I think everyone can agree with this

I think everyone can agree with this.

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am I being memed on or should I watch the first season?

Only Bananya, over 9000/10 anime

If you want to fall asleep go right ahead.

>JK Meshi
Your image will garner more replies if the selections are at least somewhat believable.

Have you not watched JK-Meshi's second cour?

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Naria girls > Bananya

Here you go.

I believe it, I'm depressed



I'm surprised Konosuba isn't on winter
Thank God

Haven't watched anything that aired this year after Konosuba, Grimgar and Dagashi Kashi. What a shit year so far.

I wouldn't stoop that low

for you.

I can agree with it, these shows are underrated and pure crossboarder repellent

Better than this faggot


whats the show on bottom left?

Add Anitore to fall and it's set.

I hope I'll enjoy this.

春Tonkatsu DJ

Spring should be Luluco

I don't even remember what aired last season.

are you refering to last or this season?

Bananya was the only best thing to come out of this season.

Upyo, motherf**ker.

I wonder why Bananya barely has threads, they either don't exist or not enough discussion
Bananya punching the shit out of Calico and knocking him, and the mouse being an asshole made the last episode the best one

what are you saying

I second this.

These niggas know.

Jesus Christ why am I still watching it?

Lol Bananya might be one of the best animes of all time.

Where's Sansha Sanyou?

in the bin

>Literally what show nobody watched
>Literally what show nobody watched
>Literally what show nobody watched
If you wanted to try to shill for shows that were bombing, you should have started at the beginning of the season.

Might as well throw CGG S2 in Fall. We all know it's going to be AOTY.

Lol epic dude what's you're red dit username haha

This is true.

Also, why are people taking this thread seriously? I though crossboarders didn't go into threads for shows they don't recognize.

because this is serious business


You mean CGGG?

>correlation is causation
Depression causes ironic memes.

Tonkatsu DJ
Mob Psycho

>shill a show

please Cred Forums what am I gain from that?

Perfect. This year has really delivered in the super low budget short department.

Good taste if you are being serious user.

This is exactly what I came here for.

I'm hyped for CGGG



>Gorilla facing backwards


So the new girls are going to be Dark Gorilla's idol unit and they will do battle with the CGG in space? Fucking hype.

Blue twintails will be best girl.

Naria Autumn best girl. Best voice, best jokes, purple best colour.

what can't wait for is how they are going to involve Crane Games.

>not Naria Summer

>going for the generic tsundere twintail

>not always going for the generic tsundere twintail

Step up, senpai.


fucking hell

Best Crane Girl

It's strange, both lists are 100% correct.

That can't be possible

>mindlessly going for girls
>not choosing based on performance
Keep up, kouhai.

It's not mindless. They just always end up being the best. Twintails can't be beaten.

Sweet Jesus. Why I am hyped for this?

>Why I am hyped for this?

because you understand.

Kill yourself.

Jesus fuck that's going to be amazing.
Headphones new best girl.

Please tell me one of them is voiced by Ryouka's seiyuu.
I felt guilty the whole time watching the first season.

Spring AOTS was Tonkatsu, you dumb sluts.

I third this, just like the digits.

I want to marry her for her money, divorce her, and then impregnate the purple girl.

How about we make a fujo 2x2 to piss off /u/ ? Put on Rakugo, Tanaka-kun, and Mob there. I would make it, but i'm literally incompetent at GIMP.

Only sports and male idol anime are fujo anime. Everything else is a regular anime that just happens to garner a fujo audience as well.

That still counts as a fujo anime. Madoka(without rebellions) didn't have that much yuri pandering, and it still counts as an /u/ anime.

You just can't handle my depressive memes


I think i have too little ironic memes.

>no Ange Vierge
you all have shit taste

If you define yuri anime as "anime yuri fans like", sure. But by that definition, Osomatsu-san is a fujo anime.

>But by that definition, Osomatsu-san is a fujo anime.

Yes it is. They gave it away in the first fucking episode.

Naria girls is the deepest anime of the season.

>marry her for her money
Wrong girl.

No. I want to take half of her money so she's even poorer.

First, neither Rakugo nor Tanaka are fujo.
Second, fujoshit doesn't piss of /u/. Harems and SoLs with prominent male characters do.
Third, doing something just to piss someone off is Cred Forums-tier cancer.

It depresses me that there are AVfags who don't understand what this thread is about. I thought you were better than that.

I think we can all agree to disagree.

Fucking finally

>Third, doing something just to piss someone off is Cred Forums-tier cancer.
But that's what pretty much /u/'s doing with these threads

Yes, but just because /u/ is filled with terrible shitposters doesn't mean we should follow their example. Fighting shitposting with shitposting is not a good idea, just look at Hibike threads.

Anime has been a bit since 2011

A bit what?

Yeah i like watching old

>all this moe garbage
anime is truly dead

Everyone who doesn't understand this thread needs to leave Cred Forums forever.

>First, neither Rakugo nor Tanaka are fujo.
Neither is Mob, but everything from that list has prominent male characters
>Second, fujoshit doesn't piss of /u/. Harems and SoLs with prominent male characters do.
Mob and Tanaka-kun are SoL


i love memes too

Tanaka is a harem.

Kill yourself.

implying re:zero isnt just shit moe with edgy undertones


>Mahou Nante S2
>AniTore XXX
Bring on next season already. This one was shit.

This kind of thing always happens whenever someone mentions AOTS in the OP.

Cant be bothered with making the image
Winter is Dagashi Kashi
Spring was BNHA
Summer was Mob Psycho

>new game!
I guess the Seiyuus rendered them deaf, no-one could survive such shit taste otherwise

How did i not already possess this image

Suicide has never felt so close as when watching this.

Fall's AOTS is going to be Teekyuu.
I mean this is already decided.

Only Mob Psycho can be considered good this summer, new game for SoL Moefags i guess.

To be HERO is going to be the best fall anime.
Just mark my words, it'll be the one. Read the synopsis and you will agree.

>all moeshit
No thanks

How the fuck is Tanaka a harem?

There's like 3 girls in it, that makes it a harem. Forget that only one of them actually likes Tanaka, and the other two distinctly like other people, if there are girls and a main character who is male, it is harem

If three or more people want main character, it's a harem.

Banaya is bad and not in a g ood way.

If you watched it you'd know that only one person actually wants the main character.
Maybe two if you count the guy's sister.

Nerd, doppelganger, Ohta. That makes three.

Anyone got the template with the wreat best of season year etc on it

Ryouka = Dark Gorira

Tripfag's idiocy cannot be cured.

>backwards meme arrows

What are you doing?

This is going to be a super controversial opinion but I'm only watching Bananya ironically at this point. It's nowhere near as smart, funny, moe and well-written as JK Meshi. It's just 2 minutes weekly of banyality.

I think most people would agree.

>autumn AotS
>anything other than Teekyuu

>2 minutes weekly of banyality
Good pun.