We can all agree on this

We can all agree on this.

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No, fuck off.

t. reddit:zero fags

Not really


Tanaka-kun and rakugo were better

Top right should be Anne Happy.

Let's see your superior taste.

Not really, Rakugo for winter and Amanchu for summer. You disgusting moefag.

I like it.

I would switch Flying Witch for Sansha Sanyou and new game for Amanchu.

Also, Stella no Mahou on fall.

What's with all these "Cred Forums 'sOfficial & Objective AOTS's" all being moe? I liked Flying Witch and New Game but I wouldn't place them as AOTS for either season.

You just had to do it, didn't you.

Goddamn, what a depressing year.

And I like New Game, but if that's the AOTS, that's sad

You must be new here.

Winter is wrong, otherwise I agree

Might as well just fill in Hibike S2 for Fall, mark it as AOTY and call it a deal. Nothing's going to top it.

>Winter: Konsuba
>Spring: Anne Happy
>Summer: New Game!
>Fall: Keijo!!!!!!!!

As much as I loved Pandora I'd still give Winter to Rakugo. Spring I'd probably go with Tanaka. New Game is fine although LLS could be AOTS depending on how it ends.

Pandora was shit though.

For once I agree with everything.
Angel Vierge might be a contender for summer AOTS depending on its last episode next week, but between it and New Game, it's a close race.

Either way, this has been one hell of a great year

This post is probably accurate.

Looking good.

Pandora's only flaw was budget. It was entertaining and heartwarming as fuck, and Nene is a dorkicle of the universe.

Only for kyoanus lickers.

>Flying Witch
>New Game
>no Amanchu

This place is utterly dead.

>says the Shaftshitter whose show will likely sell less than 2k


No yurishit show for spring?

>everyone who don't like my shitty favorite studio is a shaftshitter
Whatever helps you sleep at night.

I was going to make this bait thread but you stole it user.

I agree on Flying Witch, but personally I think Amaama to Inazuma is a stronger candidate than New Game.

Very good.

Stella will be on fall.

You are new, slow and dumb.

God damn user.

Personally I think Konobi is better than New Game. New Game is just the benefactor of being produced by Godakobo, it's actually a very underwhelming series given what they could have done with it.

The art club show is better than New Game.

>New game
No it's shit

You can dislike Kyoani's shows as much as you like but saying they are a bad studio just confirms your fucking appaling taste.


Haifuri and Onigiri were good.

If it makes you feel any better, Amanchu and Amaama were officially and objectively tied for second place.

Amanchu is the only anime on earth that has less going on than new game.

NNB is the only one with a deserving title here.

Hibike was the real AOTY though. The rest were trash I'll agree.

>I don't even remember animes for this season but I'm sure there was something better and I kinda remember that it aired on wekends
>My art club is in trouble!

AOTY: Hibike!!

>Hibike was the real AOTY though

Nah, they all deserved it, except Hibike.

The other 3 are fine but Koufuku Graffiti was bland as fuck even for a moeshit show.

>localized titles
Fuck off.

NNB was good but weaker than S1.

Winter 2015 was a terrible season.

It was still AOTY.

That's incorrect.

Might as well add Hibike on fall and you get the whole year because nothing is going to top that.

He's right though, his taste in cartoons is clearly very refined and he probably meant Makurosso Deruta on the second one.

I'm betting on Flip Flappers for Fall.

>Super legit poll's screenshot.
Why are NNB fags so retarded?

I think Bananya should be on New Game's place.

We're all just waiting to see if Hibike will be able to earn an AOTY tag on top of the almost assured AOTS tag, Satan. (It probably will, although KyoAni could throw us a curveball and heavily focus on het romance or something)

Man 2014 was good.

>no Chaika

2013 was GOAT.

Nah 2014 is better.

This meme again, huh? I can't stand any show with cute girls if they don't kill each other.

Still, I can agree on new game. If only because everything else this season was shit. Didn't watch those other two unless you count attempting the first couple episodes of boring witch.

This meme has got to end.

Anyone who thinks NNB was ever AOTY should drink bleach.


Fall should be Gochiusa s2

That was a great year

I'm sorry I actually have taste user. There's a shit ton is shows that were better than it.

How do you even get "is" instead of "of?"

Were these as funny as I've heard?

>There's a shit ton is shows that were better than it.
Such as?

>show with a guy is AOTS

Thats surprising

Nichijou was the last truly funny anime.


I'm sorry, what?

