode of each arc left there's barely anything they can do.

He punched it off.

new thread*, sorry.

>"J-Just you faggots wait! Kirigiri's going to pop out of the coffin during Despair Arc's Bonus Episode"

Get in the fucking robot, Naegi

Looks like the same pixelfag that was shitting up the jojo threads.

Because that would require telling Naegi about her NG code, and if he knew him being alive would get her killed he might kill himself

>Wow I can break down basic character traits to make characters sound boring!
>Cold detective archetype
I like Kirigiri but fuck off dude you're being a bigger faggot than Juzo.

Fucking ironic prophesy.

If she is really is alive because of that it's fine then, but if she's dead, then she died like an idiot.

Naegi LITERALLY LOOKED AWAY, then he looked back after Monokuma said, "Hey, watch this!" He even knew he was going to get brainwashed and instead of even attempting to avoid it he just goes, "Okay! Boy Monokuma theater sure is fun!"


you, give me the sauce

user, Naegi is still alive.

>Galaga hairpin didn't get replaced by an upside-down possessed Galaga battleship hairpin
What a missed opportunity.

What about a Chiakizuru?

Fagatronic Rex


She could totally told him when they closed the room, he wasn't strong enough to move the thing blocking the exit. If that bottle in the end means nothing, she died like an idiot.


You can do it with anyone dicks for brains, who do you like?
Oh wait, you wouldn't risk throwing down a name and being disagreed with so you'll skirt around it huh?

>implying I'll seriously argue with the closet fag fan

What? How does that work? What makes you think there's a Izuru 2.0?

If she said 1.5 or 2.0, then yeah. But she didn't.

She was probably all giddy when she got to be brainwashed again. She had run out of children to kill to satisfy her despairlust

>Proving me right.

Don't watch this if you're a naegirifag, she gets ntr'd here as usual

>Proving me right.

Don't abandon HOPE, user!
There are hope-filled Donuts waiting for you somewhere out there.
Just spreading the gospel.
It's all for the glorious Donuts

>it's the brainwashing again
Man, fuck this shit.

I rate this episode 100/10 because of based boy Juzo being the MVP of Danganronpa 3.

>that one line between Naegi and Komaeda is disappearing

For girls it goes

See you next week when we get 5 seconds of Hinata and nobody else

Every one of them will wake.

>can we finally accept the fact Kirigiri is dead as fuck?

It's bullshit if she is and it's bullshit if she isn't.
Welcome to Dangan Ronpa.

Hajime cut it himself.

Donuts and Akane are the prophesized mothers of the √úbermensch and will elevate humanity into the next step with their superior athleticism and fertility. They are immune to death.
Weedman is loved by god.
Soda... I have no idea.
Touko... is Komaru's birthday present, I don't know.

He likely only did it because he felt he was pretty much done.
He had no guarantee Monokuma wouldn't just put him to sleep and put a new one on the other arm.