Danganronpa 3

Is Hajizuru coming to save his girlfriend?
Will we find out just what happened to Chiaki's body in Zetsubou 11?
If Chiakizuru happens, did Junko upload her AI into Chiakizuru's body to test if it really worked?
I'm cautiously excited!

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fuck despair i want chiaki back

fuck Juzo


claiming this thread for HOPE

How do keep getting those repeating digits?


>Despair video
>Almost made me suicide too
What the fuck. Distorted Monokuma's lesson was too much for me.
I had to stop the video for a moment


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination, fuck bangles
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
I'm sure it'll be great, my friend!

shhhhhhhhhhhhh Juzo is sleeping

If your plot points are so great, why not put them right here, for all to see? Either side.

I am waiting

even Juzo thinks this is bullshit

Is the special really just a cast talk? This would mean that they have to somehow conclude everything in a mere 20 minutes of mirai and set it up somehow with 20 minutes of zetsubou. I can't see this anime having any decent conclusion without feeling rushed to hell.

>post yfw Tengan was behind everything from the moment he drank Naegi's coffee



This anime has become such a fucking shitshow.
>Junko is able to freely walk where-ever she wants killing guard and taking izuru on dates with nobody the wiser
>Class 77 goes down to rescue Chisa with their two best fighters out of comission from fighting normies and knowing Junko has access to SHSL everything as well as Mukuro. They don't tell the police, or fucking anybody for that matter what's going on
>Junko manages to drag Chiaki to some secret underground complex nobody knows about to slowly torture and kill her in order to drive Class 77 to despair
>Juzo literally allows the world to end because if he didn't then people would know he was gay
>Kirigiri, who previously says all sorts of shit about how you can hide things in plain sight and nobody would question them and preconceptions cloud judgement chooses not to check the secret room for literally NO reason
>Nobody except fucking JUZO (not even Munakata who was batshit insane and had access to bladed weaponry) ever gets the bright idea to cut their hand off to counteract the sleeptime/NG poison. How did he even cut his fucking arm off anyway?
This is the definition of a sequel nobody wanted. I can't wait for V3 to come out so I can forget all about this insanity.



I wasn't ready, Juzobros.

Chiaki is dead and should stay dead.
If she comes back, she'll just get killed off for a third time.

>Kirigiri figures out the monitors are the problem
>Doesn't turn off the power to save herself
Guess she's only a detective and not a genius afterall.

Isn't it just backwards?

>Naegi has two dead waifus
>Hajime has the same waifu die twice
>Munakata has a dead waifu and a dead husbando

Is this Katanagatari Ep 4 preview of our generation?

>No Hopeman

Post your face when this happened

I dunno, made me want to murder kodaka more than kill myself.

>How did he even cut his fucking arm off anyway?
He got to the first room and used Munakata's old sword, lodged in Chisa, to cut it off.

>"Okay! Boy Monokuma theater sure is fun!"

But it is.

leave if you dont like it


Sorry, he's property of Munakata.

Alright, that was actually kind of scary, Monokuma's theme in reverse was fucking with me too. Holy shit man, everyone could've been saved if they went to the power room. Fuck.


>thinking it was getting properly paced from the start
>we get a bunch of wasted meme episodes

I wonder what he's dreaming about


I started doing Komaeda poses irl now all the bitches want me

It's fucked. Tengan will reveal himself as the mastermind, talk about despair for a bit before being attacked by Punished Izuru who will call Naegi hope or some shit and then jump away into the sunrise.

Shut up you fucking pig.
Thank god, based hajime beat the shit out of you

So cute, Just hug her already Izuru.

>Shit taste; The underage fedora post




>Chisa had more resistance to the MIND HACK video than the so called Ultimate Hope
wew lad

I refuse to believe kirigiri is dead until that bottle gets explained.

I'm calling it right now, shes up and about trying to hunt down the mastermind

You also forgot that Munakatas waifu got DESPAIRED

Hope is Suffering

The fourth panel, again.


If Juzo knew the power room was there why didn't he turn off the power immediately. Even if he didn't know the monitors were making people kill themselves surely it's a good idea to turn the power off anyway?

This anime had a lot of fucking issues but you're retarded for thinking "cut off your hand" would be a viable solution for anyone who isn't insane. Seiko's drug only healed wounds, it didn't regenerate hands.

I have a lot of issues with how Kirigiri apparently didn't do much but her not checking the secret room makes sense when Juzo and Ruruka were literally standing in front of it. Both of whom had shown they were willing to kill Kirigiri.

Komaru's sexy thighs

Even this one?

>How did he even cut his fucking arm off anyway?
He punched it off, obviously.
>but user, his NG was punching things!
He punched it SO FAST that the poison couldn't spread to the rest of his body. SHSL Boxer, motherfucker.

>real Tengan
But then who was Tengan?

Don't give up on hope, Anons.

Yes, she might be dead. But she didn't lose hope until the very end, so we shouldn't either.

Maybe us Kirigirifags will be BTFO next episode. And that's okay, but we have to stay strong for her until the very end, just like Juzobros have.

Everything will be daijobu, Anons! Let's keep hope alive!

Mirai ED is worse than Despair ED fags BTFO


Because it might've been connected to someone's NG or it might've killed the bangles? There isn't a reason to shut down the power if you don't know what the power does.






Why would it be a good idea to turn the power off aside from the monitors?

You know what they say...
Trivia time!: Chiaki and Junko are the only two characters to have canonically featured in multiple executions. Interestingly enough, AI Chiaki died in relative dignity in her own execution, and Real Junko had fun all the way to the final crusher, while the situation is inverted for their respective counterparts: AI Junko died miserable and utterly hollow, her true self exposed in the end, and Real Chiaki died crying in a pool of her own blood.

"You could say the entire future foundation is the attacker!"

Fuck you Tengen you cryptic old fuck

Junko obviously improved it over time.

Well obviously, but I think I would at least try to not watch it if I knew doing so would kill me.

The ED in the background really puts that scene at a 10/10 in my mind.

Why is it a good idea to do cut the power? Juzo know's they're underwater and as far as he knows cutting the power could get everybody killed

I will literally go and crucify Megumi Ogata personally if this shit happens.




>you're retarded for thinking "cut off your hand" would be a viable solution for anyone who isn't insane
I understand you turned off your brain when you saw "hand" but notice how I literally mention Munakata, who at that point was full fucking crazy? Why didn't he cut his hand off?


We never learned animeman's code.

He's definitely about to get penetrated.

So how do we avoid V3 spoilers?

And this one

Friendly reminder that this indecent slut should feel ashamed. How would Naegi react if he saw his imouto flashing her panties in such a lewd way?

I wonder could be behind this post...upupupu.

>Even if he didn't know the monitors were making people kill themselves surely it's a good idea to turn the power off anyway?
Why? Also I'm pretty sure it wasn't Juzo cutting off the power that removed the bangles; he didn't get to the last one. The bracelets fell off because Naegi didn't kill himself, so they satisfied the wincon.

>This will never happen

Feels bad man.

Yeah that's the same killing shit explained in dr1 already. It's not nearly as convenient as in your superior anime techs though. Naegi just had to watch some weird shit once and BOOM he's brainwashed now!

>not being a pussy

This. Except I have no idea why you added "up and about trying to hunt down". Your post makes more sense if you remove these words.

>Because it might've been connected to someone's NG
lmao as if Juzo gave a shit about that

>Kirigiri isn't dead
>Kirigiri is no longer Baconhands
>Baconhands is now Baconface.

>despairs absolutely girl

dont go on Cred Forums
dont go on /drg/
dont open dr threads on Cred Forums

Hibernation and isolating yourself in Tibet until you finish the game yourself.

You already know why
the meme magic was too strong in this anime

Because he needed it to kill people

So was the game being broadcasted to Jabberwock?

Munakata wasn't insane though, he thought everyone was despair so he decided to purge the FF himself. He's not like he didn't have a reason.