Where does all this Hibike wankery come from? It's one of the weakest KyoAni shows I can think of in recent years. It's not even AOTS, much less AOTY (which, coincidentally enough, aired in the same season), what gives you the inclination it's going to be AOTS in a season as full-up as Fall is going to be?

hibike is already aoty

Kyoro's close enough to being a girl for it not matter.

new game is shit

Probably by phoneposting. Those whacky autocorrects frequently just disregard whatever you put in and attempt to continue the sentence with a random grab-bag of words.

I blame the koreans

Still a male

I thought you feminists hated males
So its surprising someone put it as AOTS

TWGOK, Monogatari, Chihayafuru, Uchouten Kazoku, Yahari ore, I can keep going if you want.

I usually love SoL but the main cast in FW was just too fucking boring. And not in a comfy way at all, it feels like it actively feigns being tranquil and charming on a way that's just unnerving.

>all that pretentious garbage
"Great" taste, user.

Just give her AOTY already

Only monogatari was good from that list and it was only the last 2 arcs. Didn't watch chiyafuru though.

Not until she gives us a pantyshot

Nice buzz words user

The filtered photos hypnotize people.

Nice shit taste, tripcunt.

Please don't confuse "realizes that women are more aesthetically pleasing to watch than men" with feminism. Also, Kyoro is sometimes a trap and we love traps here.

Might as well put Koe no Katachi in for Fall and AOTY.
Nothing is going to beat it.

That Shaft food anime was horrendously shit?

>having taste ever


Spring = luluco


>women are more aesthetically pleasing to watch than men
To be honest, I just fap to them. Pretty sad if you can't even be honest about what you dick wants on Cred Forums of all places

Shirobako was still airing then so it was alright.

Probably, 2016 Fall.

That's true, but Shirobako is technically a Fall 2014 anime (and 2014 AOTY) because it began in Fall 2014.

Non non AOTY every year

>not having amachu as the anime of this season

>moeshit faggots shit up another AOTY thread and get autistic fits when called out

It's just fucking casuals with no taste, like you.


I like moe anime but none of those have any right to be AOTS let alone AOTY.

True heart of Cred Forums don't ever leave please.

I loved Euphonium, but its not a secret that KyoAni had been churning out shit for years before then. The only good anime they've made since 2011 are Amagi and Hibike, and ABP was overshadowed by at least five different anime within the season it aired.

Cute girls riding cute bikes. Awesome. I have a dream that one day Japan will rise up and live out the true meaning of anime by releasing an entire season of nothing but "cute girls _ cute _" anime.

What's AOTS then, user?

>thinking anime with no substance should be praised

Not an argument

Back to back years of best leading actress and AOTY for our girl Kumiko

>New Game
Shit taste OP

Also, winter should be KonoSuba

Don't reply to me Cred Forums.

daily reminder that doll-joints are fucking disgusting

Kyoani fags are truly the bronies of Cred Forums

>isekai garbage
Fuck off Cred Forums

Let's be honest here we can't deny Re:Zero was a thing regardless of we liking it or not.

We can't ignore the obvious AOTY just because we hated it.

Not an argument, dumb manchild.

It was a weak season so New Game is a contender for me so I'd say that, Mob, or Amaama to Inazuma

You're right, it was a command. I don't like to repeat myself, but get the fuck off my board.

>We can't ignore the obvious AOTY just because it was shit

Hibike S2 is fall AOTS if they go full yuri

I agree on those except for Winter. Pandora had potential but it ended up being boring shit. Showa Genroku is much better.

>Not an argument
Nice Cred Forums meme.

Saiki is the AOTY of summer by far. And Ange Vierge in second place.

I've never posted on Cred Forums in my life faggot. Get some taste before you reply to me.

>my board
Top kek cry more braindead moefag.


I said don't reply to me Cred Forums.

That's actually a Cred Forums meme

>to be the best it has to have an all female cast doing stupid shit with no plot

I mean, we are aware this is cancer right? Nothing original going on here.


Summer was Bananya

Even worse.


Get some taste moefag

In most seasons that would be true, but there's way too much competition incoming to write it in this soon.

Only one of the shows there has an all-female cast. Thanks for contributing your opinion about shows you just demonstrated that you didn't watch, though.

They're going to have boyfriends at the end.

Or at least guys they like that hints at future relationships off screen.

We you fags so insecure?

You can't just make a post like that with no substance. We don't care about your shitty disagreement. Tell us what your 3 are.

