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Psst hey kid, wanna become Hope?

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>Old men
>Loli Satan
>Persona protagonists


DR3 has a chance to be redeemed. I am filled with hope for the finale.

I really hope we go full retard and have tengan be a red herring. I want something completely unexpected. I don't want off Kodaka's wild ride yet.

Hajime and dr2 cast when? holy fuck i just want pepsi kun to be happy

How about some FUTURE

If Tengan isn't a red herring, I'll eat my hat.

Everyone was SO certain Chisa was the mastermind.
Get slid theoryniggers, Next you'll guess Tengan gets killed and say it was "Predictable"


I really dont want to be that guy, but is cure W really just a massive red herring, cause if so i hate how seiko's entire character was a waste.

wtf i want to kill myself now

>you will never turn a qt gamer girl into the Ultimate Hope and then mindhack her
Why even go on?

Why is this anime such shit when the games were so good?

T b h I'm just going to keep thinking they don't have their memories back until I see some evidence. Only thing I ever see cited for it is some thing in SDR2 I either never read or don't remember. You'd think that'd be a huge deal.


The moment when Izuru is also the ultimate poet

>4 year old tries to get the cookies from the top of the shelf

She'll be in a coma. Just watch.

If despair monitors is canon fucking anything could be. I still wouldn't rule out "it's all an anime" at this point.

Can we have Ibuki time for the first time in a while?

It's Chiakizuru with AI Junko

So, in which order am I supposed to watch them?

Kizakura pls.


Anime adaptations were a mistake

Forgot 'death'

Oh wait

>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebian
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally

I wonder what's next, my friend

mirai, despair, mirai, despair

i think this would be a good workaround to having her survivie without making it too big a cop out, have it end ambiguous like Dr2 where they dont know if they could wake up but leave enough evidence that they can so the ending is hopeful.

>mfw those juzoboys fags actually save the day

Why bother with a list when we know he can't be controlled?

Games were more mystery heavy and more time for characterization.

I still believe that the first one should be

>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro, it did it so hard it changed the color of everyone in the future fundation

Here's the thing - the new threat has to be a physical one, now that Mitarai's faggot fucking anime has been shut down

It has to be something like Izuru 2.0 because otherwise Munakatana can just cut them down with his sword

Why does everyone disregard Chisa's development and treat her as just some crazy child killer now?


>side: future
>futureman was only screen for a grand total of 5 seconds

What did they mean by this?

>dumbass Chiaki posters thinking she has a chance.

Do not fall into retard logic like this user

>Implying death controlled him
He told death to wait, he had a husbando to save first.

>Chiakifags keep cling that their waifu is alive and Izuru 2.0
>Yet Kirigirifags are somehow the delusional ones.
Is this the power of waifu faggotry?

This is too short compared to the games.

1. Danganronpa The Animation (if you didn't play the original Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc)
2. Super Danganronpa 2 ()at least a let's play on internet is better than skipping it
3. Danganronpa 3 Mirai-Hen alternating episodes with Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou-Hen

Do you really need a screenshot as proof?

Character limit, my friend. If there weren't a 2k limit I would've added so much more, but it's impossible.

Or maybe it's someone Munakata can't bring himself to cut down with his sword...

Jesus fuck I didn't care for Juzo until now. Now I'm all sorts of fucked up.

Reporting in, brother!

Our boy died as a true hero and everyone's savior. We shall remain unshakable, for we are his legacy, and not even death shall stop us! Stand proud and stay strong, brothers!

Before DR3 started this was the thing I was looking forward the most. I simply cannot believe they won't have a "new" conclusion to their story, so hopes up!

Chisa "Get rid of all kids" Yukizome
Chisa "Out of the womb and into the tomb" Yukizome
Chisa "Killing a child feels really wild" Yukizome
Chisa "Toddlers are nothing but fodder" Yukizome
Chisa "Premeditated Preschool" Yukizome
Chisa "Targets are found on the playground" Yukizome
Chisa "Brats get gats" Yukizome
Chisa "Little Jack Horner's Dead in the Corner" Yukizome
Chisa "Ten years or less and get laid to rest" Yukizome
Chisa "First grader mutilator" Yukizome
Chisa "Spike the Tykes" Yukizome
Chisa "Crying Kid Crusher" Yukizome
Chisa "Toddler Terminator" Yukizome
Chisa "Preschool Purifier" Yukizome
Chisa "You must be this tall to live" Yukizome
Chisa "Gerber Grow-up Plan Gleaner" Yukizome
Chisa "Trust Fund Refund" Yukizome
Chisa "Child Coffin Collector" Yukizome
Chisa "burn'em while they're still small" Yukizome
Chisa "if their age is on the clock, they're ready for the glock" Yukizome
Chisa "small necks snap the best" Yukizome
Chisa "Warriors of Hope in my scope" Yukizome
Chisa "The Kids Are Not All Right" Yukizome
Chisa "Underage Undertaker" Yukizome
Chisa "The Babysplitter" Yukizome
Chisa "Silly rabbit, crypts are for kids" Yukizome
Chisa "Infants get lead implants" Yukizome
Chisa "Krazy Kid KIller" Yukizome
Chisa "Lobotomized Liquidator" Yukizome
Chisa "Baby Burner" Yukizome
Chisa "Tots on the rocks" Yukizome
Chisa "I'll murder all the kiddies for about tree fiddy" Yukizome
Chisa "Newborn Nightmare" Yukizome
Chisa "The field trips I take end with my van at the bottom of a lake" Yukizome
Chisa "Leave your kid afterschool I'll drown them in a pool" Yukizome
Chisa "Bungling the Younglings" Yukizome
Chisa "Toddler Slaughter" Yukizome
Chisa "Permanent Lullaby" Yukizome
Chisa "Never Too Young To Die" Yukizome
Chisa "Ten years or less and get laid to rest" Yukizome
Chisa "Empty my nine at the lunch line" Yukizome
Chisa "Late Term Abortion" Yukizome
Chisa "Let the babies hit the floor" Yukizome
Chisa "Rock a Bye Bye Baby" Yukizome

Yeah. What, is that too much to ask?

Ok so how the fuck do they plan to compress what remains of the plot into about 40 minutes? It's impossible unless they break the rules and have the last despair episode take place in the present to help out Future arc.

Yeah, you have to be delusional to prefer Kyoko or Chiaki to Junko.

>tfw the reveal wasn't as surprising as I thought it would thanks to some detective on Cred Forums
I fucking knew I should have just stay a retard and avoid discussing mystery genre to someone else.

I feel like they've poured way too much into Chisa's character for her not to be the actual mastermind by this point.

Kirijunkofags are delusional. Kirigiri being in a coma isnt farfetched.

If...if I say yes... can I play... geimu...with Hinata-kun...again?

Because she got mindhacked.

>retard logic
>forcing somebody to watch anything other than the story to find out what happens to an antagonist
Spotted the retard.

Because the real Chisa is long gone and her being a kid killer is by far the most memorable and hilarious of the few scenes we got of Despair Chisa.

You are fucking retarded.

Damn character limit

Sorry I didn't get to you in time in the last thread, here you go.


Because that Chisa was dead after Despair 9.
Now the child killer Chisa is 100% dead too.

Hey, it could mean nothing, but you seem awfully quick to discount the chances of her survival. After all, it was her class that decisively destroyed Junko once and for all, without letting her go out on her own terms. Maybe they'll be able to save their class rep after all.

Deepest lore.

>anything other than the story
DR1 and SDR2 are part of the story you fucking idiot. They're more central to the HPA saga than DR3 is.


Dont watch the DR1 anime, play the game for that as well. Skipping the games so you can watch DR3 is retarded since those are good and DR3 is a disappointment.

That's actually half right, he really hasn't done anything throughout the entire Future Arc.

I wonder if we'll even find out what his NG Code was?




>b-but it's just an interpretation
>there's no way he was really turned to butter
Once again proving Danganronpa was always shit, Distrust should have happened instead

>forcing somebody to watch anything other than the story to find out what happens to an antagonist
Spotted the secondary who thinks this is a standalone.

You know where you should go? Back to tumblr, right now.



I like the despair anime but i really wish they had focused on the DR2 cast more than Hinata, Nanami, Komaeda, Mikan and Impostor

Sonia, Ibuki, Saionji, Akane and Soda didn't do ANYTHING the entire series, even Gundam and Nidai helped a little bit, but not much, that's what i didn't like about it, it was supposed to focus on the DR2 cast but instead we got masturbation for the Dr3 future cast and Junko, and i liked that they focused on Junko, they had to, but atleast they should have given her more interactions with each of the DR2 kids individually rather than just rush it and mind break them all at once.

It has some good parts but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth considering how great DR2 was.

Shit, I actually felt really bad for Candyslut here.

Just imagine how much self-loathing and despair she was hanging on to.

>Juzo looked like the biggest asshole
>was actually the biggest bro and the one who saved hope manlet and by doing so, hope itself
>Chisa looked the most cheerful
>despair cunt and child murderer
Only Kodaka could pull out something like this.

It probably was "reveal the mind hack anime" or "disobey Tengan/orders in text messages" or something like that which forced him to cooperate.

Rushed to hell. Should have either been 26 eps of despair arc or 26 eps of future arc. Not both.

>fujos watched for Komaeda/Hinata shit
>got Komaeda/Kamukura comedy retcon instead
>got an Actual faggot in Juzo in Miraihen
Were they satisfied?

