What to do?

What to do?

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man this looks like NTR
is that a thing? trap NTR?

Where do I find the translated version

Oh it's a thing. I'm sure someone can provide teh page.
You know the one, the one with guy who's wife is getting boned by the trap.
Guy walks in on them.
Proceeds to be the only truly good example of NTR i've ever seen.


It's not gay if he dress later as a girl

>to those who fuck my wife in the ass will get fucked in the ass!
>you may have my wife, but I'll take you!
>get the rope
Fucking the greatest story ever told

Does swinging a kendo stick instantly turn you into a trap or something?

No NTR, you're clear user.

My left arm got significantly stronger after three months of practice

I wouldn't mind if senpai was later stolen from that manlet by some teacher

Gay and straight are illusions. The only thing that matters is fuckability.


Me on the left



Nagi Ichi's traps are fucking godtier

No, I've been doing it for 8 years and I'm a buff, tanky manlet.

That said, I would absolutely hit Attractive women who do the sport are rare and looking like a girl is good enough.

>can't tell the author by the art
Fucking pleb, lurk moar

I like the mindbreak stuff more.

The traps I fap to are becoming manlier and manlier. It's a slippery slope guys...

>trap taller than the guy.

Good fap.

Homosexuality is wrong.

Does the short-haired boy take it in the ass in this?

Even with re:zero over I knew I came to Cred Forums for something today and I finally found it.

Just a dick and a load in his mouf

Nah, that's just because you'd been using your right one far too much.

Since there are a couple of other kendofags in here, what's your opinion on "real" kendo versus tournament kendo? /asp/ is dead for this type of thread thanks to Hiro.

>out on the town with friends
>grab lunch by a courtyard fountain
>conversation eventually turns to pornography
>all of them extol the virtues of fapping to traps
>tfw i cant fap to traps
Fucking bullshit

>What to do?

1) take you pants down
2) grab dick
3) keep reading until lots of white stuff comes out

Hey, if it was good enough for the Romans and Greeks, it's good enough for me.

I don't like the way he draw kisses

curse the fact high school life was dull and never had a senpai then continue masturbating

that's because you are the trap

You can't fap to traps because you prefer big bulky manly men instead faggot

Next time you meet your friends you should wear a dress.

this was the most heartwarming thing that i have read in a while.
Until i realized that i will never have a senpai like that.

guilty as charged

ain't nothing wrong with that nigga. It's 2016, you like dicks and big muscled up sweaty dudes rubbing together just say so, nobody is gonna judge just don't say you aint gay

True, but to hear from my friends how "asstastic" (thier words) traps are and to be unable to experience this myself feels bad man

>nobody is going to judge

How do I get friends like that?

this, liking bara is soooo 2003

show them that you can be asstastic too.

I actually laughed at how shit that word is

I get jealous whenever I read these.
Life is so unfair.

I've never cross-dressed before, any tips? /jp/ used to run near constant threads on the topic if i remember correctly.

go ask some /lgbt/ general, I'm sure they have charts and shit.

forbidden love is besto

Hes gay

Got to page 79 and painted my floor white

Is Cheery Tiara the AOTS?

I knew there was 95% chance it wouldn't happen but I was hoping Senpai would tenderly top at some point.

>he sucked the traps' dick
TOO far.

>not sucking Senpai's dick
You are a bad person.

far less disgusting than cunnilings

is this the same guy who did the series with the Delinquent trap who gets fucked into being a good student and man-whore?

the same

The masters do it best (Ichi/Locon)

>tfw no more cannabis works


>Finally translated
Oh man I've been saving up my seed for this


What? What happened to her?

is this different from the other one, it has different art on it

I'm not sure which other one you're referring to, but it's probably very similar.


they are both pretty wrong and none of them explains your question about the dressing part.

I mean, the exercise is good, tho. You could do that even if you're not trying to be a trap or anything.

Aww fuck this ended up being pretty good. Senpai is a good guy.

I wasn't asking about the dressing, I'm too much of a bitch to do that, so far.

I know it's all bro science but I can believe

Nagi Ichi is the fucking MAN. Shame his last elf doujin was pretty meh. Happy I read he is planning on doing more of them. They need to be on color, otherwise it loses 80% of the charm.

