Re:Zero would have been better with a different protagonist

>Re:Zero would have been better with a different protagonist

Is there a more retarded statement than this? Re:Zero without Subaru would have been forgettable generic Isekai garbage.

It's already a generic isekai anime.

Also utter garbage

It's already forgettable generic Isekai garbage. It just has a shit protagonist as well.

Re: Zero is just shit period.

Pretty much. I hope OP feels buttblasted for people shitting on his garbage anime. Re:zero is good for 3 episodes then becomes utter shit.

Re:Zero with a different protagonist:
>Guts encounters street thugs.
>"Satella" asks if Guts is OK.
>Guts ignores her.
>The end.
Re:Zero goes nowhere with a different protagonist because being retarded about saving Emilia is the main plot device.

It's completely eclipsed any other anime this year in terms of discussion on Cred Forums. You're not impressing anybody by being a contrarian special snowflake.

Google is useless what does "isekai" mean?

>the least garbage anime is good anime

Please don't perpetuate this myth pls

That's because the tumblrshits always migrate to Cred Forums whenever they wanna discuss seasonal garbage.

Would have been better if it had a female lesbian MC

I don't understand how that's supposed to mean it's good. All that really means is that it appeals to the largest demographic, as the lowest common denominator

"other world" basically. pls don't think of it as a genre, just a shitty plot device

You're getting your buzzword boogieman sites mixed up. Re:Zero is a Reddit anime, not a tumblr anime.

I'd want to know why someone would actually think that. Cause it sounds more like they somehow missed the fact that the show is about the suffering of the MC and his weakness in general, and how despite that, he can still come through in the end.

>And that there lies on my biggest issue with the anime.

>Subaru, who is suppose to be the one carrying the anime, who demands a cast around him to be neglected in the eyes of the viewer, is too weak of a character for this show to be considered "good". There is no learning for subaru to justify so many episodes. You can't have subaru suicide to save the twins in one episode, have him be scared to die in every episode after, say that he actually didn't learn anything the whole time and expect that to be acceptable. I don't give a shit that he "derives his worth from the views around him" because everything falls apart around him for little return, if any. There's no solid theme, plot point, or characterization that stands out as exceptional.

Thank you. I kept seeing it thrown around as a genre. So basically it's "a second world within the primary fictional world of the story?" .hack and the like?

parallel universe

>I say weak plot point because the "grand focus" seems to change every couple of episodes. The only consistent plot point is his death cycle, which is underused imo.

>What are some examples of how the death cycle can be used interestingly?

>killing yourself thousands of times to learn a bunch of interesting talents
>having a death "limit"; something like you can only die x amount of times, or if certain things conditions happen the respawn is moved.

>How cool would it be to have an episode where subaru carelessly goes throughout the day fucking up his relationships just to find out that if he dies after x time the spawn point changes. Leaving his fuck up permanent, and he fails to kill himself by that time?

>The death cycle in re:zero is cryptic. That's not necessarily bad, but i have no reason to think much of it because subaru questions it far less than he should.

>At most the death cycle is just an excuse for the writers to torture subaru without consequence aside from his "break down". A break down that happens becuase he cares so much about the people around him, yet his character is suppose to be about not actually caring about people around him? Also not addressing the viewer's elephant in the room that is "this nigga can just respawn whenever something goes bad, right?".

>but he doesn't like dying because of pain!

>Then why does he put himself in positions that cause pain? Like getting beat up by the knight or fighting evil characters? His main dissatisfaction from dying is the pain, yet he puts himself in a position to have pain for people who he doesn't actually care about aside from their views of him? Views he can reset from dying?

I want to creampie Emilia.

For what purpose? You can't self insert with Gary Stu.

She would have been a better protagonist.

Subaru is lazy, arrogant, entitled, pathetic, has to be spoonfed everything, etc. He's hated by Cred Forums because he reflects the viewer.

Is she still in love with Emily and Ram?

> Summerfags spammed the board with threads so it's good
Stay in reddit faggot, I hear they loved this shit show there

No, just Emilia.

>>Then why does he put himself in positions that cause pain? Like getting beat up by the knight or fighting evil characters?

First is literally pride. Just like whenever someone picks a fight and doesn't back down even though they have no chance of winning.

Second is because if he doesn't, everyone he knows about and cares about will die.

Also, its not just minor pain, its dieing in slow and horrificly painful ways. Its also something more than just the pain of dieing, but also the aspect of dieing itself.

>How cool would it be to have an episode where subaru carelessly goes throughout the day fucking up his relationships just to find out that if he dies after x time the spawn point changes. Leaving his fuck up permanent, and he fails to kill himself by that time?

Something like this actually happens.

Also in regards to him not asking questions/not using it interestingly... Remember, he doesn't know how it works, nor has any means to find out how it works. Theres always a chance he won't be able to fix something he did, nor wake up next time.

>That's not necessarily bad, but i have no reason to think much of it because subaru questions it far less than he should.

And who would answer any of those questions?

