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first for PORK!


Minissimo - RWBY: Ruby Rose Posable Figure(Pre-order)

What a Surprise.

What the hell are they going to do with that stand. It'll make or break the whole figure.

>Meme in Japan still offline
>they've taken the money and Run


first buyfag purchase feat. quality

>looking at appeal clothing
>everything is s or xl


i already messed up

If not for Jojo and their merch starved fans i'm certain that Di Molto Bene would've gone under years ago.


Leave us user, and never come back.

>Woman or Overweight Manchild

Makes sense to me

Not really? RWBY is blowing up over there.

Nah, they are moving again.

what... srsly?
That Ps2 Graphic Fanime is popular in glorious Nippon?

Are you some sort of madman?

Look at that decal hell. Are you really prepared to lose your sanity for an idol jet?

I do wish they tried to make their appeal stuff look nicer insted of just slapping a image onto a white shirt

How? It has some decent fight choreography sometimes but that is literally everything it has going for it.

Unfortunately yes, there is a manga currently runing by Miwa Shiro, its even better then the source material which is pretty much "Original Characters, Do not Steal" Good thing the creator died.

I just got a Megaman nendoroid for 30 bucks because the box was damaged.

Best deal ever.

Take the characters, make Miwa shirow draw them, now they actually are good looking, likeable and have decent expressions.

a RWBY that doesn't sucks. hmm

You could have gotten one with a nice box for cheaper though user

>Good thing the creator died.
"Our Creator/Father must die so we can live"
Thats fucking edgy man

They'll do nothing.

Finally found someone selling her for a decent price. She was still up in price but nowhere near as much as I had found up to now.

This is honestly what I'm expecting to happen, and as such I'll end up skipping Honk.

She finally came ~

I wish this was from an anime and not a random pixiv boatshit gif.

Might want to wait,someone on MFC said she is getting a re release.

They have been offline for like four days now.

They must have stolen my 30,000 yen package and forwarded it into their own pockets.

Now my dollhouse experience will be complete.

Damn, already placed the order. Maybe thats why I finally found a drop in price. Oh well, worst case Im out an extra 15-20$

Has anyone purchased this? Opinions? I'm considering asking a friend who's in Japan at the moment to try and find it for me.

I wanted to get into garage kits, and I am looking at some Charagumin figures. Detailwise, are they about the same as other garage kits? And what is the real difference between the two different face pieces? Which one would I want to use if I wanted the best possible look?

Isn't Ruby supposed to be goofy? Why does she look so dead inside?

>Di molto bene
>making anything of value ever

The characters are likeable when they aren't being overdone. If nothing else Out understood retard moe. The lowest of moes, but still.

I feel like it's actually gotten better since the big man died.

Fuck i didnt know. I might buy an idol jet from there. Thanks

So what does retention mean? Just customs or something more serious?

I don't own any non-Charagumin GKs, so I don't have a point of comparison, but they certainly are detailed. I can't imagine a GK from a smaller company (or a recast) would look any better.

I don't think Volks has released a single bad product. But then again, I mostly buy SWS from them.

If you bought something loli related they are calling the party van to go for you.

These are both associated with 'taito,' does that mean these are only able to be gotten as prizes as Taito Station UFO games? I want these, and am going to be in Japan in December, but am not sure where I would look.

Shameless repost from /toy/ because I honestly have no idea where to ask.

They mention it might take 48 hours dude, it's not even that long yet since the supposed migration ended.

I had a nendoroid that said retention a while back. It's essentially just stuck in customs for a bit. Mine got through after a few days without any involvement from my part.

They just tweeted less than an hour ago about no paypal chargebacks but won't say when the site will be back up.

Saturday 17 8AM (JST) + 48 hours was 24 hours ago, dude.

Their post says it should be done by the 17th and it might take 48 hours. It's the 20th in Japan now.

Ah, thanks. This was my first time using EMS that has international tracking so I wasn't sure

You need to go back.

Mind you, it might depend on what you actually purchased. A stack of loli hentai doujinshi might be treated differently than a chibi figure. I don't know if they open up the packages or not, though I suspect they do if they think they have reason to. I suppose that if you're worried you could call the office and ask.

Or flee the country now.

Just Homu. And I live in burgerland. Is the US strict about anything? Seems like I read in the guide or somewhere that US customs is somewhat lenient

>handgun muzzle isn't painted orange


Depends. Check tracking and see if it hit your city. Most of the time means you missed delivery and it's held at the post office.

Damn it, user.

Retention means they attempted a delivery but nobody was home to sign for it, so it is now retained at the post office for you to pick up.

You have 5 days before they ship it back.

Same here. She looks awesome. Extremely happy with her.

Just says United States. It was just in NY two days ago and Tokyo the day before that. If it really took three days for a package to get to my house from tokyo...holy shit

Shouldn't be any problem. And do what says. Better safe than sorry.

>shota doujin in customs

Alright, I'll check tomorrow then. Thanks for the assist, I'll report if I get it safely

You need to look up the tracking number on USPS website once it hits America

Never buying in ebay again.

my first titty pad and scroll

do I open up and use this mousepad or wait for the nakiri alice one I have coming?

