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Don't give up! You CAN learn Mandarin!

Boy, am I glad that threat is finally over.
Now I can slack off again like before.


Haikei /djt/

I have just recently became self aware of my fetish for pigtails.

But I am also aware, that only Japanese girls in highschool and lower wear these.

And so, how can I convince my potentially future japanese girlfriend to wear pigtails for me?



You can't learn Japanese gf.


The radicals in that couldn't possibly be anymore obviously

Lets just try to accomplis step one nefore we think about steps two or three yea?



What? Is this supposed to be literally?

I've been studying for almost 7 weeks why am I not fluent yet

that won't be for a while a though




Getting connection errors everytime I try to post, been doing this over 10 times now.

Learn radicals



What ブツンッて means?
I really doubt is "button"

>Terrible at handwriting and drawing
>Do decently with most Hiragana, but a few of them give me trouble
>Get to ぬ

For the research level, if you are not bullshitting and have near-perfect score on N1 and are fluent in english you pretty much passed. BUT you don't have to be an autistic fuck in the interview, act as normie as you can and don't even dare to mention anime.

All the weeaboos I know who applied to monbukagakusho just because of anime got rejected (except the really smart or persistent ones, like 俺様)

You should really practice your interview and have your documents clean, like you should start preparing your research plan right now and do 1000 revisions.






Today I did Anki for 38 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 2 hours and 8 minutes.

How important is stroke order, really? How religiously does Cred Forums follow proper stroke order?
In something like pic related, if I do 1,2,3,4,5,6, I have a hard time getting the size right and everything lining up evenly. It seems much easier and more intuitive to do 1,3,2,6,4,5. Or even 3,2,1,6,4,5

What are some good native podcasts? I wanna immerse myself in people talking in ways that isnt just anime.

Just watch Japanese ASMR

Get a peice of paper, try messing up the stroke order or any english letter.

It makes the shape look different, even if you're quite good at doing it the wrong way.

I think we had this conversation already user. I want it sounding natural, not ASMR.

Doing stroke 2 before stroke 3 is important because it makes it easier to line up 1,2 and 3 neatly

If you did 3 before 2 you're more likely to have strokes overlapping

Who needs VNs or LNs when you can just read long-winded amazon reviews?

pff. Having lolis lick your ears is the best way to learn japanese


Probably a good idea not to mention anime and manga in your application. There may be some ways to get away with it but better safe than sorry, trust me. I've talked with the embassy personally and in the interview, they are all serious scholarly anthropologist folk who really like the idea of sharing culture and language. They don't like the idea of sending people to japan who have no idea why they want to go besides anime and their waifu.

But, this is just an advice. Do as you please.

Is English really so hard for you?

stroke order is important to the point that your handwriting will be completely illegible if you don't follow it religiously

radical shapes are basically defined by their stroke order, if you try to write quickly without the right stroke order it just won't come out like it's supposed to look

So practicing as much as one can is a bad thing?
This could explain why no one here ever gets past intermediate level

Why did he write that 介 the wrong way round

That's nice to hear. I thought the research plan will be the most important thing, makes sense.

There are places to practice and an American English-speaking forum might not be the best one to do it in.


this is the official nippongo thread so there really shouldnt be any reason to get your panties in a twist over somebody typing to you in nippongo buddy

>and an American English-speaking forum might not be the best one to do it in.
God fucking damn, you monolingual monkeys



If I wanted to practice baseball, would it better to go to a baseball field with other baseball players or should I take my bat to the basketball court and hope someone there will play with me?

>American English, also called United States English or U.S. English, is the set of varieties of the English language native to the United States


As long as you manage to get your hands on a bat and practice, any approach is valid

One will inherently yield better results, though. The other will be a greater waste of time.


>when you're not used to output, need to read in the language for a while shortly before you begin

I wouldn't expect that this is unusual, but I think that this is the first time that I've seen Steve talk about it.

you're wasting time here too aren't you

let's not try to kid ourselves here

And that's why you're here. This is the place to practice.
It's not like we're dropping you in the middle of Japan and expecting you to do well.
If there's something you don't understand, you can just ask.

Someone pass the 大丈夫ソース

Learning and practicing are different.


Learning is the acquisition of knowledge.
Practicing is the performance of a skill or activity.
They are different things. Maybe you should try learning English before tackling Japanese.

I view DJT less as a practice ground and more as a support community.

If you were to liken us to people working out, we would be the forum where people who work out gather to talk to other people who work out. Obviously, being on the forum isn't working out, but it has use as a place to learn technique, ask questions, find resources, share experiences, and keep your motivation up. It's a constructive place for people who work out to relax.

That's what DJT is to Japanese learning.

>practicing doesn't result in the acquisition of knowledge

Then why the fuck are you doing it?

You don't practice to learn. You practice to improve.

So one cannot learn something by practicing or immersing oneself in that particular subject?
Fuck off, monolingual anglo retard. You clearly have no idea of how learning a language works.

I'd rather have people here stuttering in Japanese than shitposting and having fruitless discussions like this one.

You don't learn anything by practicing. Learning is acquiring NEW knowledge. Practice is honing EXISTING knowledge.
How do you not know what words mean?

Learning is merely a consequence of practicing

>Learning is acquiring NEW knowledge
No. Learning is perfecting the knowledge you already have by means of practice.

>improve in a mental skill without gaining new knowledge

How the fuck does this work?

>learn a new word from reading
>grammar concept clicks
>gain intuitive understanding of what's natural

These are all new knowledge. A lot of things can only be learned by doing. When it comes to mental skills and questions of technique, practice is learning.

Need to wake up in 4 hours to drive 3 hours to a job interview. What should I do /djt/?

>What should I do /djt/?
Anki reps

Do you think I'm making this stuff up off the top of my head? Open a dictionary.

Post about it in a thread about learning Japanese

>the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, PRACTICING, being taught, or EXPERIENCING SOMETHING

>the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying
Thanks for proving my point.