Speaking of which, is anyone also wondering were do he wants to go with Lulu? It seems he kinda wants a romantic plot to be born around there, it'll be amazing to contrast with Lala's ideal/generic ending. Lolo is still my favorite though, god knows all the thing I would do to his delicious chocolate boypussy every hour of the day.

the food thing is plain wrong 100% bro science.
the routine is good, it won't give you the results of any of the pics since those are either females or trannies on hormones.


I'm not super fond of the shota trio works.

This isn't Rome.
Men should not fuck other men.

It was kind of disappointing. I like my traps to be either super slutty or resistant to getting made into a bitch.

When they just kind of go along with it and it's all vanilla, it kind of ruins the whole taboo angle for me.

lala and lolo a shit
the only TRUE and HONEST elf semen demon is lulu

>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy

exhentai also his senpai is hot

I hope his last doujin with tthe elfs (lord please never make this day come) is the MC making them all pregnant
>but they are bois

God I love all three of them for different reasons.

That's because you have shit taste.

I wish people made more things like Kaname

>I mean, the exercise is good, tho
Don't do the couch to 5k over 9 weeks though, it'll probably fuck your legs up. It's better to go up every two weeks rather than every week.


I have been fapping to only traps nonstop in the past year. Someone please help.

lulu is ok

making fun of lala's fat elf ears is ok, too

This guy seems like some who would be a cool friend.

it was nice to see that translated
but when are we getting pic related?

Heart ahoges are so great.

>dress as a girl to help his friend gain confidence
he is, senpai is too good for this world.

I always lose it at eat more semen

Too vanilla for me but the original is one of the greatest trap works ever created. Countless gallons of semen spilled to it.

Friendly reminder that pregnant traps/bois have been a thing for a while now on the latest doujin/game circles. For example:

> In distant future, woman is few and the birth-rate of woman is low. To defeat low birth-rate, a government secretly initiate "cross dressers pregnancy project". The project is to make cross dresser who have suitable potential as couple and make them pregnant by mandatory law.

Perfection, literally.

i fap daily to trap doujins and i have never encountered this
what the fuck

Sensei is so fucking fantastic.

Where can we find the full story?

Just commission Mysterymeat.

The cg set of that in sadpanda is SFW only, isn't it?

Isn't that already translated? Or is there a second part?

I'm turned off by the idea of pregnant men becuase I always think of Arnold.

fuck that movie

same here that shit ruined mpreg for me

Observe how they hide their genitals. They know their actions are wrong.

There's a second part, untranslated of course.

why are bulges so delicious


Stop it.

Night Stories from a Chinese Studio



are you for real or just memeing me

Can't quite remember but sounded something like that. Use sadpanda, nigger

>Gets spoonfed
>Still too lazy to copy and paste it in the panda

i am not speaking about that, but is the same title as some Chinese classic novel if i remember correctly.
That is why i find it strange

Geez, I wonder why?

It's chinese

It's called the same becuase it's based on it. Why dont you fucking just try it next time

The real fucking question is: WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS GETTING SCANNED? Is been what, a month now since the release? I need to be inside my dear denka so badly, it literally hurts.

>Trap expects woman
>Gets fucked by a man in front of them instead
There's not much stuff like this, but it's so fucking hot

Draw a girl and call it a boy.

i bought it
its hot garbage


Why? Preview looked amazing. To me there is nothing hotter in the world than cute boys being defiled by ugly fat men of all kinds. Is delicious beyond belief.

Do you like /fit/ traps?

I agree and I don't know why because when it comes to cute girls getting defiled bu ugly fat men I'm only kind of into it.


>actual boy
How deep does the rabbit hole go

I wouldn't mind it

new fetish acquired

No, is fucking disgusting. I have been with a few, fuck that. I want my boys either slim or a little chubby. Muscles feel WRONG on your baby, never again. I felt Iike I was with a men or something, disgusting. Same goes for hair btw.

Have you never seen a man cheat on his fiance with her younger brother?

I love how he draws traps.

Good taste.

We need more traps like that.

turbo faggot


Your own fault.

I like my boys, sissies, hairless and ALWAYS under 20.

I have been with 17 year olds (legal here) that could pass as 13. Literally perfection. 2D is alright, but mate, it'll never fill that void. Trust me on that.

Reminder to ignore posts like >147470537

Don't even give him (You)s.

Guess we gotta get you /fit/ bruh.
Anyone got any /fit/ edits? I love those.