Is it just me, or has shipping from Japan gotten really quick all of a sudden? Was there some change in regulations recently or something?

Don't the oppai mousepads fabric wear out really quickly if you use them?

Good to know someone is happy with her, I still regret getting her, I miss my 20k animu dollars

I don't know since it's my first one, perhaps someone else can chime in

what's the point in buying if you aren't going to use them, though? I guess they look alright to display but I'd prefer to use them

Damn, yep. And right after I check that and it said there should be a notice left, I found the notice hidden in my mail. Hadn't noticed it earlier.
Funny because I just received a figure about a week ago that took three weeks to arrive. Granted it was unregistered SAL and not EMS.

Any website showing which figs is getting a rerelease and when ?

Getting rid of a few things. First dibs before they go on jewbay (fuck selling on MFC).

email [email protected]

GS '14 Racing Miku 1/7: $75
Koto Alicia Melchiott: $100
MF Luka Tony ver: $45
Aquamarine Saber/Souji Okita:$70
Alter Asuka Meiku Ver.- SEALED- $110

I bought a 1/144 mech off Amiami and it arrived within ten days on registered SAL, it's tiny tho so that might be why. I'm in New Zealand, but I wouldn't think that'd make much difference if you're in the US or something

What does shipping look like? Are they glued?

Try to provide more details.

Displaying them is the usual, they are really uncomfortable contrary to what you should expect from 2D boobs turned into 3D

Go to the fumo thread in /jp/.

Is shipping included in that price

Shipping depends on locale. I'm in USA, will ship international. I'll ship how you want and at cost (aka, you pay what I do).

Everything's in box with original packaging. All of these were purchased new, or A/B on Ami and displayed in a deltof out of sun.

Tell me what/where and I'll give you a #.

Racing Miku and possibly Alicia Melchiott, in North Carolina

Post estimator says $23 (Priority). I'll say 190 total.

I think some user from the other day wanted some non-stock photos of the Cordelia fig? I have a few, though they were taken in my workshop so forgive the messy background.


why the fuck are you posting sideways pictures, user


Because I'm a shitter that didn't realize my phone saves shit sideways when held in a vertical position.


lets settle this buyfags:
Do you like Pochacos character?


>North Carolina
Fellow NC user

im thinking about buying this. But do aircrafts have display bases as gundams?

Goddamn her flickr album is incredible. The album makes me want to ascend to the next level.

All indications I've seen say no. I wish I could give a better answer user.

Dammit, i wanted to display it flying around muh idols.

My friend is a big Persona fan and his birthday is coming up. Is there any good P5 stuff I can buy him that isn't a figure? (I've bought him enough figures.) I looked for a soundtrack but I guess it's not out yet.

Shirts I guess.

Would watch

Persona 5 is too new to have much good stuff

I like her tits

They don't leave retention notes in Burgerland?

>"Thanks, guys. Up until a few weeks ago I had all of those poor boys in 3 detolfs so I'm enjoying the extra space, while it lasts anyway."

For real. It's a shame I am not yet fully committed to make such a transition, there would be no going back and am not ready to throw some grands on it.

For once you guys display good taste.

looks like shit

A lot of the time USPS just doesn't give a fuck at all. They'll just drop the note at the foot of your door and itll fly away in the wind, if they even drop a note.

You're not seriously trying to light all of that with only one light on the top level, are you?

Are you asking if model planes have stands?

You can buy stands for aircraft models at any store that sells models, but if you don't know they make stands, you're probably going to have a bad day with a model plane, they're usually not snapfit and almost fully color molded like gunpla are.

Just received pic related.
Wasn't sure what to expect, but she is definitely the best figure I own. Looks even better in person.
Not posting my own pics as I just can't do her justice.

My also poor attempt.


I don't habeeb it.

>MFW people at MFC are getting triggered by Saber's thong

I shoulda got her during the sale. I'm a fucking idiot.

I ordered her at full price and don't regret it, since it is a nice figure. What was she on HLJ, something like 6k yen? Not sure why you'd pass on it.

She was up on HS too for around the same during their bargain bin sale. There have been two chances to get her for dirt cheap now. I think he's just retarded user.

I love when a figure that you thought would be impossible to find turns out to be really cheap and easy to buy.

>pic related

Also came up on pic related

inb4 grainy

I got all 3 girls for $10 each in Akiba when I was on vacation. They're all pretty nice for prize figures.

I skipped on the loli though, didn't really like her in the show

>Registered SAL
>Your item was not found. Confirm your item number and ask at your local office.


This has to be the cutest figure of 2017. Too bad the base kinda ruins it.

I got Hatoko and Tomoyo for $16 each, passed on the other two. Not a bad deal with free two--day shipping.

I was expecting them to be much smaller, pleasantly surprised for sure.

GuP hasn't had too many good scales, but when it gets then they're really good.

does anyone have good display ideas for oppai pads? do you just tape them to the wall, or what?

close up of thighs, if you can?

Come back!

I was here all along.

I display mine on my desk under my mouse.

maybe try something like ?

Which side are you looking for it? It will update pretty fast from the japan post side until it gets into your country. It will then start updating faster from your countries site.

I once had a package with a shared ID somehow, so I needed to wait a week for it to show the correct information on the USPS site.