But Hibike is bad

Your wife Chino is so cute!


Haven't read the thread yet, but I guess reddit and Cred Forums are sperging out as usual?

Mob Psycho


>ctrl+f /u/
>not found

Have you forgotten who the enemy is, Cred Forums?

Wow, you're fucking psychic. Next thing we know you'll be successfully predicting that Japan will continue to release multiple shitty battleharems per season for the near future.

Kill yourself.


Spring is Anne Happy.

mob mob


Literally the holy trinity of a MAL/Reddit baby

Kill yourself

Mob is great fuck you. Re:zero is trash.

Which is why Koukaku no Pandora being AOTS is incorrect.


The only with good taste i this thread.

Yeah thanks I guess.

If Sofina gets back Alma, Ange Vierge will be better than New Game, otherwise New Game is winning now.


>OPM 2.0 is great
I stand by what I said.

She's very beautiful in that picture.

Why is Sharo so shit? She ruined the whole bunnisode.


But NNB is a favorite amongst crossboarding Cred Forumsermin

I wouldn't know that as I don't go to Cred Forums. It's interesting that you knew that.

The only thing that's the same is the character design retard. Maybe you should watch the show you're talking about.

Kill yourself

All it takes is a quick search on their archive to find out what anime crossboarders like, my Cred Forums defending friend.

I also want to lick Sharo's feet!


>they mentioned it a lot that means they like it!!
I guess Cred Forums's favorite is Naruto and Re:zero then

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

All you gotta do is grow a sick pompadour, bro.

Will Cred Forums ever vote for a JD show AOTS/AOTY?


fuck off back to /y/ faggot.

>it's the same shitposting thread as every season

Your wife Shyaro is cute.


>it's the same guy who says the obvious every season

Well, Cred Forums is known for its massive shittaste, so i'm not even surprised

Seeing so many Cred Forumsnons with good taste in this thread makes me happy. It's quite nice after seeing so much Reddit:Zero clog up the catalog.

Only a sick, depraved pervert would want Sharo to forcefully grab them by the hair and push their face into her tiny, feminine feet, ordering them to lick every inch of them clean. Baka hentai.

Sadly Konosuba wins Winter
I didn't like Spring at all
Bananya is better than Mob

I can agree with this, even though I would like to change New Game for Kono Bijutsubu.

Anyone who disagrees can go back to their respective generals.

Sorry Shyaro isn't my wife. She's too cheap and tags:prostitution.

Kuma is mai waifu, Kuma!

How new are you?

>he thinks this is shitposting
>not the threads where actual crossboarders come on and pretend trash like REEE:zero and MP100 are AOTS

Shitposting in a good jest (also known as funposting) once in a season is actually fine.
It's when the funposters try to force it weekly, or even worse, daily, when it becomes utter shit.


-Konosuba (weak season)
-Maybe Drifter or Classicaloid ?

Are you me?

Why did you post a picture of a bag and two drinks at some kind of transit station?
Traps aren't gay because they display a female phenotype. It's entirely normal for a heterosexual male to be attracted to the female phenotype.

It's just the vocal irrelevant minority, most people on Cred Forums agree with this

>Kono Bijutsubu.
Art Kirito ruins the entire show

Now THIS is gay:

Started last month, why?


Give 3 legitimate reasons why you think Mob is trash.

Except the majority of posts are pro-NNB and you can reverse search any NNB images for more proof, my quote misusing friend.
Crossie anime is crossie anime, we shouldn't be so easily accepting of it. I would like to point out that New Game is also a very popular anime amongst crossboarders, especially due to its subject matter. I believe it should be disqualified for AOTY along with Konosuba, Mob and Reddit:Zero.

Pffff. Weak.
I started browsing Cred Forums last week.

Indeed, at least his screen time was reduced over time


If we only allowed anime that are ONLY popular on Cred Forums to be AOTS, we'd become hipsters. I don't know about you, but PBR is fucking disgusting, m8, so fuck that.

isn't the joke of this thread that the chart is always supposed to be yuri anime? Why do people always take it seriously?

Op is an industrial cock inhaler

Please don't use Pandora for shitposting.


Jojo is good, just ignore the cancerous fanbase like any other long running manga adaptation.

It's a joke but newfags take it seriously.

Been a while since a moefag circlejerk thread

Close, user. It's "AOTS always has a cast of primarily cute girls, with a strong bias towards yuri."

Jojo in general is good. Diamond is unbreakable has been weak as shit.

