New Game+

It will never end as long as you keep rewatching it over and over again.

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Someone start a timeloop

>Literally everyone buying the game is female
Is this what the release of otome games is like?


I will marry Ahagon and be her sex toy forever.


Who cares?

I really need to stop getting attached to animes


It's the end of season farewell again. The last 3 months have been fun anons. Thank you for the good times. I hope to see you guys again in another thread.

Half expected Aoba to be hit by a truck.

>You will never be a little girl enjoying the experience of buying a shitty JRPG with your friends
This was a fun ride user. Hopefully the next CGDCT show can reach this one's level


Or just read the manga, or play the game on your tz 4 pro.


Why do they buy the game multiple times just for extra stuff? Is this the point of pre-order exclusives?

I hope to see you guys in future manga chapter threads.



>tfw already reread the manga at least 5 times


Why is Hifumi such a best?

But she will only marry a war veteran with physical and emotional scars and dozens of confirmed kills.

Fucking DLCfags ruining gaming industry.

>won't make noise when you molest her

>not playing it on TZ 6

Umigon does like little girls.

>thinking limited edition is DLC
just fuck off, faggot

god yuri fan fiction is terrible


>Stella no Mahou
High school club that makes games
Studio: Silver Link
Director: Shinya Kawatsura (NNB)

Fall CGDLewdT


Why is Nenecchi so shit? She ruined the whole release!

I don't want to be an asshole here, i'm genuinely curious. Was this the first Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show for most people here? I liked it and would be happy if there was a second season but it wasn't as good as Kiniro Mosaic or Gochiusa in the CGDCT aspect and the game dev thing just felt like a really bad attempt at a Shirobako or Sore ga Seiyuu style show. It was alright but nothing great, would get a 7/10 from me.

>This is the Fairies Story audience

So Aoba's character really died in the video game?

TZ Vita master race


Unlimited Butt Works will get animated, right?

I honestly liked it more than Kiniro. I agree that the dynamic was different, but each I couldn't go a single episode without a shit eating grin forming on my face. It was a fun show that did what it set out to do.

I find most CGDCT shows a chore to go through. The cute or funny moments isn't worth the rest of the show to me. I guess New Game feels a bit more relatable being in the workplace and what not.

Yes. Then Connor raises her as a revenant.


Only dumb broads could deal with the weaboo grind fest that is Fairy Stories 3

Me second from left.


>You will buy my game, won't you, user?

me holding my left arm

Me at the very front.

I wish I were part of the threads earlier.

>all the doujins are KnightXConner


>attention whore cosplaying
>get the costume all wrong

like pottery

>there are people who like Sophia-chan more than this cutie

This store certainly looks a lot bigger on the inside than it did from outside.

>Why do they buy the game multiple times just for extra stuff?
Well, obviously for the extra stuff.

It's funny how changing the hair style and eye shape a bit can turn a character from a child into fucking hotness.

>Do you have a points card?
>Would you like to place a pre-order for next month's Call of Nene 6?
>Would you like to sign up to the new MX console newsletter?
>Would you like to add a Sophia Aoiiba to your order for only an extra 200 yen?

I want to grope Aoba while she's riding the train.

I want to stop you from doing such evil thigns

It's clear the author wants us to hate Nenecchi.

>Annoys everyone and Aoba at work.
>Pulls Umiko's plug at a very important time.
>Releases fucking spoilers on the game release day in public.

How can anyone defend her.

What would Aoba cuddling be like? How would she respond?

>AK-47s are more dangerous than M16s
What did she mean by this?

>Call of Nene
I want it.

>Y-You too

Superior 7.62 beats shitty 5.56


>tfw FS3 is PZ3 exclusive
>tfw you only have a zcube

Japs do that shit all the time. For BDs too. Stores get different bonuses and the friendly merchant laughs as people buy multiple copies.

Why did Fairies Story 3 not release on the PZ4?
Also why do I always forget that Hifumin is fucking stacked, only to be surprised again?

>Can this little girl hurry up? She's holding up the queue
>This is why I hate working on game release days, too much autism

>Audible totalbiscuit vomiting in the distance

How come everyone at the party got dressed up, but Kou just wore her normal work outfit?
How did Rin let her go out like that?