>Kirigiri is the mastermind
>Kirigiri faked her death
>Kirigiri is really dead
All signs point to asshurt and shitposting

Fukawa and Syo have certainly seen more than just her panties

These fucking monitors creeped me out since the very beginning. Ruruka fucking tortured herself then. She was already going through a lot that video must've amplified the fuck out of it. I actually feel really bad for her now.

A genetic clone who ages normally. The Real Ultimate Despair Tengan Kazuo will be some sort of vampire motherfucker, and the entire reason for HPA and the research for talents is for him to find immortality, which he did. Now together, Naegi, Munakata and Izuru must combat a literal demi-god themselves. How will this end up? Find out next time on DRZ!

>Is Hajizuru coming to save his girlfriend?
Isn't Nagito on the ship with him?

Is there a bigger slut in the entirety of the danganronpa series? I think not.

Cause im falseflagging as a way to cope with the fact shes pretty undeniably dead

The music was reversed and the image was pushed through a funky filter, how did that make you want to kill yourself? Monokuma didn't even say anything, which desu makes this the worst Monokuma Theater segment in the series

Well, they were both referred to as Kazuo at one point.

But if I were like a Juzoboy I'd be believing in the most idiotic character in DR, and Kirigiri might have done some dumb shit, but I don't want her to get to that level.

It was looking at his phone.

Tengan put that code on him so he could keep texting him, making the phone vibrate constantly.

All the texts are just shitposts, bullying and telling him the truth behind everything.

>tfw I called that Tengan would say "everyone is the attacker", the monitors had the knives and evryone killed themselves
>Seikofags in turbodenial saying that Seiko blasting herself against a wall would be impossible
>Rurufags saying Ruruka couldn't do that to herself because she would faint from the pain
>Other faggots saying that hiding a knife in the monitors was retarded
>They all got BTFO

Feels good man.

It will be revealed when he does his mastermind monologue.

Kirinigger was a retard. Her own stupidity killed her.

"Hope" Manlet confirmed for being useless.

It still doesn't explain how she HALVED HER BODY

If you went back to these threads day 1 and told everybody that there is no attacker and everybody was actually watching brainwashing anime that made them kill themselves, Tengan was actually working on a second Izuru Kamukura project, and Chisa was tortured by Mukuro into becoming a despairslut, what would they say?

if that was true, then the bangles would have fallen off when everyone woke up.
they instead fell off right when the last power switch was turned off.

Probably everyone.

nagito is dead, bro

>Fake Junko speared
>Real Junko crushed
>Real Chiaki speared
>Fake Chiaki crushed

Yeah actually, true. But I don't think there was any reason to shut down the power so nobody actually gave a shit about it. Personally I wouldn't have thought about it either in his situation.

>Tengan was the original Kamakura the whole time
>he used Mind Hacks to transfer his consciousness into other bodies

Yeah Monokuma theater was so boring, pointless, and unfunny that it made me want to kill myself a few times as well

Should have taken her own advice and actually checked that secret door huh?

she just did it really fast

So is Tengan/Junko not going to suspect Class 77 being back to normal and Hajime being in there now?

Honestly, I really want Chiakizuru (Preferably Junko-possessed) for two main reasons.

1. Junko. Full stop, it's about Junko herself. We need a final confrontation with her in some form to truly finish off the series and yet we don't have anything yet besides her being really fucking evil in the past. No, a withered old man and his wimpy animating sidekick do not make good replacements for a series that has traditionally given us girls that are cute and/or sexy as the final bosses. I honestly have little hope for KiriJunko being viable and this is the next closest thing I can get.

2. I'm a sadomasochist Chiaki fan. I like her a lot, but I like seeing her suffer and cry too. What could be better suffering for her than having her very mind be hijacked by the one person she hated the most? Her death in 10 wasn't enough to satisfy me. I need her to suffer even more than she already did. I need something else that will break her down even more. Yes, there's also the potential aspect of the happy ending I'd enjoy (assuming Junko doesn't kill herself first) but it's that wild journey I'd really be after.

Oh, there's also that I'd like Hajizuru to DO SOMETHING in the finale and there's pretty much nothing he can meaningfully do without her there, but those are my main rationales for it.

How so? Isn't it explained that her ability is to be able to see through logical conclusions in things in an instant? Why would she need to improve it over time?

>Seikofags in turbodenial saying that Seiko blasting herself against a wall would be impossible
Actually I said that it would look really stupid. And it did. I don't even know how she did it since the steroids had worn off.

WHAT IF Izuru's plan was to upload AI Chiaki into Chiaki's body?

We should be posting the epitaph version from the last thread instead, my friend. No need to continue carrying on like he's still with us, when we could instead honor his last moments.

still waiting for the original Japanese text, niggerfaggot

>Don't show anybody your code
That's his code.

Now that they're getting suspicious of him by asking about the anime shit, he'll sperg out and they'll suspect him and ask him to show the code, in which he will decline, only for assahina to grab his wrist and look anyway which will promptly kill him

>all that shit started because he was a gay faggot pussy bitch
>wanted to kill our boy Naegi Makoto because "hurr you beat someone I couldn't beat"

How can anyone even remotely like that guy?

>The Ultimate Hope, the foil to Junko Enoshima and the bulwark against Despair can be converted in like 10 seconds flat and was only saved thanks to his luck
So, it's pretty much confirmed that Junko only loses because she wants to, right?

>'Hinata-kun, let's play a game. Hinata-kun. Upupupupupu.'

>(Preferably Junko-possessed)

Oh damn, you're right.
It's funny, that cute shortcake is the closest thing to a rival Junko has in the entirety of the series.

I never understood why people saying it was impossible for Seiko to smash herself into the wall. If it was impossible for her then it would be impossible for any killer to stick her there too.
>But why didn't she die after stabbing herself through the heart, there's no way she could have put herself into the crucifix position
Enhanced stamina, hell if Chiaki and Juzo can survive worse wounds then she can do it, there's far stupider shit that has already happened.

She could have just taken them again

>Monokuma interaction with everybody is recorded and set to repeat
>Monaca was involved from the start
>Mastermind knew about her

"Fuck off with your crazy delusions, jackass. "

The part about Kirigiri in the OP on Monokuma's dark half made me suspicious she would end up dead or something, it seemed a little too symbolic to ignore.

That's retarded and a slap in the face of real Chiaki.

Chiaki real was savable since he's SHSL All.

>We need a final confrontation with her in some form to truly finish off the series

>wanting Junko again

Fuck man, I just managed to pull through chemotherapy.

>all that shit started because he was a gay faggot pussy bitch

Your underage is showing my man.

Fuck you Weedman, you said we were going to have a happy end

The bracelets are off now, user. Juzo got them off and lost his life to stop the game

>the entire reason for HPA and the research for talents is for him to find immortality, which he did
Shiiiit, that actually seems really plausible. Not the stupid shit you said, but the idea that he used the talent machine on himself and became super fucked up as a result.

The bangles are on the ground now nigger whatsgonna happen? It sprouts legs and shoots him?

That Junko personality was the worst

Learn moon

When did she halve her body?

On the other hand he converted back, really, really fast. Everyone else was converted for life.

>we Naruto now
Wouldn't put it past them.



Okay, can we admit that as funny as Juzo's antics were, he's still a shit-tier character who let Junko destroy the world because he didn't want to come out of the closet?

She lost in DR2 and was fucking ballistic and pissed over it. So no.


Disregard that then, I suck cocks and clearly have the memory of a fucking fish.

>Your underage is showing my man.
Great argument, faggot

You got a link for that, my friend? Like a quick link so I can put it in a notepad and alter it after recent episode/Thursday's incoming episode?

30% accuracy
30% of 16: 5 (almost)

>not believing in Weedman


Except the wristbands are off?

I think he means with the well placed candies, though I'm thinking now that that was just a coincidence.

That's true. It was all just a game played by Junko. She got every tool to easily brainwash everyone. She lost to Naegi because she got bored and just chose to lose.

Yes, and she only wins because of luck, because she had a fuckton of luck in Despair.

Would you really expect a high-schooler to ruin the entire world?

