I need to see Courage in my lifetime please Bones

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I need to hear a less depressing VA for Mob if season 2.

Setsuo Itou is great though.

I believe OP, Mogami will happen

But user, season 2 is gonna be suffering central.

>wanting to replace Mob's cute voice despite it being perfect for the character
Fucking why?

When will they announce season two? After the last episode? A week after it ends? When?

It has started

How could you

'Eh' is pretty much Mob's catchphrase in the manga.

I like terurei better.


>Notice me, Kageyama-kun.


You should probably spoiler that.

>Trying to seduce both brothers at once
I like his methods

>Setsuo Itou
You namedrop him as if he's a celebrity or something. I checked his resume, turns out he's a rookie. Now I understand why he's so boring and lifeless.

get out.

>boring and lifeless
perfect for mob


I used his name because he's Mob's VA.

>he doesn't know about Mogami arc

Will Mob ever be at the top?

He doesn't want to be at the top. I imagine him being popular would just stress him out.

No, he's a natural bottom.

This is too fucking good

Reminder that Ritsu is used goods after this episode.

>implying Mob isn't shouldn't have a voice that sounds as dull as he is
is this some new form of shitposting?

When he hits his growth spurt he will

I don't understand. Why them? They barely even interacted.

Its a shame i'll never see that guy again probably. He looks interesting but a Season 2 happening is 1% possible

He will never get a growth spurt. He's going to be a legal shota when he grows up.

1. Mob is the MC having most of the screentime. his voice can't afford to be that dull, or else the whole show/viewing experience will leave that impression too. this VA has been dragging down the show, in my opinion.

2. Mob is supposed to experience a different new emotion every now and then, and it's the most important aspect of the script. The VA doesn't have the competence/made the effort to showcase these subtle emotional peaks.

>these subtle emotional peaks.
>didn't see hostility

Because they're the two characters most prominent characters after Mob and Reigen. Chances are when the last pair appears on the third volume cover there'll be a bit of changing up.

>Season 2 happening is 1% possible

Teru did intimidate Ritsu. They probably the most prominent characters after Mob and Reigen, so that's why.

What did Bones mean by this?

What awful stream did you screenshot this from?

>the last pair

It's from twitter, user-kun.

done the drawing
hope you guys like it

Something along the lines of
>ywn touch Teru's glorious abs

Bodyguard Dimple and ?????


Pretty good user

Clearly they meant VAGINA BONES

nod nod

How many times did you jerk off today to this waist/hip ratio?

Great job, user.


I prefer this one, personally.

Enough to give Mob a fresh helping of milk.

>draw a boy
>give him childbearing hips
Why is this allowed?

Not that user, but if the OP is any indication, Dimple and Mezato (kek) would fit.

The two characters are very closely related, but since Mezato is really not important until literally the chapters after where the anime is ending, I doubt it'll be her.

So it'll probably just be Dimple or something

Did anyone bother to make any webms for any fights this episode? It had a ton of cool action-y moments even if they weren't on the levels of episode 5 or 8

So why was Mogami hanging out inside a little girl of all places?

Dimple and... Shou???

it's fucking beautiful

they wouldn't do that. they are takers.

But I did do that.

Perhaps Mezato and Tome, put the girls together. Sorry Tsubome-chan

>he looks interesting

Don't listen to retarded anime-onlys. Their opinions are worth less than the time it took me to type this.

Dimple, Mezato and Shou

Are you by chance trying to imply Setsuo Ito messed up Hostility?

Because I still remember everyone literally schlicking and/or jerking off to that RITSUUU

Yeah, I loved the Teru v. Sakurai fight, but I don't think there are webms yet.

My fellow patrician of refined taste.

>they are takers.
What did you mean by this?

Too lewd.

Rookies need love too.

But user, Teru is a boy.

3 - Mezato/Tome
4 - Dimple/Teru(?)
5 - Ritsu/Shou
6 - Mob/Reigen again

>everyone literally schlicking and/or jerking off to that RITSUUU

I-I thought I was the only one

He was great (and sexy) during the previous episode's "UNFORGIVABLE" too. I wish we got to hear his scream without that sound filter.

I think Terier v. Sakurai was totally on the level of most of what we saw in episode 5, at least purely from an animation standpoint.

So are the animeonlyfags enjoying themselves?

Is this a meme now?

Boys can have vagina bones too.

spoiler that shit, user ;_;

Three. Would Teru be classified as a twink?

I don't get the taxi driver and the salt bag, can someone explain that to me?

doujins when?
>she's nervous
>Mob is a dead fish
>her hips bring him closer and closer to climax
>100% hyaku pacento
>Mob gets on top and absolutely exorcises that pussy

He never even talked to her.

