Danganronpa 3

Goddamn it Tengan

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Any streaming sites have it up yet? My friend wants to watch but their uni banned torrents.

Tell them not to be a faggot and work around it like a real man.



Reminder that Tengan is the mastermind.

How would you feel if the message is some sort of code that springs animator fuccboi into his despair form as soon as he reads it?

>my dick when Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru

Tengan's motives are, complex.

>mfw its real

Can we talk about what a bland and pointless character Mitarai is


You were a mere pawn one my keikaku oldman now watch this

Please save her, Izuru.

>tfw we'll never see the DR2 survivors again
>next future episode will focus on the mastermind and then it will wrap everything up
>they'll probably leave what happened to the dr2 cast open

>Shit these tits feel better than the ones on that porky gamer girl

What was his aim?

Mukuro is still best girl

He's going to do something important in the finale, right? Right?



Would you be upset if V3 reuses 90% of same soundtrack again?

I'd rather have a brand new soundtrack with like 1 or 2 tracks from the previous games.

>Thinking the ultimate hope (despair) gives a shit about her.

We've gone off-topic

>implying they deserve to wake up from a coma


What do you guys want to happen in the next episode? Will it really be 50 minutes long? Also post your favorite OST


i want to play with kaede

He does now, after waking up again.

It's gonna happen bro, stay strong

I'd be okay with it, I'm pretty attached to the soundtrack.


Allow me to CUT THROUGH those words

Of course he is. He is being built for a fucking redemption. What I am wondering is if he is going to live through it.

I want class trial for the last Future Arc episode.

Hinanami ending. That's just about the only thing I want at this point. The worst thing the series can do at this point is play everything straight with Tengan and bore us to tears.

Where is everybody getting Chiakizuru from?

They're just innocent kids who just happened to get Junko'd

If they wake up i hope they retain their memories in jaberwock island just like the survivors did

>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally

I like the soundtrack,my friend!

>Sayaka B-Tier
>Kirigiri that high

Hajime, that isn't an appropriate way to touch your daughter.

Thanks friend

This. I want something silly and retarded like android Chiaki.

>Nagito jizzes himself out of his coma

I'd like a new OST, but I'm expecting them to make remixes of the old tracks and keep the classics like Junk Food for a Dashing Youth and such.

They created the stupid mindwash shit so that the SDR2 cast would be 100% guilt free

Alolan Aoi is cute.
Juzo goes on living within all of us

Reporting in, brother!

Our boy died as a true hero and everyone's savior. We shall remain unshakable, for we are his legacy, and not even death shall stop us! Stand proud and stay strong, brothers!

Brainwashing = Mind Hacks

What are you implying?


>Tfw absolutely no Hajime molesting best waifu

Even he knows where to draw the line.

Tengan said in episode 5 he doesnt want the project to go to waste and has been working on other shit.

This new Izuru cant be some new character, so that leads us to Chiaki. If Chisa is dead, who can motivate these guys to leave jabberwock? Also, was the DR3 game being broadcasted to Jabberwock?

He looks so peaceful

What would Munakata have said if he got there and Juzo was conscious?
How gay would it have been?

>both of his Hopes turned into Ultimate Hopes
What a lucky guy!

>tmw he is the Mastermind

It's pretty obvious that he is involved with the Despairs at this point



He's just asleep, user. Pulling down levers makes a man tired.

It still hurts

DR fighting game FUCKING WHEN

You were born a shitter.

Wouldn't be so sure about that my friend.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

He would have apologized

Why was Celes on fire during Naegi's brainwash dream sequence? She died by a truck not fire

If Chiakizuru and Hajizuru have a baby, would Nagito kidnap it?

That Sayaka's thights are canonically better than Kirigiri's.

Keep in mind that that this and the other picture are official art.

Goddamn it Hajime, is there any bitch he hasn't defiled?

But he can snap out of it.

Plus, Izuru fell to despair too. His eyes got more red on the main page after episode 10.

She's literally lying right in the Izuru facilities. There's no way they won't be using her for something.

Juzo > Sakura in terms of sacrificing.
Juzo did it for hope and lover.
Sakura did it for muh dojo. Lame as fuck to be fair.

She was on fire then crushed by the truck.

because it's easier to visualize her on fire rather as her as a smear on the side of truck

Could you imagine how erect Hopeman would be if he saw hope overcome that shit?

>she draws the same diagrams as in DR:Kirigiri
It's the little things that count.

Kinda more striking to see immolation and not a cartoon truck falling on top of her

Chiaki has a 18 BMI, she's quite lightweight and easy to handle.

>no one realizes that Ruruka is dead

thats actually pretty funny

So what did I miss in this episode that is making people think Chiaki is Junko 2.0 instead of a despair sacrifice?

Depends on if we're bringing Danganronpa 3 into things. Because Kyoko has nice thighs to begin with but they're magnificent in DR3.

He has to.

Monaka won't let him see their child.

Why are you giving in to despair so soon? Did you give up on him when he was stabbed? No, our boy crawled his way out of death multiple times before and he can do it again! Believe in Junzo the true ultimate hope!

I like how makoto looks when he's serious, it takes a lot of his manlet weakling status of him, just like when he's bleeding

Two episodes left, and we still dont know fuck all about the mastermind.


But he's dead, Jim

>the entire plot for danganronpa 3 can effectively summarized as MIND HACC

Chiakifags making Kirigirifags look calm and rational.

Don't try to make sense out of a teenage boy's delusions. They are all either nonsensical or lewd.
They cut right before Donuts shows up in a naked apron

The Tengan reveal. People think he used Chiaki for the second Izuru project. don't ask why

Wait, if all of them commit suicide from a knife provided from closest monitor, how come there was only one knife to be found?

Also, I am not a Juzoboys but that damn his death almost made shed manly tears.

It's tied in with Tengan being the mastermind and if he were to make another Ultimate Hope it would have to be someone unaccounted for between Despair and Future and the only one that could be is Chiaki.

It's not a very solid theory but that's the basis.

>Chiaki is Junko 2.0
Nobody said that. Izuru 2.0.

More basis then Kirijunko is all actuality.

Will Despair 12 be Future 13?

There's nobody else he could really use it with and have it be meaningful.

Was this before or after Kirigiri and Sayaka began making out?

F for all the respects.

Sorry I doubted you Juzoboiz.

The way he was looking at Mitarai was the first time I've ever truly seen an alpha look at a beta.

Cause he sucks.

