Utawarerumono 3 spoilers have been coming out today

New anime soon? Didn't the second anime come out right after the game came out?

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Give up already we are not getting another season.

Nah, fuck you. The anime sucks but its definitely going to happen.

Spoilers so far
Emperor is still alive(?) in a Namek style healing chamber
Vurai lives
fifth mask
Kuon joins them again, maybe briefly

ps3 iso when?

will save transfer over?

So it looks like Woshisu betrayed the emperor/Yamato because he was mad jealous of Haku.

Which one was he again, the Lelouch?

Still doesn't make sense, because emperor was supposed to be like a deity to them that gave them everything. You don't just be a petty shit for stupid reasons after being blessed for so long, or maybe you do.

No, he was the BL author. Assuming that these JP->CH translations are correct, here's a line that he says (pic not related)

"...Yes, I was to be the inheritor of mankind, the inheritor of the emperor's legacy...mankind's treasure. The emperor truly was a great man, but he made a single mistake! He did not select me, but you! Oshutoru - no, Haku!"

Chinese guy in nearly at the end seethe party paid a visit to Hakuoro and Ereruu and big bad shows up

Game seems to revolve around Yamato civil war and finally clearing it up, finding out who the traitor was and shit

Probably next game will be Yamato vs Tuskur.

Ahaha, nope, it's the last game, sorry user.

Kuon said she will go to war against Yamato in the prologue but it was just an excuse, she ditched Benawi and Kurou at Ennakamui and stayed with the party.

Still don't know if he's a furry or human.

Dude, this game is the end of the trilogy.

More dialogue: "Enough. I've heard enough. I am not your puppet, nor am I your pet. Who would want to keep playing house with you."

Doesn't feel like much is resolved yet

Some concept art from the limited edition.


Goodnight sweet prince.




>_____ Dies

Oh no

Does Kuon find about about the whole Oshutoru/Haku thing?

Maroro dead? Hopefully Haku reveals who he is so he can RIP properly, though Kuon might not know then.


Probably near the end

Yes When she go with him to see Honoka and his brother

>Utawaremono release in two days
>no money cus college

fuck I'm so angry right now


Kokopo's beak doesn't look anatomically correct their. That's a disservice to best girl.







The shadow in the right illustration really fooled my eyes.

So Raikou (Lelouch) agrees that the emperor's "death" has torn apart the country. However, he also sees it as an opportunity for the people to become independent and stand on their own feet.

Woshisu gay harem incoming.

>It can't... it can't be!
>You're haku/that's Haku
>You're/that's absolutely Haku!

Even if that's not a bad idea, they didn't need to make a civil war happen. His time would eventually come.

I require more of these two.

He's still officially dead and Anju is the new Empress wasn't she?


MILFs and Godzilla




And that's it.

The only time I wished I read moon. I want to see that reunion so badly

Here's a hundred spoiler pics, I guess


Nips took them from Baidu.


Keep posting

H-scene unlocked


Jew is still here.

Bird dad?

Homo stuff


blue hair and Haku seem to be having romance

Do they even know who he is?

H-scene unlocked

Ahaha none except the twins and Mikazuchi

Looks like Lelouch's servant was posing as the empress while everything went to shit. She's also the one who cuts down Maroro.

I mean at that point. Or is the answer the same?

The girls in Uta1 are a harem

Haku in Uta2 and Uta3 has a harem as well

Both MC's also have a main bitch.

Although without actual H-scenes, you wouldn't realize who's in love and who isn't. You wouldn't expect Touko, Karura, blind girl,and some others to be into Haku in Uta1 if it wasn't for the H-scenes.


? I thought Chichirie and Miruuji were boys


O shit they're back in their battle gear



did the giant robots show up again?

Can it really be considered Haku's harem if most of them only fall in love with him thinking he's someone else while he's pretending to be someone else?


Chink player is currently where the Emperor is explaining everything to the party.


Seems first arc of the game deals with Yamato business, since its switching over to Tuskur business more now.

Do they just live in his hut below ground?

And come back to humanity's business

He stole the ring

I guess only the 2 of them

are they making Utawarerumono 2 into a trilogy


Fuck, chinese guy stopped playing

Look daddy, I have what you want! now you must choose me and not your brother

My bad. I completely forgot after Uta2 and just assumed based on their looks.

>you will never see their tiddies

There's gotta be more security than a master key, right? Otherwise he can probably use the cannon.

Is the gameplay the same as the first game?

New girl unlocked.

There's no drama if this isn't all he needs to fuck things up.

Are you taking this pictures yourself?

What would be more preferable
Translation released in parts quicker
Or released all at once later
I'm talking about 2, not 3 by the way

No, read the thread.

It seems Eruruu gave this mask to Haku

It looks like Woshisu is having an existential crisis right now.