Molesting Mob is only for Teru, Ritsu, Reigen and Tome.

>we will never see more of this top qt
Thanks, Bones.

That's about the only moment where he was up to the job. I should have said emotional peaks and the supposed afterwards state of mind/mood/character changes. Good VAs can portray these nuances.
Yet His performance was a flat line from episode one.

Taxi-kun just drove some dude out to an empty spooky forest in the middle of the night, and he's equipped for ghost hunting.

>implying Mob would sleep with this ho
I could see ultra-slut Teru fucking her, but not somebody as pure as Mob.


Did I miss anything else?

I don't think Mob even knows the that awakening lab exists.

yeah but she's the cutest and most attractive

Show, obviously

There was also a Region one or two threads ago.

It looked like Reigen was smuggling a large bag of coke through the woods.

I'm that user. You hit me on the right spot. Nice job.


If anything, he would be a twunk.

Boros and Saitama, user. Those mispellings have been circulating for a while, now.

> twink
Excuse me but I'm not that well versed into homo CP vocabulary.

Why are all the girls plain as fuck while all of the boys are 10/10?

Mob is pure and only interested in Tsubomi. The best Rei could hope for is a halfhearted fuck from Ritsu in a last ditch attempt to convince himself that he's not a cocksucker.

takers take, givers give.

Because ONE is gay.

>people are still watching this normalfag anime
wew lad.

>implying Ritsu would fuck a girl to prove he's not gay
He'd be more likely to fuck Shou to try and prove that he doesn't like it but he does.

shit sucks man

What does this have to do with fapping?

Girls are harder to design

Not really.

does...does he died?


Not yet. He still has to make a final speech to Mob before he succumbs to his exotic death

Guide to designing an interesting female character
1) Design a male character
2) genderswap it.
that way you get those thoughts about how to make the character cute or girly out of your head during the initial design, so they'll have more than those traits going for them.

The boys are pretty plain looking too. It's just that they got attitude and the animators keep giving them some sexy af poses

i'm not an expert, but takers don't erect and fap, do they?
don't correct if i'm wrong, i prefer to remain in my blissful ignorance on those issues

>fuck a guy to prove you're straight
What kind of logic is that? Even if it turned out you were straight, you still would have had a dick up your ass.


Also today when he screamed "SHISHOU!" holy fuck my heart.


Tell that to Ritsu. Brojobs aren't gay

Nah, Ritsu, Shou, and Teru are pretty damn cute in the anime, by design alone.

And holy shit don't even get me started on Reigen.

I prefer shoe

I still don't see what you're getting at, but have a Rei for your trouble.


>Are you by chance trying to imply Setsuo Ito messed up Hostility?
It not being called hostility was marginally upsetting, but only marginally.


Actually, this might be getting a little off on a tangent there but delinquents and other assholes often do that kind of shit on weaker, more vulnerable members of their group to re-affirm their masculinity : see how soldiers will rape the designated "bitch" of the group (among other forms of bullying ofc), highschool bullies rape their victim to confirm their superiority, boys in ghettos getting raped for acting gay/effeminate etc.

Dudes are fucking weird.

In the mean time you can join the discussion and suggest a seiyuu name that did well shut-in autist characters, to recruit for mob season 2.

I made this and took screenshot this image of Teru.
I may be autistic but those images have been re-posted and fapped tons. They must not be that bad.

I like how in mp100 all the characters and objects don't have black outlines, but wispy greenish ones.

I don't know why it's appealing but it is.

Holy fucking yaoi hands

You did well, user.

Why is Rei the most adorable and simultaneously the most absolutely fuckable?

Reminder that Reigen is a harem protagonist.
>Average looking
>full of shit
>has touma levels of plot armor
>somehow everyone wants to fuck him
>has to please main girl (mob) every time or he's fucked while pleasing other girls (old men and women) secretly
>always has a super special secret move used to beat the baddies every time

Perfect for sitting on.

But he's fun and funny and world-wise. He's not a harem protag at all, he's experienced and not awkward at all. He's like a parent figure and role model for mob.

>ywn be in Reigen's harem and get caught with him in sexual situations

Season finale next episode?
Damn, this week's was superb!

I fapped to shota Ritsu today oddly enough.

testosterone is a hell of a drug. hell, all horomones are for that matter

Its a shame that we'll never see her again. 7th had some cuties.

>>Average looking

Season 3/Claw Boss movie, m8

Believe it.

Reminds me of the Romans.


But she wouldn't even be a cameo.

I'm going to need a timestamp for that.

