Why do women draw seinen better than men?

Why do women draw seinen better than men?

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>posts a shounen

They can use a mirror

Is Domestic na Kanojo good? The art always gave me a boner but I never got round to reading it

Love triangle between sisters and their step brother

I like it

Its like GE but makes you want to tear your hair out less. And I liked GE

Its okay but the later parts of the manga have dragged out really bad

Also expect DRAHMA

If you like drama it is, otherwise don't bother. No need for another retard that reads drama and then complains about it.

>posting the most shit character of the series

t. faggot

>Why do women draw "hentai" better than men?

Because, contrary to most mangaka, they know how how a vagina looks like

>hating cute, fun and sexy: the character

t. closet homo

That's not seinen, you retard.

>Love triangle between sisters and their step brother
Apart from NBR and the art, what does this have that KissxSis doesn't?

As long as it's not off the rails retarded like Seo or Seishun Pop I'm good

I don't understand, explain further.

It's well known that mangaka are usually virgins


>what does this have that KissxSis doesn't

Better art and gets updated.

>Seishun Pop
That one was also drawn and written by a woman. She's currently doing the art for Dead Tube.

My dick just exploded, I didn't know this was a thing. Has it already aired or is this a future thing?

>She's currently doing the art for Dead Tube
I know
She's a good artist but keeps partnering up with shit writers, what a fucking waste

Why do women make yuri better than men?

Is the nutbladder still functional?

Oh wait I see, you pick an option after each short video clip? I thought it was getting some sort of adaptation like what happened with Nana to Kaoru or Prison School.

They are kinda attractive for asians

Hina girl should have had bigger tits though

I haven't been keeping up with this. Did he finally choose Hina?

Click start in that video

>shit writers

Seteihen no Otoko was great though.

they don't and that's not seinen

How is that a seinen?


This was that extra, right? Is the scan group going back and adding the nipple versions of chapters they've already done?

Nothing is as retarded as Seo.

Women as a sex tend to have more manual dexterity than men on the whole. Asking why women tend to draw better is like asking why men tend to deadlift more.

I can't read moon, please tell me if I keep clicking the Rui route I'll get one of these with Rui.

This series is dogshit.

>MC's girl is almost raped by some faggot named Alex
>Alex is forgiven and it's treated like it's no big deal
>recent chapters has the short haired girl who was raped by him now dating him

These series all have the same shit in common. They get to a point where it's logical to end the manga, but then never do and continue milking it, and putting out pointless, vapid drama to drum up sales.

It's pathetic.

It's good for drama but awful at romance.

If you're the type who hates it when stupid people do stupid things then don't read it.

Here's one

>MC's girl is almost raped by some faggot named Alex
>Alex is forgiven and it's treated like it's no big deal

Alex has a big gaijin cock, I don't think anything he does can be classified as rape.

>MC's girl

This is how I know you're self inserting, and this is how I know not to pay attention to you being triggered.


god bless you

calm down autismo, she's the main girl and I simply couldn't remember her name

Loli Uran like your pic is a guy, the other Uran is the girl.

Her face makes her look like the protag of the author's previous work. The guy.

That's not sex though, that's the one where he puts a pill or something in her butt(it's in the manga, you know what I'm talking about)

Because most female manga artists have actually had sex before.

>tfw no manga artist gf

Seinen isn't an artstyle and Domestic Kanojo is shounen.

Woman draw better hentai.
Most male manga artists haven't seen a vagina or don't know how sex works.

It's ok. The fact that everyone ends up lusting after the little sister and MC but neither of them ever sleeps around is kind of bullshit. As if a highschooler could resist sexual advances from the big titted blonde with money who apparently gives great head.

Women mangaka are so corny and their comedy is cringy as shit.

>Why can women draw women better than men

nig pls

>I have only read Yuyuko Takemiya's works

Don't forget
> Why can women draw men better than men
Hint: Girls get tons of dikpix

I think it was a bit boring, but I haven't kept up with it. I think I read until her sister moved out.

>All women draw in shoujo magazines.

Sauce please. Google search is showing 'human behaviour'

Did I trigger you, fucking landwhales?

female manga artists normally go from shoujo->josei market
male manga artists go from shonen->seinen

If you have really good shojo manga they are offered seinen/shonen manga spot

So what you're seeing is cream of the crop.

>Women in Cred Forums

Quite the desperate newfag.

