Which of these girls would you date?

Which of these girls would you date?

Kafuka Fuura, for she is the only one for me (in reality it would be Abiru)

All of them.

>Kafuka Fuura, for she is the only one for me



I only see one girl.

I love that fucking artist.

This qt.

Me too

If you're dating Kafuka, you're dating all of them.

What's the difference?

The normal one.
Or Kaga Ai/Komori

They're all pretty terrifying.
Probably Abiru though.

I'd 99% end up dead, but fuck it.

I want to do proper anal with Chiri.

>tfw no evil mayonnaise gf

Whichever one is least likely to murder or possess you.

I would properly make kitsu chiri my girlfriend, and then my wife!



i wish the countdown never ended.


We still got Kakushigoto

Thank god.

I finally do it some day.

>Not proof reading your post
She would be ashamed.


>Cred Forums will literally do a SZS every 7 years from now until forever.

Rin is love, Rin is life.

The one with an iris.

Matoi, Nami, kaga, fujiyoshi, chiri, teacher's sister, bandage girl and hikikomori.

Rin was my choice, I would somehow convince Itoshiki to let me take her hand in marriage or go with pic related. I wonder what marriage with any of the three would be like.



Proper BD when? Or is it all early digital bullshit?

Shit taste.

I think it's stuck at DVD res forever. Except Zan.
All the weird textures the show uses makes it look even lower res than it actually is too, the first season looks like a VHS rip.

If I had to choose one, Komori, but every girl in SZS is so perfect I'd take them all
Sensei really has the most perfect harem of all time.

America or perfect symmetry girl

All of them are best girls, except for Kiri, god I hate that bitch.


Matoi of course

>you will never suck another boy's cock in front of Fujiyoshi-san for her ""doujin reference"

>ywn wear a dog costume and get a stick rammed up your ass by Mayo