No, good-selling yuribait is supposed to go on it so that we can pretend that we only like good-selling shit.

Pandora ruins that chart by being yuri that didn't sell.

>Flying Witch

Those are impressive yuri goggles you got there.

keep saying liking dicks is normal, one day it will be true.

>we shouldn't like it because it's popular
Do you realise how dumb you sound?

Winter = Deen
Spring = Re:Zero (The first phase of the butthurt spoilerfaggs is the denial)
Summer = Saiki/Kono Bijutsu.

You can't prove me wrong.

>just ignore the cancerous fanbase
Then how can it possibly be Cred Forums's AOTS if there's no way to have a single decent thread?

>moefag circlejerk
Lurk more.

These are my picks as well.

We've already reached that point senpai.

Who is your waifu?

Both Sansha Sanyou and Anne Happy were better than flying shit.


Who is your waifu?

re:zero thread got more activity than all moe anime made this year combined.



Fuck off OP

Awwwwwwwwwwww. I actually asked you accidentally, but awwwwwwwwww.

Pretty close. Replace Spring with Sansha Sanyou and then we are good.

t. Konosubreddit/Racucko fag

But Anne Happy was better

I miss Futaba's voice. So cute. I hope that VA gets more roles.


I agree it's one of the weakest part yet but it's still the best anime from that season. Concret revolutio S2 was a complete trainwreck, Kiznaiver was shit (and I really tried to like it), Sakamoto was ok, re:zero and ushio to tora were average.

Yes, and now that it's over, perhaps you can return to reddit.

Why would I want to lurk in your shitty threads user

anyone notice that shows that are objectively good are always considered reddit shows?


>tfw only me a few people think Sakamoto was Spring AOTS
Well at least FW was my second favorite so I can agree with OP picture

Rakugo. Pandora was shit. shit animation, shit directing that made me want to fall asleep, Clarion was cute though.
Sansha Sanyou. Do you even SoL, you faggot?
Agreed. New Game is awesome, second place is Mob Psycho.

AOTS of fall will be Flip Flappers.


If ConRevo S2 had been a trainwreck, then a lot more people would have watched it, because everyone loves seeing something getting off-rails and crashing down.

and a few other*


It looks like shit.
It has a shit premise.
It's in a shit genre.

That's fucking genius.

Sasha Shityou wasn't even the best SoL that season.

winter: nothing
spring: nothing
summer: nothing
fall: koe no katachi

>Do you even SoL, you faggot?
Yes that's why FW and even Anne Happy were better

I'm an SoL faggot and I agree with Sansha but amanchu was best then new game



Perhaps you are in the wrong website.

WIth Euphonium, Stella no Mahou, and more Teekyu, next season will be bountiful

Its either being a pedophile or a reddit user.

i dont know which one is worse.

At least we can agree faggots are the worse

What about ReZero? Rem made the show watchable.

>I'm an SoL faggot
>thinks Sansha and Amanchu were better than Anne Happy and New Game
You're just a faggot.

are you niggas ready?


>Thinking with your penis
You're ruining anime

That doesn't mean that it is the best show of the season

Newfag waifubait with a "deep" plot.

>What about ReZero?


>next season will be bountiful
And yet we still have faggots on Cred Forums whining that there's nothing to watch, or nothing good airing.

Every season, who will stop this madman?

It got no thread because everyone already dropped it during the first season. That second season was a huge disappointment, all that buildup from S1 was wasted, too many filler, and the plot was way to hard to follow. At least it was pretty to look at.

I wonder if he even likes those shows or if he's just an IRC faggot falseflagging.

>objectively good
Stay in reddit then, faggot

Thats just generic bland taste

Kill yourself.

>implying the AOTS images in this thread don't reflect the broad Cred Forums consensus derived from advanced AI analysis

If we were falseflagging he'd pick the shitty moeshit from each season not the good ones

Shit, meant "he" of course

In before Cred Forums says
>good moeshit

>Phantom World
>Kyoukai No Rinne
>Kyoukai No Rinne

Pick anything else you should consider suicide.

Renge, get your own outfit already.

The kind of idiots that image is supposed to trigger don't understand or care about the difference.

you mean "she"

Even the most ardent KyoAni supporters aren't going to pick Phantom World, user.

Fuck you phamtom world was one of the worst anime I've ever watched to the end. Even the thread were terrible and not fun. Literally 0 redeeming quality.

Only Mob rest belongs somewhere else.

