The MUVLUV_EXTRA.img file works fine when I mount it on a virtual drive, but MUVLUV_UNLIMITED.ISO doesn't want to be read. Setup keeps asking me to insert disk two. I'm using Alcohol 52 because the malware on PowerISO and Daemon Tools Lite are a nightmare I don't intend to deal with again after three years. I've tried using more obscure programs to mount the fucker and it makes no difference. I've also tried converting the .ISO to an .img file since that format seems to be working for some bizarre reason, but .img is apparently such an ancient file format that there's no program that can get the job done. I've tried four different programs which said they could do it, and none delivered.

Please, this is a classic I haven't tried yet.

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games116.blogspot(.)com/2015/09/download-muv-luv-extra-unlimited-2-in-1.html#.V-BxJih96Uk[Fuwanovel] Muv Luv.torrent

Just fucking buy it on steam.

Try this, if it doesn't work then your Muv Luv Unlimited disk image might be corrupted or something. If I were you I would first check if the iso is corrupted by using "force recheck" on the torrent you got the files from. If this doesn't work try googling "muv luv disk 2 error" and see if you can find a solution that works for you. If you can't figure it out by yourself (with my advice) you should just accept that you are not good enough with computers to pirate Japanese games and you should just try buying it instead.

pic related

werks for me with daemon tools lite portable

burn the iso to a disk, don't tell me you fell for the no optical drive meme.

Have you tried ImgBurn?

You're doing weird things I have no clue how to deal with.
Try asking after reading the first post and resources there, you might have better luck there.

Holy shit, helpful people exist. was one of the four programs I tried to use for both converting and mounting the file before I posted here, but I hadn't considered that the file may be corrupted. Also, I know you're supposed to update the region on your computer to Japan, but I'm wondering if it's necessary to change the language to japanese as well. Checking these things things now.

The file wasn't corrupted and changing the language resolved nothing. Fuck.

Why don't you download the steam version you will just miss the h-scene that are not great to begin with.

You want the asstastic truth? Because I don't want to pay $34.99 for a Visual Novel that was created twelve years ago and because I'm basically playing this so I can get to Muv Luv: Alternative. I'm now googling solutions to the disk two problem like advised me to earlier.

Download the Win7対応 version and read it in Japanese.

I may have made an utterly noobish mistake. I didn't run the installer as an administrator, while I did have my locale set using admin privilege. The game has been installing, or maybe just attempting to install, for the past eight minutes now. This is concerning because I have an SSD and a generally powerful computer, it should not be taking this long.

I don't actually read Japanese, by the way, I just know how to flail my way through an installation screen if I have to.

Have you tried deleting the "Win32" folder?

I mean "System32". Damn I'm retarded.

Don't go to /vn/ to ask for help unless you want to get spoiled. If you can't get it to run you can wait until the kickstarter backers get their physical copies and upload the DRM-free version with the uncensor patch.

Maybe the iso you downloaded is corrupt. Also you do need to change the system locale but not the language of the computer. applocale doesn't work with MuvLuv.

If you don't 100% clear Extra before starting Unlimited you're a faggot.

download the steam version or something

Downloaded the ISO three times now. I have no idea what the fuck is wrong at this point, so I guess I won't be playing the game. When do the physical copies go out, anyway? Their KS page says they finished all the translation for the first game already.

Spring 2017

What version of windows are you using?

First of all, I have no clue where you got ahold of an .img formatted file, so that's a bit concerning as to the veracity of whatever source you got that from. That could be your problem. You might want to look again. I acquired (and read) ML/MLA a year and a half ago, so working copies/ISO should still be there to be found.

Another strange thing you mentioned is setting locale "using admin privilege". There is no other way to change your system locale, and this change to your settings would require a reboot to be in effect. Applocale is not sufficient for the task here, regardless of admin privilege it is given. For many of these software, it will save you so many headaches to have your entire system in Japanese locale before you begin to install any of it. Again, changing locale unavoidably requires a reboot to take effect.

Of course, it also helps to give the installer admin rights once you have already done all this. For me, having the installer lag at a certain step has almost always meant the privileges are inadequate to install something somewhere and it doesn't know what to do.


I had to get the fuwanovel version on piratebay of all place to finally make it work on my windows 8 tablet.
None of the one on nyaa/sukebei would install.
I had no issue on Windows 7 though.

If you see this and give a shit, I'm using Windows 10. What I meant when I said that I changed the locale using administrative privilege is this: If you alter your region in Control Panel there are three tabs, Formats, Location, and Administrative. You can go to the Location tab and change that to Japan, but if you don't also change the setting in the Administrative tab it accomplishes nothing. As to where I got my files: games116.blogspot(.)com/2015/09/download-muv-luv-extra-unlimited-2-in-1.html#.V-BxJih96Uk. An alternative source would be erogedownload(.)com/downloads/muv-luv/, but goddamn. 12 rars, plus the patch, and it takes a million years for each download to go through. Once again, if anyone is still reading this and gives a shit, where would you recommend I grab it from? Piratebay, Kickass, and a few other sites are currently fucking up due to another round of legal action.

See, that looks shady as fuck. Don't ever download prepatched visual novels because shit gets broken, specially if it's an old game and you're using a newer OS like win 10. Get the japanese version of the game, and the translation patch from amaterasu, then follow the instructions in the readme.

Also doesn't win 10 come with a disc mounting function natively? I remember they added it in win 8.

just fucking buy it you tard

But if he buys it then I won't get to laugh about him giving himself computer AIDS from those sketchy as fuck sources

It isn't supposed to work well on win 10 but I am pretty sure people have been able to install it.[Fuwanovel] Muv Luv.torrent
That torrent has muv luv unlimited as an iso so trying to mount that instead might work.
Oh and using this instead of changing your locale might work.

Oh yeah I remember this problem
I forgot how I solved this
I'm posting just to laugh at you

>Oh and using this instead of changing your locale might work.
No it won't. Muv-Luv doesn't work with locale emulators. He needs to change his locale like said.

>Muv-Luv doesn't work with locale emulators.
Except it worked with Locale Emulator on my Win 7 laptop. What you are thinking of is the fact that Muv Luv doesn't work with AppLocale. Which is the official Microsoft locale emulator (it isn't very good while Locale Emulator is).

But if he is already having problems, it is better to use the tried and true methods first.