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Cute girls writing cute girls doing cute things series.

A female bodyguard falls in love with a peasant boy.

A masochist falls in love with a sadist.

>Shikata ga N-ai
A boy can't help but fall for a girl.

A boy falls in love at first sight with a girl.

>You and A.I
A boy falls in love with a robot girl.

An amnesic falls in love with a girl.

A boy discovers his hate for a certain girl.

>Baka ja N-ai
A boy falls in love with a retard.

>Kate, I...!
A Japanese man falls in love with a British noblewoman.

A DFC lover falls in love with a busty housewife.

>Otoko ja N-ai
A boy falls in love with a reverse trap without knowing she's a girl.

Bottom one needs to be a thing.

A realistic Isekai where MC actually uses his knowledge in technology to create a black market for weapons and other things, which leads him over time to make deals with kingdoms which grants him noble status. The history is simple, he tries to take over the Isekai world but fails and dies at the end.

Could be much more exciting. Try inserting others from other worlds who are similarly reincarnated, having MC deal with their weapons.

Devilman fights Mazinger Z


Maybe also uses knowledge of germ theory to help improve medicine? Or his outsider perspective helps him settle international disputes without any of the retarded nationalistic shit that weighs down everyone else.

MC is an asshole with a dead end job. He has friends he doesn't value, ambitions he'll never fulfill, and a bitter, hateful inner monologue where he praises himself for being "above" the petty concerns of ordinary people, while not enjoying life a tenth as much as they do. He has no hobbies to speak of, apart from baiting other losers on the Japanese counterpart of /x/.

Late at night he shitposts in one of those stupid chain letter threads where you have to repost shit 9 times or get cursed and haunted to death. He openly mocks everyone and flaunts the rules of the "game" as if to say "what could possibly go wrong?" Sure enough, a spooky ghost girl crawls out of his computer screen... and declares that she's fallen in love with him.


As it turns out, by openly breaking the rules he's essentially declared himself the chosen one. All kinds of weird monsters start showing up around his rathole of an apartment, looking for a fight (or just a snack) and he's the only one who can take them down.

Unfortunately for the world, MC is just as cowardly, inept, and useless in his role as a hero as he is bitter and spiteful in his role as a happy, normal person. So when a monster shows up, he chickens out, neglects to confront it, runs away, or gets beat up and allows it to go on a rampage. Ghost girl is loyal and ensures he always survives, but she has eyes only for him. The rest of the city is out of luck. His landlord gets eaten, his neighbors all get dragged down to hell, the mayor gets possessed, and his cute childhood friend turns into a freakish tentacle monster that eats people with her vagina.

As for MC, he basically can't bring himself to make it his problem. His inner monologue soldiers on, criticizing "normal people" in total denial of what his life has become, until the world is so thoroughly destroyed that he can't find any trace of modern civilization to delude himself with.

And ghost girl, loyal to a fault, is always by his side.

Precision walking anime.

A generic MC and a couple of his classmates get transported into a fantasy world, and go about doing heroic deeds, acquiring a cute harem and some other badass allies to travel along with them saving the world.
And then, 2 or 3 volumes in, MC and his first bro he allied with when he came over get drunk and fuck like animals. The morning after, the both realize what they have done, and worse yet, they both secretly really enjoyed it. They decide to try pretend it never happened.The rest of the series is the plot of saving the world plus some actual development for the MC's classmates and his "harem" while the MC and his new bro/crush try desperately to ignore the elephant in the room of their feelings for each other and keep it and all their romantic moments/lapses a secret from the rest of their party.

A faggot falls in love with a thread

Unable to contain his faggotry, he is gifted by a faggot mod with infinite number of VPNs. Never minding the strange captcha code, he immediately makes another edition and is overjoyed that the crossboarders love him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s editions to the crossboarders, they only look at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the crossboaders he called are not the same crossboarders he fell in love with. In fact, they don't exist in this universe at all. Tehy are alternate Reddit counterparts, who have fallen in love with the MC’s own Reddit self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private CP in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, SELF-FELLATIO ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of REDDIT.

The southern reach trilogy anime but set in the Kyushu area instead of north Florida.

A 2nd stein's gate opens with small penised invaders who make ridiculous claims of JDF raping their ugly whore women who gave themselves willingly. JDF and the US military team up with magical anime girls to destroy these savages and then colonize them, the invaders only have spears

It's a grimdark edgy fantasy world, filled with all kinds of bullshit for little more than shock value. Everything is almost relentlessly awful. Monsters and demons are everywhere, everything is corrupt, and it's just a total shithole which regularly crushes and tears down anything that tries to be hopeful and good. The heroes are almost all inevitably twisted and broken into pathetic mockeries of what they once were, as if to spite the notion that true decency could ever exist.

The twist here is that the MC is a "villain" protagonist, but he's just unable to keep up with the pure edge of the setting. When he manipulates politics to his advantage or blackmails important figures to do his bidding, he somehow makes everything better. Whether he steals sacred treasures, conquers cities, or usurps thrones, he simply fails to make anything worse. His villainy is just too light-hearted in comparison to everything else, actually having some kind of standards, so he winds up being the hero by default.

Holy shit this could actually work.

We've had anime about art student's, music students, etc. but nothing about engineering students which would include:

> Blowing stuff up both intentional and not
> lack of sleep resulting in "intresting" energy drink mixes
> pranking other non engineering dorms by hiding multiple car alarm in them building (yeah we had some people do that last year at my school)

A god in an isekai gets bored of being a god so he decides to go into the the realm of the normies for shits and giggles and gets himself dragged into a war for more giggles, when a female soldier finds out his identity she tries to blackmail him, mc does not give two literal fucks but goes along with it for yet more shitting and giggling. So he gets sucked into an adventure where he manipulates events with godshit and gives all the glory of it to an asshat soldier with an ego.

Waiting for 'it' to grace this thread and save us from all the garbage posted ITT.

