What do you think of K-ON, Cred Forums?

What do you think of K-ON, Cred Forums?

I personally think that it's great.

Also, please note that I have been enjoying my sweet waifu Ritsu's deliciously smooth turds. She managed to get a lot of extra-rich protein in the form of dairy and meats, which, when combined with her regular healthy diet, yielded some of the most exquisite poo-poo chunks of which this humble user has ever sampled. Cutting one of her sweet pasty sausages into chunks and putting it on the tongue, you first detect the scent as you bring it to your nose, which is fishy and richly sulfuric all at once, with a combined smooth-yet-pungent olfactory overtone that is at once comforting and sexually arousing.

Mashing the warm thing with your molars and squishing the flat of your tongue to the roof of your mouth brings out the complex, bitter, gag-inducingly erotic flavors my amazing waifu has cooked and let age into a fine, unique brown cheese a la creme is almost indescribable.

I taste hints of spoiled cabbage, putrid fish, bitter tangy iron and blood with an oily-and-then-burnt texture that lingers and coats the mouth for days.

After I finished my feast, I immediately pushed my face into Ritsu's available and unwiped buttcrack, and sniffed and lapped and sucked her pucker squeaky clean. After tracing every crevice of her anus and inner sphincter I made sure to corkscrew my tongue up inside of her rectum to get every single particle of her treat I possibly could. I wish I could become a tampon with tastebuds and be inserted inside of her asshole for her to walk around with inside her all day.

I love Ritsu so, so, so very much, and K-On is a masterpiece.

What happened to K-On threads the past 6 months? They weren't anywhere near as bad as they are now.


>What do you think of K-ON, Cred Forums?
it is literally the greatest thing that's ever happened to humanity

Some guy started eating Ritsu's shit.

Best girl has snacks for you

K-ON is the greatest anime of all-time and pee >>>>>> scat.

It's good.

You should be ashamed of yourself

This thread again?
OK fine!

K-On! was perfect, all girls are best girls.

I need to rewatch this soon



I used to hate the character designs. But they slowly wore on me now I like them.

I'm neutral on it and always will be. I'm not going to watch 4 girls doing nothing. I'm sorry.

>doing nothing

Azusa was a mistake.

she is precious

It was so good that everything KyoAni made afterwards was shit.

It was so good that everything humanity made afterwards was shit.

I love down to earth shows, and K-On! is one of the most down to earth shows ever made.
Its my favorite anime and most will most likely always will be.

I would eat Mio's strawberry.


I want to make Mio moan and twitch while I eat her strawberry.


airdrop the BD's over syria. end the war overnight.

S1 = shit kitsch. S2 = Godly.

I loved it. I love how it presented the whole coming of age really well. The characters act like I did when School was about to end and life was going to begin. The ending also feels like this. It feels like an end of an era and that something epic should be at the end. But noting is.

I also love how the show tells us to slow down and enjoy life, hence all the close ups of the School's mascot, a tortoise.

The characters aren't here to be the best band, they're there to enjoy themselves. That's why the music works. It isn't good, it just works well with the band members

K-ON! is a great anime, there can never be another moe like it as K-ON! perfected it