So I just started reading Berserk a few days ago, and I just got to the boat...

So I just started reading Berserk a few days ago, and I just got to the boat. How many years am I supposed to wait before continuing so I can experience the true suffering of longtime Berserk fans?

Random thoughts:
>The Berserker armor kinda feels like a shitty powerlevel copout so Guts can be as strong as he needs to be whenever he needs to be
>Puck annoys the fuck out of me and I wish the fairies didn't do so much 4th wall breaking stuff, but I understand why he's there for plot progression reasons
>Schierke is cute and I wish she was my daughter
>Would Guts have forgiven (at least understood sacrificing the Band of the Hawk) Griffith if he hadn't raped Casca?
>Will Charlotte find out about Griffith raping Casca, and is Griffith's spell on her so strong, would she just rationalize it away?
>That kid on the beach is Guts and Casca's son, right?
>There's absolutely zero chance this will end peacefully for Guts, right?
>Zodd is a cool guy
>I think I'm a Griffithfag, he's one of the more interesting characters I've ever encountered

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>muh armor
>muh casca
>muh happy and friendly group of friends
>muh loli not that loli are bad though
berserk is shit now

I forgot to add that under Random Thoughts, Casca is really annoying now. I really liked her in the Golden Age arc. Speaking of which, that's probably the best arc of the whole series thus far, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the best thing to come out of Berserk when the series ends.

Someone told me before I started reading this that if anything, I should watch the 90s anime before I start reading, because the anime will seem shitty after reading the manga, but that the anime ends on a really effective cliffhanger. Where does the anime end, exactly?

The Berserker armor needs to do damage to one of Guts' comrades to really feel like a threat. Griffith's past didn't feel significant for me to give a shit about his reasons.

Honestly, the brand is still going to squirt out blood when he gets to fight the Godhand.

Miura only has about 12~15 years before he's too crippled to keep drawing.

In all seriousness, how long were they on the boat, our time? I'm only aware of "the boat" through general chan culture shenanigans and screencaps of when they got off.

So Berserk will end unfinished?

Wasn't it 3-5 years?

I don't even remember anymore.

Jesus, really? His heart just doesn't seem in it anymore. Didn't Miura do some side project recently?

I don't get it, why doesn't he just rush to the ending and move on to other stuff instead of dragging it out?

If I wonder if he feels like it's just bigger than him at this point, and nothing he does will satisfy him to his standards of how good he thinks it should be.

Yeah, and he completed it too. Which is sad considering that he can complete a side project, but when it comes to Berserk, shits taking him over 20 years to do it.

I wonder if he even intended it to get as big as it did. The original concept for Berserk was something he did in college.

Most likely not, but the fact that he chose not to have assistants help him work on it, and opted to go the route of a recluse shows that he has a lot of problems and is refusing help.

The thing I am wondering at the moment is what did he mean by that the story is Japanese at heart? Does it mean that it's just going to be another Notice me Sempai! kawaii ~uguu" kind of series in the long run? Or does it mean that it's going to be a tale of revenge?

The eclipse. Casca gets bleached, Guts loses his eye, credits, Guts gets his new sword from Godo and leaves.

The 90s anime is fucking awesome even with the crappy animation.

its not really an anime more like a slideshow but its still really neat give it a watch

Probably 5 years after the second coming of Christ.

>The 90s anime is fucking awesome even with the crappy animation.

Awesome to a degree. Still having the glaring problem of omitting a lot of important shit for no real reason, which will confuse new fans.

I watched the anime as a new fan then read the manga and I don't remember anything confusing in the anime but thats just me.

>Guts loses his eye

Yeah, I missed when this happened exactly.

just here to let you know the original 90s anime opening featured one of the best songs to ever come from Japan

>dat japanese stephen malkmus

There you go my man

>implying she didn't want it

>>The Berserker armor kinda feels like a shitty powerlevel copout so Guts can be as strong as he needs to be whenever he needs to be
Guts always won his battles but usually it came to using bombs or his cannon. Now he is just winning battles with his sword and I prefer that.


>Would Guts have forgiven (at least understood sacrificing the Band of the Hawk) Griffith if he hadn't raped Casca?
He probably wouldn't turn into the incarnation of absolute rage like he did, but he'd still be pretty close. Guts had strong feelings for the Band of the Hawk and Griffith selfishly sacrificed them after they risked everything to save him. Guts and Casca would have had the same fate if not for Skull Knight intervening. Griffith raping Casca in front of Guts was just pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.