I'm pretty certain at least half of Cred Forums are femanons now. Times have changed my friend.

The one from OP has always published Shounen, though. I don't even know where you heard any of that.

As a woman I can tell you that we self insert a lot more than you do

> self insert

> Why can women draw men better than men
But that's not true.

eh, they aren't really dating, but the situation is dumb. I really don't know why anyone who knows about the incident is ok with him hanging around her.

Even though Alex is his friend, and even if Natsuo didn't have romantic feelings for Rui that he's conflicted about, as her step brother, he probably shouldn't leave Alex alone with her.

Q Hayashida a best!

Nah, you just showed how little you know, nothing important.

Women literally look at themselves every day when they shower.

P-perverts! Why don't they brutally attack themselves for being so sick?

It's all boring shit, women are simply better at being boring.

Lolis and time travel. This is all the info you should need



Fuck off reddit

>Is Domestic na Kanojo good?

It had a decent start but it's gone to complete shit.

Are you telling me Sasuga Kei isn't a virgin?

Found it. Thanks kind user

mujaki no rakuen (gakuen? w/e)

>Domestic na Kanojo

>implying rape isn't an act of love.

h-how do you know this

>loses her virginity to a pretty boy stranger she met at a karaoke bar
Why do we support Rui again?

Because she fell in love with the only man she's slept with instead of her slut sister who acts just like some western 3DPD slut.

why does this pic make me harder than pornography?

is it the purity that I idolize? or some quality of the art that makes me remember human touch?

and why is the rest of the thread so disappointing?

>why does this pic make me harder than pornography?

Because the person who drew it is female

That got you torqued, didn't it?

so they can impart teh quality of losing your virginity into art better?

>raped by some faggot named Alex
>Alex is forgiven and it's treated like it's no big deal
>recent chapters has the short haired girl who was raped by him now dating him
Sounds like every single Josei ever. I sometimes wonder if all this barking about imaginary rape cultures, is because they secretly fetishize it.

Yes, but only when the men are impossibly handsome.

Or impossibly rich.

Usually both.

They draw fantastic shounen too.
Because much of the best seinen and shounen is written by women, I often wonder why 99% of shoujo and josei is such absolute shit.

>I sometimes wonder if all this barking about imaginary rape cultures, is because they secretly fetishize it


Kaoru Mori draws some sexy ass girls

shoujo is written to appeal to very specific audiences, generally, no one will like a shoujo unless they themselves completely identify with a character or have had her direct experiences.

that's just how women's psychology works.

men identify with broader and more transcendent identities. I think women draw good shounen because they are forced to cut out the autistic wish fufillment bullshit by their audience, but still inject emotion into it by the nature that they're women

How the fuck is the use of aposiopesis reddit?
What are you? Some illiterate fucking ESL? A yank with only the barest passing acquaintance with proper punctuation and grammar?

>I sometimes wonder
Oh wow.


>he unironically thinks its a Shounen

The main character is a colossal faggot

Rui deserves a better manga

>I think women draw good shounen because they are forced to cut out the autistic wish fufillment bullshit by their audience, but still inject emotion into it by the nature that they're women
Totally agree. Erementar Gerad and Noragami are really good shonen mangas, in my opinion.

>Serialized In (magazine)
>Shuukan Shounen Magazine (Kodansha)

it's pretty gay...

:^) :^)


Because the competition is between her, her wishywashy sister who slept with a married man, and someone whose entire identity is that she's the high school's public bicycle.

I have a teacher/student fetish and even I know that Hina is the worst of the three.

The manga itself is worse than her, though. Forced drama out the ass with an MC who literally can't be faithful for a few months after the girl he's had a crush on for years is forced to move.

For the same reason female mangakas are better at lolicon then men, I guess?

There are also a shitton of details that get over-looked, like body language, when you're trying to draw someone of the opposite sex. References and study solve a lot of that, but it's just plain easier to draw yourself.

So like, am I supposed to be masturbating to this?

After watching I would say probably.


Translation for us non-weebs pls

My problem isn't that it's drama. It's that the drama is completely stupid.

Hina has moved away and barely appears. Rui is trying way too hard to get attention and maybe gets a kiss once in a while, which is completely ignored right after. We're stuck in a completely pointless "will he finally domestic her kanojo or won't he" situation, that doesn't matter since we all know he will eventually. It's being drawn out so long that nobody even cares as we move along the completely pointless author sub-plot. (Seriously, who gives a fuck about this?)