Shit, intended forTELEPORTATION

Isn't it ps4 exclusive? How would that work, or do you mean just translations of the story and not patching it into the game?

No patch, just text, a la sakura taisen games.
Patching it into the ps3 version might be possible since Tales of Vesperia was able to do that, but it's well beyond my knowledge.

I guess he's a clone of Haku, like how Anju and Honoka are copies of realHonoka and Chi-chan.


What ive heard is that Halu turns into salt at the end, is there any confimation of just nips spoiting bullshit or speculating.

So Haku and Tsukuru are on good terms now? I can't imagine they'd give the mask and Kuon if they didn't agree with waking up Hakuoro and restoring humanity (since that's Haku + emperor's biggest goal).

Isn't Hakuro already awake

It seemed like he's living in a shack with Eruru below ground. or maybe his human half detached at the end of the first game. Now he doesn't want to piss around being emperor. god half is probably still asleep.

Although I'm not saying this with much basis. They did talk to someone behind a curtain for awhile below ground. Also that scene at the end of the first game seems to have happened.

Pretty sure it's Hakuoro, they were discussing I don't know what until Woshisu came to ruin everything and steal the master key

Fuck, I need to chug through more flashcards and Genki chapters since this will never get translated and I have low hopes for S3.

At last, gameplay is available on bilibili.


Still hoping for happy ending. I don't want to see a sad Kuon if Haku dies.

What is happening here?

Seems Atui already found out about Haku posing as Oshutoru.

Nekone's mother and Haku.


Then she raises result of Hakuoro sleeping around. Maybe she'll surpass her mothers and not have that happen with Haku.

Seems Wohsizuis using some kind of human technology.

Guess things are not going according to his plan.

Is he talking about the gelly things when he mentions tatari?

The gelly things are Tatari aka the current form of humanity.

Where are they and why is he letting them out? Did something with his experiment go wrong?

Ah right thanks for reminding, its been a while.

That escalated soon.
The emperor is at the same place so either they are at the lab under the capital or they are in Hakuoru's lab.

So, I'm guessing they killed off Kuuya and Sakuya? Seems like something they would do considering everyone hates them

You and all faggots spoiling shit ITT: kill yourselves.
And use more spoiler tags.
I'm still waiting for my copy.


So where the fuck is Hakuoro?


I can't read weeb, now show me where the fuck is my RAY ROMANO?

They teleported back to Yamato.

Seems the killsat is gonna fire.

Who's gonna survive?


My guess is that the emperor is gonna die as Anju is crying. Some nips have said that Haku will turn into dust yet I cannot confirm if that actually happens.

Haku might turn to dust
Fuck it. I'm out. I'll go see this shit for myself.

might have been some nips speculating themselves, they also talked about a kissing scene regarding kuon, however I haven't seen that CG set yet.

Fuck it came out already?

Maybe it'd be easier to make a thread on /jp/ for spoilers, to prevent the thread from dying.

"If I had to say I was dissatisfied about anything, it would be that you never said you loved me up until now. It's not really regret, but Mito - I've already loved you like this. Why is it that I cannot get you to understand these feelings? If only more of it could reach you, that would be enough...Emperor, do you not love me?"

If you could guarantee that the thread won't die on /jp/ then I'm all for it.

I really want to buy this game to know the rest of the story, but it'd be the first VN game I ever bought. Is the gameplay worth it? Or is it shallow?

At this point I'm pretty sure that everyone is following this because of the story, not the gameplay.

does he give an answer to this? Are they about to die when they are talking about this?

It takes a day or two for maxed threads to die on /jp/, so even if no one posted for a few hours it wouldn't get archived.

Don't move to another board until this thread naturally dies

This thread is fine for now

You definitely shouldn't buy this if you're looking for gameplay. Its just there for the sake of it.

If you're interested in gameplay as well just go with something like Rance, Megami Zero, Madou koukaku, Amatsukaze , Gears of Dragoon etc.

The emperor is pretty much about to die at this point. Honoka stays so that she can die alongside him.

In any case, the emperor reciprocates her love in the end.

Emperor: "The next time we meet, I would still have you be my wife."
Honoka: "I wholeheartedly accept."

Is the gameplay that bad?
Can you tell us more about it?

>Haku might die the 'second time'
Holy shit, how is kuon gonna face the real death then

Fuck that's heartwarming ;_;

:_: rip broemperor

The purest love in the entire series.

I'm not sure if I'm looking at this correctly but...it looks like the capital got wiped off the map.

killsat did fire so that makes sense

What happened to munechika?

Death count: at least 3

As long as the underground is intact, I guess they can still rebuild it in the future.

With the party.

Yeah, looks like the killsat pretty much wiped the capital and its inhabitants from existence. All thanks to Woshisu and Raikou's follower, those dicks.

Who is the Woshisu? Raikou I know.