I'm an art student, I live with muscles. I can admire them, but they never turn me on. Only sissy thin boys for me, sorry.

i remember when i was a bitch ass nigga like you

Looks alot like Aogiri Penta to me, user

Always happy to help my fellow degenerates.

>we don't get to see the trap top at the end


Sorry, anons. But guys don't do anything for me. Now, if you offered me a tomboy or a reverse trap, then we might come to an agreement.

>traps with ponytails

>I'm attracted to male features
>but not cute boys who are more feminine than actual girls
I don't understand,

>I'm attracted to male features

Not necessarily. What attracts me how they try to hide their sexuality, but will open up for the right guy.

Welp time to fap to this one for the 80th time this month

Goddamnit user

I take full responsibility senpaitachi

who /insertsasthetrap/ here

Who doesn't?

Depends on the mood

i do get tumed on by cross dressing

dunno suck his dick i gues lol

I'm hairy and fat as fuck so never ever for me i guess

Jesus. I need more maternal traps now.

How maternal?


At least as maternal as the senpai from the OP.

I seem to be a rare case of only wanting to fuck and get fucked by feminine things while staying normal and masculine.



I wish I had a qt senpai too


Sword up pooper

More like this need to be made.

Holy shit
I am aroused


>tfw trap folder got destroyed

It hurts




How lewd


>hurr durr I dun wanna b gay

When will this fucking meme die?

Valley girl (male) best girl (male)

Who /lifelong/ here and not just senpai translation bandwagoners

This video should ALWAYS be fucking posted in these threads:


>not girly

I'm still mad this wasn't a reverse trap.

>Still rocking that awful hairstyle
line trap a shit

Get that plastic bitch out of here.
This is the superior video


Only if it's trapxcute older gurl. Then again i fap to anythidonwith a dom onee-chan.

Well i now that i'm an older man being attracted to cute boys feels fine however as a young male it's only natural to be weirded out by the idea of liking a trap.


You do realizar that transexuals are even worse and more fucked up than your average girl right?

sauce ?

Yes? So? I stick my dick in crazy every single time. I'm addicted to mentally ill persons ever since my first girlfriend was a rape victim. They are goddamn fascinating. Normal girls/boys bore me to hell. Is wrong for my health, but hey, can't go back now, almost 30 today, and I don't see it changing any time soon.

Fuck off.

Sauce, now



>its another perfectly fappeable doujin is ruined with scat episode

i feel you user

I like trap, but Nagi ichi's art is shit.

I don't see anything "edge" about it? For your information I'm a very protective guy. I love taking care of "weak" "mentally ill" persons. Is that supposed to be edgy?

Chinzuri OWNS dude. I love how he is also really sissy on his way of writing in twitter and on livestreams were he draws penises and boypussies. Yah, his poop babies aren't that hot, but everything else, fuck yeah, delightful.

take that back you whore

>Senpai is translated
I know what I'm doing tonight.

Bitch I've been following Nagi Ichi since before he started to draw well.

No u!

Sauce now have failed me user.

>want to be trapmode
>find these
>start running because of these guides
>brother asks why im running
>tell him its just to be healthy n shit
>brother starts running with me
>keep up lie for 3 months
>now i run 5 miles every other day
>we have finished a half marathon
>in too deep now to stop
>me and brother training for a full marathon

>he must never know the truth

>mfw people are actually gullible enough to fall for these

I have fapped primarily to traps for a decade now.
Nowadays girls feel more taboo for me and give me harder boners. Feels weird.

Lolo > Lala > Lulu

Don't let us hanging. ; _ ;

Search for Mine Mura.


>not cumming into your cupped hand when fapping, and licking it all up
you're fucking wasting it user.

Nothing will ever convince me that anyone but Lala is best, he's just so fucking cute every time.

>not being in chastity like a good little slut
What the fuck are you doing?






Your pic is my favorite trap artist.


We're not getting the source are we?

The Artists is aichi shiho

>know what I'm doing tonight, would read know but came buckets reading , literally 15-20 pumps of cum.

>I love how he is also really sissy on his way of writing in twitter and on livestreams were he draws penises and boypussies

Holy shit. Got a link?

Thanks, here's a few of my favs(I can remember) as a gift:
[Mogiki Hayami] Ai no Clone Yome Tengoku kara Jigoku e (Josou Kurogal Mama Danshi) [English]




that was a fun one. Forgot artist tho.