How can Munakata use the logic "Tengan was the only one with the authority to install equipment in this building" when they aren't in the FF building, but a secret underwater reproduction of it?

Did Kohacka just forget?

has the answer to "how are the bracelets being activated" been answered yet?

or is it honestly going to be lmao16AIs?

Tengan's the mastermind and he's made multiple allegations before that there were other projects being worked on. Junko mentioned that Hajime was Izuru v1.0.

Juzo also survived through what seemed to be impossible-to-survive wounds, so the likelihood of Chiaki immediately dying to her wounds has gone down.

There's also this line, which may be targeted towards Mitarai and referring to either Izuru or the new Hope project (Chiaki).

All of the important characters sure were lucky to have not slept too close to monitors through 4 sleepy times

Chiaki has the SHSL waifubait talent. No matter what, scientists cant obtain that talent.

There wasn't. Kirigiri had a drawing of it in her notebook so she evidently found it on other bodies.

Why else would he seek him out personally?

whoops, missed out Yukizome. Here's a better one:


It's literally underneath the FF HQ. Munakata knows about it, and only he and Tengan would be able to modify it like that.

So who the fuck do you think had the authority to make an entire underwater building exactly like the building above it?

Kirigiri most likely pulled it out every time to inspect the wound. Anime logic dictates that the knife would then disappear.

Makoto's luck was saving them

That's another unanswered question. I have it feeling it won't actually get answered.

Is orange Chisa still watching Despair in the theatre?

Satan, you already know why.

>Juzo also survived through what seemed to be impossible-to-survive wounds
Tell me about it. The fact he didnt bleed out after passing out and while sleeping is pure bs.

In addition, Chiaki literally dies in the very facility used to make Izuru

The mastermind of the game is Tengan and he makes it clear he's neither Hope nor Despair

He is saying something here with his last breath, but it isn't audible, you can only see his lips moving. Please don't tell me it's "I love you" ;_;

MINDHACK is that good

Here is another one, he looks like he is contemplating to kill him

>there's a 1.0 so there must be a 2.0

This makes Dijkstra roll in his grave.

His dick would fly into orbit.

After, of course. They grow in lewdness with time

Reminder that the Mastermind was TOO cowardly to try and make Naegi off himself using mind control because they knew it wouldn't work.

They only resorted in the end when they realized THE LITERAL SON OF GOD JUZO was about to save everyone as a last ditch effort

>bangles are gone
>meaning we might never find out what his NG code was

There's no possible way anyone could build that in secret.

is this the game of thrones of anime?

If this brainwashing shit can be used to make even Naegi despair, why doesn't Mitarai stop being a useless piece of shit and just brainwash the planet into hope? Clearly this works on anyone.

>I dont give a shit about this retarded Hope and Despair bullshit.
>Now I can take over the world and you want be able to stop me because I am SHSL waifubait!

>Future 13
>Tengan's message
>Mitarai opens it

Nagito Jewmaeda is the mastermind. Let me tell you why

After extensive research and investigation, I think I can clearly say who the mastermind truly is. It all makes sense if you think about it, really. Monaca's involvement and how the mastermind let her be. The way the one who dies is decided by chance. The clashing of the two sides. The fact that Kirigiri was killed due to a despairful NG code she couldn't go against that would make the most hopeful character despair, only for him to come out with an even stronger hope afterwards. The mastermind knew Ryota and Chisa. It's obvious, really. It was all for the sake of hope, after all...

>Parents died when he was young, leaving him a shitton of money. Rich parents=Jew. Killing them for money=super Jew.
>Big ugly hair- basically Jew anime hair
>How did Munakata and co have the money to pull all this shit afterwards anyway? Easy. He's been working with Nagito all along to secure funding for his wet-dream future foundation- how else would he afford getting his own fucking private island to shit around on?
>What better way for Kodaka the hack to pull the end of the series than reflect life? Six Jewish companies control 96% of the worlds media. Now think of it in Dangan Ronpa terms. DR1's killing game was televised to the whole world- but who was behind it? Junko? Souda? Maybe. But who, amid the hopelessness and luck of getting it on air, would have came through? That's right. Nagito Jewmaeda.
>Munakata is a hope slut - there's no way he'd say no to Jewmaeda basically fucking his leg asking him for hope.
>Izuru is Komaeda's wet dream. You want to tell me he had no influence in creating him in the first place? Let's face it. If you all had the chance to make your animu waifu's real, no matter the cost, you'd fucking do it. But, moreso, as a greedy Jew, Jewmaeda literally can't hold himself back from ending the world in the name of his sexual fantasies


We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

I know, but the fact that Kodaka went with it means that Chiaki is not yet confirmed to be dead, which gives further credence to the theory.

>No one can control me

> watching stupid ass danganronpa videos on youtube
> some girl showing her mom pictures of the characters and asking her what she thinks they are
> she shows her a picture of mukuro dressed as junko
>"she reminds me of a cockroach"

Wait, where did Chiakizuru come from anyways?


I kinda hope Togamis dead just because it'd mean the survivors are three idiots and a manlet

Please user. Have you seen Kirigiri's booty?
shitty quality cause I can't find the good one

Munakata should know.

Please no I cried enough for tonight

But manlet was saved by Juzo so he didn't actually overcome it.
Juzo was the one who fight against despair till his dying breath.

>Also, was the DR3 game being broadcasted to Jabberwock?

There was no broadcast

Kirigiri is confirmed dead so KiriJunko shitposters are grasping at even more ridiculous straws

If Juzo knew where the power room was why didn't he shut it off in the first place?Also, why did the bracelets just turn off and pop off when the power went off, wouldn't they have batteries?

Read the thread.

But will it be important enough to be brought up?


Why would he just turn the power off if he didn't know that the monitors were the cause of death?

>Hinata appears and reveals he was the mastermind all along

>The remaining remnants of despair proceed to slaughter Naegi and co.

Why can't he brainwash himself into not being a little bitch

The real question is, how would Hopeman feel at the sight of somebody literally giving up their talent for the sake of helping their best friend?

Naegi's finally grown into an actual man. Maybe shedding his boyhood also made him shed his SHSL Hope powers so he couldn't resist the brainwashing.

>There was no broadcast
Yeah, to Togami and the rest of the FF. But why would they lie about that? Jabberwock is the only place I think it could be broadcasted.


Fuck, it actually matches.

Yeah I saw it after posting.
My bad.

Atleast he ended up getting penetrated by Munakata atleast once...

What could his motive possibly be?

