>be one of the worst and most generic anime of the entire year
>have a fucking awesome OP
Why do they always do this

Other urls found in this thread:

>he doesn't realize that harems aren't about the plot, but the character designs

Sounds like a classic case of metal kid

Claire a best. A BEST.

Claire a shit.

Fuck off Asterisktard.

>Silver Charlotte winning the bowl
The only good thing about Hundred.

Yellow Houki a shit. Worst girl.


It's sub-par and very generic, but as an Infinite Stratos clone it's better than the original abd have its nice points. Imouto was lovely and super moe, to say the least.

Claire a best

Why is Claire so shit? She ruined the entire show.

>muh boogeyman
Kill yourself, Houkifag.

Claire is as bad as Stella.

Thanks for confirming it was you, Asterisktard.

>be one of the worst and most generic anime of the entire year
you must have not watched much this year



imouto is best girl

Ignore the retarded Stellashitter. He can't stand the reality that people hate his precious Stella and Claire waifus except Asteriskfags.

Which one takes the shit cake?

Why can't I stop watching all this shit?

Not even close. Emile > all.

Stella and Claire are the best girls of their respective seasons. Only hipsters and vocal minorities hate them.

>be one of the worst and most generic anime of the entire year
Harems are the one thing I never get bored of. Which reminds me how far behind I am on Masou Gakuen! Shit!
>have a fucking awesome OP


Fafnir because I forgot about it.

I'm really feeling the guy's uniform in Kussen Madoushi. Classy and dignified as fuck.

>Houki and her clones have been hated ever since IS first came out
>Anyone who hates them is now an Asteriskfag
Houkifags should kill themselves.

She definitely was, with the brown girls not too far.

>dat delusion
Good job giving yourself away.

>be Hundred
>be a pussified version of Masou Gakuen HxH
>somehow manage to be worse written too

Hundred came out before hxh.

Best taste.

They're all fecking amazing.
>Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
>The Asterisk War
>Anti-Magic Academy (going to read the LNs soon)
>Rakudai KIshi no Cavalry
>Shinmai Maou no Testament (muh)
>Masou Gakuen HxH
>Blade Dance of the Elementalers
>Date A Live (my bro married Kurumi)
>Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
>High School DxD (dropped cuz MC is a fucking horndog who actually wants the harem)
Soon, it will be to completion...


Is it winning prizes for originality now?

Jealous and grumpy Emile is the cutest.

>worse than Masou Gakuen
Nope. I will not be part of this ruse cruise.

Masou Gakuen HxH. By far the worst and shittiest battle harem in the past 5 years.

>fucking awesome OP
It's really not that good.

>muh cowtits THK hypocrite
Go fuck yourself.

Well meme'd.

Are you serious? It has girls w/ huge titties in it! Uncensored. To quote Kurt Cobain,
>I'm so horny
>That's ok, my will is good

>Proving it's you

Honestly Hundred was bad even for haremshit standards. Design wise, history wise and girls wise

Which series had the best OST
Best Side characters?
Best MC?

World break had the most memorable OST for me.
I'm not sure about side characters, most only focus on harem.
Trinity Seven had best MC.

There are better, non-shit anime harem out there if you want fanservice. Get better taste.

>Best MC?
Color Wars, Trinity 7, and Shinmai Maou all have top class MCs for different reasons.

Of course there's also Onii-sama but he's in his own category.

>best OST

Definitely Mahouka

>best OST
Toss-up between DAL, Mahouka, and DxD
>Best Side characters?
Easily Mahouka.
>Best MC

B-but muh dick...

you mean best. the girls are all great and the main character isn't a faggot.

It's that time again.

Best girls:
Magika: Mio
T7: Liese
DAL: Tohka
Campione: Erica
Antimagic: Ouka
DXD: Xenovia
Testament: Mio
Vanadis: Ellen
StB: Asagi
Rakudai: Stella
Fafnir: Kili
Machine Doll: Irori
Bahamut: Celestia
Hundred: Claire
Asterisk: Claudia
IS: Cecilia
Raildex: Misaki
HxH: Yurishia
Blade Dance: Fianna
Color Wars: Purple
Absolute Duo: Lilith
World Break: Shizuno

Best taste

>This normalfag again
Shit taste as usual.