Meanwhile, Rui continues to lose to a character that has shown up in maybe 3 chapters of the last 30+. That person's existence now has the only purpose to eventually cause drama down the line. Either she'll slut it up and get a new BF (maybe this time a middle schooler who has an arranged fiance) or she'll come back just after he finally accepts Rui's feelings. Everything else until these 2 situations is filler (and not very interesting filler at that).

TL Note: Seinen means lurk more

A seinen is a battle shonen but you actually like it and don't want it to be associated with naruto so you call it something different.

You could be right.

But you'd just made people laugh at you with that long post over a common insult.

So did this switch magazines or something?

Earlier chapters have nipples but later chapters don't.

>Who do you want to dominate you Cred Forums? xD
>Femdom is the best xDDD


Literally tumblr tier

I don't understand your question OP. What do women bring to Seinen that men don't as well? What do they do better because if it's quality of art there is no shortage of good male artists.

Mori's devotion to drawing delicious women will never cease to amaze and arouse me.

Tank vs Magazine

There's a difference between
>literally rape

>literally rape
Are you a modern feminist? Because nobody was raped in this manga.

That was my other guess, thanks

How is this going? Last time I check she was trying to get the gaijin cock again.

Last I heard most seinen stuff written by women was cuck shit.

>Last I heard most stuff written by women was cuck shit.
Fixed that for you.

I used to think it was good, but then the scanlators reached the magazine and stopped using the tanks, then I realized I was only reading it for the tits.

Rui and MC want to fuck but get interrupted by a broken window. Then gaijin mouthrapes her again.

Because women know how to be attractive to men. The others ide of the equation is that men don't know how to be attractive to anything, because they only listen to other men about what is and isn't attractive.

And there aren't nearly enough tits to make it worth.

They deliver on the most delicious cake, probably for self inserting purposes.

Women tend to be better artist in general. It's just a fact.

>Why do women draw seinen better than men?
But user, all of the best artists in that demographic are men.

One of them even kills women and hides them in his basement.

What the fuck !?

You didn't know that Samura was a serial killer?

Thought it was common knowledge at this point.



Absolutely not.
You think those are women in the ultra gay Mob Psycho threads? Think again


Updates never. Warainaku needs more love as a artist.

Ellipses are for use in quotes, to denote a passage which has text omitted between the parts you are quoting.

>probably for self inserting purposes.

The reader or the mangaka?

pick only one

Anyone read this one? Loli has to kiss dude, so that she has to not die for another day.

Only me and everyone else on Cred Forums has read it

What happened to the tits? They stopped showing it from a chapter to another.

Tankoboun versions

If the author wasn't a talentless hack who can't write worth shit then Hina would win because since day fucking one she's been the girl Natsuo loves.

Rui on the other hand offers nothing other than the fact that the random dude she decided to fuck happened to be the MC. Her getting the fuck over it would be the best for all parties involved, worst girl.

It's not rape if the guy is attractive.

It is rape if the other guy is a beta virgin creep



You're not lying brother.

This looks like rape to me.

The fuck, Live Action girl isn't even looking at the guy's eyes.

My ass would be immediately thrown in prison full of niggers if I'm the one who did that.

Not rape if she fucking kissed him back, even though her mind is resisting her body can't.

>even though her mind is resisting her body can't.
wat? She resisted physically the whole time and was overpowered.

What I meant is she's just resisting the pleasure.
She fucking kissed him back, French fucking kiss.

Her tongue is in her mouth, hes just forcing it out

Shes not kissing back

>What I meant is she's just resisting the pleasure.
I want to you think really hard about what you are saying.

Shit, I forgot I was reading this. Also, because of actual experience or repressed sexual frustration regarding their gay sexuality.

Have you even kiss a girl? You can't just force your tounge inside her mouth like that.

lol i almost took your bait here

I'm not baiting nigger.

These two have one of the most hilariously fucked up relationships I've seen in a while.

You're arguing that a woman wanted a sexual encounter when the chapter ends with the girl screaming for the guy assaulting her to let her go as he lets himself into her room.


That second panel wasn't in the manga.