Reminder that this is what happens to the best anime plots in these threads.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.



It's actually Keito-Ai.


Keito means yarn and ai means love.

It becomes a pun on love and the red string of fate.

I know, you little weeb


The title is "The God That Wanted to Laugh"

> Gouras
The MC. A god of madness with mortal origins. He's grown bored of his duties so he decided to go to the mortal realm and assumes a new identity in order to find something that can possibly entertain him.

> Risa Wulvane
A soldier who finds out Gouras' identity and tries to blackmail him. An idealistic young woman who is willing to commit crimes if it means bringing her country to the top.

> Ryuuchi Kira
A young man who seems to be from another world. Gouras deems him boring and tries to spice his life up a bit by putting him into situations that makes other men envious of him.

I'd make a show about a loss prevention detective and his greatest nemesis, the petty thief. They are geniuses, but they both work essentially dead end jobs.

Detective knows that the thief is stealing alcohol somehow, and he is constantly weighing the bottles, searching for discrepancies. One day he lucks out and he gets a bottle that weighs more than the night before. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone has been replacing fluids in the bottles.

He confronts the thief, who merely says: if you think I am watering down your alcohol, why don't you test the buoyancy?

Detective tests the buoyancy, and it's at the correct percentage. The liquor has not been watered down.

>thief grins smugly

The detective is baffled.

>I know you're fucking stealing, there is no other explaination for an increase in the weight.

Stuff like that. Phone glitched out and wouldn't let me type more, but I could click post still luckily. Umm, there is an answer to the riddle though, what do you guys think it is? The detective is right, alcohol is being stolen somehow.

An anime about polar bears plotting world domination.
For the first 11 episodes everything is going smoothly as recruit new friends and develop insidious weapons that will help them exterminate the human race. However at the end of episode 12 they realize that they don't know how to swim.
The end credit scene features a peaceful day in Finnmark, where a fisherman notices a warship carrying polarbears headed towards Oslo.

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she had an ability to go back in time by dying, she mostly wears training jersey.

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she can always win any games (in actuality by making up new rules during the game), and a neet.

>a girl claiming she always solves another person problem but will make herself looks bad, a self proclaimed loner because of that (even though she always hangs around with a handsome and popular guy, but she said she want something GENUINE)

>a bland and generic girl who somehow attracts a lot of handsome guys. Somehow always do some accident like (accidentally opening bathroom when the guy is bathing, or when the guy is changing, accidentally touching guy chest, crotch, etc)

>MC a regular soldier who refuse to open his helmet, or speaks. Very loyal to its motherland and a bros before hoes kind of guy, and will do any assignment bestowed upon him if it was an order from the kingdom.He only communicate with his gesture

>One day in the castle, all those girls are gathered there by the king. Royal Priest said that one of them bears the power of hero who can saved the world from the upcoming demon lord. The soldiers and MC have to tend all those girls in the time being, until it revealed who is the real hero among them.

You know the settings

A western Chad gets transferred to a Japanese high school due to his father working in Japan. He gets a harem. The end.

Cute girls do cute things IN SPACE

The world has hobbies and fighting styles reversed. Instead of facing the MC with proper fighting techniques all of his opponents use stupid shit like soccer or chess as their weapons of choise. The MC is the only normal sword figher in that story. He actually beats his opponents without power level crap and develops a proper strategy.
Except for the final fight against his rival or whatever whom he just one shots because he is the only one who uses proper weapons.

He also has a wacky sidekick I suppose and best girl appears halfway throughout the story.

Slice of life anime that constantly drops super subtle hints that the two main character roommates are living in a haunted house.

Like they would have a cat obviously, and sometimes the cats eyes would track things that aren't there.

American presidential election 2016 anime parody.

It opens with a montage of exposition you need. A shadowy Hillary figure pressing the delete key on emails, all the candidates announcing their presidential runs and it goes split screen as they all say president in unison.

Intrigue. Corruption. Hilarity. Getting BTFO in debates actually launches you into space. Rubio is really a robot. Trump collects powers from everyone he defeats like mega man. In the end all his vanquished allies return to aid him in the final battle for the house.

I think you mean Hillaryty.

Final battle is a literal refugee war. Obama imports refugees in order to defend the white house from the military which now supports Trump. Food supplies are an issue for Trump's side until Ben Carson rises up pyramids full of grain in some american desert.

Trump tower gets besieged or something.

Starts with a typical highschool harem except the main character is one of the harem girls. She isn't overly malicious but still wants to be MC's one and only. After some dramatic events one of the harem girls actually ends up falling for her, and she then gets the idea of stealing away harem-kun's girls so that she'll be the only one left. So begins her quest to romance girls so she can win the boy.

Produced by Silver Link.


The Rose of Normandie

A young SS soldier stationed in Normandie and a french girl falls in the Normandie countryside after she treats his wounds and saves his life after a partisan attack. Their relationship grows stronger during their time together and they make plans for what they will do once the war ends. As defeat becomes more and more of a reality they get reminded of their national allegiances but they have become to attached to each other, and then the 6th of June 1944 arrives and everything changes...

Why do the gooks need a portal when they can just use boats?

He dies in the last episode and she gets her head shaved and is paraded naked through the streets of her home village as her neighbors jeer and spit on her?

10/10 would watch, buy Manga and LN

Yup, forgot the part about the Americans realizing he's SS and brutally torturing him to death.

In the end, even more girls and boys are after her. But not harem-kun

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

EP 1:
EP 13:

it finally appears

inb4 it's already a thing

Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子


Stop posting Keit-ai because it's already an anime.

This, but the candidates are little girls

30 year old Neet hates how he's spent his life accomplishing nothing. All he does is spend his time alone and online. One day when he's on his computer his house is struck by lightning and his consciousness is transferred into the internet. He can freely move between computers and cellphones, and snoop on peoples conversations. At first he has a lot of fun learning peoples secrets and messing with their stuff, but he eventually realizes that he can be a saving power to prevent young people from living the boring life he lead.