God bless plot

I still hold that absolutely nothing within this weird and oddly-specific subgenre of anime can be worse of a letdown than the fifth episode of IS's second season. Actually, it may very well be one of the single worst stand-alone episodes ever created in the history of anime.

Episode summary, from Wikipedia:
By request of his teachers, Ichika is drawn to an event where each of the girls are allowed to provide service for him for a limited amount of time. Initially, Houki stumbles while performing a Japanese tea ceremony to him, followed by Cecilia who plays billiards with him while wearing a bunny suit. Charlotte then serves Ichika some cookies while dressing as a poodle but is taken away for going too overboard on her service and Laura play darts with him with some intimate items of hers as prizes. Before Lingyin's turn, Tatenashi appears to join the party and teases Ichika wearing a cat suit, only turning into a brief fiasco. Before the end, Chifuyu appears dressing as a maid to serve him and it is revealed that it was all part of the birthday party they had prepared to him. When asked about which one of the girls acts he liked best, Ichika chooses Chifuyu's instead, causing the girls to get angry and attacks him for his stupidity. After the party, Ichika is approached by M, who introduces herself as Madoka Orimura and shoots him off screen.

Scans and Translation never.

>By request of his teachers, Ichika is drawn to an event where each of the girls are allowed to provide service for him for a limited amount of time.
>By request of teachers

That's all I needed to read. But then I read it all anyways and it was worse.

This is important though. He redeemed himself right here:
> When asked about which one of the girls acts he liked best, Ichika chooses Chifuyu's instead

This saved everything.

Best girls:
Magika: Koyuki = Kanae
T7: Sora = Levi = Arin = Mira
DAL: Kotori = Kurumi
Campione: Athena = Luo Hao
Antimagic: Mari = Lapis
DXD: Ophis
Testament: Maria
Vanadis: Mira
StB: Avrora > Yukina = Natsuki
Rakudai: Shizuku = Nene
Fafnir: Charlotte > Vrita = Mitsuki > Kili
Machine Doll: Yaya = Charlotte
Bahamut: Krul = Yoruka
Hundred: Emilia > Karen
Asterisk: Fan > Julis
IS: Laura > Charlotte
Raildex: Leivinia > Mikoto > Othinus
HxH: Scarlet
Blade Dance: Restia = Est > Claire
Color Wars: Red > Green = Brown
Absolute Duo: Julie = Sakuya > Rito
World Break: Maya > Satsuki > Shizuno

Claire a shit.

It wasn't as bad as the lost pantsu episode, memories are fuzzy(maybe for the best).

Actually trying to watch this episode is almost as bad as watching "Welcome to the Phantomhives," but made slightly more tolerable by the presence of tits and ass.

W-- what are you talking about? I can't even remember this.

Asterisktard get out.


Why you are a Shit with Claire?
Miserable Hater Faggot you need to reconsider your sad and pathetic life

Maybe DAL and Mahouka.
>Side chracters?
Bahamut, Shinami and AD
Shinmai, Kuusen and DAL
Oni sama have his own category.

>ESL-kun is a Clairefag
More proof Claire is shit.

Claire's tits are great, Miharu's tits are awesome
The pope (not in anime) has tits of god.

Oh look, the butthurt Houkifag is here.

Best scene in the show.

It had some great EDs too. Especially the second one.

Don't you have a TLR thread to sperg in?

Mostly agreeable taste.

>Literally didn't fucking win and in future novel volumes he's seen kissing Claire

Lurk more newfag.

You're funny.

You fucked up on Shinmai.

In that one is the only case known where everyone agrees Best girl is Chisato.
And I didn't even watch its S2.

>W-- what are you talking about? I can't even remember this.
Episode 6. Char's missing pantsu.