Nice straw man, mate

great discussion here, adding it to the djt hall of fame

>literally saying that practicing isn't a study method
kys my man

>source quotes me nearly ver batim
>somehow I'm wrong

You're just taking advantage of a loophole in the definition and using it as an argument, senpai

>"hehe I'll use an expression in latin hehe this will definitely show him hehe"
>fucks up

I only got 大変ソース here, sorry man.

Pros/Cons to the different grammar guides? i.e. Tae Kim, Japanese—The Manga Way, DoJG, etc?

dojg is a dictionary and not a guide
tae kim is pretty good
can't speak for the manga one

I don't think that sentence really refers to some kind of sauce, senpai
At least I interpreted it like this: なんとか大丈夫そう(だ)っす

In which っす is a colloquial form (or maybe a dialectal form) of です

Oops, fixed

和風 waifu?

Watching anime makes the listening section of jlpt feel slow.

Thanks user. Looks neat.




try watching people talk casually on youtube

>Introducing ourselves in class after learning some phrases
>Girl stands up and says in slow, broken Japanese:
>"わたし は にほんご はんぶん です"

>he doesnt にほんごはんぶん

Was she hafu and retarded or just retarded?

That's because JLPT listening section is slow


She was trying to say "半分日本人" I think, she had a Japanese sounding last name.

I've been wanting to start importing manga in japanese.
However I'm still not fully confident with my language skills, I will probable have problems to understand everything completely, should I go for it?

>I will probable have problems to understand everything completely, should I go for it?
Yes. Just don't aim too high.



Holy fuck those two are 可愛すぎ

>just don't aim too high
He probably isn't
Just don't get Moyashimon or something

Having a physical copy is a good motivator to read above your level. At least it was for me.

Just figure out a relatively convenient way to look up words (and add them to anki) so it doesn't take more than 20 seconds for each one or you will be too frustrated to continue reading.

Hey, fuck you, man
I didn't come her to feel


Hey you!
Try watching some drama, anime is usually really slow and comfy, aside from that one emotional moment in an episode close to the end.

Trust me I regret finding it too

I'm supposed to be in bed but I can't stop watching it

Watch anime that aren't CGDCT
That way you get actual practice without having to subject yourself to drama

>having to subject yourself to drama
But some of them are really good.

Any recommendations?

Not the guy you were talking to, and my vocab is a little weak but I think I'm getting to the point where I can start watching this stuff without getting too lost.

New Game! is over.

I cried.

I can't stop watching them and their cuteness either
Fuck you, I feel so lonely now ;__;

Who /creep/ here?

Ate lunch today near a nip couple and decided to try and eavesdrop to see how much I could understand.

I think they were talking about anime, but I couldn't hear some of what they were saying, and they were nips in at least early to mid twenties no less so I expected them to detest otakushit. I for sure heard anime, isekai, kurikaesu, dekai yatsu and omoshiroi but then again they were talking before I sat down so I don't know the context.


Sure, what genres are you into?

If your vocab is weak I'd recommend something more comedy prone like Switch Girl. webm related.

>and they were nips in at least early to mid twenties no less so I expected them to detest otakushit
From my knowledge people hating on anime in Japan are extremely rare, everyone has seen and liked anime over there pretty much, this is not the US or Europe.
Re:Zero probably.

What said, I'd recommend using the google translate pen tool to draw Kanji words you can't read to then rikai them. Doesn't take much more than a few seconds.

>they told me I would burn out at 30 words a day
>average is now ~70

How do you guys study grammar? Just reading Tae kim isn't really making it sink in.

How many reviews are you doing daily?

600-1000 depending on how much I add and whether I use the cram feature that day

I don't really have a specific genre in mind, just looking for anywhere to start

Also have no clue where to look for this stuff other than raredoramas and the usual places. Though I did manage to pick up 花子とアン and アオイホノオ somewhere, know if either of those going to be dictionary intensive?

Wew, just realized Tae Kim's Grammar Guide has some mistakes nearing the end

Just reading a guide isn't going to make it sink in, you need to practice. Reading and listening both. Just like learning to drive, there's only so much theory you can ingest before practical skill has to take over. The sooner you leave the nest the sooner you will fly.

by reading

But how do I read if I don't understand the grammar?

Then refer to Tae Kim.

look if you don't want to learn japanese no one is making you

Nigga you telling me you can't even retain information for one fucking hour? You read this shit and it's out of your brain 5 minutes later?
I only got one thing to say to that: 出来ない

I watched all of 花子とアン
Especially in the beginning there's a lot of dialect, but I don't remember there being any extraordinary vocab. It was a pretty decent drama. Also there should be Japanese softsubs for it available.

The other one I didn't watch so no clue.

I can't possibly intake all the grammar in tae kim in one hour. Basically what I know is "negative whatever is usually something along the lines of じゃない," "はmeans what we're talking about", "ます、means polite, です is normal".

Yeah. I just don't know how to get a base so I even know what I'm looking at.

I want to though

Learning takes time. Be diligent and study every day. Read one to two Tae Kim lessons a day, watch anime every day, study Kanji, pick an easy manga and force yourself to read every day.

Learning is a matter of discipline, work every day and you'll progress.

>I can't possibly intake all the grammar in tae kim in one hour.
What kind of comment is that? I want to tell you to go fuck yourself with your trolling right now, but since you're probably genuinely asking I'll refrain from doing so, in exchange please reflect on your learning perspective.

>What kind of comment is that?

to be fair, the guy he is replying to said "you cant even retain info for one hour?"

People talking about good beginner dramas, any good advice for beginner anime? (for people with weak vocab)?

I hear DBZ might be good because you probably already know the story, but what else would you recommend?

Oh oops, just woke up.

Add core2k6k to the list too.

Any high school SoL really.

Yeah, what this user said
I wasn't seriously saying I expect to learn it all in an hour.