Isekai, but the MC is a badass cyborg soldier. But the powers-that-be that brought him to their world thought he was a regular student. Now they're fucked cause the guy they thought they could torment for giggles is fucking their shit up.

MC is the last living thing on Earth at the end of a plot that turned out to be a contest for the God Machine and control over the nature of reality. He regrets absolutely everything that happened to get him to this point and goes back in time to try and do better, using his experience and foreknowledge to save all the friends and romantic interests he'd made and stop the secret behind the scenes enemies he'd had all along. He arrives at the beginning again, and immediately the people he knew start making new decisions on their own, behaving strangely, rapidly deviating beyond his ability to predict and changing everything about what he was personally invested in protecting.

It comes out that everyone involved has also traveled back in time, from the end of their own timelines, with their own version of completely different events they're trying to prevent and their own memories of a different him. The people he wanted to save are already gone and replaced with strangers to him, the world is still just about to end, and he still has the chance to avert it or take control of it and try to fix it again.

inb4 black lives matter mods

This series focuses on two protagonists. One is your everyday Japanese NEET, who dreams of the day when he can travel to an alternate fantasy world. The other is an American "prepper", who has waited her entire life for the world to fall into an apocolypse, so she can finally do everything the law would prevent her from doing and be free.

The two of them happen to die at the same time, on opposite sides of the earth. And naturally, the gods have a mix up and transfer both protagonists to each other's ideal world.

So the NEET wakes up in a dystopian zombie vaporwave apocalypse, where his goal is simply to survive. And the prepper wakes up in a generic RPG world, where she is expected to put her selfishness aside and become a true hero.

Isekai anime where the MC is too fucking OP and bored from the world, he literaly kills the demon lord in one punch in the first episode.

The series is a SoL where the MC spends most of his time bored in the world and more demon lords with even more ridiculous power leves and hax are killed by him.

He can have cute monster girls and bros as well.

A worthless hikki NEET otaku loser is transported to a fantasy world. Using his overpowered chosen one ability, knowledge of fantasy cliches and high school level science and engineering, he quickly becomes the most powerful person in the land and starts plotting world conquest.

He's the main antagonist and the protagonist is a local hero and his teammates who are trying to save the world from him.

its like pokemon but without the pokemon

A mystery thriller located in an island where is supposed to be inhabited by youkais.

Many locked rooms murders and "impossible" murders happens in the story, the MC is an detective that doesn't believe in bullshit youkai and magic so he is trying to figure out the killer and how the murders occurred using using logic.

Anime is a mahou shoujo battle royale that 8 girls are chosen by the "mascot" in becoming magical girls.

They have to kill eachother so that their wishs are granted.

MC is a moralfag that doesn't want to kill anyone, she dies first and is substituted by her killer.

Murrica. Two groups of students, independently and unknowingly to the other, plan a school shooting. By chance they pick the same day, so they end up fighting each other for the spotlight. Hilarity ensues.


This thread is actually pretty good.

The physical and spiritual world overlay each other, and sometimes bleed into one another causing ghosts or humans to be sent into their other world. People born with holy or psychic power live in between worlds, becoming mediums, and they'd drive back / eliminate ghosts.

The main character is a half baked medium with no special powers aside from living between worlds and seeing ghosts so he'd use junk like holy water, blessing salt, pentagram gloves and other tools.

While other mediums believe ghosts are formed from malice and eliminate them because they're just a danger to the physical world, and if those ghosts pass on instead of being purged, they'd be reborn as terrible people who commit crimes.
The MC would believe they're just people who died with a regret so he lets spirits possess him so they can take care of that regret and pass on. He'd basically run an odd jobs service but for spirits.

Eventually he'd fight other mediums because their different ideals on how to deal with ghosts. He'd become the person people blame for the bleeding between worlds because of his forbidden practice of spiritual possession Dealing with cults and all that kinda shit.

So there is this 20 year old mc who is very smart and ambitious. He lives alone. One day on his way to university, he sees a 14 year old boy who is about to commit suicide. He stops te boy and befriends him. The boy has a really sad family life, and nobody to talk to. The boy starts spending time at the mc's place, where the mc slowly becomes a sort of a therapist for the boy. They become really close after the boy after he opens up and pours his heart out. Soon their relationship becomes sexual. They live together like this, until the boy meets a girl who likes him. At first the mc is proud of the boy, but soon he becomes jealous. He is in love with the boy and the girl, while he is afraid that he will be left out. He tries his damnedest to manipulate the situation to his gain, but he just can't bring himself to hurt the boy. The mc starts also interacting with the girl, and after hearing her sad story, they find a conclusion. All three of them will live together as lovers, friends and family.

So Cred Forums, will my 10 episode series become a suprise success with the masses?

No, only with the fbi

I don't think that the feds care about the nips.

Type more.

Will some characters turn out to be actually capable of fighting?

A fantasy anime set in a version of the Ancient World where magic and mythical creatures are real. The catch is that it takes place in an alternate timeline where buddhism spread out of India into the Middle East, Mediterranian and Europe and merged with Hellenistic culture, so the setting has influences of both western and eastern mythologies

Ok, get this. There is a NEET who enters a fantasy world and gets a harem. Where's my production money?

Due to the rules that govern heaven and earth, spirits linger on earth to comfort their loved ones and act as guardian spirits for their ancestors, and they can go on to eternal rest in the afterlife when, and only when, they are forgotten, and their name is spoken for the last time.

Our MC is a young, run-of-the-mill otaku NEET who works at a convenience store and spurns all social contact, living alone in the house of his late mother. One morning he awakens to find himself a spirit, with no memories of his death and after being taught the rules of the afterlife by St. Gabriel, he rushes off to find his body and make sure the police don't throw away his anime collection. As he runs he is relieved at the prospect of being quickly forgotten and leaving this world behind.