BD 2 and 3 out there yet?

It's time to stop dreaming and accept best girl's inevitable win in the LN too.

certainly you are Fucking miserable and ignorant
You do not have the slightest idea about the tastefull guilty pleasure nor wisdom
You are A SHIT like the Haters Faggots of Claire

Worst Girl and Bullshit taste


Claire a Best
slutella A SHIT

By respond with the truth, Anormal Faggot

It kind of fell off when they introduced the idol character i'm supposed to feel bad for cause TRAGIC BACKSTORY

Literally best tits of the year.

/reads episode summary/

Ah, of course! How could anyone forget the delightful "Charlotte's missing pantsu" episode?

Looking back on it, that episode was definitely pretty bad, but I still don't think anywhere near as bad as the other one. The sudden transition from "mech with harem elements" to "full blown ecchi harem" comes so strangely and so suddenly that you are left completely unprepared for it. What really struck me as bizarre was how deeply the teachers at this supposedly respectable military academy had become involved in playing the wingman for Ichika. Just imagine any of this shit happening in real life.

And that's without even talking about the ending of the episode, where Ichika suddenly gets shot by a randomly-introduced sister character.


Emilia did win in the anime. MC and Emilia professed to each other and their feelings were mutually reciprocated. MC spends the most time with her in the novels and shares the same affections as well. Her lead is secure.

>cow udder
Pick one.

I'm not much of a battle harem watcher, here's my progress from that image. Any anons have any input on the series not underlined?

>Green = watched
>Yellow = have heard enough to be interested, but not watched yet
>Red = heard about and would not consider watching
>Black = started watching and dropped

>need to sell a generic anime
>make an awesome OP
It's not rocket science

Same Faggot

>not a raging homosexual

Pick one and go back to

Both are a Crap


I have a soft spot for Hundred and I would translate it if not shitty job taking 10 hours of my life.

That's not Hardy Buddy

If you ever find the time I'd be willing to help with editing/proofreading, whichever is the one fixing minor spelling and grammar mistakes, your english translations.

>not including Ichiban Ushiro

I guess you would have a hard time fitting all those bitches on that picture

>No mention of Mahou Sensou
I know it was shit but Mui was really, really good.

>t. literally blind
Second row, far right.

I reviewed this as it aired and barely remember it

At least Shinmai gave us Claire done right without the cow tits and shitty personality.

Volume 9 translation can't come out fast enough.

She couldn't save that shit.
Mahou Sensou is probably the worst adaptation ever done. Makes AMA look decent in comparison.

Claire a best.

Claire a shit.

This isn't the Blade Dance thread.

Testament does everything better than Hundred.

>Confirmed blood-related
Mai incest.

Blade Dance's Claire >>>>>> Hundred's Claire


Exactly for Hundred's Claire.

>Confirmed blood-related
Holy shit, sauce on that please?

>One is cute, docile, has twintails suited for a childish and young girl, DFC, shows development, and proper dere
>One isn't cute, is more stuck-up than not, has twintails that doesn't go along with an overly mature body, cowtits, modern tsundere, barely develops, and managed to cockblock and be a bitch at the end of the show

Claire > Claire

-Mio's dad, the previous Demon King was catually alive after all. He's acting as Mio's uncle and protecting Mio from shadows
-Basara is actually cousins with Mio and Maria (Yes. Mio and Maria are real sisters. They have the same father and Basara's mom is his little sister)
-Epic scene where Basara is ready to kill the current Demon King and his 8 followers who are all almost as strong as himself
-Basara and girls return to human world from
-Zest doing awesome job as maid, Maria feeling inferiority
-Basara goes onii-chan mode and tells Maria and Zest they're both family, no mere maids
-Takigawa back in human world
-Because not enough rooms in house now that Zest arrived, they decide to make a new floor underground. All girls get their own room ('coz Maria wants them to have free time to masturbate, lol)
-Underground floor also gets a room that has a bath enough for all of them to go in and a bed all of them can sleep on together
-Hot scene close to real porn in shop when they went to buy the bath (Mio doing deep-throat and artificial ona-hole using Zest's crotch etc.)