Weedman has a 100% accuracy rate, we're just in the wrong timeline.

yeah and we keep getting shots of her left eye every episode

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

I don't think they wore off, she just calmed down. She took like 5 whole bottles and a few injections.

why did naegi leave our boy to bleed out

Not even arguing. Just saying your underage is showing as it's what a 14 year old would say, you dumb retard.

snitching about the mindhacc monitors

Yeah, Chiaki and Kyouko live.

Codes were still showing after bands came off

30% of the characters. So, like, 5 or 6 of them.

> Loves a person for years, going through hell seeing his beloved one love his friend (look at his faces in flashbacks) and understanding that his feelings will never be mutual
> Accepts it as is and investing himself fully in supporting said person
> Never lets a thing slip, keeps all of his feeling inside
> Obviously still loves him, harbouring fear of being found out and rejected/abandoned, insecurity grows
> Got beat up by ultimate analyst who sees all of his weak spots, threatened
> All mass of insecurity, childish fear kicks in
> Accepts Junko's terms, hating himself and feeling uneasy
> Killing game starts
> Worst fear came true, abandoned by Munakata
> Steps on himself, develops, literally throws his talent away (boxing with one hand?), despite everything wants his love to survive and does everything for it still thinking that he has been left alone

>Bangles with sleeping drug check
>Brainwashing techniques check
>Victims forced to kill themselves due to external agent check
>Old man never seen before in the franchise is the bad guy check
How complex are Tengan's motives going to be?

My Heart Will Go On version when?

Anyone else expect him to fall into despair after being forced to watch a 3-minute game trailer?

So the last episode is going to be everybody has woken up on Jabberwock Island and is living happily ever after together right?

He's no true Ultimate Hope, Kirigiri called him like that because she wanted to fuck him

Not really, since Junko has the ~*Ultimate Analyst*~ power she would have known if Sakakura was going to tell and would have killed him right then and there.
Then Chisa would have still told Munakata Juzo was innocent and they would have pinned it on some pansy like Mitarai.

>All that shit started cause he was a gay ass pussy
True. However, it all went to shit because he was a gay ass pussy for Munakata.

Imagine if he was in love with Gozu. They'd have finished the game with no deaths fast.

Juzo just shat on Kirigiri's investigations cause Muh Munakata says so. Imagine if Gozu had told him to calm down and find a way out.

All I'm saying is that blame Edgelord for all of this nonsense.

Yeah, it's like what happened with Munakata. He stopped raging and his eye went back to normal.

You sure showed me, faggot.

What will Chiakizuru say to Hajimeme?

Already awake man.

dudd brainwash lmao xd

"Be useful".

It's almost like the writer is a hack or something.

You know you can listen to it yourself, right? I don't know even an ounce of Japanese, but it does actually sound like she mentions the v1.0 (ichigo) part.

So, everyone forgot about that silly "It's all an anime" theory, right?

>bands come off
>"Hey anime man what was your code?"
>pick it up and look at it
>"Show anyone your forbidden action"
>"oh okay"

if they do give us his forbidden action, it wont be that



>making the phone vibrate constantly.
user what was the reason behind this?

*wink wink*

If it really is Tengan, it's going to be some super bullshit like he's actually the ORIGINAL Izuru Kamukura and he's trying to create a new younger body because he can only cheat death so much with his current body. Add in Hope and Despair nonsense because lolhope/despair and we're good to go.

I can't believe none of the future foundation thought to just close their eyes.

I can't believe Monaka was uneffected by the suicide video which she had to have seen considering she was controlling Miayabot which wasn't put to sleep.

>Facebook filename

>Hinata kun, ne ne....... How does it feel that your beloved gamer is now my body, you normalfag?

That's just because the body is symmetrical and a lot of holes lie on the y-axis of the human body.

Calling Juzo a gay faggot pussy bitch is not an insult to his sexuality, it's an insult to his shitty personality.

Isn't it also worth noting that her left eye in the despair flashback isn't red like when the others died from NG code?

>But why didn't she die after stabbing herself through the heart, there's no way she could have put herself into the crucifix position
It was actually even more stupid, the flashback shows the knife in her hand. Which means she crucified herself first, THEN, knifed herself, THEN she smashed the non-crucified arm back into the wall a second time.

Real talk, anyone else still genuinly believe kirigiri is coming back? I feel like the fact we only have 1 episode left means its impossible to fit her into this. It had to be the stinger this ep.

The point is Juzo helped Junko for fucks sake. His significance in it doesn't matter.

he let the whole Ultimate Hope thing get the better of him

>he's still a shit-tier character who let Junko destroy the world because he didn't want to come out of the closet?
I'm a Hajimemefag and this is the most retarded statement I've read in the past few threads.

>Junko has Secret society and Reserve Course ready
>Has her brainwashing video with Chiaki's dead ready
>has Mukuro at her disposal
>has Chisa at her disposal
>has Izurunig at her disposal
>her only enemies in HPA are Munakata and Juzo
The last point is what matters tho as they would've both died had Juzo said no and actually got away without being killed. She would've just killed the both of them as let's be real here, the committee would tell the authorities to fuck off while saying everything's under control like in DR0.

Why does he have glasses now?

Reporting in, brother! This is probably my favorite Juzoart so far.

Just watched the [Hope] ver.
As expected: our boy really did thought of his bro until the very end and redeemed himself. He knew it wasn't Munakatas's fault and that they would forgive each other. I'm sure he is at peace now brothers, so stay strong.

See And I mean it!

I believe he means the one posted last thread, brother.
Allow me: imgur.com/a/YtHPC

This is the grand finale and Junko has traditionally been the final boss. It's only a question of who she is.

Not enough.

I don't want her in V3 or ever again, honestly, I just want her here.

Fuck man a week feels so far away

Monaca would have been seeing it filtered through the Miaya-bots camera. The effect probably got negated because of that.

So what was the point of Killer Killer? Did we get memed on?

I doubt she'd die instantaneously from a stab to the heart, there should have been at least enough time to smash her arm back in the wall.

What will she be like?

So Juzo wanted to punch Naegi to death ever since the end of DR1 because he beat Junko?

Lol what a faggot.

>How boring


But that's the only way it could have happened in the first place.




Oh, I didn't link the post itself: My bad.

This is correct.

>he was the reason Naegi got into HPA in the first place
>he brainwashed Junko into UD
>he specifically made the school accept her
>he was the reason the entire world when to shit
>Despair ruling, while posing as Hope

You take that back liar!

Yes, the only way it could've been relevant is if all bodies were fake or Killer Killer was the 16th participant but both things aren't the case.

"Not enough"

it's the fucking Climax of the first fucking game.

And there was a SECOND confrontation with an AI version of her as the climax of the second game.

We've had more than enough battles with Junko.

She didn't watch it obviously.

she was never chosen as the attacker

It was cause of mind hack.

That's still an underage as fuck comment my man.

I just want to get rid of her. Fuck her in general, bitch made despair side suffering to watch just by being herself.

>some people actually spent half an hour reading that edgefest

And there are two faggots here keep defending the brainwashing anime for some unholy reasons.

yeah its normal if not more purple cause theres junko's blue added too it

I can't get over the fact that Monaca rhymes with Cloaca stop mentioning her and making me uncomfortable please.

Killer killer will probably explain how the base was created and aftermath of all this shit

How will you react when our LITERAL boy Weedman comes through for us and everything was all a dream?
>Naegi goes balls deep into kirigiri's kirigiri and injects his hope into her womb
>Hajime skewers Nanami with his future rod
>Munakata fucks the despair right out of Chisa
>I get to fuck Naegi's ripe young sister

Be honest, would this not be the happiest most beautiful ending ever?
Despair would be abolished. Hope through dick unity.

She probably just closed her eyes because she's one of the few characters in the entire series who realized hope and despair are both retarded platitudes.

did you even watched the ep faggot? chisa also confirmed that junko is innocent so even IF juzo says that junko is evil who do you think munakata gonna believe more him or chisa?

Wait, how exactly did the mastermind create the video without being affected to kill him/herself with it?

It's not a "fall into despair" video but a "kill yourself" video.