What was her name again?

Don't worry, you're being sent to Hope's Peak Academy's science ward, as a cadaver.

Will we get a Madarai cameo in Despair 11? We got Yuuto and Yasuke, plus the steering committee. He and Ryoko are the only ones left as long as Chisa turns out to be the Monokuma maid.

Please no spooky Ibuki's

I know you came to this board expecting nothing but waifuwars and general faggotry, but unfortunately we do actually discuss things sometimes.
I was one of the ones who denied that theory, but I feel kinda proud to have been BTFO for some reason.

It should have been longer, maybe not 24 eps long, but definitely not 12.
Future anime is pretty decent but the despair anime is a little mediocre, i still like it tho.

>The cutest and most innocent looking person there is a demon and the standoffish asshole is actually a total bro

It's not like it hasn't happened before.

Fuck me

I guess I can't deny it anymore, after today's episode I'm a JUZOBOY, they managed to make me end up liking that crazy bastard

Also what the fuck is this I'm hearing about a second Izuru?

It should have been 24 eps of despair and future in a movie, probably.

Now never post in my threads again, secondary.

In the end, even her treasured candies weren't able to save her.

I like you, Anonymous.

I like you a lot.

Well said, my friend. We can't give up with the ride being this close to ending. Let's make this last week as great as all the others before this one! Our boy deserved it and so we'll do it, for him, for us and all the others!

I still don't understand what I'm supposed to be looking at here.

Well yeah he was literally turned into butter. They never said he wasn't.

She probably saw Izayoi and Seiko appear in front of her to tell her how evil and bad of a person she is

>Ruruka's face

Kirigiri is dead so KiriJunko posters need something even more retarded

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

>Asahina "Breast Breastfeeder of the Year" Aoi
>Asahina "Willing Willy Winner" Aoi
>Asahina "Pound and Round Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri's Barren and Dead; I'm Not" Aoi
>Asahina "Polishing Naegi's Pole in Water Polo" Aoi
>Asahina "Take My Brown to Pound Town" Aoi
>Asahina "Safe Sex I Can't Respect" Aoi
>Asahina "Lay Me and Spray Me Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "Ultimate Lucky Student's Amusement" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto's My Seed Steed" Aoi
>Asahina "Ready, Willing, and Able for the Stable" Aoi
>Asahina "Graft Your Shaft In Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Love Fits Like A Glove" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Is So Dreary, Makoto's My Dearie" Aoi
>Asahina "Spunk Bunk Dunker" Aoi
>Asahina "These Titanic Tits Can Sink Any Ship" Aoi
>Asahina "Body Like a Pear, Womb Like A Mare" Aoi
>Asahina "May The Swiftest 'Swimmer' Win" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Sow Waiting to Get Plowed" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Can't Get Ploughed Now That I'm Naegi's Ho" Aoi
>Asahina "Dead Girls Can't Swirl Naegi's Pearls" Aoi
>Asahina "No More Class, Only My Ass" Aoi
>Asahina "Broodmother For Naegi To Smother" Aoi
>Asahina "One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana, Four!" Aoi
>Asahina "Women Are From Venus, But I Desire Naegi's Penis" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Was Too Slow, Now I'm His Beau" Aoi
>Asahina "I Make Makoto Stiffer Than Kyoko's Rigor Mortis" Aoi
>Asahina "Nut My Donut Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "She's Six Feet Under While He's Six Inches In Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Bought The Farm, We Bought A Home" Aoi
>Asahina "She Went To A Better Place, But Naegi Went To A Better Face" Aoi
>Asahina "She Shuffled Off Her Mortal Coils, But He's Getting Spoiled" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Turned Up Her Toes But Makoto's Turning Me On" Aoi
>Asahina "Detective Paid The Ultimate Price, I Didn't Pay A Dime" Aoi
>Asahina "She Met The Grim Reaper So I Can Be The Creeper" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Going Home In A Box While I'm Getting Off Naegi's Rocks" Aoi
>Asahina "She Met A Sticky End And Now Naegi's My Boyfriend" Aoi
>Asahina "Pegged Out So He Can Eat Me Out" Aoi



>Also what the fuck is this I'm hearing about a second Izuru?
It's just a couple people going over-the-top with a dumb theory

Not that you're wrong, but what would the others even do? Sdr2's most important character are the 3 who got more screentime, so if the others were to get the spotlight, it'd be even more rushed than it already is.

I don't know why you're so frustrated about people asking for evidence. If more people had done that maybe these threads wouldn't have been memed into thinking a Madarai died in the first killing game.

>All of those other characters got their moment to shine in the game, but Ibuki will never EVER be relevant

In SDR2 Junko refers to Hajime as Izuru 1.0, although I'm not sure if it's the same for original.

Sometimes I forget how fucking brutal Leon's execution was

1. Too fucking short. The DR games average about 30 hours whereas the anime is running 2 separate arcs, each at 4 hours. The DR1 anime suffered from this problem as well.

2. Atrocious pacing, especially in future. They spent way too much time dicking around with the characters. Did we REALLY need a filler UDG episode when we're now at the point where we have 20 minutes of airtime left and we still don't know who the mastermind is?

3. Danganronpa is primarily about the trials and getting to know the characters more. Since Future pretty much has neither, we're just left with a bunch of people dicking around as they're killed off one by one.

Nah, she'll be fine
Some user mentioned that it wouldn't make sense to put her in the game and then have the cured remnants of despair wake up and find that her friend is actually dead, it's a little stupid but i believe it

>Asahina "She's Outta Luck, I'm In My Prime" Aoi
>Asahina "She Bit The Dust, He's In My Muff" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Beyond The Grave, But Naegi Can't Behave" Aoi
>Asahina "Her Last Breath Made His Take Mine Away" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Down Kirigiri So You Can Take Me Around" Aoi
>Asahina "I'm Carrying Him So He Can Mount Me Later" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Rode The Pale Horse So Makoto Can't Divorce" Aoi
>Asahina "She Wasn't Long For This World, A Shame She Never Saw His Schlong" Aoi
>Asahina "Killed In Action And Now I Give Him True Satisfaction" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Kicked The Bucket So I Could Fuck It" Aoi
>Asahina "Going West Made Him Obsessed" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Her In A Box So Naegi Can Stuff Mine" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Food For The Worms While I Get All Naegi's Sperm" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Put Her To The Sword And Made Himself My Lord" Aoi
>Asahina "She Was Infertile And I Was Worthwhile" Aoi
>Asahina "Scarred Hands Couldn't Stroke His Glans" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Made Her Dead As A Doornail And Now He's my Male" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was Bored To Death By Her, So I Became The Best For Sure" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Signed Her Death Warrant, I Signed Our Marriage License" Aoi
>Asahina "Death And Taxes Don't Matter When You're Attractive" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto Gave Kyoko A Death Blow, Now I'm On His Lap Giving A Show" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was A Labor Of Love And Now I'm Going Through Labor Too" Aoi
>Asahina "No Love Lost Between Them, But I'm Gonna Make Him Come" Aoi
>Asahina "Whom The Gods Love Die Young, But That Doesn't Matter When He's Hung" Aoi
>Asahina "All's Fair in Love And War While Naegi's Shoves Make Me Sore" Aoi
>Asahina "all these nuts make make me doughy" Aoi

How many things are there left to resolve in the last Future episode? I don't feel like they'll have enough time unless it's an hour long. I'm worried the ending is going to be a complete disaster.

I doubt she even needed them to show up. All she needed to remind her how horrible she was is a mirror.

Yeah, Leon was a fucking hamburger. Brutal as fuck.

>tfw finally saw the light of Our Boy Juzo
>now it's too late

I...I was so wrong...

>Gozu died in absolute despair


The way it was portrayed was kinda cartoony, but seriously speaking, that was probably the worst execution.

Is he okay?

>she did it to herself
>she did it to herself
>she despaired all over herself

I felt bad for her for a second but she deserved it. She was genuinely a horrible person.

Leon did nothing wrong.

What the hell did Junko have against the poor guy?

You have any idea how hard baseballs are?

Dudes organs would be liquid


It could always be worse.

Maybe they should check for themselves?

>there will be no more juzoboys when this series ends and the threads die out

With Munakata clones in heaven. He'll be fine.

>Mastermind identity
>Mastermind exposition as to how and why they did it
>Status of Togami and Weedman
>Status of Jabberwock survivors + the Future Foundation Fleet
>Final showdown
Pretty much the only plot threads that have been resolved at this point are the identity of the traitor and the identity of the attacker.

i guess naegi had slightly more of a relationship with kirby than the other corpses, but i wanted the others to talk too

she got SUPER creative when coming up with his execution, then decided that the rest needed a bit of comedy to them

>Threads were more entertaining than the actual show
I don't want it to end

Maybe last despair episode will be a future episode I HOPE

The thumbnail for this photo always makes it look like her jaw was ripped off.
Maybe that's how she'll die?

She genuinely needed psychological help, I think. Those trust issues had to have come from some really messed up past trauma.

Y-Yes user, he is. ;_;

>Implying they're not gonna explain the motivations in Despair

>An old man and his complex motives were behind everything


Danganronpa 3 was a mistake. Brainwash anime, despair monitors and every good character killed right off the bat. Juzo tried his best to save the anime, but it is unredeemable trash at this point.