>Anyways, that's getting besides the point. let's also list all the different plot points this anime attempts to tackle.

>death respond
>criminal chase
>mansion slice of life butler learning
>learning about your special power
>murder mystery
>forest demon dogs
>demon twin background
>empress crowning
>faction wars
>religious fanatics
>white whale
>spirit animal apocalypse

>It's so awful to try to care about something just so the anime can jump to the next thing. There's no reason to keep watching because there's nothing to care about that gets a proper treatment. It makes the journey to stick with subaru unbearable because everything around him is so shallow. Filled with waifu bait, underdeveloped love interests, and characters that seemingly come in and out because of convenience. There's no incentive to keep going. Subaru hasn't learned anything at episode 16 so i struggle to give a shit. If he come around later it would already have been too late.

>I don't hate subaru. I just don't have a reason to care.

Can someone explain why Beatlegoose kept calling Subaru "slothful" in his first appearance and implied he was going to be the Bishop of Sloth, but then Subaru is implied to be the Bishop of Pride, and the whole slothful thing is dropped entirely until the last episode where Subaru implied Beatlegoose was the sloth instead. And what was with the books, why could Subaru touch them and see the "unseen hands"? Unless I've missed something they were clearly implying that he was a "finger" of the cult, but nothing came of it. I just seems so pointless to build up an entire backstory and then ignore it,

Summerfags are a myth, and Cred Forums traffic statistics prove it. Stop trying so hard to fit in.

So you're telling me Subaru is justified in not exploring or attempting to even think about the nature of his consistent resurrections? Because throughout the whole series it seems like that's avoided not because it'd be impossible to explain or understand, but more because it would undermine Subaru's mindset that allows him to continue acting the way he does.

Subaru is nothing special and it was only enjoyable to see him suffer when he thinks things will go well for him.

His motivations are not unique and common as fuck.

Subaru can easily be replaced and anyone who thinks he's specifically unique is delusional.

I think its more along the lines of he has no real way to actually test/question it outside of killing himself repeatedly.

Furthermore, I don't think hes ever really given enough of a break to actually try and gather information, nor does he even know if/when he'll revive if he does die.

Subaru himself was just a deer in the headlights for most of the story. With the story itself being mainly concerned shitting on him and making it look like his fault.

>Theres always a chance he won't be able to fix something he did, nor wake up next time.

It's pretty obvious that someone is controlling it and only updating the save point after he has achieved the desired objective. He could settle down with Rem and live a happy life and die an old man and he'd end up back again because he had not completed the set task.

the cunts so cringy it hurts

Mhm, but at the same time that can also mean he won't be revived if said entity didn't think he was going to accomplish whatever it was.

Like I said, theres a lot of unknowns, but most of which can't be really figured out through general testing unless he wanted to risk staying dead. And dieing itself seemed to be a traumatic affair for him

Subaru is both prideful and slothful.

Initially he couldn't see Betelgeuse's hands because he was still slothful (There's tons of examples of Subaru's laziness early in the show; In episode 18 he confronts this). Over the course of the show he slowly gains self-awareness of his laziness and in episode 17 he can finally see Betelguese's hands because he realizes he's lazy. The sins/Bishops are all symbolism. He never has a problem remembering people erased by the white whale because Gluttony is not one of his sins.


>So you're telling me Subaru is justified in not exploring or attempting to even think about the nature of his consistent resurrections?

What if it only happened a few times based on very specific conditions that's difficult to recreate? He's basically gambling a perma-death by testing his 'power'.

It's easy to sit behind a monitor and call him a pussy for not wanting to do that, but you'd think differently if you were in his shoes.

One of the best anime in the last years, in Cred Forums only baiters and contrarians snowflakes (shitposters) are saying otherwise. You all know that except the newfags prob.

Utter trash for summerfags and tumblr. Normalfag babby's first anime.

It would've been better if he went with Rem instead

Re:Zero would have better with Kazuma.

Kazuma would have more common sense than Subaru.

Also, Kazuma wouldn't keep dying over and over again for some Elf Stranger just because she was nice to him.

Also, unlike Subaru, Kazuma isn't extremely passive aggressive toward everything all the time.

Look how extremely easy it is to rile up Subaru.

Meanwhile, it took a LOT to rile up Kazuma.

A girl's tears doesn't make Kazuma your automatic bitch boy.

Kazuma has said NO before and not YES all the time like Subaru.

Fem Subaru literally would've been Nina Einstein the anime.


it already exists

alright, you have autism it's going to be alright settle down and head back to bed.

>has a beautiful demon maid absolutely DICK WHIPPED for him
>cute cat traps flirt with him aon the daily
>is one of the beautiful and powerful Crush-sama's best mates
>insulted a proud knight, but he still joined the harem
>hero of the battle against the white whale
>the main antagonist schliks to him every night
>defeats beetle juice by cucking him into eternity
>sealed the deal with Emilia, a beautiful elf girl
>can use Return by Death to-

is there any MC more alpha than Subaru?