He still uses the cannon, he used it in his first battle with the armor against the fire dragon knight unless I'm misremembering which is extremely likely

He can still use them, its just kind of annoying to see him using them to win almost every battle. One of my favorite things about him fighting the Count is that he had to hold his sword in his teeth to beat the Count

I've read all the manga to date and watched the 90's anime a couple times. I just watched watched the first episode of the 2016 anime and it was garbage. Does it get any better or should i just stop?

grade A garbage, friend. just cling to the manga and pray for better days

It is still a tale of revenge, but Guts is going to have to make a choice about whether he should go through with it. The premise is that Guts is on the verge of becoming a monster.

What media references Berserk? I noticed a few things while reading through it, but the only one that stands out now is the witch's cabin deep in the forest in Dragon's Dogma.

don't you mean CLANGto the manga? ;)

Well consider it a lucky thing that you went to the manga and opted out of watching the new series. But imagine someone who did exactly that. How confused would they be when they see that Guts somehow survives the eclipse with Casca? Even Guts wasn't capable of escaping on his own after .

Dark Souls has a metricClangton of Berserk references.

Fuck off edgelord, Let Guts have some happiness before everything goes to shit.

Did Berserk invent wheel skelingtons?

I too, started berserk recently. I finished last week, took about 4 days.

>shitty powerlevel copout
That's exactly what it is, Guts can't go on fighting demons forever if he's wearing any armor. An enemy that's not a retard wouldn't underestimate him, and kill him instantly. The armor allows him to fight at a level beyond "swing sword until win"

>puck annoys the fuck out of me
I loved early puck, when he acted as Guts' conscience. Now he's just a useless harem member

>schierke is cute

>would Guts have forgiven Griffith
No. The rape was just the cherry on top. Think back to just before the eclipse, Guts was beginning to understand that he did find a family in the band of the hawk. Griffith murdering them is unforgivable.

>will Charlotte find out
Probably not, unless Guts concocts a way to reveal Griffith's sins. I doubt she'd care, she's essentially brainwashed.

>that kid on the beach is guts and cascas son
Nope, their corrupted fetus went on to be absorbed by the egg apostle, and was born as Griffith. That child is *probably* a sentinel from elfheim designed to watch them.

>zero chance this will end peacefully
I don't think so, Miura has said he doesn't want to do a bad end, although that was 10 years ago. His feelings may have changed, but there's absolutely no indication Berserk will be returning to its old, gritty theme.

>zodd is a cool guy
When he's not dickriding Griffith

>I think I'm a griffithfag
He's an interesting character, to an extent. I, personally, can't find anything about him great enough to redeem what he did at the eclipse.


everything is already shit

There is literally Guts and Griffith's golden age armor in Dragon's Dogma. I think they were removed on the PC though

I haven't seen it done before Berserk. So given all the other references to Berserk in Dark Souls, I'd say that if there were wheel skeletons done in different series or medium, then it would still have been a reference to Berserk.

>>The Berserker armor kinda feels like a shitty powerlevel copout so Guts can be as strong as he needs to be whenever he needs to be

Its berserker state is fucking metal though, so it all balances out.

How is everything shit?

I do love the design of the shadow wolf thing, and how it physically changed the armor.

The batman mode is fucking gay though

Miura actually did some monster designs for Dragon's Dogma.

Puck's just trying to keep Guts from falling into despair again.

The old Berserk anime is objecively shitty too, but I'm glad that it has objectively incredibe music. It seems that Berserk isn't supposed to be animated.

Which is a shame, because the action in the manga seems poorly conveyed at times. Maybe I'm just a pleb, but it's hard for me to get a good feeling of speed and impact, let alone what's even going on, in a lot of the battles.

I'm probably never gonna watch the anime, are there any nice battles/moments on youtube or something I can watch?

You're not alone. The action can be very confusing at times in the manga. It's hard to get a sense of what's going on. Not that it isn't well-done and drawn well, mind you.

Next chapter when?

>Not that it isn't well-done and drawn well, mind you.

Oh, absolutely. I'm not saying it isn't gorgeous, but conveyance doesn't seem to be the highest priority.

Is Od just "lifeforce?"


Often times I had to reread chapters because I couldn't see what was happening well. Especially the early fights, which were just blood orgies

Dragon's Dogma was essentially Berserk: The Game in a lot of respects.