Not him, but there's nothing to tell. You will spend most of the time reading. Think of it as a standard VN rather than a gameplay VN

Another question, they were at war against the crew from 1. What happened to them or the war?

it seemed that in the raikou follower betrayed woshizu aswell as he was holding the key. I wonder why Raikou's follower eventually sided with Woshizu

BL author.

BL author.

Nothing happens, Chinese dude is taking care of a kid's tantrum currently.

Tuskur super wanted to go to war, they thought they convinced Kuon. But then she ran off to be with her friends. Then shit happened, and she led Haku into the underground chamber to meet Hakuoro, and he gave them the key. So there's probably no reason to war anymore.

Although badguy stole the key and is super danger

>everyone who died in the second game comes back just to die again

This sounds stupid as fuck desu.

Most people thought Vurai didnt die and the Emperor's death was too suspicious.


Anything that isnt shown onscreen isn't a death in fiction, you need a body

They probably used the anime as a basis as in the anime Vurai was implied to have turned into salt. This is probably already a big enough reason why S3 won't happen.

Haku and Kuon happy ending r-right?

Of course user :^)

Chinese guy played for ~40 hours and haven't finished it yet.

Can't say for sure. Haven't seen any CG of him turning into salt or whatever yet.

how long is the game anyway?

Will Carrier continue to arrive?

Dont tell me he is going back asleep?

user said ~50 hours or so.

Did he say this in from of everyone? heh

Is that Munachikas?

I knew based jew would return.

wait, when was Mikazuchi able to tell?

No, those are zombies made by the big bad using fake masks.

True masks make you a Godzilla.

Does Munechika not use her mask?

So currently Chinese guy is at a point where everyone knows it's Haku already?



Not yet.

These threads super cancer form to me in such a way it hurts. I want to browse and discuss, but there's just way too much game and spoilerfags ruining things for us anime waiting only people or who just want to talk about things so far, it's better not to be in these threads.
Granted lots of you folks use spoiler tags which is great, something I've never seen in any other show threads used this extensively.

Did he go to sleep or not.

probably chose best girl over emo sleep.

So what the fuck happened? the war is over? Haru is now with the best girl? what the fuck with Hakuoro?

The name of the person speaking there is still "オシュトル", so he's still around looks like.

I'm only guessing but since they're outside, I don't think so.

Kuon knows its him right?

Read the thread.

Woshizu told in front of the group that Oshutoru is Haku and she found out before that same as Atui.

I know but its confusing cause his name is still Oshutoru in the game. Wonder how butthurt they were.

Still hoping for a happy ending involving Haku fucking Kuon and having a bunch of kids.

>Happy ending
>On utawaremono

Dont delude yourself, we're gonna hace Iceman 2.0.

Seems Mikazuchi is playable aswell.

Haku has suffered enough he deserves Kuon..

So I'm assuming Rurutie's sister is smitten with Oshutoru/Haku?
Also what's the funny kanji at the start there? It's one I haven't come across before, since it has that one component that looks like a triangle.

Its simply 私

Lulutie knows too right?

watashi, it's just a weird font

That's fucking weird as all hell. Here I thought it was something old/obselete but it's the font.
I'm just not as well versed in how weird fonts can be with Japanese.

Considering it's their own font, they should sack and at least complain to the artist who made the font for them.

Pretty impressive that they overlook such a simply mistake considering that it wasn't difficult to check a fontstyle sheet.

Who isn't smitten with him at this point? Kuon is, Rurutie is, Bird probably is aswell, Atui is for sure, twins are a nobrainer. The only one I'm not sure about is Nekone.

She got the ani-sama flag.


Let's be honest here, Nekone want the Haku dick since he is the closest to a close friend and brother than she currently have. Even her mother already approve of Haku.

Haku will probably siszone her though.

Assuming he won't die or do something like turning into sand or going back asleep.

Can someone post vurai?

Search for yesterday's thread.

How the heck has he been raising flags left and right in this game, all while posing as Oshutoru. I'd heard nothing of the sort was really there in Itsuwari. What was he doing, consoling each girl in their hour of need after being depressed about him pretending to have died?

I'm not surprised the mother found out, but what was her precise reaction when that even occurred?


Atui kissed him on the cheek, and during the great reveal she said that she already knew.
Haku also carried Bird on his back.

Haku didn't raise many flags until he became emperor either

Being motivated competent leader gets girls wet

How much until we finally get the ending?

>Being motivated competent leader gets girls wet

Pretty much this. Most women like and love confident men.


I think we are pretty close to the final battle.
They are fighting over the amaterasu controls now as Woshizu want to take control of it.

Well shit

It just looks like she's hugging him as she thought it was really Oshutoru.

I'd really like to know how this all developed, and what him carrying Bird was about, and why he was playing strip poker with her.

flesh wound.

