Monster Musume

Suu is a big wall

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I'm going to marry Draco!

Would Donald Trump support my decision to marry my legal monster waifu?

They should have use a battering ram on the Slime.

Just throw shurikens at it

What color should Kino's frills be?


Post more wall Suu

Moved from the last thread. Also hope you guys liked Kiira this chapter I think she's one of crabs best new additions (weird anatomy aside)

She's pretty damn cute. He dialogue is probably going to change a bit through proofing but I wrote her a a little gloomy and insecure.


The bullying sustains me. Also I'm glad you guys caught the Zelda "acquired item" sound effect and the Monty Python reference. Nothing slips by you guys.

This was actually one of my favorite chapters just because of how crazy everyone acts. Suu going "Vaa Vaa" pretending to be a wall Papi's "Papi'sa fairy is what papi is" is cute too.

As long as they immigrate legally. Kiira, Suu, Kino, and the Vampire have go to go though.


You'd have a better chance with a fire extinguisher. Or even popsicles.



Of course

I always imagined a light green with the darker part being a darker green. If it looks shitty though don't do it


That's all very nice, but when is there going to be more Draco? And when is crab going to make me her husbando?

>Kiira has to go

one of the best chapters (and the next one too)
if not the best. Crabman does the best chapters without any lewdness involved

I'm onto you, bub. Didn't work though.

4 u

also, isn't Lala always chuuni? Is she actually acting? Or the spores didn't affect her that much because she's almost always high?

The spores are making her think her delusions are real, so she is in super chuuni mode with the spores

I don't think Merino would have enjoyed that.

I see
no wonder she tried to act like a dangerous dullahan from any rpg

I wonder if Merino and Cathyl locked horns what would happen

Knowing Crab, their horns are erogenous zones, so probably orgasms.

Cathyl would probably punch her.

Cathyl would have a hat.

Who cares about what she feels? She'll be a sacrifice for them to pass the wall. Besides, Suu is Welsh.

I was at work when this was posted, but no problem. Luckily I kept the photoshop document, so it's easy as darkening the hue of a couple layers. I'll post in a few minutes

gay stuff

I hope we get more chapters of the girls working together

Hope it's good enough, otherwise I can just quickly make it even more dark

I expect that after chapter 47 we'll have a few "filler" chapters that aren't a part of a big arc. Looks like this arc is specifically designed to be the big finale for a hypothetical season 2.

I want Cerea Suu interaction that doesn't involve Suu raping Cerea.

I want. Ceres anyone interaction that doesn't involve her being a bitch

I hope we get a chapter of the girls fused into one grotesque being.

>2 more months

>Rachnera shouldn't have to face the consequences of her actions

How the Hell did that happen? This is what I get for being a phoneposter

Crab hasn't got to do much lewd in this arc, that sounds like a great excuse. I'm sure he is feeling pent up

Was their any new preview or anything in today's Comics Ryu?

Oh yeah I liked Kiira quite a bit. I have even more claim to her as waifu now because she's reasonable.

pure white

Oh yeah, I should go out and get it for that and new birb cafe. I haven't bought mine yet but I'll let you guys know if there is anything.

>All the girls clothes were ruined when the house was flooded
>They go to an extraspecies tailor
>Lots of lewd measurement taking
>Tailor is somewhat scatterbrained and mixes up the measurements
>Small girls' big tops fall off exposing their titties
>Big girls' small tops tear apart exposing their titties

Mind asking crab if Zombina can digest food?

>all the wardrobe malfunctions happen when Kimihito accidentally walks into the changing room
>Miia tries to shield his eyes, but ends up putting her breasts in his face
>Cerea is catatonic again
>Mero awkwardly and rapidly apologizes
>Rachnera laughs at everyone
>Papi and Suu have no idea what is going on

It looks okay

>Kimihito asks tailor which changing room is for males
>She tells him it's the one on the right
>It was the one on the left

I wonder what would taste better, mino milk or pan faun milk

no much lewd for the last two chapters (if Cerea's wet t-shirt can be count as lewd)
not next but maybe ch 48 will be lewd as fuck

Since she eats I assume she can. I doubt that she's gonna puke it up later, doesn't strike me as that kind of manga. There is a certain level of non-realism/magic going on in the manga. He didn't answer the last Bina question and he's made a few tweets about being really busy working on Vol 11 so I'm gonna lay off the questions for a bit.

Guys I found a news article about Draco.


>Crab will never draw Cathyl/Cerea/Cerea mom self sucking

Makes sense, thanks for a response at least.

Why is she wearing lettuce?

Polt's hair is poofy

She's trying to attract a vegetarian mate

I want to scratch behind her ears

But Mushrooms are closer to Animals than Plants genetically.

We all do user.

And animals, not plants, eat lettuce.

Is chapter 45 released yet?


yes or no

It is, check the last thread.

Where's my Mosquitoboy

It's archived and I just missed it, that's why I was asking

Shoot yourself.

You too for spoonfeeding a helpless retard.

>he gets mad at people on the internet helping each other out

what a sad person you are

Feel free to leave any time

do you mean a mosquitogirl(male)?


None of that now, user.

Better than the lettuce

I want to marry this snake.

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

sorry brother, we share the same general, and we will continue to for a long while.

Im sure that eats you up inside but you'll just have to learn to live with it.

Is this what passes for banter these days?

A Mosquitoboy(female) is fine too

Suu is now a Gelatinous Cube

> Reminder Suezo is best girl.

Can't find the original post last thread but made a thing for fellow rachneefags

Something's missing here

>the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning will never be your waifu's eye(s)

Trying to bring in yaoi heresy?

no rachnefag but still saved

Yes, that was the joke.