I think the show would have been less jarring for me if Subaru was rewritten to be from that world as some immigrant of a completely different area to excuse his lack knowledge of the Witch. He wouldn't bring cringeworthy otaku slang and mannerisms with him and the idea of a witch making a rift to another dimension to grab some otaku faggot sounds retarded and op as hell to me.
Never read past the anime, so I dunno any new info about her, if there even is any.

Subaru: "I love you"
Emilia: "Thanks"
>sealed the deal with Emilia, a beautiful elf girl

OH BOY a Re:Zero thread.

Anybody have Betelgeuse gifs? I need him flying through the air like a cannonball diver.

He's cancerous. Everyone sucks his dick only because the plot requires it.

I liked him for most of the show, but towards the end I felt like I was cringing at like half of his statements. Those little smug remarks he made during fights weren't really cool at all, they were just kind of annoying.

What I hate the most is that they're like his defining feature. His character seemed kind of empty for most of the series.

No, no, no. This is all kind of whack. There's such confusion in subaru because we have no sense of priority with his character. We don't KNOW his values and what he wants. Let me give you an example.

>subaru is ok with suiciding to save twins

Ok, so the anime establishes that there are conditions which cause him to kill himself. He is FINE with dying under certain conditions.

>subaru is not ok with dying when the death comes with pain

So by logic, the only thing keeping him from killing himself is pain. Absolutely nothing with the act of dying itself.

Keep in mind i'm following the "consistency" of his character that the anime has portrayed to me. Idk about the LN or what happens in the future, this is basic logic needed to follow a story without questioning dumb stuff. The less stuff a viewer questions the more you can focus on the actual story.

>subaru, when faced with mortality situations concerning his friends, does not do anything to kill himself to reset

He acts like it's the end of the world every time something goes wrong(pic related) even though he has a reset button. Logically, he should be fine killing himself in a non-painful way(he already did it by jumping off a cliff ffs).

But he doesn't. He waits until he is torture deathed, which feels like shock fluff the writers use to make people cringe.

>He doesn't know how it works

Ok? He there are literally like 8 different ot points in the anime, and yhe death reset is at the bottom of the list. He goes episodes without acknowledgeing this god given power. You want to know why?

The writers need a reason to shock viewers without committing to any consequences. It's so painfully obvious.

Wut, no. There's nothing in the anime that even indicates that he's worried about dying one last time. If i missed it, then it's way to small of a focus for basically having the power of a god.

>Ok, so the anime establishes that there are conditions which cause him to kill himself. He is FINE with dying under certain conditions.

Did you somehow miss the fact that he agonized over that decision and one he didn't make lightly? It wasn't that he wanted to die, but rather had to, since that was his only option.

Also, what makes you think him jumping off of the cliff didn't have any pain anyways? A lot of the assumptions you seem to be making seem to stem from this one.

He goes several episodes cause he doesn't treat it as the solution to every problem. He doesn't WANT to die and experience that all over again. Furthermore, the second arc hammered in that he hates losing his time and experiences with people.

That's called character development. My issue is that tbe writers backtrack because this decision isn't reflected towards the way he acts towards the future. It's never a prominent option despite being an established solution.

You're asking a lot of the viewer if we have to sit through that "decision making" phase every time he thinks about killing himself becuase that's repetative and indicative to him not learning anything. It's stagnant.

If he caused himself pain by jumping off the cliff then whats stopping him from killing himself and resetting everything? The pain? Which we JUST established doesn't matter?

He doesn't treat it like any option. It literally is never in his thoughts. He acts like a screaming little faggot when when his friends die despite having a reset button that he's shown to use already. What a shitty character.

That's the problem with every Isekai, the MC is always a massive cuck.

Who are you quoting?

Hes crying every time his friends die, because despite his best efforts, hes failed them. Despite having a reset option, its still traumatic.

Not to mention up until people are dead, he doesn't need to die. As for not learning anything, have you not paid attention at all? He uses his knowledge from his loops to create a plan at the end. He learns what failed and why, and then goes about addressing it.

>I would submit myself to immeasurable pain and suffering to abuse a power I know nil about instead of actually trying to solve the problem
sure you would, fucking fake sociopath

You havent read much Isekai have you?

>crying becuase he failed his friends

I have no sympathy for him becuase there's no evidence that he's worked for anything. He tries once, fails, and i'm suppose to sympathize with him knowing he gets to redo everything? No thanks. I've seen way better animes that handle consequences much better than this.

If they showed something like him trying hundreds of times and always failing then yes, that would be great to watch. There would be limit pushing in that scenario.

Good animes challenge their characters, they don't make their characteres challenged.

>uses the reset to plan

He starts to do that at episode 20? Like i'm suppose to give a shit by then? Thats 8 hours of story stagnation. My issues with the anime start way sooner than that, user.

>this is the third time my friends have all died but they come back alive becuase i'm a demigod
>i have experienced zero consequence becuase i am apparently the luckiest person to ever exist
>let me keep being a faggot despite being forgiven at every mistake i've ever made

After resurrecting 3 times, especially being transported to a world with talking dogs and waifu elves, i would consider myself luckier than most.