I am doing the core 2k, I'm like 5 days in.

Harems basically

Stuff focused on comedy as opposed to romance tends to be a bit harder

I apologize. Keep it up.

Really? I'd recommend the opposite, something with spectacle that isn't so dialogue heavy. Probably something skewed to a more childish audience so they keep it simple. SoL anime tends to have little context to conversations outside of the classic tropes (sweatdrops, nosebleeds and random falling)

I watch anime

Am I the only one who is embarrassed by the amount stories there are about white guys get laid constantly in Japan? It makes me feel like i perverted norm and look down upon japanese women more.

I rather be associated with being a weeaboo.

Teekyuu is great

Japanese women don't have sex, the stories are lies.

Just know that those white guys will never be known as anything aside from those "white guys". You will never be seen as an actual person in Japan. You are defined by your whiteness.

I don't care what people do I just wish they didn't blog about it here.


Why the fuck is 小吉 higher ranking than 吉

Why, Japanese people?

Guess you're all neutral. Im just depressed because I feel like I should spend the time I have not fucking girls, learning a talent.
I hope Im better than you one day.

why not do that then

you've got all the time not spent fucking girls in the world

You probably already are since I'm a virgin, I was just practicing my jpn :(

People like you who "subtly" feels the need to tell others they fuck generally haven't even done it much compared to those who never brings it up.

Nothing is stopping you from learning. Once you learn not to care what other people do you'll be happier.


Have some 火薬 to go with your lead aspirin.

I've only been trying to learn for 3 days now, and I've got 35 Hiragana "memorized" in the sense that I can identify them almost every time very quickly with that kana teacher website, but it takes me about half an hour to write all 35 characters out. Summoning them from memory is painful. Is this normal, and is the only way to fix it to get to the basic reading and writing level? Should I just be thankful at this point that I can identify the Hiragana I've learned when I see them, try to learn the other 11 or so that remain as quickly as possible, and then start writing basic words in Hiragana to speed up writing ability, while I'm also learning Katakana?

No one here really practices writing.

Writing helps you memorize them though, so it's a good idea to at least be able to do it.

I literally forgot how to write the kana

Why is downloading an Anki set good? I tried Anki some time ago by adding words by myself when I found them, and I only could remember the words of which I also remembered the original context at first. So I don't see why having a bunch of words you're completely unfamiliar with would help.

I've had no problem with it, probably because I have been writing them by hand since I started.

Just read a lot. As your mind makes practical use of the characters, they'll sink in. Save the handwriting practice for later.

I actually never wrote the katakana down while learning them. I picked it up completely from reading.

Sounds like I'm just getting ahead of myself then. I guess I'll save fast handwriting and being able to produce the characters for later and just focus on reading and understanding.

You guys are fucking dumb.

Any contact with characters helps you memorize but early writing will delay immersion

When I try to type kana I'm getting seemingly random characters with Google IME. Does anyone know what the deal is? Just started randomly yesterday or so.

What do you mean by immersion? That it will take longer to start reading and doing anything of value with the knowledge?

But now you can move to he manga, Its really good. Most of it is an easy read other than a few Specific company or video game development terms.

Yeah I'm planning to pick it up soon as my daily chapter manga when I'll be done with the lolicon one.

I'm already reading a LN as serious reading at the moment and picked up so I don't have much slot left for New Game at the moment, but soon!

Yeah exactly. It's good to do enough writing /individual character practice to learn the radicals and to distinguish close pairs, but other than that is only if you need it in the next year or so.

well, since you guys care so much to post. I actually have a favor. I'm an animator, and I want to create something like this:

I want to draw anime girls doing funny shit. But, I need a director, someone to tell me what to draw for them, or an idea. Ill work for free. Anyone have any short animation they want me to do? If so,

my email is [email protected]

Anyway, sorry for the off-topic post. This is the last one from me.

>haven't watched anime episodes in weeks
at least i watched 君の名は and read a couple manga volumes from book off that counts as practice right

Where do I find Japanese subtitles for anime?


the internet


Where on the internet?


Can you recommend some sites that have subs?

If so, please, share this information with me.

You would know already if you weren't a retard too stupid to check the obvious place

Any example of what you can do?

>think ive cracked は and が usage
>never ever baby

It's in the guide.

Huh. I looked in the guide and couldn't find this. Thanks.

Animelon. It isn't in the guide.

Kill yourself, faggot.


I can still see the nipple.


Great site, too bad the timing for the subtitles is usually off by a lot, and the spreadsheet is barren as fuck for delay times.

I should have never taken that day off anki, that one day led to 1 month

your an idiot

there is no working delay time because any delay time will be messed up when another commercial hits

Just open it in a text editor. If you're decent at japanese you shouldn't have subs constantly turned on anyway








ぬ is probably one of my favorite kana to draw. そ however gives me cancer.

ふ has always been my worst one.

The problem is I'm not decent at Japanese. I'm trying to use subtitles in hopes it will increase my listening skills until I can go without them







Someone please tell me wtf エサケット is


I think ふ is fun to draw. I've always done it like this, in one fluid motion but lifting up the pen in between the separate strokes.

あたしはもう はちさいだよ
もうこども じゃないもん

you're doing the bottom left stroke in the wrong order


Is that grammatically correct? I thought if you're doing the action it always had to be あげる

Where do i go to read 2ch? What board do you recommend? What's the equivalent of Cred Forums?

Rules don't apply when you're an anime

>Where do i go to read 2ch?
Probably the site itself.
Go open some boards that catch your eye and experiment.

>go to Cred Forums and pick a board and experiment

do you realise how stupid this sounds?

How do you call someone a faggot in Japanese? I've been checking my dictionaries but can't find any really suitable replacement.