>ywn wake up next to manako and stare into her eye as she begins to wake up on her birthday

Manako a Cutest!!!!!

Remove dong

This looks better.

her cap could be a bit brighter though, in my taste

I want Miia to rub her hips against my groin in a sexual manner!

I want to see Miia do a cute dance while wearing Shantae's outfit.

That would require she getting skinned and descaled
Then she collapsed and died

Rip miia, died as she lived: a piece on shit floating in the ocean

I've had a long day anons

I need more pictures of comforting kobold

You are going to marry Draco.


I gotchu brah.

No image dumps

My dreams are all dead and buried, sometimes I wish the sun would just explode.

>all of Cerea's equipment is rusted out
>Cyclops smithy time

I have no idea what you are talking about, but here's a Miia

Have the real Polt

Isn't the sun already just a constant explosion?

Fuck off.
Let the man post Polt.


Doesn't have to be imagedumps, imgur or the like are welcome

Or just talking about her. I get so lonely when it comes to this kind of stuff

im not going to get deep into this, so short answer

No. The sun is a colossal reactor of nuclear fusion.

is it possible to season swords and armor the same way you would a cast iron skillet or dutch oven?

This is correct. Things that use toxins defensively tend to be brightly colored.

Here you go user.

I was bored and tried to see how would Lala looks like with a more normal coloured skin
before any complaint, read "TRIED"

Just remember that even though Polt has her own insecurities about whether or not people like her she still keeps genki and gives it her best to run that extra kilometer or clean up the forest. Keep her in your heart, user.

looks like she's made of white chocolate

When god comes and calls me to his kingdom, I'll take all you sons-of-bitches when I go.

Ooh, more from Imperium

She looks pretty good, user. A bit more rosy-colored than I was expecting, but still really good

That's a good point. I'll think of her when my hands cramp up from writing or welding for so long, and push through because of her

>Opened up image while standing up

She looks like she's made of ice cream.

>when my hands cramp up
Remember to take breaks so you don't cramp up your hands too much.

Yes, I am going to marry Draco

Issue here is that most forms of rust-proofing iron things tend to rely on coating them with something else. Which is fine, until they see action. Blades nick, armor bends, etc. Plus saltwater action next chapter. Past a certain point, you need to reforge the entire piece.

Semi-albino babe.

I do take breaks, but it's inevitable that when holding a 3-4 point welding torch in a pencil-grip for 2-3 minutes at a times, things are going to cramp
Still, I'll think of Polt to keep me going

3-4 pound*
damn it

Plus, doing that for 2 or more hours on end gets a bit tiring

Are you Dogwelder?

>ywn see a Dogwelder movie
It hurts, user

Ok let's actually talk about the chapter.

Why do you think Rach already had those masks ready. Does she know more about the broker than she's letting on?

Not sure if I got a nickname since last thread, but I normal go by ManletKraut

I posted a couple threads ago about whether or not Polt would be a good waifu since I like to do welding and blacksmithing, but I don't want her to spontaneously combust when I try to show her what I've been working on

I definitely think she knows more than she lets on. I would bet that the batgirl is going to be entangled with her somehow. I half suspect the director is going to be the coyote (immigrant smuggler) but that seems a bit too obvious and crabman does have a penchant for designing new characters.

She does.
Read 46, oh wait.
Learn Japanese

Cheap and easy answer; being part spider and theoretically,as Crab has yet to specifically say she does, having her own kind of toxic substance as part of her biology gave her immunity. Like how when she drank Mamma Miia's toxic tea she seemed less affected by it.

Less cheap, just as easy; she saw the mushroom outside when returning from previous chapter and, somehow, has knowledge about that species quirks.

I love Rach, but she is at the whim of a series not based in solid writing.

Well from what we've seen so far in 46 it's strongly implied she knows something, but what we don't know yet.

Do you think it's possible Rach was sent to MC's house as "dangerous" species too?

I thought you got the nickname Forehead user, unless im mistaking someone else.

There are hints in 46 that she knows more about the Broker than she's letting on. Like how she just happened to show up in the woods when Kiira was there too.


*Also perhaps something along the lines of spores don't work on book lungs. Like Mero's gills.

I got pink flavoured too
doing this I realized that she has some very big eyes and some very nice skin, specially arround her hips and boobs

Give her red hair and freckles and she'll be perfect

I would recomend finding a new waifu, yours is going to be taken soon

I think that was just more of a Centorea/Rachnera outing combo, since they are supposed to be 'a pair' or whatever.

and black hair too
I'll try
nice taste tho

What do you think the likelihood Rachnee is the coyote? Just spitballing an idea here.


I would suggest Miia fags get another waifu then as well, since she's obviously gonna win.

There's a panel in 46 (which I know isn't translated yet) that has MC wondering how Rach knew to have the masks and knew to be in the woods when Kiira showed up. I think Crab is definitely foreshadowing something.

Let's not do this again. It's been done to death, save it for when it actually happens in manga/omake. As of right now it's just shitposting and bait.

That fag can't take my waifu when she's my husbando in real life

Is it me or has Polt gotten more popular?

everybody loves genki

>save it for when it actually happens in manga/omake
and then its time to jump ship, right?

TTF and Polt will be together for the rest of their lives.

I'm just saying there's no point in keeping this shitstorm going when nothing has happened yet.

Let's talk about the actual chapter that got released today. Personally I think Rach might have a bit of a sordid past. Maybe she tried to sneak into the country once before, maybe Arachnea are only barely considered non-dangerous or she's an exception.

