Subaru looks out a convenience store window watching a couple as they walk by

>Subaru looks out a convenience store window watching a couple as they walk by
>Sighs and shakes his head

You have to be a pleb to not appreciate the subtlety of this scene.

Why he can't just go and talk to a girl then?
Is not like its impossible to get a girl these days...

Apparently, when you get into a whole new world that you never knew existed and you're in some parallel dimension, it becomes a million times easier. You turn into a Gary Stu and everything.

Yeah, he went from a virgin faggot to a eloquent person that every girl is falling for.

It's not that it was easier, it's that Subaru unwittingly created expectations for himself by initially thinking the new world he was in would cater to him like a typical Isekai anime, so he thrust himself in to a position of responsibility. Later on he finds out things won't just automatically go his way, but he's already caused other people to formulate opinions of him, and being the ultra prideful guy he is, can't propel himself to back out because letting other people down is his greatest fear.

In the real world, it was like he was non-existent to others, so indulging in a NEET lifestyle was never a problem.

Well he figured he was in an isekai LN so it should work out.

Though I guess it did actually work out in the end.

Subaru reads shoujo manga

Subaru was popular in real life for a bit too. His genkiness eventually drove everyone away and he became a NEET because he wasn't as good as his dad

Real world SoL about Subaru when?

The anime is over, can you cancer please fuck off to Cred Forums and reddit already?

I hope people keep making threads just because it annoys autists like you.



Maybe if you're retarded.

Nah the saltiness is till in the air. Usually people when 25 ep source material promotion animes end people get salty and then read the mange, when there is no manga they gate even more cancerous and read the LN, but right now the novel is not even entirely translated so people are just death inside shilling a dead anime that they can't follow because they can't read moonrunes.

Well handa-kun exists somehow so it's not impossible.

Sure took him long enough to figure out the time loop.

To be fair you'd have to be pretty crazy to think

"I just got transported to a fantasy world, got killed and am in front of an apple vendor I talked to because I can time loop" on the first go.

I have no idea why people write plots like this anymore.
Average people have become capable of determining abstract concepts at work with much less information thanks to the increase complexity in popular fiction storylines over time.
You shouldn't have your protagonist take much longer to figure out something that's happened than the majority of your audience because this just frustrates them.
It also isn't really in character, surely a NEET would have figured out something as classic as a checkpointed respawn/timeloop power even faster than most people would, it's in basically every single video game.

I'm fairly certain I would notice on the first go.
You're in a magical world, you died and are now completely uninjured and a guy you know is suddenly pretending he doesn't know you, the first thing i'd think would be groundhog day.
I would be surprised by the moving checkpoint though, there was no warning for that.

The last good scene in the anime.

Then you're pretty gullible and I have a beach I'd like to sell you.

You'd probably think you're having some weird dream at first or something.

You're half right first of all.
I wont buy a beach from you but if the situation was different, i.e. I was transported to a medieval world with walking talking animal poeple and silver haired elves with magic powers and you offered me a Magic sword or some shit AND i had the money to pay you, I would probably buy that even though it could have just been a scam despite magic swords probably existing in that universe.
But since no magic shit is happening and I don't have money, i'm not going to buy what someone claims is a magic sword.
If I died today and woke up from it and was suddenly getting hardcore deja vu with my conversations from people, thinking i respawned or something is not out of the question, I would however still be scared of dying since I wouldn't know if i had to trip flags to activate it or if it was a one time offer, but I believe it would be absurdly noticeable if i basically went back in time by a few hours.

The weird dream thing would only work if my memories from the last life were fleeting like a real dreams, otherwise it would be pretty obvious when people i know didn't know me and people who died weren't dead.
I'd ask some questions that subaru didn't but i think it's a high possibility i'd figure it out before the second death, there's no way i'd think it was a dream after happening twice.

>letting other people down is his greatest fear.
What? No.

What subtlety?

>lightless , lost , depressed and distant eyes
>his eyes take light when he comes in isekai

probably fluegel was finally relieved to bring his reincarnation back to his original world


Well yeah, I gave him a free pass on the first death, but I would've expected him to notice it on the second one, not the fifth.

In terms of fictional tropes, it was obvious.
Realistically, I would assume I was hallucinating.


Time to get you banned

Compared to most anime,yes.
That it not a good thing, it's really fucking sad. For pretty much every other medium a scene like that is basic visual storytelling. But for some reason anime needs to explain every little fucking thing to because apparently they think their audiences are fucking retards.
I guess you can't blame them considering posts like this.

But japan the country that gave us the haiku and Akira Kurosawa, we should expect more from them. Anime has even produced shit like Angel's Egg, Royal Space Force, Robot Carnival and other genuinely artist or just plain competently told stories, this isn't beyond these creators.

I thinkthat would be fine if you woke up in the real world, but suddenly finding yourself still in the other world is at the very least a "oh i guess i'm still dreaming" moment.