Hope either of these are fine. 1/2


Instant pre-order.

You must have the worst postal workers ever. The worst thing mine have ever done is have illegible handwriting so it's hard to tell an S from a 5 on the slip.

Once you go beyond 3 detolfs I think they look like shit. Even 3 is verging on messy.

>spend months hunting out of print figure
>finally fine one for $500
>buy it anyway cause I'm desperate
>4 months later it gets a rerelease
Hooray for poor life choices

Which figure?

she is so damn cute
but that base makes me hesitate
what is with koto and shitty bases?
inb4 >koto

>being gay
Yeah, your whole life was poor choice.

>you will never be able to afford to be a dollfag
why live

Koto need to take lessons from Phat/Alter when it comes to making good bases. That fig is prpr tier thou, can't say no to DFC cutie.

Was her dress originally pastel pink or something? The colors on the base don't go with the figure at all.

I'm laughing for real here. This can't be real. You can buy a 1/3 size doll for that much money. Even if you're the biggest fangirl ever, this is too rich.

Koto needs to learn QC first before anything

Yeah, I'm really kicking myself in the face right now. I'm a terrible impulse buyer when it comes to figures.

Would you trust any of the unknown Amazon sellers for this, Cred Forums? Ami closed orders before I had money to buy it (and the other version). Gotta search "capcom creators builder giraffe" on Amazon to find them. Just encourage me to gamble it, please.

How do you watch for lewds? I don't know when my last wonfes list will be coming out.

Amazon rep here, hell no.

"Say let's make a cool dragon coming out of a crystal wave."
"Nah, I want to make a unicorn."
"Why not both?"

I use RSS for everything, am I the only one?
Regarding your question, Moeyo.

Panties where?

I wouldn't expect a panty shot from someone who posted an image with such quality.

I love original yugioh user but I would never spend $500 on them, holy moly girl.

This is the most bizarre product description I've read

I can't wait to see some loli panties. Is Girls und Panzer worth getting into for this qt?

Girls Und Panzer is worth watching.

Personally I'm getting this next month

You're doing yourself a disservice if you haven't seen it yet user. It's great


>Is Girls und Panzer worth getting into for this qt?

Depends if you can put up with physics defying bullshit.

How relevant is that loli?

I will add them to my bookmarks sir!

Well, the original product has nothing to do with Harambe specifically. Somebody must have been trying to have a giggle but in the middle of writing suddenly lost their marbles, so that inscrutable description was born.

Well if you haven't seen it and need an excuse to get the figure, you can just read these and pretend you know what it's all about.

Despite the links there isn't [much] pornographic content.

Not relevant at all until the movie, unfortunately. There are plenty of great girls to tide you over until then though.

I can decide whether to get these, get the 1/12 and figmas, or go all in and buy a pimped-out 1/16 Panzer IV and the Charagumin set.

>those links better not lead to what I think they do
God dammit user.

I just wouldn't get those on the principle of that being a terrible scale, but that's just my own OCD at work.

I like the idea of the figma 1/12 panzer IV, but everything I've seen of it makes it look pretty ugly unless you're willing to put some serious coloring and customizing into it. Personally like the idea of super deformed tanks like Dominion Tank Police or the Metal Slug, but the nendo Panzer doesn't quite reach those levels of tank moe, but it's passable, small, and approachable.

I find this to be about 20 times stupider, 4 times more reprehensible, and 1/5 fappable compared to the stuff I posted.

It's a Kanye meme/reference.

How is the shit taste treating you?

I've got a cool lady that does her job and arrives at generally the same time everyday. Then there is this old fucked that doesn't even try to deliver boxes and just slips the paper in the mailbox. Shows up at random times too.

>generic BDSM rape fantasy with faceless older men
Give me a break, user. This is as mindless as porn gets.

Just got pic related today and I've been having issues getting the spear to go into the hands. Any suggestions?


Violently twist it in.

Yes the "spear" in her "hands".


Slide it in? If it isnt going in relatively easily, you are doing it wrong. I almost broke akagis bow because i was an idiot.

Tried sliding it in with every hand. I'm not going to exert much force on it for that reason. The instructions just show it sliding in.

>when you are dusting and a peg breaks
My Cure Marine. Oh well, super glue should do the trick but I'll put her back in the box and display something else for now

Fucking sucks man.

I don't guess anyone knows where I can find decent 3d models to 3d print, paint, and put together? I've extracted some from games and found a couple scattered here and there, but not really any specific resources.

Isn't that only, like, $80? Or is shipping crazy?

Hnnnngh. Fuck I wish I wasn't a poorfag.

That would be about $65 US + shipping.

Oh. Yeah, I looked at the wrong price. My bad.

>mindless porn can't be good porn
Spotted the pleb.

What discount did you preordered this utsukushi usagi at?

Be fair dude, it has much less physics defying bullshit per action scene compared to most anime.

The anime was ok because it ramped up slowly. The movie was terrible.

I wish I hadn't watched the movie. Not even for nostalgia sake

You probably shouldn't be touching anime or manga then, or probably even just about all movies and books, if the lack of realism bothers you.

I didn't say that it was bad, only that the other user is wrong for thinking it's better than the other.

If you don't want it to break again, you should probably "pin" the peg and not just glue it.