Homos Fujos and Perverts from the previous threads. I purchased this doujin will scan and share when it arrives to me.

God Bless. Fuck I hope it arrives quick before Mob threads are no more

>doujin featuring Mob
Delete this

Does Mob end up fucking Reigen?

Also, you're great

That's it anons, have a nice finale. This is the last time I'm clicking on these threads. Too afraid to turn into a degenerate like most here.

> "Who You Surround Yourself With, You Become"

what the fuck!!! he's so small!! how is he so small?

so cute, so soft 100000/10 would protect, would hug.

Because that was 3 years ago, Mob was really young, that was probably right after the accident with Ritsu


Non-Manga here but I've read to the end of this arc.
Does Mob ever find out Reigen is a sham?

Yep, pretty much got wet everytime Mob got angry or screamed. Started with episode 3 and it just kept getting better and better.

yeah, I know he's younger there, I'm just baffled at how fucking cute he is. what the fuck. what the fuck, so cute, so cute.

He knows that Reigen is a good person

Season two never.

She definitely plays a (admittedly very) minor role in this arc, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Redraw reigen is the best thing to happen to this series. Does ONE know about it yet?

So is Reigen actually possessed or what?

He's precious.
Would you let him in Cred Forums ?

What a fucking whore, Mob is gonna get syphilis just by standing next to him.

what the fuck

One hasn't drawn as many girls in his series. Maybe next manga.

Of course I would. No, I wouldn't do anything lewd to him.

Have the secondary subhumans finally grasped the power of our lord and savior reigen-sama?

>reigen makes a dramatic-ass final speech to a tearful mob before he collapses
>he isn't actually dead
>he's just lying on the floor like a retard

>tfw no gratitude

So Onigawara is a cock addict? I'm not actually surprised.

They won't truly understand until they watch reigen arc

Claw boss movie is the only acceptable way.

Probably not. He didn't eat the candy.

So many damn fujos. Aren't there like a dozen other series you guys could be shitting up this season?

Reigen's version ofthe flashback is gonna hurt so damn much.

Can't wait.

But this one has the best boys.

I feel like ONE is the kind of guy who would obsessively follow his own series adaptation and buy relevant merchandise of it.


Fujos have been into MOB long before it got an adaptation. They love the fuck out of it for some reason.

Mukai is cute.

I would slam the door immediately because I know the FBI is right behind him. source:been there done that


it's got shotas /and/ handsome older men, of course fujos are gonna eat that shit up

So is it just me or is this Reigen guy feels similar to Kamina? I mean both are mentor characters who motivate a young troubled kid who apparently is is very powerful unlike them and both of them would go as far to sacrifice them self for the kid's sake.

Why is Reigen always the bottom, even with a 11 year old Mob?

user why

It's his destiny

But he's not

WHAT IS HIS TWITTER?? What did he say?

How are the nips reacting?

Neato, a thread is up.

Delicious child-bearing hips.
Still, I'd rather have him fuck me.
All he did was RT something from it, I can't read what the tweet he RT'd said. But, he's seen it. This is kind of amazing.

oh god I don't even like Reigen on top

>When Mob screams "SHISHOU!"
I wasn't ready.

You can like bottoming and still masturbate just fine the normal way. It isn't like your penis stops working, despite what sissification captions may say.


He only retweeted a post with a link explaining the tag, then tweeted about Mob Psycho trending. (the actual series tag, not the #redrawreigen)

Nips overall seem a bit confused by the meme but are enjoying it a lot, and looks like some are surprised that western fans love Reigen so much.

shut up you moefag

Feels good when artists actually draw Shou as the midget he is.

From this doujin


Don't forget that both of them die for the sake of MC's development

I want Reigen to exorcise me!

Did a 5 year old child draw these backgrounds?

Maybe he'll hit a growth spurt some day.

oh shit thanks
bless the user that's going to scan it

Isn't there a loli thread you should be shitting up? Why bother fujos, just hide the thread.

Reigen is so intimidating, he scared the animators,


How much worse would the Ritsu bullying get, I wonder

what character do i draw, Cred Forums

Since Mob can project himself out of his body and Dimple can enter it, does that mean he and Teru could swap bodies?

draw lewd teru

Havent been on all day, animeonlys are losing their shit after this one, right?

Because there needs to be more art of the girls, porn or otherwise. I mean, there is almost nothing for the leader and look how cute she is.

Also, Ritsu and Shou swapping bodies would be hilarious

>the leader
Oh you'll enjoy the next episode...

I thought I was the only one that liked bg qt

>a lie
You don't have to go too far user we know ishiguro is a cute trap

I really hope the Claw bosses show up again for the Broccoli tree thing. They were some of the best characters so far.