>Nope, their corrupted fetus went on to be absorbed by the egg apostle, and was born as Griffith

Right, I forgot about that. So Griffith's material body was powered by Guts and Casca's child that he miscarry'd out of her? Fucking brutal.

Opinions on Isidro? I like him, and hope something bad happens to him that makes Guts go Berserk.

I always thought they basically fooled the egg apostle into reincarnating Griffith by telling him he will birth the perfect world.
The emotions of the child Griffith felt on the hill of swords and his reaction to them make me think that the absorption of the demon child was something he hadn't planned

As I remember, the egg just randomly stumbled upon the demon fetus, and decided to take it with him. Your theory has merit, but I don't think any feelings will affect Griffith, he's too far gone.

>The batman mode is fucking gay though

Are you talking about when Schreike clears his eyes out? Yeah, that looks really lame, I agree.

He did save Casca from the falling rocks, though.

I think the kid is their son and I have for a long time. The way I see it is that the fetus that got absorbed was the physical manifestation of their child while the kid on the beach is the Astral side of the same fetus. Griffith wasn't "real" when he raped Casca, they were in the vortex that bridged the real world to the Astral plane. Femto, at that point, was pure Astral energy and his seed infected Casca's unborn child turning him into some sort of being that exists in both planes.

Rape means something in Berserk. People raping and killing without remorse and empathy is a driving force behind what is scene as "evil" in Beserk. Charlotte was Griffith's downfall and raping Casca will be Femto's downfall. Kid on beach will somehow aid in Femto's death.

How much would it fuck with Guts if, after achieving his dream, Griffith was actually a peaceful and benevolent ruler? Nobody in the world but him cares about the old Band of the Hawk (Rickert maybe), and everybody loves Griffith, human and demon. Would Guts still fight to oppose him, even with the whole world against him? None of his companions even really know what Griffith has done. Puck sort of know, right?

I like the little shit. He's actually pretty brave and helpful. I want to see his reaction when he finally finds out that it was Guts that was the raider captain of the Hawks

>few days
>at boat
I don't fucking believe your shit you lying cunt.

It's fucking less than 40 Volumes you goof

I binged it in four days, it must have seemed a lot longer if you kept up with it as it was being published

>The Berserker armor kinda feels like a shitty powerlevel copout so Guts can be as strong as he needs to be whenever he needs to be

It is, but at the same time, it's a powerup that lets him fight the demons without use of the behelit. It's a self sacrificing item instead of one that sacrificing the people around you.

Is this the true despair of Berserk fans who've been there since the beginning? 37 is the last full volume out right now, correct?

jesus christ really?

decades of fucking waiting condensed to a handfull of day?

I think it adds for good drama too. Skullie uses the same armor and is now no longer human. Guts will eventually have to come to terms with his humanity and his war. And if it doesn't end soon, or if he loses control, he'll sacrifice what it means to be human. All I want is for Guts to come out of this as a man and have a comfy life with Casca and friends.

Miura really slowed down around the mid-2000s.

Miura wants that too. Guts has to realize that's what he wants at some point or he's never going to be human anymore by the end of the series.

Well the kid may or may not be the reason why Griffith is powerless to kill Guts or Casca, and actively saved her from Zodd's rampage of Godos mine.

He may also be only capable of relying on Zodd to protect him from Guts at the moment since as long as he is occupying the vessel, he can't touch Guts or Casca in any harmful way.

Once Guts donned that armor, it would only be a matter of time before he can take on Zodd's second form, since he was already a match for Grunbeld. The only real issues left would be handing the rest of the God Hand, and what to do with Griffith's astral form if he decides to ditch the kid. Hell, I'm willing to bet that like Ganishka, there is an unapparent weakness to the God Hand.

The real suffering is coming to realize, over the years, that you have already read the best part of the berserk, and are now in for the long, slow slide downwards.

Go read the 100+ volumes of Baki that are translated if you want reading material

Shit's fire

I was always under the impression that Grifith raped Casca to corrupt her child who would then serve as vessel for him to get a new body

I didn't think it was that calculated, I thought it was more impulsive. But hell, it is Griffith, and he seemed to have a lot of knowledge of the God Hand even before he summoned them.

It's his one weakness and a coincidence he didn't account for when the Egg did it's thing

Nah, the rape was the last emotionally tied thing Femto did, the kid was a pure coincidence that happened to work in his favor, even though its gonna fuck him up in the long run.
He won't be able to truly fight Guts while in his vessel when his body sees him as his father.