I like all the girls. Polt has a certain charm coming from how genki she is and how she sometimes shows weakness like that heart crushing thought that maybe nobody likes her. My heart belongs to Suu but Polt is a character I like a lot.

Where are yall getting this name/connection?

Unrelated; its always really odd when Crab or translations have the girls, and even new ones where there is no attachment, curse. Rach's 'shit', and Kiira 'I'll fucking kill you' are so out of place in the series. It even bothered me in the Bina/Cici chapter.

Yeah, that's me, but ForeheadFaggout just seems like a ripoff of TTF's name, so I decided ManletKraut would be a better fit

I can dream can't I?

Those posts are both me. Sorry to confuse. Coyote is the slang term for Mexican cartel or independents that smuggle immigrants over the border from Mexico into the United States.

I think he's only doing it to rile up Poltfags.

I actually went back and forth on those two choices a lot for this chapter. In general I try to keep cursing out as much as possible. It doesn't fit for 90% of the character most of the time.

Kiira is an exception because she's angry, really, really angry in that scene. She's using pretty much the strongest Japanese equivalent to cursing you can. I thought it fit for her there.

For Rach I went back and forth but when I pictured that scene in my mind with someone of her temperament expressing what she was trying to express "crap" just felt too weak and out of place.

Thanks for the feedback though, I'll be sure to keep an eye on the cursing level, though I really use it very sparingly.

oh come on you gotta admit the shitstorm is pretty funny, youre not the one hurting anyways so its better to sit back and relax.

No shitstorm to be had family, you should hold your brother high as he ascends to the 2D plane and gets his girl

Rach's past has always needed more fleshing out. Her overall attitude is a bit much just from the one previous experience with her first home. I hope she does not become a secret bad guy and get booted from the core group. I would loose my shit! Crab would break my heart. ;_;

I don't think that's very likely. She's really popular. It'll be interesting to see how it all wraps up in 47-48 though.

I want to touch Polt's pads

His mouse pads? That's weird

Ah, thanks.

Thanks for the insight! I can understand the reason for the cursing story wise, I really do, but like I said its just odd to me.
If Crab has them cursing a blue streak, for whatever reason, I do want it in there, as 1:1 as possible ya know.

I could see Rachnera leaving of her own accord.

Giving the rest of the gang an excuse to visit the Spider Kingdom and beg her to come back.

>the possiblity of Crabman dying before he finishes the next chapter are greater than his chances of finishing this chapter

You just want more world building. I see through your ruse.

>Miia's cookery finally being appreciated when she finds an entire species without tastebuds
>Papi playing with small breeds who are parasailing with strands of web attached to her legs
>Cerea bonding with Rach's mother through a shared disappointment in Rach

The thing is in Japanese there aren't really "curse words" that is, there aren't really many words that would get censored on TV or you can't say in a movie with maybe one or two exceptions. It's really more conveyed by tone and word construction for example I would translate

ふざけないで Fuzakenaide
"Stop messing around" or "Cut it out" depending on who is saying it and the face they're making.

The very same "word" written or said
ふざけるな fuzakeruna

Would be "Don't fuck with me" or "Cut the shit".

In Japanese it's not the WORD that's bad it's how you conjugate it and how emphatically you use it.

Kiira was PISSED she was using the strongest possible versions of what she was saying. Rach was a little more complicated so I won't go into the details but yeah, Japanese to English translation when cursing is involved is tricky.

The true Emissary of Death is here.

I want to walk around the park with Polt

Nice pic, and something cool. (Pre-painted)/25696/

It would be nice to see. Maybe crabman will get around to it someday.

What about manko? Is it really as dirty as saying pussy?

I want to wake up to this on Christmas morning

I don't need it.

I want it.

But I'd rather nendos or something first.

I want to wake up to this on Christmas morning.


Yes. That's one of the main exceptions. You don't really say Manko on TV or in any semblance of polite conversation.

That was in the joke panel where someone crossed out the "na" in Manako's name and changed it to an "n" so it read "Manko".

Ok, I got you. Its a body language and tone thing that absent from text.

Draco is best lizard

Too bad you'll probably wake up to this

Miia is pure snex

I'd train a Jellytomb.

I want to blow a fat load into her ear then watch her lose her balance entirely.

It's in the text for the most part. Kiira was written as
"Korosu, Koroshite yaru"
All in Katakana for emphasis (and to represent her slightly broken Japanese) translated literally it's "I'll kill you, I will give you a killing" but that makes no sense.

"Koroshite yaru" is pretty much a "fightin' words" set phrase I'd say 9/10 it's most accurate in English as "I'll fucking kill you"

So you can see from the text a bit of her tone and how she's put her words together in a very angry manner.

Don't listen to him Welderanon, Polt's for everyone regardless of what happens.

Oh man. I fucking love you. I just ordered it. I have been wanting this figure since the first time I saw it. She's my waifu so I have to have it. Thank you so much.

I hate furfaggotry paw anatomy as much as I hate snouts.

Stop it, I'm trying to become LESS depressed

Thanks man, I'll keep trucking on

I've lost some weight and inches off my stomach since last time I checked in. I bet Polt would be proud


>likes monster girls and isn't fat
Explain your reasoning

I don't understand, are you saying I'm a tumblrina?

How did you even come to that conclusion

Don't worry, even if TTF makes it to 2d, he'll still be waking up to that as well.

doesn't matter, we're all alone with the comfort of an afterlife where our waifu is waiting for us.

>short hair

Draco a shit.

She had her own mask on.
She invited herself in. She didn't even know about the house till the director was bitching about it.