Not sure but they managed to make Impostor a key character in that anime so if they tought about it harder they could have done it.
Maybe had Junko interact with the cast through the story before her whole keikaku to kill nanami took place, so when they saw that Junko, someone who was aparently their friend killed Nanami they would feel a despair that it would make the live despair video they had to watch even more despairing.

Aoi needs to make the cutest face possible when they win and get a happy ending to justify the lack of Aoi expressions in this episode.

Anyone have a link to the thread when it aired?

>How many things are there left to resolve in the last Future episode?
Pretty much everything except how people were killed. Its going to be a shitshow.

>mfw she looks happy there but her corpse looks devastated

Sweets whore at least looked in complete despair from behind, though maybe she was laughing it up too.

Reminder to vote in this extremely important poll!

She had to put the fear of god into the others. Leon drew the short straw.

The threads have been a wild ride. I'm gonna miss them

He's smiling now.
For the first time in a good long while.

>tfw reminded that Chihiro has been dead for years

If you're making a claim you should support it, don't force the person who doesn't know to go searching for it when they already didn't catch it.

See you when the V3 anime comes out

can't talk while on fire, hanged or buttered

>say something blatantly wrong
>get politely corrected
>imply other people are lying to you by demanding evidence you could easily find yourself

It's a little annoying to see.

But she had that brutal baseball death prepared and ready to go.

She was clearly expecting Leon to be the first murderer or she just really wanted him to suffer.

You can't really use his execution for anybody else.


>chisa there are cookies on top of the chandalier

But Ruruka cried too

I hate this. Couldn't he have at least seen Munakata before dying? I hate this so much. I don't want our boy to die thinking he had no one.

Aoi has no spinoffs or character development and has been nothing but Naegi's carthorse this entire show.

I love her anyway.

She says 1 in the nip version, yes. You can check for yourself if you really want to.

Weren't the executions ready before they commited the crimes?
Plus I think it'd be funnier if it was something he did while they were attending HPa together before losing his memory.

Celeste was never actually on fire though, she was ran over by a truck.

I love how cute she looks like in that

I hope we get more Despair Chisa in the last Despair episode

Even worse, he died thinking he got stabbed for being gay.

Wake up, aniki!

she had executions prepared for everyone

I would imagine something involving drowning for Asahina and so on.

She had it ready to go because she knows who the murderer is when they murder someone.
What exactly do you think Junko did in her time before the trial?

>Leon slaps her ass and asks her if she wants to fool around some time
>Junko just gives him a cold, dead stare for five whole seconds before remembering her character and joking it off.

Haha, finally that loser Juzo is dead. I mean he was such a shitty character. He even caused the tragedy by not telling Munakata and pushing Hinata to become Izuru. Fuck Juzo. What good is a boxer that can't even punch? Hahahahaha.

>just watched the episode
>Juzoboys were right
I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Juzoboys. He really was the best character.

Wasn't he the one who splashed her in the pool picture?

>no character development
I wouldn't say that. She became brighter and more engaging in DR3 versus being sort of to the sidelines in DR1.

The brown women with huge tits are the mothers of HOPE who will create a generation that will set the world right.
They cannot die, immortality is their normal state

Things that need closure or an explanation:
>is kirigiri dead?
>hinata and the rest of the dr2 kids
>togami and hagakure
>komaru and fukawa
>is junko REALLY dead?
>is Nanami dead?
>what's next for the future foundation
And many more, we really need a 50 minutes ep, but even then it would be rushed.

Why are people still saying this?
Makoto told him what the deal was.

At least she showed a lot of bravery by carting Makoto around when she could so easily be killed by the slightest touch.

He cheated on her with Chihiro.

If we're going to bullshit up a reason for Junko to hate Leon, I want it to be that.

Sleep well, Juzo. You were a legend

No Naegi told him about him thinking he was despair, user.

It's better that than just say anything and take all anons at their word.

You've been all Mind-hacked by the true mastermind!

Will she be the first brown girl to die in the series?

They can reveal the details of who the mastermind is in Despair 11. Literally every main suspect could be brought up there.

She's flat so maybe.

So we say it's in 2-6 in the FF emails, and that's too hard to look up yourself? If I didn't know where to find the information I'm trying to convince you of, then I'd obviously go looking for it myself to back up my claim.

the victim of the sixth case that incriminates the mastermind

Asahina's was a magic show where she's thrown into a shank tank. Monokuma cover the tank with a curtain, uncovers it, and she's gone.

>Weren't the executions ready before they commited the crimes?

Logically they would have to be considering the massive amount of setup involved in them, but it's not like there's any logic present in the series at this point.

Let's face it, like it or not, she's coming back for the big finale.
How will it happen?

>is Nanami dead?

I have no fucking clue how you huge faggots can even think she's still alive.

She's dead, fucking dead.

She's the most emotionally and socially stable member of the class, she doesn't really need character development. She's just Team Mom.


He and Kirigiri died really beautifully.

This is a Danganronpa thread, so it's expected that people should be familiar with the source material.

>Kirigiri is dead and not even Kodaka's hack writing can save her

Honestly the unused executions from DR were pretty brutal
>Togami being stoned and then left to die from hypothermia
>Asahina being eaten alive by sharks
>Sayaka forced into singing for her life only to be killed in the end anyway



>emotionally and socially stable
she tried to kill everyone
the most emotionally stable is naegi, which is why half the girls are all over him

Her wiki page.

Ironic you say that when she tried to get everyone killed in DR1.

On my phone, and even regardless I think it's just common courtesy that the one making a claim should back it up.
Danganronpa has a metric fuckton of dialogue, nobody's going to remember every little thing,

You severely underestimate the power of Kodaka's hack writing
>Cure W
>1st attacker phase didn't count and it was all le trick

>Naegi has to settle for the 2nd place ass now

Calling it now, JunTengan's happening.

I like how she improves the mood of both DR1 and DR3 when she is around.
Yes he was. But I prefer or 's reasons

So great expressions isn't all Asahina gave us in Future.
Well, she has always been giving us intense ammounts of HOPE.

What is he doing here?

Even if she is, i want actual confirmation, i want Kodaka to show me if she's dead or not considering she had quite the chance to survive after making the ultimate god cry

Juzo survived worse, and Chiaki is right in the Kamukura project facility, which, Junko's deathtrap aside, is a top of the line place that's doubtlessly filled to the brim with all sorts of medical devices, and she's right next to Kamukura Izuru himself.

A bitch. Will probably try to mind hack Tengan back or something
>is kirigiri dead?
Probably, but not I'm not convinced until the end.
>hinata and the rest of the dr2 kids
See the final line.
>togami and hagakure
Smoking weed together
>komaru and fukawa
Shot of the two in bed with clothes strewn everywhere. Komaru's smoking a cigarette.
>is junko REALLY dead?
Big boobs never die
>is Nanami dead?
>what's next for the future foundation
SDR2 guys arrive on boat and everybody founds a new group together.

Meant to quote this.

That's because she thought they killed her bff by being selfish cunts. Usually, Asahina is pretty drama free

okay then,
Got stabbed for being a faggot despair
there we go.
Not that much better.

Fucking rocks.

Celes probably had the biggest ass

The fuck is going on with the subs?

And who is behind AI Chiaki.

Pretending to not be evil

>wake up
>watch episode
>Juzo literally saves everyone

On a side note, I'm honestly going to miss my fellow Juzoboys after the series ends.

Thinking of how to weasel his way out of this one and survive as the worm that he's always been.

Being useless like always.

she was willing to let Kyoko and Makoto die too even though they did nothing wrong
and grief is not an excuse for wanting to kill people

Nah, Celes was a skeletal with b-cups.

They're out.

Just finished the episode and I just wanna say

Tengan isn't the mastermind right? Someone is calling through his cell.

Who could have access to his cellphone though...?

What's going to happen in last Despair episode? I assume it's going to skim over and show a lot of things, setting up DR1/SDR2 since it's a wrap-up episode. Class 77 / Chisa being all despair-like with each other should be fun. Class 77 graduation. Class 78 appearance finally. Maybe Warriors of Hope cameo. Maybe DR0 cameos. And that's that.

>SDR2 guys arrive on boat and everybody founds a new group together.
Gay. Hajime needs a fight.

Celes is probably really skinny and bony to fit with her gothic image, so I doubt it.

>2nd place
Them be fighting words

What did he mean by this?

>''Good lord what an ass.''

not on nyaa or xdcc

Because Dangan Ronpa is retarded until the very end.

Yes they are you fucking retard.

He says it this episode: Junko. Junko made him his bitch.


>post yfw juzoboys were right and you didn't believe

>common courtesy that the one making a claim should back it up.
We did. We told you where it came from.

>nobody's going to remember every little thing,
Which is precisely why you should believe us when we literally tell you where our claims come from.

Honestly Kirigiri's death hurts less than the fact that the literal meme pairing won.

No senpai, this was it


>is junko REALLY dead?
>Big boobs never die
>is Nanami dead?

I see a flaw in this logic.

It's okay brother, the brotherhood might become thinner after DR3 ends, but it will never disappear completely.

Dont worry, my friend. We will be back, singing the praises of whoever the best character of some future anime is.


Likewise, my friend. I'll miss each and every one of you. These threads have been amazing with all of you.

Why is that?