>mfw this user's face when next episode




I want to see more of the scars.

He probably would. He may even own a dimple pillow.

Fucking fujos ruining another series

Why is it so fun to bully Ritsu?

I would join her club if you know what I mean.

Really want to see more of koyama and tsuichi

I'd show her my alien

She says she'll show her vagOOO if you join her club.


This is the smile of a protector of smiles.

Leader of the 7th division is not a loli, he's an old wrinkly man.

Niisan does.

But even those who like him bully him except for best brother Mob

He will.

I love his smile.

>Ritsu asks is his head is alright
>Ritsu still visibly scared of Mob
>Ritsu thinks ??? was going to come out
Does he ever actually love Mob?

Rewatching the episode now, I'm noticing just how on pint a lot of the aspects are.
>That music during Reigen and Mob's first meeting
>The orchestral sound that comes in when Mob shows Reigen his powers
Overall this was a greatly constructed emotional episode, do you have any moments that sstood out to you particularly?

he does.

>Reigen's "you have grown up" smile

I don't know if my heart can take it. The anime staff sure loves Reigen, I really want to see how Tachikawa w-will adapt it.

He was still worried about Mob, and he was less scared but more ashamed of himself. Asking about his head just means he was worried about Mob being knocked unconscious, if he was scared of ??? he'd be asking if Mob was feeling stressed. He's a good otouto now

Say it with me now,


>Ritsu's despair

His poor body is going to be used and abused by a human hamster.

>that little rascal was about to write "dick"

I accept this

Do you know what the first panel says? I can only read the chin(ko) part. Shou is such a little shit.

>Some generic shit loli
>Not red haired shota
He's obviously Psycho Mantis.

Warning for animeonlies: it's full of spoilers.

That op is so nostalgic.

>mfw we don't get a 2nd season

How did this become a thing anyway?

holy shit reigen is such a good character

I'm still waiting for a Mob Psycho version of Kekkai Sensen's ED.

Yeah basically Shou is like:
Hey, Ritsu, how about you let me write some letters on your back, you guess what I wrote

That's a bit sudden... (but alright)

what? redrawreigen?

This was the first one, or the artist behind it started it. She/he just thought it would be amusing to redraw Reigen as stock photos people, some followers drew their own redraws, others went adn did redraws of any funny picture rather than just stock photos, and that's about it.

someone thought it was funny and apparently a lot of artists on twitter like a good meme. I'm enjoying the hell out of it in any case. Reigen is a great canvas for it because he's so emotive and fun.


>do you have any moments that sstood out to you particularly?
The moment the animation technique switched to paint on glass with Reigen

does anyone have a non-lewd drawing request

why is he called mob?

Mob with full power Dimple as his Stand

for user that requested lewd teru
uncensored-ish version
puu sh / rhmJA/660e3d2eb7.png

Mob hugging/holding Reigen after Reigen gets slashed.

Man that look on his face as he looks away and asks if Mob was being set up by someone else. You can see the hurt there. This probably wasn't the first time this happened.

really loved the character acting for Reigen here

if you've read the manga you can really tell his inner monologues are actually happening despite them not being narrated.

Why doesnt more animes have sensual male on male relationships without women ruining everything?

o boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

working on it, thanks

RIP Teru's cactus wig

This with Mob and Reigen

Mob psychically conducting an orchestra of instruments

Don't listen to him. He is just baiting.

This with Reigen

The industry feels like it needs to kowtow to one group in order to survive. And they arent entirely wrong. Which is why 99% of it is shit. Except for the kind i like, of course.

you got any websites you post on?

Looks good user!

>It's ok to run away if you're in over your head. It's ok to rely on others if you're overwhelmed, particularly adults who care for you.

Reigen replaces Misato. What happens? Does Shinji get healed?

nah, i don't actually draw often enough to keep a stream of content up. been thinking of making a twitter, though.

>mfw they just want more redraws
this tag will soon become its own religion

Id post pics but im playing OW right now.

Are you saying this is going to become the IRL version of the Psycho Helmet Cult?

Indeed. In time, all will be forced to acknowledge Based Reigen as their one and only leader. This thread, this world, will soon become one with Reigen-sama.

fixed an old thing



>that fucking bite mark on his neck

shut up


be the change you wish to see

This is the best fucking shit.

Apparently in Japan it means something along the lines of "side character" or "extra.".

It's pretty much like Jane/John Doe.

Bless you, user.

I like this.

I'll work on this one.
I'll draw something up too.

Her chest looks delicious.