No, lurking's never harmed anyone you shit

Is it even necessary to learn handwriting? I mean I can't even remember the last time I handwrote anything in English.

theres fucking 500+ boards, how do you expect my to know whats popular and whats good and not when i read like a snail

Do you know how stupid you sound randomly changing and omitting words then expecting someone to argue against it? Don't willfully try to incite shit.

for the kana you should just because you're going to learn how to write kana accidentally

for the kanji it's not necessary but I would recommend taking a small handful of characters and writing them until it becomes fun to do so

Do you guys vary your fonts when doing reviews or use the same fonts all the time?

I've been using a font randomizer for the past few months and was hard at first but now surprised how easily I can recognize kanji even in ridiculous squiggly looking fonts.

Stop being a little bitch and read faster then.

嫌儲 (news focused)

That's really good advice, I never considered doing that before, but now that you told me i have no clue how i didnt think of that before!

use a textbook font or use IPA gothic/mincho



Study Japanese everyday.

How can "study" be a noun here? Isn't it used like the english verb "to study"?

That's what I originally did but I think my recognition is much better when I randomize among a list of a bunch of different types of fonts.

its a verb because of suru. that makes words nouns

Damn straight. Life gets much better when you just suck it up and not act like pmsing bitch all the time.

So is "毎日、日本語を勉強" just incorrect? Shouldn't that mean the same thing?

you could randomize between just those three

i meant suru makes nouns into verbs. oops

That... Makes even less sense. How can you take a thing and turn it into an action? Is the sentence 毎日、日本語を勉強 correct, grammatically? Why not?

wo has to have a verb in the sentance or its gramatically incorrect

>How can you take a thing and turn it into an action?
This is easy:
My study (is going well)
To study

Look at it as the opposite of something that exists in english.





Isn't 勉強 a verb? To study?

holyshit I remember watching this. My boss my Hero is another easy drama if people wanna try.

This is a boring post.

Did you enjoy posting it?

No and no.

Without the する it just refers to the activity we call "study". With the する it means "DO study".

勉強 べんきょう (n,vs) study; diligence; discount; reduction; (P)

You see that "vs"? That means the word *can't* be a noun without a する. There's lots of them.


did any of you guys learn stroke order? And by that I mean, any of you actually use it for writing instead of just memorizing the character?

Can I just skip stroke order if I'm just gonna read japanese?

Can't be a *verb*.

It's a noun until you add the する to make it a verb.

Oooh. That makes more sense then. Thank you. Esp explaining the (n,vs) thing. It's very helpful!

>Can I just skip stroke order if I'm just gonna read japanese?
How are you going to look up words you don't recognize, if you aren't aware of the radicals and the number of strokes?

There's nothing difficult about stroke order, it quickly becomes second nature.

You don't have to pay so much attention to it now if you're just starting out, but stop looking to be told you don't need to learn something if you truly desire to be literate.

>How are you going to look up words you don't recognize, if you aren't aware of the radicals and the number of strokes?
Some cool people here are nice enough to offer help.

This cool site called google translate will translate all the text you could ever see.

These cool groups will translate and sub any anime you want to watch.


I think you're either underestimating the amount of words you'll eventually have to look up, or overestimating how useful and considerate Cred Forums is.

I'm not trying to scare you off, but seriously, you're looking for shortcuts when those shortcuts are simply avoiding the building blocks that will aid you with the actual difficult stuff later on.

Just because you can sprint at the start of the race doesn't mean you're going to make it to the finish line.


>American education

If you can't read the Yokohama dialect you can't claim to know japanese

Mouse over them in a text hooker, of course?

I know this is a troll but it made me irrationally angry so 7/10.

Imagine you're a positive member of society and in a job interview.

The interview asks "What is your favourite language, and if you could change one thing about it what would it be?"

How do you answer?



Bring back Chu Nom.







Oh yeah that's what you meant, indeed. I wasn't him by the way.







Except you don't need to know stroke order to look up kanji or be literate, you retard.


What's a good and easy LN I could read in bed? I'm relatively intermediate so I wouldn't have to look up that much. I got pretty sick but I don't wanna miss out on reading.

>I got pretty sick


Did it make you angry because you realized that you wasted hundreds of hours doodling on Google Translate or picking radicals on Jisho while the rest of us were learning Japanese?




not that guy but im happy i 'wasted my time' with a radical deck considering all the titles in stylized fonts not even googles mobile OCR can read

You can read Japanese better than Google Translate? Wow I'm very impressed. Please tell me more!

>google translate
>google OCR which is mentioned in the guide

nice reading comprehension faggot

Radical decks aren't a waste of time, but using kanji look-up tools like Jisho or Google when you could use a texthooker is a waste of time.

What is this supposed to say? It doesn't look like anything to me.

Do you realize texthookers don't work on everything? KanjiTomo isn't always reliable either. If none of these options are available then Kanji look-up tools it is.

They're just fucking tools, why the fuck are you holding such a condescending opinion on something so petty you fucking depressed shithead mosquito.

It says レディットにもどれ

You could at least try to learn kana before you ask questions like that.

I would've told you if you didn't watch shitty anime

My favourite language is Japanese. If I could change one thing about it, I would remove okurigana completely and slowly phase out kana in favour of kanji. This will ensure the extinction of all weaboos.

How many months does it typically take to be able to start reading chit? I'm about 5 weeks in and my vocabulary and grammar is just wayyy too minimal to deal with Yotsuba, even with a guide.

I was condescending because they gave terrible advice to a beginner. Learning stroke order to use kanji look-up tools is retarded. I've had to use such tools maybe a dozen times in the process of learning 2500 kanji thanks to texthookers, and it barely even matters for Google anyway. Only learn stroke order if you want to write.


It clearly says レムって...誰のこと?

I just wasted 10 minutes staring at a kana chart because I believed you and thought I was being retarded.

Now I realize it isn't even in Japanese.

Do 60+ words a day like the cool kids and it will just take a couple months

Are you sure? Looks kind of like 凶 there to me.

How lazy are you that you can't learn something that takes like 30 minutes total and need to argue about it on the internet

- 白玉君 

Someone needs to watch more anime


how do i use だけで in a sentence?