Unfortunately, he finds himself drawn to downtown Tokyo, where his splattered remains are arranged in such an absurd, eye-catching, horrific, and unexplainable fashion that Detectives investigating who the body could possibly be are covering every channel 24/7.

Meeting fellow spirits along the way, MC sets off on a journey to infinity, watching as his name - and his corpse - are etched into the annals of history, and as future civilizations dig up these history texts and use them to write new ones. As centuries pass, MC's name, and his unexplainable death, never fail to be on the tip of mankind's tongue, and unless he helps close his own 5,000 yr old murder case, he will never reach his afterlife, and reconnect with all the souls he's befriended along the way.

>tfw i actually want to write this now

How about a hero being transported in our world to fight sjw and soccer moms in suv's

I wanna write mine too, user. Don't let the shitposting hold you back.

Random medieval fantasy setting slice of life with different stories about different characters in different countries. Some last 1 episode some are arcs of 2-3 episodes.

Some could be about a group of adventurers crawling dungeons.

One could be about the daily duties of a city guard.

Some episodes about diplomatic conflicts between elves and human nations.

Some episodes about a slave hunter who starts to realize he is living his life wrongly

An episode about the daily basics of dwarven blacksmith in a human city

A random assassin doing dirty jobs to pay for his daughter expensive medicine.

An episode about [introduce your favorite NPC character here]

A Japanese battleship patrolling the the coast is struck by a sudden storm. When the ship emerges to find that their navigation instruments no longer function, the damaged ship limps towards Tokyo Bay. Upon arrival they are fired upon by black tall ships and have no choice but to retaliate. After sinking the black ships, the crew discovers they have just destroyed Commodore Perry's fleet.

The anime proceeds along the consequences of altering Japans historical abandonment of its isolationist policies and the temptations of the crew to alter history further.

Does he use a sword?
I'd watch it

The MC is bullied by her classmates and sexually abused by her teacher.

One day she meets with a witch, that says that will help her out having her revenge. The story progress with the MC getting her revenge, starting with her bullies using blackmail, gossip, and "magic" against them and finally killing the classmates and the teacher.

Turns out that there were no magic or witch, she was just insane and mindbroken.

The MC is bullied by his classmate and when he tells on him, the bully fucks the teacher. When he tells his mom, the bully fucks his mom.

The women are interchangeable. You're what the bully really wanted, MC-kun.

>You and A.I
>A boy falls in love with a robot girl.
A.I. Love You was a better title.

>Generic isekai world.
>0815 guy gets transported into world.
>gets scammed and loses almost evrything he has.
>nice guy appears (the bro of the show).
>turns out bro is a merchant.
>bro takes mc in and teaches him the basic of trading.
>mc has a natural talent for trading.
>have story about trading.

>stuff will happen and both of them get chased by one of the many kingdoms.
>at some point they will start their own merchant guild.
>will specialize in black market stuff.
>one of them will betray the other.
>sad end

He's replacing expensive alcohol with cheap alcohol in order to preserve the correct alcohol percentage, but still profiting. The only way to figure it out is to be one of those assholes who can taste the difference between various vodkas.

Story about a band of otaku (stay with me here) journeying through a world as vagabonds where others commission them to solve situations using their individual specialties, featuring
Dropout animator with loads of waifu merch (loser MC, but not more focused)
J*mp expert who tries to act cool and tough all the time
Fraternal twins that play VN, especially otome and H-games respectively (twincest?)
School prince high-school girl shoujo expert
Ojiisan who only likes 60s or earlier
Pervy harem fan who treats all girls like archetypes and gets hit for "accidental" hijinks
LN fan who actually reads lots of literature (very smart and snobby)
Doujin artist who constantly teases animator
Late-night viewer that always acts emo like his MATURE anime
Okaasan who only knows mainstream family/kid series that she watches with her family ara ara~
Fan of western animation who hates anything Japanese (uses lots of Engrish and has bleached hair/blue colored contacts)
Westerner weeaboo (female) who intentionally speaks with 30+ verbal tics and an awful moe voice
Salaryman who watches moe to avoid ZETSUBOU
RPG player who hates the other members

Watch as they all come together to commit mass pandering and havoc to all they purvey!

Only one worth watching

>Fan of western animation who hates anything Japanese (uses lots of Engrish and has bleached hair/blue colored contacts)
>Westerner weeaboo (female) who intentionally speaks with 30+ verbal tics and an awful moe voice
Sold me with these.

I would watch it.

Cute boys doing cute things to eachother

Mad max but with cute girls instead

Manime: the anime.

I've written an entire 12 episode anime season. I'm not sure how good it is, though.

I'd watch it.

>Western front

K-on but with vaporwave

Honestly there needs to be some anime with electronic soundtracks. It might be less of an issue since there would be no need for an orchestra.


You're talking as if electronic OSTs are not extremely common.

Guy ascends to God-hood in order to raise to the level of the Gods his people have always worshiped devoutly.

He manages it and upon doing so is met with the petty deific in-fighting you always get in myths.

Does anyone have that one about regular fighter dude who just want a good swordfight, teamed up with magical girls? Armor kun i think?

I don't have it saved but I too remember it's majesty

Ange Vierge?


I can't believe no one has posted this yet.

A 16-year old whose mind has been poisoned by harem manga enrolls in a school with an improbable male-to-female ratio such that harem-type relationship circles become expected.

Determined to get a harem of his own, checklist in hand, each episode follows his misadventures as he tries to get his own group of groupies.

He goes off in pursuit of an angry, flat-chested redhead. Unfortunately, when he bumps into her and gropes her, not only is she *not* angry, but she was slightly aroused by his boldness, and immediately skips to dere.
Cursing, he beats feet and tries to find another.

When he tries to convince a short, white-haired girl to be his token stoic loli, she rolls up her sleeves, puts on a commissar cap, whips out a wooden sword, knocks him on his ass, before kicking him in the gut and stomping off.

