Is Cred Forums happy that Sakura slobbing on that Sasuke dick? I never got the consensus?

Is Cred Forums happy that Sakura slobbing on that Sasuke dick? I never got the consensus?

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I Personally thought it was pretty cool when Sasuke showed his alpha powers.

>Cred Forums caring about anything related to nardo


Is it alpha to settle for an average looking cunt?

I'm prety sure sakura used sasuke's cum rag to inseminate herself, sasuke just sticks around because he's an avenger.

my point is sakura is shit and will always be shit.

Sakura might slob on Sasuke's dick, but Sauce is incapable of caring about anyone, but himself.
Sakura is just a way to pass the genes on, you're forgetting Sauce spends 99.9% of his time traveling the world and impregnating women in other villages to ensure his gene survives.

>to settle
implying some strong stuff about the main g, Sakura

I'm not implying anything, I said plainly that she's an average looking cunt

So you don't approve?

approve of what?

Sakura being able to slobble the dick.

I don't give a fuck dude I'm saying settling for a frumpy cunt is not alpha

She's pathetic and can have his dick but she'll never have his heart. That belongs to Naruto.

Hell, even his dick might not just belong to her. She's a medic and probably just inserted his semen in her ovaries.

I Blame the anime. Sakura looks far better than Hinata. Even hinata looks better in kishi's manga than the anime

Yeah I was ok with it. Narusaku retards were too dumb to think sakura would ever fall for sasuke

>giving a shit about this useless piece of human garbage
>giving a shit about Nurudu in general

What anime do you watch if you hate or dislike naruto?

>Sakura looks far better than Hinata
they both look like shit, kishimoto can't draw attractive women to save his life the closeted faggot

Agreed and disagreed. Kishi clearly can draw cute females but he is obviously more obsessed with male characters. Kubo and the creator of fairy tail focus alot on female characters but they seem to just want to create some hot cute slut

Gas the Narutards taste war now.

Kill yourself weeb

>Sakura wins the Sasuke bowl
>Orihime wins the Ichi bowl
It feels so good to be on the winning team TWICE!

So what WAS the story with this, what is she, some sort of Jew or something?

Sakura NTRs sasuke and fucks naruto, confirmed

I read it in an hmanga

>Carry the child of the man who literally has gods eyes and comes from a clan whos whole gimmick is that they have god-tier eyes.
>the child still ended up needing glasses
Defend this shit, I mean how shit-tier must your genes be if they fuck up that hard.

We don't care.


fuck off narutard


True that my friend

I dyed my hair bc Sakura = QUEEN

Cred Forums stopped caring about naruto back during the chuunin exam.

Cred Forums didn't even exist yet when the chunin exams aired.

I don't really care.

Hinata is cute.

For the flaming butthurt of NSfags, yes, I am pleased that the Uchiha knob is the one chosen to slob

>Narusaku retards were too dumb to think sakura would ever fall for sasuke
Well at least they had development. When it comes to sasusaku autists they literally dismiss all the evidence thrown at their face, since they can only live in perpetual denial.

>or the flaming butthurt of NSfags
Its hilarious how the remants of this shit autistic manga its inhabited by even more autistic shipper faggots. Gloating about a super overrated piece of shit character or the most autistic pairing in shounen manga ever.

Sure. They're two terrible human beings that deserve each other.

>Sakura looks far better than Hinata.
Only if you like a flat board with a man face.

This relationship is pretty much unearned for both parties. Sakura hasn't shown a level of emotional maturity to deal with an actual relationship and Sasuke hasn't at all redeemed all the awful shit he did. The only reason this works is that these two deserve the worst possible relationship and that's what they got. And at least they mad Sarada, the best thing to come out of either of their characters.

I'm indifferent to it now. But I will always look back with fondness at the 699/700 threads and the Sarada Gaiden threads. Those were a blast. Thank you Cred Forums.

You know who else needed glasses?

Yes. We are very happy that Naruto x Best Girl eventually made its way into canon, and that he dumped the perpetually-stupid, reasonably useless, pink-haired fangirl twat that was Sakura.

Everyone agreed Sakura was bro as fuck in the movie, and actually redeemed a bit of her character because of it.

People were also genuinely happy about Naruto X Hinata since it was a long time coming. They also loved the additional chapter of Sakura raising her husbands daughter, till proven false, since Cred Forums had a fucking ugly NTR hard on for everything. Seasonal phase is over though.

Your opinion, not the overall majority of threads on Cred Forums, see otherwise at the time everyone was this if you didn't chime in

I don't mind that much honestly.

LIES the coolest guy is way too cool to wear nerd glasses like Salad.
He wore dope ass shonen goggles like the coolest guy he was.

>kishimoto can't draw attractive women
What is Tenten

while he's on a secret mission far away. the hokage taking care of her.


Sasuke should have died for his crimes, so no. Although Salad is cool.

Any other.

back when the series was ending Cred Forums was basically NaruHina central so the fact that Sakura ending up with sasuke made that possible makes it okay in most anons' books.

fuck Cred Forums was glorious when that shit was happening

>Although Salad is cool.
For now atleast.

Nothing will top those week in a long time unless 4.0 get released. I was expecting a bit more from bleach ending

Bort will fuck any nascent edge out of her.

>the last hype
>the goddamn scarf theory in the movie poster
>that fucking album cover drop
>the waning hope of narusaku fags
>"I've got a bomb"
>general madara and coolest guy shitposting

the best

But she still has the magic eyes, got them earlier than most, and doesn't need glasses when she uses them?

They aren't famous for having incredible regular vision user.

>Implying she would go AI YO after that.
The edge is eternal

Worst Girl got together with Worst Boy. I'm okay with it, they are like a containment couple. Also, somehow they produced Best Girl, so all is good.

She looks, and always will, like Karin.
So, maybe I'll never accept her as Sakura's child.
I don't know if Kishi wanted to piss readers off or he was just stupid and create Sarada thinking of Karin.

She can't be Karin's kid because then fucking Bort would be incest

I kinda dropped the manga manga once that fucking long ass war started but I always thought Sasuke and Sakura were some of the worst characters in any recent popular shonen.

I can't stand the way Kishi tried to wank Team 7 as if they had amazing teamwork and dynamic when they were at their shittiest together and awful even as friends. They never seemed that close even when they were actually a team. I thought it would be even shittier if any inner Team 7 ships happened, yet it seems every popular pairing was thrown together in the end.

Though I still think Sarada looks more like mini-Karin than either of her parents I won't hop aboard that conspiracy train.

>Worst girl with worst guy
They're perfect for each other. OTP.

>Though I still think Sarada looks more like mini-Karin than either of her parents I won't hop aboard that conspiracy train
I hope Assistant-kun fucks with everyone's expectations by giving her a timeskip design more reminiscent of Karin's than Sakura's.

Sakura ended up as a bretty gud medical nin and powerful without lolgenetics. She should have gotten someone less of a shit.

But it'd be a very distant incest.
Karin's parents and Kushina were from the same Clan, but they're not relatives.

She made her bed, and now she has to sleep in it alone.

You think she ever molests Salad because she's the closest thing to Sasuke around?