I was reading the other day, and came across this page - it's quite easy to read from far away, but was difficult to make out on the printed page. I only recognized it once I paid attention to common stroke order.

I think you're confused - I advocated for neither of those, but looking an unknown kanji up by its radicals/strokes is an inevitable necessity. Being able to find the meaning of a new word in seconds rather than wasting minutes shouldn't be looked down upon; things can only be texthooked as far as they're typed and in a high enough resolution, so it's a silly, impractical advice that glosses over a serious problem and ignores reality.

OCR technology wrt kanji is pretty spotty still, and you should be learning how to /NOT/ use texthookers.

I mean if you're trying to only read forums posts and play VNs, it's whatever, but you shouldn't be applying something that's only useful in a limited scope to everything.

I mean, you're completely disregarding the fact that I said he didn't need to worry about it now as a beginner, but shouldn't get into the bad habit of looking for shortcuts to skip over the basics. Anyways.

What about learning how to read the written language? Not everything is typed, and for some people, learning to write is a necessity, because spoiler alert: different people have different styles of learning.

It's worse advice to tell a beginner, "Don't pay attention to stroke order! Don't worry about radicals!", when they're piss easy building blocks of the language. That's the sort of anti-encouragement leading to bad habits that make you either forever reliant on a texthooker, or burn out in low-intermediate hell. It's better to be upfront about the difficulties.


>I only recognized it once I paid attention to common stroke order.
oh boy this meme again

>thread constantly has people asking how to read something written
>"hurr durr learning stroke order to recognize a word to look up by yourself isn't an actual problem that exists"

Cred Forums levels of wearing blinders

>people who know stroke order never have problems reading anything written
Stupidest thing I've read all week

Which one?

Are there no decent alternatives to KanjiTomo on linux? What do you guys use? Do you just handwrite into google translate or something?

How the fuck do you read 肉幹? Is it にくみき? にくかん? にっかん? This is driving me insane. Every five seconds I come across a new dirty word with a reading known only to members of the secret nihonjin club. Why the fuck do no Japanese dictionaries have sex terms in them? You can bet your fuckin' ass "fuck" and "ass" are in any English dictionary worth its salt, but it seems the top brass at Koujien and Daijirin are a bunch of fucking chaste little girls.

>Shachou, we're preparing the new 2016 edition of the dictionary. Will we include a definition and reading for 肉幹 this time?
>N-no! We can't?
>Why not?
>B-b-b-because that's LEWD!!!

Holy fucking shit. Abandon your existing waifus everybody, they're all sluts. If you want true purity then pick your favorite from the board of directors. Motherfuck.

I don't think you can really compare words with such a history as "fuck" and "ass", to modern slang like "meat stick".

I'm sure there must be some Japanese equivalent to urbandictionary however, since that seems to be what you're autistically sperging out about.


I set up RSS feeds to automatically download my anime and now the season is ending it's autodownloading batches for my anime.
Obviously I don't need batches, so is there a way to set the filter up so it only downloads episodes and not batches?


Don't think so. Disable/delete the filter when the series is over.

>RSS options
>words to exclude: batch

3rd one

I see, thanks

Doesn't work, the batchs' names look like: [Ohys-Raws] New Game! (AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC)




>it's popular so I must call it shit
I bet if somehow it hadn't been popular you'd have said "oh it's pretty good".

Never would have thought I'd see this word actually used

You see every word at least once




What's the difference?

One says とびら and is written in kanji and the other says どあ and is written in katakana

Yes, obviously.

They both mean door. Can they be used interchangeably or do they refer to specific kinds of doors?

you do not know enough japanese to appreciate any valid answer that anybody could give you in such a way that you could understand it

Well the definition of ドア on Goo is just 「戸。扉。」 so they must be pretty interchangeable, although I'm sure there are plenty of situations where you could only use one or the other

That guy's answer wasn't entirely a joke.

Post hanzi grids


Let's speak about the benefits of JLPT.

N1 - This can be used as proof of proficiency in Japanese. Most any translator worth their salt will put N1 on their resume (unless they're native bilingual). It can also serve as proof of Japanese proficiency which assists in various parts of Japanese immigration and/or naturalization. You get 15 points towards the "highly skilled professional foreigner" visa. Almost all Japanese companies would seriously prefer their hirees to have N1, if they know what it is.

N2 - This is N1-lite. If you don't have N1, you might can put this on your resume and say you're working towards N1, and jobs that don't directly involve the Japanese language (e.g. non-translation jobs in Japan) that ask for N1 qualification may take this instead.

But note--not every job in Japan requires foreign hirees to speak fluent Japanese. I have more than a couple of friends who are scientists who speak some Japanese, but not to the point of using it as their primary day-to-day language, and they are evaluated based upon the quality of their work. However, having N1 or even N2 will give you a leg up on the competition.

N3-N5 - These have no concrete benefits beyond as a marker of understanding your current level of progress towards N2/N1. You may be able to opt out of certain Japanese language courses at certain universities with various ranks of JLPT.

Thanks for taking out the time to write out this post with info everyone knows already

Anything to avoid actually learning Japanese

How do you change the font displayed in your KanjiGrid?

I wonder if you ever learn? Cause it certainly doesn't seem so.

Mine's (second ones) just the default one it gives me, never done anything to change it

Yeah I know that much I'm just curious as to why people don't have the same font on those since as far as I know there isn't an option for this.

Not sure, probably something to do with system fonts and that first guy's computer's just fucked

>Tfw just interpreted 空席 as some magical seats floating in the sky

I am not good at putting the meaning of kanji together

What's the trick to understanding Japanese wordplays?

understanding japanese generally

Being Japanese


My teacher explained this to me just last week
According to her, both words mean "door", but 扉 is more archaic and often used in literary works

Is she hot


Not really. She has a cute personality, though



I hate these onomatopoeic words. They look so similar and I can never remember their meaning


Adverbs are the end boss of Japanese

At least they allow you to express the concept of "suddenly" in about 300 unique and whacky ways



Don't people usually use 戸? In which case the difference is Japanese vs. Western style?