Say one (1) good thing about Nenechi.
pro tip: you can't

The show is over
I will miss Hifumi's mole
Season two never

She's like you.

she can give head while standing

Kiss my ass, you high school dropout

I love how Yun dresses. There's so much good /fa/ in this anime.

>Hu hu hu

Oy vey

The line is about it being a barbaric gun in Doki's translation of the manga, which to me seems more appropriate in this context.
But I don't know enough Japanese to tell if CR's subs are accurate.

1. She's cute
2. She has a great body
3. Her tits are huge
4. She was made for breeding
5. She makes cute noises
6. She's very cute
7. Nenecchi


Her spankable ass and personality.
Also, she's perfectly sized for abducting.

What she actually thought:
>Who is this seriously cute girl? Is this what love at first sight is like? Please, I don't want her to leave!
>I know I'll try some small talk to make her stay
>Oh no, I made everything awkward again; This is why I'll never have friends, why nobody likes me
>I'm so lonely; I wish I would have someone to hold me ;_;

I want to grope hifumi on the train

I want to make Yagami blush

>3. Her tits are huge
Fucking liar

In your heart?

She is friends with Aoba!


I will miss this level of tomboyish perfection.

>Going out in public with THAT friend

Dumbass at CR must've heard やばい instead of 野蛮.


So, Nene is for tits, Aoba is for butt, Hotaru is for vagina bones? Gotcha.

Its not just japs, just look at people who go to multiple comic shops to get variant covers. Or buy the same game multiple times just because it got "remastered"...can't wait for pay day, cause its Bioshock time.

Did Nene get arrested in the end?

They should've fired Nene when she stole that pudding.

Get in line! I called second season first!


Other Clerk
>Why is Senpai paying so much attention to that kid?
>I wanna hug Senpai so bad.

Why are they in each others arms?


Me creepin with the ponytail

No but she won't be flying to America anytime soon


Rin was my favorite. Her and the and the blonde girl's gay moments made the show for me.

>come home
>hey dad this is my girlfriend

what do


Go fuck your harem and brother

I will have to do something to her until she turns straight

I need webms of Hifumi getting her autograph and I need them bad.

Ruining the game release was the last straw. The team had to do what they should've done months ago.

Literally what are you?

>take few pictures
>don't stay out too late
>jerk off in toilet


I wonder what Hifumi was thinking at that moment.
"Oh Aoba is being mean again" "I wish she would do that to me too"


>yun goes here

The monster in under your bed, in your closet, in your head.

Best thing to do is exit life and enter darkness

>implying you're able to turn an alpha lesdom

>They see your code

So, how do they hire Nenecchi in the future?

just b urself bruh

This is a Japanese game developer.

If I tried and failed would I instead become a cute lesbian?

This show really made me want to get productive. I did a whole 3 hours of work this week.


>consider the following
>and then we have this faggot

If I go to Akihabara can I find clumsy tomboys with huge tits running around buying toys and video games?

No, you would die.


Is there a webm of Hifumi spazzing?

Yes, but they'll probably be several kg heavier and wearing a mask.

Have you praised your tomboy goddess today?

In Volume 3 Nenecchi starts programming a small game, and asks Umiko for help/advice. In Volume 4, she completes the game and has Aoba and Hotaru play it, and gets an interview at the company.

>please give us season 2

God's work user.

I want a Hifumi to work along side.

elevator rape


Do you mean just the part after she does the heart sign?

>huge speech in front of all company
>using the same stained shirt

Nene a shit. A SHIT.

She's great. I hope Kou gets a clue one day.

did the LN sell decently?


It's a fresh one. She has a lot of identical shirts because she's mildly autistic.



I want to marry and impregnate Hajime.

That looks exploitable

She stays overnight so she can be alone while working. She doesn't put pictures on her profiles. She just threw on a jacket when going out. She doesn't change clothes for special occasions. She sneaks out to be alone in a party. I like that they're consistent.

This is interesting out of context.

>that Christmas date
Don't worry, Kou becomes a good husband.


thanks for delivery!

Fixed the loop


>and the friendly merchant laughs as people buy multiple copies.

literally the only way they stay in business

Where is Aoba taking her?

>Aoba, not so rough


>You must prove your loyalty. Kill your best friend by tonight. Don't fail me.