Calling it now, he goes to sleep to heal foe a few hundred years. Kuon waits for him.

Master key blocked it haha! Get fucked washizu!

He's alright

I don't remember it from the first game. Is Amaterasu a new thing in Utawareru ?

He came to Ennakamui after Dekonponpo's failure, they fought for an instant but he realised that the man in front of him wasn't Oshutoru but Haku (he used the fan instead of the sword), he was buttmad he was going to kill him. Haku was going to give up but remembering Oshutoru's words, he transformed into Godzilla, Mikazuchi was surprised that the mask accepted him (implying not everyone can use them) and transformed as well, after that he left because "Oshutoru was injured with his fight with Vurai, I will take his head later

Not yet

It's the satellite cannon capable of giving all of Yamato a good night's sleep.
Though it had the Tatari released into it so all the people would have been screwed, if they weren't evacuated or something

Even Nekone wasnt enough to make him not pursue him?

So did Dekoponpo get eaten by an animal?

Fuck the homo, he killed a lot of innocent people, Haku should torture him for what he has done.

I want to fuck that cat.

You'd think he'd switch from a fan to katana to at least keep up appearances. Or does he play it off as a sort of "I'll use this in memory of Haku" sort of thing?

Fuck yeah!

I guess the later story wise, he uses both in the gameplay.

Looks like the OP is available.

I really like this OP over the others, mainly from the composition using a lot of violin.


I do wonder how it all escalated to that though.

So does humanity ever get uncursed though? I figure that's probably more important in the grand scheme of things since they have knowledge of everything + would rather not be cursed for eternity as slimes. Most of them will die anyways since they haven't been modified for the environment and are outside though.

From the official website.

user from vitagen said Utawa futaoro reaches 130k for ps4, ps3 and vita.

Pretty great sales, I think. How much sales do they break even, considering custom 3D models are fucking expensive and VA aren't cheap either

Does Aquaplus have anything other than Utawararerumononono going on right now?

Kuon is truel a goddess


I don't think so.

Wait, Woshisu is human?

wow, we did not see any tail or ears from him.

Perhaps he is the child of the emperor and Honoka which makes him a half human half oni.

Oh boy Chinese subs are starting to roll in.


Any info about whether its a happy ending, sad ending?

No news of the ending yet.

Also, I meant that Chinese subs for the first segment of the game is out. It's separate from the pictures that are being posted here.

Shit, seems like chinese guy stopped playing right when Woshisu is using a mask.

He didn't deserve this.

I always knew Fujobaiter was evil.

They all are.

Well technically things would have gone smoothly if Haku didn't show up when he did.

If anything, the timing of Haku's arrival was really bad.

God damn that director.

I might be wrong about this but Haku can't take off his mask.

That one is cooler than Hakuoro's anyway.


Feels like foreshadowing to me.


How does the crew obtain munechika from tsukuru?


I assume Kuon works things out a bit for the group. She's really not in this thing for Tuskur anymore. Although she did basically eliminate the need for a war.

So did anyone other than Oshutoru's mom feel bad for oshutrou?

Nekone breaks down and cries with Kuon, after Kuon realizes who really died.

Don't worry. Haku will join him soon.

Urutori's kid turned into a busty drill-haired cutie? Okay.

Its in Haku's harem now

Firing sequence

Still no word on final boss

Maybe an hour or two before Chinese guy wakes up.

Full game opening is out. Pretty good.

thanks user.

Is there a new ost or is the music the same as first (technically 2nd?) game?

The link is for the new single of the third game.

The bgms in the third game sounds recycled though so don't know about OSTs.

うたわれるもの 二人の白皇 Additional Soundtrack

Nov 09, 2016

Keep the thread going until Chinese are awake and playing again

Is there a Suara ED again?

うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面&二人の白皇 歌集 / Suara

Nov 09, 2016

the wait begins. thanks user

Utawarerumono Double Pack in the West when?

The Chinese are also summoning him.

3D models are pretty cheap actually.

The series doesn't seem to be expensive to make, I'd bet the most expensive one is the VAs since there are a lot of famous ones.

He's not awake yet?

I guess not.

Hikari full version is so good, as expected of based Suara.

Chinese guy is back!

The fuck is that?

Best ladies incoming

Old bird

How the hell are they still alive?

He post anything new yet?

The game is now up on PSN btw.

I guess she want her mask back.

Who has her mask?

Anyone here has the full spoilers of the ending? at this point all what matters is just how the game ended and knowif Haku and Kuon are together and not another Iceman bullshit.

No one has gotten to the ending yet, game is over 40 hours long. They're getting close though.

Then why on Animesuki are retards saying that the ending is already out and the spoilers are true?

>and not another Iceman bullshit.

Ending of Uta1 with hakuoro waking up is confirmed canon with this game. He lives underground with eruru to avoid paperwork.

Ask him yourself, our only source is still playing.