>Even the thread were terrible and not fun.
And that is why it belongs on that list.

New Game is a better anime than Re:Zero.


What if Re:Zero was actually a New Game?

>posting Meme Girl without her meme shirt
But yes, I agree with you. New Game > Re:Zero.

I don't really think there's been a great anime yet this year.

Obviously now fuck off.

Why state the obvious?

That green haired girl pissed me off so much i couldn't make it to the end of episode two.

I didn't want to imply that New Game > Re:Zero is just a meme.

Mob 100 was better than both of them

>it looks like shit
Only the character designs. The art
direction and animation are brilliant.

>it has a shit premise
I think the premise is pretty good. It's much better than generic battle harem and generic SoL premises.

>it's in a shit genre
Action, and Comedy are shit genres? How retarded are you?

Bananya is the greatest anime of this year.
Reddit says so. They know what's up.

Pikari is love user

Bananya is a better anime than New Game.

Watch Re:zero/Rakugo/Mob Psycho, thank me later

Action is by far the shittiest genre with the most juvenile content.

Spring is Anne Happy
low budget lesbos are the best kind of shows

wtf I hate bananya now. I'm not allowed to like anything Reddit likes sorry.

Obviously I've seen those. Everyone has. Would I say there's not been a great anime without watching anything? Please.

Pikari is in the lead (in a weak year) for GOTY, although Kumiko will win barring a drop in form next season.


what are you guys gonna watch at fall? quickly skimmed and found nothing to watch except maybe ironically watching 2nd season of Anitore.

Rewatch them, you obviously missed something about them

>phamtom world was one of the worst anime I've ever watched to the end

Literally kill yourself. What are you even doing on this board if your opinions literally have 0 basis to judge since you obviously watch next to no anime if you actually think thats true.

>Everyone has
Implying. Who else "only watches everything with a cast of primarily cute girls that isn't ecchi or action" here?

Flip flappers and the girly sports anime

That's very subjective. It's not a pure action show either it has comedy and SoL elements thrown in if you actually watched the show.

I don't watch anime.

the ping pong one?

>wtf I hate bananya now
I would honestly rather have Redditors who appreciate Bananya posting here than fags like you who think it's okay to regurgitate crossboard memes here.

>what are you guys gonna watch at fall?
Everything with a cast of primarily cute girls that isn't ecchi or action.

How the fuck is she GOTY?
She only makes dumb faces and is an autist.

Man, that sucks. I hope one day, we'll be allowed to be part of the cool crowd.

good post

Maybe you should read the list again there's plenty to watch in fall season you fucking casual.

koe no katachi (aoty)
kono sekai no katasumi ni
hibike! euphonium
march comes in like a lion
flip flappers

I'll bet you just suck at having taste.

>a cast of primarily cute girls that isn't ecchi or action.
so nothing then

And the swimming one
And the cycling one
And the children's card game one

Why do you even ask this? You know everyone will watch at least the first ep of everything, complain like always and drop every fujo show in the first 5 minutes.

>Ao Oni: The Animation by DEEN
oh boy

has this been subbed yet?

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume will be a better anime than Ping Pong.

I watch a lot of different crap, but
>isekai LN shit
>josei shit
>action shounen shit
are all out of my zone of interest.

Yes. Why the fuck are you asking that instead of fucking searching Nyaa instead?

Hibike and a few others.

You sure are touchy, go watch some SoL and lighten up.

Sakamoto was amazing. Why do plebs insist this isn't spring AOTS?

>We'll finally have a good ping-pong themed anime
Fall can't come fast enough.

No it won't
It won't even be more moe, Ping Pong's male moe was off the charts and unmatched

because Re:Zero is Spring

That and sports series.

Josei and shounen aren't genres retard.

Nice tumblr gif. Very fitting for someone who watches Sakamoto.

>male moe

>What is Ping Pong: the fucking anime

What does that have to do with anything, you idiot?

I bet you think anime isn't a genre either
Hint: You're wrong

can you help me user? I cant find it ;_;

I love seeing these things, they're literally designed to make people angry and they work every time.

I really wanted to protect Peco's Smile.



Meme garbage for hipsters? The key word there was "good," user.

Why is it all moeshit?

>Based God
Pick one

Because it was a shit version of One meme man

>release anime, with a trite, unoriginal story, drawn by a naked 4 year-old with Parkinson's outdoors in Antarctica
>Cred Forums circlejerks all over it because it's not moe-stylized

It isn't, it's a medium retard

Nice one

nice numbers

Did you even watch the show or were you too retarded to comprehend it?