>maybe i should buy an overdose pill so instead of getting my guts ripped out i can just fall asleep and restart

Hmmmmm, too complicated i guess

Please, most isekai MCs are complete doormats for potential Love Interests or turn into ones later on.
They've get all the power in the world, but still can't think further than their dicks.

>Everyone sucks his dick
Everyone save Rem fucking hates him for the entire middle section of the story, and only now his peers are getting a high opinion of him.

Did you watch the show? Because if you actually have, you'd know what you said is factually incorrect.

Isekais have a trait where the MC gets everything handed to him.

In this case, Sub can resurrect whenever something goes wrong. By the end of it everyone thinks highly of him and is amazed.

Life sucks his dick, user. A dick sucking that grants him the love of an obedient oppai maid while he cucks her for a purple haired waifu.

>He actually thinks dying in such brutal ways over and over is easy and a free win button
>He actually thinks getting disembowled multiple times, getting his throat cut out by his "friend", jumping off a cliff, getting decapitated by a giant monster, then getting frozen by giant monster after finding out it's your "friend" who has now killed you twice, and getting your brain fried then getting executed by his comrade is no big deal
>Every single positive experience and every connection he makes with someone becomes meaningless when he dies, straining every single relationship with everyone he meets
>All that is no problem because he can respawn

You, my friend, are helplessly retarded.

>In this case, Sub can resurrect whenever something goes wrong
Seriously, you dumb faggots, his power is not an awesome perfect one, how many times does that need to be displayed in the series and explained for your autistic asses before you stop baiti-

Oh, wait.

Re:Zero would not have been as fun without Subaru's antics blowing up in his face from time to time.

agreed, the "useless protagonist" is a rare archtype indeed. there's plenty of series with overpowered Gary Stu MC's who literally weild the power of the gods. re: zero at least tries to be different than all those wish fulfillment power fantasy series.

>You're not impressing anybody by being a contrarian special snowflake.
This. Just because it's a little popular, doesn't mean it's automatically shit.

Are you serious?

>Re Zero isn't good

If you are a Fate, Madoka, Gatari, Academia, Yuri fan and KLK fan saying this, you will get banned. Attention you are hypocritical. Attention attention

Those times he died he didn't have control. When he made a fool of himself in front of the court there was literally zero reason for him not to just jump off a cliff and die instantly and therefore not feel pain.

The only "explanation" that's given is that he doesn't like the idea of dieing three times.

>Re:Zero gets very popular
>Cred Forums now hates it

Please tell me we're not turning into Cred Forums.

>Attention you are hypocritical
I love Re:Zero, but what's the logic here?
>If you don't like this good show you're a hypocrite because you like other good shows
You lost me.

>not to just jump off a cliff and die instantly and therefore not feel pain
I don't know how many times people need to say the same shit for it to get through your head, so you win. I give up. Keep telling yourself how tough you are and how easy this would all be. I'm sure shitting on Subaru makes you feel a tiny bit better about yourself.

Cred Forums hates anything that becomes too popular and starts clogging the board. It really doesn't matter what show it is or how good it is.

Nice digits but you'really still a fag. I'm not saying that he had it easy or that the suffering he went through was nothing. I'm saying that when he had an autism attack in front of the Council he should have killed himself and started that part again. There was zero reason for him not to have done that considering he already figured out that's something he can do

Because it's not as good as people are making it out to be. The last few episodes dropped in quality a bit mainly because he just stopped dying, except for that one last time. The second to last episode was also boring as fuck.
The last episode was just saved by Emilia which is why you all think it was a good ending, however I beg to differ. It was a boring ending if Emilia didn't save it. Boring ending as in you just knew it was going to end up as a good ending; no suspension, no thrill, no thing
I enjoyed watching the show, but there needs to be another season otherwise it'd just be shit with a lot of plot holes. I want to like it because I enjoyed the show a lot up until past the half way point.

Way to complete miss the entire point if my argument.

I'm arguing for a lack of consistency. If you think i'm arguing that getting disembowled is easy then you're retarded and missed everything i said.

It has everything to do with story structure and how a character develops an arc.

This is something you guys clearly do not understand and think you win becuase you can describe pain as unpleasant.

One of the reasons I wanted to see the coma scene was just to show his power wasn't perfect. They also skipped most of the Satella scenes which showed that every time he died he would get slightly closer to her. That's the true major risk of RbD as far as I know. He gets some benefits from it, like being able to see Betelgeuse's hands, but there will probably be major downsides if it goes too far.

I mean, do you really think abusing the darkest of magics is the best idea? Betelgeuse wasn't always a complete madman like he is in the show.

>fucking pussy even though he is fully aware he cannot die under normal circumstances
Yeah no

>he should have killed himself and started that part again. There was zero reason for him not to have done that
Except for all the reasons explained over and over as to why killing himself like that isn't so easy.

>subaru establishes that he can jump off a cliff with a smile to save his friends
>never does anything like that again
>it's r-really hard!!!!