>I will give you a killing
Idk why, but that's kinda funny in a >ywn make her so secretly happy, outwardly annoyed with a surprise bowl of sweets her brain/mouth connection goes a little haywire.

No problem.

Super cutesy isn't for me, but 10x7cm may be all the room some people can spare.

But that's false.

Draco is still great.

That's a refreshing way of thinking about it. No matter who gets written into the manga/omake, we're all on the same playing field when it comes to having monster girls in real life

My best hope at this point is that World War 3 kicks off, forces the US to revitalize the supersoldier program, and they start genetically engineering soldiers with improved sight and hearing, eventually leading to nekos and the like

>her own mask
Thats true.
Could be Kimihito and Centorea were only seeing with a mask and get up because of the hallucination though. Its a bit of stretch, and while not impossible for Rach to weave her own clothes, I don't see why she would just because everyone else is high.

Draco a shit.

I want to rest my head on her lap and abs.

I want to rest my snake inside this snake.

>No matter who
Well it's not really a secret who at this point is it?

I want to rattle that snake.

Was a lot of uncomfortable giggling in my class when the sensei was trying to explain that Japanese doesn't really have strong cussing outside of "kusou/shit". No "bastard" or "fuck you" or "son of a bitch" or (he then struggled to remember) "motherfucker".

They saw her mask and saw a mysterious witchlike happy merchant.

Well, counting the other guys who had a cameo, like the bathhouse and farm.

They're as lonely as us.

>Crab will NEVER EVER open up submissions for cameos for us filthy gaijin unless we speak moon and stalk him on twitter


Just wait until he's so bereft of ideas he resorts to the world tour arc.

I was thinking if Crab decides to write someone else into the manga in addition to TTF, but that's not likely to happen

Even if I was to go full TTF and convince Crab to write in a welderanon character that gets swept off his feet by a cyclops or something, it would be a hollow victory. Sure I'd be in the manga, but there wouldn't be any reward other than maybe fanart

I just thought it was awfully convenient that it was almost the same mask they had next chapter. Woven from her silk? More hax superpowers, not that it should surprise me any more.

Has anyone even drawn fanart of the Japanese people who made it into the land of 2D?

No, actually

only human that actually gets drawn is Kimihito and Smith.

You get the right to blog because you'll be a canon character


/r/ing cute art of Cathyl and Kaede.

You're wrong

And technically the racist couple in an anthology page, though I think that one was the example comic by the Crabman himself. Maybe the Crabman Rangers?

There are ways to construct those it's just not a 1 to 1 equivalency. What TF and I both agree on in terms of translation is that you translate MEANING not just the text. You have to get what the author intended across otherwise you end up with word salad garbage like "It can't be helped" or "they wouldn't die even if you killed them". I would translate something like てめえ "temee" as "son of a bitch" pretty often since that's how it's used in Japanese. A lot of people get tripped up (myself included from time to time thank you proofers) in thinking that there are 1 to 1 equivalencies in Japanese and English. Only for things like numbers and colors (and even colors get weird sometimes) it's always best to translate for meaning not word choice. /TL rant

I want to hug_ that snake

Well that is a plus, but generally I've seen how horribly bloggers get treated on here so I'm not likely to use that much, other than the whole "I've had a long day I need some comforting kobold" type posts

Cool fact: Draco is dragon in Latin

I don't like dargon though, I'm waiting for my ghost-possessed suit of armor waifu.

What would you use to propose to your monster gf?

A blanket. Snake bitches love blankets.

I think everyone knew that, user.

Me too, friend. Me too.

Hell, even the Chief doesn't get drawn with his harpy wife.

Makes sense, considering draconic refers to dragon-like, and other things from Latin are very present in the English language

I would propose to Polt with a ring that I hand-crafted with metal and redwood

I think it's funny that TTF is in here talking about translation and manga stuff while all this is going on again.

A collar

Even there, I guess it depends on the target audience? Like in a seinen, you'd put "I'll fucking kill you" no problem, but in a shonen, "I'll freaking end you" if you're doing it for a deadtree hardcopy.

Well wouldn't you want to dodge the issues as well?

my penis

ok, for real probably a sundress or a new gameu to play.

Well, if some people are willing to treat Manga Polt and Anime Polt as separate entities, and with the discussion from past threads on getting the rights to put real life people in the anime, Anime Polt is single, or might just end up with someone else.

Does anyone know what TTF sounds like?
Since he'll possibly be in the anime at some point, it'd be nice to compare voices.
If so, just vocaroo "I love you Polt" in Japanese?
It's not blogposting if it's canon ;^)

Don't forget to vote daily for best game original
monster girl.


>Draco is dragon in Latin
Blew my mind user

>Proto Suu winning

Huh, i honestly thought the white hair harpy there would take it since i've seen more fanart of her than the pink slime girl.

> Anime Polt is with a male Kobold

There's literally nothing I can say that won't inflame the issue further. I'll just say what I've said before.

I'm extremely happy to be in the manga I trust Crab with my confession scene completely.

Other than that anything else on my part is attention whoring/jerking myself off. We got plenty of that right after comiket I'm perfectly content to wait for the omake. We can jerk then.

Can we just stop fucking talking about TTF and just talk about Polt in peace?

Hell we probably wont see the fucking chapter until 2018, most of us will probably forget about it, or drop MM all together anyways, holy shit.

>purple snake in 6th
Fucking heresy

> Toxic breath

Iormu is best.

If you look up in the thread the one user who wanted to discuss the actual chapter got pretty much ignored while everyone fell for the TTF x Polt bait again.

Not your fault, you must be sick and tired of the threads having discussions about you and your love for your waifu most of the time until bump limit.