>fucking stupid
Pick two.

how's show by rock? wanna try to watch s1 before s2 starts.

If there's one things the mods can do, they could put a stop to these stupid fucking threads. Tired of seeing this same stupid shit year after year.

Open up the catalog. Make a mental note of what percentage of the images contain moe-stylized girls. There's your answer. Then, proceed to lurk Cred Forums more before posting again.


yes the medium of animation made in japan since the late 40s


popular =/= good

If you don't like it you can fucking leave.


It's good and cute.

I can agree except for Mob Psycho but it wasn't bad. Also,

>They were popular so they were bad!

That doesn't even make sense

Medium and genre aren't the same thing idiot.



oh I'm not that guy, I'm just correcting you because it's not a medium either, and I'm an asshole

It's good when it's not being furry CG


Good, I do not care.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume is the thinking man's Ping Pong.

anime aka animation is a medium of art read a fucking book.

>Which is the worst mentality?
"Re:Zero is AOTY."

I don't disagree with you.
Unless you have an opinion I disagree with.

Shut up dumb Cred Forumsutists


We don't send people to Cred Forums because they disagree with us. We send them to Cred Forums for being retarded and not knowing what the term "moe" means.

do you know what medium means?

will this fill the empty void in my kokoro?

No, we send anons to Cred Forums because they can be more cancerous there, you crossboarding tryhard fit-in redditor

Moe is cancer killing anime that's all you need to know


every joke ends up as something people take seriously because of new people that come by. It has always been like that on all of Cred Forums.

Then what does it mean,expert?

Obviously, do you?

Is this the worst thread up right now?

Not really.

A medium as a material used by an artist or designer to create a work of art.

Not small nor large?

examples of mediums:
- chalk
- pencil
- paint
- digital

examples of things which aren't mediums:
- film
- sculpture
- poetry

My standard are so low I'm still watching Rewrite and Qualitea Code every week, Phantom World is just that bad.
It's just so bland, none of the character are interesting, it isn't fun, no plot, the cast had 0 interesting interaction. It was so boring it took me 4 months to find the courage to watch the last 3 episodes. It's the least entertaining anime I've watched.

I'm not telling you, because to be on Cred Forums, you should already know, but I'll tell you what it doesn't mean: anything with a cute aesthetic or cute girls.



Why do moefags continue to shovel shit into their mouths season after season?

That just means that you're an adult.

If you're going to try to sound smart, at least get the plural of "medium" right.

Kill yourself.

A medium of film is animation you fucking retard.

Is it media?

You must be really fun at parties, user.

no that's incorrect

Well shovelling shit into your mouth goes hand in hand with not having any taste.

What the one on the top left?

It's midium.

>Tonkatsu DJ
>Mob Psycho 100

Boku no Pico


Blow me, normalfag.

I loved it when the NNB-fags actually started believing for real that their anime was really considered Cred Forums's favorite official AotS, only to be blown away by Onepunch Moe.

ok kek


Ask a professional anime reviewer anything.

Read a book faggot, you sure are fucking stupid.

What is the secret of animae?

I've read more books than you


How much do you get paid under the table to write false reviews and from whom?


Apparently none about art.

just a few

Production Values

I get paid in merc from the respective studio.

For which company do you write the reviews and do they have any open positions? I am highly qualified for the job.

And retained nothing since you didn't even know that the plural of medium was media.

What is it about these images that trigger the Cred Forums crowd so much? Like why do they care what's considered AOTY or not when they don't watch nearly enough anime to give an opinion? (Notice: If you have not watched more than 15 anime airing in the season, you are not allowed to give an opinion as your opinion is absolutely worthless.)

what's your favourite anime

I knew that though

Cross Game


Everyone's career friend, Youtube.

Code Geass

>more than 15 anime airing in the season
There is no need to watch bad anime.

I'm actually a famous publisher, you fail the secret interview I'm so sorry

I can't discern genuine opinions from the posts that are just intentionally riling Cred Forums up

>mfw Cred Forums has actually better taste in anime than Cred Forums

You wouldn't know anything about anime as you don't watch enough sorry.

I like moe SoL shows too but is that all you guys watch or something? None of these are AoTY or even AoTS material, is everyone just fucking with me or are you serious?

Hell yeah. You may as well add Flip Flappers into the empty Fall slot.

Because it will be AOTS. AOTY. AOTD.