Lazy self indulgent scribble of Ritsu and Mob in the forest. It's cheesy and silly you've been warned.
I worked all last night and the majority of today re-doing the Voyeur Ritsu comic. Only for it to look like shit again. I'm going to restart it (again) soon.


I'll work on this one.

I'll draw something up too.

Her chest looks delicious.

Lazy self indulgent scribble of Ritsu and Mob in the forest. It's cheesy and silly you've been warned.
I worked all last night and the majority of today re-doing the Voyeur Ritsu comic. Only for it to look like shit again. I'm going to restart it (again) soon.

thanks! i have no idea how to draw chests too well
also... would you be down to collab, ever? your artwork is so soft i'd love to line/colour it

Not the drawfag, but I dig your style, user.

>it's deleted

Looks great anyway.
Ah shucks man, yeah I'd love that. What should I draw? Or do you want me to draw whatever? That's super kind of you.

so will the third one have shou and dimple (in bodyguard form? or spirit form?) or who


oh, anythings fine!

Oh man I love your style. Got a blog?

I really liked this shot a lot.


I find it funny that most people that dislike reigen in ep 11 is a bunch of shonenfag that want mob to goes ham all out.

Well, how else are they supposed to run besides fighting first?

Who the hell disliked Reigen in ep 11?

Before this episode I always considered opm as the better animated show of the two but after this ep I changed my mind the amount of passion BONES put on animating side clash between teru and sakurai really overwhelmed me totally the opposite of opm treatment.

OPM was more of a series to show off skills of animators. MP100 seems like it has another driving force other than showing off, feels like they just want to make the series good.

Is ONE secretly related to the Yakuza? Or is actually a hypnotist who is manipulating the industry?

ONE getting amazing adaptations is the ironic joke that people forgot was ironic.

Are you implying the manga wasn't good in the first place?

Fujos and their fujo dollars might give us a second season though.

Postmodernism going too far?

>I worked all last night and the majority of today re-doing the Voyeur Ritsu comic
I'm sorry user

>Only for it to look like shit again
I'm sure they looked great, but do whatever makes you happy

>dead thread
Knew this series was a meme.

Could be because it's 5 AM EST and lots of the posters are American.

No one is buying this shit tho, not even the fujos.

Hypnosis punch had me in stiches

reigen is great

>ONE's career
pic related

So, did the anime ever explain how Reigen knew that Mob was in Claw's hideout or even where the hideout was?

> didn't watch the opening scene.

Did you completely zone out in the literal beginning of the episode or what?

He tracked the GPS on his phone

>yfw there's no opening and they play the full theme song in the background during the gratitude scene

god i'm hoping they do that shit

He's got Mob's phone bugged


How about no. There was lot of one liners on that scene. It was not a battle.

Was 11 on the same level as 5 and 8?

Full pic where, friend?

He's manchild himself so he knew the answer why Claw become childish.

I missed it and it's not showing up in the archive. Anyone mind helping out?

I feel like Shou was a little more cheerful and cheeky in the manga. He seems a bit serious in the anime.

even better in my opinion

Well, he's supposed to come off as intimidating right now. They also made Sakurai more badass. It'll pay off when he defeats Ishiguro and calls daddy next week.


Why are these threads such cancer? Can't you fujos just fuck off back to Tumblr? Does it make you feel edgy to post on Cred Forums? Because posting in a containment general of your fellow landwhales isn't edgy at all. Will you go back to Tumblr after the season ends and stop accelerating the death of Cred Forums?

Even the faggots in the homo thread agree that you are all cancer. If women were banned from the board, everything would be so much better.

They were all very good, though I personally liked 5 best.

I don't trust people who dislike Reigen

How big is Claw supposed to be anyway? We know it has at least seven branches and an HQ.

A couple thousand espers in one or two dozen countries, probably.

you're okay user?

No. I'm very lonely. I shitposted in half a dozen threads and you're the only one who took the bait.

Those shorts make Shou look like a faggot.

You lack Reigen in your heart user everything's gonna be alright.

>calls daddy next week.
If he does, season two will be pretty much confirmed, right?



Holyshit how the fuck all this #redrawreigen become a thing and why is it so fuckin good?

>look like

Meme magic that follows ONE in whatever he does.

Well, he is a faggot, but usually doesn't look like one.

Not necessarily. It could also be a "read the manga" sign. Same thing happened with Noragami Aragoto. You never know with these type of cliffhangers. If anything, it means BONES would be happy to do another season, which we already knew.

Don't know, but it's glorious. Even people who don't watch the anime are joining in. Hopefully it'll give it more popularity.