Juzo's death honestly hit me harder than Chiaki's did (from DR3 at least). Fuck I'm not even a Juzoboy but I almost teared up.

But what's the point of the game? To protect the DR2 survivors or something?

Despair Makoto is hot

For you, senpai.

Well yeah. You'd be about to stab somebody if you thought that somebody was the reason your waifu died for you barely two hours ago.


>But why would they lie about that?
to create the illusion that this is just like the DR1 killing game i.e. someone is actually killing them

>tfw it's almost over

That's what he was trying to do before he met Junko. He never got the chance to finish it.

To turn off the bracelets I guess but I don't understand why turning off the power would turn off the bracelets, it's not like the bracelets are plugged into anything.

I dont think it will. Mitarai seems to be close to coming clean on his role on the tragedy by the end anyway.

>he will never give you the succ while roughly pulling on your pubic hair

im guessing that the bracelets popping off were because naegi beat the game

What I was hoping for was that the monitors mindhaccd everyone sleeping and the chosen person gets killed by everyone else.

Remember she died as a despair slut, orgasming as she killed herself thinking of the despair Munakata would have when he discovered her

Chiaki's could be seen coming from a mile away and was terribly executed besides how fucking harsh it was.

Plus, Juzo "died" twice, and did so the second time in heroic fashion. Chiaki just suffered like a helpless animal.

Good God.

Exactly. There's no logical reason to turn off the power until it's known that the monitors cause suicide

But DR2 had a broadcast lie. Junko said it was broadcasted to all of FF when it was just the trio on their boat.

So where are these guys going right now if they dont know about the game?

Thank fucking god, what a shitty way to end hope's peak's storyline

>They're brainwashed!! That's not them!! They have an excuse!!

No reason he couldn't do it after.

There was plenty of time between then and now for him to do it though. It's not like it takes a long time to do as we've clearly seen Junko do it in a matter of hours.

Reminder Ryoko literally used mind hacc on herself in Zero.

Anyone complaining that in anime is either retarded or secondary.

>mfw Juzo being alive was due to Naegi's luck

>We will never know what Mitarai's NG code is
It sure has been a wild ride tho.

i still don know whether this pic is fanmade or not

I honestly can't help but HOPE for a completely stupid ending where he and Munakata beats mastermind with the power of love.

I hate to say it now, but they are ok for air, right?

Never said anything about the booty.
she clearly has one on DR1 and DR3.
and she got the boob upgrade on DR3 too

but I still think Sayaka wins in the thights deparment. the FF skirt favors Kirigiri alot


>implying Izuru isnt using his clairvoyance talent to predict what is happening

Chiaki "died". And it was so foreseeable.

why would he use polite speech

>Naegi never tapped that ass

No wonder he despaired.

Yeah, makes sense now but I still don't understand why the bracelets turned off

It's o-ne-ga-i.

As one user said.

Kodaka made this anime just to kill Kirigiri.
No amount of bodyguards can save him now.

What would Mondo butter tastes like?

An user stated earlier it was actually because they made it through the time limit without a death. It's just confusing because Juzo shuts off the power at the same time.

It is.

But that wasn't a killing game, it was used for one stupid twist.
It's really hackish to use the same twist again either way.


Tengan's UD, and Naegi's prosecution was the perfect excuse to bring down FF's leaders.

Naegi beat the game

I do believe, the thirsty one was her, not makoto

No, Chiaki died. Not, "Died". Sorry user, there's just no way that Chiaki is alive.

Why did it show her burning when she died from being hit by a truck?

It is audible.
>o... munaka... ta...

>The last survivor confirmed to be Juzo
>The city of Kyoukofags

I dare you fgts to play
in reverse,
open a monokuma image and stare at it in some dark room,

Post results

>they made it through the time limit without a death
Wait, I somehow completely forgot about this. What's the point in turning off the power then? By Monokuma's rules, they had literally already won.

Are you fucking serious? Did you not just watched today's episode?

I loved that moment he manned up and figured it out. Only Mitarai is beta enough to shrink under beta king Naegi's gaze.

>But why would they lie about that?
The whole thing is pre recorded.

No one is putting it live or anything.

There's a chance it wouldn't stop the monitors, better to be safe than sorry.

We don't even know how her hands got burned yet.

If that's the case then the way it was shown in exact sync with the last switch being turned off was terrible editing.

Fuck, that makes more sense then it should.

How do you know she didnt pass out and Izuru saved her ass? Juzo surviving was much bigger bullshit then that would be.


Because it's how she'd like to be remembered.

>Sorry user, there's just no way that Chiaki is alive.
Just like Juzo, right? Until it's flat-out confirmed, saying things like that will only make you feel bad if you get proven wrong later.


would you rather have it like Kirigirifags and have your waifu's death steadily confirmed over the course of three weeks, or Chiakifags and have an entire episode dedicated to your waifu getting tortured but having it be mercifully over in one episode

Maybe 78 kept in contact with them and Togami told them beforehand that Munakata sent a fucking fleet to obliterate their ass?
If not then Izuru magic.

I'm with you user. Let's go kill that troll

Kirijunko or a bust

How does it feel, Cred Forums?

>Are you fucking serious? Did you not just watched today's episode?

Nothing implied Chiaki was alive you delusion waifufag, keep up with your fanfiction theories

What part hinted at Chiaki being alive?

I honestly think Kirigiri is still alive. But she'll wake up from a coma or something in the last episode. I dont believe she's dead really.

>amnesia = mindhack

What did he mean by this?

This, seriously. He's mad he's a punk bitch why can't he undo it to himself? He's just going to keep being a little bitch until Naegi gives him a bitch slap of hope.

This. Kirigiri is still alive too!

>and has been working on other shit.
He does not say this. At most he implied that there was something else he was protecting alongside the Kamukura Project (and I'm pretty sure it's just a wonky Funi translation misleading people regardless) but even then saying that it was *another* Kamukura Project is a hell of a leap to make.

>Naegi didnt kill himself so the game ended

no, the game ended when Juzo shut off the power

the mastermind wasnt actually watching them so they had no way of knowing if anyone died, so the only possible way they could end the game is if the power got shut off

Why not, it's just about the only thing they could do to make this anime worse.

It took him ages to finish one anime though - even though he barely ate or slept and had Imposter attend school for him. Then during the two years of the Tragedy, he had FF duties to attend to. He would've had to make a mindhack anime that topped his previous one from scratch - which, of course, would've taken a fuck ton of time at his pace. He never finished it.

maybe. but they had to take them off so Munakata could go into the Secret Room

Will the RoD ever go back to normal?

