Looks like a little girl

>Looks like a little girl
>27 years old

This is the worst anime trope ever.

Yeah, she needs to be at least 200.

But that's how Japanese look IRL.

Never saw a midget before OP?

That butt don't appear be of a little girl.


>Looks like a little girl
>27 years old

that's the worst

>looks like a cute girl
>actually completely horrible and unlikeable

This is the worst anime trope ever

How Murata would even manage to draw her pantsu shot in the MA act?

My boner allows it.

>Buxom sexy girl who should be older is only 15
Fucking Strike Witches

People like that do exist tho, combine that with the fact that all the stringest heroes are basically insane and its understandable

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I agree with you op, lolis need to be at a very tender young and impressionable age that matches their appearances or else corrupting them into little underaged cumsluts isn't nearly as satisfying.

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Either a thong or maebari, too damn many shots by now have made any chance of standard panties virtually impossible.

Just like irl

>Bullying tatsumaki

You are either powerful enough to have better things to do or suicidal

I think her pantsu shot would be while she's in her simplified form, like ONE's art. Like this, Murata can dodge the bullet.

How does she look like a little girl? She's just a midget.

Saitama calls her one to be a dick

Have you ever seen a midget before?

Pedos need to not feel bad about themselves user, let them believe

Not even night Cred Forums is good anymore.
Cred Forums has declined.

Anybody who doesn't love these legs is a fucking faggot.

But it would be such a horribly wasted opportunity. My mind would find it funny but my dick would be infuriated.

You...you don't have a sister right?

>little girl

Delet this

But people hate Mavis too.

I had to look that one up. From what I can tell, she's not an anime character so my point still stands.

>Asanagi draws fanart of something
>doesn't make a doujin of it

This is the worst porn trope ever

Eternal lolis are the best, you pleb.

>Asanagi draws lolis

This is worst

delet you'r sorry excuse for a life

I hope you're being ironic, otherwise you either have to be new to anime or a normalfag to think that.

I almost picked up Fairy Tail for Mavis once, so she can't be that bad.

Does anyone else get really sick of the social justice and anti-war propaganda shoved down our throats in so many anime?

>fighting/battle anime and most of the best fighters are women
>video game production anime but all the named characters are females - no males to be seen except in the background of the last episode
>people pick a fight with the over-powered main character, but he refuses to fight back because "violence is bad"
>even worse is when the over-powered main character would fight back but he has a female friend who makes him into a pussy (aka why I dropped Taboo Tattoo)
>war takes place in the story; focus is solely on the horrors of war, and never shows the glories of the battlefield or brave deeds done in the name of the motherland
>male character is a weak piece of shit who can get beaten up by a girl...somehow never gets picked on for this, but instead gets all the pussy he wants because "he's so cute"
>characters are "dark" and they want you to know that they're "dark" by acting so "dark" all the fucking time, never smiling, and cringing all the damn time (aka why I dropped Black Lagoon)

Here's one that really annoys me, although probably not too many people have thought about it before. I always see it in fantasy-themed anime:
>desert or mountain "wastelands" always depicted as flat slabs of rock with sheer cliffs on both sides... no loose soil, sand, streams, plants or signs or erosion to be seen
I see this shit in multiple anime this season, and I've seen it in countless anime in the past. From Tales of Zestiria, Alderamin in the Sky and their like to Utawarerumono, Guin Saga, Break Blade, and so many others. Whenever Japanese animators try to depict desert, they always screw it up. It's like they just use postcards of the Grand Canyon for reference when drawing desert landscapes.

>He doesn't love Asanagi's lolis
Get a load of this top faggot.

>Implying there aren't both men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s that look nothing like their own age

Shit happens.

Are Asanagi and Fatalpulse the same person or am I retarded? I can't tell the difference.

>Doujin artist has a good art style
>but has shit fetishes like dismemberment, hyper, guro etc
>they only draw like two or four pages
And it's always the ones with on model every time

asanagi is the artist
fatalpulse is the circle

Nigga what? You can't mean FT Mavis. Many people literally read shitty FT for her. Hell, I only care to check up to see plot for her unfold. She's even popular enough to have gotten a prequel story and that was actually decent.

Tatsumaki is even the most popular girl in OPM, so the hell are you saying.

Best anime trope. Except for the fact tat their kids are gonna be manlets it's okag

FatalPulse is the circle name he uses.