Hope this cocksucker with his fucking bait posting and drama starting fucks off somewhere else, preferably in the /jp/ threads.

I agree, she should be on the second page.
Top 7 girls get...something.

Personally I'm surprised to see Haru, Ran, Iromu and Yoko on the first page and Flare, Holo, Golem girl on the second page.

Shit taste pham.

How could you say no to this come-hither slitherer

>You may only select from these twenty girls chosen by the devs

Devs have shit taste

Not to start or bring up an old shitstorm, but this chapter seems to show that Smith gave Centorea the protect darling job out of, uh...pity, I guess.

Just something I noticed.
No shit flinging.

>no Centaurs
>solid choices for the top 10
>Jelly, Liza, Youko and Iormu getting the love they deserve

All is right in the world

I like Ran, indifferent to Flare, Holo, golem, dislike Haru, Iromu, Yoko. Considering Flare is the current event girl I would have assumed she would be not near last place.

No user, you are the shit tastes.

Cerea in a nutshell

I doubt she was even given permission, she's just letting her chuuni imagination run wild again.

>dislike Haru, Iromu, Yoko

hahaha, nice bait user, but all the animal girls have animal pussies.

Ugly talons, purple hair a shit, button nose

Alright anons, I'm going to sleep since I have tons of classes tomorrow

Have sweet dreams of rubbing Polt's tummyfluff

>dislike Haru, Iromu, Yoko

Honestly that's bordering on desperate user.

Dream of wans

Talons and purple hair are great, you've just been led astray.

I agree on the button nose though

>Honestly that's bordering on desperate user.

I don't think you understand where we are, user.

Fair enough.

Two questions.

1. Faerie vs fairy?

2. This ones more for TS'ers or re-drawers, but what are the odds of getting colored text or unique shaped text boxes for characters. I sometimes have trouble determining who is saying what. Re-reading solves it, but it kinda pulls me out of the moment.

pic unrelated.

>I sometimes have trouble determining who is saying what
You can't be serious

I don't dislike talons in general, I dislike her talons. They looks like the belong on a Hagraven.


So see you next month then.

Is 46 as good as 45? Because I really liked chapter 45.

That or she's not affected at all and is using this as an excuse to be the massive goofball that she is.

So more astute readers will have noticed that Cerea uses Faerie as opposed to fairy. This was pure flourish on my part faerie is the traditional spelling and lends a more archaic feel to Cerea's speech. The Japanese is the same for both but since Cerea speaks in a slightly antiquated manner to begin with AND she's tripping on spores making her even more knightly I thought it would be a fun thing to do for people who noticed it. Also Cerea is totally the sort of fantasy RPG nerd who would write it that way.

As for colored boxes or changing dialogue boxes that's just never going to happen. If it's not in the original it doesn't come over to the translation. Plus the redrawing and typesetting would be insane.

I think 46 is really good. It's funnier than 45 in my opinion. I did a lot of work and refining (still need the proofers so go over it) on the joke structures. With our new TS getting better hopefully it wont take so long... Good things there's no new chapter this month.

Sounds like you guys get to relax this month.

Zombina's perfect ass makes my dick sad

Just saw on pg24 he uses 'fairy'.

Polt a worst


Maybe people are voting for girls the don't especially like visually, but love their text, while I don't understand what any of them are saying.

Then again, Jelli's doesn't exactly have a lot of dialogue. I expect she's winning because everyone fondly remembers getting her for the first time and discovering what a murder machine she is.

Well the TL is done but I still need to be on hand for text questions, possible missing bubbles and dialogue choices. We've been, and still are, short handed so things have been a little hectic. Classes are also starting up again for those of us in University.

I'm all for it if it means we get more goo girls.

Happy Belated Birthday, Manako!


Monoeye a shit, she deserves you

She's okay

I'll let my come hit her slit, her rear, and anywhere else she needs moisturiser.

I want to cum on snek


I want her to hiss at penis

Don't worry user, Manako's birthday present was a trip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights, so technically we're right on time.


snakes don't hiss dumbass. Cats hiss. dont you know anything about animals?

Fucking lewd, man
I approve as long as you take responsibility

>He's never heard spooder hiss

>Crab proportions
As sexy as they are unfeasible.
Not that I'm complaining.

I'd like to give her my Mjolnir

>no snek to take care of you when you're sick

Seriously though, I like Miia for her devotion and willingness to improve for the person she loves. She also manages to be both cute and hot.

And there's also that webm that fucks with my heart big time.

Is it the hug webm? That one does it for me.

She is the treasure.

Where is this from?
Is it the sneklace webm or the "Willing to die" webm?

No, but this one is also pretty good.

Fuck, he posted it.

>Where is this from?
Pretty sure I grabbed that off of the website's fan art section a long time ago. I saved most if not all of them with Miia in them.

That's also the source of that Miia shadow clone 4koma page that was posted recently.

Why is Cerea so damn cute? I want a Centaur Daughter now ;_;

Both of these make me feel empty inside.

>baby spooder

>that huge mangafox page edit

Dumb horseposter.

Any translations for these?

>you will never get breastfed next to your Centaur daughter
Pure suffering.

Nope. I'm probably the only one who has posted these pages before.
No one ever says anything about them.

I just wanted wordplay.

Puns are lewd, user. I got my girlfriend because of puns then lost her because of them

Just this one. The second one has movie dialogue and I'm eating lunch.

I, hate winter.
It's so cold and...

I'm worried about Darling being sick too.


Are you sure you're ok?


Miia your skin is a little cool, it feels nice.

Well then I'll just have to hop in bed with you then!

//Now that you said it

You'll catch my cold though!