He tries to build his harem, but everyone is of the wrong archetype.

Other characters he tries to recruit include:
-Large-breasted drill hair blonde ojou who is very sheltered. She is a neet.

-Girl that everyone assumes is just being chuu2, but has an actual demon in her eye

-A yandere fujoshi who is intent on preserving the (assumed) homoerotic relationships of A-kun, one of the MC's male friends. As of a month in, the MC doesn't have a proper harem, so the yandere assumes he was gay and so keeps trying to forcibly ship the MC with A-kun.

thanks bro, saved
If i even win a lottery, i would totally fund it.
which studio?

Ufotable my dude

Want that uberbudget

A prequel to Initial D set in the year 1980 about Bunta Fujiwara. Has an Italo Disco soundtrack.

Would watch

Also I think a story about a small group of knights doing minor quests but generally kicking ass would be pretty fucking cool. No shitty archetypes or anything, just a band of bro-knights wandering the land doing requests for people

i can hear it

A hero who going on an adventure to fight the demon king but actually trying to fight his way back out of coma and then lose his memory during coma when he wake up

One day the MC wakes up in the same world as always, opens Cred Forums and realizes he's suddenly a mod. Turns out his mod powers are completely hidden away from other mods and the moot of that universe and no one knows how he got it.
He uses those powers to go on a crusade against shitposting and cleaning up the website from things he considers shit, but eventually the power gets to his head and he ends up making the whole thing shittier than it used to be and gets doxxed by a band of user heroes.
Basically a tale of self discovery with Death Note and self inserting because everyone wants to be a mod without responsibilities.

If i win a lottery i would not need unlimited budget works. Also, somehow i don't see it. It would need some gritty realistic tone for Armor-san mixed with something mahou shoujo.
Bones (sword of the stranger style) meet, fuck i don't know, maybe just Bones would be fine?

Well yea actually Bones does seem to be the type that'd pull it off

You're lying.

Anonymous can't write.

I'm truthing.

post it faggit

Children of the rich almost always end up disastrous adults as the money influences their peers and their attitudes. Thus it became an unofficial rule: once you become wealthy, you immediately self-disqualify yourself from having children. However, after decades under this rule, one recently wealthy couple decides to have a child and prove the naysayers wrong. The story follows the child as he faces the ridicule of his peers, unsure of why he is hated so much. Regardless of how he tries to solve his problems, via grand parties, gifts, favors, his naivety leads to his suffering. Slowly, he turns to the money that his peers reject him for to try and force things his way. Meanwhile, the parents face immense pressure from society, with everyone trying to give their own advice and take care of their child for them.

The story probably doesn't end happily.

You know what needs to be done!

I'm too afraid of plagiarism, or, on the other hand, of it gaining popularity if it does get out online and then having to actually move forward with it.
That's just the first of four seasons, of which the latter three are not yet finished.
I've been looking for an artist for a long time to maybe adapt it into a manga/web-comic. Releasing it that way would insure that I'd still hold the copy rights. But the artist I was working with has too much going on in his life to really put the effort into it that I am.

Literally everyone has said this about their stories, never turns out to be good enough or nobody cares enough to plagiarize. Just post it.

MC is the background character in a school where all the plots happen. He sits smack in the middle of the classroom. He's got no friends, no hijinks, just an ordinary life. Every plot he tries to enter just shuts the door in his face. Can't get with the band kids, the sports teams, the time traveler club, the student council, the countless romances going on behind him involving all sorts of magical shit and cellphones.

Each episode starts out like the pilot for one of the groups in the class, with MC trying to insert himself into the group with no success. However, he learns alot about each group and usually steps in toward the end of each episode to solve the problem quickly as an outside observer.

Toward the end of the show the stakes will get much higher, with MC eventually sacrificing himself.

no it isnt. it makes the "ai" joke redundant

A sports manga based on professional wrestling. The twist is that it's all keyfabe and the MC, a strong-but-dimwitted newcomer, has no idea it's fake.

Instead of going through traditional training arcs, he instead must learn how to act and give the audience a show instead of a beatdown. Hilarity ensues as all of his fellow coworkers have completely different personalities outside of the ring.

Would watch 12 episodes of Nazi wankery to see these faggots get what they deserved.

24 episodes if it's on the Eastern Front, the girl gets tortured after liberation, and the SS guy watched from the shadows, and deals with PTSD from that while retreating back to the Fatherland, and dies in Berlin while the Soviet Army storms the Reichstag and rapes his new girlfriend.

Three seasons, some OVAs and a film if it's from the point of view of the Soviets.

A grimdark medieval fantasy set in generic notDarkAges world set in eternal war because reasons

Totally not self insert MC makes a living as a part of a mercenary band hired by insert incompetent kingdom here to fight the evul world conquering actually competent empire

Where he discovers a young girl as a last survivor of a ruined village. Adopted by MC, the anime follows the two as they try to find a peaceful life in a continent shrouded in tragedy

Lots of world building with epic legendary battles that shape history happening in the background due to MC's profession but it mostly deals with the aftermath of decisive battles that determine the fate of nations as they learn to adapt under new management while looking at the perspective of people involved in conflict ranging from ignorant peasants all the way to local feudal lords with the hardships they face

A harem anime where the main character is a humanized pizza, and he must choose between various topping girls.

>Pepper Onie is his childhood friend with big titties and nipples looking like her namesake
>Anne Chovie is the obligatory loli character who always smells like fish
>Belle Cap is the stoner girl
>Onions is an incredibly sentimental girl who cries all the time
>Sausage is the trap
>Oregano is the reverse trap, as everyone believes she's a guy named Gano
>Pineapple is a transfer student from Hawaii who is always abused because nobody likes her with Pizza. Her best friend is Ham, who is chubby
>The MC's best friends are Hamburger, Hot Dog, and Sandwich, who all have their own harems and romantic problems as well
>For example, Hot Dog is a Chicago-style, and thus has a harem with Tomato, Relish, Poppy Bun, Mustard, etc
>But he also has a forbidden relationship with Ketchup


Or did that very German expression appear in English as well?