OP here, just finished up. My torrent only went to Volume 37, so I had to finish the last of it on some shitty manga site. What a wild ride.

Is Griffith right?

In the end, no. Ruining the whole of society just so a childhood dream that you took to its closest conclusion can become a reality is inherently selfish.

Is their society ruined? Is it destined to go to shit? What if Griffith was really just a guy willing to go to ANY lengths to save the world?

Everywhere outside of Falconia, excluding that assassin mountain that Rickert and pals are currently squatting at, is outright unlivable either due to plague or the magical creatures that now roam, which is all intentional on Griffith's part.

Forgot to mention Rickert's slap. I remember seeing this posted on every board A few years ago(?). That was great.

I can't fuckin believe someone power-read through the boat arc. That's upsetting me, for some reason.

It's only going to happen more and more from now on.

Did Judeau want to fug Casca?

>How many years am I supposed to wait before continuing so I can experience the true suffering of longtime Berserk fans?
It really wasn't that bad.

2007-2016 - 9 years and 6 volumes, but most chapters weren't about the boat.

>It really wasn't that bad.
>9 years and 6 volumes

Do all Berserk fans have battered wife syndrome, or just you?

I for one am glad that future generations will be spared our suffering.

Of course the suffering of waiting will persist until Berserk is finally finished. Or until Miura dies.

Miura needs to get on with this war. Guts better be fucking himself up during that shit. To where you aren't sure if he will actually survive after he's done.

>Band of the Falcon

Did I miss some translator's notes or something? Why does it get called this now, and not band of the Hawk?

It was mostly just waiting for new chapters, not 'oh no, more boats'.

Just read chapter 83, the one Miura requested be kept out of collections, and I don't really get why he did that. Supposedly because it limits what he could do with the universe, right? Doesn't make much sense to me.

I specifically waited until the boat arc was finished to start reading the manga.

Got a problem?

Because it would railroad an MO for Griffith and the Apostles, as well as put a more conceptual enemy for Guts to fight than it would make sense for him to beat. It's about Guts being human but overcoming the things that have discarded their humanity, not about Guts turning super powerful through nakama powerups and killing concepts.

He himself is fighting to retain his humanity as well.

Me as well.

I was interested in picking it up a year or so ago, but heard of the horrible waiting time for them to reach Elfheim from a friend. Picked it up a couple weeks ago, finished 2-3 days later.

>Birth of a nation

This can't be a goddamn coincidence

>just caught up on the manga minutes ago

rickerts squad is way cooler than guts's.i wanna see more rickert and tapasa crushing people like grapes.

Oh yeah, those fucking monks were rad. I wish we saw more of them actually kicking ass, but they've kinda just been jobbers since their debut.

It's also upsetting me that there are berserk anime plebs who have willingly watched the original series and 2016 before reading the manga.

I watched some of it. I saw how shitty it was and it made me want to read the manga.

Does anyone else think Farny will wind up going apeshit for some reason and use the behelit? She seems to have every motivation, and would possibly be prone to outside influence from the godhand.

It's garbage but I watched it anyway... dunno why... but at the last episode, seeing Griffag show up in 2D while the rest was shitty CG triggered me, badly. CLANG/10 would not rage again.


how ironic.

He's already going blind, and his hair is turning white.


Secondary here. I watched the movie where guts fights his first demon, and 2016. I'm not going to read the manga.

You mad yet?

I'm not mad, you're the one missing out.

>willingly watching garbage
>acting like its better

But... all the monster design there looks like shit.

I call bullshit on you. miura's name never comes up

>but it's hard for me to get a good feeling of speed and impact, let alone what's even going on, in a lot of the battles.

Are you retarded?

How is that the case in berserk?

never ever read any other manga you would problably gou your eyes out

No you idiot, it's because he feels it's too spoilerish and gives away too much of the plot away.

Berserk is fundamentally a story about friendship.

Japan fucking loves stories about friendship.

Sir you do realize you are wearing a very very faggy outfit?

It's a story about dreams.

I think it could be called "fundamentally" about a lot of things.

Friendship, dreams, acceptance, forgiveness, etc.

Damn man, when he really gets going in the armor, it's a fucking blur. It's hard to keep track of. Speaking of which, do you guys think this is a good representation of Guts' speed in the armor?
The special attack looked kinda lame, I don't think he's ever thrown his sword for any reason, let alone as part of an attack. Doesn't make much sense, even for musou world.