First time I was Nene I hated her. Now I'm sad to see her go and I'll miss her dearly.


I thought Gochiusa and Kiniro were garbage. This one was alright and the music is chill, would pirate

Why is Hifumi such a refined lady? Hell, she can't even compare with the monkeys at her surroundings.

I really don't know if I'll be able to live without Hifumi.


>She sees your dick

When you realise there won't be a new episode next week.

Why is she eating choco bananas?


This looks shooped

Reminder that there is a 13th episode you get for buying the BD set.

Aoba is a very twisted individual.



Just fucking look at those Hifumis.

>no more newgameru mondays
>no more SAKURA-SAN
>no more hu hu hu
>no more lewd thoughts about fucking hifumi

well fuck.


Please don't skin and wear the Kuma

Why do I suddenly feel like kissing my screen?

Going all out for the final episode.

Your inner Hifumi is awakening.

Because soft Aobalips.

That reminds me. Did anyone collect all of these?


>first time I was Nene
>I was nene


>he hasn't been nene


The next time you are Nene call me.

>How does hair work

How can you say no to this face?


Supposed to say saw. I swear I'm not dyslexic.

You got it friend!

Never forget the Nenesounds.

Bitch got SNATCH'D


The yuri power from their hands blow everything away.

The air between them was so disgusted by their dykeishness that it just ran away as fast as it could.


second one is the best


>tfw yuri causes you nothing but trouble
Too bad there's no such thing as men where they are. Unless they're 2d.

For bottom panel, you should use the one where Ko tells her she put on weight.


Rin a shit. Her dyke shit is the worst part of the show.


>took a C++ course
>somehow passed the class
>it's been a few years since
>forgot what little learned
>Nene codes her own game
>tfw can't code
>tfw dumber than Nenecchi

I found the part where she's hugging Yagami's arm as they're walking really cute and lewder than handholding.

Is that how many fingers she can fit inside Yun?

I want to do awful things to hajime.

>that's right goy buy two copies of the limited edition to get store exclusive dlc/shit


Cuddling under the covers with her.


Holy SHIT this made me mad




There's still the OAV.


Are these numbers GET reaction images?



>Starbox Coffee
Even the coffee shop franchises in New Game! are gay.



>game made entirely by women

I bet it's shit.

I want to caress Hajime's thighs.

Speaking of code, when British/Aus people do Webdev are you guys forced to use the American way of spelling "color"?

At least we have the public bath OVA to look forward to.

I hope Hajime doesn't shower until that day comes.

You'll be using "color" when accessing third party code so it's good practice to do it anyway for consistency.

So that means it works either way? Cool.

I find it so hard to believe this girl is 18, maybe 19. She should be found on pornhub!

Who are you and why are you in my house?


So when is Aoba not getting credited for her work happening, I can't wait for the suffering.

I'd be happy enough with just getting a genki paizuri from her.

>So when is Aoba not getting credited for her work happening
That's not how that storyline goes.

American spelling is good to use in practice because everywhere that isn't commonwealth uses it. Since most codemonkeys are outsourced to 3rd-world shitting streets financially colonized by US business interest, american spelling is fairly standard for coding.

Don't tell a compsci prof in the UK that, though. The ones I've met sperg to hell and back over the queen's english because they're autistic and cling to any distinguishing feature they can use to feel superior.

End of volume 4. So the ending of season 2. In other words, NEVER EVER

Where are we in the manga translation? I got kind of lost with the high school flashback arc.

I got mad as fuck when Nene spoiled the ending for everyone. I felt a deep hatred and just wanted someone to beat her up or bully her to tears.

We skipped volume 4 after finishing volume 3.


What a nice edit.

Those people will enjoy the story more, statistically.

Conner's the villain
Sophie dies
Karen choose axe man

My first CGDCT is Hidamari.

Azumanga was my first qgdqt

>you will never make supper for yagami for when she comes home from a hard day at work
>you will never listen to her talk about her cute kouhai
>you will never comfort her when she's feeling down
>you will never tease her when she dresses up

oh my fucking god just kill me now

Sup, Rin

Just tell her Rin

>you will never listen to her talk about her cute kouhai
>wanting to listen to your significant other talk about someone else
Rin please.