11/10, would watch.

I just want more harems where the token trap character is actually relevant. The only ones I can think of are Itokoi no Chidori and Shinshunki na Adam. What's the point of adding a trap if they aren't gonna get dicked?

MC has the ability to "see" people's fetishes which makes him disgusted with almost everyone (even his brocon sisters), but one day a girl transfers into his class and he cannot "see" anything in her, she is purehearted and without sexual corruption.

He jokes to himself that maybe the girl is a robot or android, but when he tries talking to her after class he is hit by a truck and wakes up in a fantasy setting with RPG rules fuck you and your shit taste, Japan

I would laugh myself to death watching this

Insane over-the-top twists that completely destroy the original premise halfway through the first episode are my favorite thing

Kek, would definetly watch.

MC goes to office to get building permit. Office is full of clueless, clumsy little girls. MC is caught in endless beurocracy and can't now leave the building without leaving permit.

pattern: the more competent the role is, more selfish and little the little girl is.

That sounds like that text mission from Space Rangers with little girls added.

An anime about submarines. Naturally they are all piloted by little girls.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Nice Repost user

A loli from japan falls in love with president John f kennedy, but nobody will tell her that he's been dead for years.
she builds shrines to him and worships him like a god, telling everybody that they will be married one day. everybody thinks she's super weird and doesn't want to break it to her.

Plot Twist: He actually faked his death, and comes out of hiding to find his true love

I enjoyed posting it the first time and I enjoyed posting it this time

Plus it kicks the ass of that isekai ripoff armorbro story and that guy still insists on reposting it every thread

dude that sounds boring as fuck

The MC is diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and has 10 years to live. He vows to fug everyone.
Hijinks ensue.

Literally the plot of Mirai Nikki

Three high school 3rd years find the porn they brought to school is missing --one is a delinquent wild type that all the students fear, another is the student council president and a meticulous genius, and finally is the school heart throb prettyboy. They all realize their porn has been found and confiscated by a teacher. They simultaneously and independently sneak into the teacher's offices to get it back and discover they all share a fetish: straight shota. Thus they enter into a pact. Together they will be a triumvirate of wingmen, pooling their individual talents to help the others get laid. But there is a deadline. If they can't get laid by the time they graduate they will enter into the world of men and forever lose the chance to seduce an older woman as a boy. Every episode is some wacky and inevitably failed scheme to find an attractive women, learn her name, talk with her, try to determine if she's into boys, etc... Each and every failed attempt get cataloged into a notebook that the student council president keeps to chronicle their efforts. Finally graduation day comes and the boys' dream is still unfulfilled. They part ways disheartened and resign themselves to their different paths in life. But then skip ahead to the spring and the three find themselves all drawn back to the school one last time. They meet behind the school and resolve to burn their notes in the incinerator and finally wave goodbye to their boyhood. But they find instead 3 new 1st years trying to sneak a peak at a porno mag out behind the school building. It's a mag of older women. And so they pass on their notebook and their chronicles, so that a new generation might race toward that finish line on behalf of them and indeed all boys, and bring them vicariously one step closer to fulfilling that elusive dream.

Cougar Hunt: The Animation

>Mid 80s
>Brutal edgy hardcore MC
>starts a gang and terrorizes tokyo
>famous throughout the whole country for his antics
>kills people on a daily basis and always escapes the cops
>gets setup
>blasted firing squad style
>grade school loli with a heart condition dies in her sleep
>Edgy mc killsalot is put into her body
>has a second chance at life
>tries to start a new gang but nobody respects him cause he's a cute little girl now
>takes advantage of new body for comedic effect
>works behind the scenes in the criminal world
>Some douche starts killing her henchman
>she sets him up
It was himself

>Family trip ended in a fatal accident, only Loli imouto and her Onii-chan survived
>At funeral, Onii-chan promised his Loli imouto that he will protect her
>Onii-chan works to support himself and his imouto
>Onii-chan also dated with many women, but they are all bitches who toyed with his feeling and cheated his hard earned money and eventually dumps him
>Loli see her Onii-chan devastated emotionally and financially, but he always keeps a facade in order not to worry his imouto
>But the Loli knew what happened to him and blames the bitches for what they did to her Onii-chan and decided that she is the only one capable of protecting her precious Onii-chan
>seeks revenge for on these bitches and secretly plots to murder them
>one by one the Loli killed the bitches in the most gruesome way possible but carefully left no traces of evidence that will point to her and even if she did the police think it's impossible for a little girl to kill an adult anyways.
>with every murder the Loli's mind slowly became unstable and more yandere like, knowing that everything she did was for her onii-chan.
>to make matters worse, Onii-chan got himself another girlfriend. But in truth she's a private detective working on the murder case and she's trying to get close to him because all the murdered bitch have one thing in common, they all dated Onii-chan b4.
>The Loli knew the Detective's identity and planned to kill her to protect her Onii-chan. But then she had a bright idea, why not pin all the murders to that bitch instead and started plotting
>the Loli manipulated and ruined the Detective's life, slowly losing her sanity
>In the end Loli accidentally fucked up and she was revealed to be the murderer. Detective, after losing everything has finally lost it and tried to kill Loli. Loli fights back but was eventually overpowered.
>Onii-chan, who finally knew everything, kills the Detective to save his Loli imouto, thus keeping his promise to protect her.