Does anyone know how long it usually takes BigInJapan to ask for the 50% deposit for proxy service?

Can you identify this crotch?



Definitely Sonico

>you should probably "pin" the peg and not just glue it.
How? I don't have tools to drill that small a hole to put a needle in or whatever.

it's sonico

Did Internet really die? I thought he just wasn't posting

>They just tweeted less than an hour ago about no paypal chargebacks
>04:01 - 11 jan. 2015

8 hours ago.

Its a Qilin/Kirin though...

mb, why would they post that again when it's already stickied.


>Finally have money to buy figs
>Don't have time to watch anime anymore

Why must life be so unfair.


They must know some are worried about the site still not being back up and might try a chargeback. But they can't announce what's taking so long for the site to be functional again.

I love everything about her except the ugly ass base and the huge out of proportion head

Well, you can choose not to do it; it's just a bad practice not to. I'm not gonna make you go out and buy a pinvise and bit. If you think you can get away with just gluing it, that's your call. I was just making the suggestion if you weren't already aware that pinning a peg was a thing.

I'll grab one someday, not in rush. No point till I move and have more space to display everything I own.

You're keyboard a shit.

What's the general thoughts on pulchra?


Fuck, this happened to my Cure Marine as well. Had to make a metal peg and drill it into the base because of how badly the base broke. It feels terrible.

These plushies are too fucking cute. I really hated oreimo though...

I hope they add more characters not from oreimo to this line of plush.

Double shit

worst than griffon desu

Recent orders

Is she worth it? Can find her between 8k used and 12k new

May have to cancel pic related.
I've never gotten anything from amiami, what are the chances I will be banned?
If I am banned, could I just sing up for a new account using a different shipping location, ip, and payment method?



Anyone else getting her? I am tempted

Looks nice, but that series was garbage.

a shame because that figure is really nice

For sale, all prices are USD. International shipping available.

Kongou Battle Damage Version: 130

Hitagi Koimonogatari Version: 65

Hitagi Nendo Premium Box: 65

i58 Battle Damage Version: 80

Laura Bodewig Bunny Style v1: 130

Yuki Nagato Disappearance Version: 140

Toshino Kyoko Beach Queens: 50

Hunted it down cause a friend wanted it.


The series was indeed shit but I still love Jubei so I'm getting her.

it has so many gorgeous figure though

How much would shipping be for the two Hitagis to Sweden?

Don't tempt me.
I want to wait for her to bin.


I'm considering taking the gamble of buying a Native fig in opened condition. Does Mandarake inspect figures for hotglue stains, or can I look forward to watching it glow under a blacklight? Also, does AmiAmi?

You won't get banned for canceling once. And as long as you don't cancel multiple pre-orders at the same time, you'll get a warning e-mail beforehand if you're close to being banned.

They inspect, but I'm not sure we know exactly how. The figure will be in great condition unless otherwise listed, but your figure may still glow like Hiroshima under a blacklight.

I dig that scroll, do you have that image so I can get my own?

OH YEAH FUCKING FINALLY, a decent Alice scale! And she's 1/7 too! Instantly preordered.

>And she's 1/7 too!
Pro tip: Children are small. She's the standard 1/8 size of an adult character

These are the two cheapest shipping methods available.



I bought Miku and Luka 2000 cheaper. I'm expecting same here.

If you don't mind the face I'd say go for it. I have her and while her face isn't the best she's still really nice overall.

You mean the Luka with an ugly face and the Miku which had already tons of similar figure?

good luck pal.

Sent you an email!

>implying anyone like Rin

god bless your poor heart

as is said. i wish you good luck. i simply dont see much bin happening as Rin has some sellingpoints Miku and Luka hadn't

I don't remember this girl from the series.


I don't like the base, but I am praying it bins so I can justify it. I love her.

I may cave in before that, even.

OK, thanks user.

I think this was miss listed, but I ordered it anyways. What is going to happen?

The series was a commercial for the figures, in fact, every piece of media was a commercial considering the figures predate even the LN.

Can't wait to see her 13-year-old ass.

I bought a Japanese copy of Hidamari Sketch 2

Someone apparently put their name in it though.

That was me sorry

That's 蒼樹うめ's signature, dumbass.


It's completely ruined, throw it out now

Anyone got a link for Ferris daki's yet?

Who is this and why is she such a cutie.


It's cat girl (male) from Dark souls.


her name is Pico

Oh shit, abort, abort.

I work +10 Hours a day. Unless you have a social life or vydia, watching anime shouldn't be an issue.

Someone post the webm of Ferris gently biting Subaru's ear.

I don't understand, this should increase your likeness towards the character.


Why would it? I like women. Not guys, not traps. Women.

Girls with a penis are men.

Hope you didn't pay too much for it user, you can find manga really cheap on amazon japan.

That was a good laugh.

I love Ranko's wings on this.

No one? Why is no one making these

I love everything about that one. It's so detailed.

Release date fucking when.

2 more year

>Draw a girl
>call it a boy

They know their target Cred Forums audience

Because it's a seasonal fad. Next season nobody will remember neither Rem nor Felix.

