Seasonal Waifu

who's your top 3 waifu in this season ?

is it even possible for next season to top this ?

>inb4 some buthurt fag living in the old ages saying you should only have 1 waifu

Elsa wasn't even in summer

>multiple waifus
>seasonal waifus

That's not allowed!

Who said anything about monogamy.

>having more than one


No, those are posts. Not pots.

>top 3 waifu
>3 waifu
>multiple waifus

What the fuck does the word even mean nowadays? Female anime characters that you like?

Seasonal waifu is just a thought experiment where you consider who your waifu would be if this season was the only anime in existence, no actual commitment or cheating on your actual waifu is involved. Multiple waifu is indeed trash though.

lol look at this guy without a waifu

Shut up cuck

Alice can't be seasonal waifu. She is there since first season.

>not having a harem
Cred Forums sure is full of fags

The fact that you treat your waifu so casually as to say you have more than one proves that you don't care about her enough for her to truly be your waifu.

>elsa promised to be back at a later time
>20 episodes later
>still no signs of her return
>ywn get your bowels eviscerated by her ever again
Why even live?

Elsa looks like a grown-up yandere Ako.

Anybody not saying Rem is literally a demon.

> She loves you for what's on the inside
Can she be more perfect?


Rem from ReZero. AKA best girl.

It was a retarded term to begin with, why do people want to protect it so much? Say it out loud to yourself and see how silly it is to even bother


Rem from ReZero. AKA best girl.

That's not what a waifu is you shit.

No really, who?

>having multiple waifus

Rem from ReZero. AKA best girl.

AKA waifubait AKA plot device.

Can't we just ask who's the best girl this season?

Waifu is a sacred term.

Get out newfag