Kirigiri fans in denial and the two literal retards dumb enough to believe in a theory as halfbaked and stupid as Kirijunko

I know it's technically possible, it looks stupid to me because despite the fact Seiko had gone insane to the point of suicide she still remembered after knifing herself that she was trying to crucify herself in the first place, so she remembered to smash the arm back into place. Wouldn't want to ruin it after all.

They look out at the world, see how it's completely destroyed and beyond redemption. "Fuck that!" and then they plug themselves back into the Give-up Machine.

She's on her own league, man

He just closed his eyes.

Half of the thread is posting like underages, especially duing the live streams, why don't you go ahead and quoute them as well huh?

Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

Man, all these Frodo questions are really adding up when you start thinking about it.

saw the video through filtered eyes/ears

He'd have died episode 2 if that were the case

Who wrote this crap? Uchikoshi?

Third time's the charm, man. We need her one more time.

I don't like her either, but I would be so incredibly mad if the final boss really was some old man who was already defeated and a useless manlet nerd.

Izuru 2.0 created it.
Want to know what's different from the 1.0 one?
Tengan implanted in him the Ultimate Despair

>I'm over all this hope and despair stuff
>It's part of my dark past
She didn't give a shit, and just avoided watching it. If anything, you should question why she knew everyone's NG codes if she wasn't at all related to the mastermind.

No. Fuck Junko. I'm so tired of that deus ex machina whore, she wasted enough of my time in Despair arc.

>implying Weedman won't be a SHIFTer
>implying it wasn't alternate timelines all along

>one more week until the Hope's Peak Academy story is finished

I don't want it to end


That's a great piece of art, my friend.

I'm happy over how it went, his closure was better than I could've possibly expected and that's what truely matters in all of this. I'm proud and glad to be a Juzoboy at this point!

Noted! I've got it saved and it's ready for posting, my friend!

because they didn't watch it, they just made it and made a blue-man watch it. Like maybe the guy who sawed off his own head in despair

There's nothing actually wrong with brainwashing anime, it's just disappointing.

For sure. He got a good final moment, but as a whole he's still among the worst. Can't fault the boys for liking him though.

shattered glasses like in the basilisk story

I was shitposting about Seiko slamming herself into the wall, and she actually did it, holy shit

You're underage if such a comment actually offends you or affects your opinion on the statement. Grow a thicker skin, faggot.

>one more week and Cred Forums and /vg/ cancer will go away
Feels good man

Munakata is an idiot. He let his advisors get corrupted, and let them manipulate him. Plus Tengan was probably constantly balls deep inside Chisa 24/7, while Munacucka built his dumb building


So, let me get this straight, instead of what happened to DR2 cast, what the future they were talking about actually was, we got some lol brainwash animu and edgyness for 10 episodes.
Hajime and the rest will show up to say hi at the end.


The same way you can write a program without actually running it, or paint a part of a picture without seeing the entire thing.

>you should question why she knew everyone's NG codes if she wasn't at all related to the mastermind.

She was controlling a robot. You can't drug a robot to sleep.

While Gozu or whoever the fuck was busy killing themselves, she just had it walk around and check everyone's codes.

While I'm almost sure she's dead, I always believe that if she's coming back, it would be in the last episode.

So Kazuo 'Kicking asses without his reading glasses' Tengan is the mastermind? But why? And how? Even for anime someone surviving a slashed throat is dumb.

I want to molest Mahiru's unconscious body.

>leave to take a dump
>last thread is max'd
Slow down niggas

RIP Despair Chisa. May you slaughter all the children you could ever want in despair heaven.

>DRV3 comes out and blatant V3 discussion threads happen disguised as threads about DR3
>mods don't give enough of a shit to enforce pic related

You sound pretty mad, fuck off faggot.

juzo could have been saved if Naegi just followed him to the power room

>yfw the old man from Naegi Makoto's worst day ever was Tengan all along

Despair-arc was worse. DR3 was a mistake.

You need more fiber

I couldn't understand you with the gibberish that is your English.

Por favor Englando, mi case hombre?

>You're underage if such a comment actually offends you or affects your opinion on the statement. Grow a thicker skin, faggot.

Kek, it just gets better and better. We're now at the assumption phase where "lel no u" comes strutting into the beamer to project upon me.

I'd rather have both of those fuckers than ENOSHIMA JUNKO TIME, because fuck it, if she's gonna ruin this shit even further I might as well buy refund all the dango games immediately.

Killer Killer is the protagonist of DRV3


>Hajime and the rest will show up to say hi at the end.
If we dont get a DBZ battle I'll be disappointed.

I can't help but feel this anime is mediocre but being here with you guys makes it seem much better written than it actually is.

Let's continue to make memories together, Cred Forums!

The survivor count has always been one higher than the amount of participants. So it could have been a ruse or a body double.

Regardless, it seems like the game is basically running on autipilot now. That was probably the point of Makoto mentioning that the video was pre-recorded.

So Izuru just left Chiaki's body there? Didn't bury her or anything?

Goddamn it you stupid fuck this is how we get Izuru 2.0s

>This episode made me become a Juzoboy if only for 5 seconds
Good job

Killing game already ended then it's clear that there is no 16th participant? If so, the counter lied from the beginning

How so? I think it really drives home how incompetent the FF really are. There never was a traitor (technically Monaca but she turned out not to be part of the game, and Chisa was dead by the time the game started) they just immediately jumped to murdering each other on the off chance one of them might be a despair.

>one invisible participant the entire time
>thinking the real Tengan died
They played us like a damn fiddle.

>Tengan wanted Naegi's body all along
Only way to justify all this bullshit

Yeah, that's 1. He was merely the first Izuru.

Where can I watch the episode online? No torrent or magnet

>Penultimate episode
>Still don't know anything

We got confirmation on the monitor thing but that was obvious by now anyway.

>Despair video
>Already felt suicidal
>Now I'm cleaning up my room and planning to get a job

Is this [Hope] or am I going to wake up tomorrow morning covered in the blood of my loved ones?

Fuck off anti-Junkofaggots.

Ask and you shall receive. Nothing crazy though, as far as timing goes.

>I couldn't understand you with the gibberish that is your English.
Nice backpedaling, as expected of a huge, dumb hypocrite.

List plotholes.

Wasn't that pretty much confirmed? It was his from the start. He orchestrated this, for some reason.

Tengan and Chisa were both traitors, the fuck are you talking about?


There's nuance in brainwashing techniques.

For despair, you need to use Miyazaki's movie style with despair message. Or somehow using that as a filter on a live event to brainwash people.

For kill yourself video, you need monokuma theater so people's feelings are hurt and they would go kill themselves.

It's just that simple. Same thing in Zero too. But the anime haters just don't get it.

Why didn't Junko use them in DR1/2 because she got bored of it and just wanted hope to win so she would feel despair herself. It's really all about Junko and everyone else are just sidekicks.

She is literally right in the Izuru creation facility.

Why didn't Kirigiri just chop off her hand?

It's disappointing for people who expected something more. I don't mind it.

I'm pretty sure Tengan created this game precisely to showcase how fucked up the FF was.

The despair video was probably unique for every victim, so even if she was awake all the time, she wouldn't be affected by the video.

>its literally fucking Orochimaru lusting for young boys again
Please no. Not like this.

>Is this the smile of someone who likes to fuck with fandom?

He must be Pissing himself while visiting 2chan.

Why didn't you just close your eyes? How the fuck is Despair even real HAHAHAHA?

What? The episode cut out when he cried.

He could have saved her but I doubt we'll see her bodyon thursday.

>Fuck off anti-Junkofaggots.

Now this is baiting.
I don't know, my boy. But my English is fine. Backpedalling? I'm walking in one straight line and that's one to baiting retards like you into spouting random crap while I shit on your English.

Si! Mi casa Espanola taco é nacho jajajajajajajaja.

Ok guys who's seriously going on Cred Forums only to discuss DR like me?

If it was obvious then why were people denying it until the very end?
>Because it was a stupid theory
A stupid theory with lots of evidence behind it is still obvious

Was Tengan on the board?