It's fine it's fine

I think I might, start to like winter a little more now.

Rough TL while I'm eating.

Thanks bud. My heartboner thanks you.

And then Miia caught Darling's cold, the germs mutated, and wiped out all life on earth save for Slimes, who built a glorious new civilization.

Eating what, a male Kobold's homemade "protein" bar?

Or even worse, bread

That's adorable. Thanks, TTF.


>I think I might start to like winter a little more now.

My heart.

Sweater snek a cute.

Miia makes my heartboner throb.

Why are Lamias so fucking perfect? Why must God torment us by not making them real?

trip 7s confirm god mocking us

Snake vanilla best vanilla

>triple 7 trip
>post about God
How appropriate

>Lala body is desperate searching for its head
>It fears something bad have happened.
>I try to calm her down
>Get on my knee and give her a large box
>I propose to her
>Inside the box is the head, just as clueless as the body.

Snake is too sexual to be best vanilla.

You need something with less appeal to really tug at your heartstrings when she finds the love she deserves.

>put wheels and a big block in her chest so she can tear ass around my house
>paint flames on outside of chest so it looks like she is tearin ass when she is sitting still too

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Will you leave her Thor in the morning?

Zombina is the Superior Girl

Fuck. Clone quads confirm slime world after the flupocalypse. Presumably evolved from mutated snot.

"But we were not on a station platform. We were on the track ahead as the nightmare, plastic column of fetid black iridescence oozed tightly onward through its fifteen-foot sinus, gathering unholy speed and driving before it a spiral, rethickening cloud of the pallid abyss vapor. It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train - a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-luminous, and with myriads of temporary eyes forming and un-forming as pustules of greenish light all over the tunnel-filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter. Still came that eldritch, mocking cry- "Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!" and at last we remembered that the demoniac Shoggoths - given life, thought, and plastic organ patterns solely by the Old Ones, and having no language save that which the dot groups expressed - had likewise no voice save the imitated accents of their bygone masters."

Suu is the cutest shoggoth.

What about doppel?

I dunno man, did you see wall suu this chapter? Shit was pretty cute.

>a big block for a medium size treasure chest

What are you doing lad

@TTF would you wear a Sports Club Kobold shirt to the gym?

I would.

I want to cuddle with this spider.

No replacement for displacement

Does this look better in two lines, or with just one? The box is large enough it works either way to me.

Split up for me.
Also maybe just a hair more space in between each line since there is plenty of room. Scale up some too?

Problem with scaling up is that the text size is that for other bubbles it looks better. It's just this one is rather large for comparatively tiny amount of text. Don't want to change the text size for just one bubble when it's consistent originally.

I'll definitely look into the spacing between lines though, thank you for the suggestion.

I'm literally wearing my Sports Club Kobold tanktop at the gym right now user. Where do you think I got the name Tanktopfag from?

Awesome, I want one.

Would you wear an "I *horse* Pussy" shirt to the gym?


When Crab isn't busy, could you maybe ask him to draw a large breed? Nothing special, just something I can show while fuzzposting

Id rather see him draw Gazer

Nah dude, making draw requests to established manga authors (outside of signing events) is waaay offlimits. It's kinda like asking a IT guy to come over and fix your computer after work for free. Questions and stuff about the manga is fine but asking him to spend time drawing when he already draws for a living isn't something I'm going to ask him to do.

Was Suu actually huge or was everyone else just high as fuck?

Damn. Well thanks anyway

Goodnight, Cred Forums. Sweet birb dreams.

tfw birb hunting tomorrow

Yes. Sweet birb dreams indeed.

You can see her in one panel and she's tiny. So she's just small and everyone's going mental.
Caw caw.

Lala wasn't affected by the spores either, she was just being her usual self.

>import a bunch of fertile young monstergirls into your country
>some from species that don't have males
>have them live with single men
>"but you can't fuck her."
Is this some kind of sick joke?

yes I'm aware not all of them live with single men.

Darling is perfection.

That's my theory. She saw everyone acting weird and realized she could go full chuuni and put all of her armor on and nobody would judge her.

I don't care if it's proven wrong either, it's what I choose to believe.

Miia please stay.


Addendum: even in the dungeon fantasy nobody takes her seriously and just brushes past her.

They're right though.

There's a reason practically every monster girl that he meets tries to throw themselves onto his dick.

More like
>import a bunch of fertile, hot, young and horny as fuck monstergirls into your country
This is hell.

Crab needs to stop bullying my chuuni princess.

But she had the star eyes that everyone affected had.

This, she was under the effect of the spores, but since she acts like a dungeon boss all the time anyway it just seemed like a normal day for her


she saw the opporchuunity

Thanks for the translation TTF!

And thanks for the advice again. You were right about upping the text size a little, in the end I think it looks a little better than all size 10. She is likely talking slightly lower volume in the second panel anyways.

Didn't punctuate the second to last bubble first upload, oops.

You need a comma after "Miia" at the beginning of the first line.

Oh my bad, that "now that you said it" isn't part of the bubble it's the out of bubblegum text. The // is for indicating that but obviously since you guys don't see my scripts you wouldn't know that...

It's fine as is since you'd have to erase the "shougainai" next to Miia to add it in.

I'm still sticking with my theory. Lala is a good girl. She doesn't do drugs. Even if it's hallucinogenic mushroom spores that have flooded the house.



Should be "out of bubble text"

Nah it's fine as is. It's my fault I just defaulted to how I do scripts for PrettyAnon no way you could know that. Id just leave it.


i love Lala so much you guys

Same. I desperately need pic related.

What do you like about her?

I still can't believe this actually got made. I remember people joking about doing it.