Re:zerofags please

>There was zero reason for him not to have done that considering he already figured out that's something he can do
Honestly he'd be kind of a detestable character if he pulled shit like that over and over, then just respawned if people got mad at him.

And remember how hard it was for him to force himself to do that? You think since he did it once it's now a breeze?

Yep. You're either baiting or incredibly autistic. There's nothing anyone can say when you reject reality so strongly.

He's already a detestable character.

You know what would have been interesting? If he had done that, realized you can't coast through life without consequence, and stopped doing it to accept his mistakes.

There's a reason people are annoyed they didn't include the epilogue, though he doesn't exactly do it with a smile on his face and it doesn't exactly work out.

Read the thread bro. He does it once, and it literally never becomes an option again. We don't get to see if he thinks it's still hard to do. It's just an ignored character development trait.

Turns out slitting your wrists in the shower was some super secret tactic

Take your LN shit somewhere else, this is a re:zero anime thread.

Ep 18 was a literally me moment. They lost it with the positive talk and change, but I've never been in uncanny valley that deep before.

Subaru is best boy

Alright then. In terms of the anime alone, most of your points are sort of valid. There was plenty of shit that felt incredibly awkward or didn't have any proper payoff.

Re:zero is a shitty anime.

Idk anything about the LN so i can't saything to that. It may be great for all i know.

Are you trying to brag about all the girls you've turned down?

he was fine then 12 episode later hes one of the most annoying MC i ever seen

Well, I'm just a spoilerfag who read a few translated scenes and chapters, which has really distorted my view of the series as a whole. When I try to separate everything properly and look at the anime on its own, I can't help but agree with you. It really wasn't that great, and the characters fell kind of flat.

I think you need to leave

Betelguese called everyone slothful it's just what he does.
Everyone could touch the book they were just super cautious of it unlike Subaru, Subaru see's the hands after he see's Satella's hands kill Emilia so it might have something to do with that.
Possession was caused by Subaru's high affinity with spirits, most likely because of Satella's influence.

Subaru wasn't the problem, though he could've been better. Every other character was garbage though

Came here to post this.

I can think of one man who would have make Re:Zero great.

I fucking called it! This is exactly what happened with No Game No Life. At first people loved it on Cred Forums, and now it's "shit" because people need to be different and because it's not "MUH ROSE TINT GLASSES KINDA ANIMU!!!".

This shit couldn't even beat Rakugo and Konosuba. How can it be best of the year when DEEN made White Fox look like chumps?

Jesus fuck, I though DEEN was shit

A incompetent MC is fun

Yea we should have had kirito

>and because it's not "MUH ROSE TINT GLASSES KINDA ANIMU!!!".
Isn't that exactly what it is? That's the problem I had with it. They left the story when it seemed like everything went perfect, instead of going just a little farther and leaving everyone in despair. That's the kind of shit people would have remembered.

I still say the show would of been better (although still shit) if the time loop was fixed instead of only happen after he dies since It would give Subaru a goal in trying to end the loop (maybe by finding the witch before the end of a loop) instead of having him just be their doing shit for little to no reason at all plus it might off been a little funnier in the end since he would basically be trying to speed run an Isekai show and it could of taken some ques from Groundhogs Day with the I am god moments, the suicide montage, wasting at least 5 loops trying to bang a chick, etc.

Mayoiga too had many threads and DR too is having many threads but it doesn't mean they are indeed good.
Not to mention most of Re:tard threads were all about Rem vs Emilia shitposting.

1. i meant to use "Rose tint glasses" as a way to say this was a show from the 90's/early 2000's thus no one liked it because it was not a popular nostalgic show.

2. I think White fox did the ending on purpose so, if they can't get one, they won't have a cliff hanger screaming "SEASON 2 WHEN?!" because it's literally the one thing people hate that studios like Mad House do.

But that's literally EVERY thread on Cred Forums. You can't go a single thread without people doing a waifu/husbando wars.

>, if they can't get one, they won't have a cliff hanger screaming "SEASON 2 WHEN?!"
It's really more of a "SEASON 3 WHEN?!" thing. I don't understand why people keep calling it a cliff hanger when there's nothing hanging off the cliff. The shit's already gone down and slammed against the rocks below.

You think that's bad wait till the anime of Mushoku Tensei comes out

the protagonist is invincible, super smart, super perfect, can make everything and anything, impregnants all the girls

Re:Zero actually gave him at least some flaws and character development, still a shitty story but at least he isn't godlike.

>twelve year old turks even talk about it on the streets
If anything Re:Zero is proof that it's on par with shit like Naruto.

reeeeeeeeeee:zero is still smalltime compared to stuff like SAO.