Tengan, or Nagito who was turned into Izuru 2.0

I was a Juzoboy from the very beginning, friend

It's an explanation. As I said, she's usually pretty chill and was pretty much the most normal person there besides Naegi. You'd be less than rational in her situation too I imagine

So where was the evidence from the one claiming they didn't have their memories?

While I was never a fan of her personality Celes' design never failed to make my dick rock hard.

Someone make a "Wrong! This man is deceased!" edit

Please refer to the impressive pair of thighs on this fake queen of liars.

You know what

Trying to get a look at Donuts from another angle.
That tanktop+shorts combo is way too dangerous for the teenage boys around her

Them traps on Sakura tho


HOPEsubs have been out for hours.

>People weren't willing to cut their hands off from the start and would rather have a chance of being killed or poisoned

I guess it's harder when you have talent that uses your hands.

Probably that he's always one step behind when it comes to figuring out things.

This ends next week?

because Chisa was destroyed by brainwashing? Despair chisa is basically a completely different person now.

>can't listen to recall the end anymore without thinking about Juzo and tearing up

Ironically the guy who has the talent that uses his hands the most cuts it off.

He just saved the manlet who rekt her ass, I don't see anyone being controlled here senpai.

As a Chisafriend I don't like how her character has been warped by despair but gotta admit, this is cute as fuck.

You can also see tears welling up, so that's where the tears come from.

The "heart of the team" character snapped due to grief, that was the whole point of that case. Obviously what she did was wrong but it's far from the worst thing anyone in the DR1 cast did.

Juzo keeps making me cry.

The people who saw the video got it worst than everybody else.

Just imagine what Yukizome, poor Seiko and Gosu have seen.

Fuck, he stabbed his own eyes out and didn't stop there.

She always wore loose fitting clothing, on the lower part of her body. I could totally see her have a huge ass that messes up the whole gothic style, like her lack of drills or hell really everything natural about her.

Boner, why?

It wasn't hard enough for Juuzo who's the boxer.

Serious talk?
I am laughing my ass off. Memery wins the day
And I'll be laughing even harder if we get some cheesy scene with a daughter called Kyouko or something like that.

He won't be the only mastermind. Someone else is clearly calling Ryota now. However, I think he certainly must be behind the plan too.

Juzo's death hit me a lot harder than Kirigiri's. In fact it hit me harder than any other death in the series.

I didn't even like him before this episode.

Well I loved her personality and I want her to step on me and call me a worthless worm

This, why didn't Kirigiri cut her hand?


What? He was scared of being out of the closet and he didnt say anything. Junko CONTROLLED him.

The dude died of bloodloss.


Not if despair Chisa is retains her knowledge and acts on the impulses Chisa normally suppresses.

In her sprites her legs are noticeably thinner than the other girls

Not having his arm was the least of his worries when it comes to blood loss.

Who's the unstoppable Valkyrie?

It was the only good one besides the Detention one. I wonder if they'll ever be able to live up to it again.

Still died of blood loss.

Juzo. Definitely Juzo.

Despair 11 will show The Tragedy and the Remnants fucking shit up. It will also show Izuru placing flowers at Chiaki's desk, Naegi meeting him, and Naegi offering Izuru a way to save Class 77. Izuru will then become a double agent for Hope and assist in capturing the Remnants.

Future 12 will have pursuing of Tengan who will be a red herring, and end with Kirigiri waking up.

The special program that airs instead of Despair 12 will be Izuru arriving on the island, the reveal of the 13th FF head, and the final reveal of the mastermind.

Why is Celes so cute?

It's not like we don't know what she looks like without that outfit.

He was scared of Munakata losing all respect for him upon finding out he was in love with him. It wasn't the gay thing so much as the love thing.

To think I always skipped that ED. I don't think I'll ever be able to skip it again.


>I'm coming soon
What did he mean by this?

Because Kodaka gave him the most development between both arcs. Top it off with an emotional death and that one cliche happens where you only realize what you had once it's gone.

He even got Recall the end as BGM while saying his last words, and Munakata running to him. Rip best boy

because of this I honestly think Kiri is alive, her death was just like, "oh shit she died"


Weird way of spelling Chihiro

With this, did he finally figure out Sakakura loved him?

I'm betting Chisa's brainwashing became undone after she shoved that knife in her chest.

I wonder if we're gonna see an anime reenactment of all the minigames for mr tengan's final trial

Alright, be honest. No JUZOBOYS memes.

When you first saw Juzo did you think the character would be redeemed and that you would eventually sympathize with them?

How was the Future Foundation able to even last this long when it's clear that their leadership is completely incompetent?
>Somehow doesn't notice the death of their entire security team at the hands of a saboteur
>After the first death, instead of organizing and working together (which would have won the game extremely quickly) Munakata loses his mind and starts ordering the death of everybody to weed out despair
>Situation devolves into a free-for-all because Munakata and his buttbudy decide to escalate the situation


There is absolutely no evidence that brainwashing to despair makes them act on their impulses.

>Junko smiling to the camera
>TOUKO smiling to the camera
Despair ruins everything

Would it be poetic justice for Mitarai to be killed by Chiakizuru?

But why, and who sent that message on his phone if he's supposed to be dead.
>A bitch. Will probably try to mind hack Tengan back or something
I also believe he'll have something to do with tengan but that's the thing, we know he's going to do SOMETHING, he has survived till the end for a reason, and we still have to see that.
>Probably, but not I'm not convinced until the end.
I also believe she's gone but we need actual confirmation, you know how this series is.
>SDR2 guys arrive on boat and everybody founds a new group together.
We don't know if that'll happen or not, but WE HAVE to see them, they just can't leave us on such a big cliffhanger.
>Smoking weed together
memes aside we have to see Naegi and co reunite with them
>Shot of the two in bed with clothes strewn everywhere. Komaru's smoking a cigarette.
Sure why not, but Naegi literally said that he'll go see Komaru so they'll probably show us this.
>Big boobs never die
>believes nanami is dead
fuck logic huh?

Point is that there's still a lot of things that have to see and we know we'll see, more than i mentioned, and they can't fit it all in 20 minutes.

>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy

>Cutting off own hand leads to salvation
Komaeda mastermind confirmed.

>be disappointed for the firstt time since I became a Juzoboy when he actually kept his mouth shut during the last despair episode
>now this

fuck, I'm really happy he got a great moment like this but also pic related, that hit me harder than Chiaki and Kirigiri

I'm sorry for doubting you Juzo

Not at all. I thought he and Kyosuke would end up being the antagonists for the whole series.


because they aren't cohesive. There were three factions. Tengan's, Ruruka's and Munakata's. They didn't all consider each other allies.

No, I thought he'd be an asshole to the end, and the JUZOBOYS meme only made him more annoying to me

Today's episode sure changed my mind though ;_;

Yeah, that picture is the saddest part of the whole game.

no, I thought that would just be Munakata
and since the musclebro was Gozu, I didnt actually know what to expect with him

I thought he would realize Munakata was being a lunatic edgelord and turn against him to save the manlet troupe and get cut down.

By the time he was fighting in a tank top, he was already redeemed for most original Juzoboys.

>maybe this wasn't such a good idea.jpg

>What I held on to in the end.

Yes, definitely.
Actions speak louder than words.

It's a general rule regarding traps lately

When I first saw him I thought he'd be a one trick pony and would die relatively early either by being a dumbass or by betraying Munakata.
Him being really sexy and voiced by Suwabe though, I tolerated him. I didn't expect anything this deep from him, that's for sure.



Yeah, just most of the series.

>How was the Future Foundation able to even last this long when it's clear that their leadership is completely incompetent?

The conspiracy theory from SDGs likely was correct. Future Foundation was led to Tengan just to increase the chaos and despair, which is why the highest rankings of the organization were so dysfunctional in the first place.

He was the asshole character so he'd either be like Togami, who stayed an ass to the game of the game, or Fuyuhiko, who became a real bro. I'm glad it was more like the latter.

>An exact replica of their HQ is built underneath the real one without anyone noticing.

Mitarai is such a snivelling piece of shit

Notice how he started panicking when Asahina and Naegi worked out that it was the monitors doing it?

I'm there for you, brother. Our bonds cannot be broken so easily. We will always have hope!


>no juzo ahoge

When I first saw him, no. I knew he would redeem himself after we saw his Junko flashback, though.

I miss all the lewd celes pastas we had during the DR1 anime. I got a few of these saved and I remember there being a guy who wrote a long one and put it in a pastebin. Celes really is a semen demon.

We'll know for the crossover episode, Despair 12.

I thought that Kodaka would eventually pull a Togami/Kuzuryu with him, but not to that extent.

A dead man should not look that good. That should be illegal


Naegi looked like he wanted to stab that nigga

I knew he was the best boy from the start.

even made that pasta about him getting into hope's peak to get some education and how people thought somehow he was the bad guy. Glad it got more Juzoboys on board

They left it. Nothing's happening there except FF members being really confused.


>ultimate homemaker
>kills kids

Mikan carried on the same as pre-despair, only a lot more extreme.

Does anyone have a complete collection of these name posts? I just have Munakata's saved.

I really hope he gets a break down and goes all Despair next episode.

It's the only way to have a satisfying antagonist at this point. Well, I guess bringing Komaeda out of nowhere would be nice too, but Ryota would actually feel like part of the narrative.

Because he's the heroine, not the protagonist.


