Why do so many normalfags hate mecha?

Why do so many normalfags hate mecha?

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I like mecha but also like most of those shows

Haven't seen Geass or Aldnoah though

>Haven't seen Geass or Aldnoah though
Aldnoah is forgivable. Geass is not.

Because it's shit, both from a character + plot perspective and the action. The machines depicted are some of the most retardedly inefficient things the human mind could possibly think up.

There is literally not a single redeeming quality about FMP for example. The comedy is schlocky, hamfisted and terrible. The action is slow, boring and predictable. The characters are some of the most mindless arhetypes lacking any personality that the medium has to offer. The romance is something a 4 year old child would come up with after his parents both terribly explained "love" and "sex" to him, and there is no plot to speak of.

Ask .

Because shit like Gundumb feels like too much of a barrier to entry. They feel they have to watch all the previous shit to watch the new stuff. Which for shows like IBO or 00 isn't really true.

That's why mecha shows like Aldnoah Zero or Code Geass are popular because they're self contained and aren't apart of a greater franchise.

What's wrong with having mechs and not jerking them off and throwing them in the spotlight every second? Mechs are good go-to weaponry for futuristic settings. They fly around and shoot shit, they're exciting. Simple as that.

Yeah, but moefags hate repeating threads.

I hear great things but it's honestly mostly from OMG user YOU HAVE ___GOT___ TO WATCH THIS IT'S SO EPIC types so it's kind of put me off of it

Maybe I should stop being an elitist turd and give it a shot

In all honesty it's only really fun watching with other people, at least for s2.

This picture is so accurate. I don't like mecha, but of the three in this I've seen, all were enjoyable.
Seen Evangelion, Gurren Lagann and Full Metal Panic. Liked all of them. Don't like mecha.

I'm wondering that maybe the reason people don't like mecha is that the most recommended mecha anime are simply quite bad? When people are recommended the classics rather than the good ones, they will end up with a bad impression. For example, the original Gundam is not very good, but probably one of the most frequently recommended mecha anime besides the ones "for people who don't like mecha".

The fuck is aldanoah doing up there?

And O8th? Le edgy bullshit?

Replace that shit with G Gundam and Ideon.

"I don't like mecha anime, but..." expansion pack

God this..THIS

I can't speak for the bottom row but for the top row no one gives a fuck about the mechas. Hell, I was rused into watching Code Geass because I was only told a version of the premise without mentioning the knightmares. It's all about the characters, the memes, the deconstruction, the keikaku, and the waifus. No one finds the machines appealing on their own and people sort of assume that the machines and machine power wank are the focus of most mecha.

Because the best mecha anime are usually old as fuck series like the original Gundam,Macross, Votoms or Dougram that have more than 24 episodes and obviously look old.
You actually need to have a genuine interest in the medium to watch mecha. The kind of person who only watches flavour of the month shit isn't willing to watch a 70's series full of quality.

Anime that focuses more on non-mecha elements may appeal to people not traditionally fans of the mecha genre.


Most mecha anime are character focused.

I was sold on this show as some kind of piece of classic mecha history but it was just some superhero shit. Still breddy gud, but BARELY mecha.

Mechashit is the "Space Opera" genre of the anime industry. I will watch something despite having mechashit in it if it has a good premise, but I will not watch mechashit just because it's mechashit.

Do you know the history of it?

>No one gives a fuck about Gurren Lagaan or Eva-01

Nigga what

"I want to watch Gundam but I don't like old animation stuff"
-Future 8th and Unicorn fan.

Says who?

Because it's boring and formulaic
TTGL is the only decent show on the pic

Basically all mecha anime quickly devolve into a space navy military drama.

>Basically all mecha anime quickly evolve into a space navy military drama.
fixed that for you

for me it is because a lot of the ones that are highly praised have 3d mechs which I just cant do

Gundam Thnunderbolt was like a wet dream to me

i didnt mind gurren lagann, eva, and for some reason valvrave

Because mecha is a Japanese thing. Westerners are inherently leery about unrealistic warfare. They want gritty 'real' warfare, not guys in giant robots

I don't remember even a single praised one with 3d mechs.

It's a mishmash of the Tetsujin-28 guy's manga and characters, or something like that

Macross Frontier did 3D pretty well.

Mech suits are just something that can be interesting to me but I don't find them compelling enough to try something solely because it has them

The only thing related to mecha that really interested me was that mecha fighitng game in the arcades with the joystick

>stealing my /m/ shitpost

>Something in an anime is retarded
Yeah this is why Mecha is so fucking shit, good thing only Mecha series suffer from this.

Where is Escaflowne though

>Original Gundam
>Not very good
This is some of the shittiest taste I've seen in a while.