Subaru is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this. There is no way you can convince me this is not me. This character could not possibly be anymore me. It’s me, and nobody can convince me otherwise. If anyone approached me on the topic of this not possibly being me, then I immediately shut them down with overwhelming evidence that this character is me. This character is me, it is indisputable. Why anyone would try to argue that this character is not me is beyond me. If you held two pictures of me and this character side by side, you’d see no difference. I can safely look at this character every day and say “Yup, that’s me”. I can practically see this character every time I look at myself in the mirror. I go outside and people stop me to comment how similar I look and act to this character. I chuckle softly as I’m assured everyday this character is me in every way. I can smile each time I get out of bed every morning knowing that I’ve found my identity with this character and I know my place in this world. It’s really quite funny how similar this character is to me, it’s almost like we’re identical twins. When I first saw this character, I had an existential crisis. What if this character was the real me and I was the fictional being. What if this character actual became aware of my existence? Did this character have the ability to become self aware itself?

>Re:Zero would have been better with a different protagonist

Subaru is annoying at first, but after the 3rd episode, it gets to be too much. He's a liar, uses anger to deal with everything, shouts all the time, behaves very badly, is ungrateful, and ignores advice because he'll just use his "total reboot" power. He does so many things with a selfish point of view too.

Was the author trying make a concentrated dose of "bad person" and shove it down the audience's throat? I think so. Just like there is an audience for NTR, there is an audience for this type of angry asshole neet-style ignorant person.

This show needs a masochistic audience.

Mayoiga had barely one of two threads because it was a seasonal and everybody inside was laughing at the show for how bad it was. Re:Zero was having CONTINUOUS threads with many fans discussing the contents of WN, LN, and anime alike. Fans and shitposters also flooded the board with threads at several points during the broadcast. The scale is totally different.

>This show needs a masochistic audience.

What it needs is for the audience to recognize that each of the candidates is associated with one or more of the seven deadly sins. Aldebaran and Betegeuse are a hint. You had the little girl give her speech at the grand meeting about owning everything.....

Did you like episode 13? Sounds like you did.

Only 10 or so episodes into this, but Subaru reminds me of Touma. I'd say he's a step above a generic anime protagonist in that at least you know what he's about, but he lacks the depth and roundness of a truly memorable protagonist. The show could be better without him, but it could also be a lot worse so I'm not going to complain.

Anyone that makes it to 13 will only see Subaru become even more elegant, well-mannered, truthful, knowledgeable, self-reliant, cultured, and able to think about the situation.

But it is forgettable generic Isekai garbage.

>goes nowhere
It goes many places because it wouldn't be dicking around and the protag wouldn't die all the time.

why is subaru such a fucking elfpussy chasing fag the fucking BEST GIRL EVER IS LITERALLY THROWING HER HUGE TITTIES IN YOUR FACE AND WANTS TO HAVE YOUR KIDS


/r/ing the episode length/presence of OP and ED chart


don't kid yourself if you seriously think meme:zero was anything except a slightly less terrible version of SAO

fuck you guy i can't deal with this shit right now i just marathoned this god damn show for the past day because i was waiting for the show to be over and fucking how does he not fucking pick rem like seriously this mitsubishi ass nigga doesn't choose rem like fuck, i know she erased and fuck the author for that

Most of the threads had 80% its contests about Rem vs Emilia shitposting.
Forced generals. The threads were almost dead for the last a few weeks and anons were posting to save them from getting deleted. Mostly because Rem was absent so there wasn't much to shitpost anout.
>Fans and shitposters also flooded the board with threads at several points during the broadcast.
I myself joined in after ep 18 aired so I don't say for sure but I didn't see any stream thread reaching 1000 post limit which is a decisive proof that the show is really popular with Cred Forums. People were surely enjoying RE:Z but it wasn't nowhere near the "godly" level that the likes of SnK or SAO had.
Re:Z is way too overestimated.

Replace Subaru with a manly mans man with hidden case of PTSD and moments of self-doubt after a failed campaign.
quality is improved by 1000%

basically Wilhelm. I'd rather root for him than that autist

I do think that. MC has been a weak point from the start, but he reaches cringeworthy-level at midpoint.

So Re:Zero was just another "Make it an anime so we can sell more LN shit" show?

This guy knows what's up

ReZero has catgirls and other marketable things in it. Food items, clothing, and personal furnishings are common for various anime shows too. As an example of how far merchandising goes, here is picture of a bread product shaped like a titan footprint. So even footprints in an anime show can be used to sell products.

This. People should stop being contrarian fucks.


It's overhyped. There are a number of glaring flaws that people have been calmly and other times loudly pointing out that people who defend the show insist on ignoring or failing to answer. That doesn't mean it's bad, but it's certainly not as great as people make it out to be.

So it would be the same, but without a cringeworthy autist as the MC? I'm in.

No, user, it's a catch-all term to describe "World where protagonist is transported here". .hack is an MMO, and this is acknowledge in story. Isekai is every single shitty LN that has the protag MYSTERIOUSLY TRANSPORTED to another world, and he gets a CHEAT ABILITY or some shit.

Basically, KonaSuba if it wasn't funny.

AL is literally Subaru done right. He got teleported there too, but he got his shit together and a high status position as well.

Rem was a mistake.