Kohai are basically their kids

>Best thing to do is exit life and enter darkness
She actually reminds of Sakurasou's Mashiro. You know, the one confirmed by Cred Forums as medically autistic.

Just kiss her already.

>Was this the first Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show for most people here? I liked it and would be happy if there was a second season but it wasn't as good as Kiniro Mosaic or Gochiusa in the CGDCT aspect and the game dev thing just felt like a really bad attempt at a Shirobako or Sore ga Seiyuu style show
I've been watching this stuff at least since Azumanga Daioh aired. And while there are several reasons why someone can subjectively like one series over another, I find comparing SOL shows, or saying a show wasn't good "because X was better." to be inherently stupid. That's not why you watch this genre.

>would get a 7/10 from me.
You can go back to MAL now.

Why is Eagle Jump such a shit company.

Her legs were delectable this episode

it's run by women

There're certain exception; some important R modules uses Commonwealth spellings since the developer is an Aussie.

Hazuki wastes a lot of money on unnecessary stuff. Like maid cafes and lingerie gifts to employees.

>saying a show wasn't good "because X was better." to be inherently stupid. That's not why you watch [a] genre.
this applies to anything. just because there are better sport shows you won't stop watching if you like them. people have issues understanding what liking a genre is.

How much money could they possibly save doing this?

capitalism, ho!

guy at the table with glasses is me

>Was this the first Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show for most people here?
I'd hope that most people on Cred Forums right now aren't that new.

Eagle Jump is the developer. It's the publisher that sets the rules on free copies and merch.

Didn't know EJ was published by Konami.

are these the first guys we actually ever see?

Must belong to the 3rd party contractors.

>the publisher
Hobundo. Recall Kirara's publisher is called Hobunsha

When you get caught by cops drunk and with an m16....

Malpractice Photo Chan!

I think there are men coming out of the train whenver they show one.

I want a 4p with her and her sisters.

I'll spoil this post to avoid as much controversy as possible but this show sounds like it could attract a lot of people from Cred Forums

does anyone have the edit of all the girls screaming like

>that one girl being ntr'd

What happens next?

Read the fucking thread!

Is Malpractice-Chan like some kind of Nurse Joy?

It's the same person. She was fired from the nurse job for being a nervous wreck, then got her shit together and became a photographer during the day and a police officer at night. Yamada's a poor but hardworking girl.


They all jump Police-chan and force her to debug games in a locked closet for the rest of her life.


Sisters can share a last name, aniki.

"Of all the girls I had to go and fall in love with it had to be the only straight girl in the room"

Yes, identical sisters/cousins.

What if her name is Yamada Yamada?

Fuck lightwave 3D and its shitty symmetry.

I want Aoba to teach me Maya.

Did someone say Yamada?

I won't believe you until I can find a group photo of the Yamada family.

What would she do if she worked at Eagle Jump?

She does, she's just never seen on screen because she's tied up in Hazuki's office

No, it's all one person. Rin hired her to shadow and bully Ko.

Why are there only women lined up for a video game launch?

She would be worse than Nene.
Nene just accidentally unplugs PCs, yamada would trip, bump a desk and cause a monitor or pc to fall off and break.


Fairies' story is actually fojoshit trash with canon gay romance

Keep your 3DPD shit to yourself.

Because it's a game for chicks. Like Tetris. Or Bubble Bobble.

Now that episode 12 is out, I've started my marathon of this show and holy shit...

I'm 12m50s in to the first episode and I'm already dying of cute. I think I'm going to love this.

They killed all men who showed up.

Happy trails, user.


I wonder if Doga Kobo will be able to make New Game! scenes even lewder in the OAV if that's even possible.

How is she different from Gaben

>MC (male) defending Sophia-chan

Go back to watiing for Ghost Hazard, you pleb

God damn girl

One's an autistic artist and the other's an artistic autist.

Is that even possible

Skinwalker: The Game

When sophia chan dies the mc closes his heart and tries not to focus on women.
Little does he know character development wll soon occur with the shota black mage in his party...


Go away Cred Forums

her company probably shows up to their equivalent of E3 panels


Somehow not as lewd as the show itself.

>a fujobait game
>made by women
>sold to women

>anyone who says something I don't like is Cred Forums

Fuck off retard. Women make horrible video games.