Has anyone done the BDs for this yet?

-Hasegawa was lonely all the time she was alone, so she made Basara come with here to an onsen inn just the two of them
-First they have some nice time being normal tourist but both know it's gonna get hot at night, hehe. (Hasegawa frigging cute when jealous. Two girls askes Basara to picture of them and then praised how good Basara was at taking photos, Basara got in good mood because his dad is a photographer but seeing that Hasegawa wrote to his back with her finger "cheater" and "stupid" and was close to crying)
-It appears Hasegawa reserved the whole damn inn for just the two of them. Of course they bathed together and of course it didn't end in just bathing or wayching scenery.
-Hasegawa is ready to start the night but before that Basara asks how she feels about himself. Hasegawa misunderstood that question that he'd like to hear about his parents and tells him everything she knows. Basara's origins are explained here
-Basara has two moms. The little sister of the former Demon King (Mio and Maria's dad) and one of the 10 Gods of heaven. The demon sister got pregnant first but she couldn't give birth to a child of a hero so they used trick to move Basara inside angel mom so angel mom could give birth to Basara in heaven. The angel mom and Hasegawa appeared to be cousins, so you could say Hasegawa and Basara share blood as well. The gods didn't like it so they ripped angel mom of her powers and threw her to some eternal dungeon. It was Hasegawa who brought Basara from heaven back to Jin and continued to watch Basara for 15 years after that
-Stuff happened and Hasegawa wants to make a contract with Basara so he could use her powers.

-Hasegawa copied the contract that was inside Basara and beared the slavery curse so it would be easier for Basara to make her his own
-Hasegawa makes barrier where time flows 1/1000 slower. Apparently it's hard as hell to make contract with gods. Normally it'd take many generations
-Basara and Hasegawa had fun for a whole year inside the barrier, Basara usin succubus adult-toy-drug duplicating into 6 Basaras and having them all play with Hasegawa, etc.
-Then Basara finally lost his cool and tries have real sex with Hasegawa. (By this time, she was all over Basara already and had no reason to reject) It was then when Basara found Hasegawa's weak point by chance. It was her insides. Especially hymen :P
-In the end Hasegawa didn't lose virginity, but due to Basara finding her weak spot and making her 'see heaven', she finally and completely fell for Basara, admitting herself that she's already his sex slave

Prove me wrong

All of this happened in a single volume or in several ones?

Proving you right.

All from volume 8.

Holy shit, I don't know what's better. Her massive ass or her massive tits you can see from behind

Those shitty spoilers are a bit incorrect and doesn't do any justice to the shit that really happens.

Basara is shaping up to be another Ichigo in being a part everything.

Claire and Claire are The Best
Hater Fag Shitty

Screw off, ESL

What are your thoughts on Nana?

shit taste
garbage taste
die taste

Watch Season 2 Episode 3 it is a Chisato Episode ;)

The novelfag said in a "nutshell" so he was glossing things over.

>Winning a series that isn't finished yet

Try again

Yui is worst TLR.

Watch shinmai maou no testament dude. Oh yeah it is also going to get an English dub(which i don't care).

Stupid Hypocrite Fag over there

Jajaja Hater Faggot
You 're so pathetic writing that about her by me

>Yellow Houki
This Meme needs to end we have been over this

She's nowhere near as violent as Houki and second she has no ponytail you fucking IS autist

No and Fuck you
Louise 2.0 with a fang and tail
Fuck that shit from the space

ESLfag pls go

we need some Shinmai maou no testament doujins. Also any news on season 3?

Really reaching their user

I'll give they showed a little devopment but in no way implies they love each other at the end it was merely a status quo ending for if they wanted a season 2

That's the correct present tense. Also,

No and Fuck you unbearable trumpsupoopter

If love if do consider it so we can put this waifufaging to rest


Someone make a Shinmai thread we all know Claire was the only best girl in that show.

