Is this the worst season of the year?

Is this the worst season of the year?



I hope Matoi is 2-Cour so it's conceivable that white fox can sweep the AOTS designation for every season this year since Re:Zero was AOTS for both spring and summer.

>loli yuri mecha is back

It's saved.

Luger Code 1951
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

>Morbid curiosity
Whatever the fuck happened to Regalia
Girlish Number

Rest if fujoshit and sequels. Nothing wrong with sequels, it's just lack of original content reminds me of Cred Forums. Pretty fucking shit.

>koe no katachi
>kono sekai no katasumi ni
>march comes in like a lion
>flip flappers
>eupho 2
Best season in years if just half of this turns out good.

Are you ready for the "Is this Yuri?" spam on Yuri on Ice threads?

That's winter.

If anything its probably the best. But that doesnt say much cause every season only has 1 to 3 standout anime i can call decent since like 20 years. I still wonder why people post these charts and act suprised when most of everything is bad. Like no shit its the norm.

>mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku
>okada gundam s2
>12sai s2
>stella no mahou
>natsume s5
>bernard jou iwaku
>girlish number
>long riders
>vivid strike
>hibike s2
>brave witches
>flip flippers
That's enough for me.

>Ani Tore 2

Already a good season.

>Didn't even mention half of the originals
You are a tryhard.

>Bubuki s2
I don't know why I'm so hype for it, but the first season was fun with Cred Forums. There are a bunch of other shows I'll give a shot but I don't care as much for them.

Only Anime i'm looking foward to are
>Buranki Season 2
>IBO Season 2
And i will watch at least one episode of the new Digimon, Pokemon and Time Bokan 24



doesnt drifters start this autumn?

Nyanbo! will be the Citizen Kane of anime, just you wait.

The shows I'm most hyped for are

Bungou Stray Dogs
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Girlish Number
Stella no Mahou
Flip Flappers
Long Riders!
Soushin Shoujo Matoi
Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

Going to be a good season

Backlog season.

>Ao Oni


>1 to 3 standout anime i can call decent
Those don't mean the same thing, and if you really only have three anime you think are even just decent in each season then why the fuck are you on Cred Forums?

It can't be the worst when Natsume Yuujinchou s5 is airing. That alone makes it great.

Gakuen Handsome + Teekyuu

Shorts saving anime once again

Bungo S2.

I'll give most things a try but this season looks pretty awful, Least I can watch JoJo If it sucks.

You niggers say that every fucking season.
Just work on your backlog if you find every new anime that comes out so terrible.

Are you slowly turning into a male fujoshi?

Becoming a fujoshi would be an improvement over being Lelouch.

Next season looks shit, can i not exist for 3months

Its adds up, that makes almost 10 good anime per year perfect for me. I am on /a cause of a few anime threads i follow. Actually only one at the moment. While i am here, i lurk a bit and laugh at how shitty the taste is of the majority of people in here and how they dont even get it.

how savvy user, I'm wet.

I wish I had one. People with backlogs are my definition of normalfags enjoying themselves doing usual stuff while I am suffering out of my inability to enjoy the normal stuff.

Why cant you just enjoy old shows? Just go through some classics and choose one. I dont even get why most people are so fixated on seasonal anime when they didnt even watch all of the classic of the past 20 years.

>Why cant you just enjoy old shows? Just go through some classics and choose one.
I can enjoy old shows, it's just that I am entertained by a small % of shows and get massive drop urges when I see small thing unnerving me in anime.

Gotta lower your expectations man, you wont find those gems anymore that captivated you. But Maybe thats the appeal of seasonal anime, you dont know whats coming so it might suprise you.

>Why cant you just enjoy old shows?

That's like the main component of a good backlog user

You should find a genre you enjoy like Mecha, Magical Grils or whatever.
Or ovas, my backlog is mostly every obscure 80's and 90's ovas I manage to find

I know i wanted to know, why exactly he couldnt do that.



how is it going to be /a



Keijo was fun until about where the manga got to now.
maybe the gakuen handsome can be funny too?
It might not be completely awful.

> Regalia
> Strike Witches
> Nanoha
> Izetta
> Working
> Natsume
> Drifters
> Luger
> Classicaloid
> Hibikek
> FlipFlappers
> Twekyuu
> To be Hero ( fucking Nabeshin )

OVAs like Patlabor, NNB, Gintama and Zaregoto plus a whatever else I pick up.

Next season is looking like the best of the year.

Sorry not a moefag like you guys. More waifus for you guys right?

>how they dont even get it.

>Teekyu 8
christ when will they stop
I know they work on a 10 dollar budget, but still.

Sorry still not a Moefag. When all of the threads are about, who bangs whose waifu then there is not much hope in here.

It could be great if it doesn't take itself too seriously, otherwise it'll be like Habanero

>anitore XX
>season three will be anitore XXX


No, no it's not.

What the fuck is Nazotokine? There's next to no information about it.

teekyu's on that list user