So is this the worst year for anime ever?

So is this the worst year for anime ever?

there's literally nothing good. I have dropped every anime I've watched so far except for Boku Dake Ga because the first three episodes were amazing but then it ended up being fucking shit, and Berserk because its Berserk but the animation completely ruined it. The next season seems to be horrible as well.

What the fuck happened?

All new anime is shit. All old anime were much better.

You guys say this about every year.

Go watch Re:zero, thank me later.

There was a lot of good Anime this year. Next season actually looks shit though.


end youself retard.

The thing I hate about anime right now is how they only make 12-25 episodes (or double if they make a s2) for an anime that clearly needs more episodes to develop, or they make 50 episodes for an anime that should've ended way sooner.

The only anime with good pace from this year that I can remember was erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi for moonlovers).
Too bad he got cucked....

Name one good anime, I'll wait.

>begging for recs

Enjoy the ban

Mob Psycho 100

Why, so you can answer ">x anime being good" ?
Go look for recommendations somewhere else.

Yeah yeah see you next season for the next thread.

>I literally can't name anything good

Please tell this is bait...

Berserk, obviously


Go back to facebook dumb kid.

has several main female characters and a love triangle, yup guess that makes it a harem

>that ugly graphic style
no thanks

He said "good", read again.

>hehe I called him a kid

You are surely blending in.

>I can't name anything good so I just gonna write some retarded shit and pretend that nothing happened

wew lad...

So far yes but fall will save anime mark my words.

Did you try watching long running shows too?

It lost a bit of its steam in White Whale arc i feel and the capital had some tough to stomach scenes. It was almost perfect for first ~11 episodes and I hoped this year would finally have some great AOTY candidate but it seems like it will be just a rivalry between "strong eights" like Re:zero, Rakugo, Flying Witch or KonoSuba.

I think you mean light sixes.

Re:Zero isn't really a harem, unless you include guys. Only two girls ever somewhat show affection for Subaru. Felix, Puck, and Julius def want Subaru's D though.

2014 was a much worse year, I'll never get over how mediocre 2014 was in general

>"I'm not willing to try anything"
>"why isn't there any good anime this year?"

fuck off

>ping pong
>space dandy
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Ping Pong is the only thing you named that counts. The rest are either mediocre or not 2014 exclusives (shirobako, mushishi). That and the second season of mushishi was not as good as the first, and the first part of shirobako not as good as the second.

Get dumped on by superior logic, kiddo

Dude wtf. There are some seriously awesome shows going on right now. Shokugeki no shouma S2, Taboo Tatoo, D fucking gray man hallow, All of those are going strong. i do agree about berserk tho, the camera settings with the 3d render makes it barely watchable if at all. Only reason i stick with it is because its berserk.

Spoken like a true casual weeb normalfag.

You're just outgrowing anime, it happens to all of us

How do you guys like Amanchu?
I'm personally preferring it over Flying witch, I guess the Aria vibe was just too nostalgic for me.
Please stop.

Yup It's time to switch to LN/VNs like all the proper faggots.

Considering you like Berserk and think everything else is shit. You just have shit taste


the second part of the second season of Mushishi is the best part of the whole series, you fucking retard...

Learn to read fag.

I'm only watching shokugeki no soma s2, DragonBall super, 91 Days, and Mob psycho 100, oh and new game. Really not much good this season

I would say this is easily Cred Forums's worst year in a while.

Not due to shitposting or anything but from the sheer lack of anything happening. The entire board has been stagnant and the catalogue is only generals.