Asked already but the faggot got his ass offline for some "random reason" if ya know what I mean.

Last thing to happen was kill satellite firing and stuff

Actually amend to this is "read the thread already". You can understand most of the story just from that.

Haku's using his mask against those things

What the fuck is going on?

Not very effective

Who might they be?

>3D models are pretty cheap actually.

How do you know?
I ask for quotes before and they aren't cheap at all. Very expensive.


Did she came to rescue her husband

I'm pretty sure he's talking out of his ass. I had a teacher who did some vehicle models for an xbox game and he said he got paid $10,000 for each one.

Yes, he knows it's his waifu

Through the power of bullshit, Kuon manages to work an Avu Kamuu. Kuuya's Avu Kamuu nonetheless. It's bad enough they left Kuuya out, but don't pull this out of your ass, game.

Yep, that's pretty much about the price I am getting quoted.

Without rigging but everything else is done.

Didn't Haku kind of show them how they worked awhile earlier in the plot? Although taking it on that quickly is still a bit much.

What the fuck is going on?

Still an asspull considering only the bunnies can use them. I knew this would fucking happen. The game teases Kuuya out the fucking ass, then they do this bait and switch for Kuon. Fuck this game.

I think Haku activated them when he was visiting Tuskuru earlier in the game

>Still an asspull considering only the bunnies can use them.

Its not that only the bunnies can use them. They were originally designed for humans after all. Any species can use them, its just that Dii taught only the bunnies how they worked. All other species would look at them and think it was just magic or something. He showed them how to pilot them and the gears and stuff. Kind of like how haku showed Kuon.


Of course, an human using what his people made is an asspull!

No, the interview states that only the bunnies are able to sync with them and use them. The Avu Kamuu were meant to work on the surface and since the humans loved them and vice versa, that's why they made it.

Also, Kuuya's Avu Kamuu was destroyed in the last game, how the fuck did it come back? How does Haku know how to operate one since he was never exposed to one to begin with?

Honestly, this is just an insult. Tease Kuuya, kill her off with no chance of redemption, then switch to Kuon.

Good fucking job, game

Maybe it's just a normal robot made to be similar like Kuuya's.

>still this fucking salty about a side character over a decade later

>Despite never having seen one
They were from his era, I think he quite knew about them. Humans did pilot them, like when they came to fuck up Hakuoro and his waifu when they were living on the surface.

You've probably never seen a forklift, or maybe a better example, but they're from your era so you're quite familiar with the gist. Also I don't think her robot was fully destroyed really, although maybe it was in the anime.

Quite the coincidence then. I wouldn't be surprised if the devs went with that idea. Still bullshit.

>They were from his era, I think he quite knew about them. Humans did pilot them, like when they came to fuck up Hakuoro and his waifu when they were living on the surface

Except the humans never used them to do so. They were dressed in smaller suits.

It's still taking expectations from what the fans associated with the character and taking it away. It's stupid.

He's a human of the future, the same guys who made the gundams and titled himself as Super Hacker, not really an asspull from him.

There were others in the ruins below Tuskuru he activated them and taught Kuon, Kurou and Benawi during his trip.

This sounds like the final battle lead in. Final boss is Amaterasu core or some shit? Maybe the tatari stuff? That one villain who made it to the core first and is using a mask?

Too much pointless and retarded discussion instead of giving the fucking ending.

The game is long yeah but anyone can speedrun that shit and say what the fuck happened in the end.

All the Uta cast joins together for this fight. All your favorite utas

Read the thread

Go fuck yourself then, Ahmed and get out this thread if our discussions trigger you that much.


Old cast come to help the new cast, they were overhelmed by those monsters, some of them have a sort of ability to incapacitate a Godzilla.

Gotta take down these small super robot angel things, which I guess are the apex of human invention from that era.

I have no idea what's going on anymore

It seems Haku and Munechika can use their power again.

Yep, she got back her mask and power

Gameplay part, I love that Godzilla Haku is playable. Well, playable since Haku vs Vurai much earlier.

I still don't know what's up with these fuccbois


Shit's happening

Did he tank an explosion to save them all?

>if our discussions trigger you that much.
>Our discussions
>Only one retard sperging around

Are you even trying fucking retard?

There's at least three of us posting spoilers and talking about them actually, but we're all basically taking them from the same source. Which is one China user going through the game. Link for it was posted in the thread.

Feel free to keep hating that we're talking together and translating bits and pieces though.

Did Chinese guy stopped playing?

Says the cunt who is being spoonfed with spoilers. Why not buy the game yourself and find out?

Spoilers trickle in slowly through that one site.

Haku keeps tempting fate



unknow voice


I'm wondering at the moment whether fuccboi trio teleported Haku to face Woshi himself, one on one or something. Final boss battles in games usually play out a few specific ways. Or maybe Hakuoro intervenes or something, who knows.