Shinmai Maou doesn't have one though. And Maria is best girl.

and she's also permanently imouto zoned.

Doesn't work that way when Shinmai Maou is aiming for harem end and everyone gets their turn. It's just like DxD. Almost half of Basara's harem are imoutos or gets treated as imouto because they are in some way related to him. Basara's parentS gets around a lot.

Worst white loli ever
She is more unbearable Slut than momo


Maria has permanently been imouto zoned, but she's okay with it as long as she gets to occasionally have some fun.

Not really. Maria is part of the harem. Mio is the head wife so there's an order to things. Maria is happy to play mistress for the other girls and imouto playtime with Basara onii-chan.

being gay does not mean it I have not reason
Maria is a Shit with semen

I get dimond hard for girls like them.

Maria is part of the harem but she's been permanently imouto zoned. She thinks of herself as a hard working succubus that occasionally deserves to be rewarded for her dedication to everyone. Helping Basara subjugate Mio and the others is fun for her, but sometimes she likes to tease just Basara. (That's why she gives all the girls wet dreams and decides to see if she can make the impossible possible by squeezing herself into Basara's boxers while he's sleeping in volume 8)

There's no "head wife" in this series. Mio actually has the weakest bond with Basara of the contract girls. However the girls do have a system to ensure that things remain as fair as possible when it comes time for sharing Basara during the lewd moments.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means. The fact she is part of the harem and has her own fun, both pure and lewd, like the other girls contradicts what it means to be imouto zoned. Basara keeps thinking Mio is his sister and acts like that's the case, but that doesn't make her imouto zoned because he does. Like it or not, Mio is the de facto head wife, or will be any ways. Mio is far from weakest. She's like 2nd or 3rd at worst in terms of development with Basara. Chisato is currently in the lead last I checked and even then Basara thinks of Mio, as if he's cheating on her from the guilt he feels because of all the juicy times he spends with Chisato.

Oh yeah I love me some Chisato, any new quotes from the LN about chisato? Also since Hundred is going to be done with the anime, is IMS gonna go back to doing any shinmai episodes or ova? As for the anime I know shinmai is going to get an English dub soon.

Chisato isn't my favorite so I don't go out of my way to check on her, but I'm sure there is if you check as the usual places.

IMS would be dumb not to stick with Testament since it's the only show that sold okay for them.

I cant believe I've seen all of those. Damn I suck

actually the dynamic between some of the characters was interesting. sure the idol bitch was the most worthless inclusion, and making his sister appear so often diluted the plott a lot. but it was an ok show if they had more focus. also, the op music is shit.

What. Don't believe Chisatofags who over sells her. Chisato received the spotlight a few times, but she never took lead away from Mio, Kurumi, Maria, or Yuki who are the current main four and have fluid changes in deveoplment with Basara among them. Granted, Maria knows her place and is confident of her role. She doesn't compete, but spend more time assisting Basara with his harem. She isn't one to turn away from ero time, though.

Agree ims should give us an update about the anime soon maybe during the spring I don't know what plans they have.

Re Zero is worse considering how over rated it is.

Okay. Anyhow, latest volume have lots of Yuki and naturally Kurumi along with her. So the lead surely has changed by now.

Claire a cumdumpster.

Hopefully we get a season 3

Those sisters got the lewdest ero time and more development in vol.9. So they should be ahead now. Testament sure love onee-san and loli imouto combo. We already have two with Mio/Maria and Yuki/Kurumi. I'm half expecting Zest will have a loli imouto appear out of nowhere to join the fray.

Chisato's lead only increases with volume 9. Yuki and Kurumi have a good service scene though.

Nope. Secondary development at 4th place is more like it.

I hope we get a season 3. We will be getting an English dub soon, so who would you guys cast?

As someone who watches an OP each episode the OP for this show was AWFUL. Get better taste.