Togami isnt an idiot, he wouldnt tell them about the game and the location.

It is mentioned in other games I think that she was on a mission and was careless, so her hands got burned.

That's because it's not just the gaze of a manlet. It's the gaze of a manlet that just realised his waifu didn't have to die. It's the gaze of a manlet looking straight at one of the reasons she did. Hell hath no fury like a manlet scorned.

Yeah, to be fair, I don't think today lowered her chances of survival at all either. Juzo cutting his hand off will naturally remove him from the counter, and since we didn't see it in this episode, it could still be at 6. At worst, she's just as likely to be alive as before. At best, her chances have shot up dramatically.

Hajizuru and the rest of the survivors seem fine

the rest are debatable

Goddamn I remember how hyped I was seeing this

Where did it all go so wrong?

Juzo literally got his shoulder shattered and his internal organs cooked by a superheated katana, then he had to slice off his own hand and use his coat as a makeshift tourniquet, and yet he was able to soldier on. Chiaki simply couldn't move any further from having nearly every joint in her body destroyed and passed out. There's no reason to believe that she's dead yet, especially when we know that even her AI is a tough cookie who's hard to kill.

Their assholes.

Wait, I figured out why the SDR2 cast is coming back. They're going to help rebuild the FF under Munakata, aren't they?

The part where Juzo survives a cut through stab wound in the abdomen with no medical treament after passing out and a sleep time. As well as being able to go a long time after cutting off his hand.

Chiaki was able to talk to the SHSL God for like 4 minutes and made him cry. Izuru is a literal walking miracle. Not saying it'll happen but it's much more possible after Juzo.

Juzo surviving what looked like fatal wounds for a hell of a long time (two sleeping periods).

Just watched the episode. Never thought I would feel so bad for Juzo ;_;

That's some strong denial.

I'm betting we don't ever see or hear anything about any of them but Hajime/Izuru.

still brainwashing you faggot


When did Kirigirifags become the most intolerable people in the thread? Bring back the Mikanfriends over this.

So who's going to kill that faggot Mitarai?

Juzo was stabbed once and didn't finish dying on screen. Chiaki was stabbed multiple times on top of the wounds she already had. Izuru may have shed a tear but he isn't going to fix her. I don't want Chiaki to be dead but it's time to accept the truth user

her AI has no physical body so it cant even technically die, user

You really think Munakata would accept them? He may have changed, but not that much.

.webm when?

Spotted the secondary.

>the mastermind wasnt actually watching them so they had no way of knowing if anyone died
If that were the case the bracelets would never have activated for anyone.

I can understand the survivors because they completed the game. The others will take a fuck ton of time and rehab.

Then what did he say?

>Hajime not eing able to wake them.

>He wants the Mikanfags back
No. Anything is an improvement.

>suddenly Izuru
>"pshh, nothing personal."

>could've stopped Junko
He deserved worse desu

No one

I'm guessing everyone still around is gonna survive

My point being, Chiaki living is not out of the realm of possibility.

>People think Kirigiri is dead

Cmon guys. there was a reason there was no counter today. Juzo was not part of the counter since he didn't have a bracelet. just like Weedman

Did despair make Peko's Pekos bigger?

Oh I wish brother, I wish.

Are you trying to shit on Kirigirifags? Cause I'm one and this post actually gives me hope.

Oh yeah Kirigirifags, Kyoko is tooootally alive. They're going to bring her back, show what's going on in jabberwock, show the mastermind, defeat the mastermind, all in the course of 30 minutes





I knew you would, Soniafags have great taste. There's no way they wouldn't notice the worth of our boy!

>could've stopped Junko
This is the dumbest meme I've heard in these threads.

What sort of mental gymnastics do you have to do to come to that conclusion? That's like saying because Juzo survived, so did Gozu, Seiko, or Ruruka. Don't be delusional

if he was watching them then there was no need for recordings
the recordings only point to the mastermind being a participant in the game

as for the bracelets, im thinking were getting an asspull 16 AIs


I can't take it anymore

she didnt want to kill herself by watching a video so im okay with it

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.

yes, dr is that bad.

>no one ever managed to stopped Junko
>even the fucking academy head is Junko's bitch
>he's the one who's shit on for it

I'm not a Kirigirifag and I think her dying is much better for the story (and I'm hoping for it since reading through DR0 is making me hate her), but you really have to be deluded to think that this episode lowered her chances in any way.


stop confusing reality and video games

Once it's fully revealed that if Mitarai just told everyone about his brainwashing anime at the start they could have avoided the entire thing, I doubt he's not going to get murdered.

Maybe he'll kill himself, that'd be neat.

>They could have cut off their hand this whole time
Why the fuck did Kirigiri not do this?

>Juzo was stabbed once and didn't finish dying on screen. Chiaki was stabbed multiple times on top of the wounds she already had.
Does that matter? Juzo had nobody to give him treatment and he passed out immediately when people thought that was him dying. Chiaki could've passed out for all we know.

>Izuru may have shed a tear but he isn't going to fix her.
You think? He reacted to her death, I doubt he'd leave just like that.

Also pic related got my hopes up because it's such a villain line that causes miracles to happen.

The greatest proof that Chiaki isn't another Izuru is that the FF hasn't saved the world yet.

The greatest proof that Chiaki is another Izuru is that the FF hasn't collapsed, despite the extreme incompetence of most branch leader, corruption of others and outright betrayal of more still.

>even if Juzo survived he would have lost his hand and his ability to box
He really loved Munakata didn't he?

!Omedetou, Naegi-kun!

We're all in agreement that Komaru has by far the best thighs in the series, right?

>didn't finish dying on screen
He most certainly did. He was also in a place where medical attention was an impossibility, whereas Chiaki is literally right where Izuru was born.

>show what's going on in jabberwock
we are not going to see jabberwock island
>show the mastermind
literally seconds. and some minutes so he can explain WHY he did it.
>defeat the mastermind
just going to get apprehended by FF when Togami and company reunite with Naegi

p4 could've stopped her

I can't take it, bros. I can't stomach the fact that Kirigiri is actually dead.

I don't know why, but just Cure W'ing her ass and having her come back like nothing happened would make me feel much worse.

>implying Tengan's goal is to save the world.
His methods you see... are complex.

Gee golly user why would he?

He probably won't have much of a choice. Though I do believe he changed. He lost both his friends.

The miracle did happen.

In SDR2.


