This is you Fox for life

This is you Fox for life.

We need to remove these kind of threads.


I like them.

no we dont

me too

>tfw no money for my caster figam
kill me

>tfw Nero is my waifu
>rolled Tamamo in her first limited rate up, and roll swimsuit Tamamo
I guess she must really like me for some reason.

Who cares about a damn figurine?

I can't even play the sequel because I can't speak moonrunes.

I want a threesome with Nero and Tamamo!

Casko is lewd. Also ponytail Tamamo is a best.

But the new Foxtail is out?

The hot bath chapter is out.


She's a jackal you uncultured fuck

>tfw 120 quartz and 15 tickets
lets hope i get illya

Why is it Foxtail?

The manga for the Tamomo route in CCC.

Isn't that just the shit english trans, like how it said Nero was naked when she wrestled a lion? Isn't it just some kind of greater fox demon in Japanese?

I'm going to fou up Casko!
If you know what I mean.


>She's a jackal
That makes me like her more.

>This is you Fox for life.
Did you mean:

This is you, Fox. FOR LIFE.

we need to remove these kinds of posters.

No. I ment that Tamamo is gonna be your personal fox for life.

Now shut up and accept her love.

But what if I already have a waifu though?

Tamamo becomes the girl you fuck on the side or invite over for threesomes.

Are you sure? That doesn't sound like her.

Who's /lifelong/ here?

With a dick like mine, she'd do it.

Can I trade for one of the dozens of good foxgirls instead of this shitty one?


That's not how she is I'm pretty sure.

Says you.

I mean, I have already a Goddess, but since it's somebody I personally like then sure. She kick ass and balls in a very excellent way. Besides
She have the best fashion with those outfits so I just probably ask her for help if I have the chance.
>tfw I tried at least two times as far I remember for someone to draw her in that Tamamo's outfit in the waifuthread and nothing happened
Such a shame.
Random question, who is also hyped for Extella? I already want to play with all of the characters

>Random question, who is also hyped for Extella? I already want to play with all of the characters

PC port when?

I have found better fox




So is she a fox or a jackal?








literally triggered, can't even


Smarter fox

A funny way to write Lancer.



I'm ok with this

Symmetrical docking.

Are this scans the CCC Fox Tail? Are they keep scanning them and translating after that guy stopped? Can I have a link now please? I don't have time now and I really want to have a little time later just to continue reading

a jackal

Wait is this from Extella or from FGO?


She's now my favorite Fate girl. I fucking love jackals.

the better option would be to remove you

I think it's just an edit

Wada's art was a piece of shit. Thankfuly she stopped drawing children and naming them adults.

Her Extella designs look great.

why are her thighs so unproportionally tiny?


I want to cuddle with Tamamo.


I already own every fox.

She'd be perfect if it wasn't for her huge tats.

>stopping there



That "fox" can fuck off for ignoring my summons in FGO.

Ah, this is the moment I post about me rolling 3 copies of Caster Tamamo, 2 of Lancer Tamamo and 2 of Berserker Tamamo.

It really feels fucking amazing. They're all great Servants: Lancer for ST damage, Caster for overall support in every team and Berserker for clearing hands.

I couldn't be more happy about rolling them so many times.

How do you smell anything underwater?

Mammals can't. Sharks can though.

His nose was completely inside Tamamo's pussy, effectively blocking any way for water to get inside of it.

Like that, Hakuno was clearly able to get a scent of that glorious pussy, and even pass some of her delicious vaginal fluids into his mouth through his nose, getting a real taste of that glorious liquid from the heavens.

>tfw caster will always be stuck in shitty games

musou games are somewhat enjoyable

>Tamamo will never wake you up

Ok, I give.

What game do I play to fuck this fox girl?

Fate Extra? CCC? Grand Order? I can't keep up with all the Fate shit. I did my time and played Heaven's Feel and watched Zero. Tell me how to fuck the fox girl already.

Fate/Extra, Fate/CCC, Fate/Extella, Fate/GrandOrder are the ones she appears in

F/E & F/E CCC are RPGs
F/Extella is a musou that comes out next month
F/GO is a mobage that's free

Ok excellent. Which one do you recommend? Do any of the RPGs provide that brief escape from life where I'm psychologically tricked into thinking I'm living a happy life with a fox girl?

It's not about recommendation, you must start with Fate/Extra.

Download a PSP emulator, the rom, and get on it.

Go through the Fate/Extra triology slowly

Fate Extra first
Listen to all the shit regarding Fate/CCC since its not translated yet
Buy Extella when it comes out

Both Extra and Extella are officially released and can be bought on PSN.

Thanks anons.

F/E doesn't have a servant specific ending
CCC does
F/GO has a different MC and Tamamo stays loyal to the F/E MC so there's not much lovey dovey stuff there
Extella has pic related and

Too bad her team is shit.

You can waifu her in GO. Just like Nero. Fuck what /fgog/ says.

I've always found it weird people care so much about a character having to love a self insert to be a waifu


It's the cuck thing to do.

>Good night, Master.
Heh, learning basic japanese is a bit useful after all. Kanji is still shit.

you don't get the waifu lines in f/go though
she doesn't love your f/go self insert but she loves your extra self insert
/fgog/ and the cuckposting is dumb but that's how it is

She has Valentine's lines that say it. Just like almost every other character.

A better, more loyal, and a pure virgin fox here.

>pure virgin
Not when I'm done with her.

It's more like she respects guda
she even says she has memories she's not supposed to

Pretty sure at least for Nero she says her Valentines doesn't capture how she feels, and she has a lot lines that seem p[pretty sweet. I don't know. Maybe I'm just not expecting explicit I love yous, which I don't think very many even have. If any.
I guess you're probably one of those people who take Nero Bride as a separate character seriously though when it was clearly just a way to try and get lonely shits to whale hard for a blonde bombshell. Capitalism is pretty manipulative you know?

Man, there's not enough Tamamo doujins. Any news on the Extra anime?