this is the plot of 3 lifetime movies turned into anime

A young up'n'coming MMA fighter is making big money as a popular fresh face in the fight circuits.
He gets sold from his tiny manager to some other fight league that is technically backed by yakuza
His new manager wants him to throw fights to up the tension around his upcoming championship challenge
When he refuses to rig his fights, he's involved in a car crash that pulverizes bones in his hands and feet
In hospital he becomes increasingly melancholic when he realizes he can never fight again
Doctors say any traumatic injuries could render his hands or feet totally useless for the rest of his life
With the odds of such injuries being phenominally high as a fighter, he can't possibly go back
Slowly he finds his professional acquaintences leave him, and his friends only remind him of everything he can't do
As he loses himself to depression his attending nurse proves his last anchor to life
She talks him into attending a flower arrangement class that the hospital offers as part of physical therapy to get the dexterity in his finger back
He becomes unexpectedly absorbed in it and upon his discharge his instructor suggests he enter an ikebana competition
His competitive nature flares back up but proves more a hindrance than an advantage
He takes a step back and reexamines his approach, drawing parallels between flowers and fighting, until he learns to develop a style that is uniquely his own
In the process of this training he also becomes interested in cultivating his own flowers, so gets involved with gardening and landscaping thru friends of his instructor
He begins working at a small privately run gardening store and florists in a cheaper area of the city
His foul mouthed graceless middle aged female boss has gotten into disputes with local yakuza, a parallel branch of the group that owned the fight league that ended his career
When her reluctance to sell her store or the neighboring lot where she grows her plants, the yakuza try to intimidate and strong arm her

This sounds like me, way to much..

d-don't ask.. it's weird.

cont from The fighter gets into tussles with street level yakuza goons and together he and his boss decide to do something
Pooling their resources and skills they begin a beautification project to pretty up the town block, raising the land values and throwing a wrench in the yakuza's landgrab scheme
To forward this cause the fighter reaches out to his friends and rivals in the competitive flower arrangement circuit to draw public attention to the conflict over the land, limiting the yakuza's ability to threaten them
In the end they would succeed and save the old market street and maybe ship the fighter with his nurse

The OST would be by Suzumu Hirasawa
also holy shit when did it become so fucking hard to find a decent online version of Hirasawa's niwashi king?

Stop posting Keit-ai because it's already an anime.

>MC is a late 20s college drop out with a major in journalism.
>He left school after a school project with his ex-girlfriend went wrong and she was bullied until she killed herself.
>MC works as a shitty office drone and doesn't interact with anyone except on his forum.
>One day he's assigned to train a new hire at his job.
>He discovers the new hire is actually an investigative reporter on accident who got the job with the company to find out if the rumors of the shady illegal doings the company is involved with are true.
>He gets roped into helping her, but over time finds out his real passion of journalism is coming back to him.
>During this time he learns to overcome the suicide of his former love as he falls in love with the girl he's helping.
>Then they're attacked by an immortal loli and he becomes her slave.
The End.

10/10 Gainax ending.

This could work.

and for the last of my old reposts...

Child genius goes on big name game show and wins big money. but given he was like 12 then it all went to his parents. now he's a deadbeat college dropout and his girlfriend leaves him for being an unemployed bum, so missing the point he decides what he needs is a get rich quick scheme. he tries to get back into gameshows but turns out he's not actually all that good at them and the spectacle of a kid genius competing against adults was more of a publicity stunt. So in spite of his poor interview he gets into a gameshow because the interviewer recognizes him and is a huge gameshow otaku. after he flops out of round 1 the otaku takes him under his wing and coaches him to compete optimally. Along the way he also learns how to cheat his way around certain holes in the system of different games, playing through small prize no name shows as a kind of practice. Eventually he works his way up to a bigger primetime slot show and finds his girlfriend working as a show girl. Turns out she's banging the show host and so a rivalry begins as she and the host work to throw him off his game. The network heads put it on the show producer's head not to lose money to some punk and so a series of hitmen contestants are brought on specifically to knock the hero out of the running. As he navigates the game and surmounts his rivals, one ambitious cameraman begins to spot some of his tricks and becomes the real threat. Finally the long series of high stakes games come to a close, the hero wins the money, and as part of a formality the host has to ask "what do you intend to do with all that money?" and it is revealed that staying in contact with his seemingly estranged family, he had already arranged to pool money with his father in order to buy the network out from under them. He then embarks on a new career of producing gameshows.

I want a series where the qt fuccboi is also MC's best friend who's jealous of his harem. He complains about wanting to be seen as a man and not an adorable little brother, but he's also up to help his best buddy in any way. Including roleplaying as a girl to help him build confidence.

would watch

The MC and some other lads are trapped in a box. They are given food and any other needs that they may have. The exit is up at the top of the box. The MC and his friends have to build a tower of literal shit to get out. Produced by Shaft as a feature length movie.

For some reason I get the feeling like this is less of a unique plot idea for an anime.
and more taking the piss out of a shaft movie that didn't sit well with you..

Anime about Hitler and WW2, but he is the good guy and just wants freedom for germany and every other country and culture in the world, while the evil british empire and the plotting zionists try to destroy the german people and want them be vanished for ever...

Show about getting fit. It's revealed halfway through that the characters are getting fit because they have to fight off other wordly beings in their dreams or some shit and getting jacked is the only way they can get stronger in their dreams.

>that twist
What fucking stupid mechanics does this world have for this to even work?

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

Time travel body snatching.

one off anomaly.

>human guy meets elf girl
>they fuck in some dark place in the first five minutes of the first episode
>girl was actually a some rich asshole's slave
>anime follows guy trying to free the girl
>everything in fantasy setting with some race wars in the background, elfs being submitted to humans
>at the end we discover that the elf girl was actually a cute elf guy
>mc didn't realise that before
>in the end he still fucks the elf

The main characters are a group of little kids in a small town way out in the country. They're playing outside and happen to witness an alien spaceship crash landing in a field. Naturally, they go to meet the alien. It's bleeding, can't speak their language, can't communicate with them in any way, and isn't doing too well in Earth's atmosphere. They brainstorm ways to try to help it and some of them run off to gather up supplies.