Night Cred Forums sweet Awoo dreams

It's an old idea of Crab's.

That's cute as fuck.

Well, yes, that part I understand. I mean someone actually committing to the idea of daki and a head pillow just to accomplish it though. That's dedication for you. lol

Ive always liked dullahans because detachable head has so much potential for everything from adorable to lewd. Cassie a best. Regarding Lala specifically, she has a great body, and Irish accents are amazing.

I definitely joked about it either here or Tumblr but I never thought anybody would do it.

>Mero sounds almost exactly the same as Maria (Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi)
Why is Mero so lewd?

tweet tweet

I want to marry Draco and make love to her, cuddle with her and never, never bully her!

After a bout of serious sexy lovemaking she would keep her tail snuggly wrapped around me as I was panting and breathing for dear life.

after catching my breath. I would gently pat her head and which if she was sleeping would hopefully. Wake her up with a quick start.

Conversation is as follows..
>We have been together for awhile?
>We do this often right? Why?
>Because I love you obviously.
>Well I love you too. What do people usually do when they love each other?
>They... get married?
>Great Idea. Let's do it.

Commence another half day of serious snek sex and the mission is accomplished if I survive.

user, she exist for the bullying and to become used goods by the Orcs.

When will Oct get more screentime?

Outside of the last few pages of Vol. 9 where she did her advice parlor? Probably not. She'll likely get a small scene here or there in a dozen chapters or so similar to how the farm girls got a small one.

Is this heresy?

>slime who can't even talk
>first place

Literally how?

Delete this.

Of the highest degree

>Not a single main girl from the manga even in the top 20
Definitely heresy.

That would be because it's a poll of the second best original game character. (I assume Tito was left out because it's a given she's first.)

But she's not a cowgirl.

>Youko 6th place
That Kitsune should be dead last!


Pretty sure this is just the first bracket. They're at what, 165 girls? At 20 girls per bracket, discarding re-costumes, they'll still need seven brackets to get a top 49, further subdivided into seven rounds of voting, where the top seven/fourteen vie for the absolute top. Estimate 10 days of voting each time, that's almost half a year before we get the final results. Aka half a year of sustained interest in the game. Wish they'd revived the "X girls give Y bonus" for the revival event. You'd think even the few bucks you could get from late-coming whales would be reason enough.

So Kiira and her race enter the country illegally and are going to kill honey bees. The humans will have to gas Kiira and the hornets to protect the bees.

Fucking illegal hornets. We need to build a wall. A honeycomb wall to trick them, of course.

>Fucking illegal hornets.

Yes please.

fucking racists ree



Why are horsefuckers and snekfags mortal enemies?

Those virefag snake degenerates want to Fuck an all in one hole of a cold blooded reptile, disgusting Faggots.

Listen to father Anons.


does YOUR dad know you are a Faggot?

I'd rather listen to Papi than my dad. She's been around more than he has these past 4 years.


If Papi was my dad things would be different around here.


>handicapped mutant trying to be a Nazi
>what is ironing

>that thigh

Will we ever see those eel girls in the anime?

Suu is many things.

There's only 20 candidates allowed to choose from.

So handicapped she can snipe your garbage horse from miles away.

Don't be a pedofag.
Looks like Purple Snake is shit-tier like Cerea.


Forgot pic.

Thirsty for (You)s aren't we?

>so handicapped she could be fooled by a painting on a wall

Glad we agree horse is shit and deserves to be sniped.

You've got good taste. I approve.

>legal homestay
>legitimate homestay
>no bedroom
>illegal monstergirl
>her own bedroom
>big walk in closet full of raincoats

Life isn't fair.

How do we know Lala doesn't live in a pocket dimension? Besides I think Suu lives in Papi's bedroom.


Loli Suu best Suu.



Suu cute. So cute.

Not him but I agree.

Remove horse.

>minotaur's milk easily putting the farmer's cow industry out of business

Monster girls would fuck this economy up in more ways than one.

Lil' Sebastian

Haru is best, fuck their shitty poll

The one with the biggest cock

No, they would need a lot of minotaurs to copete

with colors its a bit more complicated. Each and every culture has their own dividing lines on which set of hues are considered to be a boundary between 2 different color. Even same the culture over time will have the color shift one way or another due to other cultural factors. Example: what Issac Newton considered to be Blue when He divide up the visible spectrum would be considered today as Cyan and much of modern day blue would of been considered to be a hues of indigo.–green_distinction_in_language
you can see how each culture sort of places the dividing lines between blue and green at slightly different hues.

I wonder what cheese made from Minotaur's milk tastes like.

Japan's shit taste is well known

Background Pegasus Knight #3

I wonder what mino milk tastes like.

Haru a cute.

Probably none of the Ponies at all. I don't think Cerea would even entertain the notion of watching MLP. She would see it a too childish for her own tastes. In fact, Cerea might even see MLPfags not worth her time.

Cerea a cute

She looks drunk/high

Thanks, Anons.

Meant for

mostly because of the drawfag

Art can certainly stir the hearts of a waifubase.

It's her thirst for cock

I think Cerea would enjoy childish things in secret, then pretend she's too good for them in public.

I don't think mlp would ever be something that she would ever like. It would be more along the lines of Saint Seiya, super sentai , or any of the battle shounen shows.

Hors mom a milf.


But Deviantart taught me Haru craves the vaj.

Be glad that's she's 2nd place.
No user. Forget the milk.

Probably sweeter than cow's milk but not as sweet as mare's milk but with a lot more quantity than mare's milk.

Can someone post that picture of the Miia tattoo?