>Google forms polls
>spreadsheet is literally editable by the creator of the poll
Not that Strawpoll is credible, but Google Forms polls are like 1/10th as credible as Strawpoll.


Haha yeah I love moe as much as you guys but seriously AOTY?? haha nah Cred Forumsro that goes to Rezero, Boku Dake, and MOB PHYSCHO hell yeah moe anime simply cannot compete.

You can watch more than 15 every season if you have a good backlog like any decent user, there is no need to watch shit anime.

>you cannot have an opinion of anime if you don't watch 20 identical copypasted moeshit and haremshit trash each season
Fucking retard



If it's all I watch of course it's gonna be my aots.

Nice mental gymnastics, moefaggot

Sorry but 15 is the cutoff point if you're not watching 15 per season you don't have an opinion sorry!

I don't know

>having 3 AOTY

>"best Cred Forums anime" are shows with full-female casts
>muh /u/
We're the same. /u/ hate just comes from those who can't accept it.

OP is trolling. No one can have taste that bad.

Stop watching bad anime and polluting Cred Forums.
Please leave.

tl;dr: Moe is anything that provokes a strong positive emotional response from the viewer. Moe is objectively positive.

Can you repeat the question?

Nice one, but let's be serious for a minute

Um the difference between me and you is that I watch anime and you don't.

You should find a different board to post on.

Am I missing something here? Did an OVA come out yesterday or something? Or is this guy just completely fucking retarded?

>someone was autistic enough to make this pic
Holy shit, now this is what I call damage control.

Is Flip Flapper really the show to look out for? Is the manga good? I haven't heard about it until now.

Search for her.

>faggots arguing about "best" anime
>Love Live Sunshine was easily the most enjoyable of the season and will literally outsell every anime mentioned in this thread combined and be the only one to get a second season

It may not have been the "best" but I enjoyed the fuck out of it and that's literally all that matters. I feel for you seasonal anime fags who watch "objectively good shows" and then get forced to wait for untranslated LNs and second seasons that will never ever come


It's just friendly banter. Lighten up.

The only difference here is that you enjoy eating shit while I enjoy more than 15 good anime every season from my backlog.

You are wrong


are you saying that unfinished LN adaptations are objectively good

I thought I was done with tests when I finished university you fuck

This is actually how "uhm yeah I like moe sol, but it can't be AOTY/AOTS" people think

Life is nothing more but an eternal test.

But you can't tell what's shit or not because you don't have an opinion on ongoing anime, sorry but rules are rules you can't bypass them. Unless you're watching 15 per season you have virtually no opinion.

I disagree. I think 15 shows per season given the three episode rule is adequate.

Is daijobu. You can just cheat by pretending to have watched the minimum animeses each season to qualify.

Even better, pretend that you watched a few more shows than required, but not too much.

Like for example 17.

You can't tell what is shit and what is good because you haven't watched older series, you don't understand what is a generic anime and what is something new you are not allowed to discuss anime if you don't watch older series.

>watching ever


Going by your logic and my rules, there would be nobody to discuss current season shows and render Cred Forums virtually useless.

I guess we need an anime classic board to contain your kind of folk in huh?

The actual AOTS is right here or are you not straight enough to enjoy it?

I asked if people really consider these SoL shows to be their AoTS/AoTY. None of them are very cleverly written or original, I like watching them but I can't say a lot would be AoTS for me.

And what would you say is?

I never said that i only watch old anime.
I only watch good anime, that means I have free time every season because most anime is shit.

So you expect people to consider aots series they don't watch?

But if you spend most of your time watching old anime and not enough time watching new anime (15 per season) you have no say on what's good anime or bad anime.

"Moe SoL" is Cred Forums's favorite "genre." Lurk more.

You're not the boss of me now

Also, non-meme answer, no, this is just a shitpost thread, dude.

all jokes aside Re:Zero is the best thing that's aired this year so far, and this is coming from an aesthete

>most anime is shit
Actually it means you're a tryhard shitposter and you should just get off Cred Forums if you don't enjoy this hobby.

inb4 "I enjoy it, it's just shit." That means you enjoy eating shit m8.


Congratulations, you win the Most Pretentious Post of the Week award!

Cred Forums is not a hivemind, retarded moeshitter

You're pretty dumb, if you only watch modern anime you can only talk about modern anime and you have little understanding of anime in general.
I enjoy good anime.