Anime of the Year
Author of the Century
Best Lead Heroine - Emilia
Best Supporting Heroine - Rem
OST of the Year

And best of all, it wasn't moeshit. Thank you Tappei for the masterpiece.


>Retarded premise that Subaru automatically accepts randomly appearing in another world as a reward where he's entitled to glorious powers and waifu
>Actually no difficult choices are needed to advance, after a couple of deaths the problems with maids and waifu end up misunderstandings, and instead of choosing what to discard can just keep everything and go after evil dogs, whales, cultists and assassins instead
>Eventually actually ends up having enough powers to stand up to overpowered fantasy beings in fight and getting the waifu because he actually was entitled to glorious powers and waifu and the torture porn and trauma were just a ruse for flavor
Truly the Evangelion of anime

Re:Zero and MOB are both anti-Otaku and are better for it.

the whole story will end with subaru waking up from coma, unable to move as a result of a car accident

The first Emiliafag

It has been a long time since I've seen a female being cuckolded as hard as Rem.

Subaru is almost completely dependent on how other people view him (arc 4 explains this). Remember how Subaru walked through the mansion searching for someone alive, someone to acknowlegde him. Subaru's mental state is completely dependent on how the people close to him view him

>It's completely eclipsed any other anime this year in terms of discussion on Cred Forums.


Repeating and samefagging doesn't change that 2016 has had many other anime shows AND manga with far more discussion than ReLife. Even old shows not airing in 2016 had more threads and image posts than ReLife.

Your incorrect statement reflects your desire. Just like how Subaru makes false statements based upon his desires. Does that make you a "subaru" of sorts?

Before episode 7 popularity spike:

Cred Forums loves Re:Zero and predicts AotS
Cred Forums flooded with multiple threads per day and nobody really calling it out

After episode 7 popularity spike:

Cred Forums hates Re:Zero and Subaru
Cred Forums gets upset about multiple simultaneous threads
Cred Forums calls it SAO: 2.0 and just shits on it in general
Falseflaggers make obvious bait threads calling it the next Eva or better than Shakespeare or whatever

Hmm... Really makes your contrarian neurons fire

Re:Zero had multiple shitstorms while it aired, what show had more threads this year.

>Subaru is lazy, arrogant, entitled, pathetic, has to be spoonfed everything, etc. He's hated by Cred Forums

How ironically true you are. In the anime, Subaru even shouts into the air of a city street why don't people tell him things. That was related to a set of instances where his problems would not occur had he even asked. But he simply waited for people to voluntarily come to tell him things which of course they never did.

I found that an encouraging bit of story writing by the anime screenplay writer. They're properly setting up Subaru for the next few episodes for repeated failure in his multiple lives due to Subaru's selfish attitude of not planning for the future. Subaru just reacts to his immediate wants and needs and makes demands onto others to fulfill what he needs. That's not very japanese. Maybe more like american slum dwellers though.

>Subaru is lazy, arrogant, entitled, pathetic, has to be spoonfed everything, etc. He's hated by Cred Forums
It would be like him to even give up and blame everyone else for being stronger than him and keeping him down to where he can't do anything. Run away and achieve nothing with the rest of his life other than consume resources? Well, that would make for a bad anime, so they can't end it like that if they want to sell merchandise.

>Best Lead Heroine - Emilia
>Shitty retard comes out on the last ep to win the mc even though she disappeared like 70% of the show.

>It's already forgettable generic Isekai garbage. It just has a shit protagonist as well.

At least the anime screenplay made a number of moralistic preachings to the audience for the sake of japanese society. The anime showed various different circumstances where Subaru failed in each life due to personal faults of anger, violence, laziness, merely reacting to immediate desires. Subaru was continually dependent on the welfare of others with wealth to support him. He was willful and ignored much of what others said. That was shown over and over and over.

>subaru is delusional
>subaru learns to be not delusional
>end anime

Oh hey, i saved everyone 20+ episodes of literally nothing else

>Shitty retard comes out on the last ep to win the mc even though she disappeared like 70% of the show.

They have to end the anime with a forced happy ending even though life shows such a shitty Subaru cannot succeed unless inherited or handed to him.

A senior anime exec said in an anime interview that tragedies don't sell merchandise or licenses. So it's got to get a happy ending.

>what is eva

I sincerely hope that's a bait.

Subaru taught by example in the anime. He complained about all these things over and over:

Learning is too hard
Working is too hard
It's easier to complain about others being better than him
He can't compete
Complain like a pro
Hope bleeding hearts listen and do the actual work
He tags along and gets credit


Out of countless anime, you can always find examples especially with artistic shows trying to prove itself as a storytelling medium. Exceptions do not make a proof.

>So Re:Zero was just another "Make it an anime so we can sell more LN shit" show?
LN sales only benefits Kadokawa and not the other investors. But it's those sales that lets the anime production committee get IP access. It's the responsibility of the production committee members to sell licenses and merchandise.