I'm comfortable with my sexuality and I masturbate to traps no problem.

They literally drew a girl and called it a male

Where do we belong in the world fellow trap lovers? No one believes we are straight because we fap to boys in dresses, which is fair, but we're also not gay enough to fuck real dudes, I just don't know anymore.

I call it cutesexual.

Why would you feel the need to define your sexuality in a single word? What's the point?

>mfw you don't settle and get blown by a 19 year old twink off grindr.

>but we're also not gay enough to fuck real dudes
Speak for yourself man.

Well of course we know that, but I feel like normies are a lot less understanding. Like I'd hate to have to explain this to a gf or me mom.

tfw no master to lock you




>this is the least lewd page in the doujin



Thanks user-chan that was cute.



It's crazy how strong traps become in last 5-6 years

>tfw i remember someone posting an image about how Cred Forums turns you gay years ago.
>now i fap to traps
>im still not gay
Hah, whos laughing now?

God, that's some old pasta.

>not gay
>fap to traps

Haha, faggot.


How do boys even end up this slutty?

Death threats.

So long in the closet makes them really cum thirsty.

Got a source on that image user?

>this faggotry


any hints for source?

Perverts Wanted

Just found it myself, was about to say nevermind. Sorry for asking to be spoonfed.


Just seduce your brother once your metamorphosis is complete. Nothing hotter than trap incest.

Why is there nothing hotter than watching a feminine male who thinks hes straight turn into a total cock lusting whore who can't get off to anything other than getting a cock in the ass?

Why is it so hot?

Is this Nagi Ichi? Fuck why is google so retarded giving me hairstyling websites and results for cute dresses and underwe-

Wait. Is it trying to convince me to become a gay trap?

Do it homo.

It's fun.

Trips of truth

Boys are sluttier than women. Manwhores are more lewd than female whores.

[Tanbo (Makita Miki)] Koukishin wa Neko o xxx – Big Hero 6 dj [Eng]

I want protect that smile.

>I've always had large thighs, relatively wide hips, and a wide ass
>I don't have that much body hair on me
>My dick is small
>I could actually pull this off

No no what am I thinking? I want to fuck traps not be them. And I have a square jaw and a beard. I could never be a good trap.

i want to have a son like this


sauce ?

who gives a shit about passing its not like your gonna go outside dressed like a girl
its just something fun to do when you want to get off

goddamnit now I'm in too deep

What's the comic lo for Shota?

>from none porno from from a porno book buy Douman

Traps always leads too Shota(males only)

The point is I want to get off fucking traps not being them.

Onkel Adolf, bitte...

If you wanna find a trap try steam or /k/. Tons of traps there.

>full of traps


>board full of people worshiping phallus objects which shots all the time

I'm gonna go there and ask then.

>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy
>Still manlier than the MC.

i went from traps to shota to twinks/cute boys to muscle twinks
and from feminine penis to thick meaty dicks

I want to break him

More like chinzuripoop am I right?

You are indeed right. I don't even bother opening that dude's stuff anymore. It's a shame cause I do like rimming but poop is just too far for me.

All Lulu centered doujin are trash. They're basically cuckbait at this point. But I still read it out of a sense of obligation and had to read some Mamoru to calm myself.

seconded desu

There is only 1-2 doujins with shit, besides you can ignore those, or your erections dies like superfast?

Just call him senpai like we have been for months

I've just been surprised by sudden scat in his stuff too many times. As soon as I see one of his doujins that's what I think of now and it ruins it.

Mamoru is the tsundere trap with the mole that gets dicked by his childhood friend. Senpai is Senpai.
And I thought you were a decent tripfag for liking Nagi Ichi but turns out you're just here for the smut and not the plot and characters. Absolutely typical.

i wanna fuck a boat (boy)

But he didn't get the rope

>tfw you start self-inserting as the trap
Is there still hope for me or am I doomed to turn into a cockslut in a couple of weeks?