Spoilers this week or next week?

I prefer to think that Berserk is a story of human endurance. Guts' has fought death his entire life, from even before birth. He fights demons on a daily basis for the sole purpose of revenge, to the point of standing against gods. Dragonslayer is a testament to the burdens he carries.

Fate vs free will kind of thing, as well as the meaning of humanity

This week.

I started reading Berserk in chunks a few weeks ago and I'm deliberately going through it one chunk every couple weeks or so because it's still ongoing and I don't want to finally catch up with it and be stuck waiting for Miura to publish a new chapter once every February 29th like everyone else.

Coincidentally I actually just finished Griffith returning to Earth and ignoring Guts to fly off and get his new cool knight bruhs so I sort of coincided with the arc that the 2016 anime decided to run which was interesting reading it for the first time and watching it for the first time at the same time almost.

>I think I'm a Griffithfag
Literally nothing wrong.

>He fights demons on a daily basis for the sole purpose of revenge

Well and also because they're eternally drawn to his branded flesh and so if he didn't fight them they'd rip his shithole in.

>Nope, their corrupted fetus went on to be absorbed by the egg apostle, and was born as Griffith. That child is *probably* a sentinel from elfheim designed to watch them.
Incorrect. The child is there son and you're honestly pretty dense to not pick up on it after all this time. Miura basically beats you over the head with it.

He's still trapped inside of Griffith's body and has some control over Griffith. This is most noticeable in Reunion at the Hill of Swords where Griffith acknowledges that the child forces him to shelter Casca.

The child comes out on full moons, when magical forces are at their strongest. It's obvious that the moon child will be the key to destroying Griffith (which won't happen for at least another 200 issues, since Miura recently said the series is about sixty percent complete, by his estimation).

>sixty percent complete


9 years ago.

I stand corrected.

I guess I read an older interview and thought it was more recent based on the date it was posted to a message board.

What chapter were we at 9 years ago?

Volume 32.

So, if he was 60% at that point, we have roughly 15ish volumes to go. Which translates to 2.6 billion years.

So about when Griffith first reappears to the Midlanders?

I honestly can't think of any story developments at this point that could be wrapped and satisfyingly finished in 15 volumes.

Does Guts know how to read?

>Source: My Ass

That is literally baseless speculation, what user said is fact taken directly from the manga.
Griffith didn't have to save Casca, he probably didn't even care if she died or not. He did it to fuck with Guts, that's why he went to the hill of swords to begin with, hell, that's why he raped Casca.

A lot of things can happen in just two Berserk volumes you know.

I doubt it.
He was raised by mercenaries, lowborns that take to war to get money. In that time period, literacy was generally found only in nobles, with it being very common for people to reach adulthood without being literate.

why would you think that?

I don't think so, I just checked that one page in Golden Age where Griffith asks Guts to kill Julius, but Guts is just looking at porno, not reading.

Well lets think, this volume will end with casca either getting cured or not, and then we have another 15ish volumes to do Guts' journey to kill (or not kill) Griffith.

To put that into context 15 volumes is from the start of the manga to thew middle of Tower of Conviction.

I think it's perfectly doable, I think the end of this volume will determine whether or not it feels rushed (kek) though, I think it all rests on if Casca is cured or not. If she's cured we have to have chapters to her getting over what happened to her and the risk of her turning into a potato again and if she doesn't want to be cured we have to deal with Gut's killing everyone in sight.

I figured Griffith taught him after he showed him the porn.

I'm just scared she will get cured and reject Guts and all that he is, which seems to be hinted at.

That, or have no memory of Guts and then want nothing to do with him, would kill me.

The book is the Kama Sutra and Griffith later uses those sex positions as he's raping Casca.

Actually, the source is the manga. Read it again.
Thanks, management.

Nice quads, though.

It's going to be sad regardless of the direction it goes, like you said if she's cured and either of those options happens it'll be devastating, but if she chooses to remain the way she is because that's the only way she can cope with it, it'll also be sad, but in a way it'll free Guts.

I just can't see there being a good outcome to this, something has to spur Guts on storywise to confront Griffith and I think this will be it. There is nothing Guts cares about more at this point than getting the old Casca back and while Miura said he wanted it to have a light ending after putting Guts through so much shit, I can't see this being part of that.