Needs Kaede and regular Touko

The next Despair episode will probably be all about Tengan or whoever the mastermind is if it isn't actually him. There's still not enough time left for a satisfying conclusion (not as if this shit anime would have one anyway) but that's a little bit extra.

Yes, Because he realized that it was his techniques of brainwashing

>Togami an asshole even in his school years

They probably didn't want to risk upsetting the mastermind. It wasn't until this episode that they all realized nobody was actually there with them, whoever did it was watching from afar or not even in the same building. Juzo probably cut off his arm since he was already dying and he had been betrayed. He had nothing to live for so he may as well give it a shot.

This makes no sense. It doesn't seem in character for her to just keel over without at least trying something. Guess we'll see in the future.

Episode 11 was surprisingly good given how this show has gone so far

Well then post more if you have them faggot

If I'm going to be that guy, he could've saved Ruruka and Kirigiri if he hit the switches earlier.

Still proud of him though

Hold on though. Munakata is separated from the rest. They'll get lured by the mastermind somewhere, then Munakata comes in & sacrifices himself since he can't live without both his waifus by his side.

Like it or not. He is right about that.


desuarchive.org/a/search/text/Chisa "*" Yukizome/

Wildcards are your friends

We won't see any of the DR2 characters but Hajime/Izuru, bank on it.

>Tengan most likely is the reason why Junko is a despairfag
I wish we could have protected that smile

Future has always been average to good.
Despair episodes are when all the wiafufaggots come out, threads immediately turn to shit after one airs.

My issues with it only stem from the pacing problems it caused for the 12. They should have found a way to fit more things into 11.

No he didnt. He's looked that lifeless all season.

For the last time, it wasn't the switches that stopped the bracelets, it was the game ending from the attacker phase going without a death.

It was so fucking cruel of the scriptwriter to pull the cliché shojo "main character runs desperately to see her love interest who's about to leave/die one last time" with an hopeful music in the background, just to have Juuzo die before he could see his husbando.

What more do you Chisafags want? She was the main focus of Despair arc, we saw her fall to despair, and now she's served as the means for Kyosuke's character development. Her arc is fine as it is. I don't get why people feel like there's more to her

I liked it the best of all the DR3 themes already, but now it feels more significant.

We still have to see 7 characters according to the Site.
We are probably gonna see the survivors of DR2.

>But why, and who sent that message on his phone if he's supposed to be dead.
Maybe he'd already sent the message, but when the signal blocker got turned off with the power the message was finally received?

He looked particularly handsome this episode
I think it's the hair
Also love makes people beautiful

Forgot about that rule. In my defense, the timing was misleading.

Fuck, this just hits way too hard.
The fact that he's too late is too much for my soul.

>We are probably gonna see the survivors of DR2.
And we'll see the rest wake up at the end.


It would have saved Ruruka though, and maybe Kirigiri depending on how the timing on her bracelet is counted.

So what was Weedman's purpose in this anime?

Such a non interesting thing to happen, it's probably Komaeda or someone else

how could the mastermind have known there was no deaths?
hes clearly not watching them

same purpose why he was in the game

>yfw the air pump generators are now offline

To be right as all ends up fine and the "realists" all complain on Cred Forums about Kodaka being a hack writer.

Since they make them a group of "did nothing wrong" i will be mad if they don't wake up.

Speaking about Celeste she was so desperate to get out but had actually agree to stay inside the school before losing her memory. I think it adds another layer of tragedy to her death.

To be a meme.


When I first saw Juuzo on the DR3 character chart I just knew from his character description his love for Munakata would be the fujobait of DR3.
Then he turned out to be an asshole and I thought I was wrong and I would never like the guy.
Boy was I wrong to think I was wrong

>Clearly stops bracelets when last switch is pulled
>No "CONGRATS" or anything on the monitors.
That's a load of bullshit.

Making people complain.


Why did you guys shit on chiakis death for being an obvious sympathy grab when juzos death is the exact same thing.

This made me so mad. Kirigiri sacrificed herself for this HOPElet because she believed that nothing could shake him, but if it weren't for Juzo he would have stabbed himself in a fit of despair because of a simple video. She'd be rolling in her grave if she were actually dead

Might as well post a couple I guess.

To smoke weed every day.

>so uh
>how about that despair huh

To make people think there was a 16th hidden participant when it was really just weedman, the entire thing is chocked full of red herrings to the point where they forget they actually have to make an interesting mystery instead of shoving in a dozen false leads that would have turned out to be more interesting than the final plot.

Depends, maybe the power being turned off was all part of his keikaku, and the message is essentially 'I GOT YOU NIGGAS'.

3 episodes left (yes, the final despair episode is part of the story as confirmed by Kodaka on twitter). I imagine we see this next week?

because people knew she was gonna die since day fucking 1
its not the same with an actual new character

Because Juzo had actual flaws, developments, and character traits.

Junko was a despairfag from birth. Read Zero.

>Two episodes since Togami and Hagakure had the building collapse on them
>Still no sign of them
So, are they just dead?

Its because they agreed knowing the outside world went to absolute shit.

>wouldn't it be crazy if one of us was a traitor haha

To mislead people about the survivor count.

If Kirigiri had shared the suicide information early on, it would've helped.

>my hair will never look as good as Juzo's
Now that's despair worthy

To do absolutely nothing. Or to be working with Tengan and making sure no one gets inside to interfere

>Kodaka on twitter


Because Juzo actually had a character besides "muh husbando"

She didn't have much development, and her class is basically one character.

Togami maybe, but Weedman never dies.

Hagakure appears in the EP after that.
Togami is the true mistery.

Because Chiaki is Mary Sue waifubait trash with a shit personality, and we all knew she was going to die anyway.

Man we really had lots of memes.

on a scale of hopeman to DR1 cast, how dead is Kirigiri?


but then she probably wouldn't die for dramatic effect

Pretty much. I know he has SHSL Hope and that's what saved him, but it makes me respect his character a bit less. Being the one guy who never lost his shit was what made others admire him. Now he's lost that.

>People actually think Kirigiri is dead

Really guys? the reason why Juzo's dead scene was more emotive is because he actually died, he even got that Recall The End theme. F.

also, Kizakura's sacrifice? no counter on the episode? Bottle that actually matches Cure W out of nowhere? Not even a Kirigirifag but I can see where this is going.

>yes, the final despair episode is part of the story as confirmed by Kodaka on twitter
Can he confirm if it's really a Despair episode or a Future episode simply labeled as Special because it's in the time slot for Despair?

I thought from the moment I saw him he was going to be the asshole character you hate for the whole series but ultimately redeems himself in the end and survives, like Togami in DR1. I was right, for the most part, because memes aside, I still didn't like him, but this episode did redeem him for me.

I was wrong because I thought he'd be one of the survivors.

>My hair is just like Juzo's

How did Juzo cut his hand off????

Where can I watch the new episode

They could have cut her arm. Seiko probably has painkillers on her.

Yeah, it's a borderline plot hole
>a detective requires evidence to make a conclusive claim so i can't share info on the monitors causing suicides
>hm, a hidden room? ah, it must be a fake exit, no need for further investigation, i have to go find my hopelet

I felt compelled to make this.

Does anyone have the rest?

well the faggot redeem himself. Hated him at first because of the dumb shit he did but mostly because he fucked up and was jealous that Naegi beat Junko. So he took responsibility for what he did.

Did anyone think that one of these people were going to die due to Mitarai's phone?

I was just waiting for it.

Don't forget
>counter said 6 people when we have no clue if Juuzo cut his hand off before or after it.

all the other despair swirly eyes covered all the sclera, but Naegi's only covered the iris. Hopelet wins again

By punching it

Because she got tossed away like a dirty rag? How can you not see that? She has no redemption. No cathartic character development. Even the Remnants of Despair are (seemingly) getting it next Future episode. Chisa got built up to be a love-filled teacher who inspired her class and Chiaki, then she gets turned into something so warped that goes against everything she stood for you might as well call it a different character, then she dies a disgraceful death as her last despair act.

Yeah, I'm mad. I hope that theatre scene amounts to something. I wish I was a Kyoko/Chiaki/Juzo fan, at least they died still being who they are.

Thought you meant about her NG code, but yeah, if she convinced Juzo about her suicide monitor theory he would have turned them off and prevented at least 1 more death.

>theme of DR1 is HOPE
>theme of DR2 is FUTURE
Is the theme of DR3 gonna be UNITY or TRUST?

I want to have anal sex with Celes. One day she'd approach me with the idea, and I'd be taken aback, interesting in trying it too but concerned whether it would hurt her or even feel good. She'd insist, and one night, after some preparation, I'd meet her in her room. After pushing her down and performing various forms of foreplay, allowing her to come close without ever finishing, she would got on her knees on the bed and tell me to stick it in. After applying copious amounts of lubrication we found in the storeroom, I'd slowly work my dick inside her asshole. It would be impossibly, painfully, agonizingly tight, but after fully penetrating it and some slow movements back and forth, I'd be able to move in and out at a pleasurable pace. Her soft, fleshy walls would grab my entire cock as I thrusted in, and would firmly push me back out as I pulled. I would hear Celes moaning, with her face buried in her pillow, pleasurable cries as she exclaimed how it felt so good with her butt. Hearing that, I'd grab her stomach and pull her up, putting her in a position like sitting in my lap, now bouncing her up and down as my hips slapped against her backside. I'd reach around with both my hands, one finding it's way to her chest to play with her breasts, the other tracing her slit before stroking, pulling, poking, and pinching her clitoris. Just a minute later we'd both orgasm; the tight hole resulting in a mind-blowing orgasm, while her entire body would clamp up, her scream marking an incredible climax, and from my hand still playing with her clit I could feel a stream of pee flowing out and onto the bed. We'd lie back, with her resting on top of me, for a few minutes, until finally she'd turn around with an irritated look. I'd be afraid she didn't like it and it was as painful for her as I feared, but instead, she'd say she was upset that we now had to change the sheets in the early morning since she had wet them, and that we must prepare better for next time.