Idk some one with a serous sounding voice for Basera and Mio should be Jamie Marche

Oh and Maria should be Monica Rial

Also a little bit back on topic do you think Hundred will get s decent Bluray fix and a funimation Dub?


Best girls:
Magika: Mio
T7: Liese
DAL: Tohka
Campione: Erica
Antimagic: Ouka
DXD: Rias
Testament: Mio
Vanadis: Ellen
StB: Yukina
Rakudai: Stella
Fafnir: Iris
Machine Doll: Irori
Bahamut: Celestia
Hundred: Emilia
Asterisk: Julis
IS: Houki
HxH: Yurishia
Blade Dance: Restia
Color Wars: Purple
Absolute Duo: Lilith
World Break: Shizuno

oh, is it one of those threads again?

>be one of the generic and most cliched anime
>have a fucking awesome OP
Why do they always do this

Best taste so far... Well, taste is very opinionated, but still tho.

I don't know about you but I've checked the anime charts for the fall, winter and spring seasons and IMS doesn't seem like they'll release anything. That's add, they've been making anime for every season.

>Testament: Mio
>Vanadis: Ellen
>Rakudai: Stella
what the fuck

>Bahamut: Celestia
this is okay

>sex slave
Why not a lover?Seriously, is every borderline hentai anime have to do with slavery/notRape?

Where's my lovey dovey stuff?


Whats the source on this one my friend?

Back boobs are amazing.

They are already lovers before she decides to become a sex slave.

Claire > Claire's friends > Chocoslut > Chocololi >>> SHIT > Emilia > Idol > Imouto > Dyke

Somehow I'm not aroused.

It was more fun when Hasegawa was trying to seduce him.

Bigger than her torso

Fafnir has art by based Korie Riko. I'd say it's wasted on such show.

Reminder to get hyped for Assasin's Pride. Surely it'll get an anime adaptation you'll all be able to enjoy.

Anti-Magic uniforms are the best for the belts, the writter truly understands how to make subtle things that hit my weak points.


At least I enjoyed the soundtrack, even if they change some things in the anime. I still remember how fast the translations of the novel after the anime.

Still waiting for the latest volume to be translated.

>Best MC
Probably Anti-Magic or Trinity Seven
>Best Side Chars
Bahamut, Rakudai or Anti-Magic
>Best OST
I think that Asterisk had a bitching OST, same for Anti-Magic.

but why degrade in status? Is it because she let Mio take the head? But Mio is also a slave in a sense. Actually all of them is a slave

Are there any harems this upcoming season? I scanned over the seasonal charts, and it all looks like yuribait or yaoibait.

>Best-tier: Onii-sama, Takeru
>Great-tier: Shido, Arata
>Mid-tier: Basara, Issei, Ikki, Kamito, Koujo
>Low-tier: Ayato, Tor, Hayato
>Trash-tier: Ichika
DAL, Mahouka, Trinity Seven

Side characters:

I'd give AMA another notch in the Side Characters section for their own onii-sama character and some decent male characters.

Great taste, that MC list is pretty good.

AMA Onii-sama is really cool, his I AM THE LAW thing makes him memorable. Sadly the anime never showed him using his Witch-Hunter form.

>Decent male characters
If we talk about harems: Onii-sama, Takeru, Shido and Arata are the best ones.

That's the thing, AMA has a decent and relevant cast of guys other than their MCs be it villain or ally.

It's not a degrade in status considering Chisato's god contract is a mutual contract between herself and Basara. It's not the same as the succubus master servant contract. The only reason why she decides to declare herself a sex slave is because she wanted to be sexually dominated by Basara to the point where she would be his alone.

The duel against these two was really great, I just loved how Takeru and Orochi just kept going faster and faster like it was nothing.

Is the source decent?

Until they had to stop.
It was a damn good fight.

Its decent at least for me. Good art, MC that is not allergic to girls and a decent plot.

One thing I like on it is that Yuu himself decide to confess to a girl he likes early on the novel.

Ah thank for clearing things and I apologize for jumping the gun.