Yeah basically all these stupid niggers needed to do was flip a light switch and 10 people had to die before they realized it


>P4 could've stopped Junko
Who let the delusionfags at it again?


Kyoko is so fucking stupid in DR0
>hurr why did Mukuro bother saving me it's not like we're friends or anything
Gee I dunno Kyoko, maybe it's because they also happened to be attacking Ryoko, WHO YOU KNOW IS JUNKO


The miracle was that Hajime and Chiaki beat Junko in SDR2. user, she's dead, it's time to accept it and move on. Even by Kodaka bullshit logic, no one could have survived Chiaki's wounds and I guarantee you Izuru isn't going to help her. He hasn't gone through his character arc yet to the point where he would.

Why can't I hate her?
She's so glorious.

Does anyone know why this artist deleted everything on their account and started fresh today? Was it because of us?

Because Tengan being the mastermind is so fucking lame there's no way

Don't worry, Hope has our backs.

you had 2 weeks

I'm hoping for more past that.

AI Chiaki is not real Chiaki.

>no one could have survived Chiaki's wounds
Juzo says hi.

have [HOPE] user!

naw I believe it so hope on my friend

Do people really enjoy standing so strongly by whatever theory they most prefer to the point where they resort to namecalling and categorizing every time someone disagrees with them? Junkofags this, Kirigirifags that. I know the show doesn't provide much in the way of discussion material, but you can do better than this.

I'm happy for her.

Im with you there.
I wasn't this fucked up over a character dying since Saber.

I don't know how to deal with this.

>that causes miracles to happen
You mean like what happened to Izuru at the end of last episode?

Juzo wasn't impaled that many times. I don't care one way or the other, because I don't think she died on screen any more than Juzo had, but Juzo's wounds aren't even comparable to the shit Chiaki went through.

>people actually comparing the best boxer in the world that probably has 10/10 physical condition to a highschool girl.

let it go Chiakifags

No, she's one of the worst written villains ever.

Proof positive Kirigirifags would sacrifice the story for their waifu
>spend like a minute on the mastermind, nothing on Jabberwock, and the rest pandering to me and only me

participant 16 is the real tengan

the tengan we saw before was tengan's twin brother, tengen


nigga wat

Only one episode of Future arc left. How can we ruin the entire series even more than what has been already done?

M8, I've argued with a ton of these dumbfucks and even if you use common sense and shit from the anime they'll still deny it. Once they got their autistic headcanon set then they'll believe that autistic headcanon over the actual anime/truth. Oh and everyone who doesn't agree is either delusional or is a fag.

Any form of "Chiaki survived" is worse than Kirijunko.

> I don't want Chiaki to be dead
>Pretending he doesn't enjoy to constantly remind Chiakifags that their waifu is dead

>using polite speech with his bro instead of casual

proclamation of love or not he isn't just going to talk out of character

Juzocuck, ples


Fate route.
The "omg they meet in the afterlife" did not make it any better

Juno's wound wasn't even remotely as bad as Chiaki's. Chiaki was stabbed multiple times all the way through in multiple spots. Juzo was stabbed once. Honestly he would have lasted even longer if he hadn't cut off his own hand. Please stop this delusion, it's only bringing more hate on Chiaki

>Tengan said to Naegi, "I believe you truly are the Ultimate Hope"
>Most of the "game" is spent using Naegi as bait and saving him
>Tells to Munakata, "I won't let the Kamakura Project go to waste"
>Leaves a message, "I let the world's hope in your hands"

Maybe he wants to make Makoto into Izuru 2.0?

>a highschool girl
That makes Mukuro look laughably bad.

It's a miracle that he cried?

But Future arc isn't the one that's been ruining the series, Despair arc is.

Holy shit you're right, I didn't notice.
I have no clue, her feed is just empty all of a sudden.

>Juzo says hi.
Juzo got one spear in the shoulder, a sword through his torso, and a self inflicted arm dismemberment while managing to survive only for a short time. He's also fit as fuck.
Chiaki got tuned into a pincushion.

I guess it can be something as unsatisfying and predictable as that.

It really isnt. I dont want a final episode about Tengan being boring.

>great character
Plot device written as an anime Joker with tits.

But user she's alive in HA :^)

Considering what he is, yes it is.

>Sacrifice the story
The delusion is pretty strong but let's not pretend like we have anything to lose at this point

>the rest pandering to me and only me
Im not even a Kirigirifag.
but I know that's how its going to happen.

Well shit...i assumed literally everyone on /a or /v played it or knows about it.
My mistake,im sorry user

I can't re watch the ending without tears streaming down my face why am I such a pussy.

>secret revealed at the end
>New message from tengan
Holy shit, Why are we still at the peak of this coaster? It's episode 11.

You're partially correct. While Despair is the one actively retconing everything, there's room for one more bullshit twist that can happen in Future. A twist so bulshit that you'd never want to touch the series with a ten foot pole ever again. We need to figure out what that twist could be.


Anything involving Junko

He could have easily died at any moment though. He had an incredibly debilitating NG Code and there was nothing stopping him from falling asleep near a monitor, plus several of the others wanted to kill him and easily could.

No, I really like Chiaki. I just think that her living would cheapen SDR2. Despair arc has already cheapened the story enough, I don't want it to do any more damage.

It's fucking junko all over again, this time using the SHSL Cloner to reply herself

Out of everything, i find kirigiri's death not properly adressed. Juzo got 3 episodes from Despair and Future arcs to make his death painful. Kirigiri got none, even if she is main character.

Also her body seemed not too messed up by the NG code. And she said she would always be by Naegi's side

Juzo literally passed out where medical attention was impossible. It is more bullshit then Chiaki possibly being alive.

You do realize Izuru is walking bullshit right?

>Juzo got one spear in the shoulder, a sword through his torso, and a self inflicted arm dismemberment while managing to survive only for a short time
And he passed out immediately. Chiaki got pincushioned and still went on for a long time.

Nothing can out bullshit Juzo staying alive.

>anime Joker

I envy you honestly. I wish I cared enough about these characters to cry I didn't even cry when Chiaki died.

Next week is going to be the Killer Killer episode guys, look forward to it!


I don't know what y'all niggas are talking about with Despair Arc, I can barely wait now that we got the dead Chiaki episode out of the way.

Guys.. what if JunTengan?

>he opened at the tengen
>he answered with a hoshi!
>another hoshi!

The name says it all, cunt.

JUNK. Literal garbage writing and a literal garbage character.

Izuru is walking bullshit who won't help her. Just because he shed a tear doesn't mean he's gonna fix her.