In the killing game there technically wasn't a traitor. Yes Chisa was a traitor to the FF but she was the first death, and we still aren't sure of Tengan's motives or that Tengan is actually the mastermind and not another "Mukuro Ikusaba, the 16th student" level red herring.

How did Juzo chop off his hand?
Why was there a botomless put in that one room where Koichi died?

Way to make the scene even more sadder. Good job!

Is this the best scene of DR3?

What if its the SHSL Impostor? As a gag we see him what he usually looks like in Despair, Future is how everyone else sees him.

In that case I shall be saving it myself too, brother!

I am sure the amount of Juzoart (and good Juzoart) coming out now will surpass the boost of the last Despair episode. I shall start looking for it once I finish waking up for good! And in the meantime, have a funny one. I guess

Juzo got a nice, beautiful redemption despite being an asshole at the start. Chisa got put through the wringer and if this is the extent of her character she had no point in the story, asides from making Despair-hen more despairful and meaningless. Fuck this shit.

>Survived ANOTHER killing game

No it wasn't, the point of Naegi realizing it was a recording is to show that the mastermind didn't even need to be alive to keep the game going, it was automated. Everyone saw Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, it just triggered different things for them which drove them to suicide.

Nah, people really overblow Natsumi's importance and what she did in her limited screentime.

>gave up on hope and despair stuff
>it's part of my dark past
>becomes a NEET to escape her dark past
if she stays as she is she;s on a fast track to despair

There's a ton of shit decisions, but I can't really think a plothole.

It's pretty funny how most people went from hating Juzo's guts to almost everyone loving in in the space of like 4 episodes.

Aside from that though, anyone who thinks Kohacka will deliver a satisfying ending at this point are deluding themselves. I just don't understand the pacing. Some episodes felt like there wasn't enough story to stretch 12 episodes, and now we have so much to clear up in the ending it's going to be rushed as fuck. How can a writer possibly fuck it up this badly? It's not just rushed, or very slow and dragged out, it's both, somehow. Sets new lows for writing in an anime really, at least in terms of pacing out a story.

>Juzofags were right

>Weedman still exists

I could maybe handle Hopeman coming out of his coma and using SHSL Luck to somehow get off the island without anyone noticing him, but I just can't picture Imposter, who died thinking the simulation was real, having anything to do with Future side.

I need you all to hsut the fuck up and listen for a moment while I ask a very important question.

Which dangan would you go balls deep inside?

Serious fucking question. I want you to imagine just plunging your dick into their pleasure holes while you tell me your answer.

For me it is without a doubt Komaru. I'd slam that puss puss until her entire body goes limp.

You are like a little baby.

That's the other part of why this anime is so shit. Munakata and his gay dog were acting beyond retarded for most of the series. And the explanation was fucking shit. They just had to start killing everyone because that would be better than the murderer killing everyone.

Kodaka is pretty good at writing characters like that. There's more than a couple of them in DR in general. Makes me excited for the husbandos in V3, it'll probably be the only redeeming thing in the game.

Can we all agree that Juzo's lines were voiced to perfection in this episode?

It's gotta be Komaru for me too, she's SHSL Breeding Material.


>Tengan puts on those glasses
>This turns into a ZTD crossover


Munakata's sword in the conference room

No matter the outcome, no matter how much Despair we go through, remember that this will have a happy ending. Remember the lives that were lost, and remember them fondly.

It is funny how Juzo was a dick, but still redeemable, but now that we know he's an awful character everyone loves him.

Noble sacrifices don't mean dick if you're the reason a sacrifice needs to be made and there's actually literally no reason a sacrifice needs to be made.

Are you all ready for the big twist that Junko didn't do anything and Tengan is actually Izuru and he was the first despair.

Why didn't Kirigiri just kill Naegi so she wouldn't die? We already knew she was do this from her characterization in the first game, but now she decided to die without saying a fucking thing? Nah. And the only thing she figured out was that everything was a suicide. Some fucking detective.

Why did Chisa die for no reason? It makes no sense for Chisa to be a Remnant of Despair hidden in the FF and just die off unceremoniously as the first victim. What a fucking waste of a character.

Why did Naegi want to commit suicide to test out the monitor theory instead of using someone expendable like Aoi or Mitarai?

Why didn't Juzo try to meet up with Munakata again instead of going off on his own to die?

And so on and so on, I could go on forever. This episode was shit, 1.5/10 and I'm being generous.

Probably Cumaru.

>tfw the Juzoboys had it right all along
Sorry for doubting

>those thighs

Despair was vomit inducing so far.
>lel brainwash
>no one can do anything against Junko because plot armor
>there is both a class trial room and a fucking DEADMAZE beneath HPA
>she needed to restrain Chisa and keep her eyelids open so she wouldn't try to not look at the monitor and escape the brainwash
>she had to spend lots of hours editing the killing video so it was brainwash effective
>somehow she manages to "edit" a live video of Chiaki dying and even better! that stream alone is enough to make ALL the DR2 cast stay in place and watch
>they made Nanami the most important character of DR2 cast, everyone else is a piece of shit except Izuru, they're all together, complete each others phrases, think the same stuff, as if they were all a giant entity
>lol where is NANAMI?
>lol brainwash
>hopeman jobbing hard with a fucking GUN pointed towards Junko
>Izuru meeting Nagito before the ship
>DR0 retconned to oblivion
>fucking Mitarai was one with the most screentime in both animes even though he never fucking existed til anime.

Fuck. I'm so mad.

Literally everyone, they're all cute.
But Chiaki would be the best, I like her the most

>Why did Chisa die for no reason? It makes no sense for Chisa to be a Remnant of Despair hidden in the FF and just die off unceremoniously as the first victim. What a fucking waste of a character.
Chisa is the biggest waste.

I mean probably, but his and Togami's fate technically aren't known.

It's easy. Certain scenes had way too much time spent on them and others had way too little. You could have chopped Seiko/Ruruka/Izayoi's screentime by at least half and fit in more scenes of class 77 in their place, for example.

Ibuki, I want to ravage that pussy like there's no tomorrow.

I want to marry her. Is that acceptable?

Thank god they're making a new game with a new setting otherwise I would be fucking pissed if this is what we ended with.

I'd impregnate Komaru too, only after impregnating THOSE FUCKING THIGHS AAAAAAHHHH

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.

I'm all emptied out now. It was a nice healthy shit.
Shitting is natural bruh.

Claiming Hiyoko

Mahiru, Peko, Touko, Aoi

I'd fuck every single character if I could
Yes even Hifumi

But Pilot Junko is just going to end up as the mastermind.

Another one for Komaru.


>Munakata, Juzo and mastermind are the only new characters that weren't waste of characters

So much shit happens OFF-SCREEN in both Mirai-hen and Zetsubo-hen that's never flash backed to that it's honestly kind of ridiculous.

This isn't how it worked in the games, so why the fuck should we excuse it in an anime format where the viewer has an omniscient viewpoint of the events unfolding?

Good point, by the way. It was a matter of life and death for her, and considering that even Juzo managed to do it, Kirigiri would've been just fine.

>Despair worse than Future
Nah. It wasn't good, but at least it didn't focus that much on complete nobodies in the long run and Future is just nonsensical rubbish we never needed. Hasn't felt remotely like the final Hope v Despair conflict it promised to be. Kohacka owes everyone a sincere apology for claiming it is the ultimate fan material.

Are you Hope or Despair?

What happened to the guy who was going to livestream his dick if Juzo was alive?

>Izuru did nothing wrong
>Mitarai did everything wrong
>Chiaki has none of her AI personality
>DR2 Cast shoved aside for lol despair Junko
I hate Kodaka

Twintails girl in V3 is Hajizuru and Chiakizuru's daughter.

She died to drive Edgesuke over the wall.

If not, it'd be hard to justify Munakata and Juzo disrupting possible investigating time to kill a guy they can kill after the game is over. At least here, we see it because he went cray cray due to waifu.

>Chisa didn't answer her fucking phone
>She had it with her
Fuck her, I'm glad she's dead and her fags still can't make a good excuse for that.