It was a lewd Boobie-chan (the qt Claw underling)

Episode 12 can't come soon enough.

I wonder how they got the idea for the BD covers

I don't know, but they're very original and I'm sure they'll help the sales. Everything that they're doing with their marketing campaign and the merchandising in general is very original (salt shakers, black vinegar...)

Fuck, I thought Gratitude was gonna be today.

Any good #RedrawReigen ?
has anyone made the Sam Hyde version ?

Just check the tag user: they're all hilarious.

>that Tome

#RedrawReigen might be the miracle we needed. Granting us season two with the newfound publicity shortly before the airing of the greatest episode of the Year and the release of the Blu Rays. Glory be thy name oh Mango God.

Didn't someone say they changed something in the OP in yesterday's episode? I checked and I can't spot any differences.

Wtf this Episode i love Reigen now.

Aren't espers supposed to have passive shields
How did punches and kicks hurt them

Psychically enhanced punches and kicks. Or ethereal bodies, which are just psychic energy.

Punishing her for being a little shit.

Reigen is strong as fuck. He's got green belt and he only really knocked out the little shit for a few seconds or minutes anyway. His punch didn't affect the Adult esper.

This shit is magical.

Can anyone post that 4koma where Teru was shitting on the psychic whip ability?

Ah, that. Espers can usually only attack or defend at any one time. Teru managed to increase his flexibility to the point that he can do both at once.

Even while not raising a barrier they still have passive defense. That's why they don't die easily.

Sure, sure, yeah, but it's not like there's a given value for how strong that is.


Shinji gets healed. Survives the plot without getting broken. Lives peacefully post-Instrumentality.

#RedrawReigen is legitimately my favorite thing in a while

Loli esper was using her powers at that moment, as we all know espers, at least most of them, cant do both defend and attack. The other one probably couldnt put up a meaningful barrier either cause of all his bodies everywhere. Also both got totally caught offguard

Chair Shou was great but this is better.

No matter what it is it somehow remains in character

It's already on KnowYourMeme

This is the best thing about it.



Fuck it's already ruined

Calm down.

Holy shit that's perfect. Seeing both Western and Japanese/Korean fans and even people who haven't watched Mob Psycho bond over this silly little meme warms my heart so much. I love you, /mob/ ;_;

Same, it's a special kind of cute when people are able to bond over something an interest/something they think is funny despite the language barrier. Even Kameda has seen it. I wonder if ONE has, too.

What do you mean?

close enough, i like it

do this one next

This makes me incredibly thirsty and the only thing that can quench that thirst is licking Tome's thigh sweat.

Some of you are so insecure it's embarrassing


mob in the foreground, reigen in the background, literally perfect

>we have to wait a week for episode 12
>we get #redrawreigen to entertain us until then
This show is great. This community is great. Above all, Reigen is the best. I fucking love you guys.

What does this face convey?

the pleasure of being cummed inside

missing naptime

And we love you user.

I do hope all the attention, as memey as it is, helps the series to get more content by BONES

Shit. It just hit me this is the last week... God I really need that Shou calling his dad + Season 2 announcement after the credits

Did anyone else think Reigen was out of character for this part?

To answer your question, yes some people did.
But was it out of character?

Was 100% Rejection anime original? I don't remember that in the manga.

Yes it was. I don't mind it.

Me neither I thought it was cool. The only thing that feels a bit odd is how fast Mob's meter built up again after, but it's not like there are set rules how fast or slow it can build.

Wait I thought mobs power was released when he was 100% frustratedor angry.

But is it just released when he experiences 100% of his limit for any emotions?

That helps explain why his little brothers powers Flare up when he gets too angry.

It's like their powers are related to their emotions

The explosion meter is just a representation of Mob's emotions anyway and how close he is to being able to express them outwardly.

Check the explanation during his fight against Dimple.



holy fuck

What does he say?

google translate
>New spirit vision, move psycho 100 overseas in popularity! Funny pictures to send and get redraw ghost phantom image tags - Togetter together I am happy
This is kind of heartwarming. Thank you, memes.

Why is Reigen the best hero since the fall of the USSR?

we need a Reigen 4koma


It makes him happy

He's explaining the meme in Japanese and then he says it makes him happy.

I like mob too, but all threads are infested by fujos and it's disgusting.

That's what you get when you make a show without cute girls i guess.

Thank god for Tome.
Mezato is cute, too.

I heard trigger helped in this episode.

How can one character be a loser, inspirational, hilarious, attractive, based and best meme at the same time?

Because he's a boss and a master.

>best fatheru
>best boy
>best girl
>best meme
10/10 would swoon again.

