Just finished Stardust Crusaders. It was good but Part 1 and Part 2 were better then it...

Just finished Stardust Crusaders. It was good but Part 1 and Part 2 were better then it. Only good characters were Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff. Rest were decent but not special.

Does Diamond is Unbreakable get better?

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yes. diamond is unbreakable is far better than part 3 and is one of the best parts in the entire series.

I think Stardust Crusader is the most boring.
The monster of the week formula is way too pushed in part 3 and 5. I'm sure you'll like 6-7-8 much better, and 4 too.

Part 3 is very near (or is) the bottom for me. Admittedly Part 4 is as well.
Honestly, all of the parts have their merits and which ones you end up liking will be based upon your liking of the different storytelling types (Adventure/Monster of the Week/Slice of Life/Mystery)

Part 4 is the best in the series to me.
I liked 3 though, people seem to give it a lot of flack. At least the anime gave it some great openings/endings.

Goddamn I fucking love that song

Altough part 3 is my least favourite this always gives me to many feels.
They all look so young, travelling the world with Joseph. Jotaro looks like that journey was the only moment of his life in which he was happy, he's even smiling on the train. And then you have that final part with the sand and the picture... that's too much.

>used to think that Last Train Home wasn't the best ending for part 3
>until half the cast died then it really hit me how fitting it was specially with pic related

Yeah, it even hints at it in the ending with Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff on the left side of the river, and Avdol, Kakyoin and Iggy on the right.

9th for best boys.

Joseph only holding 3 tickets

RIP Gouki.mst, you magnificent mean asshole.
??? - 2015

This is actually kinda sad...

Giorny makes me horny

13 year old arcadefag, if you want any of your work to not go to waste then contact me please!

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I like a lot it on its own, but it came way too early. It had no business having that sense of finality when there were still over twenty episodes to go.

Don't reply to him

I don't know what you're so sad about, people die all the time, and I'm sure plenty of JoJo fans will die before part 7 is animated.

Gappy makes me happy

I'm not really that sad but it's kinda weird, i played some matches with him and someday he just dissapears then i found out he's dead.

be honest /jojo/

would you actually be ok with CGI HORSES

as of this post this has become an official jojo thread


If it's good CGI then sure.
If it's Berserk tier CGI then I would have a problem.

if it means they get to animate steel ball run?

As cocky, apathetic and obssessive this guy may be, by analysing his abilities we would know he does not go out of his way to harm others unnecessarily as his ability is very conditional to himself while it possesses no actual combat strength and when he does, he lets them go just as easy as opening a piece of folded paper. He sought to minimise the amount of people involved in his obssession trip and although he could also kill his captive as easy as ripping paper into pieces, he only reserves that as the last resort.

He had been overboard just like how he really screwed over that taxi driver hard, but he had realised it by the end. As obssessive he may be I have no doubt that after a solid beat down he would learn "constraint" properly just like almost all antagonists who had wronged Josuke in the past, especially Rohan.

Yet he was given 0 space to redeem himself and was sent straight to capital punishment. Unlike Rohan who had done exactly the same things to Josuke yet didn't get him riled up as badly, all because one of the people that got involved was Josuke's mum. Josuke is just too much of a mama's boy I swear. Sure I would be really pissed too if someone were to drag her into a fight, but a comeback like that? I just don't think so, I don't think Josuke would really go that far as a character even if he was not actually in his right mind at that time either, as he barely did that much to Rohan previously.

Terunosuke could have been an interesting side character for later story development, dunno why Araki just hates him so much he had to practically torture him to the end of time, while making a joke out of it.

It has to be good CGI, and thats hard to do. SO i doubt David would be down for that.

I like to compare this guy to Rohan and say that not only they possess the same personality, they also had wronged Josuke in a mirrored fashion. Yet their treatments vary vast in difference for whatever reason.

Rohan also showed no interest with the general moral of life as he viewed people nothing more than "materials". Rohan also acted like an egoist arsehole (still is but not as much), is artistic by nature and is very obssessed with what he likes inside people which is their experiences. Rohan, like Terunosuke both possess incredibly dangerous stand abilities that involves controlling people as they are both control freaks to different degrees, and both showed no signs of self control when first introduced. Rohan also captured someone who Josuke holds dear as hostages, being Koichi and later, Okuyasu. Rohan also used hostages as part of his combat tatics, conditioning Josuke during the encounter. Rohan also harmed the hostages in a few ways, brainwashing and nearly killing Koichi by tearing his pages out for self interests, as well as setting Okuyasu on self immolation. Rohan also went out of his way to make Josuke mad when he was sure of his victory, like Terunosuke which in this case, by insulting his hairstyle multiple times.

