Name a (1) director with more masterpieces under his belt

Name a (1) director with more masterpieces under his belt.
>Zambot 3
>Daitarn 3
>Gundam 0079
>ZZ Gundam
>Victory Gundam
>Turn A Gundam
>Reconguista in G
>Brain Powerd
>King Gainer

Gen Urobuchi

He has great ideas and concepts but poor execution and storytelling. He would have made a great producer like Murayama instead of the mediocre director he had to become.


all trash. holy shit

One genre director.
Storyline is always about super robot pilot torn in the middle of two faction conflict


Yoko Kanno

Nice dubs

>all 100 year old shows of the worst genre
one trick pony


Agreed, sage.

Disagreed, bump.

It's way past your bedtime, Tomino.

Naoko Yamada.

You forgot his greatest masterpiece.

ITT: faggots pretend they've seen even half of Tomino's anime and call it all shit

Finally, someone on this board who gets me.

forgot this

>Ashita no Joe
>Ashita no Joe 2
>One Pound Gospel
>Rose of Versailles
>Oniisama e
>Ace Wo Nerae
>Treasure Island
>Space Cobra
>Space Cobra (Movie)
>Golgo 13: The Professional
>Black Jack
>Black Jack (Movie)
>Nobody's Boy Remi
>Air (Movie)
>Genji Monogatari Sennenki

Once you've seen one series of his, you've seen them all. Everyone, even his fans, acknowledge that all of his works just reuse the same tropes and plot structure. Those are the biggest criticisms of Tomino Gundam series in particular.
Of course though, Tominofags just dress it up and call it "Tominoisms" because that makes being an unoriginal hack okay.

You could at least tried to frame it better than "yeah I'm just gonna literally do exactly what you said".

Also Remi and Oniisama are shit.

>giant robots

>romcom faggot shit
>slice of life
>mahou shoujo


Gundam SEED is the thinking man's 0079

>not comedy of the year

It's trash unless I approve. I don't care about your shit taste.

>Also Remi and Oniisama are shit.

My only gripe with Oniisama e is the asspull that is Rei's death, the rest is perfect.
On the other hand there is literally nothing wrong with Remi.

it's so far ingrained into public consciousness that I often forget just how brilliant a director Miyazaki is

highly influential, but I'd only say Joe and Ace could count as masterworks

Cobra and Takarajima are better than some dumb whores playing tennis.

And if you want dumb whores, Rose of Versailles is way better than the stupid tennis show.

Are you fucking retard?