Pay more attention to the series retarded frodoposter. If you do you know there isn't really plotholes. It's just Junkohaters like to headcanon their way to hate this character.

You bastard, she's mine.

>wanting to fuck skelletons
There's probably a few graveyards nearby your user. Go for ut there!

Suwavebe is fucking based and I'm glad he got to voice my boy Juzo

No, but it was probably better than what we got with him and Nanami.

I want to be Ibuki's band mate and make her scream in E Flat minor

Daily with plenty of love.

It just proves she's a giant slut and couldn't distinguish her phone's vibration from the vibrators inside her.

Too late kouhai, she mine forever and she always has been.

It's all a hope-inducing anime.

>that pic
We're all diamonds now.

>“Huh?” Makoto said, looking up in surprise.
“Karma’s got nothing to do with it, son. Believing that good things will happen to you just because you’re a good
person is senseless.”
>“Fact of the matter is,” he continued, not giving Makoto a chance to object, “I don’t believe in karma for a damn second. If you’re good you’ll be rewarded, or if something bad happens, it’s because you did something bad—that’s all a load of crap. That whole way of thinking is nothing more than vain hope, a futile attempt to control fate by assigning reason to it. But the reality of it is, if you’re unlucky, you’re unlucky whether you’re a saint or a sinner, and the exact same goes for if you’re lucky. I’ve been around the block more than once, so I know what I’m talking about.”
>“No, it’s not that I disagree...” he said, hesitating. “A-Are you, um, trying to convert me to your religion... or something?”
>For a brief moment, the old man’s mouth hung open, and then he burst out laughing. “I guess a child like you wouldn’t be ready to hear that yet, would you?”
>“I’m not a child anymore.”
>“Nope, you’re still a child,” the old man said, shaking his head. “Children act for themselves; adults act for others— that’s the difference between the two. Which one are you, son? A kid who acts for no one but himself, right?
>Hearing that, Jutarou twisted the corner of his lips up and yanked the bulky backpack from the driver’s hands.
>Now! thought the old man. His eyes shot open, and he leapt from his seat with a swiftness unbelievable for his age.
>“Wha—” uttered Jutarou as he lost his balance. The old man had latched onto his back.
>“You fool, showing your back to me. I’m a fifth-dan in kendo!”
>Jutarou had a point, but there was no denying the old man’s fearlessness and quickness to act was the result of many years of martial arts.
This fucker WAS Tengan wasn't he?

>Aoi cucks dead Kirigiri
>Mikan cucks dead Chiaki

Everyone's body is intact you know. They're all just vegetables.

>DR0 retconned to oblivion
Why do people keep saying this? Am I falling for bait pasta?

>Usami hood

>Like Juzo (Ironically I guess) because everyone gets so butthurt over him since the beginning
>Silently yell JUZOBOYS whenever he shows his face
>Shitpost like crazy, threaten to kick Juzohaters asses because I have a big dick and big muscles like Juzo
>Somewhere down the line I actually got attached to him
>Cried bitch tears for 15 minutes at the end of this episode.
Fuck, I still well up when I see his face from the end of this episode, help.

>Doesn't accomplish anything or develop the characters in the long run
>Seems completely pointless except cor waifu killing bait.

>Shat on past lore and characters and retroactively made them worse.
>Mainly showed things we knew only made them shittier

Which was worse?

There's still time for literally everyone from the first two games to die. Gotta wipe the slate clean for V3.

>Why didn't Kirigiri just kill Naegi so she wouldn't die? We already knew she was do this from her characterization in the first game, but now she decided to die without saying a fucking thing?

Because she loves him and feels guilty about the first time to boot. You'd need to be a sociopath to not understand given how bluntly they hit us over the head with it.

>Why did Chisa die for no reason? It makes no sense for Chisa to be a Remnant of Despair hidden in the FF and just die off unceremoniously as the first victim.

To start the game off.

>Why did Naegi want to commit suicide to test out the monitor theory instead of using someone expendable like Aoi or Mitarai?

Because he doesn't consider his friends to be expendable. Again, you have brain problems.

>Why didn't Juzo try to meet up with Munakata again instead of going off on his own to die?

Because he'd been "abandoned", told that Persona thought he was despair, already been stabbed.

Holy shit. I'm not even joking, you might actually be autistic. The writing is bad, but it's also extremely transparent and easy to understand, unless you're some kind of sperglord with no comprehension of the human condition.

Holy fucking shit, I didn't know Komaru was such a contested girl in the series.
When did this happen?

Not even that though. The only thing that really happened in Kirigiri's death episode was her death at the very end, and the episode after was a long, painful slog with Naegi whining and Munakata submitting to the manlet. Together we had maybe 1 episodes worth of actual content, I just don't understand why 9 and 10 were so slow and then why 12 is going to skim everything to cover it all.

>anime format where the viewer has an omniscient viewpoint of the events unfolding

In what anime is this ever true?

Same here, my friend! Thank you for that one. Both great boys in one picture, I like it! No matter what, stay strong my friend. Stay strong!

Fukawa and Komaru
Can't seperate them so take both at the same time

Thats probably the biggest one. Also why did she not tell Naegi about the monitors before dieing? At first I thought it was because the mastermind was in the room but if its Tengan then why even keep it a secret and risk them not noticing the notebook.

Fuck you, all you get is my dick in your ass while I kiss Hiyoko, MY wife.

I almost want it to be a simulation now

People complain about brainwashing videos in anime are literally retarded or secondaries.

Don't you remember that Ryoko watched brainwashing videos in Zero too?

I want to impregnate Kirigiri.

Anons just like slightly above average girls

Don't worry you too, I'm fairly sure she enjoys DP. You'll have to fight over who gets her butt though.

>Mikan cucks dead Chiaki
It's funny that you believe that.


Watch the end of the episode, he dies pulling that last switch. And the bangles fall off after that, you even see Munakata's falling off as he's running towards the power room, long after that time limit has passed.

That's part of what I meant. You could have tightened up Kirigiri's death/Munakata's confrontation with Naegi into a single solid episode.

All dangans are for pure but if anyone it'd be Sayaka, them thighs

Smashing characters worth about 30 hours into about 280 minutes wasn't a good idea.

But fuck I wish some of you would stop bitching and moaning, I've been enjoying the ride from start to the soon finish, only thing I dislike is my girl Kyoko dying, but she went out a hero so I can stomach it. But godDAMN do some of you bitch endlessly.

Maybe Mitarai was in contact with Tengan or something.

I think you mean Sonia, comatose trash Waifus can't have Hajimeme

Killer Killer would have been better if it were about Sparkling Justice killing serial killers in Spain.

>Kodaka warned us to read that brief story just to understand better DR3

This, I like Juzo right off the bat just because Suwabe. I just can't get enough of his voice.

>not Despairfly larvae constantly hatching inside of her
>consuming her internal organs, she feels the delightful agony and pleasure of being a mother to something, finally
>the fully grown larvae rip her body apart, sending the taint and bile everywhere
>she can finally meet the one she truly loves: Father Nurgle

so how did chisa get herself on the chandelier?
how did gozu stab his own heart and hang himself in the wires?
how did seika stab her own heart and crucify herself?

Wait, the question remains, who the fuck moved the bodies? We see Chisa here, and she's in the ruined conference room, so the fake one. Did she move all of them one by one there? And then start the Despair Video (see: red glow)? What's the point, if she's already despaired she needs no such video. And unlike the other three she was rather calm while killing herself (probably because she was already despaired).

If you were at all devoted you would have replied earlier you absolute waste of oxygen. Hiyoko is mine and this conversation is over.


Stay strong my friend. We're here for you, remember, we're here and we're going to stay strong. No matter the costs and no matter what. We won't give up!

Fuck off, Sonia longs for Gundham and Gundham alone

>Hajime and Chiaki
Komaeda, please.

Despair, at least Future had memes and theoryposting. Hell we got 75% of Kodaka's hack writing correct

Stop user, me and you were the only two people who read Zero judging by these threads. Just let the secondaries act retarded and ignore them.

Reminder that people complain about brainwashing videos in anime are literally retarded or secondaries.