Yet with all that, all Rohan got in return was a beat up so bad he had to change his weekly release schedule into monthly while he was hospitalised, which was nothing too major. In contrast, this guy got the "book prison", it just doesn't seem to be right, or anywhere close to it.

Between the potential for clipping/overlap and clashing styles on top of just how many they would have to animate, I don't see it working out. Not to mention the budget would be blown over the Great Wall and back whether it looks good or not.

I still would argue that Terunosuke does not and should not receive the same punishment as that Angelo, they just don't belong the same bracket to have his life-long to potentially eternal prison justified.

The "Koichi" he threw out was proven to be a dummy, as after Josuke was captured he immediately stepped on the piece of paper to destroy it, in an attempt to recover his ego from the shock Josuke delivered to him through his last speech. He didn't openly attack Yuuya, he simply presented him a challenge which both parties knew it involves countless layers of deadily traps, Yuuya accepted it even when knowing the risk. That was no foul, it was just a stand fight and totally justifiable. Also he captured Josuke's mother without any intention to harm her in the slightest, and only using her to serve as a stepping stone to bring out Josuke's fear quicker in the most efficient manner in terms of both time and casualty (as he would otherwise need to capture literally everyone other than Josuke's mum to really give him a mental punch).

Reminder that Over Heaven is a complete utter disgrace and that if you think it is a viable portrayal of Dio's character you deserve nothing short of public execution


The writing gets better at least

Haven't seen F.F.fag in a while.
Wonder what happened to him.

Do you ever get to a point where there's another translation for the chapter, and you stop reading because you don't know what to read?

I meant the book, not the boss character

What happened

Go to the previous thread and ctrl f "ACg8VqWseg"

arcadefag actually did manufacture that shitty reddit drama and the last thread imploded at the revelation, so he supposedly left for there instead due to the backlash. But you don't need to remember.

So no hope for the game.

Darn. It looked promising too

The older JoJo parts (1-4) were the best. There, I said it.

>but Part 1 and Part 2 were better then it.
Hahahaha. No.

Can you name 3 things that doesn't make girono bland in terms of character?

...he has determination i guess

his design is anything but bland

his hair is like dunkin donuts

Yeah because the realities of having to animate as many horses as you would need to in order to do justice to SBR are too extreme for anything else
As long as they get creative with their angles and make it look inconspicuous I'm fine with whatever compromises need to be made to animate the best part

Really I thought part 1 was really boring and paled in comparison to part 2.

Everyone feels this way.

What makes you feel that way?

>Joseph is old and useless
>Contributes almost nothing

What to you think OP?

Joking aside,its great so far.

>hating on my boy Kakyoin
Did he rerorero your mom user?



Post more things that 100% happened, preferably manga panels or anime frames.

Fuck forgot pic

>Reading translated JoJoveller comments
>Characters in Jojo are generally optimistic, but this guy's optimistic about attempting suicide (laughs).
>this guy's optimistic about attempting suicide (laughs).
>optimistic about attempting suicide (laughs).


they're all so good, like over half the time his design process for a character or power is "wouldn't it be cool if..." or "wouldn't it be fucked up if..." and i love Araki so much


I love him too, user.


Read (don't watch) part 4. It's a faithful but rather poorly directed adaptation that pales in comparison to the manga. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with it.

Outside of the obvious elephant in the room
The part 4 anime is pretty well done and they handle right the parts that matter... well almost all of them

I'm not talking about the QUALITY. It's not that bad and it's fixed in BD's, you retards are grasping at straws there. I just think the direction is really fucking weak compared to the manga. A lot of the scenes that flowed very well originally feel clunky and mispaced, eg, most of SHA.

I mean for fuck's sake the show is barely even animated. It feels especially bad airing next MP100, the show without a single below average cut, because the DiU has absolutely 0 above average cuts. Yeah, Araki's fight choreography doesn't really lend itself well to super fluid, fast-paced action, but that doesn't excuse the show still being 95% stills+mouthflaps. To its credit there are few pretty nice stills, but it's not even close to good enough.