I hope to get the hang of them with time and practice, but this initial struggle is surely a pain in the ass

Hey, I learned that one just yesterday while reading はなひらっ. Thanks for reminding me, user :D




>I hope to get the hang of them with time and practice, but this initial struggle is surely a pain in the ass

Keep in mind that anki really isn't the place to be learning kana adverbs, the only way to really learn them is through encountering them a lot in native material

The four you listed above are all common as fuck so it wouldn't take long for them to be solidified in your head forever, but down the line you'll encounter one's that are barely ever used, and if you chose to add them in anki chances are they'll just be stuck in a fail loop until they leach, but don't worry about them because the same thing happens to everyone

When does it get easier?

I know 2300 Kanji, kanji grid looks mostly blue/green, studied for 3 years, know all the grammar I need to know, can read manga easily, understand 99% of what's said in an anime, and yet I feel like it's not enough and conquering this language is still mountains ahead. I still feel like I suck and like a beginner.

Of course people who've just been studying for weeks are dreaming to be at my level and I sort of know I've worked hard and progressed a lot since the day I started... or I should say I should know it but I really don't exactly "feel" like it, I still feel like there are way too many things to learn still. I suppose one could say it's a good thing because "if you always feel like you don't have enough that means you're really learning" (as opposed to be in the Dunning–Kruger club) but still there are days like today where I can't see the end of it.

i changed from reading あずまんが大王 to 悪の華 trying to escape osakaben and ran into the forewarned onomatopoeia
kinda want to go back to osaka, im sorry i betrayed you

Joke's on you. I was only pretending to be smiling

Thanks for the advice, man. I'm mostly using Anki for kanji and objective vocabulary. As a rule of thumb, I consider these adverbs and onomatopoeic expressions secondary and continue my studies without giving them much thought.
Right now I'm stuck reading that insufferable はなひらっ shit and it's actually been more helpful than I expected in making vocabulary and grammar sink in.

>When does it get easier?
>can read manga easily, understand 99% of what's said in an anime

Sounds like you are chasing the dragon. It's impossible to know all there is to know about Japanese, even natives don't know everything. So if you are looking for and "end", there is none. You can only judge your progress by whether or not you can do what you want to do, and if you understand nearly everything you watch and read like you say, I don't get what else you think you need.

You're all set ,desu.

I am an ESL and reading books in English is pretty tough for me. A page that'd take 1 minute to read in my native would take 2-3 minutes to read in English.

Of course the more you read, the better you get, however you won't ever "conquer" the language, it's a continuous process of self-improving with no end.

>that insufferable はなひらっ
moe diabetes is incurable if you don't keep in mind that which you find cute you subconsciously want to attack
women are in less control of this compulsion and even voice such desires like 'i could just eat you up' etc

this is contrary to the assumption its degrading your masculinity, quite the opposite

>I'm stuck reading that insufferable はなひらっ

Why do you read something if you think it's insufferable? Find something else to read

Just curious, but how long have you been studying English? I'm an ESL too, and I find that reading books is just as easy in my native language (with the exception of Lovecraft and shit like that).

How fast can you read? What about listening comprehension? What about production? Have you even practiced that at all? I'm guessing your reading is relatively slow and you shit yourself whenever you have to deal with sci-fi anime or anything that isn't slice of life really. I was where you were a couple years ago, and believe me, you've only just started. Also it takes a lot more effort than mindlessly grinding kanji to progress from here on out.

What's your vocab?


Well, I never was studying it as a subject, it's more of a self-taught kind of thing and I can't give a clear answer. The problem is that I was chicken about reading books in English until last year, before that I was only reading manga and comics.

I don't know, mate... I feel like I've conquered English. Everything I can do in my native language, I can just as easily do in English, with the exception of not being sure about a thing or another.

do you not study English at school where you're from? Really curious, I thought English as secondary language was a world-wide thing

It is also a worldwide thing for it to suck. Nobody learns English at school.


Because other VNs are still too hard for me and I end up checking the dictionary more often than I'd be comfortable with.
I tried reading Flyable Heart (it's pretty shitty too, but way more enjoyable and less braindead) before Hanahira, but there were several kanji I still didn't know. That was like 2 months ago though, so I might be more prepared for it now

I feel like you'd still have trouble reading technical stuff like theses and the like in English. Also, getting rid of a foreign accent is extremely hard for ESL learners, perhaps even impossible.




I feel bad right now because it seems you guys have misunderstood me. Manga and anime are indeed very easy but... that's because they generally are as opposed to VNs (that aren't moeblobs), LNs or books. Like said I really do have a lot to learn left. If I had to be objective I'm intermediate, nothing more.

As long as I know the words I can read as fast as English or my native language. Listening comprehension is very good (initially learned through music, anime and Japanese audio porn). I can write (I like it). My problem is always having to learn new vocab after new vocab, it never stops.

I'm ESL too and while I do recall struggling a bit reading my first book in English (i.e. having to look up words every few pages or so), it quickly became ok. Japanese feels like you're always battling against hundreds and hundreds of remaining words, it never ends. Speaking of which I'd be curious if a study was made about the number of words generally used in Japanese (daily / in media) compared to another language like English.

It is, it's just here the education program fucking sucks. I was ahead of the curve and if I was visiting classrooms I was just doing tests I skipped or goofing around.

Well, it just depends on how ambitious you are. A person on the same level as you might not consider language conquered because he simply still has room to grow.


(Not him)
Definitely not impossible desu
In any case, a foreign accent doesn't really make communication impossible, so I don't think it should be considered a parameter for defining proficiency in a language.

Well I don't think you can claim you've "conquered" a language unless you're quite literally on the level of a native in said language.