Fucking Togami

h-how does your hair do that?

crazy bitch came at him with a chainsaw


1. It was obvious that something terrible would happen to Chiaki as soon as a real world version of her showed up.

2. Chiaki stopped being a featured character after the first three episodes, we haven't seen her do anything for months of real time.

DR3's theme is already confirmed to be Truth and Lies.

Because Juzofags bought the bait despite the guy letting Junko off.

We meet again with V3?

[spoilers] on Cred Forums[/spoilers]

>tries to murder everyone, even seemingly innocent people in DR1
>she and the others leave Naegi for dead
>goes full retard with everyone else but Naegi and Kirigiri in the final trial
Why do people like her again?

>Kizakura's sacrifice?
For the last time his sacrifice wasn't pointless. They would have never founded the book if Kirigiri was killed in that moment.

He probably used one of the knives from the corpses.

Getting the fuck out of dodge would be rather apt.

Yeah, that's my point she wasn't only killing her friends but her desire to get outside was pointless.

That just hit me. Holy shit Naegi, what are you doing? Ultimate HOPE my ass.

It's probably post DR2.

We still dont know what her deal is

>Juzo hated talentless normies
>gave up his only talent for the sake of his best friend

>Love Hoodies


Because fags want to like the first big fag character in an anime

if he was straight and liked chisa instead no one would give a shit.

big tits

That's V3, dummy.

Meant for , oh well.
>What more do you Chisafags want? She was the main focus of Despair arc, we saw her fall to despair, and now she's served as the means for Kyosuke's character development. Her arc is fine as it is. I don't get why people feel like there's more to her

W-well my first name starts just like Juuzo's!


My motives are often very complex

Exactly. weedman was not included because he didn't have a bracelet, Juzo cutting his arm off would take him out of the counter.

But lets just wait for the next Future episode to give us the reason. Im starting to think next Despair episode is going to focus on Tengan AND its also going to give us the reason of why he's going to eventually make the DR3 game. so they don't have to include it in the FF episode

These are the same people that think just because Candyslut, Archer and pillbitch didn't survive that somehow all their screentime was irrelevant.
People that are obviously new to the series, their opinions mean nothing.

Because Juzo is an unlikable hothead who turns out to have a sympathetic side. You feel bad for hating him so much earlier because it becomes clear his actions were in the interest of protecting Munakata.
Chiaki on the other hand is sympathetic from the start and waifubait with almost no character besides "Hinata-kun...". Plus it was obvious from her appearing as a real person from the start that something bad would happen to her. Not to mention the whole drawn out sequence of her holding a 5 minutes conversation with Izuru despite having been stabbed by a dozen spears.

Kirigiri tends to have ridiculously stupid expectations.

Chisa was a cancerous tumor who ruined class 77's anime. Good riddance.

prove it

>Togami somehow ended up landing in the underground building when the upper one was destroyed and will be a player in the last episode
Quote me on this

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.

Cry with me, guys.

he used izayoi gun pistol

Trolling, red herring, memes.
I used to hate Weedman and I still don't love him but people have made too many jokes/memes about him that I found hilarious, so I've started to like him by association. It's weird.

>implying they'd even let her stay when she has a manlet to return to

>Chisafag thought their waifu was on the same level of importance as Kyoko and Chiaki

No, she was never the heroine.

Remember how the earlier threads were nothing but weedmemes?

I prefer not to see you and your spoilers anywhere near Cred Forums my friend.

goddamnit this episode reminds me that I am in love with my best friend I hope im not a maiden too

I just want to say I haven't been a Juzobro from the beginning.


You guys are the reason I still have hope in this series.

You guys are the reason I still have hope at all.

To our bro.

Look at the 76 trio. Look at Gozu. Look at Bandai. Not every character gets some cathartic character arc. Some characters get fucked by the plot before they can have their resolution. This has been a thing since DR1, and I don't know why you think Chisa is entitled to anything.

>You feel bad for hating him so much earlier
not really. Hated him till the end.

No, I hated him.

Now I love him.

We'll always be Juzoboys.

In our hearts and memories.

But that's Junko you're describing.

One inspires HOPE, the other inspires DESPAIR. Guess which is which (the series title gives away half the answer)

Those were good times. Weedman posting was like a proto-Juzoboys in a way.

Are you a fellow member of the Weedmen? We're I've been with him since I first met him in DR1. I know for sure he's going to make something of himself in this last episode!

holy shit
Juzo is literally me

It's straight medium/long hair, brother. I can easily model it like Togami/Juzo and some others!
I've spoken about it yesterday, I guess. I'm still on the process of letting grow but it already has some decent results!

And some times I wake up with a Ahoge, for some reason.

I don't like taking pictures, brother, but I might try getting a cropped pic.

>he splashed her in the pool
>her foundation melts off
>Leon laughs at her freckles and calls her cakeface
>Junko swears she's going to have his ass one way or another

I'll believe if you will too.

>opens the webm
>immediately closes it as soon as I hear Naegi's voice

i really can't fucking do it again. i didn't cry watching the stream this morning but i sure as fuck will now after reading how sad other anons are.

I thought he would become less unlikable, but I never expected that he would get as likable as he did.

That's cute as fuck. Now I really hope she's alive so I can say this is canon.

>only options for mastermind are tengan, ryota or nagito

>all of them suck

DR3 was a mistake.

Chiaki and Junko are the super love interests. Chisa is a DR3 character that hasnt even registered on a poll

I believe

No matter how many times I watch.
I'm a pretty cynical faggot too.
I know I won't be able to watch this show with anyone else, as soon as it gets to the Munakata finding the bloodspatter I fucking lose it.

>Kirigiri died

no. thought he'd be a cunt.
went out best bro. rest in peace.

>you're a hidden protagonist

fucking run you son of a bitch

It'd be a funny omake, that's for sure.

I've never felt so much pain watching animu. Poor, poor Juzo.

If Meme Magic can redeem Juzo it can be used to revive Kirigiri

So everyone is now a JUZOBOY right?

why did ruruka have access to a remote death trap

redirect me to some cute naegiri fics...p-please


Juzo looks super gay in white.

To be honest, I didn't like Weedman for the entirety of DR1 and wished other characters had lived instead. But as time went on, especially in DR3, he grew on me. Now I'm hoping in his prediction.

Fine, her panties really are wet.

I hope you lift.

It's considered contrarian not to be now.
You'd have to be made of solid obsidian not to be moved by that.

Half as long, twice as bright.

I'm actually kinda glad they didn't have Juuzou miraculously wake up only to die again.

I'll be happy if she's alive. But if she isn't, I think she and Juzo have the most beautiful death poses in DR.

Holy shit, I just realized Makoto gives Munakata the same kind of rationalization about Juzo that Kirigiri gave him about Sayaka.

tfw when there are exactly 11037 light fixtures in the building.

You forgot Ultra Despair Girls.

replace Ibuki with Juzo plz

My guess is that Junko will be the mastermind while not appearing in any way this time.

Considering completely automatic killing mechanism with recordings and infiltrated ultimate despairs to set it up she could have easily scripted the game before dying.

Only her ultimate analyst abilities could guess stuff like scouter opening her hands to save Kirigiri or candy girl killing blacksmith over possible betraying after finding the "exit", but she has no need to be actually managing it.

I rewatched it maybe 12 times already
But okay

She was the protagonist of the Despair anime, braindead moron (with Chiaki/Junko sharing the deuteragonist role). She was the common thread binding the episodes together. Who do you think is the narrator?

yeah but that wouldn't explain Chisa's dead body in the conference room that was examined by Kirigiri AND stabbed by Munakata. Not to mention that flashback of her suicide earlier in today's episode.

Yes. Juzo was the only good thing about this anime.

Apparently Izayoi set up traps in the room. I don't know where he got a bottomless pit.

Fucking Meme Magic always works, I believe.

Google it faggot. "Naegiri fanfiction," or go to images and just type "Naegiri"
It's not that fucking hard.

So that's why he wears black, he doesn't want Munakata to find out

Kirigiri's death was somewhat anticlimactic, really.
It was played for surprise and other than Naegi crying over her with Munakata we didn't get much grieving at all, she didn't even got a "sad song".
One of the reasons why I think she is still alive, he wouldn't kill one of his major characters this poorly... would he?

Apparently Izayoi set up traps in the room. I don't know where he got a bottomless pit.

I don't think everyone is, but now there's no way to put down those that are.

Juzo is the real heroine, Chisa was just a red herring.

Leon had the best execution, period.

As a matter of fact I do, brother!