You're done for.

its too late for you

My mind was blank and senpai's name also starts with an m

Anyways funny you should talk about the plot and characters. I was decently impressed with the story of the CG set when it got translated, especially when thinks slowly escalated regarding the acceptance of senpai's dickie from the protagonist ignoring it completely to getting off on wanking the boy off. It's nothing really revolutionary, but it just builds into my claim that Nagi Ichi is the best trap artist out there currently by output and quality

Build up to sex, dynamic positions and a sense of movement, appeals to emotion when necessary while not going overboard like say locon at the expense of art quality, he's decently creative just by the mere IDEA of a senpai trap which nobody in the trap circles has done before as a book/CG

It's too late for us.
One day you're reading trap hentai and the next one you're crossdressing and getting fucked deep and hard by your friend.

And it feels good.

It's over

TOO FUCKING CURVY FOR A MAN! This depresses me as a woman...

What does Cred Forums think about tall traps?


>as a woman...

No, there must be a way out. I mean I've already started fantasizing about sucking cocks and I get hard when thinking about them, but it must not be too late.
I really am not gay, it's just a phase

Tell me what kind of body you have and whether its feminine.

The smell of cock makes my mind melt. I want to shove my face against a big stinky cock.

Fuck off. It's just fat 40 year old guys who go to Cred Forums.

I want to fuck a sissy Cred Forumsnon so bad. Stop fucking making me hard faggots.


Nah senpai, just embrace it. Its too late for you. Just enjoy it now.


Me too. The stinkier the better. When a guys been cumming a lot that scent just drives me crazy.

>tfw no motherly trap bf


I want to be qt trap and got trap bf.




I'm so sorry user, please feel free to relieve your boner using my mouth in any way you want.

Id be fucking your throat you lewd bitch. My cock is really stinky and thick so you better get ready. I'll fuck your mouth till it gets numb.

This is pretty accurate. I would have stayed very firmly in the closet if I couldn't find other nerdy faggots online so easily.

Few things are more taboo than 2 men being together, one of the men being cute and fem just make it straight guy friendly.

are there people who actually thinking sucking dick is gay?

you're sharing protein

you're admiring masculine physique

being in the vicinity of other high testosterone males increases your own testosterone

eating pussy is gay because you're literally slurping down estrogen. and long term relationships have been proven to lower testosterone.

spartans had gay orgies all the time and they were the height of masculinity. you bet they were at least fondling each others test producers.

all these summer DYEL's piss me off. their twink bodies don't understand, but in time i'm sure they'll get it.

This doujin is fucking disgusting tho. I hope the arrested

hello /fit/


You twinks on Cred Forums better learn fast.


>tfw no nerdy bf to come out of the closet for

What's the point of censoring them if it's clearly the outline of a dick?

I can actually relate to this. I found out a semi legendary trap lived in my area, tried to woo him but to no avail.

Sequel when?


Source, pleae.

Japan is kind of a master when it comes to fulfilling the letter of the law.

You filthy degenerates! Aren't you ashamed of all this? You all deserve to be roped up and tied in a basement so you all can fornicate as much as you want without sullying the remaining manly men. You all deserve to be meat toilets and nothing else!

>tried butt stuff in real life
>felt disgusting
3D,not even once

>tried butt stuff
>it felt kind of good and I came way faster
What does it mean

You are a huge slut

I lost my sense of shame ages ago. At least when it comes to words on a screen and threads like this.

Wish you used my cock instead.

>tried buttstuff
>never go back to regular fapping again

If you're doing it right it just feels like something in your butt at worst desu.

Everytime I cum I start leaking lots of precum .
Id love if one of you sissy sluts was here to lick it up.

Doing it only because I'm a dick and you gonna regret it


If you really want one you can try out some of the really faggy RP friendly anime MMOs such as FFXIV, Tera or Blade and Soul.

I'm not saying you're going to find a lifelong companion or anything but the people that play these games often let their ERP relationships go far beyond a casual jerk off partner. As you can tell from the high school teen girl tier drama in the threads sometimes.

S-Stop meme-ing. Butts are only for pooping!

Reverse pooping with my cock.

Traps don't poop so what else could that hole be for?

They will poop my semen indeed.

Its not really that bad, thanks user

what is the L word


And pooping feels so good
>start eating healthier
>poop comes out in thick smooth logs
>get an erection after almost everytime
>takes 1 or 2 wipes maximum

Is boipussy real?



>tfw you got raped by your poop

Are there any more doujins like that?

I enjoy seeing man and woman being mindbroken at the same time, especially when she didn't enjoyed the dick.

Can't rape the willing

Very. You do know about prostate orgasms right?

Can you show me?

I'd be right happy to.