Alright, I got a little bit more time just now to try my hand at this one last time here.
Thanks TTF for the translation and correction! I took a small liberty with the first bubble on the last panel since it looks like she's saying "Well then!" twice there in the original thing, yeah? Or maybe I'm off base. Miia seems enthusiastic enough to repeat it twice at least.
Thanks for the tips.

I'm none too fancy at redraws, but hopefully it doesn't look utterly terrible.

I used to have it but it must have gotten lost on one of my old hard drives. I've been kicking around the idea of a subtle Suu tattoo. Basically スー in a blue circle with green shading around the sides on my right shoulder.

>Asian hornet
Burn the UK to the ground, we cannot allow this meance to spread. Nuke it!

So can anyone explain what the actual go is regarding the upcoming chapters? I've heard the latest one is out but the others are coming out in October. What happened?

45 just came out, the team was/is behind on releases.

46 is now soon(tm) but there isn't a new chapter in the magazine until october.

Can anyone tell me what the go is regarding the upcoming chapters? I've heard the latest one is out but the following one is coming out in October. What's the go?

I'm not concerned. My big stronk spooder can protect me.

Also you posted the same thing twice basically.

From wasps? Are you sure?

Jap wasps probably aren't much of an issue to tarantulas. Plus, I could help her out a bit with some big spray.

Fuzzy spooder > Snek

Rachnera has no problem bullying wasps

How does it go again?

Red on yellow, kill a fellow?

I thought it was "Red on yellow, you'll live fellow."

>3 hour meeting at work
>not even remotely about monster girls

Waste of my valuable fucking time

>He doesnt have the skill to derail normal conversations into monster girl discussions.

Comeon nigga, this should be an easy skill for someone on Cred Forums

Don't be sloth, vote for moth

>I know it's PR suicide for a company that mainly sells to aging housewives but can we have a corporate Twitter where I post monster girls?

>so i had this weird dream where x was half snake
>would you still do her?

I don't think there's any kind of bussiness that wouldn't benefit from endorsing monster girls


a chocolate company posting Polt

If Cookie Crisp could do it, Keebler should adopt Polt as its mascot.

when the government declassifies all the secret information on real monster girls, life will improve, especially in marketing.

Guess this is why Large Breeds have to be excluded from the program. All they care about is fighting people.

>tfw no Tarantula Hawk monstergf

Go away.

No Velvet worm Monster girl gf

>she squirts you with glue when she cums

I just want to feel the searing hot crippling pain of her love.

Not to mention that she needs to live in moist areas. She would soak up all of your excess moisture such as sweat so you might never have to suffer from swamp ass ever again.

Tarantula hawk


>No Garuda wasp gf

>tfw no Surinam Toad monstergf

>tfw no Caecilian Monstergf

Why is this thread just pictures of wildlife?

People want so see said wildlife get the monster girl treatment not to be confused with the Furry/Anthro treatment

Because if you want inspirations for monsters just look to nature.

Large breed homestays can be arranged, but the host has to sign a special contract stating that he's the one who signed up to potentially getting hurt/killed.

/an/ is taking over

That belong on a monster girl thread on /jp/ then.

Fuzzy spooders > all

>tfw no cazador gf
>tfw no nightstalker gf
>tfw no lakelurk gf
>tfw no deathclaw gf
>tfw no eyebot gf

Pretty much

Which girl would be best at holdings hands with?
Polt has some pretty big hands, and Rach's are a bit chitinous.

dogsnake girl would be fucking top


Always Suu.


Manako would be a great contender for her hands would be both delicate and nimble and would be hold your hands in various other ways that some of the other girls would not be able to.

>Gelatinous hands

Does this mean that in the jewelry store, kobolds have their own section of exclusive kobold friendly Jewelry?

Suu and Doppel can mimic the hands of any of the other girls. Suu and Doppel can have whatever type of hand they can imagine.

The only true answer.

>Is a Mary Sue
It's like pottery

I still want to get my own Miia tattoo, i have something in mind that can be hidden by a tshirt and shouldn't stand out even if showing

More like the own the jewelry store and have everything custom made.

Just get her "D"
But getting an anime tattoo is beyond retarded

Don't do it, you will regret it.

Well, at least it's the mostly benign /an/ posters. Better than Inter/pol/.

Or how about placing Large Breeds under house arrest and coordinators visit them every week to check on the progress of their behavior.

I agree with both parts of what this user said. The "D" will not only be more subtle, but if you hate it 10 years from now it'll be easier to get another tattoo over a 'D' than over a full Miia tattoo.

How can TTF love Cred Forumst?

Something something make an apple pie from scratch

I am SO confused

Definitely split it up.
Also, this

Loose lips sink ships

If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

Yup, I took their advice.

Or I could just write a behaviour report every week.

>make that report sound really good and I'll make it worth your while, user~~~

4 u


>implying I wouldn't always make her sound good
I love her to bits user.


Does anyone else feel like Monster Musume is wasted potential
No harem hijinks in a harem manga and the sole ecchi we get is boob sucking only


Almost made it.

we've also got fingering, egg laying, lactation and deepthroating but I see your point, there should be more

>made within the first 50 posts
>Almost made it


>lewd as fuck snake noises
>just use your imagination


>making a thread before 404
>linking the new thread


This feels like some kind of intricate ruse. Someone setting us up to make us look even worse than normal by doing stupid /vg/ shit constantly.

So you can lie for the large breed?
user please!

>implying I'd let her get into trouble
How could I ever dob her into the authorities with a face like that?

Egg laying is 'who cares' tier, lactation isn't a common fetish either, I know deepthroating didn't happen, and I can't even remember fingering

Scale molting scene.