But they are making Rem ones

This. Waiting for hose figures to bin. I never buy a seasonal waifu

Is that the Revo Tachi?
Also what dollhouse is that? it look like it could work with poches/nendos


Shit figures.

This is why Alter's prices are worth it for what they put out. Those fucking sculpts.

Remember how all of the Hestia figures binned?

No, but then I never bought any.

I hope that they bin so i can justify buying Rem Alter.

Usually they're worth it. Alter has a problem with the occasional boring pose and sometimes fucking certain aspects up (like Lala's face).

>11K Animepoints

She's Yukari levels of cute, but what the fuck Koto.

I'd rather have more important characters though, unless she'll be part of the main cast in GuP Final.

What's binning

How long until GSC actually makes the additional petites and panzers? I feel like Wonfes was forever now.

ask google

> Supporting Yama no Susume

user, I like you.

I-i don't get it

don't go further user, you are the one being retard and shitting thread

Get a load of this guy.

B/B rank from amiami, should I risk it?

How is this still available on

I forget was it Vertex or Volks that had a GuP display at the last Wonfes with a bunch of the other Commanders getting figs? I want to see that come into fruition.

Why wouldn't it be?


Where is the cheapest place to buy Anime DVDs? I read the fucking guide and it's just for figs and onaholes.

Holy hell that looks nice. Wish I had grabbed a copy when it was available. Maybe will ship to US.

That's it. Give me that Kay figure.

Not brick and mortar stores. Probably more like amazon.

You'll still be able to get the non-numbered version.

Rightstuf is pretty decent sometimes for Blu-rays and DVDs too, and have sales pretty often, like the funimation sale they have going right now for 30% off I think.

Is your dick black enough for her?

It's the "numbered" edition, that is sold out everywhere else. Only 2000 made. I understand if it was for the second batch, but for the first 2000, it should have been sold out. It's been up for few days now.

>Those hips

Jesus christ

Cool, good enough for me. Only minor gripe is I can't tell if its sewn or glued binding.

That house looks for 4-year-olds. Personally if you want some quazi-nendo/poche scale habitations I would look for Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corner if you happen to find them in the U.S.). Very high quality appearance compared to that hunk of plastic.

Art Storm. As for the dollhouse, no idea. You can probably find several like it in any toy store/aisle. Can dig around if you want that one in particular.

If I were ever to make a fig, it'd be of pic related.

>I work +10 Hours a day.
You better be getting paid hourly, if you get paid salary then you are doing literally slave labor and obviously have no respect for yourself.

It's likely not actually the numbered edition. US amazon had those still up for a while even when it was clear they couldn't possibly. I don't know if they fixed it or not because I don't care.

I personally use Rightstuf, their prices are just as good, if not better than Amazon and they actually pack the package pretty well unlike Amazon.
Only downside is that you need to spend $50 for free shipping.



So you work hard = slave labor who don't deserve to be respected?

He might enjoy the job.

This made me think back to a wooden dollhouse I saw in a neighbor's house. Was something like this, but even as a kid I was impressed. If I'm going dollhouse, I'd go all out.

Finally got my tomato. She's beautiful.

Excuse the shitty lighting, didn't get home until it was dark.


Overworked != Hardworking user

If it takes you 10 hours to do an 8 hour job then you're shit. If your doing 2 extra hours of work for free, you're an idiot

She'll look so nice next to Alter's Maki.


My point is iff you are paid salary, every hour worked over 40 hours a week is worked for free. If you working for free not only are you an idiot, but you obviously have no respect for yourself since you are working slave labor.

You can email Rightstuf and ask. They're good for that.

Can't wait to see Fumika's prototype.

Why are they all so sexual?

because one of the oldest rules in every business: sex sells.

It's the idol effect, they are designed to be like that.
And I love it.

I can't believe now I'm considering getting a small house to put a lot of cute nendos inside.

God, that's a nice butt. I feel like sooner than later I'm going to cave in a start buying only figures with nice butts.

We butt posting now?

Also, who's doing secret Santa this year?

I'm not going to destroy mine to get that clear a shot, but even with her skirt on her butt is infallible.

Not I. It's time to be selfish and after getting burned on a fucking card tier I'm pretty hesitant now. Hope everyone else has fun though.

It's a match made in heaven. I can only see it improving a collection.

Deep down, we're all the little girl.


The reason I specifically mentioned Sylvanian families is because the building and furniture proportions are closer to Super Deformed scale. Getting a wooden dollhouse will look very nice and is the best quality, but whether or not you like mixing a realistic 1/12 (or similar) scale with SD figures is going to be up to your preferences.
is an example, and probably the priciest. If you live in the US you can probably get a wooden dollhouse for pretty cheap from hobby lobby if you use the weekly 40% off coupon. I say probably because the coupon does not exclude dollhouses, but I've never actually tried to buy a dollhouse with one either.

Can't participate in the tiers that would allow me to trade figures in the boardwide /ss/ due to the new rule.

As for the buyfag exclusive /ss/, I don't even know if it's a real thing, and if it is, I don't know how to participate.

So no. I'll take this opportunity to save some money.

same, this sounds cute as fuck, but something just sounds off about it.

what's the new rule?


Last year was fun, so I'm going to take part again this year.

