Nothing like a wife and husband making dinner together

Nothing like a wife and husband making dinner together.

Too bad it won't go that far

Manga is still ongoing.

16 year old virgin milf is the best concept japan has ever presented in a comedy.

Don't know if you read the manga, but we've been getting hints here and there.

Literally every single term you used conflicts with the others.

not the guy you quoted but there are no conflicts in his post, according to the OP pic at least

>16 year old virgin milf

>marry sensei
>still virgin
>taking care of her husband's daughter

milf can be a state of mind you fucking retard

What about a brother and a sister making dinner together?

Really cute special chapter where the girls dress up in yukatas then you have yuusuke(the friend of the dad) smiling while staring at tsugumi/kouhei/kotori all together. It won't happen right now since she's still in her last year of HS plus he's still grieving plus there's tsugumi who probably isn't ready for a step-mom, but it's obviously ending with kotori and kouhei getting together.

>milf can be a state of mind you fucking retard
>state of mind

you're sending my sides into orbit Cred Forumsnon. you can't possibly serious.

M other
I 'd
L ike to
F uck

What part of "mother" is a "state of mind"

The part where she's the legal guardian of a child

>legal guardian of a child
>imaginary friend in the form of a child offspring

If you believe you're a mother, you can be a milf

I thought she was a freshman in this. Timeskip or is it really that far in material?

actually, if other people believe you are a mother. most porn stars in the milf cathegory don't have to be milfs, just really old, like 27 or something.

well at least she has someone to cut her vegetables for her

No timeskip.

i want to fuck tsumugi's sensei

>my husbands daughter

It's not like the mother ran away with another man or anything.

>tfw 28

I'm christmass cake too, I was just making a joke about how young most milf actresses are.