I'm going to miss this show.

I have to agree here, subtlety in lewding is underappreciated.

>Buy the Blu-rays!

It is, add more Aobutt.

Soft and fluffy hair.



Next year

I am so sad right now.


2D women make everything perfect

>Kollateral Damage

All they made was a shitty jrpg

Imagine the sex between drunk Kou and Rin.

Jesus christ Nene is such a shit

She ruined the whole episode, season, and game.

>drunk enough to let her composure crumble, Rin goes full dork and starts bustin' out dad jokes mid-coitus
They are actually the cutest goddamn couple.
Why isn't this a yuri anime?

She has been ruining Aoba's life since highschool.


>610 screenshots taken over 12 episodes

She looks really weird without her twin tails.

I think it's the eyes. A lot sharper than normal.

Every single time.

This is probably the number one anime with sophisticated moe and sophisticated lewd. It should be studied.

What is this expression meant to convey
She's been Aoba's friend since childhood, not just highschool.
Also were it not for Nene Aoba would never have joined Eagle Jump

That poor toilet...

The author's other work was better

>No more episodes
Thank god we got this glorious yuri anime, but what's going to be next season's fix?


>but what's going to be next season's fix?
There will be a lot of varying degrees, take a look

Using the Metacritic score of Aoba's game to shitpost on Cred Forums!

There's one more episode.

Do you want to see Aoba cry? Do you want to bully her? Does the sight of a cute girl in tears make you happy?

>Ah..I'm lost..
Little things that clue you in to a shitty translation

Goddamn it that episode better come out soon, I just need my fix of my wife Nenecchi that badly

Better not stop translating everything, Doki!

8.2 is a pretty good score, I don't see the issue.

I knew the girls should've slept with more reviewers.

Nenecchi might fuck everything up but she's still the cutest!

She has a name, please call/address her properly. It's 山田花子 (Yamada Hanako)

It is okay, since Nenechi explained that it was for the self-defence against possible ISIS' attack


>She has a name
Citation needed!

Hanako is cute!

>This game is too sexist! Why does the only female party member die so brutally? It's so problematic and symptomatic of the patriarchal culture in Japan. That said, Connor was so hot.



>Retarded clown who only appears in tutorial
>Not even the heroine
>Not even the fucking fairy who becomes the best buffer/healer in the party
>Only female

Fucking metacriticfags.

Fuck off

These nonsense names are probably to avoid accidentally writing in a handle that someone actually uses on twitter

Is the avatar of the second to last person Miyu?

Threadly reminder that Hazuki is creating the biggest lesbian harem in Tokyo and there's nothing you can do to stop her.

relative comparison is always stupid.

Or they just got someone that flunked highschool Eigo to mash their fingers into a keyboard.

You fuck off.

Shut up shitposter

Why are they buying it? Don't they get it for free?

Limited edition merchandise.

You are the one shitposting.
>baww he doesn't like fairies story 3, a generic bland jrpg
Stop posting fuckhead.

Is there anymore episode left?

A lot of people have gibberish twitter names anyway, especially japs.

Clearly you since you felt the need to shitpost

1 OAV episode.

Opinion shitposter. Don't like it don't comment.

Fuck off.

I want to work at the employment agency that refers cute lesbians to Eagle Jump!

Yeah this is a series thread?
Wanna shitpost?
Do it elsewhere.

Oh that one

I can like the series without liking a bland generic jrpg that doesn't exist.

Go fuck yourself. Nobody else reading these posts want you to post either.

They ran out of material already, so never.

fuck, now im sad

>mfw I just snatched that username and copied that profile

It is making good money. There is a chance.

Except you have been shitposting since the thread started.

Wait that was actually the end of the source material?



I know this post is 4 hours old but how much of a newfag do you have to be to miss the joke?

No, they actually have enough material for 2 more seasons.

>sakura ruins everything again

fucking nigger jews

She needs to spank Nenecchi


I can finally kill myself without any regrets. Thanks guys!



>waaahhhh he uses mean words violating my safe space!!
Get out.



Aoba's virginity doesn't reset on New Game+ so there's no point

It's a more fujo version of Fire Emblem what do you expect?