>There is now a whitelist for participants for gifts over 100 USD.
>To clarify, we will only allow participants in that bracket if you have participated beforehand.
>To anybody affected by this, we will be sending you an e-mail on what you should do.

Yes, I get paid hourly. I have a degree but still looking forward for a salary job.

I like to be overworked, if they give you a reason to stay O.T you get paid all that juicy money.

Also, this isn't burgerland, most salary jobs require employees to work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I'm doing cards again. I have no need for the gift exchange, I'd rather just buy what I want and making cards is cheap and fun.

What's wrong with 1/16?

It's a power of 2, shouldn't that be good for OCD?

>Yes, I get paid hourly.
It's alright then. I worked 12 hour days in my summer factory job whenever I was offered, but I actually got paid overtime unless salaried people.

And what shit hole are you in that most salary jobs requires 10 hours a day 5 days a week. I mean restaurant managers are understandable but most office jobs the day's work can be done well under an 8 hour work hour.

No, because scale OCD comes from mixing existing scales and 1/16 is an uncommon scale that's double the size of the already uncommon 1/32. Most tanks are 1/35 and that means diorama/detail options are usually in that scale. You'd be very unlikely to display a 1/16 next to anything without it looking terribly off. If it's the only thing you want and display on its own, it's probably okay, except that it's still smaller than 1/12.

1/144 vs 1/150 (N scale) by comparison seems mathematically incompatible but inconsistencies are visually minute so it's not as triggering.

Well, if I was to put it into / on top of a Detolf, it would take up the entire shelf anyway. So I'm not too concerned.

Also, I don't have OCD.

Internet's dead, so I don't want to do it anymore. He gave me like over $1000 worth of shit the last two combined

I held off too long on ordering her and now she's sold out on AmiAmi.
Any chance of a restock or do I have to resort to NY?
kill me

Maybe wait a little and see if she shows up as an A/B on amiami. What's wrong with NY?

Saw a couple sealed on mandy already. Just check regularly.

Enough of this meme. He's not dead, just stopped tripping. He got a job touring with some mu-core band.



Is this the best scale of this year? She's beautiful. I wonder if Alter Saber Alter will look as good.

The Alice Wars OVA gives me hope that she'll have a big role in the sequel with how they built up a rivalry between her and Miho and how she's guaranteed to be an asset to whatever school she joins.

Kind of hard to pull off; Saber's design is excellent in subtlety, it doesn't have the lace and frills people are drooling over the LL figure does.

Personally though, of the LL scales I didn't order, I like the blonde's design more. It pops better and gives me more of that Halloweeny feeling.

What illya n miyu is that? What manufactor?

I'd say Nozomi looks better. And Eli's is also great.

I kind of want this, but I heard a lot of stories about breakage on the ribbons.

Luckly mine didn't break, did rsal

B/B isn't really a big risk. Buy her if you like her.

Personally, I'm not terribly impressed with her (seeing her in person), but she makes for a nice figure in an arrangement of happy figures I guess.

Received a "B/B" from Ami, kept it in the closet because I had no space, opened it a couple of months later and the fucking head has snapped clean off. The peg is stuck in the neck hole.

The hair is so bulky and heavy that blu-tack isn't nearly enough to keep the head in place, and I don't want to do any more permanent repairs in case I'm eligible for a refund.

Has it been too long for me to get some compensation?

Ya? You check and complain on arrival or it will just sound like you broke her in the meantime and just don't want to take responsibility on your own.

This figure looks so shit. It leans so much and the face is horrible. What emotion is it even trying to show?

Season 3 never.

It is great that all of these items are being re-released.

It pisses me off since I paid $40 for Kyouko and $58 for Akarin~ a few months ago.
Why wait that long to re release something.

I said the same thing about S2 but here we are.

I don't see the problem if its a scale figure, easy repair.

Yes this pleases me, I wanted some of the extra parts but didn't want to pay $50 for something that was originally $10. So I ordered a cat/bunny set.

This is going to be Yukari all over again. I put off getting her for the entire preorder period then cave as soon as she comes out.

I should just bite the moe bullet now.

Fuck you, it's pretty nice.

Yeah, now that I've gotten over the initial shock and anger, I can see that it's not a big deal. The seam will even be covered up by a collar when it's done.

I've broken out the pin vise and epoxy, but I suspect that 2mm armature wire for clay models is too thick, so I'm off to the store to get something better.

>$58 for Akari

That's retarded user, she gets resold plenty at her retail value and below. I bought her for €10 from a seller.

>just saw the guide's new logo

You've got some good taste there, Phillip.

>friend shows me collection
>it's 95% prize figures
What to do?

Compliment your friend on the non-prize figures. Purchase them a Mikudayo as a gift.

I regret nothing

You should give him some money since he sounds poor as fug. How were they displayed?

How does amico handles mini wall scrolls? I have never bought a wall scroll before but I got tempted to buy 2 and I really want to know if I should combine the wall scroll with my current order or separe both of them into another order. What do you guys suggest? The size is W150mm x H500mm

fuckin spoopy

Just ordered this on manda for 3k. I'm going to have a lot of fun with that motorcycle.

Is amiami a decent place to buy dakis and wallscrolls or should I look somewhere else for stuff like that?