But I have somewhat of a babyface and look like a 16 year old despite being on my 20's.

nigga just go on google i ain't lookin up that shit for you

Well junko must of had some like for him he's the only one so far that she's mimicked his pose

Every time.
Every time.
The music makes it 10 times worse.

The music had a lot to do with it for me. It was also cheesy in a good way, while Chiaki's just seemed to be Kodaka saying WATCH AS I MUTILATE YOUR BELOVED GAMER GIRL HAHAHA!!!!

happened to kirigiri's left ponytail?

I'm not.

Her Monokuma voice is really cute

Ignore what the other user said, do it like this:
Danganronpa 1 (PSP, Vita, PC)
Danganronpa/Zero (light novel)
Danganronpa 2 (Vita, PC. Also, on PSP but only in Japanese)
Ultra Despair Girls: Danganronpa Another Episode
Then alternate between Future arc episodes and Despair ones. (As in: Future arc ep 1 > Despair arc ep 1 > Future Arc ep 2 > etc)

Any of those options are better than Junko, Chisa, or Chiaki so I hope you weren't hoping for one of those

Man what the FUCK. When and where did this happen or is this fanart.

Can you upload it on /wsg/ and link it here? This fucking website never works for me.

I haven't felt this melancholic since I saw Ishimaru fall to despair.

It's like 17MB, I'll see what I can do, no promises.

Also, if nothing changes she's gonna be the only DR1 survivor dying and that would be weird.

i had a smile when she had a hint of it when she upupupu'd at the 77class while she showed them the video of chiaki

Tell him your feelings or ditch him and move on.
I spent 5 years in this kind of hopeless situation and i regret everything.

man, ishimaru death would have made me sad if it was regular ishimaru instead of change-of-hair-another-personality stuff. why did they ever do that?

This but make up your own ending instead of watching DR3.

but user junko is the best character in the series when she makes the meme faces it makes me laugh

but it did happen

>That pic

This is way too good. I'm glad Juzoboys exist

>going to Cred Forums
No thanks.

Izayoi still went out great, proving he loved Ruruka despite her insecurities. Ruruka resolved herself despite being alone, displaying her understandable insecurities to the viewers once more. Seiko wished to save people (potentially will for Kyoko?), and that's a pure noble wish to have. I liked her too and despite her death being sad it was acceptable. Gozu had time to shine and then his role stopped. Poor Bandai was clearly a filler character, shame.

That's because they've spent a lot of time building up Chisa as a character, and giving her screentime. Why would a lead character not be entitled to some sort of conclusion? Any character who got a lot of screentime in DR3 (Future & Despair) deserves that. In terms of screentime she's easily in top 10, maybe top 5.

His homo powers activated.


>they leave the building
>asahina and naegi get drugged and wake up in another killing game

It never ends.

At the start I was only annoyed by him (Munakata was the one whom I really despised), but after him beating up Hajime I started hating him.
While I still don't buy his bullshit reason, the latest episode redeemed him, yes, and I ended up crying with his death.

>impaled by spear
>stabbed all the way through with burning katana by the one he loves
>cut part of his arm off
>Still tries to save Munakata

Juzo that was some pure love I hope you get to hold hands with Munakata at the beach in the next life

Its either Tengan, or as shitty as it would be, Junko. Mitarai is too much of a pussy to be the mastermind. Nagito would be too much of an asspull even for Kodaka. Chisa would be really anticlimatic after they showed her killing herself. Chiaki is just a dumb meme.


Be honest with people when it comes to anything relationship/love related. From first hand experience I can say for sure hiding your feelings only makes things worse and can end up hurting the person you care about.

What are you even talking about?

An adequate ode to our boy

I'm saying dont put Chisa on Kirigiri/Nanami's level.

More like they get drugged and wake up in a breeding game.

The only goal is to have as many kids as possible or they die.

>they're the only two survivors this time

Not me.


Chiaki in DR3 was "muh hinata muh hinata muh loneliness"

If he came out of he closet, Junko could've been stopped way before all the shit that happened in the series. So no, I don't think he was redeemed at all.

Juzos death had tragedy, sympathy, but also an empathetic understanding to it. Like him or not, you knew he messed up pretty badly and by dying he redeemed himself.

Chiaki's death was a plain mean-spirited and outright snuff-fest of watching a cute girl, one who had fairly normal hopes and dreams, stumble and cry as she gets her petite body torn apart limb by limb and realize that everybody she had depended on betrayed her and left her to die.

That too.

Why the fuck didn't they shut off the power from the start? Or once they discovered the secret room.
Juuzo is the hero we didn't deserve.

Also we still didn't find out Ryota's forbidden action, did we?

because having it end like this for her is what would cause

the most despair

The truth and lies thing is just to spice things up.

real love goes beyond things like those ultimatums you gave. I would never give up what I have already for my own selfish desires

We already had Mitarai's brainwashing anime, we need a tangible, physical threat to contend with to be the proper final battle.

>pinned naegi to the wall with one elbow

Let's see if I'm retarded or not, also it looks like garbage but 4MB limit brah what can I do.


Why would they do that? They're stuck in a building underground. The last thing you want to turn off is the light, and possibly the air purifier.

The theme is MINDHACK

Poor Little Hope Boy

>tries to say Munakata's name before dying
This fucking broke my heart

What would be the point of shutting the power off when they had no idea it was relevant?

And yeah we still don't know what it was.

Could she, though? She already had Mitarai's brainwashing powers, she'd already have corrupted the DR2s before Juzo/Munakata would be able to do anything. She also still has Chisa in her hand. At best DR1 might not have happened because she would not have been left in the school, but she already has most of what she needs to wreck shit.

>a cute girl, one who had fairly normal hopes and dreams, stumble and cry as she gets her petite body torn apart limb by limb and realize that everybody she had depended on betrayed her and left her to die.
the way you described that made me erect

Forgot the board.

You'll have to deal with those feelings eventually, even if you don't tell them the truth. If you don't, they'll eventually meet someone anyways, and then you'll have to work out those feelings on your own.

This along with
>"I don't wanna die!"

Only Juzo and Munakata new about that room, and it wouldn't stop the alleged "killer".

Who swapped with Chisa. Your point?

Post yfw we get an epilogue with a daughter named Kyoko

I'm gonna guess "disobey instructions on phone"

She doesn't have a +30-hour game and years of fan accumulation throughout several DR releases and tie-in promos / collabs but she is a heroine, deal with it.

>she had depended on betrayed her and left her to die.
I hope she didnt die and she tries to get revenge cause she thinks she was betrayed.

Shit it's... like this right?

I had to lower the size and quality but here you go

No Reason to. They didn't know the power was connected to the bracelets and monitors. and they didn't know the monitors were hypnotizing people into suicide. Turning off the power probably could have helped the 'killer' more.


Albus Severus Kyoko, you say...

>people thought Asahina was the mastermind or connected to it somehow

>dies episode 1.

meh, I dont think it's the same. Her character lacks the punch.


Sure, but make sure you really are okay with being an eternal third wheel, forever holding your peace and decide if the suffering is really worth it.
Either way it comes still down to your selfish desire (for a friendship, or for something more than a friendship).


There was no reason to do it. If Kirigiri told Juzo about the monitors then maybe (even though I dont think he knew the building that well. Munakata did, but he was in edge mode at the time), but the way things happened, you couldnt expect them to go shut power off for no reason.

Same, no idea why.

Region, perhaps?

Thank you!

I wonder if that's an analytic tic of hers to imitate people.

>People thought Chisa switched places with Aoi

>Ultimate Luck + Brown Skin
Literally Unstoppable Child

I know user, I used to feel the same.
But one day you'll realize you were naive to think your crush is clueless, and telling him your feelings would have been the better outcome either way. Moreover you're hurting yourself, and it only gets worse with time.
>he doesn't return your feelings
That's okay, you can stay his friend, though things might be ankward at first, and move on to find someone else. Because you won't be able to as long as you're lusting after your BFF, trust me.
>he returns your feelings
best outcome, obviously

thats how it would be normally. im sorry I can't give any more details to protect identity. this will be my last reply. You have given good advice thank you.

alright so, what if te mastermind is just monokuma

what if he is actually alive, chuky style

Thanks user

I guess this episode was truly for the Juzoboys. God bless.

Might be, I'm in South America.

>tans are hereditary

He absolutely is. He implanted himself into the mind of Junko getting her to create him.

I wish we got to see her do that to the various class 78 sprite poses, now. Instead of her cycling through her own sprites like mushroom/glasses/loli.

I'm going with this. Kodaka wants me to despair. It's hilarious that RoD get their redemption but hey, let's create this lovable original character and make her end up with the short end of the stick instead of the RoDs. It's sad because the RoDs love her, and she's a part of them. Oh well.

I don't even want to imagine the sheer amount of butthurt.

sleep tight chiakers

Me too, user. That's probably it.

It was the first time we saw Chiaki in despair and i couldn't handle it, fuck i know most anons here didn't like it, but i thought it was a really tragic scene.
Just thinking about it makes me sad.


> Might be, I'm in South America.

I'm in Colombia and it works for me. Must be your shitty computer or internet.

Asahina is Okinawan, she's brown.

Everything you said can be used to describe either Chisa or Nanami

Same it never had problems with it. Weird.

>Brother is also brown
>Implying it's just a tan

>kodaka is enough of a hack to do this

she doesn't talk like an okinawan

Why would it have a recording instead of him interacting with the 'killer' then?