No, this is not a shitposting thread, shitposting threads would be the ones where crossboarding faggots pretend that popular manime shit is AOTS. This is a bait thread for the shitposters who would post in those shitposting threads.

I've posted more pretentious things today even

Haha, jokes on you all, I watch anime and I read manga.

Whatever makes you feel better Dumb contrarian


So I stayed out of re:zero threads until I saw the entire series for the sake of avoiding spoilers from LN readers.
Why exactly does Cred Forums hate it? It felt like taking the world of Overlord but removing any semblance of video game elements of it entirely, with the whole 'save point' concept being pretty interesting and refreshing from an anime perspective. The psychological elements reminded me a lot of Steins Gate, especially with the hopelessness of it (though at time Honda Civic gets a bit too edgy).

So why is it so hated? Just curious really.

Uh no you're pretty dumb mister shitposter, as I've laid down the 15 show per season post more than 50 posts ago and you refuse to accept the fact your taste is shit and you have no opinion whatsoever.

Goddamn watching retarded faggots try to justify their lack of watching anime with stupid posts like "uh i only watch good shows!!". So fucking pathetic makes me laugh everytime, and they show up in every single seasonal thread. Hey faggot if you're so busy watching old shows why are you shitposting in a seasonal thread? Get lost faggot, you have no taste or opinion.

It's popular so I don't like it

>tfw thought pandora was really great
>interesting setting, fantastic soundtrack
>everyone only likes it for the /u/


Because Cred Forums is full of contrarian retards

>So why is it so hated?
It's popular and its focus isn't cute girls.

Thinking back the only SoL I'd consider AoTS would be Nichijou in winter/spring 2011 was it?

Okay, that is more understandable, if that's all you watch then more power to you, I guess.

I like it for the dork.

>its focus isn't cute girls.

>hurr durr I enjoy eating shit and you can't stop me
Some people actually value their free time, stupid NEET

>try to justify their lack of watching anime
You are fucking retarded, watching more than 15 good anime every season is lacking?
Kill yourself and go back to you anime club kid.

>New Game
>not pic related
Shit taste

ITT: anons so new they think we call ourselves "weebs"

Unfortunately, it cannot be selected, because reddit said it's Anime of the Millennium. This thread says so.

>removing any semblance of video game elements of it entirely
>the whole 'save point' concept
Are you actually retarded, user?

i no rite?

The plural of weeb is wankers.

she's honestly great

i imagine that shes how pretty much everyone would react to getting a catlolibot

i'm not fucking with you. I like SOL the best. something about knowing that no unessary drama just makes it so comfy.


you can already put hibike in fall

Nice avoiding the question friendo. What do you consider to be your AOTY/S for 2016?

Fuck off

>page 6
>it's the same faggot running the "rules" general
Kill yourself.

>proud of not watching anime


>Dropped everything in spring
>Mob Psycho

I can't say AoTY for sure yet, but Summer was Mob Psycho, without a doubt. I did also really enjoy ReLIFE and Konobi for Summer.

>Proud of watching bad anime

What made it even more funny is that the NNB-fags started blaming Cred Forums and Euphonium-fags.

Then it stopped being funny when one dude was wiling to steal a company survey program just to redo the whole poll for serious.
Just for the silly question about which anime is the most popular on a site named Cred Forums.

That's when it was clear that there were superautists among the NNB-fans who didn't have one ounce of self-awareness where they are.

Flying witch was sleep inducing.
But New Game was legitimately good. Every character had fun quirk. My AOTS.

re:zero was above average.

New game is slow as fuck

Not really. They showed progression of the game development all the way through.

>new game

fuck off

>They showed progression of the game development all the way through.

>None of them are very cleverly written or original
That's same for all anime actually

They were both shit, but the latter was slightly less shit

Threads were ruined when the yurifags kept making perpetual threads for it despite no new content to be posted about.
No new fanart because it wasn't that popular in Japan.
No chapter translations, because the anime would catch up to the latest chapter anyway.
No interesting discussion about the setting, because the no-fun-allowed-fags killed the discussion by shoving the girl-meets-girl sentence into everyone's throat to end such discussion.
And they made superboring zombie threads that were kept alive by the same Uzal and Daya erp-shit and then whining about bad upcoming sales and no season 2 because there would not be enough source material left to be made in the near future anyway. And once the thread did die, they made a new one, with the same fucking shit again.

The only worthwhile threads where those on airing day.

It's the best tv series Kyoani's ever done besides K-ON pleb

Those weren't yurifags. They were moefags.