Picture is example of licensing sales.


you know, I was already completely v-triggered from line 1 but
>it wasn't moeshit
have you looked at the artstyle?
have you literally closed your eyes every time a female was on screen?
this is the definition of moeshit

>Re:Zero and MOB are both anti-Otaku and are better for it

Re:Zero is not anti-otaku. It is anti-NEET due to its multiple episodes dealing with various aspects of NEET personality. The episodes don't really deal with otaku traits anywhere as much as they deal with NEETs being parasites needing others to provide for them. It's a lot tougher in Japan as it doesn't have anywhere the social welfare that western europe or the USA provides to their NEETs and refugee immigrants from afghanistan, pakistan, africa, and elsewhere.

Cred Forums as usual, then.

I came back to Cred Forums after re:zero ended just to see the shitposts, after I saw the scores for it skyrocket on every anime related website.

I had no idea the butthurt would be this intense. This is like ten times more enjoyable to watch than I expected. Every other website rates it like 90-95% 4-5 stars or 7-10/10, leaning heavily towards the maximum possible scores, and yet every thread on Cred Forums for probably the next few months minimum will be full of people who came into the threads just to post about how much they hate it and how every single aspect of it is garbage, and the posts about people liking it are samgefagging.

Reminds me of Madoka.

Madoka was actually great though.
Re:zero was merely good.

>I had no idea the butthurt would be this intense.
The butthurt relates to the age of Cred Forums's denizens. The vast majority are under 20. So the preachy nature of Re:Zero offends the neet underachievers. Subaru shows the results of people who have only desire but not the ability due to squandering his educational opportunities. Unlike those moderated websites full of posts that approve or like Re:Zero, Cred Forums has anonymous posters who feel free to attack.

The MC is quite unlikable

I'm fine with the story but I wish they didn't portray him with such retarded faces

Because he got there 18 years ago. And Subaru is at the end of arc 3 one or two months into it. And, if I'm not mistaken, now in Arc 6 two years have already passed (and he got his shit together pretty good).

Come to think of it, where the fuck has this asshole been this entire time while his whole domain was blown to pieces?

Why? She would have been just as whiny and spergish.

The author is a hack and that relies on pure shock value to carry the show. You can say it's entertaining but the moment you say stupid shit like muh well directed or muh character development is when I just think you've only watched 5 shows in your life.

This is poor mans Steins;Gate

There's gotta be a balanced middle ground between a boring Gary Stue and an absolute trash who spews cringy and incoherent stuff all the fucking time, never fucking learns and is an all-around embarassment to the human race like Subaru is. Just because it's a different spin on the usual MC doesn't make it automatically interesting like most Re:tards seem to believe. It's almost insulting that we're supposed to self-insert with such a pathetic, despicable character and it speaks fucking volumes about the kind of people who roams this board when most people are self-inserting without a second thought.

Typical Cred Forums

I completely agree with you.

It's like, does it really have to be two extremes? Does it HAVE to be 'loser faggot' or 'invincible god-king'?

Does Japan not understand subtlety? Or do they really have such a low opinion of viewers? Like, the average Cred Forums viewer could probably manage to be less autistic than Subaru.

Good MCs have already been perfected.

the show's over, go home

Re:zero would have been better if Lupin was main character

More MC perfection. Kaiki would have been ruling that bitch within a week.

It's a mechanic that's just as well oiled as your typical overpowered main character. it's not about how much more powerful and over-the-top the MC can get anymore, people got bored of that; now they're doing the exact opposite: making the MC as pathetic and miserable as possible. It's not about making you forget your sad little life anymore, but rather confronting the audience with how much of a failure as a human being they themselves are. Both processes are like clockwork and neither of them are something difficult to achieve, subtlety and nuances are literally banished.

When you go on a Re:Zero thread, on any website, and see how much people can "relate" or how "it hits way too close to home" everytime Subaru admits how much of an idiot he is and how he is the laziest fuck in the entire universe, both by his actions and speeches, you realize they know exactly what kind of audience they're adressing.

That's because Kazuma and Subaru have different backgrounds and different powers. And I'm certain that their personalties, at least writing-wise, match their environments. For example, no girl would be willing to go with Kazuma seeing as that he's a lech, and if he somehow did end up with Satella in the early stages he'd be more or less at her mercy, provided that the circumstances behind the plot of his series still happens.


That's the go to response to anyone who criticizes this garbage. It's great that you like it, but it isn't anywhere near AOTY. Hell, it isn't even AOTS.

But most Isekais have that already, save arguably for the manly man part. Sure there's some heartbreaking hardship that changes their outlook on stuff forever, but they usually keep that to themselves until the story remembers that it happened. Look at Kirito and how poorly the Sachi plotline was handled.

I think while it was super cringeworthy to see Subaru act like he did, it was also kind of refreshing. Doesn't mean it couldn't have been handled better, but I just liked how it was different.

you are a fucking retard. A literal piece of shit.

If you had more than 1 inch of brain, you would understand that the "popularity spike" was cause by a change in direction that lowered the show's quality dramatically but also had shock value that attracted a new market.
ReZero had like 3 or 4 similar moments where the quality just kept going down.