>Nene wins the Ahago-bowl

I recommend you not trying with anyone in the show.


Xi Jinping please go

Even a temp worker should get better than a guest badge.

I don't usually expect to see Weezer lyrics in my moe anime threads.

Wait no, this one is better.

Me under Aoba.

Rivers is a weeb. I bet he watches moe cartoons just like us.

>a lesbian succubus will never be yandere for you

>tfw the making of Fairies 2 was an actually realistic depiction of game dev
>gets Nene and Friends: the animu instead

>tfw no cute hardworking of legal age girl with the body of a 12-year-old

My life is so meaningless.

Morning, Hifumi.

>New Game+
Nice. That should as well be the title of S2.

Me above Aoba

>Shizuku's equivalent is a flaming gay man

I see what the author meant by "no men allowed".

Actually the title should be New Game: Revengeance

>they make a mini-spinoff about it
>bullying, power harassment, people quitting, money problems and office politics
>main characters are Yagami, Rin, Hazuki and Christina the producer
They'll call it Old Game

New Game and Knuckles.


Sweet Jesus.

>I'll never have more New Game threads to whine about my job
I-It was good talking with you guys.
QA are still cockroaches tho.
>Nenecchi being invited to the party

I need a full Nenesounds compilation like the Kumiko one.

She's Ahagon's +1.

>Nenecchi: I'm not smart, I'm not creative, I can't draw! I can't do anything!

Well that's why you're in QA, you subhuman.

Aoba > Rize > Ayaya

I want to squish that menacing belly.

Is every single page full colour? Holy Hell


>So that means it works either way? Cool.


The canon explanation for why no men work at eagle jump is that there's a thirsty as fuck gay director that hoggs them all to himself.
This company is literally run by a dyke and a fag out to create harems for themselves.
This is incredible

In EP11 @ 14:08
When brown asks Nenechi if the game freezes and she does the finger spin and says bingo, Can someone edit that and make it say "You are a faggot" or something like that?

Them being adult college-aged cuties but still acting like anime personalities made the show really good. Most shows with this age-group of characters incorporate shitty 3d-level drama, which new game did well at avoiding.

Kiniro and Gochiusa didn't strike me as particularly great CGDCT shows (opinions etc.) and to me they just happened to fill a gap during a period of drought. I do appreciate them, but personally I'd say new game surpasses either.

Don't worry about it, I looked it up afterwards and it was false.

oh god there's two sides to this very gay coin.


Wait what does his team does? I thought Shizuku hired all developers?

She never said "Ganbaruzoi!" did she?

What a bunch of bullshit.

The show was really good though. I've been blasting the OP and ED singles in my car all the time. They're

When /u/ and /y/ align, we are truly without defense.

Holy shit that's extremely cute. Where's the video?

She does in the MAD

so good, even the b-sides. Why did I post prematurely?

They're working on a procedurally generated space sim game.


That looks real nice. I bet it's even nicer with Hifumi's sticky fingers after she had sex with Aoba.

She says "ganbaruzoi" in the episode where she catches Rin and Kou going at it Get your ears checked

>tfw your fur get matted with sticky lesbo vag juice


This show was very average seasonal fare with a couple nuggets of creativity, but one thing that really stood out was how they obviously spent zero dollars on music. The OP is sort of respectable, but all the score music and the ED are awful. The score music seriously sounds like they used one of those stock music collections, and what's more is that it's really apparent they were aware of the problem because they flat out refused to bring the score music up above a whisper in the mix.

Do you think that they really relax, or is it just playing dead?

I thought Kiniro was quite good, but Gochiusa did nothing for me. Couldn't get more than halfway through the first season.

I honestly don't remember a bloody thing about the OST aside from Aoba's insert song in ep 2, which I thought was quite good.

I honestly don't even remember there being BGM.

T-there was a soundtrack? I also can't remember shit.

I would assume they work on other games.

Definitely anticipating New Game+ announcement in the next year or two.

>New Game+

Why can't they ever just call it S2?


Whoah there, I loved all the tunes throughout the anime. Something about that urban-home type of music gets me. Is the OST even releasing?

Who won the PZ4's?

>Is the OST even releasing?

Every single OST for just about every anime ever has their music released

Syaro is the saving grace and she gets better as the show goes on. If you don't feel like revisiting it though you're not losing much more than that.