>I can't do 3D mech

Foolish grandpa, rot in your grave of intolerance. The future is 3D because it is both easier and cheeper to work with. The Japanese and Korean wage slaves will not be content forever to die for 2D animation.

Accept destiny or die. Also Thunderbolts is shit. Fucking 1yearwarwank garbage.

What is the point of this picture? There are 2½ mecha shows in it. Is this some kind of abstract troll chart?

what's wrong with liking gurren lagann?

I don't watch mecha anime but I loved M3.

Japan agreed it is shit.


>Comments: "Disgusting" "Ripoff" "Wasn't that bad, but it's easy to tell how old people who say it's really good are" "stay the fuck out of SRW please" "The best robot anime were in the 80's" "Isn't the believe in me who believes in you thing a ripoff of Kamen Rider 555?"

>"The so-called hotblood was too aimed for and badly written" "Throwing together tropes doesn't make a good show" "Only children like this rubbish" "I honestly found it boring" "Fake hotblood" "People say it's a homage but it's just a ripoff" "I don't think it's a ripoff, but the supposed hotbloodedness felt all wrong" "This is a parody right?"
>I hate how the retards who like this tend to make fun of the shows it's an homage to

Basquash > Evangelion

dunno, I always hated mecha, gundam stuff. Hate steampunk and gothic too (as in actual gothic not tweens in make up)

Which ones aren't Mecha then?
Nothing, it's just many people who claim to dislike Mecha but like TTGL, TTGL is the most annoying one for people to say on that list since pretty much the entire show is Gainax's love letter to older Mecha.



lol im 22

i understand why they use 3d but it just isnt visually appealing at all

Majestic Prince

>Which ones aren't Mecha then?
The ones that are Super Robo.

>anime has to be realistic to be good
>says this while posting a little underage girl driving a fucking TANK

The irony.

>but it's easy to tell how old people who say it's really good are
True beyond words. TTGL is an appeal to juvenile emotions like being "pumped up" and having "fighting spirit". It's a battle shonen for manchildren who want to think they're watching mecha.

Damn user, you can't possibly be this retarded.

You sound like a fucking retard. Deciding to not watch it because someone urge you to watch it, you are fucking retarded.
Most people I know watched it all alone and they loved it. Watching it alone and discussing it with Cred Forums is watching it alone.

>The irony.
>Says this while living in a world where underage boys died fighting a fucking WAR

The sixth layer of irony.

That's just because newfags don't know how to find the good shit, and the good shit isn't even that obscure.
You'd think Gundam Build Fighters with its unrivaled rivalry and brotherhood mixed with fun and awesome battles would be more popular, but its not.

>>Says this while living in a world where underage boys died fighting a fucking WAR
>Implying little girls driving tanks for a sport where there are literally no risks is the same

You picked a bad example there. Every Mecha anime suffers some pre-judgment as "shit" from newfags and plebs.

Try fucked it all up.

Oh yes, young girls riding those dangerous and unpredictable "horse" warmounts for fun and sport is so different.

The story takes way too long to start and it's sci-fi.

I hope you're memeing/baiting right now.

Don't watch a lot of mecha but picked that one up because of the fantastic okaasan

Yeah its pretty different from young boys going to war and dying.
I don't know where are trying to get

Good choice.

People will ritualize and replicate the horrors of the past for fun and comfort. But ignorance is your best friend here, savage.

I love Patlabor!

I do too, but to be fair Patlabor was a cop show above everything else.
I can't speak for the movies though.

They loved G Gundam.

Normalfags love TTGL, used to like E7 (they prefer AO from what I've seen for some farout reason), and I guess like the more recent Gundam series (Seed and Unicorn were huge here).

Gundam in general is really popular here, my grandmother of all people has a few figurines and barely has any city exposure.

Code Geass and NGE are obscenely popular
0079 is just low budget, it's perfectly fine.

calm down fanboy

Literally me except aldnoah is shit.

Great starter pack minus this shitheap. Even that shitty one from a few seasons ago with the rock boy and the cat mech was better.

Why do so many Mechafags not like real mecha?

>Normalfags love TTGL
This. TTGL was literally the SnK of its time if you weren't here for it.

Best mecha coming through.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, Braves are great.

That bottom row is fucked up

>Aldnoah and FMP literally both garbage
>Not using G-Gundam instead of 08

>Don't watch actual good, praised mecha just because they have 3d
>Instead watch and enjoy Valvrave

Holy shit user, what are you doing?

I still like the Bokurano anime, but finishing the manga kinda soured me to the changes that were made. It gives you the feeling that the anime was a little more thematically mixed up for being so forgiving. Also for some really bizarre plot developments.