Don't forget, it has to be a girl too user. Brown boys aren't safe.

I'd actually be down for this, but Monokuma has barely been in the anime at all.

Anyone remember how when DR got localized, everybody started using "Ultimate _______" instead of SHSL, and shitting on people who used the latter? I'm glad we went back.

Depends if the boy is born with an Ahoge or not

maybe She does say she gets bored of her own personailty so maybe her mimicking different people is how she subconsciously tries to deal with her boredom

I still switch between depending on what I feel like


I don't get triggered by Ultimate, but "Monobear" will set me off every time.

She'll be fine, r-right bros?

But then the videos wouldnt be prerecorded and he would be showing up and fucking with people like in the games. Honestly, thats one of the things I miss the most.

I still see Ultimate used more often in these threads, but I'm glad the anime went with SHSL.

>tfw I will have to delete all of my Chisa pics after the DR3 ends because she no longer has any relevance

Why did they have to make her so likeable?

I only ever played the nip version and always used the latter when discussing it in English, can't believe anyone defended Nisa's shit translation.

"Ultimate", while not perfect, is better than "SHSL" which is pure Engrish.

For me it's seeing the DR1 cast on a first-name basis, or even worse a nickname basis (Hina, Taka, whateverthefuck). I played the fan translation of DR1 and those will forever be the names ingrained in my heart, so seeing anything else drives me nuts.

> Anyone remember how when DR got localized, everybody started using "Ultimate _______" instead of SHSL, and shitting on people who used the latter? I'm glad we went back.

Super High School Level X sounds fucking retarded. Ultimate makes it sound like you're the very fucking best at that and there's NO ONE above you.

>not using both when necessary

Same. I know they mean the same thing but monobear sounds so lame when compared to monokuma.

>Chiaki miraculously alive because reasons
>They play games together once more, in the epilogue, as the closing theme plays
>"...This is boring"

>Juzo looks good in everything

Damn him

No, fuck off.

No? Ultimate implies they are the best in their field which isn't always true, and SHSL keeps the pun intact without making it sound like a shounen battle title.

>Super High School Level X sounds fucking retarded. Ultimate makes it sound like you're the very fucking best at that and there's NO ONE above you.
And that's exactly why it's WRONG, because they're NOT the very fucking best. They're promising high school talents who are the best in the HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL.

I always use ultimate despairs, and both for the rest.

>Ultimate makes it sound like you're the very fucking best at that and there's NO ONE above you
That's why it's wrong.

Ultimate works better when used with Hope and Despair in my opinion

>High school talents literally give them super powers
>They aren't the best
I don't understand this meme


I wonder how different the game would have been if he survived and travelled with Toko and Komaru

It still sounds ridiculous in Japanese though. That's the point.

>Ultimate makes it sound like you're the very fucking best at that and there's NO ONE above you.
I dont think there were many people who were 1# in their field in DR1. Leon was not even a pro player yet for instance.

We don't fear death, just like our waifu

Asahina's almost definitely not the first SHSL Swimmer, there must be one that graduated and is at the top of the world.

This, seeing Celeste triggers me everytime. It's Celes damn it.

>Super High School Level X sounds fucking retarded.

that's the point

Wait, am I still miscounting?

>6 people alive at the start of episode 10

>Our Boy Juzo

Seems like there's no "16th" player. Unless Tengan is alive (which is unclear at this point), doesn't this pretty much confirm KyokoLives?

Not even including the fact that Juzo technically wouldn't be counted by the system by this point.

I just refer to them as Ultimate when talking about characters after they had already graduated.

Leon didnt WANT his talent

and take people like Chihiro, who did shit that no one else in the world could even do

What happened to the other SHSL Soldiers and why didn't they kill Mukuro?


>implying CHOU KOUKOU KYUU isn't stupid in Japanese
>implying Super High School Level doesn't work well with it

She helped brighten up the mood in the game.

Juzo and Kirigiri are the same person.

Soldier is probably a rare talent, especially one like Mukuro who was literally never hurt on the battlefield.

Millions of people swim and if a fatass like Donuts could be that level, more definitely could

I remember a lot of people hating the fuck out of SHSL. But it makes more sense when you consider the original title in Japanese.


>We will never see Naegi actually wearing his hoody
>He doesn't even wear his parka in his FF uniform, despite the organization clearly not having a dress code
This isn't hope!

>post memes

That's a horrible start to a thread. I hope you know that. We got two whole pages to drop off of. We can stay here until then.

Play the games and ignore the shitty anime.

I went through a similar situation. Only I was the guy who was in the relationship and an outsider interfered through her. It would have really been nice if people had actually sat down and been honest with me about what happened instead of just leading me on for months until things fell apart.

I think the lesson from Juzo's story is in the end, dishonesty is only going to hurt you more than the truth ever could.

I think Fukawa got mad at Komaru for making her talent out to be a big deal when she's still just an insecure girl with plenty of problems who just happens to be really good at writing. So some of them don't consider themselves to be 'ultimate' in any way, they're just kids who are really good at one particular thing whether they mean to be or not.

Ryota, Souda and Junko (as analyst) as well, it's hard to imagine someone else on their level in the world.

The counter has an extra participant since EP1 and we still have to see 7 charactes in Future arc accorsing to the site.
So 16th-kun is basically confirmed.

I still instinctively type SDHS and have to correct myself to SHSL because I don't want to get called out on it.

The talents are as strong as the plot demands.

Funny because Donuts is the only person in the series who we haven't seen their talent in action

They better start procreating to save the world.
With the way the world is, no doubt birthrates hit an all time low, a couple that can live through anything, and thus procreate more, is something necessary

I know how you feel. The fan translation really ingrained some shit into me that'll follow me to my grave.

I know he's probably responsible for all the execution and monokuma stuff but I never saw his talent as being that exaggerated

It's funny that people will argue that SHSL makes more sense than Ultimate because they are just the best as far as high-schoolers go, not necessarily the best in the world, but that's never actually shown to be the case.

I'd prefer a son named JUZO to honor his savior
Brown as well, but this time he'd be unkillable AND lucky.
Truth be told, I'd just laugh my ass off as Kodaka joined the victim's protection program

He create a 14k tv in Despair arc and said that he made a super motorbike in his FTE.

Her brother was swimming pretty fucking fast though, Aoi as an actual Talent must be like a fucking nuclear powered motorboat

I think the fact that graduates refer to themselves as 'former' SHSLs proves that those talents can and will be re-used by future students. So, Juzo may have been the SHSL Boxer during his time, but there could easily be another SHSL Boxer who ends up breaking his records even faster than he did. Then Juzo wouldn't be the 'Ultimate' boxer anymore. Keeping it at a high-school level sounds less grandiose and makes more sense.

I recognize this image.

>Super High School Level X sounds fucking retarded.

Here's why I defend the translation (or at least a translation in its spirit, I'm not particularly tied to SHSL) over Ultimate. It's basically the same argument for why I'll defend Monobear over Monokuma forever:

Translations, at their best, have to struggle the long spectrum between lexical-accuracy and free-form rewrites in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to have the source and target texts have roughly the same feel (while keeping the meaning intact, of course). Those who argue that "Super High School Level" sounds awkward in English are missing an important point - "Choukoukoukyuu" is super-awkward in Japanese too. "Choukoukoukyuu Zetsubou" isn't supposed to be menacing - it's supposed to sound ridiculous.

My guess is that the term was chosen carefully. Dangan Ronpa is, among other things, a comedy and a satire. Choukoukoukyuu is exactly a satirical take on the pompous title a fancy private academy might give its students. The series does the same thing with the name of the Incident - unnecessary long and pompous, and repeated ad nauseam in the dialogue for comedic effect. Add to that the implications of the title - the students are still High School Level (that is, they're *not* the best in the entire world at what they're doing, just among their age group) - but they're *Super* that level! Then, of course, the series likes to play with that - we have the Choushogakkoukyuu (Super Elementary School Level) kids in AE, whose skills are only fit for elementary school, and in this new series everyone is titled Former-SHSL, almost as if to say high school was the highlight of their entire lives (Japan, anyone?) Not to mention that being the best student council president isn't exactly a useful skill post high school.

So, yeah - "Ultimate" is bland, inaccurate, sounds cool instead of ridiculous, and removes the satire from the text.

DIdn't Souda made the project for Monokuma and giant robots as a despair? Which Monaca then mass produced using towa industries?

Only despair side seems to have this kind of technology, future foundation for example is only shown to have normal present technology.

UD pops up constantly and is easier to type than SHSLD.
One of the main reasons why I made the switch

If Ultimates/SHSLs are the best in the world at their field why are there two lucky students and two student council presidents?

You can't really battle luck against each other. Also, they probably add a new pres only after one leaves.

What happens if they find a godly stuco pres, but the current one hasn't graduated?

There are many ultimate despairs, but only one true ultimate despair.

One is both bad and good luck the other is Extreme bad luck

>Aoi as an actual Talent must be like a fucking nuclear powered motorboat
I'd user her as a motorboat

well i mean the monitors were off so...

My PC is above average. Internet is "shit" though

Thread is on page 9 and unlikely to get much response at this point, but I just want to say you explained it perfectly.

There's actually 3, Jin pulls a new one every year.

I guess the third year guy was just pure dumb luck (or we just haven't seen their luck yet), while Komaeda and Naegi manifest their luck differently.