Don't you remember that Ryoko watched brainwashing videos in Zero too?

They're just good friends.

Be strong for him, user
I cried like a bitch too


At the end the dead people will get up, they'll all face the camera and bow as the curtain closes to roaring applause. Afterwards, Monogiri will come closer to the screen with a DRV3 box asking you to buy their new game.

Are you me? Practically the same process I went through to become a Juzoboy. When he punched Hinata, that's what sold it for me.

>>Kirigiri, who previously says all sorts of shit about how you can hide things in plain sight and nobody would question them and preconceptions cloud judgement chooses not to check the secret room for literally NO reason
Not exactly out of character. She also never even peeked into the envelope Monokuma gave her. And for the very same reason, I suppose.
An envelope given by the enemy saying "open me" or a door reading "totes the exit" are equally ridiculous.
Also, really hard to take this argument seriously when pretty much nobody said this when we found out of the fake room.
>>Nobody except fucking JUZO (not even Munakata who was batshit insane and had access to bladed weaponry) ever gets the bright idea to cut their hand off to counteract the sleeptime/NG poison
They had no guarantee the mastermind would just let this fly by, it is obviously a last resort kind of situation.
If all of them said "fuck this game" and cut off their arms, what if Monokuma just gassed the whole place again and put the bangles on the other arm?
Cutting off the arm had to be a last resort solution.

If you want a hugbox where everyone is too afraid to voice their complaints, then fuck off to reddit or twitter. Ironically, with you complaining about complaining, if you applied your own logic to yourself your very post would be something you dislike.


Yeah. It wasn't a huge problem before because TELL 'EM, NAEGI was a thing.






book 2 chapter 7

Hopeman no

You can't make love love to corpses, user. Unless you're Kirigiri, of course.

Asahina, no doubt.

For me it was when he tried to smash giri's head in with the chair.
I like Kirigiri but I knew that made him public enemy number one, which made him a friend of mine.

Really now:

Would you have a threesome with Junko and Chiaki?

So, how can it be spun that Junko and Mukuro didn't do anything wrong and it was all Tengan from the beginning.

Gundham is getting cucked by Hajizuru atm.

Because she's cute.
Also kind of dumb but still has her heart in the right place.

>that end of evangelion-tier segment with brainwashed Naegi

>>Imagine if he was in love with Gozu.

I'm starting to ship that desu.

He could've passed by one of the corpses and used their monokuma knife

They were brainwashed by the old man's Despair dick

Tengan? Monokumas?
Hell, even Chisa could done it.

Its not like there someone that picks the attacker. It's who ever is closest, so im sure chisa just put herself closest so that she could give munakata despair.

Junko learned all of her despair obsession shit from Tengan. He was her despair guru of sorts.

My love transcends the borders of life and death, don't underestimate me.

He Mind Hacced them and that's why Junko has brainwashing eyes

It would have been good and kind of symbolic if the door Juzo went through closed after him, so pulling that last switch made it so Munakata could get to him.
Revolutionary Girl Kyosuke

Sorry... just sorry. I've been an idiot all this time. I got a bit tired of kirigiri, juzo and nanami, but, this chapter made me realize that Juzo is the best character of this year, I mean, the copypasta guy is just fucking right. There is N-O O-N-E who can even remotely control the boy. I'm now a Juzobro, a third rate one that just realized the deep of this character, but a new juzobro in the end.
Thanks, my friends!

It is so goddamn sad how much they dropped the ball with this girl. Chisa barely gets attention fanart-wise, while she was killing it until the reveal. Imagine if, instead of Chisa, Zetsubou-hen was about Gekkougahara's adventures and what lead to her death later on? It could have been great.

Fuck off back to Cred Forums where you belong.

Junko had her brain fucked with by tengan as a kid and made her into a beta izuru with a op analytic talent


Not even close to my point you fucking clown.

Some of you are so quick to froth at the mouth and scream reddit you forget how to actually communicate.

Despair 9, Junko was granted special admission by the board and not Kizakura or Kirigiri. She's basically proto-Izuru, this was planned all along.

Quick, Phoenix! Think - Why would Tengan implement a killing game?!

Tengan has the power to mind hack. He controlled those two and made them destroy the world because of his complex motives. Also Tengan had the SHSL analyst talent all along and Junko was just a hobo.

Komaru with the kind of face that makes them think
>even i have a chance with her

Fukawa knows Cred Forums too well

>the juzofags were right

can't make this shit up

Even if Sonia did love Gundam (and there's been no evidence that she likes him as anything more than a friend), and Hajime did love Mikan (and there's definitely no evidence of that), Mikan and Gundam are going to be in comas until they're old and grey. Hajime and Sonia are available for each other now, and have canonically shown interest romantic each other.

There's a strong argument to be made that Hajime getting used to the idea of being Izuru and Sonia coming to grips with the fact that she was an Ultimate Despair could cause them to not have time to consider romance, but those two are far more likely to get together than anyone else.

Post Komaeda's layers of luck please.

Didn't he also say that DR0, UDG and Killer Killer would be important?

So who was despair first Junko or Tengan? In Zero it implied Junko was a crazed cunt since childhood.


We now know that swirly eyes are due to hypnosis. Therefore, Junko actually didn't do anything wrong and she was a normal, sweet girl who was a little smarter than others that got brutally mindbroken into loving despair, and unfortunately her own analytic talent ensured she would never be able to regain the happy peaceful life she used to have.

>"People" accused this man of not putting Manakata before himself or even leaving Munakata to die.


That fucking face man, this is so unfair

He won't be showing his face around here anymore.

Isn't it obvious! He needed to cultivate Hope for his secret project to contend against!

>have canonically shown interest romantic each other.
Except they haven't. Hajime literally shows more affection for Nagito than Sonia

I always hated that pasta and almost made me hate Juzo but in the end I too became a Juzo boy.
R.I.P. in pieces Juzo, you beautiful motherfucker



It would've been good if the anime's way of brainwashing was like that.

Exploiting 77th's weakness and force them watch videos relating to their own insecurities...wait it's already used in Zero and DR1.

So let's just have an universal brainwashing techs instead lol. That should do it.

It's no problem, my friend. Than you instead, it's never too late to be a Juzoboy. Stay strong and keep in mind that Juzo will forever be in our hearts, till the end!

>Shinji and Naegi have the same voice

>Chisa barely gets attention fanart-wise
Jesus fuck, I never even realized this. That is just as sad.

But yeah, it's one of my biggest disappointments with DR3, especially since I really liked Monomi and her talent and design are easily among my favorites in the series. Given her involvement with the NWP and the sheer importance of her talent, abandoning her like this is infuriating.

Apparently no one can remember DR0 took place a month after the parade started. It's okay, let them be delusional.

>Juzo comes back as I predicted
>he dies again
>but he saves Naegi by happening to have cut off his arm and stops the killing game single handedly
>forgives his bro for stabbing him
No one can remotely control him...

What was Munakata's NG? his bracelet was showing some chinese moonrunes when it dropped onto the floor

>Killer Killer is used to explain fake bodies
>Worst Day had the Old Man as Tengan
>DR0 was Chisa, Juzo, and Pre-brainwashed Junko
This is the thought process of a hack

>real tengan about to kill naegi
>Kirigi comes and stops Tengan saving the day

I knew they had the Reserve Course watching brainwashing videos, but I foolishly expected better/worse from Class 77.

All those weeks. All that time. And Juzoboys were nothing but a meme to me, a silly reason to shitpost about the gigantic asshole in the anime.

But you were right, Juzoboys. You were right all along.

I was blind, but now I see.

Rest in peace, Juzo.

the only correct answer

We already confirmed it was opening doors.
Ryota's though is still unknown.

It's never too late to be a juzoboy, he would be proud to have new and old fans alike

>forgives his bro for stabbing him
Fuck he's a bigger man than me, I'd be a little salty.

Opening doors. Try watching the show and you'd know it.

Despair. It's easier to ignore Future since it didn't operate on borderline retcons.