I'm hoping if she isn't cured he again has to deal with the feelings that came up in the 23rd volume, where he's alone with Casca and his inner demon/rage/doggo/whatever is trying to convince him to just get rid of her. Best case he beats back this shit and just moves on, worst case he gets mad and the berserker armour takes over and he annihilates the island.

tl;dr bad shit is probably going to happen soon, I hope the least edgy option is the outcome.

fuck yeah Baki !

Wait 7 years

Couldn't do it man.

What if Skull Knight meant that Guts wanting revenge wouldn't be what she would want after everything?

Well the pages before that are him telling guts the Elf King can help Casca regain her mind, but it could have multiple meanings. Good spot.

It doesn't really look cool, but I don't hate it either. It contrasts nicely against Femto's design.

This panel always makes me laugh for some reason, Guts looks like a damn frog. Shame we'll probably never get to see it decently animated. Speaking of, how long do you think it'll be until the anime catches up to the manga?


I actually like the animalistic he moves around in the armor, it's very menacing.

I doubt he can read but wouldn't be surprised if he knew a little thanks to Griffith

What should Guts' current party be called? They'll have to be know as -something- when they eventually team up with the remaining Kushan to take down Griffith.

I do too, but something about that panel looks goofy in a really amusing way. I just love the way his legs are up in front of him.

I liked the image enough to find more.

D&D fantasy monsters are rape-killing everything. That's a kinda shitty world to live in when nobody was actually prepared for that.

>Casca is restored but remembers nothing of The Eclipse, is coaxed back to Griffith's side which once again enrages Guts.
>Elfhelm is attacked, the elders use the last of their powers to hold Griffith's forces off while Guts and company escape along with the trainee witches, including Moira.
>Skull Knight arrives well after the party has already finished.
>A fierce battle ensues against Grunbeld, with Guts finally killing him leaving Zodd in awe, however, the Dragonslayer is fucked with only one person who can repair it...
>Guts reunites with Rickert and Erica, Dragonslayer 2.0, Silat and Daiba join the party.

How close am I, lads?


very far off

Oh yeah? What's your prediction then, user?

I really hope that Guts forgets about Caska for a little bit and just fucks the shit out of Farnese. Guts and Farnese already have all this sexual history, they need to just shagg until their genitals spew out blood.

only good thing about 2016 berserk is hai yo

>That Yuujiro face when Baki Dou vol 12 still not finished translating, vol 13 not touched but vol 14 is done

The band of the wolf
Jk, deep down guts still thinks he's he vs the world, he has just let his guard down a bit.

Dark Souls borrows very, very heavily from Berserk aesthetically. I once sent pic related to a friend of mine who has played DS and he wondered why I was sending him concept art of enemies from the Undead Settlement.
Some guy also made this, which only covers Dark Souls 1.

I agree that it's painful to see it drawn out so long. But if you look at the art, it's gorgeous. would make sense that it would take a long time to do. I would prefer to slower pace for something that keeps getting better compared to it being released one chapter after another on a weekly basis only to see the story and art get worse and worse.

That being said, does anyone think that we're getting nearer to the end? Guts is off the boat and in the fairy kingdom now, my guess is that we're going to finish this arc and the next one will be the last one.

>Would Guts have forgiven (at least understood sacrificing the Band of the Hawk) Griffith if he hadn't raped Casca?
Fuck no. At first when he was confronted on his revenge quest he only talked about the Hawks and how their lives were destroyed. The rape was just a way to increase the trauma.

Tactics and mad Struggle >> mario sword swings and no pain feeling at all

Rosine fight had all that and more. Actually the cannon was more important against the Count.

Are there any news about the raws coming soon? It's almost the 23rd.

>acceptance, forgiveness
Maybe for dumb Griffithfags

Tbf he avoids it as much as he can, the mad tactics are there. It's just some times he needs to channel pure, raw, brute force

>So I just started reading Berserk a few days ago, and I just got to the boat
Opinions discarded.

guts eats the eternal chocolate cake but it askcshully is made of his friends and he cri

the point of acceptance and forgiveness is for the sake of the person suffering so they can move on, it's not saying that griffith didn't do anything bad

What if the manga goes on hiatus again?

There are two things I want for Berserk: Guts having a happy ending and him not forgiving Griffith.

How do you make a good black swordsman guts in Dragons Dogma? Golden age armor doesn't fit save for the greaves.

Hey anons another hiatus has come up. Until next spring. Yay?