While they're on their way back, the army shows up. They scream demands at the alien, shoot the kid who stayed with it, and then shoot the alien and quickly haul away all the evidence of what happened. The other kids witness this. The "smart one" of the group convinces them to stay quiet and sneak away before it sinks in that their friend is dead.

The army suspects there might have been more witnesses, and stations a civilian liaison in town to keep an eye on the locals while they build up their presence in the area. Some of the kids are filled with rage at the way their friend was treated, and the lengths to which the army is going to cover the whole thing up. The liaison does some detective work and soon figures out that these kids were all friends with the one who died. He starts keeping tabs on their families, and pulling strings to manipulate them. Some of the families are forced to move out of town. Out of the kids who stay, one develops leukemia as a result of touching the ship. The hospital is persuaded to kick her out. She dies, and her big sister is the next kid to leave town.

A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well and wants to be with him.
But, the next, day when he tries to recount the previous confession to the girl, she looks at him perplexed and disgusted. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with.
The boy on his way home, confused tries to recall the number from yesterday, and the girl answers claiming she'll be with him forever if he can confess to her in person.

Before the boy can ask her what does she mean, he is killed in an accident and dies. The boy then awakens with him memory intact in a high fantasy world, but in the body of somebody else, a mage.

It is revealed that the MC had accidentally contacted and confessed to a goddess of a high fantasy world who is trapped behind a powerful seal, and a curse is set on him to make him actively try to free and be with her. The curse also set on him makes so if he is to die while on his journey to free her, he will awaken in the body of a different person, body-snatching somebody each and every time, also ruining that person's previous lives/etc.

Hijinks ensue as the boy desperately tries to be with his confessed love becoming involved in many political issues, battles, and back alley deals while questioning the NATURE of LOVE.

I call it Agape: Adventures in a Alternate World Dominated by a Goddess in Love

Years later, the army considers the case closed, but the liaison guy is still keeping tabs on the kids. He's now well into a career as a powerful politician and considers the whole thing a blemish on his past that should just be erased. Therefore he's been arranging "accidents" for each of the friends, and those around them if necessary.

The big sister has moved on with her life and has signed with a music label to perform as an idol, singing about how life is sad. One of the other kids finds her and meets up with her. He tells her she has to run and get off the grid. The suits catch up with him and dispose of him as she's watching. She manages to escape their notice, but they find evidence that she was there, and the politician has her in his crosshairs anyway.

On the night of her show, she's told she can't perform, because she's in trouble with the law and the suits are on their way to collect her. She gets up on stage anyway and manages a single song before army guys storm the stage and blow her brains out. The crowd riots and a bloodbath ensues.

The end, I guess.

Comedy adaptation of to catch a predator.

>Chris, she told me that she was really a ten thousand year old goddess.

>An ambiguously gendered individual shows up.

So on.

The Spanish Civil War as cute girls.

Best Pilot Bump.

>A.I. Love You was a better title.
japanese user. not english

It should be I and A.I. It makes more sense that way since "A.I." is a reference to the robot.

literally one punch man




And we all know how poorly that turned out to be.

How does it end, user-kun?

Katawa Shoujo is that you?

Katawa Shoujo did it wrong
Only two amputees and blind was better than both of them.
Also too many limbs.

IN A WORLD where magic exists and is controlled by emotional stability or lack thereof, it is possible to assassinate targets via 'suicide' if one can sufficiently break their mental and emotional stability.

We have two choices here;
1) When a political figurehead spontaneously combusts during a phonecall, foul play is clearly suspected. After tracing the phone call leads to a dead end, two detectives must dive into the world of political intrigue to figure out a) What caused the politician to die and b) Who knew how to do it. All while the conspirators seek to cover their tracks by any means necessary.

2) A team of assassins specializes in killing targets this way, or turning individuals into ticking time bombs who can be set off in the right circumstances. Story follows them as they learn about their targets to ensure their plans go without a hitch, or as they intentionally push people to just before their breaking point and wait for the right time to make the biggest impact with their death.

Post your shitty webnovels so that I can steal from you.

Okay, here's one. Hearts have doors, but only girl hearts, the boy hearts have keys that can open heart doors. MC gets a heart lockpick and can reign supreme controlling any girl through love but then a true female nemesis emerges, Chastity, with a heartdoor no man can unlock.

Tsundere Thunder. A girl's mood swings control the weather.

What if it's not the mc who is speaking the title out loud but the robot girl.

A.I.: You and A.I.

plus, she secretly has a key

Actually could be good if there was a Tsundere team consisting of:

Tsundere Tornado
Tsundere Tsunami
Tsundere Thunder

Ate there more alliterable weather effects? ... Anyway give the girls names that start with T as well like Theresa and Tahlia.

A Japanese salaryman wakes up one day as Robert Mugabe.

Twilight? Torrent? Time quake?

Moonman the Anime

One boy is caught in a love triangle when a tsundere trio with fierce tempers competes for his affection. Can he weather the storm and tame Tornado, Tsunami, and Thunder? Or is the forecast of love bleak?

A young man, who recently graduated from University in Engineering and Physics, suddenly gets dragged into a fantasy world. Stranded in a foreign realm, after a harsh awakening, he finds himself in a nation full of humans and... "other" creatures (think your typical fantasy roster + catgirls/boys) .
Using his knowledge and craftiness, he soon becomes an important figure in the kingdom, being appointed as head engineer of the army. Using his vast and superior, almost supernatural looking knowledge, the King hopes to finally free his country from the shackles of their Dwarven overlords, who live in the mountain ranges to the south east, which they claim as their country. Their craftiness and prowess at technology was - until now - unparalleled, and they never shared any secrets, nobody else but them could even understand their language, save a select few. As such, they are dominating the stage by the use of firearms, which only they could produce until now, and are a considerate force even with primitive weapons.
But that isn't the only thing endangering the integrity of the nation. The Queen is pregnant, and somebody has spread rumours that the father is none other than the head engineer of the royal army.

>no airships