Little sister

>Little sister
>Already 180cm

How tall is she going to be?

She is already 15cm taller than her oniichan.

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Tall enough to take the dick

>a 15 year old anime girl is taller than me
It hurts a bit.

Hopefully at least 185.

Would you a 180cm tall girl with low self esteem?

>actually factually being a manlet
tough break kid.

Where is this from? which special?

She already was taller than me at 14 with 170cm.

But we're all little girls here.


>180cm = 5'9"

That shits still short, you fucking manlets. Jesus you're all pathetic, and while 5'9" is relatively tall for a woman, it's still not that tall.

>tfw wife is 6'1"

Some of us are big little girls.

Your wife is a giant.

How tall are you?

I'm 6'3". So we're the freakish giants that walk into a room and everyone immediately notices someone towering over them.

180 is 5'11.

You are mixing up decimals with inches.

Since when is she 180cm?

I can't tell if you're passive aggressive or active aggressive.

I see what you're getting at OP

You should stop watching faggot anime for little cucklets. Maybe then your body will make manly hormones and you will grow

6'4" and full of muscles.

>freakish giant
In japan maybe

If it makes you feel better man, I'm only an inch taller than saber.

>Araragi is under 170cms
The king of manlets getting a harem makes me laugh every time.

I said "Do ya speaka my langauge?"

hopefully not 2 cm taller or she'll be as tall as me

a-are you a girl?

>2cm taller than me
Damn. She's as tall as my cousin. She's a monster.

It's tall enough that you're more often than not going to be the tallest person in the room, though not always by much.

I'm a 25 year old man. I wouldn't have brought up my hobbit origins If I was a girl.

Reading these threads makes me realize how gigantic I would appear next to most anime characters.

>people under 200 centimeters are allowed to post here
someone contact moot2

moot2 is a manlet user


>tall girl
Is there any better combination?

>Is there any better combination?
Yes. You forgot

Did Araragi really fuck her?

He gave me those vibes during Hana.

That's a big bitch!
The against the wall position might be difficult with that height!
I prefer girls under 5'5" at most!

Everything I cherish abandons me

>tall girl
i think so

She's a human, not a tree. People eventually stop growing in height.

Isn't she only 170cm? And RRGI is just a puny manlet so she is taller

No he just gropes her for fun. It's the combination of that and how Araragi is insanely overprotective of her.

Never, it's 170 cm.


>tfw 5'9
My 6'4 dad just HAD to fuck a woman who was 5'0, didn't he? He was king chad with a girlfriend or two at any given time during highschool, and a gaggle of girls following him around as well. He had this stupid ass fucking pompadour when he was 17-20 yet girls still clung to him like he was a black fucking hole. He also had some of the raddest friends during childhood.

And here I am, the forever alone manlet autist virgin who never made a real friend besides another virgin manlet autist who was a mexican weeb, and even he eventually got a girlfriend or two.

>Dark skin

Dude, 5'8 is the average.

she's 5cm taller

>i-its because of my height
No its because you failed as being a normie.The term is failed normie.

The ahoge counts, Araragi is officially taller.

Her being real ;_;

From the sound of it your height has very little to do with your various social shortcomings desu

Kissshot is a big girl
In Japan maybe
>tfw 6'4.5'' dad 5'2 mom
>end up 6'2.5'' myself
feels like dodging the fucking bullet

Yeah, for women maybe. Well, perfect girls don't exist in real life anyway so it isn't that much of a loss.

he was so close to touching sister breast

She cut her hair.

I'm pretty sure he's groped her, I know he did it to tsukihi

Little sisters were made for big onii-chan cock. It doesn't matter if she's taller than you if she melts in your arms anyways.

Nah, UK.


That's 5 foot 11 inches in countries that have walked on the moon.


In the LN she grew to 180cm

>tfw 163cm

At least i live in a place full of manlets.


That and I was homeschooled until highschool.

I don't mind that much but sometimes it pisses me off how different my dad was. It's like, I don't really need that kind of life very much, and I'm fine without it, but I wish I could be tall just for the fuck of it. I'm a decent looking guy besides the fact that I'm the height of a teenage girl.

>That and I was homeschooled until highschool.


i want to be leg locked by karen

>that leg animation
oh my god what is happenning to her body

Are you Mexican?


He's totally groped her naked breasts though. He just had to wait until he got a chance to go full dentist.

>tfw you were almost a year younger than most other kids in your grade and you were a late bloomer
>6 feet tall and muscular but still feel small

At least I'm Oshino's height.

me too but only if she does it round me face

>tall enough to put my chin on top of Kiss-shot's head
Damn, now I actually wanna do it

I want to do this with Kiss-Shot.

>tfw 5'6 with a 5'8 gf
Literally living my fetish.
Don't lose hope fellow manlets, we don't have to learn shit, just find a girl with low self esteem.

Or some padded shoes.

5'6 here. Do your/her friends bully her with the height stigma?

What is sex with Karen like?

Sweaty like a workout.

Not bullied, but she was pretty much teased through all of elementary and middle school for being the tallest one in her class.
Take in mind that 5'3 is the average height for girls in my country.
She also looks like a fucking giant with high heels.

>two tomboys in araragi's harem
karen and kanbaru are great

As usual Satan speaks the truth.

>tfw 5'7 with a 5'11 gf

All of the girls in Ararararagi's harem are at the very least above average. The consistency of quality in girls that want his dick is something, especially considering how many there are.

Few harem leads can say that, especially outside of porn.

>All of the girls in Ararararagi's harem are at the very least above average
Except Snake

do you enjoy the pegging?

In Japan I saw a girl modeling for pictures that Was probably 6 inches taller than me. I'm 6'3"

She's a sub, which is extremely disappointing

snake is great


yeah no

Sub frequently means lazy and selfish in bed. After a while you'd rather just masturbate than fuck that sort of person again.


Why is Nadeko so great, user? Please tell me in detail!

I thought it was common knowledge that he was like 5'5

>Why is Nadeko so great, user?
Her feet are very sexy.

Imagine if she let you rub them after she got home from school. Or maybe after she got a bath and was wearing some cute pajamas!

Some men just find the idea of fucking a retarded girl really hot

It's too much captain!

how so?

You know you can just not be a faggot and look up the translated chapter where she says she's 180 cm/5'11''.

>Tfw she is 2 inches taller than you

This is my fetish
I hope she gets to 190 at least

Half of them are slouching or otherwise not standing up straight.

Araragi is still a manlet though.

Funny you mention that. The Karen Brushing short story got translated recently and it's a complete step up from the original toothbrush scene. I already have a boner just from imagining what it's going to be like animated.

>"Okay, so undress your upper body and lie down on the bed." demanded my brother, equipping himself with a surgical mask and an apron, just as he had taken me into his room.
>What? Undress? Why would I have to do that when he's not even going to use a stethoscope?
>"What are you saying, you moron. Spit and blood could fly out while I'm examining your cavity. Your precious tracksuit could get dirty!"
>"Oh, right! I see! Just as expected of my big bro, you're so clever!"
This fucking baka

I hate these threads.
Stop making me even more insecure about myself, faggots.

Being 5'6" sucks.

I had to see this fucking abomination and now you do too.



>tfw you little sister is taller than you

Is this even posible?

>still 3 cm taller than her

If it makes you feel better, I am an inch taller than kirino

>tfw when only 6'3"

It hurts to live

>height bloggers banned
Thank you mods.