>ywn be able to pull off shimakaze cosplay well

Well, at least there's amatsukaze.

find a flaw

shitty art

They look like fags.

shit taste

none desu


I'm not sure what this thread is making me feel right now


embrace it

Getting horny over slutty boys I bet.

I get horny over hard cocks

i wanna be dressed up in something girly and fucked by faceless men.

i wanna take loads in my ass pussy

me too


>you will never be a fat faceless man
why live

Why is imagining getting fucked by faceless men so much hotter than any other kind of guy?

i wanna wear a onepiece swimsuit, get blindfolded and restrained in a changing cubicle and get fucked by as many user guys as possible.

i want to experience it without my sight - just touch, taste, hearing and smell.

because it's degrading.

you're submitting to carnal pleasure, and don't care who your partner(s) are.

I want to train a sissy Cred Forumsnon and get horny men to gangbang him with me.

What's your favorite thing about traps Cred Forums?

Personally, I love seeing their cute little bulges

Being able to manhandle them and humiliate them for being pathetic unmanly bitches with impotent little dicks.

The lust for cock

It's pretty much true. The most important thing to me is getting fucked like a bitch. How and by who don't matter at all.

gay kissing gets me pretty fucking hard

>trap NTR
Traps are too pure to cheat on you. They become traps because they want a specific guy's D.


>le dog hair trap

Now now, some of them do it because they want everybody's D. On the other hand, if you get involved with them, you know exactly what you're signing up for.

>everyone faps to traps
>you don't

Kek they all did a gay orgy after that and you were not invited.

I feel it too user.

Dammit you sluts. I can't fuck you over the internet. Stop giving my dick so much frustration.

So sorry user~

Is there any way I can make it up to you? Anything at all?

By cumming on your own face for me.


post boypuss

grow some taste


Trapfags proving once again to be cancerous crossboarding posters.

Get the fuck out of Cred Forums.

Cred Forums really needs more mods.

it's like the 4th time in the last hour I jack off
I need to close this fucking thread


Settle down autist.

Boipucci is sacred.

Seen this artist before but can't find pic related. sauce?


When is this one getting translated?

you're in luck
Mysterymeats gonna translate it soon





>Get a huge erection after reading trap hentai.
>Stick a carrot up my butt.
>Boner gone instantly.

What does this mean?


It means your dick is useless after you realize the pleasure a prostate orgasm can give you.

Anal is not fun without proper equipment. Seriously. Carrots are not dildos and I really hope you at least used lube.

It means you're not cut to be in the receiving end.

Is buttplay impossible?

Seriously, it's just so tight that even if I try and work it over a half hour it's impossible to put anything larger than two, three max fingers in there.

> rules and hymens

Relax yourself first. Use lots of lube and start playing with your butt. Preferably after fapping and edging till you got close to cum just from touching.

Same. I like to think I need someone with a proper cock fuck me hard to actually stretch it out. But no idea.

Cred Forums is full of fags and traps and cocklust threads are board culture. You fuck off.

Anal takes preparation.

Why is tsundere trap mindbreak so fucking good?

>do it slowly
>use lots of lube

It really is. In my case I love it because it shows the true power of cock, where it slowly shows throughout the story how cock can turn a bitchy male into a fully submissive cockbitch.
Watching a sorry excuse of a man be completely broken by a proper manly and thick cock and turned into a cumdump is the hottest thing there is.

When he's wearing a skirt he's a GIRL.

You sure you're not thinking of Abgrund?

Cred Forums is filled with cute little girls

But I'm little cute trap.

This fucking doujin.


Google Klinefelter syndrome.


It's so fucking hot because it makes me zone out when anally masturbating and self-inserting as the trap. And then before I know it I've covered myself in cum.

Based SourceNao never letting me down

Make way for the king of traps.

I don't think you know what king material is

Fuck yes. This is how I want to dominate traps. Fuck my dick is hard.

Show it.

prove it

i truly believe you were sent to us from the heavens to post this
praise kek for traps and all that is holy in the eyes of the frog god

>only fucks one of the twins
I'm so mad.

do you know spanish? :^)

When the fuck is Fatalpulse making another trap doujin?

You sluts. I'm at work right now.


fatalpulse is dead


>Look through trap thread
>Already read everything in it multiple times
Maybe I should start reading vanilla again

Pick up kemono, ganguro/gyaru, or loli.