She's been messing around with him too and kissed him again. I think they are going out judging from the raws but I don't really now. Though now she's lusting for the MC again, but she's mad at him for some stupid reason after he started to ignore her because of her messing around with the Gaijin. Every girl is worst girl in this series, MC fucked both the sisters anyway already. He should just fuck off to somewhere far away.

Women do that shit all the time.

Looked a bit at the raws, seems like Hina is nowhere to be found

Feels like the love triangle is between Rui, Natsuo and Alex now

>sleeping next to your rapist in your own home


ZUN is a chick?

I'm confused because over half of these series were drawn by men.

I didn't get their point either, yeah. Most likely one of those kids who would cry on top of a "no girls allowed" treehouse.

it's censored anyway because Japan and IRL vaginas have a considerable chance of just looking straight up gross



>People say Hina is not best girl

I'm 12 too! Fuck yuri!

>Every girl is worst girl in this series

How? Why?

Hina and Natsuo were a good couple when they were together, she had to leave because they were outed but how the hell is she worst girl?

>manga by female author, for female audience
>all focus on the naked chick, men cut out just like in self insert hentai made by men

this is why BL is the only porn worth giving a shit if you are into dick

In porn and manga where everything is a fantasy?

People hate her because she was sleeping with a married man.

Which is pretty shit but not worse than randomly losing your virginity to some dude just because.

In terms of personality, she's leagues above Rui.

>People hate her because she was sleeping with a married man.
Why would anyone hate her for that? He didn't really love his wife or anything and they didn't have kids either.

+Shuu is pretty cool

Knowingly fooling around with a married person is pretty scummy no matter how you reason it.

Maybe in purity land

>women make such good artists!
>women write all the best plots!
>women are the best at such and such and such!

Wow. Are you people retarded?

There is no female Kentaro Miura. Boom, all of the above assumptions just exploded. Granted, he also compared Berserk's emotional investment to a shoujo manga.

Women are not special. Just because you've read a few good or great series that were created by women doesn't mean women mangaka are the best or can do no wrong, it means that you haven't tripped over the countless hundreds of shittily drawn and written series that were also created by women. For whatever reason, probably due to your reading predilections, you've only been exposed to the male mangaka who are producing garbage.

With very few exceptions (none of which are cognitive) you don't get some sort of special skill or potential by virtue of your genitalia. Stop putting women on a pedestal. They're not some sort of mysterious creature with mysterious art powers. They're more similar to dudes than they're different.

Who was the woman who hurt you?

>There is no female Kentaro Miura

Thank god for that, we don't need another edgefest that's always on hiatus

you know what you're doing is immoral when you lash out against purity and right or wrong.

t. Hina

Don't you have old men to please?

She wants that fruit

I find it funny that instead of pointing out good Seinen series drawn by female mangaka. People immediately break the argument down to "who can draw the best vagina"

She's mad at Natsuo because the two of them were about to do it, and instead he fucked off and left her alone with Alex so Alex could try to make a move on her.

While it's not his intent, and while it's not actually the case, he's practically yelling at her that he doesn't give a fuck about her.

Kaoru Mori draws the best bodies and writes good stories.

Anons know what really matters

I think reddit is more your speed, blogposter-kun.

There is and she's called Kaoru Mori.

Here is an open question. What are people thinking when they do this? user could have easily just said "I currently have a girlfriend" instead of posting their story.

Per penem, unitas.

Because he's so insecure that he seriously felt the need to defend himself from an obvious joke post. It wasn't even relevant to anything.

>Per penem, unitas.
Amice, hic est facetus.

No disrespect to Mori but doesn't she use assistants? I thought Miura was the kind of madman who did everything himself.

See, this shit is why /tg/ has better discussions about anime and vidya than Cred Forums or Cred Forums. If I wanted to attention whore blogpost, you'd think I'd wear a fucking trip.

Fair. Granted the content is entirely different.

Okay, you got me you faggot you.

Why don't you fuck off back to those boards instead of shitting up this one

Please don't drag another board into this.

This board is already shit with or without me.
Fuck, I meant Cred Forums rather than Cred Forums in that other post. Whatever, same shit these days.

>this immature joke of a series is seinen because tits are in it


Honestly the tiddies are ok but the kisses in this manga are god tier

I never said they were, faggot. I find us to be equal, boys better at some stuff and girls better at other stuff, but in general equal. What the fuck was that TL;DR even needed for.

Have you read the fucking manga? At all?