Best thing about this meme is that all the world is participating in it. You enter the tag and there's also hispanics, asians, russians... and people who've never watched Mob Psycho considering giving it a chance.

I can see why. Wasn't Reigen ONE's favorite character? He seems to be very proud of him at least.

Slightly more polished version:
>Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho 100 is popular overseas?! Hashtag where people post amusing pictures along with redraws featuring Reigen

>inb4 this meme was the last needed push to give us that season 2
Thank you Based Reigen

I'm not ready for this to end.

As expected of Reigen.

Why couldn't it have been 24 eps, bros?

Because Warner Bros decided to end working on this anime since he thinks that nobody was paying money to their license partners for the privilege of watching it.
Warner Bros representative said so.

>Reigen enters the facility, fools Claw's men and rescues Mob without even trying
>Reigen saves the show without being aware of it


You know what a mirror is, right?

i love this show so much

I wonder how much of /mob/ knows that "reigen arataka" is an actual Japanese phrase meaning "miraculous".

I thought Reigen was a play on Reikan since he`s a phony spiritualist.




Now you're just an esper that I used to know!

I really like Teru

I like him too. He has big balls and bigger character growth.

Of course, Teru. Every situation is an opportunity for torture.


Intimidation is important in the delinquent world.

I love how this show takes the weirdly developed delinquent underbelly of most anime and just runs with it. Spice City has no Yakuza presence, it's all just middle schoolers.

Meme magic will give us a season 2 just wait and see.


>everyone already forgot about best bancho

Look at this shit. Look how dynamic these drawings are. I'm fucking jelly.


I'll never forget Devil's Tenga and his self-improvement.

I didn't like him at first, either, when I was reading it. I agreed with Ritsu: Mob has to fight, or they're all fucked.
Then I realized that Reigen's entire point was that Mob is just a kid and that kids shouldn't have to fight back, and that he's trying to take responsibility of the whole thing because a) he doesn't want Mob to be a bad person and b) because that's just what adults are supposed to do.
any glimmers I had about Reigen being anything other than best vanished then

we're glad you saw the light, user

but this is literally perfect

Porn of Rei when?


Cool. I'll sketch something up soonish scan it and drop an imgur link.

Ah yeah I was pretty pissed that I spent so much time only to fuck it up again. 3rd time is a charm and I want it to be something that isn't overtly shitty. Thanks for your kind words though.

This is awesome.

Mob is adorable.

I thought you said, "pomf" for a second and got excited to draw it up.

>so nonchalant about torture
he says he doesn't like imitating them, but this little fucker is a born delinquent

I love how they're adding other characters as well

So is RedrawReigen mostly a western phenomenon or are the japanese the ones doing it or a equal amount of both.

Westerners started it and ran with it, I think the Japanese are just catching on and wondering why the west loves reigen so much

The hype for ep 12

That makes it only better, i want to see some nipponland reactions to the meme now. At least ONE has seen it.

I'm so happy for him and the artists involved.

And people still shit on fujoshis.

i wanted to #redrawreigen but i don't have a twitter so i'm gonna dump my garbage here

Reigen saved the show.

Absolutely based.

Started in the western fandom but japan, korea, russia and even non-viewers joined in.

It seems like the last last episode will get a pre screening event. Maybe season two hints or confirmation of nothing of that sort happening.

Most of the reactions I've seen from Japanese fans are along the lines of "Western fans are really wild" and "the whole world likes Reigen!?". It's really cute.

B-but then ONE won't see your artwork, user. Do it for him and Reigen.

Dude create a twitter and dump your art there, pls! People need to see this.

How do I look past ONE's awful artwork for a great story?
Season 2 never

i-i'm shy. i might do a couple more, though. someone post a stock photo/meme/whatever and i'll see what i can do.

I'm glad Mob Psycho is getting these, they're cute as fuck.

Source? When is it?

Just a throwaway one is enough. Just so it can be seen through the search engine.

I'm honestly considering joining twitter just for this meme
I-I'd like Kameda-senpai to notice me too

MP100 gets better regarding proportions after a little, it's only the first chapters that have those awfully bloated heads. Besides his rather rough looking character drawings, the use of perspective and paneling is pretty great and he has assistants for backgrounds so they look pretty decent. Comedic timing is always on point, and it doesn't feel forced even during the more serious arcs. He's great at capturing dynamism too so high tension or action sequences are always exciting to read.

I honestly look up to ONE's vision. I wish my drawings looked half as interesting as his do.

Not that much of a pre screening actually, i read it wrong, seems to be starting at 20:00 on next monday. All the major actors and staff wil be there. They are selling tickets now. But its an event so who knows what might get revealed there.