>a foreign accent doesn't really make communication impossible
as far as sexual selection pressure goes, id say it was advantageous
always a silver lining

>In any case, a foreign accent doesn't really make communication impossible
My country would be fucked if that was the case as most of the doctors are either Indian or Chinese.
Steven Kaufmann did a video on accent which is probably worth a watch, in the context of the surrounding discussion:

Even among native speakers, there are hundreds of different accents and different ways of saying things. What's your point?

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shut the fuck up dad

Report and ignore outright normalfaggotry. Don't give them the attention they desire.

You faggots trying too hard to be funny are worse than him. Fuck you.

No one is trying to be "funny", user.
Don't bring 3DPD shit into Cred Forums.

How would you say "a noun so adjective"? Like "a town so small"?



>3DPD shit into Cred Forums.
checked and wisdom laid down, is post quality getting better around here or what

It says read the fucking light novel to find out because it's not Japanese but the writing system they use in the parallel world

>a town so small



It's time.


The trick is to do all of them at once.

After a bit you feel desperate and want to take a break... but if you continue you'll start feeling dead inside to the point where nothing matters anyway and all your reps will just get by eventually before you notice.

Do you do your new cards at the end? How many do you do a day?

I got my ~480 mandarin cards coming up in another hour

Watching those Chinese cartoons, eh, user?


The amphetaneet in his natural habitat

Why the FUCK would anyone want to watch 5 minutes of some kid sitting at his desk studying

Angry that you'll never be that famous?

May I ask the reason you're studying Chinese?

I'm a celebrity in twelve different countries, friendo

You underestimate how popular the idea of studying like a madman is in places like Japan and Korea.

Neets aren't only reported in first world countries user.

Chris-chan is famous across the Seven Continents. What's your point?

Why not. Knowing Japanese (and possibly just as importantly, knowing how to learn a language without getting sidetracked by stupid gimmick programs) makes it pretty easy

That was the wrong one.
When they basically glorify the concept of studying day and night from a young age, in order to get into a good university in order to get a job and work themselves to death, well, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination that there would be people who would appreciate the idea of someone studying for an entire day, as stupid as it sounds.

More like infamous.

And yet you're both retarded

Do you know where I can download the full version of はなひらっ for Android?




That's 'a very small town'

'a town so small [that x happens]' must be conveyed using an extent of the smallness

I can't do it after all. It's ok, not like I wanted to learn Japanese anyway.

Is there a case in which it's grammatically correct to use ある for animate objects? I remember seeing something like this somewhere

I'm not talking about ~てある, by the way

When you're talking about 在日 or 中国人

Why does it sound like he's saying あたし? Is it an accent thing or do some male entertainers call themselves あたし instead of 私?

he looks gay af so that might be it senpai

Literally just search
>はなひらっ android
on Google.


You should do it too like the HS-using fag you are

In certain dialects they do



caring about sub groups is an EOP habit

What does that last bubble say?

I used to use HS for raws because I could turn on subs when I really didn't understand something, but then they started putting hardsubs in some of their shows so I just switched to regular raws.


do non Okinawa japs understand this?


Probably up to 80-90%. That's what being a native means.
If you're an English native you could probably understand Irish or Scottish dialects with much more ease as well.

I guess here's my answer


How horrifying.
A bunch of high tech equipment with such and old phone.

No! Where's my food? I haven't eaten yet...
no...not again...fuck... I end up being a fluid...help meow


I thought 多 just consists of two タ. Is it wrong?


oh hey whats up


See, they different.

Not sure i'm getting the point.
Is it stop on third stroke on katakana one and shu on kanji one?

read academic monographs



In katakana, the last stroke goes through the second a bit.
In 夕 the last stroke is entirely inside the enclosure.

That shit's not かわいい

THAT'S かわいい
I still can't stop watching it

>I still can't stop watching it
Why? They're like the most generic girls. Didn't even put any effort in the video.


Watch this. The first girl alone is 10 times better than those 2 skanks.

You complain about something being generic and not having effort put into it, and then say a generic as fuck girl doing a dance that's not even timed properly and looks completely random is somehow better than two cute twins doing a cute little properly choreographed routine

Go to /s/, /wsg/, /gif/, /hc/ or /anywherebuthere/ to discuss your favorite Japanese girls. Cred Forums is for 2D (seiyuus excepted)

Could someone please mirror this and add it to the CoR? It's KKLC (Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course) with a Table of Contents added.

This thread is for the Japanese language, and Japanese girls are related to the Japanese language

This, also why is PPAP pronounced as プピエイピ
The プピ is catching me off guard.

Sure sounds like ピピ to me

Think you need your listening comprehension checked

You can tell by the lip movements as well


tertiary discussion and secondary discussion etc
fuck off

About a week ago, there was a thread where someone had a lost of phrases transliterated from Japanese, simple stuff like moshi moshi etc, anyone have that? I got back to the thread late and it had 404d.

Maybe it's the background music that made it sound different to me.

You could draw that on Google Translate
You could radical search it on Jisho
Hell you could probably use Kanjitomo on it

>You could draw that on Google Translate
>You could radical search it on Jisho
Literally tried both unironically.

Not sure how that's possible, that first characters is pretty much impossible to not get on google, and that second ones just 8 perfectly straight lines in various directions and a box

As opposed to ironically looking them up?

だた惚れた じゃなくって

ただ惚れた なら自然な意味があるとおもうよ




Dunno bro maybe your google translates broken

He probably used a retarded stroke order in addition to using only one stroke for the top radical


Does it have to be mirrored? Can it be added without a backup or is that link likely to be taken down?

People don't like keeping things they worked on in any capacity (even just adding a ToC, for example) up on their own accounts, because legal reasons.


That Mega account is linked to my phone and tablet and I use it for uni stuff, so I'd like to have as much free space on it as possible. I know I should have uploaded it to a dummy account, but I didn't think of that, and my upload speed is 0.1MB/s, so if someone else could reupload it that'd be nice. I'll leave it up until someone posts a mirror, though.