You are going to have a lot of frustration with that motorcycle. Ganbatte!

Oh fuck. Kill it before it lays eggs.

The best stuff is always doujin.

Browse on MFC I guess.

Does she have trouble staying on? I could always use some thin wire to keep her steady. Thanks.

Not a whole lot fits into that motorcycle, unfortunately.

I could just do head swaps if necessary. The outfit itself looks good. And I have a lower body part that should work with it.

Didn't some other guy have this exact same figures head break off in the box?

Money in the bank.

Probably. The packaging isn't very well thought-out.

The plastic wraps around the neck a little bit, creating a little ridge that could easily decapitate her if the box is jolted vertically. I assume there was a little plastic insert around the peg when it was new, to prevent this exact thing from happening.

I wish they just shipped with the head detached, especially since it's meant to be removable.

>That's retarded user
No it's not, that was the cheapest I saw on MFC for a while, I got invisible Akarin~ for $35 that came with the CDs it's supposed to come with.

>post office sent my package to my cute neighbor
>"you can run over here and get it or I can put it in your mailbox tomorrow. It's from Japan."
time to commit sudoku

Does BiJ work for anyone yet? They have been holding my package hostage for 5 days now.

They updated their blog. Fuck off Hiro, this isn't spam you cunt.

Damn it Big in Japan, I would appreciate some personalized update rather than the copy-paste they have been doing since the beginning.

I might stop using them after this.

As long as they don't know what's inside, it shouldn't matter.

It will say "figure" or whatever on the tax invoice on the outside.

So? That's awfully vague.

I switched to them from Amiami as I like paying upfront, same with Nippon Yasan but yeah BiJ being offline for like 5 days with no explanation when they said it'd only be two is a bit of a mess. I can handle waiting, just let us know what the deal is.

Your neighbor doesn't care about your hobby any more than you would care about someone receiving a model train set or stamp set in the mail.

JSS is still the best proxy imo

>Meme in Japan

Whats wrong with them

Honestly, nothing exactly. It's hard to really pinpoint. It just reminds me of buying gasoline from some gas station in a small as fuck rural town where only 2 last names exist.

But those trains don't have tits

They killed Harambe

How long does a figure's preorder period last? Is it until a month before the release date?

Depends on the figure, they might never close, sometimes they are over in minutes

Worst meme of the year.

>sometimes they are over in minutes
Fuck. There goes the "wait 2 weeks to see if I still want it" strategy.

The frog one was worse because it alligned perfectly with Boku no Shit Academy

That only happens for super popular and meme of the season figures.

I never understood the frog one. And I just find all the harambe memes to be more annoying.

Name the figure and we might be able to give an educated guess.

I really like this figure though I've never dabbled in Fate/Stay at all. I'd love to get it but can't justify it just yet, guess I have to watch/read.

That is a nice butt, though. Too bad it's only visible from that angle.


At least its not "Drawn child pornography".

Looks like a great figure.

Weird, you'd think Mami would be St Gloriana.

Buy it buy it now it's a pretty figure you will love it stop stalling

>I will never have the opportunity to watch a buyfag panic when their package gets sent to my house and they assume I'm a normalfag

Preorders will never close if it's the idol jew.

You should order now before her discount disappears.

The pattern on this one really puts me off.

I ordered it with 3 other figs. How fucked am I lads?

can't believe hana goes for 40,000 anime chips now

Ah yes, the more money than sense shelf.

Death Grips isn't even on tour





very cute!

>Censoring what's not there

I want this but I'm not brave enough.

your gay then

I don't want to hear that from a pedophile who can't handle a real 2D woman.

>can't handle a real 2D woman
But that's a crime.

she's too young for me, can appreciate the sculpt and everything however


Here is the full photo shoot for Aquamarine's Illya.

Up for pre order lads

>tail not going into butt
Whats the point?

cute feet

will cum on yukinos feetsies


No thanks.

Just ordered this....

I have a literal giant fetish, i'm not gonna be able to resist.

They just played live 3 days ago.

It's not Death Grips, it's Explosions In the Sky

it's an official scroll, I don't have the image so I bought the original one. It's not that expensive.

>9k for Alice
Because it's 1/7. If it were Alter then definitely, but Koto, not so sure.

damn is this official art?

Koto and Wave are the only ones doing Garupan scales

Yukari was 10/10, and while the sculpt for this is amazing, the base is so shitty

Fuck off, Maki isnt good enough to stand next to Eli

Preordered the last one from playasia before they closed orders, I hope I still get mine

I promise it isn't dragon dildos


>I promise it isn't dragon dildos
Please don't bother posting.

>not dragon dildos
Aww, way to disappoint us.

2late4u, done and dusted

I-I'll get you next time!

On a related note, just got my copy of volume 8 of the English Arpeggio manga today.

somehow she doesnt seem very yukinon like, from her pose and face...

Is it a good series? I've been thinking about reading it

Well, I like it enough to put actual money into it eight volumes later, so I think so. It's a pretty solid sci-fi with characters quirky enough to be entertaining but still grounded enough to make sense mostly. I'd definitely recommend giving a volume or two a shot.

Dunno about the manga, but the anime wasn't that good.

The anime is nothing like the manga, they diverged pretty much from the start. The source material being better is nothing new anyway.