Has there ever been a yurishit show that wasn't melodramatic drivel that makes one want to vomit?
Utena was certainly exactly that kind of drivel.

And opinion dismissed. Talk like a 12 year old on reddit, you're not welcome here.
>ever yuri
You seem to have not watched the show, as you're retarded as shit and don't know Utena fucked Anthy's brother and never ended up with Himemiya to begin with.

>not a term that's been used for fucking years
Stay new yurifag.

>what is Juri the cuck
>what is shoving subtext right in your face
>mikage being a homo doesn't cancel the yurifaggotry out
>what is Ikuhara being a yurifaggot
>what is Utena's movie
>why did Ikuhara want to see a cute girl transform into a car

Yeah, I know damn well that Utena fucked Akio the memelord peter pan who can barely take over a highschool, you insufferable cunt. I was cutting off any dumbshit who would try to claim it was a good yurifag show because you just know they're gonna.
Utena is still melodramatic drivel.

So you basically proved the point of the user calling you a 12 year old by talking like one, nice.

>claims women do something better than men
>posts a terrible work by a terrible woman

I never said it wasn't used for fucking years, newfriend. If you weren't so new, you wouldn't be surprised anyone who attempts to add "shit" into any anime name or manga is deemed as a fucking manchild, which you apparently want to show off at all costs for whatever reason, Jesus Christ. Haremshit would be the only almost acceptable genre you could use if anything, but of course you wouldn't know that, as you're too new to figure out things by yourself and get triggered easily like a hysterical tumblrina would get when told her opinions are shit.

Juri wasn't the main character. Subtext isn't going to make your entire anime's genre official, otherwise welcome all the fucking SoL that come out, you gigantic retard.
>Mikage is gay and a male, which makes Utena yuri
Holy fuck, are you even reading your own posts? Are you genuinely mentally handicapped or just fond of humiliating yourself?
>Ikuhara makes straight/gay relationship stories, which means all he does is lesbian porn
>>why did Ikuhara want to see a cute girl transform into a car
At this point I'm just laughing at you and regretting I'm trying to answer seriously to someone who isn't over the age of 15 and is severely butthurt over 2D lesbians in anime.

There was no need to use spoilers both times in your shitty posts, dipshit who abuses the spoilertag for no reason. Come back here when you've lurked another 3 years, faggot.

Buttmad hinafag detected.

Let me guess you think GE was bad too

Wow, reading comprehension. Aren't you the one getting triggered, yurifag?
>I never said it wasn't used for fucking years
Then maybe you shouldn't consign Cred Forums's mentality to Reddit. Maybe you should waltz on over to whatever forum there caters to people who shovel down yurishit rather than go into the exact sort of insecure defensive rage you accuse others of. Then maybe you wouldn't be confronted with hot opinions you dislike.
>Juri wasn't the main character
But she was a main character.
>welcome all the fucking SoL that come out
Also complete garbage.
>Mikage is gay and a male, which makes Utena yuri
That's like the exact opposite of what I said. I said Mikage being a homo doesn't cancel out the yurifaggotry. Granted his shit is also melodramatic drivel. Lol all those nerds burned to death lolol.
>trying to answer seriously
You were taking this seriously at any point? You must feel very strongly about 2D lesbians in anime and anyone saying they're gross.

Oh look, more spoilers. How does it feel that someone is doing something that you don't like, cancer?

>implying I'm a yurifag
>y-you wrecked me, so you must be into yuri!
Het, yuri and yaoi are all masterrace, you clearly can't tell because you were too busy being defensive over your little tantrum blown out of proportions because people made fun of your immaturity and desperation over being right on the internet, dipshit.
>a-all SoL is garbage! o-only shounen and seinen are good for intelligent grownups like me!
Yeah, kill yourself, you don't even have to hide anymore, it's screaming "I'M NEW HERE" and it's painful to watch you sink this hard.
>still abusing the spoilertag option
Just stop, really. It's embarrassing, you're not looking any cooler by doing so, you're proving everyone else's points on your own faggotry, kid.

what are the spoilers for?

What does that have to do with anything? A shit marriage is still marriage.