It's not like there's not a plethora of absolutely awful anime endings that have come before. Just blatantly rip one of those off to be terrible and unoriginal.

This. I don't want some stupid old man with COMPLEX MOTIVES, I want Junko like I'm used to seeing in DR1 and 2. Pretty much the only ways I can see her coming back are if she actually survived her own execution (potential but doubtful, especially considering her own threat level is woefully low at this point - Hajizuru could just smack her down and call it a day) or if her AI possessed Chiakizuru (Gives her a huge boost in power that makes her equal to or greater than Hajizuru , -and- adds emotional turmoil at the sight of a heroine being turned to evil, even if it gets resolved in the same episode.).

We literally need 2 seconds to confirm whether she's alive or not. So they can push it up somewhere between

rectonning head canon.

Dont worry, Tengan will one up her next episode.

>tfw didn't become a JUZOBOY until the very end

Juzo is a full grown /fit/izen who was chugging along on the power of love.
Chaiki is a teenage girl.
I'm not against the idea of Chaiki being alive but there is a high chance of Juzo survivng the stab wound since it didn't hit his spine, he straight up died form a self inflicted wound bleed out.

Joker's a better character though. At least he's still entertaining to watch.

It's okay user half the people here haven't cried for her death. It was mostly the people who waifued her.

You and me both
I loved that fucker so much

>I just think that her living would cheapen SDR2.
Her being a real person already cheapened SDR2. The ending is going to be unsatisfying no matter what and I dont want 20 minutes of Mitarai whining and Tengan talking about his old man plans.

>Junko finishign her plans, mitarai being a bitch, tengan scheming.

Despair only has one episode left and it'll probably focus on Mitarai and Tengan.

How can man be ultimate hope if it's possible for him to fall into despair even for a brief moment?

get da fuck out, dumb shitposter

Oh yeah they're just going to spend 2 seconds bringing her back and then it's on to the rest of the story. Fuck you guys are pathetic

I didn't think I cared that much either, Juzo really grew on me, the guy didn't deserve the hand he was dealt.

im sick of junko

Please no more Junko. She's already fucked up despair arc, I won't be able to handle her retard level bullshit in future too. Please just let her stay dead.

>Not Ninegan

What does it mean if I masturbated to her death instead of cried? Am I despair?

Stopped reading after
>I want Junko
By saying that you've already proving yourself to be a cancerous Junkofag.

Yeah definitely. It's a shittier anime version of the Joker. None of these fucks would've given a shit if Junko was a male instead.

>Implying it's not true
Back to your hugbox at /drg/ you go, autist.

I assume that pic related will happen.

I fucking hope that we get some RoD Class 77 but there's no time left for that I suppose.

>Every night I can feel her... the girl I've lost... the harem I've lost... it's like they're all still there. You feel it too, don't you?
>Despair sent us to hell... But we're going even deeper! Take back every girl that we've lost!


Shh, that's for V3.

>tfw liked Junko before
>now dislike her because she's such a mary sue in despair arc

Anime was a mistake

Because the mindhack brainwashing shit is the most overpowered thing ever.

user, how much do you think it can be salvaged at this point? At least somebody is happy with pandering.

good damn

Next episode is probably going to be the remnants wrecking havoc or something like that. Either way, I honestly don't think her being a real person cheapened SDR2. As long as she was dead, I think the effect still sticks.

Meh its ok.
I knew about it years ago. but I never had interest in it until recently that I started playing VN's

same reason I just played S;G this year. thank god I avoided spoilers for that one for years

>Juzo is a full grown /fit/izen who was chugging along on the power of love.
And he passed out immediately.

Who is that? Funi? I believe in our greatest ally [Hope]man.

Because ultimate hope is just a fucking title. Naegi doesn't have any super powers.

Where did the Sayakafags go, I thought they'd be in a shitposting frenzy.


How does wanting Junko to show up and be finished off make me a Junkofag? Taking DR3 as a standalone story, she does a lot of fucking terrible things before dying offscreen. That's not cathartic.

See above.

Maybe she transplanted Junkos Dispair sisters?

Yeah, thanks to the manlet's luck.
>Naegi was lucky Juzo was still alive to save him though the mindhack video. In exchange for saving Naegi, he lived long enough to redeem himself and Munakata's faith and friendship in him.

The manlet's luck is a miracle worker, I wouldn't be surprised if Kirigiri was just comatose unlike Hajime's waifu.

Truth is your birth was a mistake.

My brothers of brazilian japanese descent
I'm on the verge of making a my immortal amv about juzo unironically.

how long do we have to wait until despair episode?

you only hate her because mindhaccs

if they kept the original premise of her being a super genius and convincing everyone to become despair without the use of underhanded tactics you would still like her

You mean it will be shit?

That was quick.

>Next episode is probably going to be the remnants wrecking havoc or something like that
Class 77 still graduates. There is too much plot to cover in setting up the mastermind. All class 77 is is mindless killers.

>I honestly don't think her being a real person cheapened SDR2.
I did.

>message from Tengan

>Natsumi giving a fuck about Hinata or vice versa

Not quite.
Not only did he take the betrayal.
He survived the wound, cut his own hand off and held out long enough to end the game.

There's nuance in brainwashing techniques.
For despair, you need to use Miyazaki's movie style with despair message. Or using that as a filter on a live event to brainwash people.
For kill yourself video, you need monokuma theater so people's feelings are hurt and they would go kill themselves.
It's just that simple. Same thing in Zero too. But the anime haters just don't get it.
Why didn't Junko use them in DR1/2 because she got bored of it and just wanted hope to win so she would feel despair herself. It's really all about Junko and what she thinks in the end.

What is there to shitpost about? That he cares about Kirigiri at least as much? That their Sayaka had to 'share the spotlight' with her?

Same, as soon as she appeared on the screen I went into a panic

I enjoyed danganronpa more when everything was a mystery.

Now that everything resolves around mindhack, I can't feel amused or anything it's just bland as hell now.

Rightfully so, Naegiri was basically deconfirmed this episode

>He is just an aged Madarai

I didn't say you were a Junkofag. I said that Junko has been a pretty garbage character and it would be awful if she returned from the dead to be the villain a third fucking time

Something is better than nothing to those guys.

pic related

What does the message say?

Because Kodaka is a hack.

How big of a shitposting storm would there be if Munakata instantly gives Cure W to Juzo, saving him, and Kirigiri is left dead?

>If they hadn't ruined her entire character you'd still like her

Stunning revelation user.