Final home stretch of plot



So one thing is for certain, no loli fanservice or H scenes.
I really shouldn't have expected different after last series and game.

>Vita game

C'mon now

They still find a way to have fanservice of other girls, so you know what I meant.

Guess he lived

You can't put in H scenes in a console anymore.
Loli fanservice is performable but they opt not to, I don't remember any loli fanservice in the first game too.

The anime was pretty annoying on that one, we got like half an hour of naked women, and even men, but lolis? God forbid!

Go kill yourself and thanks for the bump.


Why bother calling Haku Oshutoru anymore. Yamato is gone, nobody should care anymore.

Yamato is like Russia, its huge. Only the capital was blown up, and only a few people died due to evacuations I think

>It was osthoru mask that completely fused with haku. It was the event where kuon was sure that oshtoru is haku but he keep insisted that he was ostthoru and he even said that the mask cannot be removed again anymore. Mikado said that there is supposed to be a safety device in the mask that limited the mask power and allowed the user to release the mask anytime they want. Maybe the limiter is broken and he cannot take it off anymore because he really overused it this time.
After his death because of over using his power and turned to dust, kuon succumbed to the voice inside her and make a wish to save haku which resulted in her berserker god state. In order to save her, haku used hakuoro's mask and in turn inherited all of hakuoro's power. (he turned into a god guys). Because he did this, he finally free both eruru and hakuoro from their fates and allowed them to meet their friend and family in the lasr part. Haku just vanished after that last battle.

Told you guys, the game ended on more fucking bullshit. Seriously what is the point on making Hakuoro and Haku have the same retarded fate and never have a happy ending.

Third game and the end of the story with a shitty end, all this time was for nothing more than just repeating the same story over and over again.

Fuck Utawaremono.

But humanity is never restored? Honestly don't mind Haku's death as much as that. Anyways, don't believe it and I'm going to put my hands over my ears if people try to say it's true lalalalalala.

We told you last time you were trying to shitpost, Hakuoro came back at the end of uta1 if you had played the game, and this game confirms he's living underground with eruru in secret.

What is this bullshit you keep trying to say about "Hakuro never had a good end, what bullshit, its the same, no happy end ever, it sucks". It just proves you didn't play the first game. If you had played it you'd know there's a huge scene at the end where everyone sees someone walking by at the end, Kuuya says its Hakuoro, and Eruru turns around.

Honestly, I'm just going to wait for Chinese guy to finish posting pictures.

>forgetting the second anime 1st op

>An unstable god
>Through repeating pasts and futures
>Is born, only to be destined to die
>Ending up in this world by mistake
>Amid repeating days… meetings and partings

This is what comes from someone who already finished the game, this is the end.

>End of the game
>Y-You're shitposting!

You must be one of the most retarded fanboys ever seen here, if you like to delude yourself by trying to deny what they did with the third game is your problem you brainless chimp.

Uta 1 = Uta 3 / Uta 2 = preparation for more bullshit and nonsensical asspull.


>Honestly don't mind Haku's death as much as that.

Why not just leaving Haku with the option of staying with Kuon and live with her family? is too much to ask?

Ost of the girls are searching for Haku, which is understandable as the twins followed him and they dont want the twins to monopolize him.

Why didn't you kill yourself yet, Ahmed? I am asking once already so I will ask again.

Go kill yourself, Ahmed and get out of this thread.

Good night everyone.

Hopefully the ending pictures are all revealed when I wake up.

Is Eruru not even a main character?

>Why didn't you kill yourself yet, Ahmed?

So you're confirming my words by showing your retardation calling anyone who disagree with you the boogeyman.

Nice to see how low is your IQ to not even able to handle a single negative opinion.

He's almost died at least four times in the game so far, he took it too far tempting fate.

Stabbed, beaten, covered a bomb going off, overusing mask, etc.

Why would she be? She's not part of Uta2 cast. She's part of Uta1 cast.

Uta1 cast appears, but none of them are main characters, they aren't platable.

They're cute animal girls. It's hard killing cute animal girls.

I agree with that but look at it this way, at the end JUST at the end when the time comes Haku need to use the mask and JUST right there he can't take off so he became a god and bla bla bla.

Is too convenient that JUST at the most important part of the story where Haku can avoid Hakuoro's fate we got that crap.

How did the anime handle the twins introduction? That scene was golden in the VN, especially Rurutie's reaction.

Oh by the way I forgot something.

In the end Humanity was restored, all the human beings that turned into the Slime are back with the people that actually lives in the current earth. Obviously they retained their memories and knows what happened.

Haku is still a god but finally he can join his own family. No happy ending for Kuon who assumed she was in love with Haku, so in the end forever alone.


or are they animal boys, hard to tell.

>animal girls.

Are you new here?

Boss battle incoming?