That's good to hear.

>cucked by parcelforce again

From the sale? That was impressively fast

What shipping option did you pick for hlj? I also ordered chitoge immediately on sale, but they just barely shipped her out via ems

>1/6 scale
>10,720 yen

Bless Souyokusha, I haven't heard much about them, but I'm glad they're charging a reasonable price for a larger scale.

Now the wait for Yuigahama begins..

I used EMS, I was also right onto the sale as well as soon as it started and got her.

These things really aren't as comfy as I hoped they would be. At least this one comes with a stand but I feel kind of weird displaying titty mousepads but don't feel weird about titty figures? I guess because a mousepad with boobs seems more ridiculous than a figure.

3d prototype for Plum's newest addition to their Ro-Kyu-Bu! line.


Take pics of Erina's pantsu

Be honest. Have you ever hot glued a figure Anons? Would you never buy a second hand figure just in case someone else "used" it?

No and no.

Yes and no. Perverts of my level are rare, and no figure that's touched my manjuice is getting resold anyway. Sometimes I like to pretend others also have a conscience.

Never did it and I have no problem buying second hand if it's from a trustworthy seller.

I've done it once.

It's not really something I think about when buying second-hand.

who is Souyokusha

I hope the Anna gets a figure soon and one of Erina in her school outfit

I'd love a proper Alice figure

Had a nightmare like this once. I died

Not yet, I'm saving my first time for this.

Yes. No.

Semen is disgusting I don't want it on my hands when I fap so I definitely don't want it on things I care about also you're more likely to get a used and resold enema kit (Look this shit up it's 100% real) than a hot glued used figure

Good choice user

I came just from looking at your image

Nope! Once I set them up, I rarely move them unless I get another figure in the same series to reposition. I only buy used if I have to. ATM its only been one. pic related

Yes and no.

What did you pay for burd second-hand

I ordered her after seeing this post

Fapping to figures I can understand. Actually going through and hot gluing, no.

Im somewhat afraid to run my used figures through a blacklight and be forever scarred...

where from, user? I am considering NY but not sure yet

Ye from NY it cost me 260 kangaroo hops with registered airmail

It was 190+30(EMS) from Ami. Box was open and tape was cut. plastic case still had tape on it and the wrapper stuff was still tuck in and around the figure. Looked untouched

U know it was like $100 brand new lmao

>what are aftermarket prices

Looks like she'd go good with the new sakura.

Just because some nerd sells a piece of trash for $190 it doesn't mean it's actually worth $190

shit I better save up my kangahops too, tnx for not using burgerdollars

No, no because I don't buy figures
but I've jerked off onto a tapestry

How do u clean a tapestry tho

Yea I didn't expect it to sell so well so fast. Big mistake on my part. And it was expensive for a figure. I was more use to figures being around 100-120 not 150

I could have sworn most of the Alter Love Live figures have been around 150 USD new.

There are tapestries made with water resistant material so you can hotglue on them all you want

Rrp: 13800
Amiami price: 13800 - 3036 = 10764
Exchange rate at the time was about 100:1

That's $107.64

$190 is pricey for 1 figure. As long as you have no regrets.

For me, if it cost more then $200 then it's a lost cause even if it was my waifu with a fuck me sign


I'm so lazy I don't even use my $400 worth of onaholes, let alone spoiling a figure with my jizz.

It was the cheapest non bootleg at the time. One of the best looking figures I have too so it was worth it. I dunno what its going for now but I bet its around $300

>people complaining about $190 for a figure
>just spent $550 for a Yamato

That's cumulative from two purchases.

Haven't made the same mistake thrice.

Now, why would you continue buying more onaholes to amount to 400$ of worth if you don't even bother to use them?

Already bought some used items but they weren't lewd as I assume everything's fine

>I'm a retard xDDDD

Nice life choice fag

She's a beautiful figure. I think I paid over 300 for her on release after shipping.

No regrets at all. Like said, it looks so good.

Value is subjective, so it doesn't really matter.

fuck off.

Am I missing something here? Where is the 3036 yen discount coming in from?

amiami always does a 22% discount

oh i also forgot they add the tax on so really it's
13800 + 8% = 14904
14904 - 22% = 11625

Are you seriously responding to a day old post with fuck off?
Did you also miss quote for an 18hour old post?
Please don't post again

When was it 22%? For the Umi and also for the Maki, the discount was 16% with the pricing reduced to around 14,300.

So you want me to respond to a more recent post then? Sure.
Fuck off.


buy yourself that camera after checking kais reviews user, your figures will thank you for it.

l already own a camera. i was checking something for a friendo

What does a post's age have to do with anything?

but buyfagging doesnt just stop at figures... it goes towards other things... like cameras


I thought about it but then realized it would be a stupid thing to do.

I still jerk off to other people who do it though.

just one time, and now regret all my life

buyfagging isn't about buying overpriced pieces of plastic from japan, it's about showing everyone online you did

why are you replying to me

i love you


>only 9k

im tempted

I'll wait until I see how the release quality is, because I already have the Broccoli one which looks significantly worse than the promo picks. I have a feeling that this will as well.

aquamarine is alright though, broccoli is more hit and miss