So what is Tengan's reasoning for being a Remnant of Despair?

>How does wanting Junko to show up and be finished off make me a Junkofag? Taking DR3 as a standalone story, she does a lot of fucking terrible things before dying offscreen. That's not cathartic.
Are you fucking high? Despair part is a prequel. She died in 2 games and we should be happy that worthless tumor of a character's gone in the future part. She's already been finished off twice and DR3 is everything but a standalone story you fucking autist.

>Truth is your birth was a mistake.
Same could be said for you considering your English, ESL-kun. Now back into your mom's womb you go to get them extra chromosomes!

Do we have a comprehensive list of Kodaka's fetishes coming up in DR?
>smelly girls
Are there more?

Even if you think her being real cheapened it, her being still alive would be even worse.

>horny, send dick pics

wait for V3, where we'll get characters travelling back to the past in order to retroactively mindhack other characters to save the present from the future

I prefer Aoi's.
Look at her in those shorts

Legendary amounts of butthurt would ensue.

What would be the point of putting Chiaki AI into the island if they are just going to wake up to find out she's already dead?

The only reasonable conclusion is that she's still alive.

To lick Junko's feet.

I barely know any nip, but I know for a fact that just says "You have a message from Tengan."

Here is Juzo in episode 9, passing out from the wound he just got that is bleeding like a waterfall.

>You're a fucking failure Mitarai, god damn



Its a pretty good one.
Despite my careless spoiler i think you should still play it.

Also let me atone for the spoiler G-senjou no maou,play it

To fuck with people.His motives are too complex

Busty Brown Athletes

MF Femdom




It's DR3. Having Junko suddenly not show up when she's shown up as the final boss of every single game, including AE, would a horrible way to end the HPA saga.

Please read
>Taking DR3 as a standalone story
You should always be able to, on some level, take sequels as standalone stories that are enhanced by knowledge of previous material, but ultimately not necessary. What matters is that as far as DR3 is concerned, right now Junko anticlimactically dies offscreen. That's not good. I want her shut down on-screen in a final battle.

Soo all the reminding episodes will be delayed right? so we have to really have [Hope] from now own
>mfw every episode gets subbed except the last one

Not pre-HPA Hajime

Brown/tanned girls

Izuru has better luck than anyone in the series.

They all became Juzoboys. Everyone became Juzoboys.

For some reason I sadly cannot cry, brother. But I indeed felt really sad when Munakata saw all the blood. It still hurts. I am glad you can get this much into this, brother, I truly am.

Boa sorte.

I'd say collarbones since so many characters have really defined ones, but that might be stretching it.

He didn't pass out immediately.

>Chiaki will never sit on your face
Why live?



>The "girl" I lost
>Puts Juzo too

ur a faget

I bet Mukuro was the first tester of that gauntlet.

You just haven't read enough mysteries. It's a common phenomenon in mysteries and detective stories, the more opaque the crime/mystery is, the bigger your expectations. Of course the anwsrt to the msytery ends up looking quite lame compared to your expectations, and you end disapointed. It's a flaw 100% of detective stories suffer from.

oh my bad. He fell to the ground and stuttered a "W..Why...?" then he passed out.

You're favorite anime is shit

>Yay! Chandelier-chan! Upsie, upsie!

This episode was really good. Seeing all the dead 78 students, even if it was in a hallucinated nightmare, was so nice. I lost it when I saw Mondo's jacket flopping on the ground in a pile of butter.

>implying Juzo isn't a pure maiden
fuck off

>time-travelling mindhacks

>You should always be able to, on some level, take sequels as standalone stories that are enhanced by knowledge of previous material, but ultimately not necessary. What matters is that as far as DR3 is concerned, right now Junko anticlimactically dies offscreen. That's not good. I want her shut down on-screen in a final battle.
Nice fucking meme. Who gives a fuck about Junko's final battle? She had DR1 as a final battle and DR2 as an aftermath. Just be happy your fucking shit tier meme antagonist is dead instead of whining about some dumb closure when she's already been asspulled out of the blue to ruin Despair part and DR2's ending.

I can't help but think this is cute as fuck.

Kinda hope we get more Class 78 Thursday

But we won't

People always overthink them. 9 times out of 10, the answer will be simple.

Even Junko realizes Kamukura saw this coming.

So, when did imposter show up?

>you will never have Chisa suck on your cock while looking at you like that

Chisa looks oddly adorable in this scene

I'm honestly scared because the more i think about it they can't just fit everything into a 20 minutes episode, i really hope they announce it's a 50 minutes episode because i don't want the series to have a rushed shitty conclusion.

>Mukuro didn't appear
Did Naegi forget about her? Or was it because ZETSUBOU?

What exactly is your point? That Chaiki would have lasted longer?

What are you talking about? Junko being revived again would be the worst way to end this all. Just because she was the villain for the first two doesn't mean she has to be the villain for the third. What justification could there possibly be for having Junko dues ex'd back to life? There is literally none.

stupid bitch

he even managed to ask "why".
Muhnakata just let him bleeding there, so, being the BOY he was, Juzo got up and moved on.


Juzo has a maiden's heart almost as pure as Sakura's.

>if they are just going to wake up to find out she's already dead?
Kodaka hadn't thought that far when he made SDR2.

This is perfect. I even made the joke about Munakata doing the romcom run in the stream

What part of AE is this?

No memories. To Naegi Mukuro's just some weirdo who threw him in a killing game and died three days in

Don't blame me when Junko returns, pal. You're too far gone to reason with - ironically, just like Junko herself.

You might want to try reading my post. Killing her offscreen is a poor move.

She still looks like a cute dog there.

Chapter 3 or 4.

She did last longer than Juzo. She tried to stand up, probably minutes after she got speared and had a full convo with Izuru. Also Izuru is a walking demi-god and they were probably in a place with medical facilities.

Why won't he let me love him?

They regained their memories, the e-mails you find in 2-6 investigation tell you.

This shit is almost over and we still dont have clues of what happened to the dr2 cast, if they died, if they go back to normal. I need more Sonia!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

Mukuro Ikusaba... the sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school... the one they call the ultimate despair... watch out for her.

>Don't blame me when Junko returns, pal. You're too far gone to reason with - ironically, just like Junko herself.

>Too far gone
>Wants Junko for a third time
>Literally wants asspull central
Oh the fucking autism on you, boy.

The best part

please stop the false hope keeps fucking with me, shes dead.

Has nothing to what was being said even. Mindhacking being such a prominent part of the background lore is lame in itself.