What is he even fighting for anymore?

His best friend is dead and he never got a deserved final fight with him.



It already happaned.

Has Iceman showed up yet? That OP hyped the shit out of a game that I will never be able to play at least for a couple years.

Read the thread, Hakuoro showed up briefly, maybe. His name isn't Iceman.

Question: who was this person? She appeared during Haku's flashback, when he was technically "asleep".

Is that the Imperial City?

>using the anime as a reference for anything

Kuon waking him up.

It's Kuon.

Wait, Haku woke himself up, Kuon just saved him from the Tatari.
Or is that how it went in the game?

>Urto's "daughter" is part of Haku's harem(?)

Even without the Kuon connection, if nothing else I'd say that probably got him a shoe in to meet with Tuskur leader.

No, it was Kuon who woke Haku up after finding him in some lab.

I believe she did it on accident. In the game this happens with another human, but the other human is normal so he turns into a slime immediately.

Kuon was investigating those Ruins and she eventually released him, she also released others, however the others turned into Tatari.

No, she accidently woke him up, realised he's alive and took him with her, he wasn't conscious yet. he woke up, she begins to question him but to no avail, he fell asleep again.

he's dreamed of his past, about a promise he has made with Chi-chan and woke up, begins to wander outside half asleep, a Borogigiri attack him, fell in a cave, meet a Tatari, Kuon's rescue.

What ever happened with that purple haired girl the 2nd anime cut out almost entirely? entua, right?

Chinese guy took a break.

Will there be a new ps4 theme like with Itsuwari no kamen?

Perfect Cell?

So people here already know the ending is poo? I thought humanity would actually die.

Why does Ray Romano live in secret underground? Does no one know he is alive except Eruru?

What's happening now?

Mega evolution.

Final boss fight I think.

Isn't that a lot? I thought the first (the previous) game took a while just to get 100k. Anime boost maybe?

It's shit, right?

Subbed ova when?

Five more minutes.

So do Haku and Hakuoro interact at all then?

Final images soon?

waiting for happy ending

Final boss?

>New anime soon?
Kuon's VA has medical problems


Haku's too.

Ordered Futari on AmiAmi. Is this series going to have an another game, or is Futari the final?

It was supposed to be a trilogy. Unless they suddenly decide to make a 4th game this will be the final game.

Haku's VA went on hiatus for medical problems too. He couldn't finish recording Macross Delta and the last episodes have another VA for his character. They are also substituting him in Shin-chan.


I guess the shit ending gave them both cancer.

>Happy ending

Top Fucking Kek. The ending is already out nigger and is not happy.

>Haku can't take off the mask anymore
>Became a god to save Kuon who went berserk to save Haku's life
>After that he's gone again
>Walking together with the twins
>Kuon and her people with the reborn humans living together and finally being free from their destiny
>Open ending where MAYBE, just MAYBE Kuon can find Haku again even if he's a god right now.


Is that Haku's mom?

Fake spoilers

Wait, so they didnt tell Kiuru and Lulutie about this?

Where was the ending stated and is there proofs? The chinese guy on baidu seems to be the farthest along

Read the thread, some Ahmed said he got spoilers from some random website with no source and started bitching how bad the ending was forever.

I know, that's why I wanted proof.

They wouldnt make the ending like that. And NO WAY will humanity be revived like that and be able to live peacefully with the furries.

I hope he fucks everyone, even the boys.

You know the chink nigger is a member of another forum hated by Cred Forums? and he already finished the game ?

check AS

Doesn't that mean we have two Anju's now

>Not a single argument
>Sperging around all over the thread

Again, you must be one of the most retarded delusional fanboys here, go back to with your sperg friends.

You mean this?


Ahmed stop sperging.

Not him but you can find the spoilers on 2ch.

Debunked too much retard?

Actually those are the spoilers of 2ch indeed, and there is people who finished the game already with screenshots and more details so this or are already confirmed, now what we need is the confirmation about the real end of the franchise or maybe a 4th game or bonus?

Post the link.

Haku has his mask off.

Post the link

Why does Haku have his mask off then?

>Sperg-kun still being this retarded
>Can't even read the thread

Seriously you need some medical attention.

But user, 2ch is getting their pictures from a Chinese forum, and he still hasn't finished posting his pictures yet.

I'm sorry. I guess I'm too stupid but the guy who is the source of the pictures has literally posted a picture of Haku without his mask.

Because that's not even the end of the game, also remember what was provided in this same thread, there is a stronger Mask with a seal attacked and a security mechanism, the last time at the end (by the spoilers on 2ch) he can't take it off.

How funny would it be if the spoilers were fake in the end.

Why didnt that guy post pictures?

Not the same guy but go there that guy runset is sending the pics and links via PM, ask him before it gets banned since you know, Animesuki mods are fucking retarded nazis.