So one girl ending only? Or harem end?

>Best Side characters?

Peterhausen from Colour Wars, hands down

For real wow, does that mean they are done with the anime or is it because there isnt enough source material for a season 3?

>Which series had the best OST


Not actually a harem though.

>Best Side characters?


>Best MC?


As of the latest, its harem end due to plot.

Good. I always prefer those type of endings.

The novel is not yet done, and one of the girls is in risk to be killed by the MC.

I'm surprised Fafnir got translations unlike the fun harem that also aired that season.

>Not watching DxD

Adopting LNs into anime was a mistake. All LN are the same shit

>if there is special clothing for an uniform is usually is skintight and often has a special cut to reveal panties
>random glowing bits tacked on it
>all girls school
>may or may not have a super faggot friend
>there is a power ranking system but it is nonsensical, MC is either super OP or the weakest but still super OP
>from episode/book 1 it is already obvious who got the favor or the writer to be the winner, still it will never happen
>the romance ends with a kiss at the end of the first season/book but then the romance grinds to a halt because that would instantly kill the haremshit
>all other girls that obviously wont win get a lot of coverage because there is no danger of confession and further romance
>one girl is tsundere
>one girl is a tomboy (usually spats)
>one rich girl, drills optional
>rich girl usually challenges MC
>MC refuses to kill even in the most retarded moments
>there is a plot but it is completely snowed under and they just have highschool hajinks until some plot happens again
>flat girl has boob envy
>bookworm girl, probably dandere
>teacher is a complete bitch but has moments where she winds down and is okay
>in mock battles enemies scream they will kill the MC but they lose and no one gets hurt
>guns are never considered
>special spirit weapons
>MC walks in on girls changing
>MC walks finds underwear
>MC trips and falls facefirst in tits
>girl falls on MC but MC still ends up on top with a face full of tits
>OP is still good
>second OP is terrible but still got approved over the first OP
>main girl never truly wins to keep sales of other girls from dwindling
>one villainous girl first tries to kill MC but then loses and loves him but will never win the harem fight
>at one moment MC unleashes his true power
>Nips will always end up liking the worst girl the most
>have to watch it so I can appreciate the porn better
Wake me when the May rain comes

Fuck off.

decent list I guess

You're watching the wrong ones.

Dunno, but looks like Masou Gakuen was left in a cliffhanger with a "to be continued" so they are probably working on a second season. And her I thought they might suprise us with DAL.


You mean Blade Dance's Claire, retard.

>one is an annoying unsexy bitch who ruins the show
>one is hot, mature, playful, ready to be impregnated and doesn't allow other whores to get close to her man

Claire > Claire

BD's Claire a SHIT.

>ESLfag is still here and back for more

Kill yourself. Claire is even worse than Stella.

"to be continued" on the stipulation that the series sells well.

Claire >> Blue Houki >>>>>> Yellow Houki

But that's wrong

Both of them are Mio clones

Yo its Mio

You seem to like the main heroine in almost all these harem series.

Why the hell do people like Arata? He's a combination of the worst qualities of Issei and the MC of Daimidaler.

>eating a huge ass crepe with all this cream and bananas and berries and shit
>"Let's go get some food"

What the fuck

You are a Slutella Faggot or something?

Claire a shit.

Asterisktard leave.

I liked her better then she was named Cecilia

Remove Oppai,

I can tell you which one had the best ED.

>Drill tails
>Looks like a cheap hooker
>Super serious and no fun allowed in old hag body, yet randomly acts like a cantankerous child

Literally the worst.

Asterisktards leave.

Only shit taste comparable to Lelouch could love a girl like Claire.

Nothing except from character design was worth mentioning from Bahamut.

It's mostly that one Stellafag that likes Claire. His butthurt reactions itt is easy enough to recognize.

I'm happy about this then if this turns out to be the outcome

They need more Ecchi to adapt

Pretty much this.

Though I'm watching Twintail now and it's actually really fun.


Is this the one with a wheelchaired girl