Also good mysteries are fun to solve in themselves, DR3's just been an entertaining clusterfuck from beginning to end that rides on it's memes, interesting background details and shock factor cliffhangers.

He hated her.

Got a picture of that or something?

What do you mean killing her offscreen? We literally saw her get executed in DR1, it was a huge fucking deal. And then in the second game there was a huge cutscene where Monomi destroyed her AI. Did you even play DR1 and SDR2?

Yeah, I've got to say the omission of the counter definitely counts for something.

I'm sorry user, his heart belongs to another.

They have their memories back. The fact that they're all pretty much unaffected by that is just some sloppy writing that's admittedly barely noticeable really.

>Hating someone

I want to see the dead 1/0/AE/3 folks again. At least a picture of them all happy in the afterlife.


You want some fucking meme villain with COMPLEX MOTIVES to be the final boss of the HPA saga. You're the only one with autism, my friend.

DR1 doesn't matter here. Not one bit. DR3 is the only thing that counts. Repeat after me: Sequels should be standalone.

>that point of view

Mindhacking is almost on the level of "it was all a dream" as far as awful plot points go.

It's not mindhack.
God I can't tell if you people are actually this fucking stupid or if you're just joking.


is it just me or do dr threads get this a lot?

>You want some fucking meme villain with COMPLEX MOTIVES to be the final boss of the HPA saga. You're the only one with autism, my friend.
You just described Junko kek

>Sequels should be standalone
DR3 isn't standalone.

>Doesn't realize the entire DR3 anime has been about her.
>Doesn't think she will be the final boss
>Doesn't realize that people won't be satisfied if Junko doesn't get fucked over again, for killing real Chiaki.

Do you not know how media works? They show Junko having her way in despair, for the satisfaction of future toppling her once for all.

>You had one job, Mitarai. Just one and you completely fucked it up, you miserable failure.

This fucking defies logic. There is no rule that sequels should stand alone and DR3 was never meant to be completely separate. Honestly, where are you getting these asinine ideas?

But he is 100% male

>She did last longer than Juzo. She tried to stand up, probably minutes after she got speared and had a full convo with Izuru.
Juzo lasted two sleeping periods, isn't that four hours? That's longer than a conversation.

Thank you for making me cry again, user.

Sexual degeneracy is the "snail"of DR anyway, Sato & Juzo ruined everything

He's bored.

meant to say >DR1 doesn't matter


I know, Nagito had one of those too in despair at some point.
Not sure what it means. It's not really useful either compared to an ordinary shot from Munakata's perspective.
Oh wait I know, the point is probably just to have both Juzo and Munakata in the same frame. For extra feelings of closeness and intimacy. Though he's dead.

What does Hina smell like after being ridden by a manlet all day?

It's the one you find in the library

>Doesn't realize the entire DR3 anime has been about her.
Nice meme. Look at Future side and describe how she's been relevant.
>Doesn't think she will be the final boss
Of course not, I have an actual functioning brain in contrary to autistic Junkofags like you.
>Doesn't realize that people won't be satisfied if Junko doesn't get fucked over again, for killing real Chiaki.
She already got fucked over twice you autistic rat.

>Do you not know how media works? They show Junko having her way in despair, for the satisfaction of future toppling her once for all.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What is a prequal
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>At least the Junkofags and whoever wants Junko as final boss got 1 thing in common. You're all cancerously autistic.

I mean before Chiaki passed out. Juzo passed out immediately in a place with no medical facilities and a wound gushing blood like niagra falls.

The fact that he gets up and is able to cut his hand, stop Naegi and walk to the power room is enough proof removes the anyone being able to say Chiaki living is bullshit.

>those two transition screens

Because he has no superpowers, he is just the one who doesn't take Junko's bullshit with his mouth shut.
Not that user, but I wouldn't. Having everything fall into her lap and all the unexplained bullshit still wouldn't be fixed.
Sweat and HOPE.

If you're gonna be this dense then don't say I didn't warn you when Future 12 shows that it was Junko controlling everything, a fucking again.

What if Tengan was the one who let Junko in HPA? It wasn't Jin or Koichi.


>Calls others dense
>Has no proof but his own desire
Yeah okay buddy, back to fucking leddit you go. Right where you fucking belong.

Ultimate Bodyguard Madarai bros make a comeback. They got brainwashed to believe they are Junko Enoshima. It would be the worst twist and I would hate the DR series afterwards.


God, I hate buzzwords.

I don't really like Munakata but still we forget the guy lost both his friend in a single day.

I like the despair anime but i really wish they had focused on the DR2 cast more than Hinata, Nanami, Komaeda, Mikan and Impostor

Sonia, Ibuki, Saionji, Akane and Soda didn't do ANYTHING the entire series, even Gundam and Nidai helped a little bit, but not much, that's what i didn't like about it, it was supposed to focus on the DR2 cast but instead we got masturbation for the Dr3 future cast and Junko, and i liked that they focused on Junko, they had to, but atleast they should have given her more interactions with each of the DR2 kids individually rather than just rush it and mind break them all at once.

It has some good parts but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth considering how great DR2 was.

So do I, but they're all applicable to retards who've been stuck in a delusion for several weeks. A.k.a the tards on here with their "muh j-junko-chan upupupu..."

It was never really intended to focus on them, to be fair. They were secondary characters in SDR2 and they are secondary characters now.

Too much to cover in Zetsubo (and what it does cover isn't even covered that well I feel), it was inevitable.

We already know Class 77 pretty well through DR2 itself (their FTEs flesh most of them out pretty well) hence them focusing on the other parts.

So dangaronpa will become finally Zero Escape?


If a sequel CAN standalone, this is fine, but what the fuck is the point of having a series at all if your sequels are all supposed to be analyzed as independent stories?

DR3 is also obviously NOT standalone, since you cannot understand the events of DR3 without being familiar with the events of DR1 and DR2, but perhaps since you're being so goddamn retarded about Junko you're probably a secondary.

Junko is a shit villain with no motives beyond "lol despair". At this stage in DR3 to make her the final boss would be an asspull beyond asspulls that even Kohacka is not capable of. Fuck off Junkofag, and don't try to write something, ever.

Speaking of which, ever since she fucked off hope vs despair, what do you think Monoka is doing right now?

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I'm done playing with Chisa's dead body. You can have a turn now.

>what do you think Monoka is doing right now?
Nagito. Somehow.
What? Their kid in V3 needs to be born sometime

DR:Kirigiri never mentions it.


It's just a crying laughing emoji.