That's how it usually is in these cases especially when you ask for source and he just starts trying to shout down to you and call names for daring to question him. Over compensating for being fake. Since he doesn't really know, but he can bridge the gap with pointless insults.

>Source provided
>Can't even read the thread

You're the same brainless monkey who did this

I think what's going on right now is this.

>Some Chinese guy is posting pictures as he plays on some forum.
>2ch is using these pics in their own thread.
>Guy from animesuki can understand Japanese and is reading through the 2ch thread.

Since no pictures of the ending have been provided yet, we can't confirming thing at the moment.

Can someone explain how when anju gets karuras sword?

That's what I'm interpreting. The chinese guy is up to Haku with the oshutoru mask off in front of everyone.

Karura gave it to her.

Haku doesn't look so well in this image.

Final Godzilla vs Godzilla Battle?

Fake white god vs Godzilla

'S what I mean. No real confirmation on the end spoilers yet. Yet one guy is certainly shouting down that it's absolutely confirmed and we're all shit for brains for not believing implicitly.

He's certainly taking it personally as well

Every time I see that animation I cringe hard as fuck.

I guess masked godzilla really can beat white original, sorta.

Masked godzilla got power of friendship and love.

White original was beaten by like ten humans in the original game, and masked godzilla almost got his ass kicked by robot things it seems. Let's not put either on a pedastel really. Also kamyuu once beat white one up.

Main power is wishes, not physical endurance

Everyone seems to be crying now.

Seems to happen at the end of these games, the point to look for I'd whether it ends on a kinda optimistic note like it worked out and they will___.

No matter what the ending is, it's sure to have some sad.

Guess we will soon find out if he turns into salt or not.

Can you hear it yet?


That song

Am I starting to see salt or is just the bad quality of the screenshot?

The guy just uploaded the next image.Bad tidings.

Going out like a champ

>Disregards stuffy outift
>Gets into battle mode outfit
Anju is sex.

>Haku becomes dust

Fuck you, Aquaplus.

At least, it's not Nekone's fault this time.

Fuck you!

Kuon make a wish!


Fucking Nips did it again. Happy ending where ?


>The spoilers are true

15 minutes break.


On 2ch they're saying this is the kissu and then bye bye Haku.

The kiss already happened, unless he gets another one.

>Kuon never got Haku's D

Fucking nips, fuck this game.

What a disappointment.

At this point I don't even want an anime adaptation

>but wait, there's more!

>Cancerous fanboys denying the truth
>Spoilers and summaries of the finale are true
>BTFO this hard


No seriously, what a disappointment, everything was pointless because in the end we just got Uta1 all over again.

>47 hours
>It's not over yet

Goodness gracious!

pls revive him hakuoro

seems finalized to me

so what's next from Aquaplus, White Album 3?

young kuon is hhnnngg as fuck.

Super smash ray ramano.

so Haku turns to dust and that's it?

Yeah, he's a god now. Kuon forever alone and humanity restored.

What a shitty ending to be honest desu.

Fuck this trash imma play some MK.


So twins win the hakub olw by default?

how did he become a god? because of the mask?

What? But he's dust now

So there's a bunch of naked humans walking around with animal people?

Yep, haku now can fill their asses until Kuon finally finds him again (?)

Exactly, in 2ch says that he can't take it off anymore so basically he's the new god.

Guess so as they went with him, Nosuri, Atui and Kuon are searching for him according to the spoilers.

Take off the mask? But he turned to dust without a mask?

But the images posted show Haku without the mask

There's still more to the game yet apparently. The spoilers said this before but Haku will return due to Kuon's intervention in using her powers inherited from Hakuoro. From that she goes beserk, and Haku had to stop her somehow.


Dat ZR on Kuon's imperial outfit

The only thing worse than a cheap death is ruining the impact of a death with resurrection bullshit.

Also if Hakuoro's powers can bring the dead back why didn't Oboro wish Yuzuha back to life?

Isn't he already gone before she dies?


Hakuoro can cure death but not cancer.

>It's a twins win route

Unf, I hope he has lots of sex with them before Kuon busts that up.

So still no news on whether Utaware2mono is getting an official English release or not?

It's not happening. Give up.

Fuck I hope we get an English port soon, the damn anime adaptation will ruin it again.

>Anyone actually expecting English TL
Start hitting flashcards and reading Genki if you want to ever experience the real shit.

Where are they trying to find Haku? Is he like a legendary roaming pokemon now? Only he comes with sexy twins?

So is he just hidden as a God with the twins banging them then? Kind of fitting for nips and their endings to always not be completely happy and clean.


He's a faggot. For him that's more like eternal hell.

He just couldnt bang them in game because it's not R-18


Thread almost dead near the end.

So he's just a wandering God then.

So that's it? All that build up to do the same shit again? What a fucking waste.

Not yet.