Uh, next week? Apparently they'll re-screen ep 11, then ep 12. Some VAs will be there too. Source is the official MP anime twitter

>fujos will save MP100 not by buying merch but by making memes

Do it! Best thing is it doesnt even have to look that polished or impressive. Just a crappy redraw of a meme or photo gets a laugh.

So Kameda and ONE have seen #RedrawReigen on Twitter. What if Tetsuo Itou sees it too and tells Takahiro Sakurai about it?

You can just tweet him or PM him : I'm sure he's nice enough to respond (he even frequently chats with liborek about the sakuga blog's weekly coverage of Mob Psycho)

Mob Psycho fujos >>>>> rest of fujos


My japanese is horrid though. If he just skims through a drawing of mine in the tag I'll be happy enough.

i did it

I am sorry fujos, i was quite harsh on you guys over the last few months but it seems fujobucks are really saving Mob Psycho and therefore anime altogether. Also ONE noticed us. Someone should do a fresh Onizuka redraw and replace his best friend with Reigen.

Mob Psycho Fujos are the only good ones. Way cuter too.

Great!, wish i had a graphic tablet to quickly draw something up.

>now he's trying to get a redraw from those fujos hes kept shitting on
Shameless i'll try and do something

Thinking about ONE scrolling through #RedrawReigen and laughing to himself is making me feel some type of way.

Is the manga over, and if not how far ahead of the anime is it?

Anime will end in chapter 50-ish, manga is currently at chapter 96.7 (the last few chapters have been divided in parts like that for some unknown reason).

There's no end to this now is there

Anime will stop at chapter 50. Thats aprox. 45% of the manga at this point in time. Manga has about 96 chapters right now and people predict it to end soon.

Yes. I'll read everything there is afterwards. I haven't had enough time to pick up the Manga before, sadly.

Seems like there are more homos here than anything. Plus, who cares, just means there's a lot more fanart.

It seems to be a decent mix of homos and fujos. The fujos are the ones that are primarily doing art, though.

But from chapter 1 to 50 is mostly 1 chapter = 1 update, and later ONE decided to give each chapter more content with decimals.

If we take each update as 1 chapter then there are 165 chapters currently. S1 will cover around 1/3 of what we have so far.


How does one go about acquiring a qt MP100 fujo gf?

I could wear a skirt and be your gf for a day




Was too lazy to check everything, thats why i put the % on 45 could have been lower.

do you have a bowl cut?

Is there one rereigen of this one yet? Dimple and Mob as the men behind and Hanazawa's hair as the plane.

Does the Bancho ever get better?

Ritsu fucked him over bad!

>join thread late
>swim though gay stuff
>archive didn't save the one non-fujo post

Anyhow, Reigen was awesome this episode.

Yes, that's ma boii. Thx to #redrawreigen, I am now apart of the FWKDF: Fujo White Knight Defence Force.

Not all of us are fujos. I am legit gay. 2D only of course.

>doesn't appreciate 2D boys

How did you reach that conclusion from my post?

Now you know how we feel :^)

Somehow I read that as 3D

I know Cred Forums uses 'fujo' as a general term for girls who ship dudes (or just any girls who are into anime/manga), but a lot, if not most fujos aren't even fujos in the sense that they're not making fanart because they're attracted to the characters and just wanna see them screw. Tons of them seem to be gay too. Plenty of the fanart is more about character interactions instead of anything sexual, even if it's shipping. In any case, I'm glad they're making so much fanart. ReigenRedraws is a gift to the world.

A lot of "fujos" seem to ship dudes because females in series are usually nonexistent or underdeveloped compared to the guys.

I've also found that term odd. I'm a femanon and I've been watching anime for years, but I've never shipped any M/M pairings (not many M/F either...). Now with Mob Psycho, I'm actually shipping a M/M pairing for the first time (Ritsu/Shou), but I don't consider myself a fujo. I don't have any interest in seeing art of any of the other pairings, hetero or gay. I just like that pairing in particular and therefore I like seeing art of it.

It's a japanese term used to describe an extreme in japan that's misused in the west a lot. Kind of like otaku.

Fujo kinda lost its meaning i guess. Now it just means Female viewer who ships two males or loves male centric shows. As a dude i can get how that sucks for those that dont have anything to do with it.

new thread

ANY term used to describe an extreme is misused in the west.


This is true, but, I was mostly referring to people calling themselves otaku nerds xD when in Japan it's a term used to describe the kinds of people who carry around body pillows in public. Westerners misusing Japanese terms and all.


Thanks for a proper thread, the other 2 threads are AOTS and AOTY shitposting again.