Probably worth getting in contact with him about it.

ただ > 只(ただ)simply


like what


Watch something you have already read the manga of. That's probably the easiest way to transition into watching raw anime, as you already have a base familiarity with the language used. You may even enjoy it more, due to being able to comprehend more of it than going in blind.


If you can't understand this you're hopeless.

 沖縄 はたくさんの島でできていて




>So I don't see why having a bunch of words you're completely unfamiliar with would help.
It's not the fault of Anki for that. All Anki does is show you what you put in.
You don't seem to understand what the program actually is. Here is some information which might help clear up your misunderstandings:

Enjoying that riaju life in prison, Takuru?

Fuck, I always assumed that read that as こみや.
Brain, why?

I keep getting that mixed up between こきゅう and しきゅう

Didn't even know the みや reading

>because legal reasons
So they're happy to let others do that for them? Seems a little unreasonable but I guess that's how some people are.

I'd mirror it by my upload is fucked. Took like ten attempts to upload a 10mb file to mediafire because it kept failing due to connection errors. Sorry man.

>Didn't even know the みや reading

read subahibi

>So they're happy to let others do that for them?
Getting busted for distribution is much less of a problem than getting busted for distribution AND ripping.


「Pity is akin to love.」という英文を誤訳した人物が居ました。

「その翻訳はおかしいですねw」 という笑い話が小説に書かれています。

Dialects are fun.

>Didn't even know the みや reading

How would anyone know who ripped it? Genuine question.

By busting you for distribution and raiding your computer

police works can find the first place a file pops up on the internet and can sometimes raid the home of whoever uploaded it

basically this



>By busting you for distribution and raiding your computer
Yes, but how would it reach that point, realistically speaking?

>police works can find the first place a file pops up on the internet and can sometimes raid the home of whoever uploaded it
How often does that actually happen for things like a single textbook?

>How often does that actually happen for things like a single textbook?
Not often, but only because rippers aren't stupid and never seed distribution

There's a reason public piracy is insulated from the "scene" for example

>3 years
>2300 Kanji
You're obviously not reading/mining enough, I got 2800~ after reading like 3 VNs and shit started getting increasingly easy from there on.

When kawaii schoolgirls say いたた when they get hurt, is it just a cute way of saying いたい, or is it the past form of 痛う?


> reading some elementary school level manga
> two people talking
> can't even tell who's saying what

why bother trying?

It's like saying "oww" instead of "ouch". That's it, don't think too hard about it.



痛(ツウ)だけで ache の意味っぽいから


>don't think too hard about it.

You'll never learn Japanese with that attitude

So basically it is extremely unrealistic and someone ripping and uploading a copy of some textbook for Japanese learners is unlikely to ever be cared about.
Seems like a really strange position to take as though this is remotely reasonable. The anons in the scanlation thread are ripping and distributing from publishers who are a thousand times more likely to care, yet that scene has been strong with no signs of going away.

I don't know why people can't just be honest instead of reaching for straws in an attempt to justify their lack of desire to be involved in something yet still benefit from it. It's like a weird type of rationalising a sense of entitlement that I don't get at all. There is no way you actually believe any of that stuff about police raiding your house for uploading a textbook. It's a bit like classical religious philosophical argument: something which will be presented as though a sophisticated and sound reason for believing something, yet it has nothing to do with what they actually belief. Drawing a long bow in an attempt to rationalise emotional desires.

イモウトよ その通りだ。
これは「もろ・もろに」と似ていますよ まだ出会ったことがないかな?

why did you write an essay about that









iktf, takes like thirty minutes for me to read a couple of sentences, and then thinking about it later i realize that i interpreted one of the sentences wrong, so i have to go back and re-read it


Man watching anime without jap subs is the most demotivating shit in the universe

I envy the normies that learn though nothing but conversation and have perfect listening comprehension before they even learn kanji

Nigger do you not remembering reading "see spot run" as a kid, and it still took you forever? You're trying to read stuff way above that level.

>I envy the normies that learn though nothing but conversation and have perfect listening comprehension before they even learn kanji

I also envy imaginary people

>I envy the normies that learn though nothing but conversation and have perfect listening comprehension before they even learn kanji

It doesn't work that way

I learned through nothing but listening at first because I imported JRPG but couldn't read shit.





We just need better listening comprehension decks. With an equivalent of Spoonfed Chinese and some high quality subs2srs decks it would be a lot easier to break into listening (and to get fluent in general)

I've seen plenty of examples of people that can speak and listen to Japanese but can hardly read shit

Something something steer the conversation to topics they know about etc etc

BL drama CDs.

Not even joking.

Having a simple conversation about every day shit is easy. Those people would shit their pants if they had to talk about a more advanced or technical subject. Obviously the majority of people in the DJT learn Japanese to watch anime or read VNs/books and not to converse with random people so that doesn't matter.

>the DJT
Spotted the ledditor.

You gotta listen to more Japanese rap and pick up on listening speed.


No I'm not. This is super basic stuff.

I tried putting the bubbles in order and numbering them but I still have no idea if I'm right.

why did they include one frame of amuro at the end

That's pretty badass

Didn't understand any of it though

Guess I'll stick to LNs forever

Dude, the bubbles usually point to whoever is talking or are near that person.

not always and that's why I'm having this problem in this particular page

I'm seeing hair in that first top right panel below the speech bubble so it's clear that person is saying it without and arrow.

I don't know why you cropped all the bubbles to isolate them.

But I do know that, I don't think that's the case

I agree 2300 is like the bare minimum to read, and it won't be very enjoyable to be honest. 3k is minimum for reading without a dictionary, but 4k should be everyone's eventual goal.

someone make a new thread...

Still got another 15 odd minutes left of this one yet

No we fucking DON'T! Everytime I post my question at the end of a thread it disappears!!!