>watch future episode
>oh boy it's a flashback, we'll get to see kirigiri again!
>get fucking nightmare fuel with kirigiri's face with veins sticking out
I did not ask for this.

id actually be ok with this

Junko Tengan's just an old man that was friends with her grandpa

>We now know that swirly eyes are due to hypnosis.
No, they are from being crazy. See Nagito in DR2.

There's a lot of shit that needs to be wrapped up next Monday in one short 24 minute episode

One day Junko was walking down a road in a park. She came to a fork on the road, and turned the way she generally does not go to because there was a snail in the other path. The rest is history.

I don't think any of the Mikazuru posters are being serious. At least I'm not. They're just running away with the whole mole and heroines and love interests thing.

Though in terms of waking up, Mikan and Nagito both have a much higher chance than the others, since they were aware of what was going on before they died.

What about the sandcastle?

>Admission by recommendation by the Board of Directors is a special case, but the board guarantees their talent. As such, admission to the 78th class is approved. Principal Jin Kirigiri and Scout Kouichi Koizakura must not involve themselves in this decision. As the principal oversees students after admission, the board bears no responsibility.

Well shit.

>tfw exactly the same process
>Liked Juzo ironically at first
>Gradually grew to love him and feared for his safety every episode
>Heart has been hurting ever since I watched last episode

whoops, forgot


I can't believe I'm a Juzoboy now. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Calling all Juzoboys, you seem to be on the wrong board.
Thanks and have a hopeful day.

I think the worst part is that he forgave him, but still felt rejected and abandoned, thinking it was because of his feelings for him.

He died thinking like that.

I want to make love love to Gekko.

Nagito never had swirly eyes until later in DR3. He only had them because the NWP was glitching out on him due to his luck.

Guess what? That was when it all began.

>Implying the true mastermind of the entire series isn't the original Izuru Kamakura

Junko probably isn't even the original Despair. We've known since SDR2 that Hope's Peak has been corrupt for decades before Junko even got there. Plus there obsession with these multiple Izuru Kamakura projects. Hope's peak's purpose from the very start was probably trying to revive the original Izuru. He's the real ultimate despair Junko was just a pawn. Screencap this.

Can a girl be Juzoboy too?

>wait it's already used in Zero and DR1.
>and DR1
What if they pull a "the videos from DR1 actually mindhacked people as well" so they can turn the DR1 killers into dindus as well?

Oh yeah, I never really thought about how Mikan sort of knew what the deal was before she died too.

where were fake bodies used in dr3?
Killer Killer was just FF buildup

That motherfucker is basically Tengan. Give him a haircut and facial hair and it's the same fucking person.

>Nagito never had swirly eyes until later in DR3.
Trial 2-1

>He only had them because the NWP was glitching out on him due to his luck.
Please dont make assumptions without facts. Nagito was always crazy

Yeah that's why I have trouble accepting his death. He didn't know Munakata was coming for him. He didn't know that he hadn't been abandoned.

Komaru has the best fucking doujin in the history of danganronpa porn, i hope Chiaki gets one too, it's the artist from pic related

Tengan was Izuru all along.

Could Kamukura still be alive?

While I would love that to happen, I don't think one episode is going to be enough to put that much stuff in.
Probably will be "woah we won" DR2 cast appears and says "yeah, congratulations" then everyone claps as Naegi looks smiling at the camera.
The end.

Pls buy Danganronpa VR3 :D

2-1 isn't DR3.

>Waited forever to see them animated
>Get my wish

Yeah..... Celeste burning was unsettling.

Ok? I dont see what point you're trying to make.

fuck... I guess Kirigiri really is dead, huh...?

And in the end that just ended up sounding like
>I'm going to kill you so the killer doesn't kill himself

Just sit and be a Juzoboy.

It would redeem the franchise for me.

Dindunonpa: where everyone is pure angel with one bitch nigga that is Junko.

I really like that.

My point is that I was talking about DR3. 2-1 isn't until afterwards.

Yeah you wish this anime could have such a peaceful ending.
They are going to go full retard about how Izuru is Orochimaru or something like that and cram a whole new antagonist into 20 minutes. Its not like this ever had good pacing.

To motivate Naegi and make him stronger. .
Why is this hard to understand?

>Mondo was literally butter

2-1 is Nagito pre brainwash. He's always been insane. See despair-4.

There aren't any rules here, friend. Be free.

After this episode I'm even more convinced that despair 12 will actually be Mirai 13, there is just to much stuff to cram on a single episode

But Junko may actually be turned into a Dindu as well.

How do you feel about the fact that he was an ultimate boxer and cut his hand off for Munakata?

He still didn't get spinny eyes there.

They have next despair episode to introduce the idea and then future episode to wrap it up. It'll be rushed as fuck but it can be done.

>No one can remotely control him...
No one ever could...
And no one ever will again.
See you Juzo Boy

Juzo, he deserves some love for everything that went wrong for him.

Don't believe her lies!

Aren't there 13 episodes of Future arc and 12 of Despair?

Ultimate Bro.
If you wouldn't just hand your dick over to Juzo on command you are a monster and don't deserve to breathe air.

>>Implying the true mastermind of the entire series isn't the original Izuru Kamakura

Unless this series goes full supernatural, that's impossible founder was pretty old when he founded Hope's Peak and that was 78 years ago. He's deader than dead.

>Junko accidentally brainwashed herself and became a bitch nigga that fucked everything.

I thought it was 11 Despair 12 Future

Junko controlled him.

Is the next and last episode going to be full of exposition as we've come to expect from the series so far?

Is Junko going to step out and explain literally everything that happened as she did in DR1 and DR2?

One episode is not enough.

That felt like it was supposed to be funny, but it was at the wrong time.

We have mysterious drugs that can turn braces-chan into a rabid animal.
Perfect neural-link VR technology exists
MINDHACC anime exists.

Some old asshole still being alive isn't that far fetched if he was frozen or something.

It's 12 each. Future apparently has a "special" episode, though.

3 episodes left.

I mean it's not like there's room for professional boxing in the apocalypse, but man that still really got to me
He was willing to sacrifice his dreams and his life for his bro

>Freeze brain
>Create suitable body through Izuru Kamukura project
>Lobotomize and insert brain
Not any more far-fetched than Mindhacc videos and the crazy genetic engineering and full lobotomy of the Izuru Kamukura project

>Future 12
>several loose ends left hanging
>Despair episode 12
>Seems like a typical live cast party
>Live Action Junko from the stage play crashes in and delivers exposition explaining everything left

How upset would you be?

There's a shit ton of it on Twitter.

There's 2 left. It ends with specials.

If it didn't allow Juzo to redeem himself, I would be really upset about it

And you seriously think that technology would have been around over 70 years ago? That's the 1940's mate.

Munakata is more than just his bro for him.

It's part of the story.

chiaki is a shortcake like sonia said.
strawberry SHORTCAKE


I bet the fact he didn't want Muhkatana to find out was exactly because he knew going gay for your bro was not okay.
Poor Juzo.

Where? Last thing I read was Kodaka saying it was a VA special.

>You'll be sold off to cover some lowlife's gambling debts.





Kill yourself



>Celeste not roadkill
Almost had it.

She deserved to die for being a literal retard

>mu-muh naegi

Fukawa is actually helping him out with that

>Kanon is based on a beta design of Komarus
It happened, sort of.

Do you think Munakata gave Juzo a post-mortem blowjob, as apology for being late?

She couldn't. She didn't have the physical strength to do it like Juzo did.

>Weedman will get the most erotic imouto in the world
How does he keep getting away with it?

yes. I guess so

Fukawa being his wingwoman

He already has a girl in Kanon though.
Don't want her to go yandere on him

>The True face of despair
The Face of Hack-writing Despair!!


I'll laugh of JunKiri is the reveal of the mastermind. That will be Aizen levels of troll right there.

Wait, if he knew where the power room was why didn't he shut it off in the first place? Why do the bracelets just pop off when the power goes off, do they not have batteries?

There is an absolutely reasonable explanation for that...that Kodaka will explain it next chapter

>Bandai got Cure W
>Bandai's body hasn't been shown since
>Cure W has a delayed effect