You mean best, right?

>little girl
>with hips and legs like that

>Does anyone else get really sick of the social justice and anti-war propaganda shoved down our throats in so many anime?
Japan is super sexist though.

>fighting/battle anime and most of the best fighters are women
The women are on screen for the (male) audience's entertainment. And often enough the successes are just handed to them without earning it. Thereby reinforcing stereotypes instead of breaking them.

>male character is a weak piece of shit who can get beaten up by a girl...somehow never gets picked on for this, but instead gets all the pussy he wants because "he's so cute"
Sounds like a depiction of reality. Why would anyone invest in physical strength when you're in one of the safest and most developed countries in the world?

>Japan is super sexist though.
wow you are very racist

watch index my man

I'll take my statement back when they abolish their patriarchy.

I'm just puzzled about what considers SJ propaganda in anime. I really don't see it.

Japan isn't sexist, but their media is very politically-charged. I'm sick of the propaganda. Kuromukuro was a perfect example.

>main character of an action anime is a female
>surprise, surprise, she's anti-war and anti-fighting
>no sense of patriotism or even global pride to motivate her to defend the Earth against alien scum
>male character is collared and abused constantly

And you still have the gal to whine about "muh patriarchy."

>canonically looks like shit
>people latch onto it because it's knockoff has better art

Has it occurred to you that people seek in fiction what they can't have in life? And otaku for some reason love the idea of being bullied by a pretty girl.

Shoehorning pacifism into an action show can be annoying, but remember what happened to the country in their last major war.

What is a circle

The only thing that truly annoyed me is the fact that she has the personality of a 10 years old girl.

he is trying so hard to see sjw in anime

since that videogames are not enough for him or he already give up in that one

Escapism is real, of course. You're arguing that all anime-watchers are males and they want to be shown their fantasies. There are many anime that show beta males getting into relationships with harems of perfect women or just the perfect girlfriend.

What this idea can't rationally explain is just how an all female cast is a form of escapism for male audience members. Without a male character on screen to self-insert as, you are saying that people want to watch stories in which they don't exist. That's not escapism at all.

And in cases where there is gender parity in an anime doesn't reflect gender distribution in reality, like on a battlefield or in a game production company, why would any thinking male really want to "escape" to a place like that with so many women around him? Nobody wants to be in a life or death situation and realize that the "soldier" who is tasked with defending their back has broken down into tears because her fingernail has splintered.

If you can't see the propaganda in this image, then you need to deprogram yourself.


>how an all female cast is a form of escapism for male audience members
What does it tell you about the male audience that they manage to self-insert in that situation?

>And in cases where there is gender parity in an anime doesn't reflect gender distribution in reality, like on a battlefield or in a game production company

Nah, makes me feel less guilt as I fap to her.

Well, that's because that's kind of a real and common thing in the land of hopes and dreams.

Imagine being a gaijin Chad. You see a cute as fuck highschool aged girl with a round soft ass legs up to her neck in a business casual.
I naturally assume she's cosplaying, you step up to her and spit game in the absolute worst anime dialect ever.
She looks confused a bit but she likes what she sees.
Five minutes later BAM balls deep in loli tight pussy and she's screaming things in Japanese that one would think would be very very sexual in nature and leaving wide bloody groves on my...his back neck and chest.
She's barely able to speak and giggling like a loli who was given the keys to a cupcake factory and I'm wondering if 13 is legal if you're a 20+ year old foreign man.
I say something to the effect of, this is a secret between us and I don't want to go to jail for sleeping with an underage girl, but you were too beautiful for me to resist.
She blushes kisses me on the cheek and says, you're a sweet kid and tells me that she has to get to work in the morning. She also hints that she's nearly fucking 45 before doing the sore pussy walk to the shower.

That Megumin is sexy as fuck~

They have such a low opinion of themselves that any male on screen who is even marginally better in any way is seen as someone to hate or despise.

It's why the MCs are always clueless betas in harems.

When they're since of self is so low that they can't even stand the site of a male in any form of fiction because it makes them feel totally inferior they turn to pure female only or yuri media.

The women abusing males is one part comedy and one part wanting women to be somewhat assertive in the relationship. Plus women seem to have all of the power in japanese households.
But that's just what I've heard secondhand from our Nipponese friends.