>being right on the internet
Is this what this is about, yurifag? You want to be right? About whether Utena counts as yurishit or not? Is it because I called you new because you got triggered over the use of common jargon?
>y-you must only like shounen and seinen
Why do you just immediately go and make the same mistake you accuse someone else of? If you claim to not be a yurifag, yurifag, then immediately go and assume the tastes of someone else, aren't you the exact sort of person you hate?
SoL is totally garbage though. Oh look, I did it again.
>painful to watch you sink this hard
Do you think this is a site where anyone actually gives a fuck about two anons sperging out on each other? Do you think we're accumulating some sort of reputation here? That's sad.

What are some romance manga with cute drawn girls and non shit generic shoujo art?

Now they're just for triggering this other user.

This is a crock of nonsense.

>insisting in calling me yurifag despite being neither offensive or true
See? This is where everyone can best spot your intensive butthurt over a fucking genre, that's just sad, holy shit. I like yuri, yaoi and straight romance, you are incredibly upset over this because no matter what you say regarding my tastes, you just can't win the fact that I'm okay with either genre and you'll always be crying over chicks eating out other chicks, which is delicious to me: seeing you both crying and me enjoying some girl on girl action.
>insisting in spoilertagging shit
See, you are this cancerous. Have a nice day!

lol no one is triggered, you're just shitposting because no one gave a shit about your opinion and proved you to be childish/wrong on top of that, not even a half-good attempt there

I honestly don't care what you like, I'm just calling you a yurifag because it's really easy and you keep trying to get a one-up on me because for some reason me thinking yurishit is gross is important to you.
But I do think the genre sucks, that's kind of the point.
>oh, I like all these things!
>you don't, so you're an inferior being!
You're trying to convince someone of this and it's not me, yurifag.
>guy constantly keep responding to me over nothing
>not triggered


Says he doesn't care about I like, hopelessly forces the topic and obsesses over yuri like it's relevant to the thread. You're quite the contradicting frustrated faggot, aren't you?

The actual contention started over Utena.

Yurishit boring degenerate garbage though

You should go back to

this picture would be better if they were both boys

>Cred Forums self inserters hate Alex

Rui is a bitch, she deserved that pseudo rape

Rui is so great. She deserves a nice big gaijin cock to truly satisfy her.

You sure?

(anon1 expresses disgust)
(sarcastic dissent)
(anon1 states yuri sucks)
(anon2 gets triggered over Utena)
Then they basically say the same thing to each other over and over like a schoolyard children's argument. The only difference is that anon1 seems to be aware what's going on whereas anon2 is taking it seriously.

source of this manga

Sasuka Kei is cute

DomeKano user.

Sex and nipples.

is this chagen, along with the retarded samefaggotry, I thought we stopped pretending to find him funny in 2013

Reminder that it's slut-chan's fault that Al got himself drunk

goddamn scans are so far behind

Femdom is oft pushed by thirsty lesbians, cucks, and chicks who want to play at dominance.
They're also often the loudest ones to decry women who vocalize their clitboner over being dominated and sexually forced by men.

It's mainly a lot of creepy gay shit that tries to demonize heteronormative behavior while hiding behind a thin lie of female virtue or some gay bullshit about empowerment.

But that looks awful. Give me a stylized male artist any day.

Preach, nigga.

Is the mc still a frog?

Scanlator doesnt have enough people
Go help them user

wtf is she doing?

How the fuck did this get 95 chapters?

It made my dick hard

>tfw no Sasuga Kei mangaka waifu to self insert as Rui and do rape play with

I'm not to the part where my dick is hard yet, but this premise seems a lot bigger than "dude kisses loli or else she de-ages because science."

MC has a threesome with loli and dom-y hot office cake boss.

So does he grow a spine in the intervening period between acting like a stammering cunt in front of his boss and fucking her and his loli's brains out?

What is Wolfsmund?

Art isn't as good.
Story might be.
So if you fused Kaoru Mori and Mitsuhisa Kuji you might get a mangaka as good as Miura at writing the same content. Probably slightly better, maybe slightly worse.

>Mitsuhisa Kuji
Well, she was the assistant to Miura and Mori.

>Nana will never fucking continue

Cred Forums summarized in 1 pic. Nice.

Damn, that's pretty sweet.

Maybe if you fused Mori, Miura, and Kuji you'd come up with a godlike mangaka who is also a beautiful bishounen or handsome futa, contrasting the fact that Miura is basically a short ugly IRL version of Pippin.

On the one hand, it's tragic that he's turning down a probably completely no-strings-attached make-out session, but on the other, I'm somehow glad he's not so desperate that he just goes along at her pace with no explanation.