Why is there no Himegoto doujins

Even this one?

>them hips

Maybe I'll try gyaru, I can't really get it up to most loli anymore
I think I've cleared like 80%+ of everything on the panda

>tfw the sequel doujin hasn't been translated yet.

I'm sure you could take a bathroom break.

what is thr secret to the clean poop

Fiber. I just cheat and drink fiber sachets.

>you will never have a horny trap humping your leg like a dog, begging to be used

Hime is pure! PURE!

I could show but the size is average for most malesand black

Would you sluts enjoy that?


Show it.


Truly an example to us all.

>gyaru on prude

I can only get so erect.

why be black if your dick is average

meant for


Bratty bitchboys need to be dicked hard.

You can eat the ass, but you should never suck the dick. That's just hella gay yo

That's pretty good

Browsing these threads every once in a while reminds me I'm still not as fucked up as some of you faggots. What a relief.

im gonna relief right in your boypussy, faggot.

Because my dick is a warm, hard , veiny phallic object that can shoot loads of semen into your slutty ass. That's more than enough for you.




Poju is the Michelangelo of gay japan

The sport is literally a gook guy or attractive white woman in my experience

Where else would you use your left?

Tourney kendo seems to be literally walking over shinai set down but nothing like making something "competitive" to legitimize it.

Reminder that it's totally not gay to fuck guys.


That moment where you dress up for the first time is the best.

tfw you didnt have a gay orgy in high school

It would be better if buying more clothes weren't so hard.



Sex scene with the crossdressing father and futa mother when?

i recognize those eyes.


Is there any pictures of cute boys licking and drinking their own cum and commenting on how it tastes?

is this the same guy that did the husky trap

theres plenty of it in a few of his, mostly related to force drug use that makes them enjoy it

Yeah... I wish attempting to even start a 2nd wardrobe isn't as hard as is currently. Even Amazon is expensive for the most part.



post more ponytails

gotta give your healer a thank you dicking irl

can i get a source

Why don't you look a few posts up?


new chapter never ever

I meant talking about how it tastes in high detail. Like how thick and bitter it is etc. To the point that they enjoy drinking their cum all the time. I need something to relate to.

whats the specific name on exhentai, sifting through his works

how can you even drink your cum
i lose all hornyness after i cum

Wow you're a real big faggot user.

please be my bf /fit/ Cred Forumsnon

I can relate to this. I didn't really understand why girls took so many pictures and selfies, until I put on the wig and chicken cutlets.

horny goat weed tea

there is none to find.

Not to mention trying clothes before buying them is... impossible to say the least.

post pics

Dunno abut that user. What are your stats?

m-my what?

Your lifts and height/weight.

im 5'10 140lb
i just started lifting over the summer so im still on baby weights

Sauce holy shit

We should lift together user. I'll show you all the ropes, including my ropes of cum.

sounds fun

Well i've been eating my own cum since I was 12 and my wife finds it hot that I do it and i'm not gay or a trap.

It's easy clean up and i've grown to appreciate the taste and how it slightly changes depending how I eat.

This. I eat well and my cum has never tasted bad. Hardly tastes like anything actually.


Yeah pretty much but it depends. Alcohol is a no, fruits can help, but in the end it's just slightly... Salty? Not really salty. Thick? Really depends but no the same as "Thick" like it might seem thick, look and feel thick as molasses some days, but it doesn't feel thick in the mouth. Sometimes it's runny and that's when it tastes salty, when it's super thick it has... a meaty taste? Normally it's pretty bland.

I even over time had to develop a technique to catch my cum. If you don't cup your hand correctly, pinching your side of your thumb into the side of your palm it can leak between fingers and all over you.

Oddly enough other guys cum does have a large variance of taste, I wonder if it's just like how you like your own farts/don't mind the smell type of thing, where your cum tastes bland because it's yours...

Hell I really wish futa's or traps existed because guys are ugly to me and I hate being around them, but when me and the wife have threesomes or I just want dick I love fucking dick like no tomorrow. I just despise what it's attached to.

Right click the image and click "Reverse image search" you fucking lazy fuck.

Oh and the weirdest texture in the world is when you're taking a bath and cum in your hand and water get's into the cum, or in the shower. Turns into like a mass.. Of can't be explainedness. Sort of like a bunch of interconnected balls attached together and the texture is extremely weird yet satisfying.