Imagine if you could be reborn with your experiences intact like a literal New Game+ option.

Still waiting for Ace Attorney's lossless openings, BDs have already been out for it for a month now. Afaik I don't think the New Game BDs have the ost, just other extras.

Gochiusa S2 > Kinmosa S1 > Gochiusa S1 >>>>>>>>>>> Kinmosa S2

Good End

Official OSTs releases well after a show ends.

Umaru was different because it had a bunch of character songs, the OP/ED, and the soundtrack, too. Then each BD had the singles

What would you do if your favorite game was made by homosexuals?

You really may have missed it entirely if you didn't have your volume up pretty high. Go back and watch the speech scene again, there's this piano/flute into strings inspirational score music that is just the most bland thing ever.

Most of the music in this show sounds like demo tracks and MIDI keyboards, or like they paid a composer for four hours of time to do the whole show and just went with whatever they got.

I guess when you're producing seasonal anime on a shoestring budget you've gotta cut corners somewhere.

Yuyushiki > all


I thought it was going to be Rin.

>I love Emilia.

I didn't understand half of the conversations that took place in that anime.


>You really may have missed it entirely if you didn't have your volume up pretty high.
I usually watch my anime with headphones. It's almost certainly not a matter of my missing it, but simply failing to remember it.

As you imply, the OST is nothing to write home about. And this is coming from an anime music fag. There have been many times where I've gotten lost in the music to the point that I stop paying attention to the dialogue.

I wonder when I'll start hating this meme.


Probably the same thing I did when that gay bartender was into me and gave me free drinks.

Enjoy the fuck out of it!!!

Then sneak out the back around closing time.

Fucking got me.

Thats because you weren't on drugs

Lets see having only the basest of knowledge I assume this comes from Illiya 3rei with probably Miyu or Kuro getting rejected because Illya is a hillbilly

Yes, and it's super cute.

>sneaking out the back of a video game

Well that's... interesting.

>connor becomes the main villain


Because that's boring.
>Season 1!
>Season 2!!
>Season 3!!!
>reddit-tier filename
>that quality
>no punctuation
>Re:Zero meme
Dear fuck.

They're talking about lesbian sex.

This is actually amazing.

It's more funny without the caps sempai.

Oh yeah I though New Game looked familiar . Damn that series was good, not much /u/, though pretty sure these two were gay. To bad it was so short.

>They never made Aoba cosplay as Sophia


That's morbid, user.
Don't be morbid.

>aoba cosplays sophia
>gets gangraped and dies
I may or may not want this.

>Make Aoba cosplay as Sophia
>Her cube-mates bludgeon her with Hajime's weapon replicas.

New thread for New Game please

Hidamari > Yuyushiki > All

Why do they exclusively put Aoba in the ugliest slippers?

Hazing the newbie

Sophia bandit gangrape doujins when?


>page 8
Still 30 minutes of life left at the very least.

Do Japanese people really react like this in front of their computers?

How does Aoba react to her character getting the Fatalpulse treatment?

Are you keeping your Hifumi clean?

Well, I do.

>BREAKING NEWS : Fairy's Story 3 is released to bad reviews due to one of the devs lying about multiplayer capabilities

>Eagle Jump has gone in to liquidation and been acquired by EA Japan

Only Aoba has an Hifumi.

My wife does in your image.

Do you not?

See that npc? You can protect it!

Can you make a Check 'em version too?


Nenecchi is a horrible person. Fuck Nene and her meme voice

Nene is cute and a good friend.

Wish this didn't have to end but it was a nice final episode.


Is this it? Is this the end?

thanks and check these


Can you erase HELLO and put in Eagle Jump logo?

its over, isnt it?

Just start a new save file.

The reaction images will live on, user.


The manga is still getting translated.

god bless

is the manga worth the read? should I start from the beginning?

Play the New Game+

I didn't make it so no.


Yes, and yes.

>kept you waiting huh
is all of the manga colored? id nut

Just certain pages. Usually the intros and extras.

Officially on unofficially?
I'd love a physical/printed release

Read it with comfy videogame music.

Read the scanlations, buy the original.

How do you think we'll get s2?

Hasn't been licensed yet.